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Left to right Mrs. L. 0, Olark and Master Bob Clark, 115 South Thirty-eighth street; Miss Ruth Davis, The Holcn Apartments; Miss Louise Hupp, 2411 South Thirty-second avenue; Mrs. Harry Rosenfeld, and Mrs.
L. M. (John, 111 South Thirty-fifth avenue; Mrs.. Dorothy M. Mack, 3302 Woolworth avenue; Mrs. William O.Quinlan, 2124 Pinkney street; -Miss Gladdis Rohrbaugh, 3016 Mason street; Miss Margaret Fugitt, 110 New
Hamilton, and Miss Katherine Limeburg, 102 South Thirty-eighth street; Miss Hazel Degen, 3303 Woolworth avenue; Miss Tonett E. Boltcky, 615 South Twenty-ninth street.
No city of Its size in tho United
States has more women who are auto
mobllists than has Omaha. Pino big
gasoline , cars driven by women are
common sights on the street of the
city at all seasons of the year. The
gasoline car has so developed in the
last two or three years that It has no
terrors for the feminino enthusiast
and it is easy for a woman tp handle
the largest of the touring machines'.
Women Are
Doing in the World
ITH the approach' of autumn
cornea the resurglng activity
of women's clubs. After a
summer of complete rest,
members of the various or
ganizations will return with
renewed-.Interest In the work they have
net out to accomplish.
During the last week the Frances
Wlllard union and the West Side union
of the Woman's Christian Temperance
union have held the annual business
meetings and officers for the coming
year were elected. The-members of these
societies .are most active in their work
Mrs. T.. J. Roberts was re-elected presl
dent of the Frances Wlllard union and
Mrs. Horace Claggett, president of the
West Side.'
The Omaha Suffrage association met
Thursday at the cottage of Mrs. Frost,
at' the Carter Lake Country club, and
plans for the coming campaign were dis
cussed and made. The warm weather is
almost oyer and the actual work for the
year Is about to be commenced.
The Equal Franchise league of South
Omaha will meet Wednesday of this
week. While this Is a very young or
ganization, it has a splendid membership
and much Is expected to be accomplished
by Its members.
The Wyche Story Tellers' league will
hold Its first meeting the latter part or
September. The Mothers' Culture club
will meet September 21. The annual
business meeting of this club will be held
In October.
Prominent members of the Omaha
Society of Firie Arts, who have been In
Europe and In the east for tho summer
will have much thaV Is new and inter
esting to. bring to the attention of the
society . during the work of the coming
year. Mrs. Arthur Crittenden Smith,
president of the society, has spent the
summer on the Massachusetts coast and
In Boston. Mrs. Charles Kountze and
Mrs. Ward Burgess have vpent the sum
mer in England and have visited the
gaJlerlts there.
Mrs. J. It, McDonald, president of the
Book Review club, who has Bpent the
summer in Japan and China, is now
in Europe and will return the latter
Tho picture above shows a group of
woman who are driving CadillaCcars
every day on the streets of Omaha.
These are other women Cadillac
drivers who were unable to get into
the picture:
Mrs. Samuel Burns, Jr., Miss Anne
Blotcky, Mrs. A. M. Myers, Miss Mar
ioua Carpenter, Miss Maude Davies,
Mrs. Lester Drlshaus, Mrs. H. A. Det
wellor, Miss Frances Hochstotler,
Mrs. Frank Crawford, Mrs. F. S.
Knapp, Mrs. M. I. Gordon, Mrs. H. It.
W. O.T. U.
Hps. C&.2?obe2h
part of September to resume her work
with the club. The club studied Japanese
h.story latt year and will continue the
study of It this year. Mrs. McDonald
will have many interesting things to tell
the members of her trip through Japan
in regard to the work.
Omaha women are very much inter
ested in the visit of Miss Mary O'Relly
of Chicago, to this city. Miss O'Relly Is
a most entbuslastia suffragist, socialist
and Is a great worker -for the cause of
both. She addressed several women on
the subject of suffrage at the home of
Mrs. W. C. Sunderland Saturday morn"
lng. She will make an address on the
Labor day program at Krug park Mon
day afternoon.
