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RELOCATED The Bee"s Business Office Is Now Reached Through the Main Entrance of the Bee Building.
The Omaha
nday Bee
Cloudy; Cooler
Methodist and Presbyterian Boards
Make Announcement After Con
sulting with Bryan.
Ministers Insist that They Are Not
in Danger.
Men Will Remain at Posts if Situa
tion Remains Same.
President of .nati!' nnd JlnunBtr f
Teleifrnnli oinpnny Inslat tnnt
CttUeiiH of United Stntrs
Aro Safe.
NEW YORC, Aug. SO. The Methodist
Episcopal Board of Foreign Missions has
received a telegram from Dr. John IV.
Butler, the superintendent of Its mission
In Mexico City, stating that President
Wilson's instructions for an American ex
odus aro "much, resented" by the Amer
ican colony and American missionaries of
all denominations object to leaving.
In view of these protests the Methodist
hoard and tho Presbyterian Board of For
clgn Missions have Instructed their mis
sionaries to decide tho question of leav.
ing the country for themselves, advising
them, however, that their women and
children should be sent to places of
saiety. This action was taken by the
two organizations after an exchange or
tolegrams with Secretary of State Bryan,
In which in reply "to a request for advice
In tho matter of withdrawal of American
missionaries from Mexico, Secretary
ryan said that his department continued
to act "in conformity with the advice
dven in the president's message of the
Sfrth instant, and all of our consular of
fices have boen instructed to assist Amor
leans to leave Mexico in every way."
Many Missionaries Protest.
Dr. .Butler's telegram, dated yesterday
nnd made public today, follows:
Washington instructions for American
exodus much resented by colony. Re&
ons given appear inadequate. . Union
mission conference representing four
shurches objects, except from disturbed
territory. What does the board recom
mend In tho preit emergency?
A request for instructions was also re
ceived by the Presbyterian board from
Charles C.f ww? Iietui ot thelr-Mexlcan
mission, and after a conference of repre
Bentatlves of missionary .boards of vari
ous denominations yesterday, the Presby"
terian, board sent to Mr. Petron tho fol
lowing telegram, which In substanco was,
It is understood, sent by boards of other
denominations to their .representatives:
The board, while It cautions prudence,
leaves the mission to decide tho ques
tion of policy in the premises. It Is the
ludgment ot the board that women and
:hlldren should be recalled to a place
sf safety. Men. use discretion, avoid
risk, keep In touch with, the United
States representatives, register property.
Tho . message requesting Secretary
Bryan's advlco In tho matter, dated Au
gust 26, was sent in behalf of the For
eign Missions Conference of North Amer
ica, Including boards of all denomina
tions. "Before replying," the secretary tele
graphed back, "this department would
like to know the exact location and num
bers In "Mexico of your missionaries."
This request was complied with and
lire further statement telegraphed that
"Missionaries ore experienced workers
nd work includes Important schools,
whoso closing would be serious. Letters
Indicate that missionaries feel safe and
desire to remain. Would you approve If
they still feel so7"
Secretary Bryan's final reply came In
answer to this message. Thora are fif
teen Presbyterian missionaries in Mexico
With their families and some sixty of the
Methodist denomination.
"What confidential Information the
president may haVe I don't know." reads
' .. . 1 .1 . . .A
a report of the situation, made today to ,
the Presbyterian board oy Annur ...
rtrown Hb secretary. "Our advices irom
Hi a missionaries in Mexico ana wnai
knowledge of the situation Is available
here In consultation with the representa
tives of other boards similarly situated
ioes not appear to Justify us In ordering
jur missionaries to leave the country."
President of Senate Protests.
Senor Sebastian Camacho, president of
the Mexican senate, has sent a telegram
to James A. Scrymser of New Tork,
president of the Mexican Telegraph com
pany, requesting him to protest to Presi
dent Wilson against tho withdrawal of
American citizens from Mexico. The
message, made publlo hero today, de
clares the American colony in Mexico "Is
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The Weather
For Omaha. Council Bluffs and Vicinity
-Fair; slightly cooler.
