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Our September Sale of
Bed .Blankets and Bed Comforters
Starts Monday, September 1st
Special low prices- throughout the entire stock. Seo
the many now and dainty Bed Coverings. Watch next
week's papers for list of prices. The savings aro sub
stantial. WE ANNOUNCE that our showing of Suits, Coats,
Dresses and Waists for, the Fall of 1913 is complete. It
is a comprehensive display of the newest styles. No ef
fort or care has been spared to offer to you the best and
latest fashions. 1
We invite your inspection.
We will close our store at noon on
Monday, September 1st, Labor Day.
Iowa Makers Object to Fatting in
Twelve Per Cent Butter Fat.
Prosecutions for Un Violations
Lead Maker to Go Into Court
IUls;e Caiup (or Conanmp
tires Cloned.
(From a Staft Correspondent)
DEB MOINES. In., Auk. 30. (Spoclal
Telegram.) Another of tho laws ot Iowa
Is to be declared unconstitutional by the
courts If tho lawyers can put up a good
case. Because ot activity ot the pure
food department ot the stato three local
jce cream companies 'went into court to
day to havo the law declared void which
requires 11 per cent ot butter fat In Ico
cream. State Inspectors have found
much ice cream offered that la below
standard and proiocutlons are under way.
Hideo Camp Closed.
"Ridge Camp" in Des Molnos was
closed today. It has been maintained tor
.several years as a resort for consump
tives, and most of the Umo supported by
private phiuvithropy for the benefit ot
the poor people. The withdrawal ot
county old caused the abandonment ot
the camp and will compel thirty victims
of tuberculosis to go elsewhere.
C&htfaued from. Fag One.)
aatUfled and tranquil," and that "tre
mendous damages'' will result from its
"There is great, alarm here," reads the
telegram, "oyer the American govern
ment's, order for tho withdrawal . of all
cltliens of the United States residing
here. j7oU will understand that there is
jo reason for this order.
"The American colony ot this republic
J of the most numerous ot these among
us in its totality and, with very few ex
ceptions, it is satisfied and tranquil,
dedicated to its work and .attending to
the necessities of its life, being respected
and esteemed throughout the country.
It would be seriously prejudiced in Its
welfare and Its financial interests were
it to abandon a country in which It is
considered i and esieemet and where it
has acquired numerous' and cordial re
lation. "I do not 'doubt' that the president ot
the United States and liU truly Just
government will consult with the princi
pal members oMta colony here regarding
the truth of what I say. j
"I beg that y.ou will .acquaint Presl
stent WlUon with, what, I have, stated,
calling his Illustrious attention to the
tremendous damages which will result
from his determination, for which In,
all loyalty, I state there Is no .reason
and -which undoubtedly has been dic
tated against the sentiments ot Justice,
of right and ot human consideration, not
Sunderland's Certified Hard Coal is ALWAYS the
best that money can buy.
Our new, fresh supply, just in, is exceptionally choice.
It is not necessary that the coal shall be delivered just
now, but it may save you money to buy while our
summer prices are good:
Sizes: : ' , price3:
Chestnut : ...$11.00
. Jfo. 4 j. S11.00
fcwwo ..." $10.75,
$Sg S10.75
?Trate $10.50
No. 2 Nut. .810.00
Buckwheat $ 8,50
FPPPI BrinS thia pon to our new main office
1 IlbCr and a worth-while gift will be presented
to you. It is a handy kitchen paring knife. Limited
El tutors
lEntlra Third Floor
new stats Bank
17th and Harney
by the elevated sentiments of a man
ft distinguished as the present presi
dent ot the United States, but through
simple Ignoranco of what 1" actually
transpiring In Mexico."
Americana in Cnpltnl Safe.
Tho Mexican Telegraph company re
ceived the following message today from
Charles E. Cumlngs, its superintendent,
lit Mexico city:
"Thero is strong reaction hero from the
first. scaro caused by President Wilson's
command to leave Mexico. I think a
very small proportion of the American
colony here will go. Today's Mexican
Herald publishes an interview with sev
eral Americans, including myself. I
stated that during thirty-two years' resi
dence In Mexico, I never received a
better treatment than now and that If
It comes to the worst between the two
countries, I am willing to trust tho
safety of myself and family to the hos
pitality and protection of the Mexican
people. I am in a better position than
anyone a thousand miles away to judgo
as to tho safety of myself and family.
