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Many Candidate Are looking For
ward, However, to 1010.
Tinvr nelleretl that rtoTtrnnr More-
head Una -Decided to 'linn for
) '
ConRrena from the Flrt
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
UNCOIA. Sept. lt-(8pecIat-Never
In the history of Nebraska m-obably has
there been sueh aj fcOTulltlon exlstlns af
this time of year as now from a, political
standpoint Around the tiaXa house pol
itics has always been the main theme
when the autumn leaves, began to fall,
but this year little is 'heard but the. dl
taift rumbling of political thunder, which
Rt times Indicates that poxilbly a storm
may be brewing-. This Is all due to the
fact that there Is no state election this
year, and the 19U election Is so far away
that no aspirins candidate dares- even
to start to perspire over his candidacy
Occasionally ' some patriotic politician
drops into the bit; building and the small
point of a political lightning rod can bo
discovered prptr.Hdlng .above, his coat col
lar, but he bears such an innocent look
that it is hard-to distinguish him from
tho common herd,
Blnny Candidates.
However, In spite of the ''under-the-hat"
condition's. It is an open secret that
there are ninny candidates looking- for
ward to 1911. Among1 the most prominent
at this time, of course, Is Governor More
head. The governor burned his bridges
behind htm when ho ran for governor
last fall by declaring that under no cir
cumstances would lib be a candidate -for
a second term. -But. ths governor likes
the political game and at no time' in his
career has the bug-, seemed to attach It
self to him quite as firmly as now. Tho
governorship was but a stepping stona to
something else, and when tho Falls City
statesman piped it .off -that he Would. not
accept a second term he meant Just ex
actly what he said. He had his eye on
two Jobs at that time. One was ' Con
gressman McOulre's nice placo as repre
sentative at Washington from the First
Nebraska district and the other Gilbert
M. Hitchcock's little job as United States
Senator. ; " .
Ifnase Tlnce the nest.
It Is only lately that the governor has
decided that McOulre's job will suit htm
best. There are reasons for this. In the
first place, McGuIre is serving his third
term as representative in Washington
from the First Nebraska congressional
District, and in the mlrfd of the governor
tnd his friends this Is ions enough for
any one man to hold .on to one Job. In
the second place, McGuIre has asplra-
Mono, He wants to go higher and his eye
Is fixed on -the United States Senatorship.
Both McGuIre , and Governor Morohcad
want tho support of tho paper owned by
senator Hitchcock, but how they are
toInK to get it Is the question, if either
of them run for tho place now held by
the Omaha editors The- governor cannot
nope to get the help of the Omaha demo
rratlo paper if his candidacy for Mo-
Bunre's -place means that McQulro .will
tnvltch to the Hitchcock Job. Neither can
UcGiiiretK&pe ta sot assistance front' Uie
tame source to land tho senatorshlp, and
The fact .4 hat .sceOulre has been com-.
Felled to, BM?liWashInstoa anting tho
rummer on Afc4utitv tit ,tke pecfat
ilou and not had a chance, to come home
and look after ihlf. political fences, has,
trithout & question,! lcft-hlrp: in ptottjrbad
shape for a renomlnation if he should
conclude not tq sltjh to tho chance to
tana tno nigner nomination, this nafi
tlven the ft overrior ' plain soiling' In Uls
I(f6rts to capture tho' nomination from
IScGulrc and he has not let the grass
crow under his feet In his efforts to
mnko himself solid with the First dls
trlct democratic voter. From ono to four
or more speeches have been made ' nil
iver the district durinsr tho time that the
foverndr fads' been In,' office, and the thins
looks so sure now that he is now spend
big a portion of his time making- speeches
ititaldo 6f ,the district
Net Hollering A sr.
The facj that.McGulro's friends are not
"hqtlering" any over the Bove.rnor's
activity to make hlrcself solid with the
First district voters lends, color to the
rumor that-a'deal has already been made
to switch McQuire off ot the congres
ilonal track onto tho United States sen
ttdrial raca course. This Is further
itrengthened by the fact that.McOulra
has stuck in Washington and has made
aoeffort to patch Up his fences which
have been knocked dowir by this gov
trnors political sutomoblle While' cutting
i cress lots to get to the next speaking en
A new candidate for congress to try con'
fluslon with Unole Moses Klrikatd.la Frank
I. Taylor, a democratic attorney from St
Paul. Mr. Taylor was In Lincoln Satur
lay and called on his .friend, Andrew M.
ktorrlssey, private secretary to 'Governor
Uorehead. Mr, Taylor is not; a relative
f that other Taylor who tried.-twice to
prest tho crown from Uncle Jtose, but
e .think that he could do a better job
than bis namesake. It is the general
tplnlcn of the average politician that If
PneJe Moses could not be beaten last year
prhsn his party was split so badly, there
is Jittle hope for any democrat in the
Big Sixth to land the job..
