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World's VcMKilcU-CoW'fd Ao
company iDAlry ;TrHin.
Fnrjners'ot WebrnsWn. Tnlte Mneh. In
tercut In Effort of Ttto llall
roauls unit State Fnrm to
Glrtt Instruction.
Main Hog Barn at .,
; Soldiers' HdMurns
Clal TelerArn.-lNre bellefaS., to" have
Uvtona lAUtf, PorresporWJent,)
LINCOLN, Neb., Aug. M (Bpeclal.)
The dairy tratnwhlch has beenfcihedule.l
over the dhtchgo & Northwestern and
Burlington' roads til he western part of
the state beginning September IS. la
arousing a great deal of Interest. Many
town In other section -are nsltltu that
the train visit, them. Prof. Frandaeu of
the University of Nebraska, Is busy pre
paring the exhibit which will occupy
one entire car and making the charts
for the use of the lecturers. The speak
era and the exhibits on the train are In
charge of Prof, landsen. It s his plan
to 'show exhibits of milk and buttur the
product of the average cow In the ttnto
together with the product of the better
cows nnd the first class cows. Methods
of feeding the cows will be discussed and
dairy animals will be carried for Jf mon
stratlon purposes. The most attractive f
all these animals will be Katie tterben.
She holds a world's record as a milk
producer, and Is the property of the
state of Nebraska, being owned by the
Fifty Dollars Per Acre,
In attempting -to get the- farmers of
Gage county Interested In the raising of
alfalfa, Firm Demonstrator Llebers
found a twenty-llve-acre field on the
farm of W, A. BUM near Liberty, w.hlch
has a history. The crop on that field
had never failed. Three years ago the
twenty-five acres produced $1,000 worth of
need and thirty-five tons of hay., and
this year even as dry a It was the
protpocta were great for an extensive
seed crop.
Jlr. Llebers thought there would be no
tetter chance to Impress upon the farm
ers In the community the value qf al
falfa than to have a meeting In the field
at the time the seed was being threshed,
According he sent out notices, to. the
farmers In the neighborhood to meet on
the afternoon of August 2& When about
seventy-five farmers reached the field
half of the thrashing had been done. A
(wagon load of the alfalfa, seed worth
JS00 was standing near the thresher and
there wan at least that milch mora to
thresh. In addition to this amount of
seed, Mr, JJtahl had cut over twenty-five
tons of first-class hay worth at least
$10 a ton. This would- bring the total
salable product for the field this year
tin to 150 ner acre, and In addition Mr.
Stahl has splendid alfalfa straw for feed
and the pasture for the remainder of
the fall, which Is doubtless enough to
pay hlnl for nil labor In connection with
the field for the season.
Mr. Llebers secured somebody from the
experiment station to talk alfalfa, and
for two hours and ft half the threshing
machine was stopped and the fanriers
listened to the address and gave their
own experiences concerning the value of
alfalfa 'and methods of eee'dlng, harvest
ing and feeding. Jny oi Oie farmers
dated thai they had their eye opened
an were going to tfi,, .om. alfalfa
mm'tii itflale WfcerU..
Because et the drouth, plowing for
winter wheat will be later than usual In
the greater part of Nebraska. This in
unfortunate as early plowing has been
found to gtv better results than late.
(The yil from July plowing has fre
quently been found to be double that of
September plowing. Diso plows will work
lu a drier soil than will a mold board
plow and are being used this summer
to a considerable extent
been caused by tramps' -em?lfn abodt
the place, destroyed the main hog barn
of the Soldiers' home early today. No
animals were burned. The contenls, ton
slstlng of from fifteen to twenty tons of
! straw and a Utile machinery,- were des
troyed. The total loss is iz,wp. vnp
state carries tio Insurance". The city de
partment responded, to an alarm." b'eTng
nble to connect the state's own hydrant
service . nt home.
Forni Association to Get Damages
".-.fbx.low.PlatfeWatcrK. .
Progress to He Cnrrled Alone; Lel
Lines, to End that Fnll Proof Mar
Be Presented Federal Government,
Has-Ooffe, that Ttg with the
Lender ItrVlere Jtesnnre
KEARNEY, Neb., Aug, il.-8peclal- Tel
egram.) Permanent organisation among
the . farmers of the Platte Valley was
perfected at a mass meeting held In the
city hall In this city this afternoon. The
association will be called the Platte-. Valley
Protective association and the purpose
for which It Is organized is to Use all
Richmond Asks Legislative Members I lawful and proper means to induce fed-
to Get Together, state governments to aaopi na
, Vfl.1 .w.. t ......-.. ......
