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Readyto-Wear Section
New Values Brought Forward Into the July Clearaway
For tomorrow (Monday) wo linvo selected choice new values from our vnst stock of
Dependable Apparel, and marked theso garments at prices that will sell them quickly.
Omaha, has never seen as large a summer sale of dependable stylish apparel.
Summer Dresses
No reservations All our dainty and exclusive drosses
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Fine Hand Tailored Suits
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Ratine and Linen Suits aro included in this sale.
Summer Coats
Of Flno Satin Bedford Cord, Serge, Eponge, und Ratine,
are in tho dearaway.
MONDAY SPECIAL $5.00 Auto Duster mnA
Coats ,.
The Store for Shirtwaists
Tho "Waist Section is included 'in thia CEEARAWAY,
' Now is tho tiino to take advantago of tho Waist offerings.
Warm Weather
Wash Goods
Fast Colored, Figured ,
Lawns . ...5c
Fast Colored, Figured
Dimities, ....... . . . -XOC
"Woven Colo .
Tissues . ',' .. 10c and 19c
Prints Voiles . .. .'. ; . . ;. .19c
Eatke Crepes JlO'c and, 25c
White Batino ;..30c
Reninants at, greatly reduced
Wash Goods SectionBasement.
Corset Comfort
f)o not wait until the summer is over to buy
the Corset of Gomfprt. A Corset may be
long and stilj comfortable; the coolness of
material th 6ligktness of boning is all to be
considered x
Wo have a new line of netting corsets answer
ing, the above description at theseprices:
$1.00, $1.50 and $2.00
Hates in First and Second Zones Are
limit-will be twenty pounds
(Continued from Pago OneO
sailors roamed through tho halls sbout
ih rfftfctullv. thinking tha 'building was
used at a lodging house by the Industrial
"Workers, one woman, a visitor i
Hastlhgfc Neb., fainted, but was won
Daniels' Spercli Blamed.
A report vu widely circulated today
that 'Secretary of the Navy PftnleU In
a speech at the Ranler club, had taken
tho Industrial Workers of tho World oa
his subject and had declared that they
and all other believers 4n the red flag
should be driven out of tho country.
Those who heard the, address of tho sec
retary say that It was exceedingly mod
crate, and had no reference to any local
trouble. Nor did he at any time mention
the Industrial Workers,
A street fltht Thursday night at an
Industrial Workers meeting, In which
three soldiers wero beaten, had bean
represented to the naval' men as a direct
attack upon tha service. All day some
sort of trouble had bee expected.
The rioting began before dark. At first
only a doxea sailors wero engaged, but
later tho number rose to probably ma
The crowd continued marching through
the streets until after midnight waving
American flogs and yelling defiance at
the Industrial Workers of the World.
Secretary of the Navy Daniels was at
the army and navy boll when told of
the extent of the damage done by the
rioters. He sold It wodld not be fair to
nsk him to discuss the .outbreak because
he knew nothing about it Concerning
his speech at the IUlnler club In which
he glorified the Stars and stripes and
condemned the red flag he said:
"What I said last night concerning
patriotism had no reference to any local
situation. In fact I do not know anything
about local troubles, If you nave any.
did not mention the Industrial Workers
of the World, nor did I know that or
ganisation hod obtained a foothold here.
Z confess that my brief talk on the flag
was not made here for the, first time,
but was a repetition from my recent ad'
dress at Erie, Pa,"
Mnrinea Hounded Up,
Rear Admiral Reynolds, commander of
the reserve fleet expressed regret at the
outbreak, of which he had heard only
Indefinite rumors, He was therefore not
In a position to discuss tha rioting, he
The admiral continued: "While X was
at dinner with Secretary Daniels on tha
West Virginia word come from Chief ot
Police Bannlck, ' warning me that he
feared there might be trouble between
the sailors and Industrial Workers owing
to 111 feeling that existed between them.
at Atirvi nt a VuLlmt nf thirty, men
ashore, armed with night sticks. They
were instructed to round up such dis
orderly men as might be found and send
them, to their ships,"
Millard Trice, a socialist leader whose
newsstand was wrecked early in tbe
night sold tH loss to tho rnaaUsja woujd
be about $2,000.
