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Rlect-J' rani nurgesGranden Co.
nT Soot Print It Now Ueauon Press.
ridUT Storage c Van Co.--Uoub. :61l
'Xho ruuron Omiha's high grade faro
Uy hotel Hth & St. Mary Trantont rms.
When yon tax a vacation leave your
silverware, etc., in Omaha Sate Deposit
Co.'s burg.ar-proor vault. ISIS Farnam St
ffeUUon for Divorce Mao Itowe has
flleu a petition for divorce from Walter
Ilowo,. charging failure to support and
Mrs. Dlok Qeti Divorce Mollle Dick
was granted a divorce from John Dtcls
by Judge English. She charged that ho
refused tc support her.
Going to Minnesota J. J. McCarty of
tho passenger tlepartment sof the Union
1'uclfle heads a party of ten of the com
pany clerkB for Minnesota. The boys
will take their vacation of two weeks
fishing in the lakes north or St. Paul.
Woman Loses Ring Mrs. Edward
Laurieison, employed in tho Young
Women's Christian association cafe, put
diamond engagement ring on a shelf
lust night whllo-vslie was busy In the
kitchen and an hour later tho ring was
Big Salt Transferred Transcript of
u suit started In the Dodge county dis
trict court against the Chicago & North
western railway by the Nye, Schneider &
Fowler Co. for recovery of approximately
JJ3.000 over charges on grain shipments
has been filed in the federal cort
nesort Again Balded Uertle Love's
resort at 6v .aul Thirteenth street was
raided by tho police last night for the
eighth tlmo in the last six months. The
keeper and half a dozen girls were taken,
but the male patrons of the place were
allowed their freedom. Miss Love Is le
clared to have boasted that her place
could not be closed permanently. The
police say It is their Intention to make
the woman leave the city.
Contrltintlonn to Fnmlly Lnrder
Thnnkfullr Received nnil
Donor Chnard Avrny.
This narrative has tho odor of Pata
gonia, or Madagasacar, or tho FIJI isl
ands, but the .events which It sets forth
didn't happen there It was in South
Thomas Dolch is a working man, rp
sldlng at 8434 Superior avenue. He has
a daughter whoso name Is Mary. Mary
la 20 years old, strong, buxom and this
Is Important a willing worker.
Vincent Miller Is another worklngman.
He ls"a little' older than Mary and liven,
at 40 East Ohio street. James Ahearn
Is about' Miller's age and build and lives
at S30O Ontario street. James and Vin
cent are suitors for tho hand of Mary.
Miller says that recently he got Dolch's
consent to marry the girl. On the strength
of this he sent to Dolch's house a halt
dozen cases of bottled beer, some wine
and n collection of square bottles hold
ling ardent spirits. Afterward he called.
"You'll be put to some expense by tho
wedding," said illllcr, "Hero Is 130.00
Meanwhile Ahearn discovered what the
rival had done. He immediately bestirred
himself and sent a dozen cases of beer
and twlco as much wine and whisky .is
Miller had dispatched to Dolch's house.
A little later Ahearn appeared at tht
Dolch manor.
"You'll be at some expense for the wed
ding," said Ahearn to Dolch. "Here Is
w. ana, Dy tne way, let s not navo
."Uhls fellow. .Miller :honglnc. around; .hoq-ft.
You know I'm going to be the bride
groom." .
After Ahearn had gone Dolch, Judging
"from subsequent events, rrfade some In
' vestlgatlon of the bottled roods. At anv
rate, when Miller and Ahearn appeared
few hours later the fond parent was
Jn a highly belligerent mood and "mixed"
With both tho prospective bridegrooms,
The pollco came and lugged Dolch off
.to jail.
The case was heard later by Judge
J. J. Sullivan.
"This case Is too deep for me," as
serted the court. "I'll continue It until
spme future date. Meanwhile the prts
oner can go on his own recognizance."
i Dolch went home and did more Investi
gating among the cases Ahearn and Mil
ler hnd sent him. When tho two young
men appeared he announced that the
matter of tho marriage of Mnry had been
"She'll not marry either one of yez,
he said. "She'll not marry you because
I'm not going to let her. Be off and
never darken my door again."