Imllrtrlv Itiinf.xl linnn WAteffl ft
Ulock of VnrU Puntr Put on neenrd ..ir- v,,,,- hn nP .halt ti
vrlih. Andltor Dollar Gas Case constructed to impound flood waters so
Jlenrlnn Pnt Over Until that such Impounded waters shall bo
Later. released in "sufficient quantities to main
tain an abundant flow of water during
(From a Staff Correspondent.) summer months, when such rivers are
LINCOLN, Aug. St. Hpeclal.)-Secre- at the lowest stage and when such
tnry Henry Richmond of the Nebraska waters are most needed for agricultural
Legislative league was at the state house purposes.
yesterday, announced that a special meet- to assist claimants for damages, to pre-
Ing of the members of the leaguo ana ent and enforce claims against the fed
all former members of the legislature erftj government arising In consequence
had been called to meet In front of the pf the pathfinder dam In Wyoming are
administration building at the state fair t0 oa tne otner objects of the organic
at noon next Wednesday. ,ion
Thsre are some matters of Importance ntn,. n.r.n.nt nmnlxailon
to bo taken up with the members, the w(fe c,ecte(, . ftHoWB,
most imponont reiaung ro, xne ca.ung ol Kreeman Merryman, chairman; Art
tne next meeting. Freeman, vice chairman: W. V. Dldrlck-
The officers of the league are Senator son, vlco chairman', W, L. nd, a
Dertori K. Rushes of Kimball county, "rney atiorney, secretary; wwam
president; Representative George W. . ' ., - t w
Potts of Pawnee county, vlfce president. v
and Chief Clerk of the Houm Henry Peterson, W. W. Barney . and . John
Calhoun Richmond, secretary. Mildlko. was chosen and will act In con-
Tfrrr Ilnnk nt Norfolk. juncuon wun orgfnisauons oi hivo up-
Thn Norfolk Savings bank Is a new soclatlons In other cities or counties.
banking Institution making application Blanks were given to .farmers at the
to the state banking bdard for a charter meeting on which they will put the
to do business. The capital of the bank amount of their Individual loss, which
Is given as $1S,000 nnd the officers are they estimate has been caused by ab-
C. Burnham, president; E."W. Zutx eenco of water In the river.
and F. J. Hole, vice presidents, and L. Then claims, which will -bo handed,
P. Pasewalk, cashier ln to th ntcrHnrv thm rnmlnir .week
Pnrlt Bonds nrBUierrd. mu.t have affidavit" tttfaclied' dnd
I Arthur .the. Newest
'Of .Nebraska Cbimtifes
Kearney Irrigation
Gommittee Organizes
MINDEN, Nob., Aug. t-Spclal.)-The
eomnslttoe appointed bj; tho tn meet
Ing held August 20 In Mlnden to tak
preliminary steps-la tha matter ot IrrU
gatlnr Kearney ounty, together with
3hU -county organised aaturday brf
electing aeprge.J. Klngsley, ohmlrmans
Andrew Jsnsen, secretary; Chris. Ander
son, rprentatlve, and J. S. Canaday,
Coaslderablo Interest Is taken. In and
noich discussion given to the feasibility
of Did two. plans proposed at the masa
meeting. Thus far the electrification ot
this 'svt of 'tha country- by th harness
ins of the Loup seems to be, the most
popular. This method would give moro
individual control ot the Irrigation ot
each Individual farm and moreover fur
nish electric power for other uss at all
times. TMa country Is underlaid with an
Inexhaustible supply of sheet water,
which If It can bo r&Ised by cheap eleo
trlo power would solve the problem of
Irrigating the now dry solf. It has been
demonstrated this year that wler Im
mense snow drifts eoakrd 'he toll this
spring or local showers In unusual
amounts felt last year the imp 'this jar
-ans substantial, wheat yielding as much
as twenty-five bushels per acre, where
the same field without such rains yielded
only six bushels.