"Tho. socialist party la a National polit
ical tiartv and has nothing to do Vlth
the red frag," said Mr, Prlc. ''t think
the riot resulted from the way B&retary
Daniels' speech was reported by one ot
tho newspapers. The sailors were inolted
to violence, and once they started they
did not recognize the dlfferonco between
a national political party llko the social
late and an unorganized crowd like the
Industrial Workera of tho World."
Hard Times, Felt
Now in Jerusalem
LONDON, July .-Slnoe the extension
of compulsory military service to non-
Moslems, there has been a masked tend
ency to emigration among the more in
telligent Jews and Christians of Jerusa
lem, a tendency which was further ac
centuated by tho abuses of the tax col
lector, and the encouraging report re
ceived from friends and relatives al
ready settled In America, according to the
report of the British consul stationed
there. The populotl&n of Jerusalem, ac
cording to this report, is composed
roughly of 60,090 to 0,000 Jaws, 13,000
Christiana and 11.000 Moslems.- The Uriti
Ish community, largely a muuaonabr one,
comprises about SM' persons. Owlrig to
the war and the consequent falling off
In the pilgrim and tourist traffio on
which Jerusalem mainly depends, busi
ness was unusually slack and great dis
tress prevailed, aggravated for some time
by a financial crisis brought about by a
glut ot small coin Imported by native
speculators from Tripoli and Macedonia.
The enormous cost of living is also
The principal streets and the Umnle
area have been lighted and, praiseworthy
"'n aro oeing made-to improve the
condition or the public thoroughfares.
. Anarast Rhnfer. .
YORK. Neb., July l.-(8oeclal.'-m. W.
funeral seniles for August Bhofer. who
died at his home near Henderson, wero
held today. He was overcome by heat
a few days ago, while working. .In tho
harvest field, which was tbe cause of his
death. Ho was 70 years of aga
K. W. Mtntrell.
TQlUC, Neb., July l.-8pec!al.)C. W.
Mlntroll ot Mount Pleasant la, died at
tha home of his cousin. B, 6. Hunt of
tuberculosis. The body was sent to his
home for Interment
Government "Will liny Automobiles
to ne Used In Deliveries of the
Pnreelw Chart Will Dis
place Zone Map,
WASHINGTON, July 18. Plans for tho
extension. Improvement and reduction in
rates ot the parcel post were announced
today by Postmaster Burleson. Tho
changos, which are to become effective
on AugUBt IB, include an increase from
eleven, pounds to twenty pounds In the
maximum weight of parcels! a material
reduction in the postage rates in the first
and second zones and the abandonment
of tho parcel post map as a moons of
computing rates and the substitution for
It of a rate chart individualised to every
postofflce in the United States. ' The
plans contemplate tho purchase of a
large number of automobiles to be ueea
exclusively for the delivery of parcel
post matter.
While, for the present, the maximum
weight limit of twenty pounds and the
reduction In rates win appiy oniy to ine
first and second zones, from any given
postofflcea distance of about 1E0 miles
the, changes directed today constitute me
first long step towards a universal ex
tension ot tho system and a general re
duction In the, rates ot postage on parcel
post matter. ,
Chnnae In Zones ana
Mr. Burleson announced tho changes aa
follows: r
"The first tone shall Indue the terri
tory wlthn the local delivery of any
office and the first xone rato of .postage
will apply to all parcel post mall de
posited at any office for lpcal delivery
or for delivery by city carrier or on
rural routes emanating from that post
office "Tho second xone shall Include the remainder-of
-what Is now the first zone,
together with the present second zone,
and shall Jnclude nil the units ot area
located in whole or in part within a
radius ot approximately 160, miles from
n.nv riven Dostofflce
wm. mtn nf no.tnen on Darceis wciau-
Inir in excess of four ounces in we pro-
first zone will be reduced from 6
conta for, the first pound and 1 cent for
each additional pound-or iraction loereoi
to C cents for. the first pound ana l ceni
for each additional two pounds or frao
inn thereof, and the rate for the second
zone will bo reduced from 6 cents ror me
tirmt sound and S cents for each addi
tional pound or 6 cents for the first
pound and 4 cents for eaoa aaaiuomu
pound or fraotlon thereof to 6 cents for
the first pound and l ocni tor ea ac
tional pound or fraction tnereor.