We are living In a civilised community,
not In darkest 'Africa. I and my family
will stay here, even in case of opan
Publio Schools to
Open September 8
Publio schools ot Omaha will open Sep
tember 8, and the majority ot private and
parochtal.schools will open the same week.
CrelgUtan and the? Florence schools open
September 2. Following ore the dates of
opening of the several schools! '
Omaha publio spsools, September 8.
Omaha parochial schols, September J,
University ot Omaha, September 18.
Crclghton university, all departments;
September 2.
llollevuo college, September 16.
University of Nebraska, medical college,
September 8.
Urownell Hall, September IT.
Sacred Heart academy, about Septem
ber US.
BL Berchman'a academy. September 8,
Mount St. Mary's academy, Septem
ber 8,
Dundee. Benson and South' Omaha
school, Ueptomber I.
Florence schools, September 2.
Beginning with tho fall term tho Uni
versity of Nebraska will occupy Its new
building. Sacred Heart academy is de
layed until September IS because repairs
ot damage done by tho Easter tornado
have not btn completed.
low Keiva Notes.
CUESTON A pretty home wedding was
solemnised Thursday evening at the home
2Ci1'?!.?(le' tn MUl uth JIanncman
and William Osborn, Were made man
anrl w! frt thrnltfft. th. Imn...,l. i . i
----- .... -pi. Vop.VO i 1 bU tit
Pronounced by Jlev. Korteling, pastor of
w -isn, atwwinun vnurpfit
CRESTON-Th fact that James R.
Lucas, formerly ot Creston, carried aoci
dent .insurance to the amount ot S87.9M
in a, Missouri company at the time he
shot himself In a Chicago, Burlington &
Qulnoy railroad coach, may cause some
insurance company's to. leave Missouri.
The law of Missouri forbid an Insurance
company setting up sulolde as a defense
TAP Mnt .UIOIM- nnlLH Jk .
companies are threatening to leav the
state. It Is thought that the law may
;be cpntested, and if so will develope into
u nuiif ui iiniiun-wiuo importance.
The Persistent and Judicious Use et
Newspaper Advertising Is the Road t
Business Succesr,
70 BIG
Many Pastors Returning from Sum
mer'a Vacation.
Clinrch of Covenant Annoanoea It
Will Hold n Wednesday Evening
Class in Ulble Study, with Iter.
Fleming na Teacher,
With advent of cooler weather many of
the pastors are returning from their sum"
mor vacations nnd the regular services
are being resumed.
Tho Church of the Covenant announces
a Wednesday evening course in the Gos
pel of Bt John, one chapter a lesson, be
ginning about the middle of September.
Half of the book Will be taken beforo
Dccember-tho other half after the holi
day season. The Book of Bt John was
chosen by a practically unanimous popu
lar vote and the pastor, Ilev. Fleming, U
the teacher.
Rev. T. W. Leavltt has returned from
his vocation spent on the Maine coast
anJ will prtach in Plymouth Congrega
tional clurch, Sunday morning. This
church wilt continue to hold Its services
in the University of Omaha auditorium,
Twenty-fourth and liv.tni stioets. while
the ruined building on Florence boule
vard is being cleared away and a now
one erected.
Calvary Branch. Thirty-fourth and
Seward, Bible school ht J:80, Harry
Carpenter, superintendent. Branch in
dustrial school on Thursday at 2:30.
Immanuel. Twenty-fourth and Pinkney,
Rev. J, s. Ebersole, Pastor Stanton
Salisbury will preach at 10:30 nnd 8.
Bible school at 12. Young people's meet
ing at 7.
Zlon. Twenty-sixth and Franklin, Itev.
W. F. Botts, Pastor Morning serive at
10:30. Sunday school at 1. Baptist Young
- - ..-'. h ww. i.i.u.iua act tiwo
at 7;. Midweek prayer meeting every
Wednesday evening at 7:J0. Sunrise
prayer meeting next Sunday morning at
to 7.
Grace. Tenth and Arbor, B. B. Taft,
Pastor Sunday school at 10. Morning
w,?,!;,hJp.Jlt,.1L Sermon by Rev. W. It
Hill of the Bouth Omaha Baptist church.
Young People's union at 7, rcvenlng ser
vice at, when Mr, Taft will preach;
theme. "Merit and Mercy." Mission Bun
day school at 2012 South Fourth at 3.