The two fiances went. away. Later
they talked with a lawyer about getting
their money back. He said he could do
nothing for them. Meanwhile the beer,
the whisky and the wine havo disap
peared Into Mr. Dolch's Interior. v
As for the buxom Mnry, she remains
'"Why should Imlx up In their row?"
she demanded of a reporter. "1 never
was consulted by any of them. You'd
think from the way those two acted that
It, was the old man and not me they wore
after to marry." Chicago Tribune.
Schools and Gol
i 6 f 63
Effect of College Trainin" on a Busi
ness Career.
Tornndo-Damnftrd Convent of the
Sncred llenrt Soon limit r for
Pnptln Kilncntlonnl
In a recent address at tho University
of Illinois, Howard Eltlng, president of
the Chicago Association of Commerce,
"struck a trial balance" on the question
whether n college education Is a help or
a hindrance In a business career. lie
gave the following list of "negative" traits
of character possessed by the college-
bred employe:
Impatience to succeed?
Lacking In persistence. -
Tendency to snobbishness.
Lacking in Industry.
Lacking In thrift.
Lacking in technical training (has
more than old college type).
Lacking in appreciation of time.
Easily discouraged.
Set off against this list are these "posi
tive" traits.
Knows where nnd how to look for In
Has more concentration.
Reasons from one step to another.
Is more adaptable.
Is more conscientious.
' Has keener appreciation of the duties
of life and its responsibilities.
Able to Bolve more difficult problems.
Has higher ethtcal and moral stand-
Has larger view .of-llr.
President Kltlng's trial balance Is: "The
new college boy Is adaptable tn the place
he seeks, and his problem of adjustment
la on tho way to solution."
Midsummer Lectures, Entertrttn-
mrntn nnil Vlnltorn.
The Everett society presented a play,
"Tho Rose o' Plymouth Town," on Sat
urday night In the chapel.
At last Monday's chapel sessions Henry
Abrams, a student with a fine baritone'
voice, sang two selections. '
The fourth number of the lecture course
was given by the lecture! , Thomas
Drooks Fletcher, Mis subject being.
"Tragedies of the Unpropared."
Presidcntllayes returned from the Na
tional Teachers' convention at Salt Lake
City last Tuesday. He gave a short re
port of his trip In chapel session.
Last Wednesday at chapel session the
students were addressed by Prof. Delzell
on the subject, "The Teaching Profession
and Its Needs."
The Chicago Artists' nunrtet finished
the lecture course with' presentation of
scenes adapted from "Faust." Tho com
pany gave a few quartet numbers behind
the Bcenes.
Miss Jessie Pyrtle, superintendent of
Cas county, visited the normal for three
days last week. Superintendent Rurnham
of .Stanton .county In also on this week's'
visiting list.
The Stoddard brothers are home from
the tennis tournament at Norfolk last
week, where they had the honor of win
ning through to the finals In both singles
and doubles against sixty opponents.
morning Instructions in needlework and
drawing to the day pupils. As soon as
possible the plHycrounds will be Im
proved and rearranged so as to nffotrl
ample scope for games. Cricket, basket
ball, bean ball and tennis, not to men
tion the traditional game of flags, so
well known to all Sacred Heart children,
past and present, will bo the principal
sources of nmusemcnt. The tuition
henceforth will bo that of the convents
of this order In the largo cities of this
country and Europe, for It Is a recog
nized fact that the' Society of the Sacred
Heart gives n training calculated to form
noble, Christian women, capable of In
fluencing society nnd family life against
the present day fads and fashions m
degrading to womauhood. Tho pupils
of Omaha have shown their appreciation
for the work of tho religious by their
earnest desire and efforts to keep them
Ir their midst. It Is to bo hoped, there
fore, that many will avail themselves ot
the opportunities offered them of tht
education of their daughters by the ro
openlng of Park place."
Saint Teresa Normal School
Full two ) ear cour In rtfular normal
work. Normal diplomasrantcd.