Mlsa O'Relly Is In touch with the labor
situation In Chicago and told the women
pf Omaha that the cause of suffrage
would not be helped until the laboring
' '"'
Bixby, Mrs. Jake Klein, Mrs. Samuel
Werthelmer, Mrs. John Maddon, Miss
Ann Offerman, Mrs. A..F. Smith, Mrs.
P. A. Wells, Mrs. H. A. Waggoner,
Mrs. John J. Pryor, Miss Harriet
There are in the list a number or
women who do much more than sim
ply'handle the steering wheel on their
cars. They are able to locate faults
(n the operation of their cars and cor
rect them If necessary. They are able
to demount a rim and set a tire in
women became interested and worked
with them. It was largoly through these
societies that the work in1 Chicago was'
done, said Miss O'Relly.
Miss Mary Calvin of ' Chicago, who Is
an associate editor of Life and Labor,
accompanied Miss O'Relly and will t;
among' Uto honor guests at the Labor
day celebration.
The regular meeting of the . Equal Fran
chise -league 'of South. Omaha will ,be
held-Wednesday-at 2:20 o'clock at Library
hall, South Onmha.- Mrs. W. W. Wldo
Will, speak on the books, on suffrage,
Mrs, Edward Kenney of Chicugo will
also take , part in the program. Mrs.
Kenney .ls' a member of one; of the Chi
cago organizations and a most enthusi
ast lo worker. Other prominent local
suffragists Will take pert In the program,
All who are Intereated In the cause .of
woman's suffrage are most cordially- In
vited, to, attend the meeting. '
The West Side union of the Woman's
Christian' Temperance union held Its an
nual meeting at the home of. Mrs. Drover
Thursday afternoon. Mrs. Horace Cltlggett
Was elected president; Mrs. A. Q. Mead,
ylce president; Mrs. Frank Dunn, secre
tary, and Mrs. S. C. Jennings, treasurer.
Delegates to the county convention were
elected as follows: Mrs. D. E. Gantz,
Mrs. Frank Hensman and Mrs. E. G.
Grover. The alternates are: Mrs. John
Blake, Mrs. H. S. Miller and Mrs. B
Olvens. The county convention will be
held at Volley September tf.
The Omaha Woman's Democratic league
will give a luncheon at Happy Hollow
Thursday, September 11. Following the
luncheon a business meeting will be held
and plans for the coming year made.
All democratic women are cordially In
vited' to attend. Reservation may be
made to Mrs. Earl Stanfteld, who la
chairman of tho entertainment commit
tee. Others on the committee are Mrs.
James Dahlman, Mrs. C. Vincent and
Mrs. W. C. Chal'lls.
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Mr. and Mrs, Burnell will make their
home with the bride's parents.
Ewell-Crow Wedding.
The wedding of Miss Hazel Crow,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 'Joseph Crow,
and Mr, James Marvin Cady Ewell of
Grand Rapids, Mich., will take place Mon
day at noon at All Saints' church, fol
place If caught with a puncture away I
from a repair shop. They know tho
mechanism of tholft. cars and If tho
motor is not working properly thoy
know why.
A novel feature of this big c611oc
tlon of Omaha women, all driving the
same make of car, Is that thoy are
all real mdtor enthusiasts and would
hot for a mlnuto btllovo they could do
without their automobiles. They drive
down town for their shopping,, make
their calls and tako their vacation
lowed by a wedding breakfast at the
home of tho bride's parents. Rev. J,
Mackay will officiate.
Phi Kappa Psi Dinner.
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Phllps entertained
at dinner Monday evening In honor of
Choir son, Russell, who celebrated ' his
twenty-first, birthday anniversary. The
guests were members of the Phi Kappa
Pst fraternity. Covers were laid for: '
Messrs. Messrs.
Husstdl Ph!lp, Paul Shields,
Hurd Htryker, Morris Olscn,
Fred McConnell, B levers Susmann.
Harold Thompson, David Bowman,
In and Oat'of the Bee Hive.
Mr, and Mrs. W. D. McCord of Alns
worth are In the city over Sunday.
Dr. and Mrs. A. P. Johnson returned
Friday from an extended eastern trip.
Mrs. Gustave Hahn returned Saturday
from the Wisconsin lakes where she spent
several weeks.