SULLEN, Go., SepL H. Mrs, Edna
Perkins Oodbee today, was found guilty
f Us murder .pf Mrs, Florence Godbee,
s-lfa'of her divorced husband. Tho Jury
recommended mercy. Mrs, Godbee shot
ind killed her former husband and his
wife in the Millcn post6fflco a few weeks
i 11 "
This Qoupon and 15c
entitles bearer to
choice of one
or Other Pennant
when preented at
103 Bee Building,
Ministers Assiened
at United Brethren
Conference at York
VOrtK, Neb., Sept. H.-(BpeclaU-The
United Brethren conference of Nebraska
clbsed today. Following Is the assignment
of ministers as read:
West Dlstrict-8. W. Snider, superin
u. Williams, Amherst.
iA. N. Caldwell, Augur.
Wlnton Hensley, Aurora.
!V. C. Clifton, llayard.
t?, 8. Icmond. Ilethel.
J. Steel. Ulndcn.
Ioona Mack, Blackwood.
H. ll. Hprncklln, UroKcnIiowi ,
liroken How ch-ctit. to be supplied.
A. P. Vanlce, Coateaftetd. -. . .
A. Payne. Aba. . r '
Greeley, to bo supplied. , '
Gibbon, to be sumilfed. , .
il'aul Porten Grcsliamj. .
J. js. tutwaran, Hastings.
A. -W. Gress, Hayes cotfnty.
'W. M. IJUswolli Kearnov:
B. White, Lamor.
K. F. Wayner. IJtchfleld.
J. A. Smith, Lushton.
I. k. wurrace, Jiarqucwe.
,1. F. Mower, Morna. .
F. W. Brink. McCool .Junction.
McCook, to be supplied.
8. Harvey. Ord. '- i 1
J. is. uaruey, orteiio.
J. W. ItolllnKs. Palmer.
J. Mason. I'eetz.
It. 1,. Kppley, Prolrle Gem.
It. C. Harlo. Shelby.
Ford Davidson Waco.
a. it. Graham, York.
Knst district. J
It Mower, superln-
w. r . iicrman
Dluo Springs and Zlon.
O. F. Savcy, Beatrice.
K. Harper.. Cheney.
C. W. Olewlne, Crab Orchard,
C. V. Crowe. Dullolso.
Charles Foster. Falrbury.
J. W. Zimmerman, Julian,
J. U. Bads, Uberty.
11, 11, Haberlcy, Lincoln.
J. U Haydsn, Ix?n Center.
. A. no France. Meadow urove. . -i
'Memphis, to b6 supplied. ' ,
j. f, Meajte. isenawxa. .
J. P. "Ufakeley. Oalcdale.
Omnha, to be supplied.
C. V, Ixnr, Orchard.
It. h. Koirrotn, ianamo.
W. 8. Jllunt Pawnee.
T.'L. flwan. Pleasant Hill.
O. P. Foster, Bewarcl.
B. K. Burrace, HtlcKney, a.
O. AV. Bruco, Bwanton.
A. U. Small. Vermillion, 8,
Walnut, to bo supplied.
Busy Term Before
State Supreme Court
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Sent. H, (Special.) The fall I
term of the Nebraska supreme court will
open -iuonuajr w.i "--"'. nrr
number or cases on tno aocaei ior mo
Tint weeK ior consu.erauon.
number consTdcrcd In a day runs from
halt a dosen to eight, but the court will
have ten fpr. the. first day and eleven
. i ii ml. l
In addmoS; Its, regular case, of lm-
pbrtance, whhjh'wfll. probably be taken
. .. .. '-j;... i .... i
up by tho court' very shortly. Is the In
suranco case wherein Auditor W. B. How-
dnd Is asking tor a rohea'rlrig In the per
emptory -writ of mandamus which com
pelled his deputy and. insurance commls
stoner to turnover to the now insurance
board .the property under his charge with
out being, notified, of. a heating. In tho
matter. Auditor Howard contend, that
every man has a right to a hearing-in
.m.AI.9m V...tl rl. S- MCFMlMSl hlini
KEW? T;-11 9i
MM.'. i.m
Cme up during tho term are four -cases
old Capital Natldndl bank "fallurtf twenty I
years or moro' ago;. -These 'are rehearing
Tho Hoagland sidetrack matter, tnvolv
ins tho location of a sidetrack at Hoag-
latid on the Union Paclflo railroad, is in
teresting In' that it Is an appeal from tho
railway commission.