......... w.lzh Increased,
maximum weight of parcel post
packages will be Increased irom eieven
pounds to twenty pounds, the Increase of.
weight to apply omy w
second zones No change has been made
i f via tz. or form ot the package."
.u. wna sti moled that 300,-
(Contlnued from .Page One.) Uooa imrcols would be handled during.,
from outage 0W would1h.avo,,bo.n small , the first year of the operation. pfhear-
as compared with the irood effnet In th t .vatum. but It now appearo itum
eyes of nonresidents ot the proclamation the statistics that influenced by the
made, by Mayor .Dahlman. ,ntr. nroDoaed today, the .service will
"We were thus left with' the dutv nmi I , ,n nonularlaed that the number" of par-
resnonslblllty of carina: for tho h .i. .nrr!i durlna tho ensuing twelve.
nuiiorea severe losses and. who wero months will be more man ooudio mo w
not able to care for themselves. Th ini .imate.
question now is wilt wo carry forward Th ite sheet which la to be used as
weni worn that has been done up a substltuto for the parcel post map, win.
Z y committees in charge of be preparod,vas. soon as practicable and
the distribution of the funds heretofore attached to tho parcel, post guide. The
so generously given. chart, to be made for each separate
xr wj. ..j. Unit office, will .be, worked out from
t .m i a ,.. .u. . .. th focal oolnt of the unit In which, the
relief committee that there aro many oitiC9 18 mUA. The simplicity of
cnnoi. vt ,,i.. " the nlan. It Is thought will make easily
funds at hand are entirely inadequate determinable the rate pt postage Uom
to render needed assistance to many that unit to any other on any malUble
xrnrihv Htin. ,.v -., nnreel and will greatly facilitate the
The small burden that will be equally handling of, parcel post roattw at post
oisinomca among tho property ownors ornco winoon.
in Douglas oounty by voting tho bonds Will liny Automobiles
that will provldo a fund to be loaned Postmaster Qdneral Burleson decided to
to these people, will be a very small sao- purchase rather than to lease automobiles
" on uie part or property owners to fdr the delivery of parcel post mouer in
fulfill the pledge that we will take card h hntief that the machines could be
ot our own sufferers. boufcht tmtrlght and operated by the
"It Is believed by those who hava bn at much less expense, and.
In charge of the distribution of the prl- at tho same time, the service would be ot
ivaie aonauons that the larger-part ot areater uniformity andi jefxlclency,
she principal of the, proposed loans will i!ntr regulations recently adopted tho
fce paid back In due time, so that the only us ot distinctive stamps no longer la
au. win do me interest oa the bond to mandatory and the pucuo now is permu
te voted.. t.A to mall oarcsls with ordinary stamps
aaeririee Is Stnalt affixed.