. Miss Rona Wllllodt returned Friday
from Chamberlain, S. D., where she vis
ited relatives for a month.
Miss Mayme Hutchinson returned yes-
ttrday from, New Tork and other eastern
cities, where she spent tho summer.
Dr, David H. R. Patton of Chicago,
31, 1913.
trips In' tholr cars. A numbor of thorn
have big distance records to their
credit and think nothing of motoring
to Dos Moines, Chicago or Denver.
To them a motor car U a necessity,
but thoy got a good deal of ploasuro
in the operation of their machines,
Electric starters, Improved gears,
electric lights, quick demountable
rims, and other lato improvements
and accessories have made the oper
ation of a motor car easy and u wo
man 1b as much at homo at the steer-
son of Rov. and Mrs. William D. Patton,
2351 Manderson street, Is here for a few
days' visit.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles IC Levy and
son, Lrnest, of Minneapolis armed
Friday 'to spend a fw days- with Mr.
and Mrs. Max Morris, Mrs. E. Cans and
Mrs. S. Heyh.
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Egbert and Mr.
and Mrs. Lloyd Egbert, who have been
tho guests of Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Epley
for the, last week, left Tuesday for their
home In Toledo, O.
Mrs. Frederick Montmorency, who came
homo three weeks ago from a visit to
her father, Mr. Flemon Drake, at Berke
ley, Cal returned there last Friday ow
ing to her father's ill health.
Mr. J. K. Orr of Atlanta, Qa Is visit
ing his sister, Mrs. A. J. Plerson. Mr.
Orr, who is a prominent officer of the
Knights Templar, Is enroute home from
the conplave held in Denver,
Mrs. John J, Ilonlghen returned home
Wednesday from Lake Champlaln, K
T.., where she, with her two sons, "Mr.
Cleary Hanlghen and Master, Bernard
nantghen, have been since July 15.
Mrs. C. H. Townsend, Mr. and Mrs.
Charles A. Bothwell, Miss Emma Mark-
ham and Miss Eleanor Bothwell, who
havo been spending their vacation at
Clear Lake, la., will return home Mon
day. Mr and Mrs1. D. C. Qreengard of Chi
cago are the 'guests of Mrs. Grceugard'a
brother, Mr. A B. Brown, and Mrs.
Brown. They have .spent the summer In
the weft and will leave the latter part of
the week for their home.
Mrs. Frank H. Qarvln and daughter,
Miss Ilelen. will leave Wednesday for
the cast, where Miss Qarvln will enter.
Bradford college for young women at
Bradford, Conn. Mrs. Garvin will spend
several weeks in the' east before return
ing. Personal Mention.
Miss Katherine Morse, who spent the
summer In Colorado Springs and Estes
Park, arrived home Monday and Is at
the Harvard temporarily.
Mrs. William E- Martin left Harbor
Point, Mich., Friday to spend a few days
at Marine Mills, Minn., with Mr. Sam
0. Strickland of Chicago, who has a sum
mer homo there.
Miss Loretta DeLone, who has been vls
ltlng her sjater, Mrs. Flniey, will leave
for New Tork this evening to resume her
teaching1 In the eastern schools. Mist
De Lone will be accompanied by Miss
Lorstta Flniey and Miss Edna Riley of
this olty.
Miss Mary Richardson left last week
for New Tork, where she will enter the
Presbyterian hospital to tako a course
ring whool as her huoband or brother.
It used to bo that husband or brother
had to go out and crank tho motor
for tho fair driver, and at night, man
ipulate tbo gas llghtB. Now tho wo
man mounts her car, starts tho motor,
with a touch of tho finger and with
anothor touch turns on her entire
lighting system. Sho lias beforo her
the gauges to show her how her car
is running and has full control of tho
machino within easy, roach of elthor
of training In nursing. Miss Richardson
la the daughter of Dr. and Mrs, C. T.
Richardson and made her debut three
years ago.
Mr, and Mrs. S. D. Barkulow 'moved
back to their own homo last week, which
was one of .those most 'severely damaged
by the tornado. The apartment vacated
by them at the West Farnam hotel will
be taken possession of by Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Koogh,
Ills Dora Levansky. formerly of Kim
ball, Neb., but now of this city, wtfc
leave shortly for Europe, where she will
resumo her studies In music. On hor trip
to New Tork Miss Levansky will stay
over at Chicago for a few days with her
cousin, Miss Florence Boner.