' The Nebraska City recall caso Is an
other Important matter which will be
watched with considerable interest, In
mat it is tno first attempt to invoke tho
recall In this state and the supreme court
will make a decision which will probably
test the constitutionality of the law, at
least in the recall of city officials,
Lincoln Makes a
r 3 n -rt a
uOOQ. JT aVinff JtieCOrd.
. .
(From a Staff Correspondent)
lilNCOIN, Sept
rnnUnl ritv nf TJrthrnVn frtn.1 n vaa4
record in Improvements last year, tho
most important being In tho way of pav-
Ing. over 5800,000 being spent by the city
In puting down new paving. Most ot the
money has been spent in putting down
asphalt, the Seventeenth street paving
to tho fair grounds Is about all the brlok
uavlmr out doWn, The mnrrerate tAbIo,
r-.- w -. M o
a little over eight miles of new work.
(From a Staff Correspondent.
LINCOLN. 8epL 14,-tSpecial.)-Inlerest
has b'oeh revived In the lnterurban by a
rumor that tho MoKlnley Interests, which,
.bought tho lnterurban road running out
pf Omaha to Papllllon, have been quietly
purchasing right-of-way and have a!-'
jeady extended the pole line a distance
beyond the old road. -
It Is said also that Superintendent
"Brooks of the Lincoln Traction company
is the. aotivo head of the construction
work and that a number of 'Lincoln men
sold that unless cold 'weather1 prevented
line extending from tho present terminus
of the Nebraska Traction and Power
companj-s line toward Lincoln.
Just what the Omaha, Lincoln & Beat-
sice lnterurban company Is going to do
Is hard to tell. President Musser was
here from Ohio a week or so ago, but
Suddenly flew back to his home and little
is known of the nature of his visit
NEW YORK, Sept. HOnce again the
identity of the murdered girl, parts ot
whose body were found in tho Hudson
river more than a week ago, Is a 'mys-
tery, all clues having failed to reveal
her name or the manner of hr death.
The body Is not that of Annetto Day,
the Brooklyn girl, who has been missing
sin re August 8, as had been believed.
Salvatore Day . and his sister. Mary
05ay, went to the Hoboken morgue late
today, where last night their brother,
Francis, had declared his belief that It
was his sisters headless body.
After carefully viewing tho upper and
lower portions of the dismembered body.
eaivaiqre ana .Mary upy staled it a
their positive opinion that the fragments
were nqt .those of Annette's body; the.
marks were not Identical, they said
Francis Day later admitted he had been
mistaken and that the body was not
that of his sister
WJ.p in tbls.cato.thc i wrt,of ndamuslowlng to the ffSu'
was secured from Ite Wt, without a sK,arfni far surpassedl.
Self-Made Charter the First and
Main Thing Demanded.
I'rof. AyleaTTorth Tells Why Teople
fllionld. Adopt l'roposed. Chnrtcr,
Eren Tho nail -Desiring
Farther Changes.
LINCOLN, Sept H.-(Spec!al.)-That
the proposed charter should be adopted
becauso It Rives home rule to the city,
If for no other reason, Is the. opinion of
Prof. L. B. Aylesworth. , Prof. Ayles-
wofth, while far from satisfied With the
charter, ,doea believe that as a whole it
is very sood and should bo-adopted.
The' great thing about the charter is
that itlglves the' city home rule," said
'Prof. Aylesworth. "There are defects in
It, but they are Insignificant when It is
considered that home rule Is given the
city and the people hereaftM- can do as
they please, regardless of the legislature.
kHerotoforo. -when the city wanted any
thing It had to go to the legislature and
be for It Under the new charter the
people can do and have what they
Tho defects In the charter can readily
be remedied, cither by the aubmlsslon of
alternative sections when tho charter Is
voted on or else amending the charter at
I,rBl "guw eiecuun - m
five per ceni 01 me vote jnuy auuum
an amendment to the charter at a regul-
Iar election.