Calvary, Twenty-fifth and Hamilton-
HJIPVlnnH n t in-fin nntl D Tit.. T a nu
engcr of Somcrvllle. Mass-, vrlll preach
both morning and evening. Bible school
a at An r 11 v v. i j t .
i iivuii, v. y, nouiB, aupennienueni.
Ynunp People's society at 7. Mrs. H. J.
Joseph, leader. Mid-week devotional ser
vice ot the church on Wednesday at 8
nilVAt Thlf,r-tt.k CTl". k rf .
Avenue, Frank II. Ward Pastor Sunday
school at 10. Preaching at 11 and R, Tho
Wednesday evening meeting Is continuing
to grow In Interest and attendance Is
splendid. Next Wednesday the beatitudes
Mathew v:J:12. The Sunday morning serv-
ibo mu uo oi opeciiat iniereat tnis week,
all are welcome.
First, Twenty-sixth and Harney, A. D.
Harmon, Pastor Morning worship, sub
ject of sermon, "Christ's Law of Happi
ness. Bible school at 9:45. ChrlRtian En
deavor at 7. Annual Field day of the
church Monday at Hanscom park.
Christian Solenee.
A First Church of Christ. Bcletitlst, Twen-jy-Fourth
Street and St. Mary's Avenue
Services at 11 a. tn. (no evening services
during July and August). Bunday school
(two sessions) at jl5 a. m.iand U au m.
Wednesday evening servlcea.it,8 .o'clock.
CoBB-reicatlonnl. '
First, Corner Nineteenth, and, .Paven-ort--PaWor
rF. T. 'nou"wlir tii'DBbh in
the morning on ''What1 Went Ye Out Into
tho Wilderness to Boer' No evening
Plymouth, Twenty-fourth and Evan.
Frederick VV Leavltt, Minister Bervtcos
In University of Omaha auditorium. Sun
day school at 10. Service of worship at
h. sermon memo, a naco tor isvery
Man and Every Man in His Place.''
Young People's meeting at C;Vk .
Church of the Good Shenhard Twn.
tieth and Ohio, Itev, T, J. Collar, Rector
iioiy communion at 7:w. Morning
prayer with sermon at 11. No evening
St. Matthias', Tenth and Worthlncton.
itev. Uoorge 0. Southworth, Pnest
euiiaay services: uoy communion at t.
Sunday school at & Morning prayer and
sennou at u.
Bt. Martin's, l'wenty-tourth and' J.
South Omaha, Itev. Harold Llnwood
uowen. I'rioit iioiy communion at 8.
Sunday school at 10. Morning prayer and
sermon at It. llav. A. a. Corbett will
oaiciata at au tne services,
Chunrch ot St. Philip the Deacon,
Tweuty-llrat, uear Paul, l'.ev. John Al
bert Williams, Vlcttr l'lltoonth bunaay
after Trinity. Holy communion at 7:!tu.
Morning uruyer and bunday school at 10.
Holy eucharist (choral;, with sermon, at
2Uon, Magnolia Hall, MOi Ames, Rev.
O. W. Suyaer, Pastor. There will be no
church cervices, uible rOcttool at SiW,
subject, Moopt Slnal."
Orace .Ksgllsli, South Twenty-sixth
QUect, Between Poppleton and Wool
worth Avenues, Clarence N. Bwlhart,
Pastor "Proper limphAsis"' at U. Sun
duy school at 10.
fit Mark's English, TwenUeth and
Burdette, llev. Ur. U . Oioli. Pastor
Services Sunday,: "Is Mammon the God
ot the World r at 11. Bunday school at
9;4S, No evening services.
St. Matthew's, Nineteenth and CasUl
lar, Itev. O. v. Hnyder, Pastor Ulblo
school at 10, subject, "Mount 8ltml."
Gospel song and evangellstlo services at
7:46, subject, "The liasU For Salvatiun."
Kountse Memorial, Faruam and Twenty-sixth
Avenue, llev, Oliver D. BalUly,
Ph. D 1). D Pastor; Rev. Ralph It.
Wclssinlller, Assistant Pastor Morning
worship and sermon at Hi Bunday school
at :&. Mr. Oscar 1. Ooodman. superin
tendent St. Paul's. Rev. IS. T. Otto, Pastor
Services at 10 In chapel on corner Thirty
fourth and Seward. Sunday school at
11:90. Evening services In Kngtlsh at 8
o'clock at Twenty-sixth and Hamilton.