TomnrnlllK Sit Oinnnn IWH
6 a. m..
6 a. m..
7 a. m,.
o a. ni ,
9 a. m
10 a. in ?
11 a. m.. 84
12 m ?
1 p. m ?t
: p. in vj
3 p. m as
4 p. in S3
5 p. m &S
6 p. m 91
7 P, til 90
Comparative Local Record.
131J. 11. 1911. 19M.
Highest yesterday..-,.. 00 65 to 8)
Lowest yesterday St 71 " 68 l
Mean temperature ., 83 S3 70 70
Precipitation .01 .00 T .30
Temperature and precipitation depar
tures from the normal t
Normal temperature.......,.,.,..,,..,., 71
Excess for the day ........ , It
Total excess blues March 1...... ...,.493
Normal precipitation.., ,, .10 inch
poflclnncy for thsjlay.,. ....... .09 inch
Totul rainfall since March 1,... 15.67 Inches
Deficiency since March 1. ....... 6.13 Inches
Deficiency for cor. period, 1912. 7.27 lucl es
Deficiency for cor period, 1911.12.75 inohea
"T ' Indicates trace of precipitation
L. A. WtLSH, Local Forecaster.
Alleged Exile Would Be President of
Ilefaara to Dlacnss Wilson's Mrantrr,
lint Sara Hncrtn's Candidacy la
nnrreil by the Mexlcnn
LONDON, Aur. 19. "I am now
definitely a candidate for president ot
Mexico." General Felix Dlas. who re
cently arrived from Canada, told the As
sociated Press this morning.
"My friends In Mexico are working in
my behalf," continued General Dlax, "Un
fortunately at this distance, I, myself, am
unalilo to do much, but 1 am awaiting In
structions which may simplify matters.
"Even If I am ordered to proceed to
Japan, It Is not certain that I shall go
I there. My action will depend on develop
1 ments In Mexico."
I General Fells Diaz apparently Is
I p,clwe d wth the cours0 of event8 ,
'Mexico, lie said that the contention that
Victor;al,0 Huerta's candidacy for the
presidency was barred by the Mexican
conMlltutlon was quite correct. He do
cl&rt.d the fact that he .was still an offi
cial representative of the Mexican gov
ernment debarred him from discussing
President Wilson's messago or the Mexi
can replies.
Diplomatic Situation Unchanged.
WASHINGTON, Aug. 30.-The Mexican
situation was unchanged today; John
Llnd, President Wilson's personal envoy,
still was waiting at Vera Cruz, and no
advices of his plans bad come to yasu
lnglon. Secretary Bryan, returning to town for
a few hours from an over-night lecture
tour, left again, for another, to return
tomorrow. Secretary Tumulty left for a
week-end wltn his family In New Jersey.
With President Wilson at the summer
capital at Cornish, arrangements were
made to transmit any important develop
ments to him there.
Mr. Bryan, after receiving a message
from Mr. Llnd, declared the sttuatl6n un
changed. Mr. Llnd still is acting on his
own dlsi..'ctton about returning to Mexico
Mar kins Time.
Indications pointed strongly to the view
that the policy of tho United States for
the next few -days will be a waiting one,
while strict neutrality is enforced and
Americans are urged , to leave Mexico.
Those who take that view, point to" Pres.
4dent Wilson's declaration" to congress In
his address that the actual situation ot
the authorities' at Mexico City will pre
sently be revealed, and that "steady pres
sure of moral force will before many days
broak down tho barrfcrs ot prldo and
Swift's Pocking
Plant at- drestan '
Destroyed by Fire
CRESTON. Ia., Aug. : 30,-Fire believed
to have started from a spark from a
passing engtno caused a loss of $125,000
here this afternoon, and for -more than
an hour threatened t thoi en tiro best reel
denco section of the. city. The blaze
started in C. S.- Rex & Sons' Ice house
and spread to Swift & Co.'s poultry, but
ter and egg plant, which It completely
Scores of fires were started in dwel
lings across the street, irnt were checked
by their owners. The First United
Presbyterian church took fire, but it was
extinguished with slight damage.
