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Modern Home-Builders and Home-Furnishers of Omaha
by having The Peters Trust Company as
your Executor. Its perpetual character,
legal knowledge, experience and responsi
bility make it well prepared to act in the
capacity of Executor, Trustee, Admin
istrator or Guardian.
Consult with our Officers any time.,
Mllllllll A
New Design for Modern Home
A clean, well lighted paint store
.right in center of the city whs re
you can buy the very best paints,
varnishes and brushes at reason
able prices. Free deliveries
The Paint Man Yon Know
Barker Brothers Paint Co.
16(H) Va Farnam St.
Tel. Douglas 4750.
From the laterlte walled, llmc-concrote
flnlehcd, and palm-roofed Indian bunga
low to the latest creation of the southern
California architect Is a far cry. But the
American adaptation of Its Indian pro
xenttor has retained many of the forms,
It not structural characteristics, of the
original. It Is't'ruo that tho primitive
simplicity of form of the bungalow gavo
opportunity Tor younger home builders
to Imagine Umt an architect was' not
necessary to design so simple a habita
tion, and with or without the old of the
plan book they "went It alone" with
greater or less regret afterward, Nixon
Waterman, that maker of rhymes, In
tho Saturday Evening Post, pictures
them thus In his "Their Bungalow:"
Just as the robins build
Their love-wrought nest without the aid
Of some conceited bird who dares
To tell them how It shall be made,
Bo John and Mary proudly planned
Their home, and deemed 'twould be-a
Amid their rosy dreams, to lot
An architect come butting In.
Alasl It was not wisely planned,
ITor doors and windows, so they find,
Are out of place; some rooms too large
And somo too small; but, never mind I
With prldo they show their house to
Who, as they view It, come to know
Why John and Mary will persist
In colling It their "bungle, oh I"
Hut though It Is a far cry -from the
alpha to the omega" of bungalow design,
what can.be said of the movement that
leaves the land of the bungalow to adopt
tho lonely hut of the Swiss shepherd for
a motif In cottage design.
As the bungalow was designed for a
flat country, the chalet Is an eagle's nest
upon a crag. But as we' find the modern'
bungalow perched upon the sides of hills
from California to Maine, so .we .will find
the chalet dotting the' prairies between.
But both havo for 'their recommenda
tion simplicity of construction, with low
walls and broad roof, that appeals to
the modern home builder and the artistic
Instincts of the designer.
Whtlo the chalet Is an Ideal type of
mountain home, and will ever harmon
ise best with a steep and more or less
rugged hillside, It Is In Its simplicity
adaptable to any site that can give Its
breadth of perspective and some eleva
tion. It la also mora varied than the
bungalow In Its adaptability to climate
and material. As the lOriglnal bungalow
was walled with a sun-dried brick, and
its American prototype is usually shin
gled, so the chalet that was of timbered
construction, Is enclosed with any mo
terlal from field .atones to plaster cast,
and roofed with tile, shingles or composi
tion. tioth may be constructed Inexpensively
and attractively. In fact in both tho
greater .simplicity that Is observed the
greater tho' artistic, attractiveness of the
design. Both the original bungalow and
tho chalet grew out of the need for
sholtor and the .builders, following the
lines of least resistance, built naturally
and of the, materials , nearest at hand. In
following the design-It lsv well to 'keep
this fact In view, so that the design will
grow naturally, rather than have un
natural attachments grafted on, to IU
It's Great This Hot Wsathsr
Kps You Cool Fln for Health
Our Camp Outfits Cost Little
Your Homo Will Do Cooler With Awnings and Porch Curtains.
Scott-Rawitzer Mfg, Co.
Successor to Beott IFsnt & Awnlag Co,
Oman Tent & Awnlnr Co,
11th and Karaey Et. Sous', 338 or 883,
Preparing to . Build Another Ice
House at Carter lake.
More Than pittr Omaha Real Estate
Denier sre Making; Arrange
ments 4e Attend the Sixth
Annual Convention,
henry s. Mcdonald
"Nebraska" Porch Hammocks
Thcso arc xnado with an all-steel frame with very substantial
springs, Tho ends are of heavy canvas with a magazine pockot In
each end, Tho pad is tutted and has a neat scalloped bordor on
each side. Khaki color only.