Rev. J. Llndemeyer will preach. Church
school beclns on Monday. September 8.
at 9 o'clock.
Oold Street Chapel, Thirty-ninth and
Ocild, It. P. l'ctersen, Pastor Sunday
school at S. Preaching oorv lce Wednes
day at 8.
The Norweclan and Danish. North
Twenty-ilfth and Decatur. R, P. Petr-
en. pastor aunaay scnooi at 9:u.
Preaching service at 11 and s. Young
people's meeting at T.
Dleta MotnorU, Tenth and Pierce. C
N. Dawson, Minister Sunday services!
Sunday school at 9:30. Preaching at
10:1$, "Watch," sermon to children. Ep
woith League at 7. Preaching at H.
"Wheat or Chaff r Prayer meeting
Wednesday at 8. The Ladles' Aid society
Will meet with Mrs. Dawson. IwJT Pierce
street. Thursday at !.
Pearl Memorial. Twenty-fourth Street
and Larlmoro Avenue, J. Franklin Haas,
Minister Morning sermon at Q:i$. "The
Pearl ot Greatest Price." Evening ser
mon. 3 to 8-.S0, "The Excusing Habit"
Sunday school at 9JO, Max L Walker,
superintendent. Epworth League at 7,
Robert 8. Cain, president. Special muslo
at the morning and evening services.
First, Twentieth and Davenport, M. B.
Williams. Minister Sunday school at
9-1&. Publio worship at 11 and 8. Epworth
leaque at 7. Morning and evening ser
mons by the minister. Morning subject,
appropriate to tho Luoor Day season.
tKh Tie of Human Brotherhood." Evan.
Ing sermon-lecture: "The Ltfe-Tragedy
oft Edgar Allan Poe," Regular mid-week
prayer meeting on weaneeaay evening
at .
Hanscom Park. Corner Woolworth
Avanue and Twenty-ninth Street, Rev.
C w. MoCaskllL Pastor Preaching at 11
and 7:45. conducted by the pastor. There
will be good musta Bunday school at
S.tS. classes tor all. Epworth League at
'7. Official board. Monday evening at t,
Tins will be the last regular board meet
ing before the annual conference. The
pastor Is anxious to have every member
present. Midweek prayer service
Wednesday at 8. Fourth quarterly con
forenco Monday evening, September 8.
First, Savcnuunth and Dodge The pas
tor, Itvv. Edwin 11. Jenks, has returned
from Ins ututlon and will preach at the
Sunday scrvlco at 10:30 o'clock.
Tlitni. Twentieth and Leavenworth
Sunday ochool at 9:90. Public wdrshlp
and bUUrtss by Henry F. Kleeer, at 10:45.
Steruuptlcon lecture, "Social Gosper,"
at 8.
Lowe Avenue. Corner Fortieth and
Nicholas, Rev. Nathaniel McGtffln. D. D.,
Pastor Morning service at 11, sermon by
Dr. Flsherj Sunday school at 10; Chris
tian Endeavor at 6:45: no evening serv
ices; prayer meeting Wednesday at 8.
First United. Twentv-flrst nnd Emmet.
Alonzo C. Douglass,. Pastor Sermon
topics: Morning, 10:30, "Tho New Haven
and the New Earth.'1 Evening, 7:30, "A
Message-for Youny Men." Bible school at
noon. Young People's Christian union at
Parkvale. Thirtv.flrat and Gold. Rev.
A. E. Lebmann, Pastor Bible school, 9:15
a. m.i Junior and Senior Christian En
deavor societies, 7 p. m.; evening song
service with sermon by the minister at 8;
senior chorus rehearsal Thursday evening
at 7:1S.
Falrview, Pratt Street and Fortieth
Avenue, Charles H. Fleming. Pastor
Bible school at 1:15 and afternoon worship
at 3 o'clock; theme. "Tho Temptauon."
Thursday evening at 8 o'clock the mid
week service will be led by Miss Lydta
Benson, A. J. McClurg, Pastor Sunday
school at 10 o'clock. Morning worship at
11. Sermon by tho pastor, subject, "The
Incarnation." Christian Endeavor at 7.
Union services at S In the Presbyterian
church. Midweek services Wednesday
evening at 8.
Castellar Street, C. C. Meek, Minister
Morning service at 10:30. Tho Rev. F. P.
Ramsay, Ph. D., will preach. Sabbath
school at noon. No evening service.