Tho blaze was spectacular and the In
tense heat from the burning packing
house made fighting tho fire difficult.
One fireman was overcome by the heat,
but later revived.
Secretary Daniels
Favors Army-Navy
Foot BalTGame
WASHINGTON, Aug. 80.-6cretary
Daniels expressed himself as heartily In
favor of the army-navy toot ball game
being played this year as usual. He added
- -r r , "V -
He declined to give any opinion as to
where he thought the game should be
played. '
"But I think wo should have the game,"
he said, "which has- becomo a national
event and Is looked forward to with much
pleasure and Interest by thousands. Ques
tions ot detail as to number and method
ot distributing the tickets, I think should
be kicked out ot the back door and not
allowed to stand In tho way."
NEW YORK, Aug. 30. From a cell Jn
the Raymond street Jail Elizabeth Tron
dle, a Brooklyn girl, appealed today by
letter to President Wilson to Issue a per
mit to dress as a man.
"If I can appear as a man and do a
man's work, I shall be more respected
and better paid," reads her letter to the
"It's -no crime for a woman to wear
malo attire, yet I am locked up In Jail
because I did so. I -want a permit from
you or some one else to wear the cos
tume I have adopted."
Miss Trondle, arrested, for masquerading
as a man, had been working In male at
tire in a book bindery. She claimed that
because of her dress sho received far bet
ter wages than a woman, and refused
to promise to dress like a woman here
after. Her case comes up uext Tuesday,
CHICAGO, Aug. 30. Secretary Garrison
arrived here today from St. Paul to in
spect the military barracks and grounds
at Fort Sheridan. He declined to dis
cuss the Mexican situation.
"I have made it a rule on this trip
not to commit myself on any question ot
the army, the forests or the Mexican sit
uation," he declared,
The secretary expected to depart at
nldnight for St Louis.
Driver of Stilts Car Wins National
Trophy at Average Speed of
71 1-2 Miles an Hour.
Official Time of Victor Four-Thir-teen-Thirty-Eight.
Behind Winner with Mason in Four-Twenty-Thirty-One.
With Thtrtj-Thrre Miles to (io, lie
Motps Into Ilrrsdoll's Plnco
. When Latter Rnns Out
of Gasoline.
ELGIN, 111., Aug. SO. "Qll" Anderson
won the Elgin national trophy today In
a Stutz car. Ho mado ah average ot 71H
miles an hour, breaking the course record.
Anderson's time, official, 4:13.33.
Ralph Mulford In a Mason finished see
ond In 4::0:31.
Spencer Wlshart was third; time, 4:23:58.
With third money in sight Bergdoll ran
out of gasoline In the back stretch and
Wlshart moved Into bis place with thirty-three
mlloa to go.
The Start.
ELGIN, HI.. Aug. so. Twelve cars
got away this morning In the annual SOI
mile grind over tho eight-mile courso here
tor the Elgin National trophy. Tho larger
field und larger machines than appeared
In yesterday's race added to the Interest
In the contest and a crowd exceeding In
numbers that which broke through tho
lines of the mllltla at the finish yester
day' afternoon was on hand to cheer the
Bill tfndtcott In a Case was the first
man away and In the order of their
naming tho following took up his put-suit
at Intervals of thirty seconds;
Car. Drlvor.
MnBmi Ed.Rlekenbacher.
Mason K- Mulford.
Mercer. . . .'.'.V "".V Spencer Wlshart
Stutz ".!".'.'.!C"I Anderson.
Marmon Joe Dawson.
Mason William Haupt.
Kceton Bob Burman.
Velio : .Otto Hennlng.
Mercer .....Ralph De Palma.
Irutta.... Harry Grant.
Erwln Special ...Erwln Bergdoll.
Kleincnt ot Danger.
Hhe greater throng was attracted, per
haps, by the added elements ot danger.
