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Council Bluffs
Council Bluffs
Council Bluffs
Council Bluffs
Council Bluffs
Bailway Commission Grants Right
to McKinley Line.
Carpnrntlon Will Xot n Allotreil to
Issue Dividends Until Depreci
ation linn Been Pally Pro
Tided for. .
(Pram a Stuff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Aug. 19.-(Speclal. The
(State Railway commission haa Issued an
order permitting the Nebraska. Hallway
and Light company to Issue bonds to the
amount or $125,000, 'common stock In the
sum of $07,600 and preferred stock In the
same amount.
The company will not be allowe dto de
clare dividends Until a sufficient sum has
been provided to keep' the property In
good condition and provide for deprecia
tion. This Is the company In which Congress
man William Mcltlnley is Interested and
which recently bought the Intcrurban line
running from Omaha to Paplllton.
Deputy Auditor Minor has received a
consignment of potatoes from this farm
In Scott's Bluff county and Is proudly
exhibiting some of them at' the stato
house. They are very large and grew
under Irrigation. According to Mr. Minor,
the potato crop up there will bo good and
the tubers much larger than those on ex
hibition, as they will have about a month
yet to develop.
Bert Porter, the man shot at Row, Okl..
last week, who Is wanted by Flro Com
missioner Rldgcll for complicity In the
burning of a store building at Walthlll,
Is not expected to live, according to a
telegram received by Mr. Rldgell today,
lie wired back to put a guard over the
man an dawalt developments. -
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
WASHINGTON, D. C, Aug. 19. (Spe
clal Telegram.) Senator Norrls and Rep
resentative Sloan are making an effort
to have Captain J. II. Culver of MUford
placed on the retired list of the regular
army, with pay. the same as retired regu
lars of similar rank.
Senator Norrls Introduced a bill today
and the same issue Is to be Introduced
by Mr. Sloan In the house. It authorises
the president to appoint to the regular
army "and place upon the retired list
those persons who served In the volunteer
armies In the civil war. the war with
Spain and the Philippine Insurrection at
the highest rank held by them during
that service, and who have not been ani
could not be appointed to such rank" un
der the present law.
Mr. Sloan said today that the bill If
passed would not only put Captain Cul
ver ori the retired list, but also eighteen
or twenty others In Nebraska, .
(From a Staff Correspondent)..
LINCOLN. Aug. IS. (BpeclaW-rCllfford
I Hayes sent tip from; Omaha, toe at
tempting to kill a girl with. Whom he waa
Infatuated, will not be allowed his free
dom, the State Pardon board refusing to
recommend clemency to the governor.
Hayes was a married man but became
infatuated with the girl, who refused hla
attentions as soon as she discovered he
was married. He followed her to a dance
halt In the city one night and fired four
shots from a revolver at her and her
ulster. None of the shots took effect.
Hayes was arrested and given a sen
tence of frotn 'one to three years. Mem
ber Maggl of the board recommended
that Hayes be given a parole after he
had lerved three years of his sentence.
FREMONT, Neb., Aug. 19.-(Speeial.)
The police last night arested a man who
gave, his name as Evans and his residence
as Cedar Rapids, la., while attempting
to ?open the safe of the Nye-Sehnelder-Fowier
company. Ho was - rlscovered by
a clerk who had gone down to do some
extra work. The man was a dope fiend
and claimed to have a partner who had
directed him what to do. Ho was at
tempting to work -the comblntlon when
discovered. The other man could not be
York Comity Tw llenvy.
YORK, Neb., Aug 19. (Special.) A
county levy of D.7 mills was fixed by the
York County Board of Equalization. This
Is .1 of a mill less than laot year. The
toUl assessed valuation of the county
Is $9,0"7,35G. The levy for bridge fund Is
2.5 and tho general 3.2.
iMayr's Wonderful Stomach Remedy
vjs Recommended and Praised By
' Thousands Who Have
Been Restored.