Tho charter as a whole is very good.
The few defects in It can be readily rem
edied after it is adopted, or by the sub
mission of alternative sections at tho
same time it Is adopted. There would bo
nothing complicated about such submis
sion of alternative sections. They would
be voted on' separately from the charter,
and would 'bo readily carried If tho peo
ple aro as desirous of certain things as
some persons would havo us bellove."
RED CLOUD. Neb.. Sept. HMSpeclal.)
Moro than tho fifty-one per cent of tho
voters of Webster county were secured
on tho petition asking for a new court
house. Tho "county commissioners havo
..,n,ni,iu r.n ia Tiotltlon. but have
... , ,u nni nxt sDrinir.
tin huiMlnir
fop. three ytara t0
mako DaYment
- . . electlor.
lliu VI l-V vummvii
of .Voting bonds for the
" , .,P niant here Tho
Installation otu mrv lant here. The
P tZ Z Satld Z
M. will install all the mains for the
city. There Is a large nurnber of cess
r.nni. hnu niitlnt reaches tho water
supply In this 'city and-the council be-
llevcs that a sewer system Js absolutely
essential for the health of the people,
"Willi. Rinses.
PAWNEE, Nob'., Sept 14.-HBpeciaJ.J-
The Pawnee county ta r
nesday. c teriitc
liOWVMfc JW-
rcxpeotafc Other Attractions -consfsted
W Wrv OS-""'"
Bat tm. Da
and ono
eecond, securing first place. Pima P was
second with two firsts and two fourths
and one second. Theima wane was tmru
with three seconds, a third ana a l.rsu
Tlmo. 2:Z2U.
Pacing. 2:13, special, purse, : Bir
law won first with three first places.
Earthquake, second with two seconds and.
a third. Kit miey sccureo tnira piace
with two thirds and a second. Time. z:it.
Maude Miller first with three firsts and
a second. Aneta V won second with a
third, two seconds and a first Coster
Walnut socUrod third with three thirds
nna a second best. Time, v:uvt.
Stanton Wants Netr Depot.
STANTON, Neb.. Sept ll.-(Spclal.)-
Through the efforts of. Attorney W". W.
Young and several leading citizens, the
state railway commission' will hold
Itneeting in etanton noxt 'ruesuay to near
arguments on to why Btanton sh6uld have
la nnw ilfnnt nnd lic'nr from thn railroad
0ran.y WhX , - b hM!l
it, vnsli wvj i i'uuiiu iioAtiiiB Al acojnnoo tu
1 . ... m
a wni r w ,o mo
c0WW hH adequate depot
lttclutle8 ar not furnished to ths patrons
of tho raIlro1 at thla Plnf- Stanton has
bMn working for a new depot for several
Vrs and the necessity for a larger and
moT commodious bulldlntf Is. getting more
urgent every day. There Is not a town
I In -this part of the state that has poorer
I accommodations than Stanton.
Good Plsblnsr Xear Tecnmseli.
TECUMSEH, Neb., Sept 14. (Special.)
The droinago contractor, dammed tho
Nemaha river a "mile west ,of the city
the water below, his . dam and be
tweeen the dam arid the, cty was allowed
to escape through the flume at the mill
just west of town. The result was
gratifying to. the fishermen. Several nun
dred pounds, ot buffalo, carp, cat fish
sun fish, etc.. was taken from ths low
wators, the fishermen gathering their
I game with, spears and pitchforks. One
I man got so,ven fish, the combined weight
I which, was over 100 pounds.
-fcsfc mm m S MMMM
LOS ANGELES, Sept It Fred Nel
son. Si years old, an employe ot an
automobile company, was murdered to
I day a few steps from his home at
Florence Station, a suburb of Los An
I geles, In a manner which bewildered de-
I tectlve.
He had .kissed his wife and children
goodby as usual and started for the car
I line nearby,
A tew minutes later, with a bullet
hole In the back of his head .and with
I both hands thrust Into his trousers' pock
! ets. he was found.
I Nelson had been smoking a cigar,
was still in his mouth and still burning,
Two feet from the -dead man was a r
volver which had been dropped by the
Mrs Nelson told the police a stranger
hod haunted the netxhborood for several
(days. So far as she knew, her husband
I had no enemies.