Young People's Society of Christian En
deavor at 6:15. Prayer meeting Wednes
day evening at 8 o'clock.
North, Corner Twenty-fourth nnd Wirt,
fkX' "lJBlbe,q,..D. D Pastor-Sermon at
10:30r theme, 'The Greatest Artlclb of
Our Fnttw." Sunday school at noon.
Young People's Society of Christian En
deavor at 7 o'clock. Prayer meeting at 8
o clock Wednesday evening.
Clifton Hill, Forty-fifth and Orant,
Thomas B. Greenlee, Minister Publio
worihlp at 11, subject, "The Triumphant
Life." Bible school at 9:13. Young
People's Socletyf Christian E-ndeavof
at 7, prayer and missions. Wednesday
ev"lnK at 8 o'clock meeting for prayer
and fellowship.
Tha Church of the Covenant. Twenty
8nv"th and Pratt. Chajles H. FlTmmg.
KttSEfr orAWP ot Theme
dev KTWk S?.clt3: ot Christian Eh
.KifJI a.t.T7L15' Evening worship at 8;
m, i Midweek service Wednesday
feadw C,0Ck' Mr Dyhrbu Zf the
Chai2La,""tvB14q.Ii?5Lh ElBhteenth. Rev
SdT? ShaTi iv't Mtor-Morolng
i?S 'Li. unViWfrJF Miracles?" Even
ing topic. "Principal Cause of Sulslde."
iJSteT?2n,ii, Elbl SttKtenU Assocla
tirn.hi1 iToor' Ilarlght Hall. Nlne
nc n."11 pnniani-Paator u m. Herr
of Brooklyn will address the association
Bryan today appointed these delegates to
mo lourteenth international congress on
alcoholism at Milan, Italy, next montht
Rev. Edwin O. Dinwiddle, Washragton,
D. C.J Ernest II. Cberrlngton. Wester
vllla, O.I Rev. Peter J. 0Callaghan, Chi
cago; Rev, E. a Blaine, Ovid, N. Y.;
Rev. Dr. Arthur J, Barton, Waco, Tex.;
. ...v .nvii, jr., mouniona,
Vail Prof. Charles Scanlon, Pittsburgh,
ra.; cawin Mulrcady, Boston, Maos.; W,
M. Jefferson Pollard, St. Louis, Mo.; Rev.
Dr. Itufus H. Hitler. Philadelphia, Pa.,
and Mrs. Mary Harris Armor, Macon, Ga.
Boy Dlra of Lockjaw.
SIOUX FALLS, 8, D., Aug. 80, (Spe
cial.) As the result of stepping on a
nail, Henry Van der Wert, the 10-year-old
son ot Mr. and Mrs. J, M. Van der
Wert, who reside on a Douglas county
farm. died, of lockjaw. Within a few
days after stepping on the nail blood
poison set in and this developed into
lockjaw and caused his death within a
week after woelvlng the injur.
- - v. ltf.
Emmet Association to Celebrate at
Old South Omaha Club.
Athletic Contests for Men, Women
and Children Will De Held
Speechea on Erln'a Final
Old South Omaha Country club
will echo to the sound of Irish
wit and Iriah eloquence Moulay,
when the Emmet Monument asso
ciation, organised to promote the In
terests ot fTho' Irish iiepubQo" meets
for ,a plcnlo for the first time !n five
"Time -was when 2,000 Irishmen attended
the picnics of this association," said
John Qoffee,. of the committee on ar
rangements. "But for five years we
have not met. Now we are to meet again
nnd we Intend to have a high old time."
Police Commissioner John J. Ryder will
be chairman and the address of the day
will be given by Arthur F. Mullen. Dr.
William J. Leary and John nnd Mr.
Coffeo have arranged for the entertain
ment for tho picnickers.
Several athletic oventa between men,
boys, girls and married women will be
held, with cigars, umbrellas, mirrors,
gold rings, skirts, peaches, shirtwaists
and gold necklaces as prizes.