"I was a sick man for
about three months
caused from Gall
Stones of the Liver
and was told by
three of our most
prominent physicians
that I would have to
submit to an opera
tion to get relief, h.ut
heard of your Won
derful Stomach Rem
edy and secured a
full treatment and
took it according to
directions and passed hundreds of Gall
stones, binre taxing your medicine i
work regularly and don't feel uny 111 ef
fects. 1 am praising your Remedy to all
my friends. I think It worthy of the
highest praise. B. L. XX) OLE Y, Boa
noke, Va,"
Sufferers of Stomach, Liver and In
testine Ailments are not asked- to take
Msyr'i Wonderful Stomaoh Remedy for
weeks and months before they feel uene
11 led. Juat try one dose which should,
make you feel better In health, convince
you that you will soon be well and strong,
free from pain and suffering and give
ou a sound and healthy Stomach, as it
las done In thousand of other cases.
A. ' -ever It Is taken you will hear noth
I but the highest praise. Oo to your
i. i si t ask him about the great re-
Us It nn been accomplishing In uasea
it utople he knows or send to Geo. II.
J yr. Mfg. i hemlst, 164.J5S Whiting St..
Chicago, 111., for a free book on Stomach
Ailment and many grateful letters from
people who have been restored.
For wale hi Omaha bv Sherman ft Mr
ffinnoll. Druggists, lfith and Podge Wta..
ltitli anl H. rney Sti. 2iV and Fnrnani
318. ul Hotel Loyal, and drujglsU
News from Beatrice
and the Country
BEATRICE, Neb,, Aug. 19.-(Speolal.)-A
number of officers of the Lincoln Tel
egraph and Telephone company have been
In conference with local telephone, men
In regard to the work of effecting tho
consolidation of the two systems, which
probably will occur September 1. It Is
expected that during the first) week In
September the bulk of the Home phones
can be cut over to the consolidated sys
tem. Tho Lincoln officers who were here
were L. E. Hurts, general manager; R.
E. Mattlson, commercial manager; George
K. Gann. traffic superintendent, and M.
T. Castor, plant superintendent.
Thomas K. Holden and
Miss Mabel
Undloff, both of Lincoln,
drove to
Ucatrico yesterday morning In tho for
mer's touring car, secured a marriage
license and were wedded by Rev. U. O.
Brown of the Methodist church. They
returned to Lincoln Immediately after
their marriage. .
Wolves are reported numerous near
Cortland. ,
Tho Barncston old settlers! picnic will
be held Wednesday and Thursday of this
week. A good program has been pre
pared for the occasion.
Announoemcnt was received here Mon
day of tho death of Mrs. Jacob Whtpkey,
a former resident of tho l'lckrell neigh
borhood, last Saturday at her home at
Red Cloud. She was 64 years of age and
is survived by five children.
Sheriff Schlek has secured 3,400 signa
tures for his petition for a new county
Jail and more are being added to the list
every day,
Thurston Long of Iowa City, la., ami
Mlse Laura Freeman of this city were
married In Lincoln Monday. Both are
graduates of trfe Beatrlco High school.
Mr. Long will take another course in col
lege at Iowa City, and his brldo will teach
school at Barneston tho coming year.
Funeral services for thotate Mrs. Eliza
beth Irvine were held Monday from the
home of her daughter, Mrs. J. T. lller
beck. The remains were taken to
Holmcsvllle for Interment.
Lynus Knight, a pioneer resident of this
city, uied at his homo here this morning.
aged 87 years. He Is survived by his
widow and four children, David and
Mary Knight of this city, Mrs. Maria
Wehn of Bartlesvllle, Okl., and John
Knight of Pawhuska, OkJC
(From a, staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Aug. 19. (Special.) -Charles
8. Sherman, who has been connected with
the State Journal for eighteen J'iid,
most of the time as its sports writer, has
severed his connection with newspaper
work In Nebraska and left last night for
Red Lodge, Mont, where he has bought
ari Interest In a newspaper and will have
editorial charge. Before leaving last
night he was given a farewell testimonial
at the Elks club by newspapermen and
others with whom ho had worked fpr
Sherman bgan newspaper work at
Platlsmouth and late.r moved to Lin
coln and has been with thej State Jour
nal ever since,. , ' ; ' ' ' I . '. t
NeTM Note of Falrhury.