"Surely this is a maii .r4fi. r- The insurance fee. whkh originally was
property owners. of th! mii .b. 10 cents, was found to be excessive and
ito old their fallow elticcm h. nn order, effeotlvo July J. reduced to 5
ifored not only great financial losses buf cents the fee on parcels Insured to actual
. . . 1 . a. .m. . A A i A mam. t tr
wno nave in many cases lost friends and vaiuo up xo. ,
irelatlvea. nn wnti n. t,.i. . t . acted only on parcels Insured to actual
great calamity of this character which Vftlu8 ot mor than mA not exctdln
trlkes at so many of our citizens, it t50- Unler tM arrangement the busl
aeems to me that tho financial loss, inso- nt" ot vrns packages has more than
car as possible, should be equally dls- aouuica, paniQuwxiy .. .
itributed among all the people who live Jn valuable merchandise.
ithe community. During tho present month an Immense
"The olmo has come when w. cannot business has been ouut up in u
ionger say that tho sufferings or our fel- n of forwarded ibw ih t o.
iv. ..,.i.i I., w , .. r riruiation inaugurated July 1, 191J,
-" 'i MuvMaw wo ;tu tuunoi mere is a " ,
spirit ot brotherhood that prompts us all "hlch 1 to bo proving popular not
o share In the sufferings ot those around only amonB mcrchantfl' but wnonJC tho
ua The sute has done Us part by apn pP18 Beneraujr.
-propriating 00.000 for relief: private, in- I,,ta exPer estimate that with the
Ulvldualahavo been liberal tMr wb- ro chM'6t latl 'Z
-criptlon to the aid funds, but there 1, n operation, the revenues the
v.t .n im..t . . . ( p.t .Office department will be so in-
restored. This will be accomDllshed bv ne enu v . ,
ne voung or meae aid bonds and the n,rP
loaning of me money thut secured to HlriT Up UNUUG&UIVCO
rthese ufferer without interest to tho 7F1T TO POLICE COURT
end that they may not.ito through lif Al 'V.r"i-iuu wwwm
wunout hope, which must be the lot of
many unless further aid is rendered.
Will Go On One Week Longer
As long as goods last we offer you these special bargains in Summer
Hardware and Household Needs. Use phone Douglas 124. We deliver
Century ovon for on burner -
regular $1.00, special
this week. . . .v. ...... AC
Laro 2-burner oven, dj -l fQ
reg. $2; special. . . jplT:t
Rjcgular 91,35 Can and qq
cover .............. Oiv C
Regular $1.00 Fail and
cover , , . .
Regular $3.25 Qarb
'"ago Can and cover
Regular 36o, wlllo
18 c
Regular S2.i5 White Mountain
2-quart Freezer; i-ro
special ....... . , P I I J
Regular $1.10 size;
ii.iu size; no
.............. O iJ
Regular $1.45, sizo, dj-j o
special' J 1 VJ
Regular $2.25 size,
Regular $3 Gas Hot rtj-i nn
Plato, Bpeclal 41.0U
$15.75 Jenvel Gas tf A or;
Rango ,P14.0
$19.00 Jewel Gas o rj - f
lUngo 4X elU
$28.00 ew Idea boe (f
Gaa Rango .... PsiOeUU
, 10 Discount on All Others
$24.25 Peerless Refrlgeratora
special 20. $19 3Q
$31.50 Peerless, ' (lOC 3f
special tPri3AU
20 discount on all Peerless
Regular $1,50 Ladders, aa
6-foot, special i7C
Rcgular45a- Brooms, no
good values uOC
Regular 50c Broom, no
extra quality. .....-.- 3e3 C
A tern 75c brown Daisy Mopa,
with long handle; AQit
special .... Tfi C
20 Discount on All Mowers.
Hero aro a few:
$3.00 Mower, 14-in. dr qa
cut to i&4,0J
$3.25 Mowor, 16-ln.,
$9.25 5-knlvcs, ball bearing and
high wheel; spo- djrr A f
clal r:....sP Trt
No. 30 Yankee Screw Driver, 3
bits; regular $1.35, (Jjl 1 (
special & 1 I U
No. 41 Yankee Drill; qq
regular $1.25, Bpeclal iOC
75c Sargent 2-ft, Steel A Q
Square, special firOC
Boy Scout Axes; rogu- j-Q
lar -75c, special OOC
$1.25 Roller Skates go QQ
at . v h . , OtC
$6.00 Quick Meal Oil tA qs
Stovo at jat.OU
$7.75 Quick Meal OH Of
Stova at. ..... apO.iSU
$8.00 Quick Meal j Qf
Gasoline Stovo. . tpOeOU
15 on Al Others.