Mr. Coffee was enthusiastic about tho
picnic. Ho said: "The Emmet Monument
association picnic and outing to be given
Labor day, will bring together in Irish
sports and pastimes a race which has
ever been foremost In that which tends
to brotherhood and tho cause of free
dom. This organization has for its pur
pose the complete independence of Ire
land and the establishment of an Irish
republic This spirit fostered by such
men as Wolfe Tone nnd Robert Emmet
and given their undying attention still
lives In the heart of every true Irishman
and will continue in Its exlstericc as long
as Ireland shall live and an Emmot man
shall breathe. This organization has
ever been a factor in tho community In
which it exists, not only for good citi
zenship, but for what tends 'to gdod
citizenship. Every project and enter
prise tn which this organization has had
a hand always met with success, for
behind it were Irishmen, and everyone
knows that an Irishman courts no fail
ure. So on this day, then, the Irish will
unite, in sociability and in hospitality,
enjoying, as all Irishmen can, the sports
and pleasures arranged for the day,"
For the convenience ot those attending
the plcnlo the following information is
offered: Take Fort Crook car on the
half-hour at Twenty-fourth and N streets,
South Omaha. Children under 15 ad
mitted free.
Five Are Injured in
Auto Accident on
Way to the Eaces
ELGIN, III, Aug. 80. Five Chlcagoans
wore Injured In an automobile accident on
the way to the Elgin .races. They were:
Mrs. T. A. Spence, knee cap broken and
badly bruised; condition critical.
T. A. Spence, Mr. and Mrs. Johri
Spence, occupants of the same oar, badly
bruised and battered.' . '
George Grundel, badly crushed.,
The Spences were stalled along jde the
publio road near Bartlott, seven miles
southeast ot Elgin, when George Oglesby,
a Chicago druggist, ran Into them with
an automobile while traveling at high
speed. The Spences were all thrown
Into the ditch.
Grander car turned turtle on a nar
row pike near Ontariovllle, twelve miles
southeast of Elgin, pinning him under
neath. Ho was rescued by automo
blltats. All of the Injured were taken to
Bartiett, where two private homes wore
turned into temporary hospitals. '
Old Bullet Wound
Troubles Gaynor
NEW YORK,. Aug. 80.-The bullet
wound ' which Mayor 6aynor sustained
Just three years ago this month, when an
attempt was made upon his life, still
causes him serious troubles, which has
detained him at his Long Island home
for the lost two days. In response to a
friend's inquiry as to his health, tha
mayor described his trouble as a "fish
hook" in Ills throat In me ot his charac
teristic letters he said. TMy Tight lung,
pneuraagastrio nerve and stomach' have
again taken it Intd their heads that by
combined ahd violent effort they eould
succetd In casting the "fish hook" out of
my throat which that bullet lodged there.
But, as in their former occasional at
tempts they succeeded in casting every,
thin out except the 'fish hook and have
completely done themselves and me up in
tho bargain.
"These members of my body which try
to do this thing now and then are Just as
foollfh as are people you and I know, who
want something done all at once, which
can only be done gradually and little by
little. But they won't have it that way.
And so to work they go, might and main,
to do it all at once with violence, with the
result that Instead ot doing it they do
much hard mischief and exhaust them
selves." Ritchie and Welsh
Post Their Forfeits
VANCOUVER, Aug. SO. Willie Ritchie,
light weight champion , and Freddie
Welsh, the British champion, posted for
feits today for their twenty-round fight
here September 20. Each put up 13,750, of
which U.C00 was to guarantee appearance
and 81,250 to Insure that the fighter would
weigh inside the 135-pound limit at noon
on the day of the fight
Uimill 1UHDI 1 Tf D.
ORLEANS. Neb.. Aug. 30. (Bpeclal.)
Orleans won both games from the fast
Weber City bunch yesterday. The first
game was a slugging match and the
second was a pitchers' battle ot which
McCoy had a shade the better. Scores:
First game: R.II.E.
Orleans I 4 0 1 J 4 1 -17 1J 1
Weber 1 00040I0O-8 6-
Batteriea: Orleans, Carroll and Car
roll: Weber. Dahl and Durham.
Second game: R.H.E.
Orleans 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 3 I 9 2
Weber 0 00101010-460
Batteries: Orleans, McCoy and Car
roll; Weber, Morstt and Durham.
Glltner Defeats Roclrrlllo.
GILTNER. Neb.. Aug. '. (Special )
Glltner defeated Rockvilte yesterday by
the score ot 4 to 1 on RockvlUe's dia
mond. Score: R.H.E.
Glltner 1 0 0 0 1 0 S 0 04 8 1
Rockville 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1-L i 8
Batteries: Glltner, Daniels and' Goethe:
Rockville. Butch and Smith.