FAIRBURY, NobM Aug. 19.(Specla!.)
James A. Bodcll of Diller, Neb., had his
preliminary hearing In county court be-!
a.- - V. . . . ' . . H
iuiu j. ooyie ana pieaueu guilty to
the unlawful selling of Intoxicating
liquor at that point. Judgo C. C. Boyle
bound him over to tho September term
of district court, fixing his bond ut $300,
which he furnished.
A largo number of "green fruit spe
cials" are passing through Falrburj. Al
ready forty-four trains have passed this
James JIjQuald, engineer on runs Nos.
B, 6, 7 and 8, Falrbury to Council Bluffs,
la., Is enjoying a vacation.
The annual session of tVio Jefferson
County Teachers' Institute is in icsslon
at the high school this week. Over 100
teachers are enrolled. County Superin
tendent R. C. Harrlss is presiding over
tho meeting. The Instructors comprlso
R. C. Harrlss, Prof. James W. Senrson,
Superintendent W. H. Morton, Miss Car
rie Niedermeycr and Miss Beulan S.
Radcr. The session will continue until
August 23, when the examinations will
be held.
3Ir. Pi-Atma Seek Dli-orcr.
MADISON, Neb., Aug. 19. (Special.)
Mrs. Erdmut'ha Preuss has filed a suit
against her husband, Leopold Preuss, for
divorce, 112.G00 alimony and $500 as ex
penses of suit and support during its
pendency. She further asks that her
husband be enjblned from spending any
portion of his property, except such as
may be necessary for his own support,
and that he be enjoined from Interfering
with tho occupancy of the homestead by
her and her two minor sons or from
bringing or drinking liquor on the
"mv Ilrlrk tllork.
HUMBOLDT, Neb., Aug. 19.-(Spclal,)-L.
F. Marburger started putting up a
I 20x60 new modern brick block on the lot
Just east of the Peoples meat market,
which, when completed, ho will use as an
exclusive shoo store. He also contem
plates, putting up another brick block In
the near future, adjoining the Leader
office on tho west.
Kktrn Freight off Trnek.
FREMONT, Neb., Aug. 19,-(Speclal.)-An
extra freight eastbound on the Union
Pacific went off tho track at the sema
phore at the west of the yards early thl
morning. No one was hurt. The engi
neer and fireman escaped by Jumping.
Only one track was blocked and trains
were not seriously delayed.
Fall Fatal to Pnrrurr.
SEWARD, Neb., Aug. 19.(Speclal Tele-eram.1-John
Silvers, a. rrttlrnH fnrmnr.
j aged 0 years, fell off a windmill on his
, farm this afternoon and broke his neck.
He leaves a widow, one son and three
Olive .Merrill.
GENEVA? Neb.. Aug. 19. (BpeeK' )
Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Merrill buried their
9-year-old daughter, Olive, yesterday
afternoon. She had been suffering for 1
some time with appendlcltus and nerv-,
ousness and was operated upon last
Wednesday and 'appeared to be roeovr- '
I Nklimed frum llrnil id llrrl
jwas Bon Pool, Threet. Ala, when drigsed.
over a tough road: hut Bucklen's Arrlca
' Salve healed all his Injuries, 25 i-is
For sale by Beaton Drug Co. -Advert
i ment
MPUANPl? fll Tl PD MM?
iMttnUD ULU UlmUu
Plan on Foot to Leave West Side
Lines Where They Now Are.
Owner of Property Alone Twentieth
' Ask that Street lie Cut Dnnn
nnil UiikIkIi(1- Condition
Ilr Chnntreri.
If the plan Introduced In the city coun
cil last night by Alderman Boyer and
discussed to considerable length in
brought to successful culmination', It will
save a largo number of the people of
CoJncll Bluffs, according to tho Sixth
ward alderman's estimate, at least
$1,000,000. It contemplates a complete re
vision of tho ordinance pasted nearly
twenty-five years ago establishing the
grade In tho whole western part of tho
city, changing it so that a large portion
of the territory, comprising more than
half a dozen square miles, will be left
substantially as It Is now.
