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Omaha Daily BEg
. vicron rtosBWATEn. editor
T?ntsA at fim a fen tviatnff In a a irAni1.
Hass matter.
teums of 81'uacnimoN;
Sunday Bee, one year t00
Saturday Bee, one year , 1.50
JDally Deo, without Sunday, one year. 4.00
pally Bee, and Sunday, one year.... 6.00
SEvenlng and Sunday, per month 40c
Evening, without Sunday, per month. t6a
3ally Bee, Including Sunday, per mo.Ko
Dally Bee, without Sunday, per reo.Co
Address all complaint ot Irregularities
.In deliveries to City Circulation Dept.
Remit by draft, express or postal order
payable to The Bee Publishing company,
Only !-cent stamps received In payment
of small accounts, rersonal checks, ex
tept on Omaha and eastern excrance, not
Omaha The Bee building.
South 0maha318 N Street.
Council Hluffa-U North Main Street.
Lincoln 2 Little building,
Chicago 901 Hearst building.
New YorJt-Room 110. JM Fifth Ave.
St. Louis B New Bank of Commerce.
Washington 75 Fourteenth St., N. W.
Communications relating; to news and
-editorial matter should be addressed,
Omaha Bee, Editorial department.
i ; '
I 50,142
State of Nebraska, County of Douglas, ss.
Dwljht Williams, circulation manager
of The Bee PubllshlnK company, being
duly sworn, says that the average dally
circulation for the month of July. 1813,
was 10,1 . DWIQHT WILLIAMS, ,
Circulation Manager.
Subscribed In my presence and sworn
to before ma this 4th day ot August. 1913.
Notary Public
Subscriber leaving the city
temporarily ahemld have Tho Dee
n ailed to tham. Afttircsa will be
changed as often as reqaested.
Wall, they surely will not blame
Salter for Thaw's escape.
"Dr. Wiloy says Oh, that rc-
raiuds us, what has become of Dr.
Watchman on the tower: Can you
yet see tho high cost of living com-
Jag down?
Nat Goodwin has gone from 180
pounds in weight to 140. This is
his fifth wlfo.
The real ."palnjesa dentist" 1b tho
one who relieves the patient by cut'
ting his bills. .
Let the felldw alone who thinks
iia knows It all; he enjoys it and the
rest can endure.
Former President Taft has perma
nently transferred his resldonco from
Cincinnati, which ia Clncl'a loss.
Omaha's public schools cost ?100,
060 more to run last year than the
yr before. That's going some.
, Do la Barrasaya Justice and law
'will bring peace In Mexico. They
will If they over come into vogue.
when Mr. Bryan discovers tho
secret, he snay locturo on "flow to
Llva Comfortably on $12,000
It's nothing but our good luck, that
wo havo in our Nebraska Ihsano asy
luma no millionaire patients crazy to
get out.
Wonder If Mr, Bryan opened t
bottlo of grapojulco for "Doc" Tan.
uer waa be visited with tho secre
tary oi state.
TTagallant California Is to try the
recall on a woman office-holder
Bull, that's what political tax
equality means.
A Chicago girl Is said . to have
ni&rkiNi tier ballet with her1 foot:
What, itlll kicking after getting tho
IJgK to Yetj?
That summer school fa' closed with
the verdict ef unqualified success
Itut bo uprising of the hoys' and girls
against cessation of their lessons.
But Sulser wa a rood governor while
life lailWL Soalon Transcript.
Thero i somo ground for the as
sertion In tho fact that he did not
Those promised depot Improve
meats will como in bandy If finished
In time for the travel that will go
through Omaha to the Panama expo
sition in 1915.
Automobile registry numbers In
Nebraska are close to the 50,000
Wark, and still going up. Nebraska
by the last census had not quite
1,300,000 population.
It would not be surprising it thero
wore still room for a few more mem
bers in that newly organlted society
of doctors and surgonB for the pur
1060 ot preventing fee-splitting.
m ssbssmssbsssssssssbisismbbs
If Mr. Bryan's chautalking duties
should demand too much of his time,
perhaps the president might find
suitable secretary of state In John
IJnd, who seems to have no itching
to talk.