Let XTs Hang' One on Your Porch, Complete $10.00
Phone Douglas 3841 1701 Leavenworth Street.
Store your goods where
they will be safe where
you knowthey will be safe
The mst modern the best equipped and
the SAFEST Warehouse and Storage struc
ture in the middle west is the giant building of
Omaha Van & Storage Co.
Not nly is it fire proof it also is ?at and
mice proof, dust proof and dirt proof. There
is not a warehouse in this part of the country
tp be compared to it for security and cleanli-
Storing Moving Packing
Security and efficient service always,
Omaha Van & Storage Go.
114 Swtii Scxtwt!h SirMt Hi taglis 41f 3
The sixth annual convention ot tho
National Association of Real Ktato Ex
changes, to bo hold at Winnipeg-, Mani
toba. July 28, 29 and 30, and -which will
bo largely attended by real estate men
from this section, is expected to be tho
biggest ossombtaKe of real estate dealers
ever held In America. From 1.000 to 1.600
delegates Will ba present, representing
every stato In the United States and
many of the provinces In Canada.
Edward 8. Judd ot Chicago Is prc.il
dent of tho national association. Vtco
presidents are C. L. Simpson, Kansas
City: It. Bruce Douglas. Mllwaukeo; N.
J. Upham. Duluthi II. P. lias, Pjtts
burgh; K. D, "Waugh, Winnipeg; E. 11. j
i LeMaster, Memphis; Telfair Stockton, j
j Jacksonville; William T. Atwater, Butr
I falo; W, E. Q. Saunders, Fresno, and J.
B. Ray, Louisville. Phillip Mocsslngerj
or Cincinnati is secretary; Edward S.
Loveley of Detroit Is treasurer, and
Thomas B. Ingersoll of Minneapolis Is
executive secretary.
The convention Is to be held In tha ln;
dustrlal bureau at Winnipeg. It will also
be too hoadquarters for delegates. The
industrial bureau building Is credited with
being one of tha finest convention halls
In tho continent.
Winnipeg has shown a wonderful
growth during the last few years and
Is now regarded as the Chicago ot Can
ada. It Is expected that about fifty
delegates will attend tho, convention from
this city.
At last tho Burlington railroad, has fin
ished purchasing property In Gibson and
now will not havo to cut trains In two
at Homer street, an exigency which tho
road thought would exist unless eight
cottages there could be bought. The road
put tho Byron Reed company on the
Job four years ago to buy the property.
During the last week the last purchase
of tho necessary property was made.
The eight dwellings occupied an addi
tion known sa Riverside, The owners
wero not anxious to leave their homes
and the sales were consequently difficult
to negotiate.. The railroad, however, waa
not In a hurry and by allowing the
Byron Reed company to take ts time,
all the home owners were persuaded to
sell at reasonable figure. By keeping
the deals secret none of them learned
that the railroad . was desirous of get
ting the qtrlp and for that reason none
held up the prices. The. tract stands on
the liver bottoms and did not cost the
Burlington more than J15.W0 to obtain
Timber and lumber are being delivered
to the alte of the old Hammond lea
house on Carter lake and tho construc
tion ot an artlatlo Ice plant will b
started there shortly. Plana have been
completed and an engineering company
has set to work on the .preliminaries. I?.
J. Cornish, who gavo Carter Lake park
to the city, will be the owner ot the
plant He arid Mrs, Cornish are now un
a l.COO-mllo crulsti ot .the North sc-a, going
to North cape along the Norway . coast
and perhspa to Spitsbergen.
The Ice house to be constructed will
bo one of the beauty sites of the park
they donated. Its walls will b finished
in stucco and wooden panelling-, and the
general architectural design will har
monize with the surroundings. The new
boulevard will run by "t The Incline for
carrying Ice will be. put up on the rear
side, out of view from both the lake and
the boulevard. A, channel cut around It
will carry the Ice to this Incline. The
boulevard across the channel will be
beautified by a pretty concrete bridge.