Senator Cummins Analyzes Proposed
Attitude of President and Beerecr ot
Canons It Holds Improper Pre
dicts Defeat of Democrats
In Three Tears.
Key to the Eltuhlloa Be Advertlslnc.
Asthma Hay Fever
These tnoit annoying of diieattt sxe more prevalent Jut
now thia at any oibtr teaton. Tbe unfortunate lufferen
can safely vie, and nith auuredly good rnultt,
Warner's Safe Asthma Remedy
Oa tbe saeiltej 28 yaws
It Is prepared and prescribed for all forms of Asthma, Hay
Fever and ttuffy coldt t aoothca and rettoret at once.
Rtliivid InFIvt Minutes
I lis
lKidM? and um
A A.Hj Kaier
. pa,, CaasUsAtleaN
Write (or tree sample siriax Ui aaaa.
tut vt rmeJjrjllrd to
Mr. J, Uaaseecab ot VfoPnos.
Maik, Writes i " I bad Attlusa rrj
bad aad bad te sit Bp slcbt atttr
slf ht, CouM ret so rU( uatn I
laok Wrner' Sale Atthma Xeu
edr. In Ore mlaotca I was brjLlbr
lor easy sad vest right te feed and
alspt. tweatdaottMwllboatlt"
OnysUu or petU m tMft ef
prl, 7B(at.
r..., p.terson ot the Vienna hotel waa
.urvuer Bu is renaerea. . . mvKinr too
V.o,. .1. uu, comnjUIJIiy WIU JQln in a "" "- I. viuvVn ..rrvtilu a.
seneral support ot the aid bonds and wiU !erV ' .Hnlzed STsliih a. any
f to the poll, on July It and vote 'Tea' t How.veihen
f ,VW T..
on tho question."
. i A.M.&.Mna Hftfi-ifHt JlldlTA
AlUtadt he had loat Ws AbkJo vocabulary
t MarrlaK. l.rthe result ot a rualden ef. and could L'ilLtadwhlw
fort navlan tonrue. Judge Altstaai, who aiso
Qenerally, being in love means being has been heard to speak the English
0UJ . 5?t. . .." . . . f",,. had evidently got in "Dutch"
wuu b-ei a ymo in mo marriage iot- " , . , K..nrt u talltlna In such
tery. some a surprise. the night .before, ana ;wa wsuna
I'nllke othor bonds, the bonds of mat- a frosmatUed manner that between the
rlrnony run for an indefinite period. two. City Prosecutor Anhcuier could
.'i,"-1?? lff,0 .ep vror 1 discern enough evidence to prosecute.
AiKt&-t&&XZnt0n of Anally giving P the iqb Ar,h.user
a castle in the air. arose and requested the oourt to obtain
No matter how allly a girl is. her folk ,nt.rt,i4rtert Tho only Swede In the
always expect her to marry well. "f ,n , ' ,,. ., of ,1. Cour.
tA wUe wife never, reminds hep bus- pUco happened to be Clerk or the court
band of the fool thlnm lie aaidr whlla Tom O'Connor ot Dublin, Ireland, who
'o.wr . , volunteered Id serrlcea and for the space
toWSM H fUteen minute, talked Bveneka to
-Christian Science Mora to?. regular Btockholm tyl. The result, ot
the conversation consisted In Mr. CCon-
Bnerhart Hiven Kiovlnsx Cap. nor thformlng the court that Peterson
BT. PAUU July 1J.-B. V. Mcintosh, had Wen drinking the night before and
r.V"J ;V.".A '"f:r'r'"?r '""I" Nuimltted it "He dondt hair to aomitt it.
day presented Governor A. O. Eberhart I know Id. I dlasharge you, tAge der first
with a auver loving cup aa an apprecia-i road for areata
Uon of the governor's visit to the state!