Saint AgnesGrammarSchool
Norm) Model and achnal lor little llrlt.
Special Normal Diplomat In
Mutle. Art, llouiehold Uconomlct tod
Gymnnlum Work.
Conlert dejreet la Am. Philosophy, Science end Mutle. Full lour year conrie.
ritno. Violin. Voice. Orin '
Saint Clare Seminary
I'ull lour year Mfh tchool course.
Clinleil, Modern l.intuto and Secretarial
Departments of Art
Dromatio Expression
Household Economics
Brownell Hall One
With Great Outlook
for Coming Semester
Word has been received at Brownell I
Hall that two of the June graduates, Miss !
Clladys Kindred and Miss Iluth Walker, 1
havo been admitted without condition to ,
the freshman class at Vassar.
Miss Marjorlo Swett, who entered, the
Junior class at Drownell Hall last fall,
has passed the English examinations of
the College Kntrnnce Examination board
and expects in the autumn to take the re
maining examinations for Smith and' to
enter the freshman class.
Miss Marjorle Smith, who will be a j
senior at Drownell Hall next year, has .
passed college proltmlnnrlcs In tho fol
lowing subjocts: English, French, Latin .
and chemistry. !
Urowncll Hull Is to open Its Junior
school for little girls who have completed
the four primary years of school life, at
315 North Thirty-eighth avenue. The en- j
tire house has been secured, and tho
physical director, Miss Ulngwalt, has
been Inspecting' tho model equipment at
the elementary school of the University
of Chicago with tho view of Installing
the most approved seating arrangements
nnd equipment.
Miss Rathvon will continue as director
with an assistant. MlUe Andre will have
the French and Frauleln Oleuck tho Ger
man. Physical training, domestic art and
rending will be under the direction of the
heads, of theso departments at Drownell
Hall. The school will havo a morning
session, with a supervised study hour for
such as desire it. One afternoon In the
week the gymnasium in the main school
will be open to a class from tho Junior
school. Miss Dell will give piano lessons
and Miss Drugger violin lessons at the
Junior school on Wednesday afternoons
and Saturday mornings.
Is tho echool that appeals to ovory witlo-nwnko American boy. Tho
romantic interest which attaches to tho military lifo stirs his blood
ami quickens his perceptions, tho thoroughness of tho .schoolastlc
work impresses him and trains his mind, tho regularity of tho llfo
and tho splondld physical training glvo him a strong body and vig
orous health.
St John's Is rntod by tho War Department as ono of tho ton
'MSTINGl'ISHKD INSTITUTIONS" and has boon long known as
Full particulars with handsoino Illustrated catalog by mail. Addrem
Hox 110. DKIiAKIKLH, Wnukeslm, County Wis.
SurprlNlnur Cure of SvnmnrTi Trnnble
When you have trouble with your
stomach or chronlq constipation, don't
Imagine that your case Is beyond help
just because your doctor falls to give you
relief. Mrs. a, Stengle, Plalnfleld, N. J.,
writes, "For over a month past I have
lieen troubled with my stomach. Every
thing I ate upset It terribly. One of
Chamberlain's advertising booklets camo
to me. After reading a few of the letters
from people who had been cured by
Chamberlain's Tablets, 1 decided to try
them. I have taken pearly three-fourths
of & package of them and can now eat
almost everything that I want' For sale
by all druggists. Advertisement.
A (Jooil Train tn Chicago.
No. 6 at 5:50 p. m.
Via the
Mllwaukeo & St. Paul
A first-class, train of standard sleepers,
buffet library car, diner, steel coaches
nnd chair car, electric llghteed through
out. Made up at Omaha and starts
promptly at 5:50 p. m., arrives Chicago at
S a. m.
Ticket office,
1317 Farnam St, Omaha.
Unorthodox Doctrine.
One .Mrs. Minnie Slentz of Steubenvllle
t romulgated this unorthodox doctrine In
the divorce court a while ago:
"Some couples may kiss each other
right up until they are 60, In an attempt
'.o fool themselve into thinking that their
kisses have the genuine heart glow of
the ftrat month of marriage, but It is
all bosh. Real klrslng becomes monoton
us during the second year, intermittent
from the fourth to the sixth and stops
entirely before tho eighth year of mar
ked life."