The committee on reception and ban
quet on the celebration of tho opening
of the new depot have fixed September
IS as tho time for this event It Is ex
peeled that the various officers of the
Burlington will bs present and It Is
also planned to have others present from
over Jth county and state. Ban4ut will
be served In the Odd Fellow halt,
The plans and speeifluuUons for tho
foundation for the soldiers' and sailors
monument ars now complete and work
will be .commenced In a few days. The
monument will probably be here In Oc
K. u Hoiomon, aeputy county treasurer ., . . lWW. Vn.
of Douglas couhtjr, and deputy .'treasurer , "?V? .WS. kS?tt
.u- r' . J.ii'Jlt ,u. ihht tbo cause ot lose-lsa staUd. .,k
,.,. v'niMw ami liimil I vsryining win do cornea oui Bin
with the state auditor jsoo.ow in 6 per "v , "r j!. ' ,n '
cent park bonds. hiltchea may arise after 'the., prpposlOon
rink rno ! nin-rvd. ' hRB Deen Presehted to the federal gov-
IJnrnln'M dollar eas suit to be heard lernment.
In federal court has taken a second J Tho organisation started 6ut; to-day 'with
postponement and will not be- heard now 1 100 members and hundreds hayo made
until September 15. The hearing. . which known their intentions of joining.
was set for September 8, had to be post
poned' because the special master 'could
not bt hero and now the city attorney
wants, to go on a, .vacation, nnd a.will
remain at the some old price; while 'he
Is fishing tot' suckers and other fish,
I,...,, hniinvu " IHLLSIDH, . Neb., Aug. Sl.w(gpeclal.)-
nM)LI UN bUUn I I . Arthur,, the newest ot the Nebraska
FAIR ELECTS OFFICERS counties has been organised an dat the
special election, Arthur has been selected
AURORA, Neb., Aug. Sl.-(Bpeclal.)- as the county seat,, a full set of officers
The Jprty-flrst annual Hamilton county nas Deen eieciea, mm ii.
Voir was held hern Tuemdav. Wednesday. F, A. Heath and O. J. Marshall, com-
Thursdav.and Friday, of, lasUwcok. . The, mlssloners, .and . Qcprge. ,F. Culllnan,
attend'anM'.waji.As.eOod its on former oc- Oduntr-clorHv., t'Hi'?n i M(
about 0,
were all
which was not as good as In former the North Platte forest reserve, which
years. lis to be thrown open tq settlement this
In tho special trot or paeo race on fall. In and around the town are nomo
Wednesday, Claud Stlverslgn won first of the best grazing lands ln the-West and
plaoo In 2-.81H. The trotting race of many of tho valleys art growing enor-
Thursday was won by Al in SiXH-nnd the moua- crops ot alfalfa.
pacing race waa won by Tlllle Rue In
J;MU. FrMnv'a mn wr- won Jiv. Vf. T. I flrrinjr- Pldttto ftt Broken BOTT.
in 2:15. oJ'JV'ArnoUi; waavperFnnd4nt ??R6KEi fiOVt, uy, 31.-apeclal.)-of
speed and 'Jap 'Cunningham was clerk One-.of.the largest; of.U'Wn'
of the races. ever given in this vicinity, i was tne
The following officers were elected for orange picnio imoay or last -wsok, nem
Adopted by Body It Week
IVorr( to offer Amend
ment, WASHINdidN, Aug. Sf.-Tha eenate
heaved a sigh of relief -when, just be
fore adjournment.' ft 'completed the first
reading of the new tariff bill. Although
many of the most Important new features
of the measure remain tb be settled,
senate leaders agreed that the disposal
of the first reading of the bill had
brought the passage of the' measure'
within view, and that another week may
witness Its completion and passage.
The rates of the new Income tax; the
proposed tax on cotton futures; many
provisions of the administrative' features
of the law; the suggested tax rebate of
per cent for Imports brought In Ameri
can ships, and many other sections ot
the measure that wilt" occasion debate
were put over" without 'action and Will
be taken up again next week. '
Norrln litis Amendment..
Senator Norrfs announced .that before
the bill was completed he would propose
an amendment directed at' the Brazilian
coffee monopoly, giving the president
authority to. levy, a 13 per cent duty on
product controlled through monopoly
or conspiracy In another country.