A meeting, of the organlxaUon at Dea , .k, Httn.tinnru Advert Ulnr.
"WASHINGTON, July 19.-Senator Cum
mins, opening the tariff debate today for
the progressive republicans, declared that
tho republican party lost the confidence
of the people 'and was "driven from power
largely because it Insisted! on the .main
tenance of Import duties, many of which
were unnecessarily and oppressively
"The democratic party,."' he asserted,
"soon will be overtaken with like disaster
bccause.lt U about ,to . Inflict upon the
codntry a tariff 'law which, with respect
to many things, invites the perils of free
trade, and which with respect to many
others. Imposes duties that are danger
ously and destructively low, and which,
from end to end, grievously discriminates
against the west In favor of the east
that is to say, in favor ot the manufac
turer against tho farmer.
"The republican craft went down in
tho whirlpool ot Scylla In UU, and Its
democratlo successor Is steering straight
for the rocks ot Charybdls, whero It
will, go to pieces In tho stress of 1916.
"There Is a passageway to safety and
prosperity. The progressive .republicans
charted It In 1909 an dthoy will chart It
again In 1913. Borne time the American
people . will make the trip under these
pilots, but In the meantime we must
suffer another shipwreck, bearing It.
hardships, as I hope we will, with patriot
ism and fortitude."
'Wilson Aocnseil of Coercion.
Besides pointing out many things that
he considered destructive and entirely
unwarranted In the bill. Senator Cum
mins criticised the president' for his In
fluence exerted upon members concern
ing the tariff bill, an influence he said,
"so persistent and determined that it be
came coercive."
I do not charga, nor do I believe,'
sold Senator Cummins, "that tho presl
dent, In' terms, barters this power for
legislative subordination: but I do say
that, without barter, the knowledge of the
consequences that may follow legislative
Independence, will bring about all the
ovlla ot actual wrong-doing unless the
most scrupulous care is exercised In
communications between the president
and members of congress. It lies with
tha president himself to mark out the
path of propriety and to pursue such a
course aa will enable every member of
ot tho legislative branch of our public af.
i airs 10 teei zree ana anreaxroinea in
every vote that ho casts." '
Senator Cummin declared be believed
the bill would be modified It members
of congress voted their convictions, but
that it would not be modified, "largely
because the president, assuming to In
terpret and apply tbe economlq doctrlno
ot his party, has laid' the heavy hand
ot his power upon a branch of tbe gov
ernment that ought to be co-ordinate,
but' which, in fact, has become subordl
Cancns Methods Condemned.
Attacking u "tyrannical" tbe demo
cratlo secret caucus on the bill the Iowa
senator declared It was "more Indefensible
than the tactics resorted to by the re
publican leaders la preliminary consider
atlon ot the Payne-Aldrlch bill."
"So long as the real legislation takes
place in a caucus It cannot be known
what any man says or how any man
votes," he charged. "It Is not only In
visible, but Inaudible government "
Tariff for revenue, Senator Cummins
said, he regarded a "obsolete, unjust
and Intolerable." and that "the moment
urotectlon becomes unnecessary, freo
trade la demanded by every considera
tion of luetics and equality,"
"I would bold myself an epemy of man
kind." the senator continued, "ir uirougn
Import duUea I wero to ralao tho price of
any commodity which the people gener
ally used, and ought to Use, simply to
put money Into tha treasury of the United
ItaWra rrlce" Nearly Klre Billion.
