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W. S. Baker, Well Known Here,
Tells About It
El rot Mnror, Councllmrn anil
Auditor for l-'onr-Year Terms,
Orerlnpplnir lr Tito
W a linker, for inanr years well
known hero aa editor of the Oretnu Ite
ptrter and postmaster there. Is stopping;
Sleotrle raoa Munrese-aranJen Ce.
Have Boot Print It Now Beacon rress.
riflsmj Storage fc Tan Co. Dou. :61
Tna riattron Omaha's high grade faro-
Oy hotel. 17th it Bt Mary's. Tranlent rma.
Whan yon tax a Taeattoa leers jour
silverware, etc. In Omaha Sale Deposit
Ca's buixiar-proor vaujt. 114 Farnara 8t
Petition for nivoree Mae Jlowe has ,
filed a petition for divorce from Walter
Howe, charging failure to support ana
Mrs. Dlok Oita Divorce Mollle Dlok
Frank Fowler Says that All Indica
tions Are Good.
Drr AVralhrr Ilnrlnjt the T.ellnfir
Period Slight Tend to Shorten
the Crop In State to
Some Kxtent.
That general!)' the hot weather of the
' taut ten days did not seriously Injure the
the opinion of
r tlie
d not
Nebraska corn crip la
oxer to vMt hi. father and .later and w a divorce from John Oleic Kw,k Fowler of tho Schneider,
incidentally greet old friend., while re. udge KngU.h 8Te changed that ho if" n company, who ha. just re-
....... .VV. - '
refused to suport her.
I state.
turning from Milwaukee, where, ho baa
the Northwestern IJfe Insurance com- twine; to Minnesota, j. Mcariyoi ,n tomt sect)ons of tne futlx Platte
pr.ny, on whoso general agenta' staff ho the Passenger department of the Union , counlr.( Mr. bowler found that the ex
Is at Portland.
Pacific head, a party of ten of the coin; tfcme nMl had f,red tho corn but tfns
Wo out in Portland have Ju.t ironn Pany olerk for Minnesota. The boys nteM where ,er(ous damB80 had been
urder h homo rulo charter embracing the will tako their vacation of two Weeks talnw, wero mlte(j. North of tne
commission plan of city Bovornment, and, flhlng in tho taken north of 8t. Pain. 1,ltittf) ne foUml ,n8 fcIdg , mMt 03t.
mrhans. what we are dolnc may be of SI Suit Tranaferrad Transcript or ccllent condition and Unlnlured. Bvcry
interest to you in Omaha with similar a suit started in the Dodgb county dls- where the corn, according to Mr. Fow-
nmWm be faro VOU." trict court against the Chicago & North- ( I., i. mflklnr rnnlil irrowth. and. with
Our charter la a home rule charter, western railway ty tne wye, uonnemer reasonably favorable weather condition?;
made by a charter commission, noi uy rowier v-o. ior recovery ui iij-i"""""" will make fully an average crop.
tht legislature, and adopted by our voter iso.OOT over charges on grain enipmenis Mr FowJer reBards the riext ten day.)
lu.t spring, the first election under it nas ncen nieu in tno leoerai cor.. the mogt crltcai ppr)od through which
being held In June, we have live com-1 xnronte to TeUowstone Park There w corn will have to pass. The plant Is
rr.lSKlonera. or rather four commissioners I to Ik) a heavy movement of Yellows ton? ; now beslnnlnar to tassol and the bios-
and a mayor, and an Independent elected ! park tourists through Omaha Bunday. som's that fertlllio tho ears are Ju.t be-
Auditor. The mayor assigns the otner Tho Burlington and the Union Paclfio I Knnlng to appear. Should hot and dry
commissioners to their several acpari- will each handle two special trains anu Weather be the rule next week, he pre
menu. They have four-year terms, over- in addition the Burlington win nanaio dlcU tnttt much damage will result. With
latinltic- for two years. The mayor's sal- Frank Post and party of LeMars, la.,
ary Is 15,000 and tho commlsiloners 5,000 twelve people. The last named party
each. They havo complete control ot all goes by way of Cody and will do the park
branches of the city government, police, In automobile., taking twelve day. for
fire, water works and everything; The. tho trip.
state official, have nothing to say at an
nnd a recent attempt ot the governor to
mix In on a matter of sanitation was re
buffed. Elections rronpartlsan.