Tho ice house will contain 80,000 tons.
A' new building Is being erected on the
site of tho Twin City Express and Ware
house company on Howard, between
Thirteenth and Fourteenth streets, which
m iwwunjr ucavruycu uy Aire. Alia
building will not be occupied by the ex
press company, but will be occupied by
another concern, probably a print shop.
Victor White Again
Launches Out Into
the Coal Business
Victor White will not retire from the
coal business, but, on the other hand, has
completed arrangements to handle coal
on a more axtehslva plan than heretofore.
When the Havens-White Coal company
wis disbanded Mr. White had.no definite
plans In eight, although he -.was made
Beveral most flattering offers 1
The VlctCr White Coal company Is
again doing business, under the old name
It had before the formation ot the
HavensAVhlte company. The new offices
ot the' company will be at liU Farnam
street, which were the- headquarters of
the company .several years ago.
Coal sold by the Victor White Coal
company will, be distributed from the
rour lumocr ana coal yarus or the c n.
Diets Lumber company.
Until Fulls lit Western Nebraska.
The Burlington reuorta a hravv - ruin
In the vicinity ot Bridgeport Friday nlghi
and fairly heavy showers oil along, the
Alliance line. Over the Northwestern
territory, up the KIKhorn and out to
ward tha Black Hills, there were light
and scattered showers, hut no general
rain. There was no rain last night In the
eastern part ot the state, of down In the
South Platte-country.
Trust Company
Part in Handling
Estates and Bequests
One of the notable features, of modern
financial development la the establish
ment of trust companies as business or
ganizations to manage exclusively largo
estates or trusts. Vn the city of tfoboken,
N. J., there Is a modest little trust com
pany which transacts all the business In
connection with' the colossal 'gifts of
Andrew Carnegto for educational and
charitable purposes. In connection with
the great Rockefeller donation a so-called
"founaatlon" nas ocen created and a
board of trustees appointed to administer
the affairs growing out ot these dona
tions. This board of trustees Is In prin
ciple and effect a trust company. It
Is an exemplification ot the enduring
principles ot corporate administration of
trusts as represented by the modern trust
company. In various cities men of great
fortune, especially where they had largo
holdings of real estate, have formed sor
called personal trust companies. These
trust companies are chartered under the
laws of the respective states and have
all tho powers usually given to full-fledged
trust companies. The only difference is
that these trust companies are exclusively
engaged in handling the property or trusts
created by some one man who leaves a
large' fortune. The primary reason for
the creation of such personal trust com
panies Is that a practically perpetual cor
poration Is created to fulfill 'the provisions
of the trust, which may have a life ex
tending over many generations.
As new c6nditions and exigencies arlsa
the modern, trust company la being
broadened in Its work. An Increasing
number of large estates being trans
ferred to the custody of trust companies
because ot the general appreciation .of the
many advantages which corporate trustee
ships offer. The courts present so many
Blaring Instances of betrayal of trusts.
by Individuals that there la no other
alternative left to the conscientious man
of affairs who wishes tq make proper
provision for those dependent upon htm
In the event ot his death. It may be truly
said, that the trust company as a fidu
ciary agent Is still In Its -Infant stage
of growth, although It now -has custody
of a wealth which Is estimated In ex
cess ot 36,O.00d,OCPO.
Retailers Differ
from Ryder About
Restricting Autos
President II. A. Thompson Of the Re
tailers association 'ha notified Police
Commissioner J. J. Ryder , that retail
merchants will not co-operate with him
In the .plan to esabllsh a; district down
town where automobiles ' may not bo
Thompson says several merchants feel
It Is a good thing .commercially for a
number ot automobiles to stand contin
ually at the curb In front of , their stores.
Regardless of the. opposition of some ot
the retailers, Ryder will go ahead with
his plan to '"restrict" the most congested
part'ot the business, district He will
meet with a committee from the Auto
mobile association to discuss the situa
tion.. The committee appointed from the
Automobile association to..discuss the
matter with .Ityder Is . composed ot
ifarry Lawrle. W. . J. Klerstead, Joe
Barker, J. E. ' George. They will meet
Home Builders' Plan Is Practical
1st Tns demand for New homes la constant.
