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4 A.
Because of Hot Weather Church
Services Will Be Shortened.
Rev. George I.accock, II. ! ras
ter at Oak Inrk, III., Will Oc
cnpr the Pnlpltiit Went
minster Chnrch.
Owing to tlis oppressive temperatures
Itreot many churches wllf'not conduct
their usual ftunday services In, full, and
Instead trill hold abbreviated derotlone.
flow Qeorge N. Luccoek, X). Vt,-ot Oak
Fark. I1L, will occupy the pulpit of the
"Westminster church. Tweritynlnlh and
0orgla avenue, Bunday.
Calvary Branch. Thirty-fourth and
fSeward Bible school Hti"day 330 p. in.
Harry Carpenter, superli.!ndent. Junior
Industrial school Thursday at 2:30 p. tn.
First. Corner Harney and Park Ave
nue, Itev. V. Jfcepcr Howell. Minister-''
llev. C.K,: nattershell, minister of tho
Bunday school, Morning worship at 10:30
with a rtermon by Itev. Mr. Ilowoll. Hun
day school at noon. Ilev, Mr. Batter
shell, superintendent No ovcnlnc service,
lraye meeting on Wednesday.
Calvary, Twenty-fifth and Hamilton,
Conducted by Rev. Thomas Anderson
Bervlces at 10:30 a m. and 8 p. tn. Iliurb
nchool at noon. t$. V, tome, superin
tendent Young peopfe's meeting at 7
p. tn., leader, Miss Grace Itoblnson. .Mid
week devotional meeting of the church
Wednesday at 8 p. m., Kor. Anderson,
Grace. Corner Tenth and Arbor, E. B.
Taft, Minister Sunday school nt 10 a. in.
Morning .worship 11 o'clock; subject, "A
Bunday pn a Famous Island." Ilaptlst
Young I'rjspln' union at 7 p. in. Preach
ing, 8 p. m.:lheme, "A Wonderful Scene
on a Mountain Top." Kxccllent music and
n hearty walcornn.. Mission Bunday school,'
3 p. m., tpio South Fourth street
Immanuel, Twenty-fourth and IHnkney,
ltev. J. a Kbeifolo, Pastor Services at
10:90 and; 8. Bible school at 12 noon.
Young pVpplcs' meeting at 7 6'clock.
Mornlng.sermon. "Why I nelleVe In Blok.
ness ana Trouble." livening, Illustrated
sermon, "Christian Victories In China."
Sixty-seven colored slides'. Strangers and
vacation visitors welcom. Devotional
meeting Wednttdty at a p. m.
North Side, Twenty-second and Iothrop,
II. J. Kirchsteln, Minister Regular
church worship nt 10:30 a. m. and 8 p. in.
iMornlng theme. "The Victories of Faith;"
evening theme, "Tho Joy of Obedience."
lilbla schol at noon. Christian Endeavor
at : p. m.
Christina Science.
First Church Of Christ, Hctentlat. St.
Mary's Avenuo and Twenty-fourth Htrcet
-Stnlces 11 a. jn. Subject. "Life." No
Sunday evlnlng service during July and
August. Bunday school (two sessions)
Di and 11 a, m.
First. Corner Nineteenth and Davenport,
IUv. F. T. Jlouse, iPastor Uegular ser
vices at 10:39 a. m. Sermon by lt$y. Dan
iel K. Jenkins of tho University of
Omaha. Sunday school at noon.
? Plymouth, at the University of Omaha,
Twenty-fourth and Evans. V, W. Le&vltt,
Minister Bunday school at 10 a. m. Ser
vice of worship at 11 with sermon by
nov. U K. Potter. Topic, "Is Christianity
a Fallgret"
Church of the Good Shepherd, Twentieth
and Ohio; IleVvT. J. Collar, Jlector-Bun-day
school at 0:45 a. tn, Morning prayer
nnu sermon oj iter. ur. Jiuxton or
Council Bluffs at 11 a. m. No evening
service. . . . . . , .
St. Matthias. Tenth and Worthlnetnn.
rtev. George. B, Bouthworth, Piistor Hun
da v services! llolv communion at 8 a m .
Sunday schogl at 10 a; ni.; morning prayer
aim ncniuuiiai
St. Martin's, Twenty-fourth and J, South
Omaha, rtev. Harold Llnwood Bowen,
Priest Holy communion at 8 a. nv. Run.
day school at 10 s, m. , Holy communion
and sermon at 11 a. in, Services in the
cnapei every nay ai b a. m.
Church of St. Phllln the Deacon.
Twenty-first near Paul Stroet. Itov. John
Albert Williams, Vicar Ninth Sunday uf.
tcr Trinity. Holy communon at 7.30 a. m.
Sunday school and catchestm at 10. Morn
ing prayr with sermon at 11, Evening
prayer ai p. m. ....