Persistent Advertjamg is tne itoad to
Big Returns. ""
To Wait Means to Pay 50c
a Ton More for the Coal
Why should you delay tho purchase of your wiil
tor's fuel supply? Why SHOULDN'T you buy
"Zoigler" now at $6.&0 per ton when you are as
sured that it will go to $7.00 a little later ?
For lt'a a forcgono conclusion that you nro going to bur
"ZeiBler" anyway; "Zelglcr", tho coal that doesn't soot; tho
coal that does not clinker; tho coal that Is nlntost smokeless;
tho coal that possesses hnt units enough to causo It to bo
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Tb! 1
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Eliminated from Junior City Tennis
Tournament by Will Adamt.
riay This Afternoon Between Poivell
and Adams to Determine Chant
plonahlp Other Matches
Although he vras suffering from a
badly wrenched shoulder, which sent
sharp pains through his arms every time
he swung at the ball and which pre
vented film from smashing it, Ilussell
Larmon, tho high school champion,
gamely stuck to the game and played
four -sets of tennis with Will Admits be
fore he was eliminated in the Junior
city tennis tournament at the Omaha
Field club yesterday afternoon.
Ixmon wrenched his arm in deliver
ing an overhead serve the other day
and ha received strict orders from h'.s
physician that he was to refrain from
making quick or bard strokes with that
arm. The doctor strongly recommen'lol
that be play no tennis whatever, but d)d
not absolutely require it Larmon bad
been selected' to win the tourney, but
with the injured arm he was not ex
pected to do so.
Adams took advantage ot Larmon's dis
ability and played a strictly lobbing
game, At no stage did he hit the ball
.on a 11ns, or with any speed, but con
stantly lofted it Into the air and Larmon
was unable to smash It without endan
gering his arm.
As Larmoa is particularly effective in
killing lobs, he received hi worst handi
cap In not being able to put his strength
behind his strokes. He was compelled to
bat tba ball back easily and Adams
would lob. Larmon soon became exas
perated at the game and practically gave
tho match to his opponent
The most Interesting match of the day
was tha Stockings-Fullaway combat for
the consolation . prise. Stockings, a red
headed player with an iron constitution,
broke down Fullaway.'s defense by his
unlimited staying power. It appeared
imposrible to wear him out, wblla Fulla
way soon got tired and was then easily
Finals tn tne Doable.
This afternoon Ralph Powell and W1U
Adams will play for the Junior city j
championship. The match Is not arousing
the interest as neither player is cither
brilliant or Steady. Both play a slow
gams with no smashes or lawfords and
either one, or both, is very likely to go
up In the air and play wretched garoea
Tho players are universally agreed that
there are several players tn Omaha- under
IS years of age who are capable pf de
feating either man In today's match.
The finals in the doubles, consolation
singles and consolation doubles will also
bo played this afternoon. In addition,
tha match for the kid championship will
be played. Paul Nicholson and Will
Nicholson, brothers, will play each other
for the honor. Paul Nicholson (s two
or three years oldtr than his brother and
la locked upon as tba one to win the
210 So.
17th St.
eh Bros.
Guards Are Charged
With Conspiracy to
Smuggle Opium
customs inspector and ton customs guardr
on duty along the water front were dl
missed from the government service to
day and warrants for nine of them wen
sworn out, charging conspiracy to- smug
gle opium.
HARVARD, Neb., Aug. S0.-(Specla!.-At
S o'clock Thursday morning at th(
home of the bride's parents. Mr. and
Mrs. David V, Curry, of this city, tool
placo the marriage of their daughter,
KlUabeth, to Prof. B. Clifford Hendricla
of the Peru (Neb.) Normal school. Rev.
II. H. Harmon of the First Chrlstlai
church of Lincoln speaking tho words tn
union. The bride was brought Tip it
this city, is a graduate of Haryar
schools and also of the state unlversltj
and leaves many friends in her earli
home who, wish her success and happl
ness in tha life before hert They tmm
diately left for Peru, where they will b
at home to their friends after Septem
ber 15. ,
John Snyder.
SHENANDOAH, la., Aug. .-Sp-claLWohn
Snyder, who had lived west
of Yorktown fifty-seven years and owned
one of the richest farms in southwest
Iowa, died Wednesday night after a short
illness. , t
"You're Safe"
bo long as you keep
tho Stomach, Liver and
Bowels working reguT
larJy and when the first
sign of weakness ap
pears bo sure to take
promptly. It will help
you keep the appetite
normal, digestion per
fect and liver and
bowels active. Try it.

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