Democratic members of the finance
committee met again tonight and may
continue tholr sessions tomorrow to go
over, the sections laid aside by the senate
ln Its several weeks, of work on the bill.
It was expected tonight that the demo
cratlo jenatora would be called Into a
party, conference Monday or Tuesday to
adjust all differences over the. bill, In
eluding the question of the tax on large
Iolndextr -Offers' Motion.'
Just before .-adjournment Senator -Poin'
dexter offered 'an amendment for a tariff
commission of five persons who would
servo for fifteen -years and receive 'sal
aries of $15,000 per year. They' would bo
removable by a majority vote ot con
gress. The nrnTridment, which repre
sents the views ot' the progressive party,
will "be taken up .Monday. ''
Tilltlng tho Importa
by convict labor, or "principally by, chil
dren, under if years of ( .aec." Senior
jioran, rcpuDiican, wno .nnu been instru
mental ln 'having tho chlld labor ques
tion considered .as part of the bill, de
clared ttye amendment, as ' it had "been,
drawn) did not meet the needs ot the
Ituatlon. Tho wordlpg of the provision,
tie said, would admit goods made .by
child labor, because It would be difficult
t6 show they had bcenmado '(principally
fly children under U t ae"et.".. -
tne jrowa, vs jne .esumatca vs yei, jne county um.
Mr oft lhe TexnlbTti Beij-vnV.ff,KfftK gobd'-tbslness
good, except tho "agricultural, point. It Is located, neae ,the center of
the ensuing year; It, L. Mabon, presi
dent). B. Otto, secretary; T.. Will
iams, treasurer; 'E. J. Eggert. vlco presl-
dent,.and. II.' I. Ly master, marshal.
ABERDEEN, B. D. Aug. JL-(8peclst
Telerrajn) y. By Udell, postmaster at
Plerpont, J5, D.. la ln an Aberdeen hos
pttaltaerlously nnd possibly fatally burned
as tho result of a tiro which destroyed
his borne. It Is not known how the flra
started, nu UdtU was burned on tho
right hip and leg.
Fire at 8tratford, 8. P., damaged the
hardware tora ad building "oc Ivei John
sonilo tha -U6t of WSBdi y
WASlIINaoW. Aug. ' 1U'-crtXT
Yilimn win not gut a limousine ana elec
tric rueAbVJu'i trim congress. The house
ulx:0t fettle handUeg appropriations for
tho Depirtment of Labor today cut out
the automobiles and provided horses.
at Burdlcks grove four miles east of
here. It Is estimated that there were
over 1,000 people present, a majority ot
the .granger In this district being largely
represented. There were ball games',
both morning and . afternoon and a big
Na'trs from (Insfe Couuty,
BEATRICE,' Nob., Aug. SI. (Special.) basket dinner atU o'clock. "The pro-
Henry 'Busey Was arraigned before Judgo cram durlntr the afternoon waa an elab-
Ellis' Friday on the charge Of slashing orate' one' and , comprised i addresses.
Frank Macklln with a knife with Intent reclwlpps. And. ualo 'hoth thstrdmental
to- do great' bodily Injury. He pleaded rind ..vocal. & ptlnolplil talk's, of" the
not guilty and his case was set for hear- dav wkra made -by Htate Master 'J.- D.
Ing oh September a. He waa released'on heom, ' of Broken Bpw'ima, NatJ'onal
bond of tl,G9 furnlshel by hla wife. Lecturer N. T. Hall Of Dlamondate
Charles Wade was put Under bond ot 1300 Mich.
tn Appear as a witness In the case. Mack
tin Is recovering from his Injuries. Cral OhaataHa Is Boccess,
According to a decree Issued by County UitAiu. woo., Aug. w. tpeciai.)-Tne
Judge Waldn the Inheritance tax due Chautauqua came to a close jrn
the county from the Joseph L. Webb r night 'with a concept 'b Clrlclllo'i
estate l 116.75. I concert band and Italian singers. The
Peter Arenholt of Fllley fetl down largest audience which ever .attended a
stairs at his' home Thursday and broke cnautauqua in mis county, was present,
his right shoulder. people coming from all over this county
Miss Pearl Copple left Friday -for" Cen- and A, few from' adjoining counties. Al
trails. III., with the body ot her cousin, though, this is Craig's first Chautauqua
c, v. copple, who was killed by al Burl- It has been n grand success. About lw
Ipgton train at Wymoro Tuesday morn- more' season tickets than the required
lhg. guarantee were sold and every number
The Blue river at this point Is the low-1 on the program was satisfactory and ao
et U has been tor many years on as-1 cording to advertisement. Thursday waa
count of the prolonged dry spell. No rain set asida as Tekaiuah day and, about
of any consequence has fallen In this forty automlblles were up from there that
vicinity since June 23, n'.ght. Oakland people were present to
u. u. wuimmron of Murdock, Neb., has tha extent ot some thirty or moro auto
applied to the vliago board ot Plckrell mobile loads.