St. Matthew's English) Nineteenth and
Castellar, Itev. a. W. Snyder, Pastor
Bible school at 10 a. hi.; subject, "Israel's
.ueiivercr. nervices at 8 p, m.; subjoct,
j rrouiauio, iue.
Grace English, Twenty-sixth Street be
tween Ppppletoti and Woolworth Avenues,
jCiarence N. Bwlhart, Pastor Service at
u a. m.i topic, "unnsiianiiy uemonstra'
ted." Sunday school, 10 a. m. No eve
ning service.
8L Mark's English. Twentieth and Pur
dette, Itov. Dr. L. dron. Pastor-Services
Sunday at U a. rn.; subject. "Ye Are My
Ijplstlo; Christians or the Btblo Head
ur uuisiucrs.- nunaay scnooi ttl UUi u, tn,
No evening services.
Knuntio Memorial. Farnam and Twenty.
sixth Avenue, Hev. Oliver D. Halts), I'll,
I.. V. V.. Pastor: Its v. VtulDh R. Wii
milder, A. B Assistant Pastor Services
for the ninth Sundav after Trinlrv. Mnm.
ing Worship at 11 o'clock; subject, "Two
juiiqs oi yorsnipora ana wnore They
End." Sunday schol at 8:S a. m. NO evo-
nms serricea.
21on English. Magnolia Hall. 2404 Ames
Avenue,- Jtev, a. w. Snyder, Pastor
norvic m i-.jj p. m.; subject, "God Is
Just' 'Sunday school at S:W n, tn. The
Ziadlcs Pastor's Aid sodatv uin nu.t
liiursday afternoon at the residence of
Mrs. George Swanson, S0J7 Larimore ave
nue. Lawn social Friday evening at the
rcsiuence owir. ana wrs. it. jt Fair;
3435 Saratoga street, on Saratoga Court.
J3t I'aul's,. Formerly at Twenty-eighth
and Parker, llev. E, Otto, Pastotv-tier-l
vices at 10 o'clock in the chapel, corner
jiurijr-iuurui una oowa.ru streets, Bun
-day school at 11:J0. Evening sermon In
English at 8 o'clock In Norwegian Lu
theran ohuroh at Twenty-sixth and Ham-
iil it, AH" Pr'a6n " "Jesus,
v imi, aiiw wimiriuou meet on Alon1
day at 3 p. m. In chapel corner Thirty,
fourth and Seward.
Finn Swedish, Corner of Burt and Nine
teenth, Gustav Briokson, Pastor Sunday
school, 10 a. m. Preaching, 11 a. m. and
I p. tn, Epworth league service, 7 p. m.
Pearl Memorial. Twenty-fourth and
Larimore Avenue, J. Franklin Haas, pas-tor-Sunday
chool. :30 u. m. 1'reachlng,
K:SQ J?'' Mr-.v' Ness will preaoh!
Kpworth league. 7 p. m. Musical program
wtli be given at I p. m.
Trinity. Twenty.flrst and Blnney.
Thomas Blthnell. Paator-Mprnlng service!
10:30 a. m Sabbath school. 13 noon? Ves
Ptr senlce, . p. m. Rev. a. A. Luce
will occupy the pulpit tn the morning,
Rev W. H. t.'nderwood will oomlort the
vesper service.
Diets Memorial. Tenth and Pierce, C.
N. Dawson, Minister Sunday school, 9:30
a. m. Preaching. 10.45 a. topic, "Cour
age." Kpworth league, 7:39 p. nu. Nellie
Tone, isadsr. Preaching, S p. nr.! tople,
"SprlnC"." Prayer meeting, Wctlnesday,
8 p. in. Hunday school plonlo next Satur
day. Meet at, the church at.l p.jn '
Watnut Hill, Forty-first and Charles,
William Hover. Pastor Public, worship
and sermon by the Ilev. J. P. laLaughlln.
10:90 a. m. Sunday school nt ,noon, O. T.
Llndley, superintendent Epworth league
at 7 p. tn., C. L. llrltscher. president
Short sermon. by the Tator at i p. tn. If
the weather Is excessively hot this service
will be omitted ,
Hirst Memorial, Rov. II. It He. Pas-'
tor Morning service, 11 a. m.. Prof. Lu-
ther K. Glfford of the Commercial HIkU.
school will speak: subject, "Danger Slg
nals." ISvenlmt. servjco conducted by th
pastor lit 8 P. m.; Subject, "At the Slgrt
of tho Cross." Sunday school, 10 a. m.
Kpworth league at 7 l. in.: subject, "Hla
don Spring," Miss Onll Charles, leader.
Norwegian ami Danish, Sorvlces In Tent
at Twenty-seventh Avenuo and Lake
Services In Norwegian and Danish at 11.
a. m. and 8 p. in.; Bngllih, 3:30 p. m. Rev.