,Can this be true? At the risk of In
Tinging on the province of another de
partment of this paper, we invite the
ftplnlons of our readers on this impor
tant theme. Let your answers or criti
cisms be brief, either In verse or prose.
In tba words of "Wallace Irwin;
'Enough of kissing cah there be
nought" Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Tornnilo-DnmnKOd School Nrnrly
Rendy for KI I Classes.
The Sisters of the Sacred Heart, wrrbse
convent school at Park placo was par
tially wrecked by tho tornado of Easter
Sunday, have restored the building to
Its original condition nnd will be ready
to receive pupils about 'the middle ot
September. Tho cost of restoration has
been large, but the enthusiasm tind gen
erous help of pupils and friends ma
terially lightened tho burden. "Wo
realize," says the mother superior, "that
we have many friends In Omaha, and
that our system of education Is ap
'predated." No chongeH In the course of studies
are contemplated. "The high standard of
tho English course will be maintained,"
says the mother superior. "Excel
lent advantages will be-afforded for the
study of languages, French and Latin
forming a pfirt ot the general course.
Max Landow will continue In charge
ot the musical department. Teachers
from the Isabel Louden School of Ex
pression will, as last year, conduct classes
In physical culture and a new fcaturo
of this year's work will be a series of
lessons In domestic science and Saturday
Commencement nnd Entertainment
of Snninier Classes.
The large trees on the campus proved
of unusual servlco during the recent hot
weather. Each morning several summer
school classes could be seen enjoying
their shade In preference to the regular
class rooms.
LaBt Saturday afternoon at Epworth
purk occurred tho annual picnic of tho
Rummer session. About ninety students
were In attendance, all of whom enjoyed,
the outing, especially the ball games, the
boating and the supper, tho refreshment
committee Having provided an especially
gpod menu.
Prof. C, J. Shirk of Ottowa university,
Kansas, has been elected to head the de
partment of botany to. take the place of
Prof. C. V. Williams, wffo goes to Curtis
as1 principal of the new agrlcultura1
school there. Prof. Shirk holds the de
gree of M. S. from the University of
Chicago, his work being with Dr. Coulter
of that institution.
Miss Ruth A. Swan of Cromwejl, Conn.,
will succeed Mrs. McProud as head of 'the
department of romance languages, Mrs..
McProud going to the State Normal
school at Brookings, S. D. Miss Swan
holds the degree of A. M. from "old"
Wesleyan at Middletown, Conn.
The Interurban has this week begun
service on the Warren avenue line con
necting' with the other cars for the Chau
tauqua at Bethany. The paving on War
ren avenue Is about completed and reg
ular service on the new car line will be
Installed soon.
Tho University Place boy scputs held
their annual track meet last Thursday
There Is a big demand for auto
mobile machinists and for men to
do repair work in garages. Pay is
good. Automobile. Machinists'
Course In 48 wooks wo tench you
all about automobiles nnd make
you a machinist. Chauffeurs'
Course In 12 weeks we teach you
how to drivo ryid repair any car
nnd to tako charge of garago.
ha the largest garago and mnohlho.
shops ii tho country. riUilents W"rk
In shopit trum three to ulir'u hours :i
day. Tu'tlon and living expenses re
markably low, No entrnncj examina
tion. Send for catalogue.
George 1. Mngill President
Don Mnlncs. IoWll.
' m
V s
Boarding and Day School
for Girls and Young Women
315 North 38th Avenue.
Little girls received who havo com
pleted the four primary grades. Con
versational French and German from
nntlve instructors. Handwork nnd
Physical training In addition to usual
elementary subjects. For cataloguo
apply to
UThe School of High Grado
Work nnd Low Kxpcnso
College of Liberal Arts, Acadomy,
UlbIcal, School of Education, Medi
cine, Music, Expression nnd Art.