Because Lillian uusaelj has gotten
good advertising through binding tho
wounds of an injured fellow pasaen
er there is danger that the act may
become contagious with other stage
Tho exposure of the mileage graft
at the tato bouse suggests a consol
Jdated transportation bureau for all
departments, and aa accounting for
mileage used with public record of
wat they are ojfld for.
Beef Still Going Tip.
Tho prediction ot a continued riso
In tho Trlcn of beef reminds us that
nlmost no attempt Is being mado to
deal with the fundamental factors in
this abnormal situation. Admit
tedly a diminished supply In propor
tion to the over-Increasing demand la
the prime fault. What is' wanted,
then, Is a roractly to counteract this
condition. Aa has been frequently
pointed out, responding to the de
mand for young and immature beef,
dppleting tho herds, Is a vital ele
ment in causing this scarcity in sup
ply. But folks will have the best
and apparently tho ranger will give
It to them so long as ho gets the
fancy price.
Shall an attempt be mado to re
strict tho sale of tho unflnlBho'l
stock? Wo have laws for the protec
tion of game birds and animals rea
sonably well enforced. Ib It posslblo
enforce regulation against tho
salo of young cattle, say at least heif
ers? Porhaps tho raiser would re
sent that as an Infringement upon hta
rights to sell his produce, and yet so
long as ho sellB his female. ptocK
-without let or hindrance, so ions
will tho herdB be depleted; Uio sup
ply less than tho demand and prices
.hr.Armiiiiv htah. Perhaps a diver
sion of industry might compensate
for tho seeming sacrifice in homing
Certainty It is tlmo to de
vise some mothod for checking this
devastation of tho young ncras or
bo stop talking about tho nign pneo
of beof.
"What's the nurrt
Pmaldent Wilson's insistence upon
curroncy legislation at the present
extra session originally called to con
sider only "the tariff, has brought
protest from his own party follow
ers against the haste and hurry. They
would prefor to finish up wun we
tariff, and leavo tho curroncy bill for
tho regular session; but to every such
suggestion tho president interposes
a stubborn refusal.
The Washington correspondent
aro guessing at tho real reason for
tho hurry with several plausible ex
planations. Tho president and' tho
currency bill backers are convinced,
they say, that they aro stronger now
than they will bo later, and that ir
they cannot got tho bill enacted at
this session, they will fall altogether.
Bo long is the lawmakers, are cooped
tip at Washington they are In an at
mosphere favorable to tho adminis
tration. The office seekers and pat
ronage hunters know how to make
themselves popular with tho powers
that be, and aro naturally boosting
the administration program. Tho
fear ll that uhould an adjournment
ot cob grew bs (fol!owod by a trip
home .the "congressman or senator
might find his constituent not .par
ticularly eagor for tho measure, and
meet others positively against It, and
might-himself return to the capital
more lukewarm than he Is now. If
anyone goea to Washington to regis
ter protest, ho la, ot course, an Inter
ested person insidiously lobbying for
his own pockotbook, and does not re
flect tho sentiment of the homo folks,
And, anyway, It the currency bill
proves defective. It can be patched
up afterwards by amendments.
fortunately, however, the pros
pect are that tho president's hurry
will not prevent tho sonato, at loast,
from taking time to consider the
proposition carefully and in detail
before final disposition.
Base Ball and Its Influence.
It may bo but a question" ot time
until our national gamo of base ball
becomes universal In Its popular put-
reach, for It Is highly cosmopolitan
In adaptability. It is played exten
sively in' thn universities of Japan
and being taken-up- In China and
other eastern countries, Japanese
student teams aro oven coming to
the tnlied States to play our own
college amateurs, and, making oxcol-
lept showings. Great Jmpotus doubt-
Ipsa wljl. he ,glven to. tho game'a popu
larity abroad by the world tour ot
professionals during tho coming win
ter, as was the case somo years ago
when two clubs encircled the globe.