Flvp men who drove their racers at a
mile a mlmitq speed for nearly fve hours
yesterday started out to repeat their per-
Iprmance. Their - handsTvfe" ""blistered
by holding the machines, to the. road In
the roiich snot, and they felt'4h effects
of the Journey in every muscle. This was
true in the case of Harry Endlcott, who
fainted while on the thirteenth lap. He
said he felt much' better after a good
sleep arid that heexpetced to finish bet
ter than third, the position! be was In yes
terday when he succumbed. to: the strain.
Ralph Do Palma,' who was' bleeding at the
noso when he , finished first, had put
cushions In tho 'driver's seat to rolleve the
Jar on his spine.
The Delta car whlcii Dawson piloted
Into second place Friday was withdrawn.
Ono of the wheels hod a cracked hub
and two havo buckled rims from running
on flat tires.
Dawson, De Palma. Grant and Ander
son were the favorites with the crowd.
Somo of the wholesalers of Omaha are
starting a movement for the closing of
A-holesale establishments next Friday In
order to give the employes an oppor
tunity to attend the state fair on Omaha
and South, Omaha day. The movement
has Just been Initiated, and It Is not
known yet how many will Join It, In
some ot the wholesale houses It Is known
that practically the whole force ot em
ployes want to moke the trip to Lincoln,
The National Capital
Saturday, Autrnst 30, 1013.
The Senate.
Tariff debate continued.
Lobby committee continued hearings.
Adjourned at 6:10 p. in., until 11 a. ss.
Finance committee held night session on
Income tax provisions of tariff DHL
The House.
Received reslcnatlon of ReDresentative
Davis of West Virginia to becomo solic
itor general.
lletch Hetchy bill considered with a
view to nassace late this afternoon.
Adjourned at 6:33 p. in., until noon
Tuesday without acting on Hctch Hetchy
Drawn for The Bee by Powell.
Striking Copper Miners Attack
Party at uth JCearsarga
vIoluM' 'kWm in 'Assault
Attack Made on Nonunion , Men at
Champion -.Mine With Brooms
DJped tn filth Soldiers
Kescsfl Firemen, '
CALUMET. Mich., Aug.' 30. A. company
ot mllltla was called out -today to pro
tect a Party ot deputies at No. 3 shaft,
South Kearsargo mine, from attuck by
a large number ot copper mlno .strikers
and women. The women were particu
larly active, spitting in tho faces of dep
uties and otherwise defying them.
The soldiers also rescued an Alloucz
mine fireman who was attacked by
strikers while on his -nty to work. The
strikers took him from a street car and
were beating hira when the mllltla ar
rived. Strikers and women sympathizers M
the Champion mlno resumed their attacks
on non-union men today, striking them
with brooms dipped In filth and throwing
missiles. One man was badly beaten
and three women were arrested.
Another big parade of strikers was also
held in Calumet
TooMany R'sin
Garrison's Title
The city of Omaha was embarrassed.
last week. It was not for Jack of lucre
In ' Us treasury nor of city' officials to
conduct its business. It waa for the lack
ot "Ra," The city hall keeps a collection
of; large wooden letters of the alphabet
of which to build up names and words
on the welcome arch when occasion de
mands. When Secretary of War Garri
son was here they wanted to put on high
tho words, "Secretary of War."
They built until thoy got- to the end ot
the phrase and had no "IV with whloli
to finish. Then came much scratching
of official heads. They telephoned the
Commercial club 'to ask it It would be all
right 'to abbreviate tho word, "Secretary"
to "Bsc."
"What for?" catne the-answer.
"Out-of "Rs,". retorted. the man at. the
city hall. "Too many "Rs" fa 'Secre
tary.' "
As there wero only, two "Rs" In the
city hall alphabet, tiio word was ab
breviated. Apolllnarls .lemonade was served to
Secretary Garrison at the Commercial
club luncheon Thursday noon. He was
the only man at the table to whom this
drink was served. Someone at the club
was "wise" to the fact that ths Is the
strongest drink In which the secretary
Indulges, and so one was concoted for
SAN FRANCISCO, Cal., Aug. J0.-There '
was consternation In the lobby' of a big
downtown hotel yesterday when a taran
tula walked out of a suit casa tn front
of the desk and took a promenade.