The matter wan brought up when a
committee of the wholo report was read
and approved, wherein n petition from a
number of property owners asking to
have several feet removed from tho
top of North Twentieth street had been
received and placed on file. Alderman
Boyer asked that It be taken from the
committee of the whole and referred
back to the council.
The grade for tho whole western part
of the city was established after tho
disastrous flood of 18S1, when the Mis
souri river went out of its bonks and
flooded all of tho terrltoiy west of the
Northwestern railroad tracks. Tho pur
pose of tho grade was to bring the gen
eral surface above the possibility of
damage from another such flood.
In the boom times, more than twenty
years ago, the council ordered Twentieth
street graded to the new level from
Broadway north. Tho work was done
at tho expense of the property owners,
and the street has ever slnoe resembled
a railroad grade, reaching as high as
seven feet above tho general surface at
some places. Steps have been made for
the sidewalk crossings, and the embank
ment has been the source of annoyance
In many other ways.
Owner Ask Ilellrf.
Property owners, who foi moro than
twenty years have been compelled to en
dure having sidewalks level with tho
tops of their windows, asked to have the
street cut down. Alderman Boyr pointed
out that since the government nnd the
railroads had Joined In tho work of pro
tecting the river bank, and the proposed
park boulevard would provide a dyko
that would forever keep out flood waters,
there no longer existed the necessity of
entailing the heavy cost of raising the
level of tho large territory. The council
took a favorable view of it and acceded
to his request, so the matter is again
alive and ready for action in tho council.
It was pointed out that the dirt could
be taken out by nearby residents for lot
filling. purposes without cost to the city,
although the olty would probably have
to repay the property owners for the
original cost incurred a generation ago.
The matter waa referred to the engineer
ing department and the city solicitor for
In some places the established grade
requires a fill of thirteen feet It is said
the whole grade might be reduced sev
eral. feet without materially affecting the
drainage and sewerage problem.
Display on YVnlU.
The action of the Retail Merchants' as
sociation favoring .an amendment to the
present ordinance llmftlng the use of
In Omaha, as In other cities throughout tho
United States, business men are discovering t.bo
helpful Inspiration of nn occasional plpoful of Tux
edo smoked In the office during tho strees of work,
This mild, soothing tobacco affords just tho neces
sary relaxation' from nervous and mental strain that
enables a man to do moro work and better work.
Well known physicians recognize this helpful influ
ence of Tuxedo.
You can join your Omaha friends and neigh
bors in smoking Tuxedo, no matter how often you
have tried to smoke a pipe and failed. Tuxedo Is
ono tobacco that cannot blto or irritate your throat,
tongue or nose, however sensitive thoy may be. Tho
"Tuxedo Process" of treating the mildest, ripest
leaves of highest-grade Durloy tobacco removes
every trace of harshness and insures a doliclouBly
mild, cool, fragrant smoke.
The endorsements of prominont Omahn Biuok
ers and thousands of famous Americana In every
walk of life should convince you that Tuxedo is
well worth a trial.
Mr. W. I). Tovt'iiscwl, tiio well-known Farnam
Street un maker, prominent nmonK the city's bus
iness lenders and sportsmen for years, Jouis with
the ninny other substantial men ot Omnhn in ac
cording Tuxedo first plnco among pipe tobaccos.