tor a saloon license.
Culls from the Wire
Notes from Valentine.
VALENTINE, Neb,, Aug. S0.-(Spe
CIaI.)--DeDutv Rherlff .IThn tnnlr ti.nl, I tran fltv i-innl rhllrtren r
Marvin, an old eoldler living near Merrl '""2. books supplied at puwio
man. Neb to Norfolk to hn iodd tn h. sxPnse. Tha proposition of free school
man. eo to norroiK to ne lodged in the book, c&nitl t,y overwhelming majority
''" jium u. cibcv. tie is ( i at a special election yesterday.
years old and has been threatening to Valentine Baltutt. axed 80 years, real
kill some of his neighbors. They got I dent ot Minneapolis since 1SS4, Is dead
frightened and had him brought In and i h" n"? at Minneapolis as tne result
examined and the board adjudged him In- ffi HfiTxmiM CltV. iZvltll
iiiamiis. h ataDiisnea tne fioya county actvo
Night Marshal Htlslnger Friday night cats.
heard a couple ot men quarrelling In an One thousand delegates attending the
alley and went around to Investigate and ?"vnlinJ?frt.h; ftiiSni' IdJi1.,?,
.u.,- t. Letter Carriers and 500 women delegated
got there In time to hear one et the men t0 the convention ot the National Ladles"
strike the other and knock him out and auxiliary to the totter carriers' assocla-
was bending over his victim getting ready tlon. -were entertained and welcomed
to rob him when the marshal got him. It rmatiy can r ,rujr.
i i - .u. x . .. . i several sarmsm tacionca were im
w u TO ui mS iww nor. mi b. fir. that followed an MUloal
live near Brtt s,nd the man he knocked fon in a bulldlnx in the Bt Louie down.
out was a stranger here and Is still I town district last night The floors ot
" . ... . . I nil k ettkrllrsk Otfslltimt rYtftli sSf th
n.n wa in awaiting nis near- Stories of the city now Is in
ma. vio m Drainer in jail cnorgea I nrocrcis.
wun Jiorse stealing. Stephen F. Oarlock filed suit for
Sheriff Ronater brought In Fred Howard, divorce. In Bt Louis yesterday, lit
and Matthew Marshall, both wanted tor charged that his second wif inveigled
etcalln two head of horn. fm T 'him Into a splrltusJUtlo seance, "where
stealing two neaa or norses from ranch ,he. calied up the spirit of his first wife,
ers, one horse from Bam Pierce andone who advised him to .transfer his .property
from Mr. Ifouslon. ' to his cecond wife. He refused to trans-
- (Ter the property, ne saia ana tnett nis
aJjft ' 1 1 living wife' alled him. nanus ,
ntnttir'lT.Tlc. Tj' iTr'ri- ' 7 ;? I The United. Mine.. Workers- yesterday
- ft ,.o.Mi. 4t 1 tAvmmA In th Ktrlklnir miners ln v
John P. drahem, wife, of .a' farmer JlYt I iou parts of t6e"cduntrir, '$170, from
ing tn Union county,', lies been . advised llmtWMO fund wow In the treasury
tt..i w It. i'.'.C W - -.L r I In Illinois. Of this sum, $100,000 -gofis to
f" "'t"1 o an auni.sn.e wui th western Federation of Miners for
rtcjve.a legacy of, IW.too. The aunt. Mrs. the aid of the, copper miners. The re
maining iivukm is tor tne uh ot ine m
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home. During the o.verland trip from
Durnngo with her son, Frank S. Brack
tt of Idaho, the party was robbed, bu
allowed to proceed with their wagon and
clothes, but nothing else. Brockett was
a miner.