Well-equipped laboratories and good
library. Tuition low. Board at Col
lege il'.ill at $2.25 a week. Fall
remeater opens September 16. (For
free catalogue write
Isetlinny (Lincoln), Nebraska.
Preparatory School for Girls
Two years of Collego work fit
ting for Junior work of College
or University. Sovoral Vocational
courses. Domostlo Scionco and
Stanley Hall Preparatory School
fits successfully for all loading
college for women. Certificate
Theso two schools own and
operate tho oldest, largest and beat
Conservatory in tho Northwest.
Send for cataloguo.
Boyles Business Training Schools
Accredited to the North Central
Association. Degree of U. A. and
11. S. Broad culture, with elective
vocational courses that fit for lite
ondlorselt-support. Faculty In close
touch with tho olrls. Chosen body of
atudents. HeiillU nnd sfety para
mount. Pure air, pure artesian water,
f Ina campus. .New flre-proof dormi
tory, electric Ilaht.stramheat. Good
Table, teiaiogue. uu .
Courses In Design, Hauflioraft ana
normal Art.
The Handicraft Guild
09 Bo. 10th St. mnnsapolls.
Diplomas Awarded. Catalog Xsiusd.
afternoon on Johnson field, Dean Payne
winning the prize tor Individual points
and the Wolves patrol, under tho lead
ership ot Den Deck, getting the patrol
honors. Scoutmaster J. C. Jensen was
referee and starter. Mr. Deck, who Is
very prominent In local scout worlc, will
have charge of the scout camp at tho
Epworth assembly this year.
The summer school commencement will
be held at the First Methodist Episcopal
church next Friday forenoon at 10 o'clock.
A large number will be granted degrees
and certificates. Ilcv. Robert A. II. Em-,
breo will deliver the address. Hpeclat
music will be furnished by Mr. Beach
and Mr. 'Movliis.
Kducntlonal Notes.
One of Ixra Angeles' high schools Is
to have a new SO,000 building with a
cafeteria In connection.
Jennie Lord of Albany, N. Y received
a prize for perfect attendance at school
during the last term unci also for bring
ing the largest number of flowers to
school. &hp found IT!' different kinds.
Superintendent William II. Maxwell of
Now York CJty, has a record of moro
than a quarter of a century In a profes
sional administrative position in New
York, if his term In Brooklyn be !n-
Ida Noyes hall, to cost PW.OOO, tho
gift ot La Verne Noyes of Chicago to
tho university, tn memory of his wifo,
will bo planned by Mrs. Harry Pratt
Judson, wife of the president of Chicago
university, nnd six other women con
nected with the Institution.
Dr. J. George Adamt, a noted educator
of Montreal, does not think that boya
should at any tlmo of their school ca
reer he under the guldanco of women
teachers. He thinks the fcystem of edu
cation In Scotland, originated by John
Knox. Is thu finest ever devised, and
there nro "In It no schoolmarms," ho
Tho board of trustees of Lebanon uni
versity) of Lebanon. O., on Thursday
night elected Arthur James, M. A., presi
dent of tho university. The prospocts of
tho university, under the new adminis
tration, are very bright and its policy Is
to maintain the famous "normal" prin
ciple, which has distinguished It In the
last sixty yearn. At tho same meeting
Rov. Robert Doyd Marshall was ap
pointed vice president and financial agent
of the school.
Our Sum-Annual Ckann
Begins Monday
It Will Be the Supreme Value Giving Event of the Season
Omaha Bohool.
Council ninffe Bohool.
The Position of Boyles College
! tho InrKost business collsgo In tho United States, wost of Chicago,
tvns not Ramon ay occiaont. n wiva wun i wuiui, nuuuua
In tho west ovor nttnlnod tho record maintained today by Boyles
Collego. An annual enrollment ot over 1,200 students. A curricu
lum surpassingly groator than that ovor attoravtod by evon tho beat
business colleges. A faculty that is truly tho onvy ot ovory busi
ness training institution in tho west.