Sir. Townsend'd comment on Tuxedo will ho in the
nature of a personal word to ft grcnt many Omnha
men. Mr. Townsend snys:
"My idea of concentrated disappointment until I struck
Tuxedo was a pipe. With Tuxedo it's different. Tuxedo gives
fragrance and flavor without aggravating tongue-bite. It has
made a pipe my greatest luxury, instead of a bugbear. I
never before realized the true. inward
! iHUMJMiiiiiiimriiiiiniiiiiiituniiiiiiiti
rnTmMHtiiHumimmniiinimrraMfffcfi f
m rTnninilllinimi!H:!lllllllMIKfcg
I suiMumiiiuwiuuuwiiMuuir&
' 8lJw"lk tor merchandise displays to
eighteen Inches and prohibiting nil dls-
plays of goods on the walks was pre
sented to the council and City Solicitor
Stewnrt was Instructed to draft such an
Bids were opened for the construction
of 7,000 lineal feet of combination curbing
and guttering, nnd the contract was let
at nn advance of 3 cents per foot over
the price paid last year and 20 cents
higher than the cost of the same work
five years ago. There wcro but two bid
der. K. A. Wlckham'a estimate was 67
cents per foot for cash and 33 per cent
added for certificates and 30 cents a yord
for grading. Peter Nelson's bid was 65
cent per llnenl foot and 29 cents per
cubic yard for grading. He wo awarded
tho contracts. Five or six years ago th
work was done under the same specifica
tions for 45 cents.
Alderman Flood,' who had been In
structed to get prices for a. numbor of
new street signs, reported that the Cassel
Sign company had offered to furnish
metallic Iki guaranteed for twenty
years at 75 cents each, or painted slifcis
at 60 cents. Ho was given .moro time to
ascertain the number required.
Sheriff I.lndsey nsltod tho council to
Install additional street lights nt Third
street and Tenth avenue near the Great
Western crossing, explulnlng that It was
n dark place, much frequented by hold-up
men. Ills request was compiled with.
Afceil tinrbnttr IMnnf.
Chief of Pollco Froom called ntto.illon
to the necessity for securing better fa
cilities and some control over disposal of
city garbage, explaining that at tho pres
ent time thcro was no such thing as a
city garbage head and tho pollco had no
power to require 'any of the men euguged
In the work to answer the constant tails
that are being mado nt tho pollco head
quarters and city clerk's office. Alder
man Bpyor said the disposal of garbage
waa a largo question that now confronted
the council nand that Its only solution
was a garbage disposal plant. He pointed
out that the construction of tho Doitra
park boulevnrd would prevent next year
the use of tho dumping grounds now
leased near tho river and that the only
relief appeared to be an Inclnoratlon
plant He said that part of the valuable
Information obtained by himself nnd
Mayor Maloney when they attended tho
meeting of tho Leaguo of Amirlein
Municipalities at Winnipeg related to this
and that they would have a report to
mako In the near future. The matter
was referred to tho committee of the
No action was taken on the west end
sewer matter, owing to the-tncomplettan
qf a minor portion of the plans. One
week's longer time was granted.
The concreto pavement laid by Georgo
P Hughes on Clark avenue between Tur
ley and Fifth avenues was ordcrol Di
seased to the property owner. The
Mcneray Nursery company was ordered
to remove a portion of its nursery stock
from the street on Avenue Bbitwonn
Thirty-first and Thirty-second Mreots.
Another resolution ordering weeda out
on many vacant lots In Wright's, How
ard's, Beers', Riddle's, SqulresS and
Everett's additions was passed and tho
clerk Instructed to so notify property
owners. Tho ordinance pending aomc
time changing the names of Stahl avenuo
to Grace street and Gale avenue lo Har
rison street was passed. In tl'e absonce
of Mayor Maloney, Alderman Evans pre
sided. Girls wanted for wrapping and packing
candy. Also experienced chocolato dip
pers. Do not .apply unless you want
steady employment for fall and winter.
John G. Woodward & Co., "The Candy
Men," Council Bluffs, 'la.
I .
Persistent Advertising Is the Road to
Big Beturne,
ness of tobacco comfort."
are about
packagt$ t
V- The Perfect Tnhrtrm.
Famous green
tin, with gold "f
lettering, curved I
to fit pocket
' lei i mi', tej
Nurse Dead, Result
of Her First Case
Weakened by an attack of contnRlous
dlsrnse conlincted from the first esse she
cared for as a graduato trained nurse,
Mls Grace Putman died nt nn early
hour yesterday morning at the homo of
her sister, Mrs. V. W. Frosse, 1612 Sixth
Miss Putman came to Council Bluffs
early last summer after graduating as a
trained nurse at Loma Linda, Cal. Bhe
began her work here at once and almost
the first case assigned to her was a ma
lignant type of diphtheria. She saved the
child, but contracted tho disease herself
and recovered from It very slowly. While
In her weakened condition tubercular
trouble developed and she had been mak
Ing a brave fight for life since last
Miss Putman waa only 24 years old, and
her death camo as a severe bereavement
to her friends. All of her surviving rel
atives llvo In this city, four sisters nnd
flvo brothers, Mrs. Prasse, Mrs. J. G.