J. M Runcy will preach. Tho tabernacle
meetings will continue nnxt week. Tues
day and Thursday, services In Norwegian
and Danish; Wednesday and Friday In
English. Meetings -begin- at 8. p. m. DIN
feret preachers front the city will
preaoh. Good, singing.
First, Twentieth and Davenport. M. B.
Williams, Minister Sunday scnooi at v:to
Jl in. Public worship at 11 a. m.; ser-
mdp by thb Rev, -Harry B. lies, 'earcn;
Ing the Darkneis for Hid Treasure." -Bp-worth
league at 7 P. m. Publlo worship at
8 p. m.i sermon by tho Rev. Claude L.
Peake. "The Goal.'5 Prayer meeting con
ducted by the minister Wednesday ove-
ning at 8 o'clock. A cordial invitation is
extended to these services.
Westminster. Twenty-ninth and Mason
streets, Sabbath school at 9:45 a. m.
Preaching nt U a. m. by Rov. George N.
Luceock, I). D.. of Oak Park, III. Young
people's meeting at 7 p. in.
Lown Avenue. Fortieth nnd Nicholas,
Rev. Nathlanel McGlffln, D.. D., PnstorT
SundaV school nt 1(1 n. tn. MorrtlnK ser-
vlco at it o'clock. Senlcr Endeavor meot-
Ing at 7 p. in. Wednesday .evening meot-
ing ai v o ciock.
Falrvlew. ICoHlefh nnil Prntt. RV.
Charles 11. Fleming, Pastor Bible school
at 1:45 p. ni. instead of the afternoon
service thero will bo an evening service
at 8 o'clock. Thursday evening service
lead by Mr. Haulier.
Third Church. Twentieth and Leaven
worth Summer xessloirof Sunday school
at 0:30 a. m. Publlo Worship and address
by E. D. Gepson nt 10:4..a. in. At 8 P, in.
storeoptlcon lecture, part II, "Passion
'iay or ubcrammetgau."
Cnstflllnr. Ttnv r- ft .tnr tlnlt.r
Mornlng service at 10:30 o'clock. No.
evening service. Sabbath school at noon,
Junior Christian Endeavor mooting at
John Kusak Catches the Train, but
is Very Badly Hurt.
3fn ii
Called to Her the Injnre.l
Relieves He Map Be n
Cripple fur Remainder
of Ills Life.
:30 p. m. Christian Endeavor meeting
at 6:4C p. m. Prayer' meeting Wednesday
ovonlng at 8 o'clock
Clifton Hill. FortViflfth ahd Grant.
Thomiia B, Greenlee. Minister Publlo
worship at 11 a. m.; topic. "To Walk
Humbly With Thv ort'" Hhristlnn Rn.
dcavor at 7 p. m.; topic, "Favorite Versos
in the Prophetical Books." Blblo school,
9:45 a. m. Wednesday, 8 p, m., meeting
for prayer and fellowship
North, Twenty-fourth and Wirt, Rev,
Walter N. llnlinv. Pulniw Mirnlncr r.
vlcp at 1Q:30 o'clock. Kvernlng sermon at
8 o clock b Rev. Georgo N.' LUcoock, D.
v., oi uok rarK cnurcii Chicago. Hunaay
scnooi at noon. Young People's Society
Christian Endeavor at 7 p. m. Wednes
day evening scrvlco at- 8 o'clock.
First Unltiul. TwnntV.llMl nn,1 Vmm.t
, C. Douglass, Pastor At 10:30 a. in.
sermon on' "Moses nt tho Burning Bush."
Sabbath school with classes for all at
hon. Young people's meeting at 0:30
u uiock. uutaoor service on the nnurch
lawn at 7 p. m.: cool shade, comfortable
seats, delightful surroundings. Short
sermon by the pastor ou "What It
Means to Become a Christian."
The Church of tho .Covenant, Twenty
seventh nnd Pratt, I lev. Chatle. it
Fleming. Pastor-Mr. Beard of the Young
Men a Christian association will ppeak at
the morning , service ut 10:30 o'clock.
lUblp school at noon, Young Veoplo'e
Bocljty of Christian Endeavor at 7:16 p.
m. EvonltiR' worship nt 8 6'clock. at
which Judge Balrtl will speak. Wcdnee
day ovcnlng prayer meeting at 8 o'clock.
Benson-Sunday school at 10 o'clock.
V,.0T"'"?. worship nt 11 o'clock. Rev.
Jiltlus 1.'. SdhWar'x will have charge of
the service. Mr. Bchwars Is the stated
mtrk of tho synod of Nebraska and also
Hu.iur-ui-iarKQ in mis uistnct. Chris
tian Endeavor meeting nt 7 p. m. Union
livening service In tho Presbyterian
ohurch, when Rev. Ataok will bo In
H Wi, ,n tno morning the choir will
sing "O Jesus, Thou Art Standing," by,
Wilson, and in the evening "Torry With
Me," by Baldwin.
rre?L9,"vCnaurc.1i' 8,5 North Eighteenth.