Women screamed, clutched their skirts
and Jumped on chairs. All the men like
wise retreated. Congressman Thomas R.
Rellly of Meriden, Conn., sang out:
"Don't mind the spider all the blg
bugs' come to this hotel."
The tarantula had emerged from the
baggage of Mrs. H. Huffman of Los An
geles, Just returned from Honolulu. As
It ambled across the floor It held tight, to
Its lunch, a large oyster cracker,
A bell boy finally captured tho taran
tula and impiisoned It In a box.
Coming of September Morn
Eight Men Killed
and Six Injured by
Boiler Explosion
PUURG Pa,, Aug., a.rCatu!n
Thomas Flaherty, Pilot Ilarry'DcnaWson
and six of tho 'creW'of the tawboat Alice
were killed this mornlne.ancl six r.lAne
rlvotmen were. Injured when the' boUb'ra
of the Alice exploded. . Some ot the UlUlee
wero recovered and tho injured were
brought to' the Marine hospital hero bv
the steamer Harriet, which happened to
bo near the. scene of the accident hi the
Ohio river at Dam No. 2 at Corapollf, Pa '
Many of tho crew were rlvermtm of
the typo whose names are seldom known
to their companions or the officers ot tho
boats, and for that reason it was feared
some difficulty would be experienced lo
securing a complete list of the dead.
The Alice, a tow boat belonging to a
sand company of Pittsburgh, was towing
a fleet of barges and was within l.COO
feet ot the lock when the boilers let go.
Tho men who were not instantly klllod
or so badly injured that. thoy wero un
abb to move made their way forward,
but so quickly did the boat settle that
within ton minutes after tho explosion
nothing but the stocks were above tha
water and the survivors wore struggling
In tho stream.
Boats put off from shore and the in
jured were rescued as the Harriet
steamed up. Ot the entire crew ot four
teen men not one is known to have es
caped death of Injury.
Later In the day toe hody. ot Mr
Mills, a chambermaid, waa recovered
from the shattered hull of the craft
One of the 'boilers was. located In the
sand on NYlll Island, fully. tCOO feet
from the scene ot the explosion.
Major Killian Dies
On Transport at Sea
COLUMBUS. Neb., Aug. 30.-(Bpeclal
Telegram.) Word was received hero this
morning that Major J. N. Kllllan ot the
commissary department ot the United
States army, who was returning from the
Phtllpplno Islands on sick leave on the
transport I'otomao, died two days out of
San Francisco.
- Major Kllllan began the practice of law
here in 1889, was editor of the Nebraska
J3 lone. and beqamo county Judge in 1833.
Ho served one tenn.
He Joined tho First Nebraska as cap
tain of Company K, and served in the
Philippines during the Spanish-American
war. Mrs. Clarence Sheldon, a sister-in-law,
lives hero.
Major Kllllan received his rank In
servlco in tho Philippines and utter tho
war was elected colonol when tho regi
ment was reorganized.
After the war Colonel Kllllan was made
captain in the regular army. Chosli'g
tho commissary branch. He waa sta
tioned for a time In Omaha.
Parade through Omaha business dis
trict at 10:20 a. m.
Plcnio at Krug park In afternoon,
with speaking by Miss Mary O Ke lly
of Chicago, Mayor Dahlman and labor
loaders, and program of sports.
Retail stores to close at noon.
Cricket game, 1:30 p. m.. Miller park.
Plcnio and barbecue. Mount Morlah
Baptist church, Thirty-second and
Plcnio, Emmet Monument associa
tion, old South Omaha Country club.
Plcnio, Clan Gordon, Thirty-second
and Fowler.
Double-header at Rourke park,
Sioux City asalnst Omaha.
Many amateur base ball games.
Trap shoot Omaha dun club, 2 p. m.
Trap shoot, Florence Gun club,
9 a. m.
(Jolt play on all Omaha links.
