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maha -Sunday
Tint er -n-
Bee magazine Page
Copyright, 1013 by tho Star Company; Great Britain Righto neierve&
The Most Expensive
Furs in the World,
Ermine, Sable and
Chinchilla, Will Be
Use&in Paris This
Winter for Wraps
arid Coats, Says
Lady Duff-Gordon
jHcrie ef mmm, a4 forms
f fukieai aV world.
vmtm Mch wek me fuhio srttck for
Am ewpjpf, pvmatiag all iJtat U new
t aftd ti ia ty for wtll-dfi
woma. '
Ledf Det-Gordon't Park ettabluhawat
bring) her into doio loach with that
centra of faihion.
Lady Duif-Gordoa't American etialluJv'
steal U at No. 37 and 39 WU Fifty
cratih ttreei. New York.
IA1UB m4 mnptuou furs aad ran aad gle-
rioaa jewels arc the bailmerke of wealth.
Her than any Cher article la a womax'a;
werdrob theee aorgeewe adornwieitte
A mm ay be luwwR. br th ojy he
toe,. a woMtvte known H Um and jeweto
fee ww. Fursma seer to thaa
tbtir jeweto,fbt to Uwi tlwM Kwtaw raat8
awt tbea alt eite. '
There are fw woetea, wheee rati 4c C ejttlver -
they wok at weaeerfel ftr, at the gteecy
ef the emlae, Uh sleek brown f seal aad
tk weird gray blue -of th febateue blue fox.
There are few wcwen iww4y who de aet realize
tin value ef these furs end who do not crave taees.
WKh the see of the peUs of so aay sear-wild cad
doaseetto aalm&ls, furs of one kind or aaother are
with! the"reach of every womaa. But whea one
ut a coney coat beside a tailless ermlno ono feels
Tery sad Indeed. Cheap fox and wolf will keep one
juirt aa warn is the rare blue fox, but, obi what a
dliereace there k In their appearance!
la former days furs' were worn purely for warmth"
Te-dcy they are as ornamental as poarls, as eurap
iveee ae dtaaoads. I caa recall the days whea eve
a wenaa of wealth was eetisfted with her sealskla
sht er sk Mrs. The Styles did sot '
To amwMt that a muK thetttd be dose over.
lery year.weuld hare been received wKh herrer. -
Evening Wrap of
Tailless Ermiae, Worn
by Monna DeJza,
the Most Beautiful
Woman in Paris.
Scarf and ;
of CkMiclullat
Hffi New '.Witter? ' ' .?f ,
I, a mbm
the Mee
Fht hi the
World, Protects
M!!c Delza
from the .Chill
Winds of ParUj
When the furriers found that they could
dye fura any color thoy wanted, that they
could work with the eklns as, deftly as with
silks and satins, thoy wrought a revolution,
In feminine wear. To-day the woman of
. fashion has furs to match every costume
and eeveral coats. Recently 1 have been
looking over the fura of a very wonderful
young beauty of whom I have often written,
young Mile. Monna Delza. Her fura . are ,
worth several kings' ransoms, and to do
scribe them fittingly would require all the
compliments In the English and French lan
guages. Mile. Delza has fura that have made his
tory. Men haw searched the Arctic, the
Antarctic and the tropics tor furs and feath
ers tor this Parisian beauty. This week I
am fortunate Indeed In being able to send
you photographs of some ot ber tuva, and I
know that you will be dellgnted with them.
And also from these pictures
you may able to get soma
Ideas for your own fur fixings.
But just a few words of
forecast Ermine will hold Its
own for evening coats and
wraps; also tor muffs and
scarves for the afternoon. Fox,
Bable, chinchilla and skunk
will be the serviceable furs,
but ot course many other ot
Ue former favorites will stlU
be with us. The ermine wrap Is very volu
minous, lit has Unee that suggest a bath
robe rather than a coat, but this fulness is
not cumbersome, as the skins have been
treated In a manner to make them supple.
Personally I like a rich bit ot color with er
mine. 1 think that the wearer of this white
fur should wear rubles or emeralds. But
Delta wears always pearls.
She has also a long cloak ot Russian
sable, which la fabulously expensive. Tho
rose brocade llntc of this coat is delight
ful. And so much depends oa the lining.
The beautiful brocades are the only possible
linings tor these coats, and always a son
trastlng color, and one that is becoming to
the wearer, must bo used Pale yellows,
roseturquolBo blue and emerald are favorite
and very attractive colors for these linings.
By the way, while furs may, be used for
more than one season unchanged, the lin
ings must be changed every year.
Chinchilla has many good vomts, but It
Is not becoming to every one, and the color
is apt to hange after a season But such
a sot as Delya wears here can never change,
and it is most becoming to the actress.
Chinchilla is soft and enveloping, It looks
well with, tailored costumes, and s very
effective when worn with, velvet gowns.
Just notice the unusual and very chic hat
in this Chinchilla picture. The upstanding
plume 1s exaggeratedly high, but hat trim
ming In Paris gets higher every silnut
HavaA' SaflalaaaaanaHaBaaV
' aaaaTaTMav ' ' -SSaBSavaHarJaaTjaaf '
' bbSbbH '" ,i ''BaaHnSHHsaBafl '
' aflKMaaBauai iffiasSfaaaHaHsaaaHBsli
aaBHSK !1bSbbbSb91i
ft CbBS 3?-laiBMBmjaiBr .9aHHBsaVaBHBBHI
Evening Coat of Rose Charmeuse Saba Edged
, with Blue Fox Fur. .

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