Charles W. 8avldge. Pastor-Bcrvlccs at
11 a. m. nnd 8 l, m.
i--V Jtl,lr Tl00r Mar,sht ha"' Nineteenth
and Farnam Sunday at 3 p. m. a lecture
? irtven by J.W. UluM&.fraM
r?ii!"ir,,.i?uot' l'Th0 Juamont Day.
AMiat Is 117 When Is It?"
Reorganised Church of Jesus Christ of
rft!!kS25LSa.1,!,ti,i TWyrounff ant
Ohio Sunday school at 9:15 a 'm.S Rcllrto
at 8 p. m ; rayer service at 11 a. in.
-"iniernBC.l,221 acb morning Jn the week
XCeDt Buturdntt urn Rim.la., a. in
IP 11:80 for children 4 to if years ofd.
uarnes, music, embroidery, hammering
In brass, harnmock-fnoklng and stories.
Entries clone today for big reliability
motorcyclo run from Omaha to Lincoln
Sunday. July SO. Tho Xollowjng .firms
have contributed th prizes mentioned be
low and the rldere certainly aro ertthuslas
tlo over the large and valuable list of
prises, which are a Stewart speedometer,
given by Powell Supply company; tire,
complete, by Goodyesr Tire and Rubber
company; casing, by Pennsylvania Rubber
company; casing, by the Arthur Stors
Supply - companyt silk shirt by George
Biooks; largo box candy, by Crystal
Candy company; box cigars, by Swedish
Auditorium urug company, and numerous
other prles given by the motorcycle
dealers. All riders must be te Sixteenth
anl Harney streets at 8 ololock, prompt
Sunday morning. Road conditions are
superb and. all. riders, feel that they will
get a perfect score and aru also looking
forward to the big chicken dinner await
ing them at Lincoln.
John Kusak, 30 years old, feared ho
Would-be late for his work at Armour's
plant yesterday morning. He was behind
time when he loft his homo at 3)15 Madi
son street Within a fow biooks of the
llftit ho saw" a Union Pacific freight
train passing. .It would land htm at his
post ou time and save a walk of a few
blocks. Ho ran to It, caught hold of one
pf the rods and tried to pull hlmset(
aboard. His hand slipped and he fell.
Mien Dr. B. P. Shanahan answered
tho Call sent In from Railroad avenue
and 7. streets he found Kusak lying be
side tho tracks, both his feet crushed.
The doctor says Kusak may bo n crlpi
plo for' life. At any" rate he will not be
able to work tot soveral weeks. He was
taken to his home.
.N'i-tv School Principal.
At a meeting of the South Omaha
Pchool board Friday evening Prof. H.'W.'
Mooro was appointed principal of tho
high school at a salary of $1,800 per year.
t'ror. Moore has been tho superintendent
of puhllo schools at Hiawatha. Kan., for
mo last three years. Ho Is now attend
ing tho summer session of the University
of Nebraska and will receive his M. A.
oegrco. ,
Ho will oseume his jitw office August 1
Contract, for (irnillnsr.
South Omaha's Park bonni i.n.
awarded contract's for tho grading of n
boulevard through Spring Lako park and
a cement sidewalk entranco to Mandan
park. , , '
Doth improvements will include n. h.
tcr lighting system and will make these
unuiic spots rar more attractive than
they havo over bon.
Tho board proposes to build a im.
m:ng pool In Spring Lake park and this
win oo tno very next work it will undertake.
SontU Oinnlia Chnrch Notice,
Hm'" .,,nrl '"tor whool at 9:t5 a. m.
Hillsdale Blblo school, at 2:30 p., m.
1 9t??'nf ftt 8 P. m. ' m
MCthOdlfc 1'nlumiia! t,xl.
i: K!ti"t' at ii
Branches." 'Sunday school" at 9?45 u. Vn'
.. V",lea I'resuyterlan church. Twenty-
Pollock pastor. Blblo school at 9V4S bL
in. Public worsh n at 11 a. m.. hint
Tho Gospel." Young People's Christian
union at C n. m. lnuw itmrh MnPiiii.m,
Union vesper services will be held at 7
o clock tomorrow night on tho high
iwniuii, iter, y. j, iiasier, P8S-
tor or tne Christian church, will preach
Priest Sees Thief
Rob Church Box
and Captures Him
Father O'Nell. Pastor of the Holy Fam-'
Hy church of Counell Bluffs, surprised 'a.
neak thief yesterday In the aot of rob
bing tho- contribution box and brought
about his capture and the recovery of 118,
which he had stolen.
Father O'Nell lives at 2327 Avenue A.
In the rear of the church. Shortly after
noon he Ijenrd a noise In the church.
When he went to the door he heard the
ollnk of sUver coin as It was. being
stacked up and saw the fellow In the net
of committing the robbery. The thief also
saw the priest and fled with the money.