"Wo produce yearly Jn tho United States
commodities competitive In their charac
ter, and upon which duties axe levied In
this bUL of the value of not leas than
tlS.SOO,000,Qtt. If the. average rate of duty
upon these things Is 25 per centum, and
that I bellove Is the estimate of the most
distinguished promoters of this1 bill, the
duties will Increase the prico of one year's
product' in the aggregate $4,700,000,000. If
those who consume, as well as those who
produce tlieo commodities, share the
benefit of the increased price the general
good will be promoted; but If our demo
cratic 'friendd are right In asserting that
those who produce the dutiable articles
are tho only beneficiaries, they ought io
shudder when they contemplate what they
are doing, tor they are not only taxing
tho people, upon tholr consumption, the
J25O,O0O,O0O which is collected at the cus
tom houses on imports, but they are tax
Ing them the $4,700,000,000 for tbs sole ben
efit ot the domestic producers of these
commodities. This Is ' an appalling con
clusion and it will shock the country
when It is fairly appreciated.
Discrimination Against West,
"The total production east of tha Mis
sissippi "river Jn the year 1809," said tho
senator, "was J2,9Hf?3,MS. Of this pro
duction $14,811,052,242 Is upon the dutiable
list, being 60 per cent of the entire pro
duction of .that- part of the1 country. Tha
total production west ot the Mississippi
river In the year named was $10,301,016,313,
of which $4.041,224,$27 was upon the duti
able -Hat, being 39 per cent of the whole
production pf that part of tho country
west or the Mississippi river. It the
democratlo doctrine so often announced
Is sound It will bo Interesting .to hear the
defense for this grievous discrimination
against the people who live In tho Mis
sissippi valley and boyond."
Tho senator declared the democrats had
treated the farmer as an outlaw in mak
ing up the bill and that many ot the
products of the farm were entitled to
Counoil Bluffs
Prof. Maney Tells of Dbings of Mis-
souri Valley Fruit Growers.
Committee TV111 Present Schedule to
the Officials of the Ilallroada
Operating In Local Territory.
Parties, Stealing -
, Papers Are Known
Newspaper thieves, who have been mak
ing a practice of fllohfng their reading
matter from subscribers who Day for
tholr dally papers, are duo" to have soma
expensive experience. Warrants are now
In the "police court being held pending.
prpmisea ot restitution for thefts repeat
edly perpetrated at the Frank Street
Pharmacy, after the identity of the men'
had been fully established.
Numerous complaints have caused
other parties to be spotted, whose depre
dations have caused much complaint on
West Broadway and Pearl and Malnl
streets. Enough evidence has been ae-J
cured to convict. A penalty of not less
than $5. In addition to ,tha costs and
humiliation of exposure. Is incurred by
every paper thief. The papers are stolen
by men going to their work on tha iarlv
morning street cars and It has been found
iu ue iui easy mailer to spot them. Pros
ecutlons ara to follow future thefts.
Prof. T. J. Maney, in charge of thd
experiment stations tn tho western part
of. Iowa, conducted by the horticultural
department of tho Ames college, returned
yesterday from SU Jpaeph, Mo., where
he went Tuesday to attend the meeting,
of the fruit growers of. tho, Missouri river
districts, who had, arranged js, conference
with railroad officials concerning freight
rates. The purpose of the meeting was
to bring about a readjustment of tha
rates from Missouri river points , east
ward mat would glve,tho western shipper
tne same rates accorded eostorn shippers
Into western territory.
Iowa fruit men dominated tho meeting.-
J. M. Bechtel of Hamburg, president of
tho Iowa Fruit Growers' association, was
mode chairman.
Prof. Laurena Greene of the Iowa ex
periment station and who. .is secretary of
the Iowa Fruit Growers' association pre
sented the following:
At a meeting of the Iowa Prult Grow
ers' association held in Dun Mnlnon. Tn.