But hero In our own country we
seo what a grip the game has on the
lntorest ot the youth ot all races and
lands. In Chicago, according to the
Inter-Ocean, Is a club composed from
ten races Chlnoso, Italian, Irish
Jewish, Indian, French, English, Cu
ban, Nogro and Spanish. It is not
able that It includos not one "pure"
American and yet, as the Inter-Ocean
observes, all are doubtless "good"
Americana; average American boya
with average Instincts ot patriotism,
we imagine. Thus, primarily a pas
time serves the serious purpose ot
helping to weld togothdr tho varied
elements ot tho population Into a
concrete citizenship. This, then, In
our land, Is the influence of the game
In which we aro most Interested,
which must appeal to Americans
with more prldo and satisfaction
than that exerted on tho youth be-
vond the seas, though that, too, is
Perhaps Uncle 8am would have
less difficulty recruiting the ranks ot
his army and navy If he would com
pel the snobs In shoulder straps to
treat the men with enough civility to
make their lives bearable.
Norman Hapgood'a new Harper's
Weekly cornea out In time to be of
some service to congress at this extra
.,lnn which must havA been nra-
i nflHfliiv in t the advice.
w-b , , , ,
Thirty Year Ago
Returns from the Union Pacific band
picnic excursion to Fremont furnish this
Interesting information:, The prise for
standing- high leap went to Henry Dunn,
for long jump to Charles Kostert, for
vaulting to Mr. Cosrrovei Thomas Faulk
ner won the sack race, Charles Steven
son the lo'ng race, Mr. Ifart the boys'
race, T. Dunn tho wheelbarrow raee and
Messrs. Stevenson and Menxlea lh three
legged race.
On petition' of John C Christiansen, the
city has ben enjoined from gradlnff Har
ney street from Sixteenth west to an
established grade.
William Blevers 1 receiving congratula
tions over the arrival of a boy.
JUllus Fcstner has returned from a va
cation trip to Detroit and Chicago.
A dispatch from New Vork chronicles
the death there of Miss Birdie DunUp,
who last winter was the gUeat of Miss
Shears at the Millard hotel
C. 8. Cocke, with A. Crulcksliank A
Co., has reoelvod from Captain John
Lucas of Honolulu a unique Pair of gold
sleeve buttons manufactured by the na
tives of the Islands.
Irvine's orchestra Is making prepara-
tlons for a grand reception to their leader,
Harry Irvine, when ho, returns from Bos
ton. where he has been attending the
New England School ot Music.
Tho Joseph Qarneau company Is adver
tising for a competent BUnographer. and
typewriter, "lady preferred."
John Nehrlva'ls offering $00 reward far
Information of th .whereabout of ono
John Bhandem, whom he describes In de
tail, and who, he said, disappeared about
the same time his wife and threo chil
dren disappeared. ,
Twenty Year Ago -
Commodore w. JacK Mariana or me
Courtland Beach fleet, announced he
would entertain all the department heads
of that fa-nous bca coast resort on the
occasion of his twentytflfth anniversary.
At a meeting- of the Labor day celebra
tion commltteo Master Workman Hunt
ington and Master Workman 11. Cohen of
oasembly No, 129 protested against the
selection of Dr. 8. d. Mercer a on oi
the Labor d&y speakers, and It was de
cided to notify the doctor by mall that
his services were not desired. It was
thought W. H. Dech would be Invited In
his. place. Dr. Charles Xtodolph and D.
Clem Dcaver wore to be two of the ora
tors. Hon. M. Y. Gannon returned from Chi
cago and the east.
Itlchards & Prlnglea' 'Georgia Minstrels
drow a big; crowd at tho Farnarn street
theater in the evening, amy Kersanna
vttu tho big card..
Hon. George fiternsdorff returned from
"Wyoming, Where ho had been for two
Ten Year Atro
umpire BnamOKW Heiiy noa nis aay
at the Vinton street bat! park, ytlo "trun"
Pa Ilourke and a spectator out o' at
Stan's and threatened to i'trow" do game
If Pa and h ! fallow.niartyr didn't hUrry.