Southerland. Mrs. A. C. Fawke. Miss
Anna Putman. and Messrs. Frank, Harry.
Willis. Fred nnd Arthur Putmam Tho
body will be burled In Forest Lwn cem
etery In Omaha, where her parents are
burled. The hour of tho funeral has not
been fixed.
Stolz Beat Treynor;
Will Play Merchants
Tho StoU base ball team nt Treynor
Sunday defeated that fast team In a
ton-Inning gamo by the score of 10 to 7,
making tho Btols's second victory over
the Trynor team tills season. M. Chris
lonson, n new man was on tho mound
for tho Stolx. Though he wna hit up for
ten safeties ho managed to win his game.
Wallace, lato of the Stols team, twirled
for the Trcynorltea and waa touched up
twelve times by his former teammates.
Ho fanned ten men to Chrlstenson's six.
Tho Stolx took the lead In tho sixth, but
Treynor tied it In tho ninth. In the tenth
Inning Walaco was hit had and the stolx
scored three runs. Chrlstenson tightened
up nnd the Treynor team was blanked
In their half.
This makes the sixth straight victory
for the Stolr. Next Sunday they play
the Merchants at Athletic park for the
city championship-. Score: R.II.E.
Htolx 113003 000 3-10 12 :i
Treynor 4000020010 7 10 4
Batteries: Stolr, Chrlstenson and Boll:
Treynor, Wallace and Behenseo. Two
base hits: Moore, A. Bell, Young Stroll
behn. Three-base hits: Parker, Wolcott.
Struck out: By Chrlstenson, 6; by Wal
lace. 10. Base on balls: lly Chrlstenson,
1. Time: 1:45. Umpire: Moonoy.
SInrrlnKe License.
Marriage licenses were Issued yesterday
to the following persons:
Name and Address. ABe.
Herman D. Gutton, Carson, la ii
Elcnora G. Forrentall, Carson, la 22
Q union W. Cook, Omajia , 24
Jennie .Loudor, Omaha 24
IT. Hansen, Council Bluffs 3b
Mathilda Andorsou, Council Bluff S3
E. J. Lansing, Lincoln, Neb 35
Bertha Bellington, Lincoln, Neb S3
Key to the Sttuatl6n Bee Advertising.
Diarrhoea Qulokly Cnreit.
"I was taken with diarrhoea and Mr.
forks', the merchant here, persuaded me
to try a bottle of Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, After
taking one dose of It I was cured. It
also oured others that I gave It to,"
writes M. B. Gebhart, Oriole, Pa. That
is not at all unusual. An ordinary at
tack of dlarrheoo, can almost Invariably
be cured by one or two doses of this
remedy. For sale by all druggists, Ad
Well-known Farnam Street Glun Maker,
The Perfect Tobacco
as 1
Pipe and Cigarette
Convenient pouch
inner-lined F"
with moisture OC
proof paper
Glass Humidors. SOc and 90c
Ambrose Sayles, 41 years old. and his
son William, who gavo his ago ns 21,
hut whom the police say Is not that old,
were each fined $10 and costs In police
court yesterday morning on' the charge
of Intoxication. The fines amounted to
$11.86 and as neither had the money both
were sent lo Jail. A more scrlou charge
will bo filed against tho younger Saylrs
and probably against the father.
Their trouble grew out of an alter
cation In the saloon of Chris Poison, 721
Broadwny, Saturday night, when father
and son came Into the place and tho
younger man's ordor was refused. He
had been refused on many previous oc
casions, owing to tho belief of the bar
tenders that he was not It years of age
Ho waited until a glass of beer was
served to Robert Limerick and walked
up and seised the glass, whereupon Pot
son, the owner of the saloon, wrenched
the glass from the youth and wnf, struck
a fearful blow In the back of the head.