Frank Abbott, also -a miner, said he
recently was held up by rebels and told
he was to be shot His captors tied him
to a tree, but before the order to fire
was given tho commander had him un
tied. The rebels left him unhurt but
took his clothing.
Cnnnnt Lrnvc Torrcon.
.EAGLE PASS, Tex. Aug. Sl.-lnvested
by 10,009 rebels and defended by 5,000
federals, Torreon, Coahulla, Mexico,
holds a. number of Americans who have
been, refused permission to leave the be
sieged city, according to three American
refugees, who arrived here today. The
trio, Frank and Milton Chlssum and
Andrew Odel, escaped after General
Bravo, federal commander, had said no
Americans . could quit the place. They
procured mules and made the journey of
COO miles to- Plcdras Ntgras, the rebel
headauarters opposite Eagle Pass. The
men, said tho federals in Tprrcon burn
the dead and that there has been much
sickness. Scarcity of food is ' causing
much anxiety among the poor. . ,
Mexico looking to a continuation of peace J i i
at a standstill, Mexico has. issued orders j
for a new disposition of the troops and I y a a
for the militarization of' all the able- Nfl IlRft II R .
.bodied men In that portion of the republic , -
. -9 i as
under control of the central government ltf A I IN A HAW
Recently orders wefn Issued to every
governor -and Jefe poll t Icq to , organize j
and drill all. able-bodied mtfn under thblr
respective jurisdictions for the ostcnslblo
purpose of taking part ln the parades on
September '16, national Independence day.
The minister of-thc Interior, Senor Urru-
tia, nas notiricd every planter in the re
public to arm and equip for service ten ,
Victorians Ilebels Abont to Attnck
Stnte Capital,
EL PASO, tex., Aug..fcl.-Juarox tonight
Is being stripped o every available fight
ing man, Its artillery and all arms 4"d
p.mmunltlpn ln preparation ot a hurried
trip to Chihuahua tomorrow morning on
a special train to reinforce the. federal
'garrison, which Is threatened by General
Carrdnza's combined rebel forces ot 8j000
lighting men. .uarranza nas s,weni avtay
rthe tedesa) outposts In his advance .on
the cly .and. hlB victorious , rebel troops,
are rushing. In to make the main attack
on Chihuahua City. The attack on the
City Itself Is expected momentarily.
Volunteers Impressed.
Military Governor .Salvador Mercado
'."telegraphed. the Juarez military authori
ties yesterday, afternoon to hurry as many.
The' senate adopted, a iroyUlon ..proripf .the federal trqopa as. possible tprChl
ttlon ot goods mAde
Allrfred Exile AVonJd lie President of
'LONDON, Aug. 31 "I ain now
definitely a candidate for" president of
Mexico," General Felix. Diaz, who re
cently arrived from Canada, to)d the As
sociated Press this morning.
"5fy friends 'In Mexico are working In
my behalf," continued General Diaz. "Un
fortunately at tiilf distance, I, myself, am
unable to do much, but 1 am. awaiting In
structions which may simplify matters.
"Even If I am ordered to proceed to j
Japan, It Is not, certain that I shall go i
there. My action will depend on develop- J
ments ln Mexico." 1
General Felix "Diaz apparently Is ,
iMfimeu wun mo course oi events in
Mexico. Ho said that the contention that
Vietorlano Huerta's candidacy for the
presidency was barred' by the Mexican
constitution was quite correct. He de--clantd
the fact that he was still an offi
cial representative of the Mexican gov
ernment debarred him from discussing
President Wilson's message or the Mexi
can replies.
When an operator an
swers a subscriber who
says that his bell rang
and no one answered, she
says, "Will you excuse it,
' If the party called
wishes to know why his
bell rang the operator
answers, "There is no one
on your line now."
She does not know why.
It might have happened
many -ways. '
Why It Happens
.SEABBIGHT, N. J., Auor SI -Mrs. B.
A. McQough, an aged resident of New
York, here on a visit, was scared to
death by a clap of. thunderduring a sc-
v'er electrical storm.' "'which -swept the
northern New Jersey coast eorly today.
Iotvn New Notrs.