"Our election, are entirely non-partisan,
ao any ono may mn f6r office by merely
supporting hla application with a peti
tion containing the requisite number ot
alsnatures. We havo eliminated the
Silver Thieves Are
Rather High-Toned
in Their Selection
"Whether Omaha Is favored by ah ln
voalon of an "u Da tare" gang of burclora
primary, however, and havo Just ono u not j,nown for ft certainty, as yet, but
election wtu preferential voting. I thins tt cjU6 discovered by Kmcrgency Officer
rive candidates ran for mayor nnd about jM Uell Friday, when ho went to In-
tslghty for tho four commissioner places, ve.tlgate tho 300 silverware r6bbery at
A citlzena1 commltteo of 100 checked Up jh, home of Charles IL Aahton. 3315
11 the different candidate, nnd endorsed Wootworth avenue, Indicates that tho
& list oi n uoien as comiiBicnv wm uieivea are not only skillful, but atrangern
worthy from whom the voters wero n th city, who possess an especially
tirged to make their choice, and every cultured taste In tho matter of booty,
one elected was In this "endorsed list. it WM whlla Mr. Ashton and his
The new mayor happens to havo been my family wero away from home last night
assoclato In our insurance agency, anu that entrance was forced into the placo.
ono of the commissioners is C. U Mc- Much pawnable. aa well oa nori&hin ntnM
Kenna, once a merchant at Gretna, All was passed up by tho burglars, but only
tho succeasrui canaituuoa ore new men silverware of artistic design was taken. Eighteen more Nebraska. newspapers
not previously connected with tho city The value of the loot will ezeemi tsoo ti t,nv tnined the ranka of boosters. The
government, and, I believe, are all high- u bellevod. Uell told newsDaner reoortera 1 number la now above the 180 mark, arii
class men. that tho clue which leads him to believe i there are yt nearly 900 newspapers to be
k t TTTI I A--, a t . . ' I .......
"wno runs mo cny jrnoius ,,jr, mt ino iiurgiara are new conum u h i i,nr,i from. Kverv mall is bringing in
the city does, of course, our city eieo- fact that several strange men who wtra names of additional papers to tho burewv
a rain or two during the fertilizing period,
he looks for one of the best corn Crops
the state has ever grown.
While out on hi. trip Mr. Fowler paid
considerable attention to the wheat sit
uation, and returns ponvlnced that, on
the whole, the crip Is tho best that has
ever been harvested, both in yield and
quality. Everywhere expept In the ex
tremo northern Portion of the state, har
vesting small grain has been finished and
threshing is at its height
Tho Omaha Grain exchange is rapidly
feeling the effect of the conclusion of the
harvest. Saturday 160 cars ot wheat were
on the market, the heaviest receipts of
any (Saturday since tho establishment ot
the market.' Most, of It was consigned
to firms of ttje exthango and went into
tho elevators instead of onto the open
market. There was enough sold, however,
to test the market, which was strong,
with an upward tendency on all of the
tlona have always been conducted by the seen loitering xiround the hotun ava
city, and tho same plan Is continued I neighbors about the city bound street
under the new charter, .wnicn manes no cars.
exceptions whatever to the home rulo I
"What do we par for wator7' Well, 1
have a flat rate now where I live a
even-room house and t pay 75 cents a
month, and $1 cjtra lw sprinkling
service during .the summer. I did pay
by meter before I moved Into this house,
at tho rate, as I recall It, ot 10 cents per
j .000 gallons. My total -water till was a
little less thah now-.''
Mr.' Ashton Is salt maniurer nf . (tin
United States Supply company.
Applications Are
Limited as to Time
According to notice receive ,v,. of
fice of the district cleric from the natural
isation aervloe at Washington, those -who
uociarea tneir intention to become dtl
sens nearly seven years ago will very
soon havo to take out the final papers
Work of Enlarging
Reservoirs is Now
Almost Completed
next week and the capacity wilt be In- J"'1 X d'.Con to bemo
creaaed 7.000.0CO gallon., according to 8u- "" "0 '
perlntendent n. B. Howell ot the metro- g S aLhe Uw nt' In
d.- v., tt are now due to tW out the f.nf
repaired, will also be complete next "fS.
weuk. The cost ot the work at the Flor
enco station will reach JIAOOO.
not they will be required to declare their
Intention again. All who have had their
JaalahAilj.. . . ....