Father O'Nell gave chase but the thief
had lusty legs and was rapidly gaining
safe lead when he attracted the atten
tion pf Motorcycle Officer Wllklnn, Tho
chase soon ended with no opportunity for
tho thief to throw away tho money ho
had .stolen.
At the police sfatlon ho, gave the namo
of William Kllno and said that he had
recently arrived In this country from
Germany. During tho atternbon Detec
tive Callaghan recognised hlni as a man
described In pollen reports as making a
specialty of robbing churches. - The man
will be arraigned in police court this
Jury Trying Von
Klein Disagrees
PORTLAND. Ore.. JUh- 19. After hln-
out thirty .hours, the Jury trying E. E, C.
v on Klein .r&r alleged theft of diamonds
from Miss Ethel .Newcomb nf Ban i.nn.
Cisco reported Inability .to agree late to.
The court set the retrial for Soptembet
and fixed ball at St.&oO cash nr kfjyi
surety bond. . i ',-
Mrs. Rena B. Morrow of Chicago, who
I Said to liavt flnanoorl llo A,f..-
-.. .. 1 , . 'J WV.UIIITt,
stayed at the court house alt day as did
Mrs. Weber, the . "mvntrin . nhii.
Veiled" woman of Kansas City, who, has
threatened to pursue Von Klein until ho
lands in the penitentiary.
Miss Nowcomh allege Von Klein is
her husband by a polygamous' marriage
m aan i-rancjsco several weeks befort
he Is alleged to' have deserted
her diamonds. He is under Indlcthi.ni
a polyamy charge.
nnd Rev. J. W. Klrknatrlck will nmiiit.
Music i will be offered by the choir of the
Christian church.
Baptist church, Twenty-flfth and II
streets, Rev. William R. Hill, pastor.
DIVIne services at ll n. tn - . onrninn hv
the pastor. "The Power Of the World to
Come." Sunday school at 9-a a. m.
classes for- all. Prayer meeting Wcdnes-
Christian church. Twenty-thlrd and 1
streets. Rev. W. J. Hustle, minister.
Services at 16 a. m, Bible school at It.
a. m, communion ana sermon, Tno uiu-
Tlmn Religion." No evening services at
ine onurcn, itign scnooi lawn at 7 P. m.,
Buujcci, w unueu unrisicnaom.
Manic. City Gossip.
T. J. Mlhlor of Craig Was a South
J. J. China of Courtland was In South
u. Kjiiv or Haiicy Wyo., wasi the
Suvai ui iricnus in oouili unioia xhurs
JC is. Hmincer left Tnr hl hnm .
Weston yesterday after a short business
trll to South nmnliR. 4
pad Weaver, secretary of tho Knights
of Ak-Sar-Ben. with tlio leading team
oi mo nusiung committee, xi. o. Ben
roni. nan wniiney ana tiert Aimer, were
In South Omaha yesterday gathering
members. They secured about twnntv
names to add to tho roster of tho knights.
Cornelius O'Brien, who for twenty years
owned a saloon at the corner of Twenty
ninth aiid Q streets, died of heart fail
ure yesterday morning at, St. Bernard's
hospital, Council Bluffs. The funeral
services will not be held until the arrival
of Mr. O'Brien's brothers from Philadel
The body of C. D. Parle hurst, who wan
found supposedly murdered. In the river
near Mandan. N. IX. Will be returned tn
South Omaha Tuesday or Wednesday for
nunai. J. no iunerai arrangements nave
not been mane otner man the services
will Drobablv bo held at the home of Mrs.
Phoebe Herald, m North Twonty-flrst
Doctors Boyish Face
Reveals Shin Renewer
Culls From the Wire
Four men were instantly killed nnd two
others Injured at Ernest Pa., late yes
terday when the sides of a mine drain
ing shaft In which they were, working
I heard the. other day the story of the Chile announced yeaterdty Its wIlllifRV
Ptll'SlClan RlUl SO admll-HbU n uL-i,. .1,.,, ' no In ooniittr tlm lti,tl nt arLl
xi zSm,v'x. ''"''" aanea uie secret r uryaim peaco pian. becoming the.
He told onb, who generously told others, twenty-soeoud nation to endorse the pro-
property Of ordinary mercolUed wax. he 1 n.
concluded this substance would make an LTnomM ,tt5 Sutherlana. who sold
excel ent complexion renewer and pre- Mf WJU .7.reo W. a hH,f" at;pn
, crvr. Knoiiimr th w.v J?T.i7 .TI Vkss Pres'dent Marshall's knun v.sir.tav
harm the skin, he began ruing it after 1 5,nd helped to preside over the senate,
having. He soon observed that the old, fomnuo Is the son of Rev. Alex. Buth-.
withered, colorless cuticle was being frJand of Berkeley Spflngs, W. Vo.. and
gradually absorbed ami replaced bylu viuu fresiaeni s nainessno.
yvunEir. neaiimer sain, inim wan thai m. .. . . . .