Tho 101:1 X'enr Hoolc In now ready. It tolls 70U Just preclaolr
why you should profor DoylCH Collego it you nro desirous ot becom
ing a successful Stonogrnpher, Bookkeopor, Prlvato Secretary, Sales
man or Telographer, or if you wish to qualify for United Statea
Government position ns Hallway Mall Clork, Departmental Ciork or
Government Stenographer or Bookkeopor. Send for It today.
Address Boyles Collego, 1807 llnrnoy St., Omaha, Neb.
Mount ;St. Joseph College and Academy
Chartered by tho Legislature of Iowa
CollsglaU Degrees, Academic Department. University Affiliation, taxcetlent
facilities offered for the education of young women. Conservatory of Muslo
and Art Training Department for Teachers of Vocal and Instrumentala
Music, Domestic Science. One mile from Dubuque. Four and on-ohalf hours
ride from Chicago. Direct railroad connections with Omnha. St, Paul and
St Iuls. Extensive grounds Pineries. Finely equipped bulldhgs, frontage
490 feet, prlvnto rooms, normal course, Grammar Department, Business
Course. Private pupils received. For catalogue address Sister Superior.
ttwnprt Tim cnvruni. and direction OF ARCHBISHOP IRELAND
Sltusted In extcaitve and beautiful round on the bank; of the Mrjsiuippl. Pive corn,
modloui bulldlngi, including a Reildence IUU completed ltyeart a cot of 8130.000.
A Cathollo Military College, clawed "A" by the War Department, with an. officer of tho
United 8tatoi Army deUiUdty the Secretary of War. A largo and well-tralned faculty
CoffVtnDlVtmnt. Embraces the branches of a liberal education leading
the Dtareo o( Ilachtlor of Arti and Bachelor of Scelnce. . . I
Aeadtmla Pepartmsnt. Jncludei all the branches ot a jngn ocnooi uoutse.
commercial Danartment. A thorough, practical and comprehenilyo alnlng In the
I lUbiecta neceary to a commercial career. Beit method! in Bookkeeplntf, Phonography,
TYDewrltuig.,ete., tupplemeated by a training In Englhh Literature. Commercial I
Preparatory upaumni r or iao imuuciwn ui yuutw wsnmu wu nuv
mio nun ia enter ina Aciuemic or ixunratrcuu lcihiuucu
FwUluitraudcaUloeue. Addreti VERY ItEV. H. MOYWHAN. DJ. Pr.UJant
Mi H
the Northwestern conservator"?
Courses leading to Artists' lploma ana Teachers' Osrtlf lottos.
The onlr conservatory In the northwest that offsrs special courses ana
The sath Tsar Opens Bspteinher, 1913. m
Voice. Piano, Organ, Violin, Orchestral Instruments, School of Opersv
School of Dramatic Art. Normal Courses for Teachers and Supervisors of
Publlo School Music. Art and Piano. Special Summer Courses for Teaohers.
OLIVE ADIiLE KVKKS, Pres., 804 Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis, SUnn.
Hq n r College and Conservatory
Ml JL J, A ll For Young Women
Tk beat end! airla school to ti Owtnl W. Praratorr aa4 Jualer Cat
lece. Hlihol rnk t UnlTtralU. Cmhu In Art. KlMtitloo, lluilt, Dwrtla
Btlnc aad Baalam. armaa-AmTtoan Conswratory. Ootbub SUntirta.
Uadtrti Eanlpmcnt. CaUlotv. AUtwi
JQgg Vf. tTTTT.TQif , A. grlflant, 8 Oollg Tlnot, Magloo, lato,
Write Us For FREE
College and School
With over BOO schools and colleges of thU country advertising. It
Irf rather extraordinary than otherwise If you aren't a little perplexed
as to the selection ot a suitable echool or other Institution of learning
for your children.
Write to us. The school best adopted to your needs Is the one you
will be put In touch with Immediately, There Is abundant Information
at this office and we wish to extend it, perfectly free, at all times.
The Cducatlopal Department receives absolutely no fees from
any one.
Considering this you can feel assured that our Information is
without bias.
When you wrlto give the' kind of school desired, the sex of the
prospective applicant, and about what tuition you wish to pay.
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