July 15, the fact was brought out by
memDers or irua association .that a great
discrimination now exists between the
freight rates on apples from the territory
west ot the Mississippi to Chicago, Cin
cinnati and other northern, eastern and
southern centers ot distribution, as com
pared with the rates from the apple-producing
district of Now England, New"
York and Michigan to these same centers
of distribution. A resolution was unan
imously adopted that tha association take
step to call to the attention of the rail
roads serving the district west of Missis
sippi points or this unjust discrimination
against the most Important fruit product
ot the Missouri volley territory. In pur
suance witn tnese instructions ana witn
the request that you have these rates
corrected and equitably adjusted, the as
sociation presents to your consideration
the aocomDanylnfr statements in which
tho rates paid by the shippers from other
Cottrell Hearing;
For Next Monday
4 ,
The preliminary hearing of "Warren E.
Cottrell, former general secretary of the
xoung Men's Christian association, will
be held In Justice Joseph's court next
Monday, where ha will be called to plead
to the charge of maktag five attempts to
burn the $100,000 association building here.
The citation to answer the charge la duo
to Deputy State Fire Marshal Tracy's
action prior to the formal discharge of
Cottrell from the atate hospital for the
Insane at Clarlnda, where he had beon
consigned by thetnsanlty commissioners
iouowing ms written admission of prob
able guilt.
Texas Alberta peaches, per basket. S5o:
blue, plums, per basket. Mo; red plums,
per basket, BOo; blackberries, per box.
12Kc; cherries, per box, 10c: cantaloupe.
muakmelons, 10cj watermelons, up from
SOc; fresh apples, per pck, J0o; large cans
tomatoes, per can. 10c; Rome brand best
peas, per can, lOoj S cans baked beans,
per can, 10c; 4 cans corn, SEo. In fresh
vegetables we have rweet com, per dosen,
15c; cucumbers. So and 10c; egg plants.
each, ISo; wax beans, per lb., 12 Vic; large
cabbage, per head, Ec; potatoes, per
bushel. 90c; turnips, per peck, 20a. Mar
shall Blend patent flour, $1.15; Lily Cream
floUr, nothing better, $1-25. I Green. In
our naw location, 120 West Broadway
Telephone 2710.
territory and with whom they come
competition, are shown..
The statements referred to were an ex
tensive schedule of freight rates on ap
ples, "prepared by O. B. Towne of the
Council Bluffs Commercial club and EL J.
McVann of the Omaha and Council Bluffs
traffic bureau. A committee of repre
sentatives from Iowa, Missouri, Kansas
and Nebraska was appointed to take up
the rate adjustment with representatives
of' the Rock Island, Burlington, Missouri
Pacific, Santa He and St Joseph Ss Grand
Island railroads who were presont at tha
The fruit growers were guest of the
Commercial club at a luncheon in the
Robldoux hotel. After the luncheon
George O. Green of the Kansas state
agricultural station spoke on "The Im
portance ot the Apple Industry in the
Missouri Valley."
The' convention appointed a committee
of tour to draw a schedule of equltablo
rates, which Is to be presented to the
railroad officials for their consideration.
After the rate question had been dis
posed of a fruit crop report was received
from the representatives from several
states. The general opinion seemed to
be that the apple crop would be about M
to to per cent of the full yield. AU grow
er report bad Infestation of disease and
lnsecta in unsprayed orchards, while tn
the sprayed orchards tbe crops are very
good quality.
Business Men Join
in Birthday Dinner
Four Council Bluffs business men will
Join today la celebrating their birthday
anniversaries. They will observe tha
event by talcing dinner together at the
Metxgar cafe. C. II. Chlsam.wlll be tha
dean of the party and was yesterday
the only one willing to confess his aga
The others are Qua Louie, Arthur Hoff
mayer and Painter Knox.
A call will be Issued today for any
other business men who happened to be
born on that dayof the month to become
members of the company at future an.
nual dinner.
NEW iDEA gas ranges. Price $14 up.
P. C Se Yol Hardware company.
Persistent Advertising Is ths Road id
Big Returns.
Mnlnea ut JUntt. 1 1

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