wii me iMjyisn inwe. . New Ynrlc vaitinlnv
Tns ccret ceoame publlo property. Now ths nimes until their clothlnSt took fire
women everywhere iniwoliei 'i.L" i"nr oioiiiing vOK lire.
vtvithi ubd xnercoiiEAa uur .nv. . . .. i .... .
applying nights Ilk. cold crewiTwash: tVem-dbwn elghw.f.ve feet VifZnH
fag U off morn ngs conUnulnir intil the )ilVT ?.'L'lhl?:rveiSeAexA!ns,on J.d-
ooinpHxlpn is ontlrely renovated. .M irj" "D WBr iy
uuivm of this -wax, procurable at any
flruggiat'M. will banish the worst com- Protoats made by eltlxens of Btniwa.,
plexton. ter. Minn , and labor organisations "In
Another valuable rejuvrnator used by tho state, against the use of ronvlet labor
this doctor was a wrlnWl.rnnvnr nnd on the construetltin trnrk nt ti- ..T.
prevcntlva in sie. form pf a faae bath, pHaon were hwded yesterday by the I measure Will
maoVby iHeealvllg an ounce of saxollta Minnesota State Board of Control, which I i,
in a nair pint witch hazel This also has awarded a contrac t ttf a Stillwater con-1 . w.. a1J.2Z, ,
bsforoe famoui AureUa in Fashlola trnotor to complete the but dlnxs at a thn endorsement of the ar department
w Ailvertlsepapnt , JOw,t of lfii, " 1 I and the state military authorities.
Fire Risk War in 4
Missouri at End
ST. I) HIS, July 19. Folowlng an inter
tnittent conferenco of twd days' duration
with local Insurance Heads, Charles E,
Rovelle, state superintendent of Insur
ance, announced tonight that the fire risk
war tn Missouri had ended. Neither he
nor the men with whom he had conferred,
however, would divulge any of - the de
tails of the compromise. Revello left for
Jefferson City Immediately after tho con
fercnee. Just how tho tangle caused by
the passage of the Orr law was undone
will remain a mystery until his confer
ence with Governor Major, Both the
state and the Insurunco men have made
concessions, the superintendent said.
fFrom n Staff Correspondent.)
WASHINGTON. July W.-tBpeoIal Tele
gram.) Representative Barton, still In
pursuit of the steel trust. Introduced
resolution today calling upon tho com
mlsstoner of corporations to furnish the
house with complete Information as to
what It costs the factories to make armor
plate. The purpose of his resolution, Mr.
Barton Bald. Was -to- assist in getting aa
curate data for Use In his proposed plan
of having the government own Its armor
plate factories and cut the steel trust out
of alleged enormous proms
Representative Sloan of tho Fourth dls
trlct and Stephens of the. Third district
have returned'to the capital after a vaca
tion of several weeks. Mr. Stephens was
accompanied by his wife and daughter.
All the members of the Nebraska delega
tion an now on duty with the exception
ot Senator Hitchcock, whq Is In Atlantlo
WASHINGTON, July l.-Complet
agreenftnt was Teachwl today between the
War department and the executive cotn
inlttee Of tho National Guard association
on. the general outline of a bill designed
to, nniHe the organized ml lit la available
for immeuiate ptrvitu m ui iwi ui
world a a part of a regular army. The
bo perfected in le neat
Introduced in congress with
Falls Backward from Bailing Just
Above Prospect Foinf.
Four Men Form Chain from Iron
1'rncr Into Current nnd Ktfret
llescne Jonif' Take a
Desperate Chance-.
Truman Chapman, years old, o Hamil
ton, Ont-, was rescued from inc brink ot
the American falls tonight, by four men,
one of whom took a despera'tb chance to
reach him. Chapman was sitting on the
Iron railing just iibovo Prosp'pct point
and was seen suddenly to. topplo back
wards Into the stream.
Al this polnt-the current Is swift and
the pull toward the brink of the falls,
fifteen feet away, almost Irresistible.
After striking tho water Chapman's body
lodged against tWoproJeotlons of rod:
and this undouote'dly' saVed him from
almost lntant death. J t
When tho cry wetatfcWthat a.'hian Was
In the Water John' Hugiies nnd Thomas
8. Winders of Niagara FallB, Thomas D.
Thomas of Toronto, nnd a fourth man
wlio did not give his 'name, leaped over
the- railing.
.The unidentified man waded several
feet but could not reach Chapman.
HughcR, Winders and Thomns then
formed a chain front 'the lron fence and
clinging to the unWtipwn's hand enabled
him to reach Chapman.
Twice the man at the end of the chain
was swept from his feet, but he clung
to his burden and the united efforts
of the men nearest,' who had better foot
ing, finally swung tho two of them out
of the grasp of the current.