Poison weighs less than 1(0 poUrids and It
PI .PrTPIflT V th ralrt fore In
tilt In lU IntmcT
rortunltltn, tJ)' employment and httht ml-
rlt to nrt lctrlcltni nnd lvetrleal nl
nevt. School ot Knclhtr'lnc ot Milwaukee Is
the toretnoft lrctrlel tchool ot Anurlca It's
qulpmtnl, mtthmlt, ffultr and lmpllnd,
thnroush. prmrtlctl and tliroretlcal couri d
Vflop U Muritnta Into
. oaz. xmaxirairas and dkajftsman.
la VftftlO XAHATBVEIl your
1 1I.RI.
you are ambitious
B- nvWIU through
tnia ncnooi.
Htudv cnndltlonn
Visitors always received. Parent
see our modern homo and methods.
unit writ., fnr Bl.luni.' fATA t.OfllJK
School of Engineering of Milwaukee
St. Jolin's IVf Illt&ry Academy
Every wide-awake, red-blooded American boy will find something that
will appeal to him in the life at this well known school. Thorough
scholastic work goes hand in hand with the stirring activities ot mili
tary life and all manner of athletlo sports. Military drill, marches,
"hikes," signaling, wlrole&s, first aid, scouting, football, baseball, row
ing, canoeing, track, basketball, hookey, skiing, gymnastics, bowling,
rlfle-praoUpo, trap-shooting, swimming, boxing, etc., all under expert
Instructors and coaches and amid Ideal surroundings.
St. John's is rated a "DISTINGUISHED INSTITUTION" by tho
Qorornment and has long'been known as
For handsome cataloguo and full particulars address
Hox 11(1 Delafleld, Waukesha Coanry, Wis,
The Nebraska
' ' IilNCOLN.
Tho NEBRASKA MILITARY ACADEMY offors to the boys of
Nebraska and surrounding states the advantages of a First Class
Military School close at home. Fireproof buildings, ideal location,
good equipment and splendid caro mid instruction; a school whero
tho individuality is developed and where thoro aro no failures. It
prepares for college and business.
School opens Septcmbor 17; Enrollment has begun. For infor
ination inquire ot
10OB HorthWMtarn Conservatory of Stoslo, Art and Bxttrtsslon 1913
Oldest and pre-enilnuntly best Musical Instltue In the Northwest. Host
In point or equipment, In character of Its faculty, in cicellence of curri
culum and in valuo ot Its diplomas.
Public School Music, Drawing, Bqnustlo Solancs, Normal Courses,
Also In Volet, Piano and Expression. All Instruments Taturht.
Bend for freo bulletin. Address NORTH-WESTERN CONSSBTAXOKY.
Dox 13, 80S Niqolotto .Ave. Minneapolis, Minn.
H aPdin Conservatory
m Kor Young Women
P5 .irftw.a Mheot ta tt Owtnl WeU PiprurT ul junior CM.
lt. JIUhttt rink t Unl-wiltlM. CvurM In Art, BlMatloa, Mnala, DorsmUi
Bcitrte ul Busiqm. Owtaw-AmtrlMB. CoLMmtary. Otncu SUsdirts.
Mrn Emlpmat. CtUletu- Ad'rwt
WW W. lCXiaeJlT. A. at, rroaieeat. a OolUar yiace, Mezloq. He.
Preparatory School for Girls
Two years ot College work fit
ting for Junior work ot College
or University. Soveral Vocational
courses. Domostio Science and
Stanley Hall Preparatory School
fits successfully for all leading
college for women. Certificate
These two schools own and
operate the oldest, largest and best
Conservatory in the Northwest.
Send for cataloguo.
Accredited to tbo North Central
Association.' Degrees of B. A. and
B. 8. Broad culture, with elective
vocational courses that lit for Ufa
nd foraelf-auppoi. Faculty Inclose
touch with the glrU. Chosen body of
atudents. Health and aafety para
mount. Pure air. pure artesian water,
floe campus. New fire-proof dprml;
tory.elevtriollaht.eteamheat. Good
Table. Catalouue. Box OS.