Matteawan Fugitive Will Be Pro-
auced in Court l?et Tuesday on
r Hew Writ of'Hafctas Corpus; .
t 'T- IWf.'. i
Offlcef Who Arrested Prisoner Is
Afrnld of Damage Suit If Arrest,
'Proves Illegal Jerome
Arrauiies the. Plan. r
SHERRROOKB. Que.. Aug. M.-Hiitry
1C Thaw' will bo produced In court hero
again on Tuesday morning next on a
writ of habeas corpus obtained today in
behalf ' of Chief ot Police Douaroau of
Catlcook, who arrested him after bis
flight from Matteawan.
Superior Judge Hutchinson granted the
writ on application of Samuel Jacob.
chief counnol for the Now York nUte
Interests, it was an eleventh hour move
taken to defeat Thaw's lawyers, who
have succeeded In keeDinir him In tail
safe from tho immigration authorities.
ThOse of the Thow lawyers who wero in
town, Charles D. White and Harry Vautr,
bitterly opposed tho application, but
Judge Hutchinson Bald he would threb
the matter out In open court at 10 a. m.
Lawyers CuagBt Off Guard.
Thaw was Ignorant of today's develop
ments. His lawyers even did not learn
of it until a report ot the contemplate
move sept out last night waa telegraphed
back frorn Montreal. His chief -lawyer,
R. N, Greenshlelds. .Immediately char
tered a. special train at Montreal in the
nopo ot checking the proceedings. The
writ had boen issued, however. bfnr til
Boudreau asked for the writ on th
ground as the original captor ot Thaw
he might be liable to damages should
Thaw's arrest prove illegal.
W, T. Jerome, who worked mir thl.
latest attack, was Jubilant. He hopts
that the writ will be sustained and that
on Tuesday Thaw will be in the hnndi of
me department of Immigration for de
portation to Vermont
Allegations In Petition.
Boudreau's petition, as made publlo this
afternoon, recites that thn nriitinn. or.
rested Thaw on a warrant Issued by Jus-
uco 0l mo i-cace uupis of Coatlcook; that
Thaw wan "eroneouslv committor n
at Sherbrooke without any form of pre
liminary injuiry, ana that as the petK
tloner 'has a treat lnt
ter he prays that Thaw bo set at liberty
In order 'to redress any wrong that your
petitioner nas aone said Harry. K. Thaw. '.
He therefore asks that Thaw be producod
In court and freed unless cause' can be
shown for his detention.
Thnvr Is Itrfnued Funds. , . .
Hlller and Judge Thomas T. "rrfiViV.i. m
orphans' court here today. retun imm.
dlate consideration ot a petition filed by
counsel for Harrr Thaw and asking that
his trustee, the Fidelity Title and Trust
company of Pittsburgh, be permitted to
pay htm tlO.CKX) of the 1000,000 of his estate.
"Tills court will take Judicial notice
that the petitioner is adjudged insane in
New Tork and we cannot see how wo can
make any decree In (his case In view of
Ids -standing lu the sister state," said
Judge Hlller.
The application will be argued before
the entlro bench ot the orphans court
next week when the regular argument
Hit Is taken up. George IL Calvert of
counsel for Thaw made it plain during
his presentation of tho cose that a part
ot the funds desired was to be used by
Thaw In having the courts of Allegheny
county pass on the question of his sanity
and the remainder was to pay the law
yerti now working in Ids behalf la Canada,
State's Wonderful Resources Will
Be on Display Cominr; Week
at Lincoln.
Monday Gates Open in All Depart
ments to Public
Maohinery Department Will Cover
Acres of Ground.
rieltcr Halites Exhibit, Fne Lectures
for Mottirra, All Sorts ot Do
mrstla Products to Be
on Sltoir. k
(From a Staff Correspondent)
LINCOLN, Neb., Aug. SO. (Special.)
The-final rush for entries -for tho forty-
fifth annual state fair took place today.
Blx o'clock this evening was the limit on
entries of all kinds.