Mrs. Russell Harrlfcon and her daugh
ter, Mrs. Harry Williams, who have been
here for some weeks with Mrs. Alvln
Saunders, left Tuesday for Washington.
Mrs. Harrison will close her home In
Washington and wilt travel part of the
winter, returning to Omaha for Christ
mas. Mr. Banford Glfford, son of Dr, and
Mrs. Harold Glfford, arrives today from
Chicago, where he has been studying at
the university all summer, after his
graduation at Cornell.. Mr, Glfford will
bacomo one of the faculty at the Uni
versity of Omaha this fall and will teach
English literature and social service.
Atkinson Co., dressmakers, will be open
to their patrons on Monday, September
1. 1SW Farnam street. '
Armies of North
and South to Meet
in Peace at Lookout
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und get rjght behind that old tree again
and live over that Incident.
"Tou see, we were advised to retreat.
There was the battery on tho mountain,
and batteries on all sides the 'rebs,'
you know. Right when It was the hottest
of the fight. In conies the colonel. I be
lieve, and says something about retreat
ing. Incidentally, we did not retreat.
"I may aay In passing that the south
ern hospitality we hear so much-about
was permitted to become lax In those
turbulent days. AU the receptions we at.
tended were hot ones and those who "re
ceived' did not flatter us by wishing moat
heartily that we would call again soma
time. The war taught bqth tides some
thlnif it taught the north than a man
with a principle to defend could be par
Thoso Omaha women know their
cars thoroughly and they aro prona
to gather In small groups at their
club and talk automobile by tho hour
as do men who drive. They know
all about transmissions, carburetors,
magneto and ignition and whon It la
necessary .can discourse Intelligently
on these subjects. Modern motor car
methods have made this possible and.
Omaha womoh aro taking full ad
van tago of the pleasures offered by
ownership of anautomobUs.
ticularly obstinate, and it t.ukt th
south that Old Glory was not to be trifled.
with; and both sides soon mode the dis
covery that the war would not he ended!
in two or three months, as the rccrultln
officers would have one believe.
"But now the southern hospitality has
been restored, of couraa. and ttia Rnnt
Army of the Republic man Is most wel
come down thero where he did so much
damage fifty years'ago."
Ana so on ana so forth, all the way
down the list of namoa of the ,mea wha
will attend the reunion. The "hard feel
lng" has subsided with ttma .and there
Is no resentment. But they all admit,
rather sadly, that there Is now, aact
shall be for years, a distinction mad
between the north and the south. Ther
'.s no anlmosltyrbf course that Is dead,
except In rare district, nut thr ! n.
certain proudness and aloofness evident
in what they call "the south" yet This
feeling Is lessened every time a reunion
Is held, and now that tho Grand Army
of tho Republlo will meet for the first
time In the south, It Is hoped by tho local
Grand Army of the Republic men that
the last barrier of that Intangible "differ
ence" may be lowered and lost.
John Dempster has written to a com
mittee at Shiloh, stating at what time to
oxpect thV Nebraska "boys," and a.
hearty reception Is promised. The sur
vivors will ride In comfort over tho old
southern line, now called the Mobile &
Ohio, which they helped destroy during
the war.
"We pulled up the rails." Mr. Demp
ster said, "and the ties. W mi. h
ties In a heap and placed the rails across
tne top. The ties were burned and the
rails bended in the middle by the heat.
We took the rails then and twisted them
around trees along tho right-of-way,
"Although that road suffered a good,
deal we are given a sDeclal rate of i ..,
a mile. They seemed to admire our na
tions. But these roads around hero won't
do anything like that for ua. I told them
that us fellows should get out and wrap
u few of their rails around trees the-
might give us a similar rate then.
"We aro assured of every consideration
while In Tennessee, We shall travel on
a special. I do not know how many can
will be necessary yet. There will be
standard and tourist sleepers, an obser
vation car and dining cars. We vrtU
leavo on the Burlington September W
A Fortnnnie Texin.
E. W. Goodloe, Dallas, Texas, founi
a sure relief for malaria and blllouines
in Dr. King's New Ufa Pllla. Only J6o.
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