CIIESTON A car driven by Tom Mal
lard, of Red Oak crushed ijntqfja bridge
and tore off the banister hero la'dC night
Ballard was going about twenty-five'
miles an hour, and stopped to talk with
a party ln the back seat with the afore
said result.
"Movements of Ocnn Strainers.
-Port. ' " fArrtW', VW.
SAN FRANCISCO. Bordr Knight..
nEILl.NOIIAM Htiel Dollar.
NKWTOnK LuslUnta
NEW YORK Madonna .' " " '
NEW .YORK , Baltic.,
MONTREAL. t foirllcjih.,,.. '
huahua,.andaactlye preparations .to- move
the troop train, which has been ready for
dcparture; for the last; few days, are be
ing carried on. Besides, the federal troops,
many of the city volunteers are being tnv
rtrAKKAd Intn nnrvlcn with thn resrnlArfl.
Only a sufficient force to police the town ?rSuTH ...::r.oirmpVo
win De icicin Juarez, uenerai ivrancisco
.Castro, federal comander ln Juarez, trill
take, personal .command of the troqps
which will go to ChlhuahuOv.
MEXICO CITT, Aug,,a0.-,Wlth.the ne
gotiations between .the United, Stated and
Sir. America...,
COPENIIAQF3N... United Statei...
GENOA Tarapalla.
AUCKLAND Makura . .'
ROTTERDAM Campenello
HANKOW Niagara
NAPLK8 Eaxonla.
PALK RMO r. ,T.v.-. p : . Ssntg- A tjnar
afraid of light
- 'r,;"';l' """ i ' ' I '
.- , tts"f v lsssBse 1
I Minneapolis Brewing Co. I
I tacitly admits on its case IB I
I cover reproduced abovethat MB S
8 light affects the quality . of if
I beerthat the light Bottle is flHi
I insufficient protection. (Ml
I It is not enough to make pure JWMk.
I beer it must be protected ffHB
Mary Augusta Alorrfe, lived at
mond. Va.
Perslstent Advertising: Is the Road to
Big Itetums-
ternatlonal officers In organising ln Colo
ndi and other fields where efforts are'
I being made to unionise the miners.
Key to the Bltuation-Dee Advertising.
Schlitz in Brown Botdes is
pure and wholesome from the
brewery to. your glass.
&f that crown or cork
is branded "Schlitz."
Phones: Doug. 1597: In'd. A a5aa
Schlitz Bottled Deer Depot
723 S. 9th' Street, Omaha Nebr.
' Phbne(i4
llf. Gerber, ioi S. Mala St
Council Bluffs
That Made Milwaukee famous
Usually in such a case,
however, a subscriber has
called the wrong number,
and after noticing his mis
utake, has signaled "Cen
tral" for the right num
ber, after she had rung
your telephone.
Again, perhaps you
waited an unreasonable
time to answer and tha
party calling you "hung
The operator, of course,
. sometimes makes mis
takes, but if the calling
party and the party calle
do their part her errors
are marvelously few.
Glad to know iycs have tued It Tell
your friendt how It stopped your falling
hair and greatly promoted its growth
Ask Your Doctor.
3. a.
It's mm
day use that
gets results
Thousands of -person's
'are hunting- for
your .want on the
classified pages of
The Bee today.
Jf you have ne
glected to place! your
mes sajge-; there y o u
"are- missing the. op
portunity to sell or
buy that which you
want. Don't miss a
day have your nd in
The Bee continually,
and you'll get the re
sults thnt you want.
Phone your ad in
DOW. , i n.tyl
Tyler 1000
S0U9IiA 494.
Mat, Evry Say, BtlS) Every Hlght, BUD
Thli nHk, Katbrrn Xlddrr, Prohawr Ota Oral,
MarahaJI Montjora.ir, Wlllard aB4 Bond. Vir
ginia lUakln, ItomancM, La Val.ra Melmln
PrUea: Matin... (xpt Satordajr and Bandar)
Oall.rr, loot But 8ti, He. Nlinta, 10a, 25c,
(Oo and 76e.
Fine Shady Picnic Grounds
And Many Other
Free Moving Pictures
Every Evening.
A Balloon Ascension Sun
day Evening at 6:30.
Admission to Park FREE
Omaha vs. Sioux City
SETXEMBBll 1.1-2
3 games, Sept 1; 1st called at a P. St,

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