Pa woo feeling' good over the way "his
boya were poking It to fit Joe and dared
raise, his voice exultantly ever and anon
whtreat Bhamoklft .took offense.
Prudent Horace" O. Burt ef the Union
Pacific returned from an eastern trip.
D. W. Frank, 2S3T Decatur street. In
spector for the electrio light company,
was Instantly killed while at his duty In
South Omaha, lie came In contact with
a live wire.
Theodore Roosevelt, Jr and his cmlnlhS,
George and Jack Koosevelt, passed
through Omaha on routa to'Dsadwood,
6 131., 'tor "a. dear and bear hunt. They
had a whole artillery of firearms and
several arsenals of ammunition.
Mr. and Mrs. C, J, Smyth and family
are at their summer cottage' at Lake
It was rumored at tho DiirllngtOn head
quarters that P. P. I'od rt a, assistant ad
ivertlslns agent of the Burlington In Chi
Cairo, formerly here, probably would bo
promoted to' the main Job vacated by the
resigning of J. B, arteritis.
Men and Women
One of the most famous bookbinders In
the world ! Miss Marguerite D. Lahey
Fabre. poet of science. Pr. C. V. Legros
life of one of the greatert ot the world's
naturalist, was written out ot intimate
acquaintance with "the Insects' Homer"
and has tho sanction of Its sunject.
Tho Florence Crittenden retcue work
for women is reported to care for from
S.O00 to 10.0C0 women and girls yearly. The
work, founded thirty years ago by
Charles N. Crittenden, now has two
branches In this country and also has
homes In France, In China and Japan,
Colonel J, Edward Banks Btnnet of
Detroit, Mich., has left a will In whloh
sums and properties supposed to be Worth
millions are bequeathed to relatives and
friends. As far as Is known, however)
Colonel IXnnet was practically penniless
at his death and possessed nothing except
in his Imagination,
Miss Qraoe Wick ot Chicago, whose
work keeps her out until late at night,
la afraid to go to her home alone, her
route taking1 her through a section of the
city In which many robberies have oc
curred recently. Accordingly, she Is re
layed, from on policeman to another,
each escorting her aa far aa hta beat will
Owen Johnson. wh0e new book. Mur
der In Any Degree." soon to.be published,
has been living and working In Italy for
some months. It Is Interesting to know
that the first book of this popular
author, "Arrows of the Almighty," was
accepted by the Yale faculty aa the equiv
alent ot five months' acidemia work,
lost through Illness.
James Mood! of Urea Island, In the
south Pacific, who claims to be the most
lonesome man In the world. Is visiting In
New Tork. For more than four years he
has been the only White man on Urea
Island, where ho has been carrying On an
extensive trade la copra and other Bout'
Pacific products. He has only one rela
tive, a brother, whom he Is to visit at his
home In Scotland before retumlne to hit
Island to live for the rest of hla life.
Since January 13 of this year, Arkania
ha had four governors. On that date
George DonagheyB term expired, and h
wu succeeded by Representative Joseph
T.f Kobtnson, who resigned a few weeks
later to qualify a United States senator
He was followed by O. IC pldhatii. presi
dent of the state senate, whose title to
m pinion was contested by J. M. Fut-
relle. Mr. Futrelle waa given the position
and held It until Judge Hays, who waa
clted Bov"nor o.
.j joon me oatn ot oinc. uiy a.
Bryan Investments
Mr, Drran'n Investments.
Lincoln Journal.
When Mr. Bryan announced that Ik
mutt lecture to help make expenses a
secretary ot state, people not familiar
with his private affairs wondered ho v.
that could be. He htmse'.f said that hi
had been laying aside tlO.OO) a year, pre
sumably for the seventeen years slnc
his prominence In politics made him a
star of the Chautauqua platform. If
these savings have been drawing Interest
the total thould now be over 1200,000.
Five per cent on this amount would be
110,000 a year. It looked a Mr. Bryan
were unwilling to use the returns of his
Investments, aa other secretaries of state
have had to do, to piece out his salary
at Washington. He seemed to refuse to
make any personal financial sacrifice In
order to serve his country.