A record n water pumped -thla summer " "P""" nr'. r ""y "at length
uMl.nd WeSneay and Thurs- ot .Umo or.. ure1 department to
moKo peutior, for their naturalisation
paper at once
was established Wednesday and Thurs
day when the consumption reached Sy
fOO.000 gallon a day,
Itowelt feellevee the praaent capacity ot
the plant will suffice for years, unless
unforeseen circumstances must be met.
About 8,090 .services remain to be mo
tered and theso are belnf put on meter
at the average Tate of twenty a day,
James A. Holtzman. plonetr painting
contractor at Florence, died Friday after
a brief Illness. He was (1 years ot ago
and came to Nebraska twenty-seven
years ago. Surviving him besides tho
Widow are six chuldren. ltos O., Wilbur,
Mia Lura, Mrs. Hayes Ixiwery and
Hn. Vf. B. Parks, all ot Florence; Mrs.
3 Men Du Bree, Vienna. Qi., and Clarence
Holtzman of Kansas City, Ma
The funeral will be from the W. B.
Parks home, 133 Fifth street, Bunduy
afternoon at 3:N o'clock and Interment
will be at Forest I.Awn cemetery.
To Look Young
Is to Feel Well
(From The Home Maker.)
Facial Indications of Illness, age. fa-
iigu or worry, are not easily raaaen,
even with the cleverest use of cosmettcs.
indeed, efforts In this direction often
only emphasize a Pained or lifeteaa ex.
treslon. Aa ther are times when many,
though feeling quite unfit, can hardly
escape certain social obligations, here's
soroeining worm pnowing: a ierreciiy
harmless Jelly-like substance, known to
druggists as parafled plaitold Jelly. pos
semes valuable attributes as a face
renter and .quick rojuvnator. Spread ovor
the entire ace and allowed to harden. It
forms a supporting mank for the tired
uiusclea. A soothing sensation la expe
rienced and If the patient will lie down
h wHll doubtless rail Into sound alum
br. Tho mask "firms up" the facial tis
sue underneath, and all flabbtneas, hol
lows, rings beneath tho eyes, etc., are
noticeably improved at once. The face
tssumes a youthful pink color, a healthy,
animated appearar, and Its owner cetv
luliily would not be considered sickly.
The dried Jelly should be kept on for
K minutes to an hour; it U easily washed
iff with cold water -Advertisement
Indict Newspaper
Men lor Printing
"September Morn"
DENVER, July l4.-The executives of
four of this city'a dally newspapers were
Indicted today on charges of printing a
certain kind of medicine advertisement In
violation ot a Ktate law, Indecent pictures
oc bathing girls and Incidentally repro
ducing the painting "September Morn."
Tho charge were filed by the Cltizona
Protective league.
The grand Jury In Us report makes a
very doclded recommendation In favor ot
a segregated district, declaring!
"Wo believe that Until the tlfne comas
when tho toclal evil con be uprooted, not
by enactment nf laws, but by proper edu
cation ami improved economic conditions.
It were better that women of the under
world be placed In a segregated district
that might be created by law, where they
can always be under the surveillance of
the police."
Deadly Krljsht
possesses sufferers from lunr trouble
till they learn Dr. King's New Discovery
will help them. Price 50c and It. For
sale by Beaton Drug Co. Advertisement.
ot publicity which Is handling the JV
for the special committee of the Nebraska,
Press association.
C. C. Johns of Grand Island, the aecrb
tary of the association, and Ross Haniv
mond, president of the Btato .association
of Commercial Clubs, will work with 73.'
V. Parrlnh, the other member of the
committee on the final preparations for
getting out the Nebraska booster cd--
tiana the third week of September. Thoy.
i,v entlmated that mora than . 200.000
newspapers Will go out ot the state dur-'
lag that week.