3d Toe demand tor construction-money la constant.
3a Xh demand for the building-contractor la constant.
Since Home Builders turniahea the construction money and
does the building; hence
4th Tne demand tor Borne Bnllders is constant.
Therefore Home Bullderrf Plan Is Practical.
Home Builders' Plan is Safe and Profitable
1st Xonay advanced for construction purpose is secured by deed
or lnortgsgv on flnlrhed property.
2d Homi Bnllders gets tha bonders' profits and 7 interest os
money used.
Shareholders get ail the net profits of the business which averaged
ror iiz. 12 7o on each dollar Invested.
Is guaranteed to shareholders and there la 11.38 behind
jr every dollar invested to make tne guarantee good and to
J maltn ttiA ihnrpM na mfn lu A government bond.
Rhiru tmtiirht nr iv win nnrdclnntn in thH Droflts for the current rlx
months then the price will be advanced accordingly. The profits earned,
not the directors, govern the price of shares.
Home Builders literature free to any address.
Home Bulldero "Plan Book" now ready only SOo postage
prepaid. The issue Is limited they are going order now
. and select the style of your new home.
American Seourtty Company, riscal Agents.
Brandsls Theater Bids;., around no or, s. W. Cor. 17th and 9onglas Bts.
Douglas 6013. Omaha. Web. '
I Storage
National Banks
'When you open a bank account, yon do so with a fooling that
the bank Is perfectly responsible and that yoa can, when needed,
recall your money. The same thoqght should como to yon when
you store your HOUSEHOLD GOODS. Your household goods havo
value. If you loso an article, or If .your goods aro pilfered or dam
aged. It means loss In dollars and cents, just the same as If the bank
would fall or for some reason yoa could not withdraw your money.
We guarantee, through tho laws of the Stato of Nebraska, that
we shall deliver your goods to you. This company Is bonded to tho
State of Nebraska to protect its patrons.
Cheap Freight Rates to All Points on Household Goods,
Pianos, Automobilest Etc.
Gordon Fireproof Warehouse
& Van Co.
Branch Office: 216 S. 17th St. Main Office and Ware
house 219 N. 11th St
W. A. Gordon, Pres.
D. 0. McDowell, Treas.
J. A. Dowling, Sco'y
W. W. Holier, Gen'l Mgr.
Our number is Douglas 6045 and
a call to us will bring a man promptly to
you with samples and complete information on Awnings and
Porch Curtains. "Wto have a new stock and a full lino of pat
terns and will guarantee to get your Awnings and Porch Cur-,
tains in place when we say wo will. t
Gite City Tent & Awning Company
31410 South 12th Street,
Tel. Douglas 0048.
Jbj;. MTHmwciMatil I
Store your goods with a re
sponsible and weU equipped
storage company.
Signifies responsibility and that your goods will bo given tho
proper care that they will be stored in a clean, sanitary, well
ventilated storage room (separate locked rooms for those who
wish them) that they can be easily Been at any time, and that
the charges will be moderate.
Let the FIDELITY move your household goods or pi&not
large vans and regulation furniture wagons. Telephone
Douglas 1516 full information.
Fidelity Storage & Van Co.
Vases and Flower Boxes of Cement. Do not crack or crumbla, "W
havo a variety of designs, colors, and sizes.
visit unr Display xooios, 1TOO coming- Bt.
Phono Douglas 4428.
mi ttv isi rvi eL v riAiuc:
Money to loan to build houses, to Improve business property or to
pay existing' loans. Borrowers may pay from 16 to 20 per cent on loans
on Interest dates. Interest ceases on amounts whet) paid.
Loans closed promptly. Your business solicited,
Sourlas 1618. 220 state Bank aids'.
The Standard
Face Brick
Hydraulic. Press Brick C. X
t'""U 1 "'Igty - st i hiwwi- !W1,,S ' - .ll,.l'H-miV'm iMl
W. 0. w.
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