In tho statement Issued Saturday Mr.
Bryan explains his position further. His
money I 'Invested In unproductive prop
erties. His Investments are an expense
to hm, In fact, rather than Income pro
ducers. Lincoln people will understand
thl. Mr. Bryan has bought large areas
of suburban land In the vicinity of hla
Lincoln home. Much of this land Is now
worth "upward ot $500 an acre. For some
he paid this much. Tet It Is productive
only as farm land worth tioo an acre.
But this Is only because Mr. Bryan
chooses to be a speculator rather than
an investor, looking for his profit from
rise - In land value rather than from
dividends or from Interest He does
not expect to receive lets return from '
placing hi money this way than from
tutting1 It Into productive enterprises
or Interest bearing: securities. If he col
lects less Income than If he had Invested
hi money otherwise, it Is only becanse
hla kind of Investment defers' the collec
tion Ot thcomo 'to the day he disposes
ot his land. It I aa if Secretary of State
Knox had been unable to supplement his
salary, with dividends from his stocks by
reason ot the fact that ho was letting
his dividends go to the purchase of more
stock. Mr. Bryan could aa well sell
some of his land from time to tlmo to
lvo upon as Secretary Knox could draw
hit dividends and use thent for living ex
penses. But we do not ordinarily think of land
speculation In that way. In the coufse
of a few years Mr. Bryan's suburban
land Will doubtless double In value. That
would be equivalent to a lump Income of,
say, 50,000. But we are so accustomed
not to regard aa Income the deterred
'dividends" from land Speculation that
Mr. Bryan, careful taxpayer" as he is,
Is likely-td forget to list this amount for
taxation under the national Income tax"
Editorial Snapshots
Philadelphia Public Ledger: if Governor I
fiul?er it not constitutionally out Of of
fice Mr. Murphy will change the constitu
tion. Washington Start The time required
for an exora session recalls Mr. Tatt'a
occasional reminders that tariff revision
Is not a matter to be disposed of rapidly.
New York World; If Qovernor Foss'
repentance' cani'.ynn him acceptance atd
a renominatton," from the republican
party,, even the Bull Moosers" may hope
to; return." l.
Sti Louis Globe-Democrat! In a public
mausoleum to bo erected' in a Missouri
town a family vault with ten crypts js
held at $5,000. The cost ot living is not
the only problem.
St, Louis Republican Havlne had an
efa ot .canal building- and an era ot rat).
roaa nuuaing, the united States at last
has come to the prlmaMfy essential era
of road bulling.
Indianapolis 'News! Did" tho American
Bar association's committee find the
"thrd degree" of the police to bo a myth
merely -because none of the committee
men had ever undergone it
Baltimore American: Some of tht
democratic congressmen are Intent upon
taking a recess. The suspicion of the
country at large that the session is muah
of a political kindergarten la Justified.
Philadelphia Pre) As he views the
"complicated situation, Prof. Taft, no
doubt, takes up his work Ih the golf
links with a feeling that It 14 not always
a catastrophe for a man to bs defeated.
Pittsburgh Dispatch! A man who claims
to know caya that moequttoet con be
killed by electricity. They can also be
exterminated by catching them and sub
jecting each one. to a dose, of bichloride
ot mercury,
Our Own Country
The donkey Is the longest lived or do'
mestlc animals.
Illinois leads in the amount of internal
revenue receipts.
( South Carolina may adopt a compul
sory education law.
There aro 239,077 women stenographers
In the United States.
Cleveland may within a few month an
nex 1U suburb Of Lakswood.
Tho American Tract society ot New
York Is trying to raise 09,000 to enlarre
Its Work.
Dean George Hodges of Harvard Theo-
loglcal school says the world never was
socially better than It la now.
J. F. Hughes, dead In Newman, Ca
willed hi entlro estate, valued at tUAA
to Mrs. William Atkinson, widow of a
former governor of Georgia. He wanted
to marry her thirty years ago.
After searchlnff thirty-atx hours for
"lost horse," Al Stevens of New York
discovered that the animal had walked
upstairs to the (oft.