The newspaper, that have Joined the
ranks in the last two days are:
Tho Valley Enterpri.e, Arapahoe Public
Allrror, Button tteaiairr, mhiuw
...i uin.l nf T.lnenln. Pohca J6urnal
V "7i.. h 'weantrn Trader of Omaha.
tho Bduth Sioux City Itejrlster. Iwellen
Gazette. Logan County Iloneer, "lair
?)?rneocrat, aturt ay, Night Rev ew oi
Stella Pres., tho Bepubllcan of Broken
v,1.-!"1 iitu. niintvr Nfiwn of Bradcn.
the Ktanton llegUter Stanton, Pierce
County Call ot Pierce and the Journal of
Rebels Defeated by
Loyal Chinese Army
PEKING, Juiy 19. Four thousand
southern rebels from Nanking, province
of Klang-Su, who'hfed crossed the Tag
Tse-Klang to attack the, northern met
defeat today at tho hands ot a.WQ loyal
troop near Buchowfu, In the northwest
ern part ot Klang-Su province, and a
short distance across the northern border
ot Anhwel province,
Dr. Sun Yat Ben, former provisional
president of the republic, finally han
taken sides In the revolt by openly pro
ceedlng to Nanking, where the south
erners apparently are much disheartened
by their defeat.
The funeral of Simon Sorts, one ot tho
ploneera ot Douglaa county, took place
Saturday morning at the Methodist church
In Benson. Mr. Borts, who died at his
late home In Benson Thursday night,
was born In Clay county, Pennsylvania,
In 1S37. lie settled near lrvlngton (a
int. where he resided until four years
ago, when he removed to Benson. Ho
Is survived by his widow and three chil
dren. Ills son Harry Uvea on the old,
iometeaa at irvington, one aaugntpr,
Mra Sadie Merman, Uvea near Benson,
and another daughter, Mrs. Minnie Bliss.
Is a missionary In China.
The Persistent and Judicious Use ot
Newspaper Advertising la the Boad to
Business Succee,
Farmer Girl First to Be Seen
Wearing Transparent Gown
I don't know who aprung "How Hath
the Mighty Fallen" flrt. But' the
old aaw was stronger than horseradish,
or the packing houses, last night on
South Sixteenth street, when a HtUe
hand-made doll stepped out ot a drug
store into a waiting cab.
Biio was some doll, ,tooa Qay hat
covering the bleaehera and little black
Jtt pendants In her tars, and now comes
the place de resistance, aa It were one
pt those 'transparent" gowns that did
the aame thing to Chicago that beer did
for Milwaukee. Did the male persons
stare? Were tbey transfixed! Whoops
tn dealt' :
Then It happened.
Just as the doll was draping herself In
the tonneau, and beginning to really
enjoy tho sensation, a freckled, iun
burned fellow, wcarint' a rubber collar
and a quid ot Battleaxe, Jumped off a
putting milk wagon.
'Hannah!" lie yelled, Before the eyea
o ' the transfixed mero men. the un
cf th one kissed her. "Uee, all. yer
tookin swell lu a' them glad duds," he
gushed. "So yer done vlsitln yer college
chums and yer ready t'corne. back ta th'
dairy, dee, dUJo know old Betsy had) a
cam -
But the mighty had capitulated I
She mumbled something to .the driver
about "turning to the rlgkt,. Just past
town on the West Center roadi and atop
Ping at the third bouse the ono with the
rnallbox In front with . F. D. No." on
It And the auto disappeared.
Omaha's boulevardlera (other papers
please copy) gaaped.
"So that's the transparent gown that
reveals room than it conceals ehl An)
on a farmer girl! Qtc, I thought h
was 3aby Deslys or Kva Tansuaj- or
some of them there fly professionals!
Hub!" ,
The transparent gown seeu op South
Sixteenth street last. night" ia thought to
be tho first one to appear on the, street
ot Omaha, The transparent gown la con-
cttded to bo some odd degrees more scan
dalous than the slash skirt, which la
"more concealing than revealing." The
"transparent" gown Is Just the contrary.