Tomorrow afternoon comes tho first at
traction ot the fair a sacred and
classical concert at tho Auditorium at
J:50 p. m. Another conccre will be given
at 7 iv. m by'Llberatl's band, osststod by
ten grand opera singers. At 8 o'clock
Monday the gates will bo open to tho
gonerut publlo and all the buildings will
bo ready for Inspection.
Clyde Barnard, Poter Younger and J.
A. Yager got tho floral exhibit in shape
Saturday morning. Arrangements wero
mado for one ot the most attractive dis
plays' ever scon in Nebraska. This ex
hibit1 will be found particularly attrac
tive, and will show the flowers Nebraska
can produce In an unfavorable season.
Finny Trlbct Prise.
An educated catfish. It is claimed. U
one ot - the trophies Superintendent
O'Brien of tho fisheries building Is con
cealing. He wilt not dtscuss bis favor
ite pet, but admits that It is ono ot tho
largest fish ever caUght in tho Platte.
The oxtent of tho piscatorial erudition Is
also a matter ot conjeoture.
"I bco considerable talk in the papers,
said Superintendent O'Brien, "about edu
cation at the state fair. I suppose my
department la always to fall in line. So
we want to present our modest prodigy
to art expectant people."
Fine Crop Display.
Tho agricultural exhibit -will be eves
better than, last. year. The lepiay U sur.
iiH'sltigirt, ivcry.,,ay.'
"I looed through agricultural hall this
morning.", laid Q. W. Potts of DuBois.
"Taking tho dlsplayo as a criterion. It Is
hard for one to realise that there has
bee'nany drouth. This' fair will certainly
bo Immense."
While tha contractors ore rushing tha
Seventeenth street paving, Corortilesloner
Honsley has not been Idle. He is plan
ning to sprlnklo the street, s6 that the
peoplo who irislt the fair grounds will not
have to contend with tho dtut On the
grounds tho sprinklers have been busy
and the dust annoyance has been elim
inated. Free Jledlonl Lectures.
Mrs. M. E. Vonco has arranged for a
series of free medical lectures for
mothers. There will be one each day
during the wek at 10:30 a. tn.. The list
of subjects and the names ot the physi
cians follow:
ManduV. Sentember 1 "Fcedlnr the
Baby," Dr; Incs C. Phllbrick.
Tuesday. Beptember 2 "Conservation of
the Nervous Systom of tha Baby." Dr.
Mabel Dunn, Lincoln.
.vcanesaay, Bepiooaoer a "uniiaren'a
Health lSnenileie," Dr. Daisy M, Hanson,
Thursday. September 4 "Eathln and
Clothing the Uiiby,". Dr. Laura Brown,
Friday. Beptemuer & "isugenice." urj
Emma Demaree, Roca.
Mothers are especially Invited to .attend
these lectures.
Acres of Machinery.
In the machinery, automobile and
tractor departments there was rauek con
gestion. Superintendents Banning; Boss
and Custafson were snowed -under with
business. Superintendent Hiram Myers
and Albert Johnson did some hustllns
In tha department of concessions. More
concessionaires are expected to secure
contracts than ever before.
The grandstand was opened and pre
pared tor the reception of visitors today.
Tho race track was also pronounced In
excellent condition.
All members and ex-members of die
legislature on the fair grounds are asked
to meet at noon Wednesday in front ot
tho administration building. Henry C,
Richmond, secretary of tho organization
ot solons, Is making the arrangements
for the Informal reunion. No Invitations
have been Issued,
The Last of
Horo we are at the end ot the
last' sutrimdr month and, al
though we. may .not. realize- that
the earl fall season Is at band
we hnvo'oniy to look tit the
etorlos. told in the advertising
sections ot The Bee to sea that
others have realized the date,
have planned ahead for it and
are now beginning to offer us
tho results of their foresight.
In order not to miss knowing
about anything that may be ot
value to us In the first cool
days, we had better begin
thinking ahead a little, so that
when we make our -purchases
tor the change. of season wo
will know what there is for our
It ia important to make a
practice of reading advertlia
mants svt all times, but it ia
especially necessary when the
season changes and the Bhops
aro tilled with new things.

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