Told in a Minute
Lower postal rates are being arranged
for our South American countries, .
Birmingham ia the great Jewerly manu
facturing center ot the United Kingdom.
It Is reported that a fine quality of pe
troleum has been found oh ChllOe Island,
Chile, at a depth of 2ft feet.
The great electrical companies ot Ger
many have token up the Construction of
motor cars.
Refined mineral oil valued at JlI.54l.Ki
was shipped front this country to South
America In 1911.
The number of cattle on farms on Jauu
ar i.,iA)j, osTiunst oi.Uj,.u
ba January 1, 1900.
Total value of the twelve leadlns- crops
Ithe United States last year wu $(,G,-
JIM, against U 2.33,0 ia 1S1L
Enrlr Cloning and Office Folks.
OMAHA, Auf. 11. To the Editor of
ihe Dee! I noticed m Tho Bee a few
ays ago a statement to the effect that
Mr. Cowell did not understand why so
ttle Interest was being taken by the
tublto In his campaign for early closing
of the retail stores. Only the semi-torpor
nduced by tho hot weather has prevented
me from going on record before as pro
testing against such closing, and I havo
no doubt that the same reason has kept
Others from to doing", together with the
fact that many of those most Incon
venienced are at present absent on their
It really seems as though the agita
tors ot the early closing were not giv
ing due consideration to a very large
class of their patrons, towlt, those em
ployed In office work. When are the
men and women who must be at thelt
desks from 8 or 8:30 to 12, and from 1 to 5
or 6 In the evening? to do their shopping
If tho retail stores ore to be closed on
Saturday nights? Probably some would
answer "during the noon hour," but this
is Impracticable for at least two reasons:
First, the most of our noon hour it con-
sumed In the very necesarV business of
getting our lunches, and, second, a vttlt
to any ot the stores at noon discloses the
fact that fully half of the sale people
are likewise at lunch, making It Impos
sible to get waited upon promptly and
It Is certainly perfectly Just and propet
thttt a'etPeople should have tho privilege
of eating at tho name hours at customary
with the rest of us, but why should they
not bo on duty on Saturday evening (or
some other evening) in order that the
office people may have an opportunity to
spend their money In Omaha, and see
what the arc buying, Instead ot being
forced to do business with mall order
houses? iSurely the combined salaries of
otflao people In Omaha Is an Item worth
considering In tho retailer's receipts. And
furthermore, the salaried people usually
pay cash, or at least settle their account
promptly, which Is more than can b said
for a largo number of tho leisure etas,
to whose convenience solely the retailers
now seem to be catering. I know whereof
I speak because I used to handle collec
tions for one of the largest retail stores
In Omaha and very few office women
were on the "slow pay" list. Are we not
at desirable customers as the women
who can adapt thomselves to any shop
ping hours fixed by the stores? Wo have
no control over our own time during the
day, and It It not reasonable to expect
that our employers are going to close
their offices every time we need to buv
clothes. Let the stores arrange the hours
of their employes so that each salesperson
may havo a portion ot a day off each
week to look after her (br his) personal
affairs. That Is more than most office
people get. And let the saleswomen who
work late' In tho evening cOme down late
enough In the morning to comply with
the. nine-hour law.
I went to Kiipatrlck's to present my
argument to Mr. Cownll in person, but
he was not In (It was noon) and perhaps
this more public method ot protesting
Wilt encourage other office- women to
speak their mind.
Printed Bat Wltt Resprvnttone.-
SILVER CREEK, Neb., Aug. IS. To'
the Editor ofThe.' Beer A fW weeks ago
I took exception to;soni6 remarks of one
of your correspofde t. who for -some
time, apparently Jthout arty bowels Of
compassion Whatever, had been Industri
ously slutting; us (o the point of nausea
with A miscellaneous assortment of
racket-store morality and somo ' sus-plolous-Iooklng
religious dope that
smelted strongly of John Calvin and
Johnathan Edwards. In so doing I am
afraid I did not follow very closely in
the beaten paths ot orthodox .Christian
ity. TO he entirely frank about It, I
think It Is true that I got clear oft the
reservation and attacked the very founda
tions of orthodox Christianity In three .
certain letters, which to my own amaxe
merit and the Infinite dismay and disgust
of tho brethren, you permitted to appear ',
In your columns, I Was desirous of hav
ing tho -brethren meet my attacks
squarely and defend themselves and their
religion; I even tried to goad them Into
doing so, but they would not. Instead,
like a swarm ot angry bees, they made
tho air volcanic with thetr invectives and
their buzzing.