Chapman was unconscious for an hour
after being taken ashore. Relatives said
he was subject to (Its and undoubtedly
w'ns' stricken while slttlng on the " rail
ing. '
Rumor Starts Run
On New Haven Bank
NHW HAVEN. Conn.. Julv 10 a
on the New Haven Savlhgs bank, con
sldtred one of the strongest Institution
In the city, weeurred today. Depositors
were paid as fast as they presented their
The Officials Of the bank nlMhi.i.
run to a rumor, from ah unknown source,
K.uk mo Dana was in nnanclol dlfflcul.
tics. The bank, they s41d, was able to
pay every one. of its .itnn.un. i .....
It waa announced that the bank would
oven ior ousiness as usual tomorrow.
CHICAGO. July 19,-"Coolc county (Chi.
tago) Is bankrupt. If it wore' a "privato
corporation It would, bo In a r&wJvor'M
I . .. T- -
In making this statement today Presi
dent McCormlck of the county board ex
plained that the cotlnty Is W.SIT.OOO in
debt, with no assets In Mght to cover the
deficit. This condition Is due to making
Appropriations based on estimates of
what tho tax levy will be, and for sav.
eral years these estimates havo been
greater than tho money actually collected.
Movements of, Ocean Steamers.
Port. ArrlTtd. Etlid.'
SKATTLK........ Ar Mini...
8. FRANCISCO.. Kennibw. ......
VICTOllIA .Aw Mra......
OInnAt,TAU ..Cctl.
Biril.Y. , Hlcltlta.
uvKitrooii , cane,
BQUTHAMrroN,,. andinit.
m I ,1V,,......F.....
QUCOKt; romertntin. .
MAHBtUiLJiB.,. nqmt
N-AHl.EU......... It d'ltall.
IJVBHPOOl. .Merlon,
IIAV-nM. , ...L Pninnca,
iiunonAN....,.., ,..
na i'i.k 5. ........ imtncm
110TTKBD Kit. . . CmpriU. . . .
PUNT A AIlHUICrT. of Cutll
W TOUK. ...jwrutic.
W TOUK Urtnlusi.
Now yoiuc... h.ius out,
Bryan Talks Pfeely
.About" Lecture Plan
WASHINGTON, . Jul 1B.-Secretary
Bryan talked freely with the newspaper
men today about his much discussed al1(j
criticised plan to spend .lils vacation on
the locturo platform. lie eald he prob
ably would make a little over $2G6 on each
lecture and added: "When J, return I'll
tell you Just hoW much'i have made"
Mr. Bryan will deliver lils first lecture
beforo tho Winona (Ind) Chautauqua
assembly Sunday afternoon. Ho will
make as many additional lectures as time
wll permit before his return for his con
ference with Ambassador Henry Lane
Wilson, how cn route to Washington from ,
Mexico City to make tho report to Brest- ,
dent Wilson and Secretary Bryan, which '
probably will determine tho future atti
tude of tho United Stutea toward the
revolution-torn republic lu, the south.
ggage Sale
Missing Fat Girl
Back at Her Home
GAIiBSBUnO, 111.', July 1?. Mnrlo Hart
Oalesburg's largest school girl, whose
weight 1b said to. be pounds, returned
to her .grandmother's homo hjjre today.
She disappeared Wednesday itlght- and
fears were entertained thUt sho had beoh
Induced? toSeavo- Itdinc or had -been. kld
naped as a side -chow attraction. Mar(e
said that she hod been enticed away by
a woman who said she would tako her'
to Dcs Molnos.'lB. Mario changed her
mind, however, at -Fort MadUon, la.,
where she got off the train and refused
to go further:
Health Suggestions
Good Tips for Warm Weather.
Tb4 Flusl.
St. rui.
Don't worn.
Bat sparingly of well cooked food.
After forty eat Uttlo meat.
Live In the open air as much as possible.
Sleep with plenty ot fresh air In tho
Take a tablespoonful of Duffy's Pure
Malt Whiskey tn a half glass of. milk or
water before each meal and on retiring;
If you follow1 these' rules you will not
only enjoy good health, but you will bo
happy, the world will look brighter and
you will live much longer.
On Every Car
Pits every putomobile finger
tip control -Increases engine power
20. Lydon Speedier the powerful
gas-saving speed, spray. For economy.
i"or speed,, for cooling. Acts us an air
brake I'rlmea engine. Attach In a few
TOinUtes without touching your carbu
reter. Removes carbon. Absolutely
guaranteed on 30" days' free trial. Your
money back if it does not pay for Itself
in a month. See Speedier at any dealer
today. ..,
SA oaves auvo or more kojjuimic.
m jBk . mr'Qk Pay for Itself In gas saving.
Slmaf3CsM CSSl3k The SPEBDI,UR spray is the
JB Jg tklm V only sclentlflo manner of gov-
erning the mixture. 'Jfe the
Speedier spray that" dpea it Control at your finger-tip always. A finger
tip tough and you have an instant increase of spued and saving of gas. The
powerful Liydon ppeedler cross aprays and remixes the mixture to the hU"
est degree of combustion.