BP"61 Twenty Eighth Season
John J. JUtUtfcedt, Pov&doxtprtaiJtiit
Chicago's Foremott School of
IMllCXIf Offers modern courses
i Jf, u ?y In Piano. Voice. Vialln.
fubllo School Muilo, Dramntlc Art eto.,m.
nhom are uanr nt InUrnatloaal repuUtion.
DHniiur normal
Mac&anror roll!
ooramodatloaa. U
rrMaarantftcesoffftrM torfMarvio
SBtn Heaion lAina Heritfunliftr 11. 1515.
aua.vne eaaiarBtej r y Miiur
.667 KIMBALL HALL, CMcaco, UL.
wns feared for awhile that tho blow
would cause his death. Dr. Smith Bel
linger was called and worked with him
for nearly two hours beforo ho was re
stored to consciousness. Ho was under
the physician's caro all day Sunday nnd
was unable to appear In police court
yestorday. Detectives Peterson and Ar
nold happened lo bo close by and placed
the Saylcs men under arrest In tlmo to
prevent a genoral fight.
Henl Uln Transfer.
Tho following real estato transfer filed
Monday were reported to The Deo by tho
Pottawattanilo County Abstract company!
Ji. Swnnson to M. 11. Bloodorn.
lots 9, 10 nnd 11, block GO. Riddle's
subd. to Council Bluffs, In., w. d. .$1,6(0
G. J. Harding and wife to D. Coak,
lot B. In block fi, Turlcy's addition
to Council Bluffs, la., w. d SM
Interstate Realty Co. to J. C. Ahm
son, lots 10 and 11, block 21, KvanV
ipcond Bridge addition to Council
Bluff. In., w. d 1.SM
Ruby Addison to William D. Addison,
lots 1 to it block 6. Mlndcn. In.,
w. d.
Four transfers, total......... $3,650
Persistent Advertising Is the Road to
Pig Returns.
n otfen lh irtatmt ep-
present education. If. Jr
you wilt meet ituccesm
i union not expensive.
Idonl. Office
now open,
urged to call,
It's Freo.
If pobsiuio,
Military Academy
R. D. IIAYWARD, Superintendent, Lincoln, Neb.
Gas, Automobile and
Th young man who romplrt dth?r oo oC thne
ronrat-a la aura o( a joli, wlUx good pay. In tha
Wrat there la a continual demand tor 7 emus men.
with a Udinlcal knowledge ot gaa, ttactlea
engines and amomobtlet.
Zach cewie bit Calakel la t&rt caoniha..
You can learn wore about an engine at f ,
Highland Park College
In three month! than In that many years as an
apprentice. Htudent work right In machine thopa,
traction engine houte and auto garage. Hecalr
and drlTega and (team engine and automobile.
ciMKnglne Courae may bo taken with either the
Traction Engine or Auto Courae without extra
tuition. Small tuition fees. Low coat ot tiring,
largrat garage and machine shop In the country.
Mo entrance examinations. Bend tor catalogue.
OZ0B0S t. HAaiLL-,rmltiat,Xa Uetais.Xeva
W I O i w
ji noiini at, joseon it
College and Academy
Chartered by Legislature of Iowa
Conducted by Sisters of
Charity, B. V. M.
Collegiate Degrees, Academlo
Department. University Affilia
tion, Excellent facilities, ooftered
for the education ot young wo
men. Conservatory of Music and
Art. Training Dept. for Teachers
ot Vocal and Instrumental Music,
Domestic Science
One mile from Dubuque, four
nnd one-half hours' ride from Chi
cago. Direct railroad connections
with Omaha, St Paul and 8U
Louis Hxtenslve grounds Piner
ies finely euulppel buildings,
with ftontuge of 490 feet. Private,
rooms. Normal Courses, Grammar
Department Business Course
Private pcplls received. Tax cat
alogue Address Bister Superior.

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