I how again find myself In a similar
mlxUp, with this difference, that two of
the brethren, a gentleman of PlattsmoUtu
and Father John Williams of Omaha,
have shown a disposition to meet Issues
squarely, particularly tlie latter, while
an anonymous gentleman ot ColumbUs,
who thinks he Is a Christian, but evi
dently Is not, very property lambasts the
whole bunch ot my traducers for thelr
ungodly, behavior toward me.
And now, Mr. Editor, Just as I hod been
felicitating myself that I should this
time be able to hold at least one or two
ot my critics down to business and havo
a nice tittle set-to with them, you, taklnc
your cue from the fact that the governor
ot Kansas Is being petitioned to set a day
for prayer for rain, butt In andtry to side
track the whole thing by suggesting that
we discuss the question ot tho efficacy
ot prayers fOr rain. I am disgusted with
you, and to forestall another fiasco, I
make you a proposition and will assume
that you accept It you publish this letter.
Let me chew this religious rag with the
brethren for a Short time until they way
be able properly to diagnose my case
and then I will make the offer to one ot
them, probably to Father Williams, to
be a Chris ttan, if he will tell me how,
I am Induced to make that offer and
It It Is made it will be made In perfect
good, faith, for the reason that I realize
that I am liable to "shufflo off" before
very long, and this hot weather lmpreeses
't on my mind that In my present un
godly condition I would not be aoie to
keen very comfortable under the marked
r' In temperature. And then, too, my
wlfe wants me to get an automobile,
ak'a the case Urgent. I had
thought to hang on fifteen or twent
. v jcl but a 1 get that auto I shall
have .to cut It down to about two or
three year. (Say, confidentially, do you
think my wife was thinking of that when
she asked mo to get that auto?)
How Are Wo to Knoirt
Boston Transcript.
The British mate -who has gone on a
hunger strike has nothing on, the summer
baardrr or the fellow who has been left
at home to rustle for himself while hit
wife is at the seashore.
Overlooking; au Opprtlty,
Cincinnati Enquirer.
Satan appears to have fallen down on
hta ardent Job of providing work tor
Idle hapds to do. Congressmen in large
number are atinounclng that they are
tired ot loafing.
Cholly-That old chap with the whis
kers seemed to be deeply Interested In
me. Asked me a hundred questions Who
Is he?
Freddy-Oh, that's Prof. Blinks, tho
alienist. Hero for a rest, too-Puck.
Hlgglns Our old classmate, Whlzware
how is he getting along in literature?
He should be doing welt. Ho had so
lively an Imagination.
Wiggins Oh, he's doing splendidly now.
He's specializing In excuses for married
men. Chicago News.
She If I'd known you'd be such a brute
to Poor Fldo, I'd never have married you.
He. The anticipated pleasure of kicking
that miserable Utile beast was one of my
chelt reason) for proposing. Boston
The mother (Impatiently) I don't know
what we'll do with Tommy! He doesn't
seem to agree with anybody.
The father rjrrltably)-l suppose we'll
have to make a dramatic critic out of
him. Cleveland Plain Dcoler.
"So that wretched old miser got better
oner all."
"Yea. he rallied as. soon an hn honrrl
that the Drlce of funerals was trnlmr un."
Baltimore American.
"I hear that a policeman chased your
ar last night because your lights were
lUt. Didn't you stop?"
"Heavens not If I'd stoooMl I'd hirn
been out, too." Boston Transcript.
"That's what you call a mixed auartet.
Isn't It?"
"Yes. considerably bo." Florida Times.