Increases Engine Power
0t nor (. Incrctf rour vrtnnt tnilnt
tnlpeor In pvr tad pd tT ktUtblsg .
Iiort B4Ur- Mas our sdn run tstootbr
tut cooitr. J'r ior- iuit my nasta, 1T
ir.it rckTMii si our espfDM.
Ctos?-Cut Spray
in lt on t!i gseir rroM-euttlBg iprtr At
test da ubtHut, It Is not mrtlcitut to rorlr
4d ilf to th eiiaturo. Ttut'a like Uttag
tp estlM without' stUrUs. Th gunllat muct bs
thtou(bly sugUtod ss rmtid with th tlot
prtlt)t( ot lr. It' U rrr tbt 004. It. In
1 a tti poTrfjl SpM4lr nsulB( crest-cut
x a ww.aj. aiaa MUl n 4 ftUQ,t,lr INTAKE
sutrtswM. s?M 't v o? Plrt.
moatr ktck it Bot sutlrtlr Mtltnod. Dotltrf
terrwbtr sr uthorli4 to rt 4rs treo
trll. .'Alt supoli bsuio bar 8pM4Urs U (toclc.
An to'sM Etlr at ur tupplr boas toJjr.
Price Only 5 j
Iff fVpiM
iMrtB TM4t sTUQ
ami omf wiH() hca n vu mrm w w w
UsbU. Ail untn slto dsys fr irui am - xmnwr mr&rt nr
our protootlTo gutnptM vlth Ttrr Bptlr. IiYiJON .MX Vt, CO,'
m yocr dttUr lauudlttplr. An 7 supplr bm . ' .
Kill ibow you BiMdir d er te Ur' tn Departiticnt 410. Cltlcaso.'
to m a 6pitrjS.rit u tmieuteir P 8, Save this ad to remind you.
ro a'gttouos rxss
OsUXA sUUU OOKVANT, 1S03 Saraey Street.
iniiTJlslsf AUTO bi HU7VZ.T OObCPAXY, 1930 z-araam Strset.
Axrarea stoju atjto nvsemc aourAnr. aoao jrarnaia street.
rovnOA WlfM OOacPAVT. alia srarnan Street.
atomir Aoxo iom oowamt, aia7 xm street.
rox motokcycLxs
SnttKABKlL VfOZM COUPANY , leth and Xarosr.
Our Entire Stock of High Grade
Sale Starts Monday, July 21st
JtiBt -what you're looking for, this timely sal6 of traveling
good. Wpro frahk to confess the reason too muny high priced
rrunka.HttgB and Suit Cases In our tock, and a short, quick, dccl
'filve'rlddanco is our gote object In miking theso radical reductions
In thtr height of- tho travel season. Attend this great sale Monday,
i . ....
$25 Hartnuh Wardrobe $
Trunks, S-ply veneer, now.
$20 Hartman Slalless
Trunk, 36 inch, reduced to
$22.30Walcis, Leather $1&75
Lined Suit Cases, reduced to .
$16,50 HeaYy. Sole $07S
leather-lined cases, reduced A W
$6.50 Solid Cowhide. Cast, $4.75
LK3atllcr lined, reduced to.,..
$10 HcaTy Cowhide Case at $7.75
$1.30 Keratol CoTcttd Case, $1.00
$16.50 StcAmer Trunks $1! 75
Steel Bottom, reduced to., J"1
$10 Steamer Trunks S75
canvas covered, reduced tj B
Women's $20 Morocco S. 25
Caga, molro lined, reduced. JL V
S20 Genuine Sealskin S-1 75
Bags, now. reduced to JsiV
$6.50 Real Walrus Ba's, $J75
Leathor lined, reduced to
$12.50 Gnaranfd Piiskln Ba $9.75
$7.50 Cowhide B,leath.lioed$5. 75
WrU IAinwviKMj
m i mmmmmmsmmmsmmmm
Drs. Mach 8c Mach
The largest and best equipped dental
office in Omaha, experts In charge of
all work, moderate prices. Porcelain
fillings just llko tho tooth. All instru
ments sterilized after using.
3d Floor Poxton Bloclc, Omaha, Web.
in Flavor and Aroma
The finest Imported hops that money
can buy give LUXUS1TS delightful
flavor and pleasant aroma.
, Brcwod and bottled by
- ' Fred Krug Drawing Co. - k "S '
Consumers' Distributors
109-11 No. 16th St Douglas 1889
Furnished rooms
Comfortable, homo-lik;e furpihad rooms
(jnii be found iu Hio Bee classified pages,
"i'ho best apartments and rooms in Oinalia
are advertised -in The Beo. 1
If ypiihave a room to4 rent
tell tho JargQ croyd of Beo reader?. Yqu!! '
get a$e8irable tenant get him qniokly.
Phroneyouf ad in well collect
" TylerK

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