B. IX 8.
Th Drtmt
in thii ad
are a Niw
Shown for tht
Fir$t 77m
5 Our
Cliartns Salt
"Ad on
Pago 10
Ntu Suction
An Announce'
mont of
It Was Lucky for Us and it CerUinly Was Fortunate for Ytu Wkn We Secured These
1,100 Mid-Summer Dresses
At a figure so low that we can sell them at less than the prices they could be sold elsewhere
Ml the Fine Samples and Most of the Surplus Stock of a New York Maker
Tins designer and manufacturer created styles in costumes that has made his ap
porel sought after by the highest class eh ops.
He sold us all his beautiful sample garments us well as
hundreds of the best and most practical from regular stock.
R?al Linefls, Ratiaes. Voiles, Tail
ored Liacas apd Lingerie Frocks
Ecotreme novelties designed for mid
summer resort wear dresses with
coats in contrasting color pretty
Tint Jtt Wittn rti7'D onw a nii4t li-:!i!s
avvii r uurr iv,w ositv wnv
. ifrw uin) opuaittui vara not oifJUO K:
...'it 1 .-Of. . H!i
wim new easn ejftois. xyytry one a
new oreation.
Sttmiiig Dretiet Made to
Sellvp U $20, at
White, ehw
at' all tht dainty shade o 'ttjM
tfjffctive for evtnlAg tcear. Hl
You will bt, charmed tcilh
Women'? Mi'4-Summer Frocks,
wnrth to Sli and Sl?.50Sn
We have never qoen the time when drosses
bo pretty, ao practical and ao
prettily designed have ever
sold tqr a price so low
All tho women's, misses sizes
it charmed
th JtM range of ttyUt,
wtrth up to $7.50, at O
Oil S
us i iiiiiibbV wv'i yr-t'Mmtrmi vw 'i ma
Many of then froekt are ex
pnsily detignqd for drcte occa
sions and have tht low neck
and short teevta ideas, inch a$
are shown tn much more expen
sive costume.
Paid Advertisement by the Omaha Gas Company, !
-Operation in City Building
Among tho most important obligations resting
upon service companies is participation in the col
lective labor and enterprise which makes and ad
vances a community.
' Proper performance of the functions of the Gas
Company are of genuine conoern tb every citizen,
since both ho and the City are affected.
Tho sorvico company that keeps pace with the
growth 6f a city, and somewhat in advanco of it, is
of the greatest benefit to municipal development.
!he company, on the other hand, which is financially
or" otherwise incapable of doing i& work properly, is
a detriment and community liability.
So far as the individual iB concerned, utility ser
vice contributes to his comfort, economy, conven
ience, value of property, choice of residence location,
the health of himself and his family and the safety
of his property.
VICE. The citizen who expects to vote on the proposed
gas "franchise should satisfy himself that tho Gas
Company has fulfilled theso obligations reasonably
well in the past.
Omaha has an area of more than 24 squaro
miles. In excess of one-half of its latwi consists of
vacant lots, parks, etc There are, at present, 250
miles of gas maJnB.
Tho number of customers per mile of gas main
in Omaha is 18 per oent LESS than the averago for
gas companies with smaller gas output throughout
the United States. This fact adds to the cost of dis
tribution, ,
The increase in tho milage of mains during tho ,
last ten years has been at almost identically the same
ratio as the increase in population.
During the ton years beginning with 1903 and
ending with 1912, the Company laid 80.59 miles of ,
additional mains in Omaha and installed 13,774 ser
vices from street mains to buildings.
Within tho last ten years the Company con
structed a modern 1,200,000 cubic foot gas holder,
greatly increased its manufacturing capacity and
made extensive additions to the purifying nnd other
apparatus. Pour distribution centers, or pressure
regulating stations, were established at differont
points in the city. Many minor additions and im
provements were made.
SPONSIBILITIES. Mains have been extended
whCreever there was a reasonable demand for gas,
and the Company has ctively pushed the sale of ita
The gas business is not spectacular. The publio
is best servod by quiet, unostentatious work, carried
ota without interruption, carefully and efficiently,
with tho,interests of patrons always in mind.
The Company employs an average force of 400
persons. They are paid good wages, and many havo
been in the service for years.
Everything which the Gas Company uses which
can be purchased locally is bought in Omaha, A
Everybody reads The Bee.
Advertisers can cover Omaha with one paper

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