"I have a friend who Just marries for
"why, how disgraeeiuu"
"No, not exactly You see, he s a min
ister." Cornell Widow.
Patience Is Will goOd at guesting
Patrice I think not.- He said he guessed
I'd learn to love him. Yonker's States
man. Tabltha tho Cat Whlen would you
rather live wltlv a married woman or an
old maid?
Rags tho Dog A married woman for
mine ivery time. When things go wrong
For the Toiler
The cost of living is a hard
nut ta crack for the working
man. He must have nutri-
. tious food and plenty of it
ana tne tooa must oe cneap.
Do you know that there is
more nutrition in a 10c pack
than there is in 4 lbs.
of beef? It is rich in
gluten, the food content
that makes muscle, bone
and flesh.
will reduc6 your cost of
living. Cut youf meat
bills two -thirds
buy a few packages of
a week. Tastes deli
clous, has an appetizing,
. savory flavor. You can
make a whole meal of
tt. Send for free recipe
book shows how
many ways Spaghetti
can be cooked.
At mil grocers'
Sc an ft 10c packages.
MAULL BKtS.,StLMis,llf)
1 '
? Deformity appliances
If t. 1 tt J-J- - -S V
To correctly make de
formity braces or to glva.
comfort to those afflicted
requires experienced skill.
Our men and women are
trained along surgical lines.
Their long experience In
dealing with every variety
ot deformity cases has de
veloped wonderful skill.
They not only constantly
come In contact with the medl
al profession, but also are
eent several times each
year' to the great Institutions
of the Country to keep In touch
with the latest methods and
tho most Approved devices.
Our mantifactur ng 'epartment Is like
wise supplied with such skill an1 equip
ment that we can meet the most difficulty
requirements In our own establishment.
The W. 6. Cleveland Co.
shargtcal sad Xavaltd Supplies.
It 10-18 Ksraay It. Telephone Song. 1185.
"Buy your turgkal tupplitt
wHers your phytiaan buys Aw."
fja? ' W
sho'lt take It out on her husband and let
mo out-Philadelphia Bulletin.
Small Boy (handing druggist a holfidol
lar) Five five-cent cigars, and give me
the chance. ,
Drugt-Jst But, Bob. youf father always
smokes 10-cent cigar.
"Well, he isn't going to thl tlma."
H. C. Bunner. "Poems."
It was an old. old, old. old lady, -
And a boy that was half -past three.
And the way that they played together
Was beautiful to ce.
She couldn't go running and Jumping,
And the boy, no more ccuid 1 he.
For ho was a thin little fellow.
With a thin little twisted knee.
They sat in the yellow sunlight,
Out under the maple tree.
And the gamo that they played 111 tell
Just as It was told to me.
It was Hlde-and-Go-Seek they were play-
Though you'd never had Known It to
be -
With ail old, old. old, Old lady
And the boy with the twitted knee.
Tho boy; wduid bend his face down
On his one Utile sound right knee.
And he'd guess where she was hiding,
In guesses One, Two, Three!
"You areJn the china closetl"
Ho would cry and laugh with glee
It wasn't the china closet,.
But still ho had Two and Three.
"You are. In papa's Hg bedroom.
In the chest with the queer old key!
And the said, "You are warm and
warmer, , . ,
But you're not quite right," said. she.
"It can't be the llttlo cupboard
Where mamma's thing used to be,
So It must be the clothespress, gran mat"
And he found her with his Three.
Then she covered her face with her fin
gers. That were wrinkled and white and Wee,
And she guessed where th boy was
With a One and a Two and a Three.
must urn mica oy ex
pert hands and made
to meet each case
SpscEalfsts fn 1 (Mj
Diforiity I
6kpTS' F"lIISle
With Expert 1
Lady Fitter, j TfUSSSS I
Specialists In I I
Abdominal I
Specialists 1
Support! I
Drs. Mach & Hach
The largest and best equipped dental
office Irt Omaha. Experts In charge of
all work, moderate prices. Porcelain
twines Just like the tooth. All Instru
ments sterilized after using.,
.3d rieor Vaxtoa Block. Omaha, jrafe

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