Bell Drug Co.
(Continued from Page One.)
Monaco Is also a scientist ot world-wldo
fame. He has for his pet hobby the sci
entific study of deep.sea fishes, and has
contributed comprehensive and exhaustive
articles upon members ot the piscatorial
tribe that were undreamed of until he
discovered them. The prince is also an
inventor of note, having devised a num
ber ot Instruments used in eclentlllc work.
Srronil Visit to America.
This visit to America Is his first since
forty-five years ago, at which time lie
came as a member of the Spanish navy
and remained In New York. Ho Intends
to stay with Buffalo Dill for at least
week, and then view his oil property
and return to New York. He also 'ex
pects to pay a brief visit to Theodoro
Roosevelt at Oyster Bay.
The Hlrondelle," the magnificent
yacht upon which the prince came to this
country Is docked ott the Battery at New
York. It Is fitted up with an extensive
laboratory for scientific work and as a
model of elegance and privacy. I mak
ing his trip across the country, how
ever, the prince and his party engaged
only a drawing room compartment of
one car and slept In tho berths In
ordinary car.
Tho prince's train arrived At 11:24
clock and left twenty minutes later for
the west
Shocked by Dice Gnmes.
CHICAGO, Sept ll.-Prlnco Albert of
Monaco, who derives on Income of $500,-
000 h. year from the roulette and trente et
quarente tables at Monte Carlo, yesterday
was shocked at dice - games played on
cigar counters here. The prince, who Is
on his way west On a big game shooting
trip, said that Americans gamble too
The little dice ' games- take money1
away from tho homes where it Is needed,"
he said. "I think tho percentage Is too
much in favor of the house in these dice
games. I know the game and I don't be
lieve In it. I ara not a gambler," con
tinued the prince. "1 Just watched this
gamo in a hotel In New York. In don't
The prince of Monaco, who Is the only
ruling sovereign who over visited the
United States, waq met by no dignitaries
here, unless a waiting station policeman
could bo called that Prince Albert leff
this evening tor couy, wyo.
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afford to have kidney trouble, ndr need
he fear it with such a remedy as hand
as Foley Kidney Pills. Y.ou can not take
this honest curative medicine Into your
system without good results following,
It cleans out and builds up the kidneys,
and makes them able to strain, out1 ot the
blood the impurities that cause backache,1
weak back, sore, inactive kidneys and
sleep-disturbing urinary troubles.. All
dealers everywhere. Advertisement-
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made pure kept pure
.Sdilitz,." Brown Bottle is -your
Wafeguaf d'against impijre. beer,,';
for light starts decay even in,
jDure beer.' j '
Note the warning, of the Fishery
Brewing ;Co.s on the . case coyer
reproduced above, that beer in
white bottles should -never be
.exposed to light. - -
Get Schlitz in Brown . Bottles
and be sure.
See that crown or cork
is branded "Schlitz:'
That Made Milwaukee famous.
Creighton Shows Larger Attendance
in Professional Studies.
Accommodation Are Limited to
Those Alrendy Iteislstereil nnd
Wilt Likely Hrtc to De
Judging from tho enrollment to date,
the professional departments of Creighton
university show a morkud Increase -in lhe
number ot students. Already the totit
at tho pharmacy college has reae'.ie 1 16),
and all of the class rooms and laboli:
torlos ato In constant use.
According to Dean- Martin ot the law
school, . the problem ot housing the stu
dents of tho professional departments Is
getting serious nnd It seems that It will
bo necessary to havo more room within
the next few years. Tho dental depart
ment has- a total enroUmiit of 113, the
largest In Its history, showing a gain of
about 10 per cent over tho aticndauco ot
last year. Accommodations for many
more than this number are not available.
The total enrollment of the iaw school
wilt be between 1C0 and 160, a slight gain
oven the lit .students enrolled last year.
The freshman class, with a day erioll-
motif nf fnrfv.At.Ati In .lnnpi..b.lAiil.i1 nt
. rJ
Creighton. In this department aro found ,
men who have taken law work In ihe
law colleges of Yale, Iowa State, Ne
braska State, Marquette and several other
prominent schools, and who havo coma to
Creighton to take their final years. With
a corresponding growth next year tne
students will be somewhat cramped.
LATONIA, Ky., Sept. 14. One man was
probably fatally Injured while another
was seriously hurt when a car, driven
by Nick NIckleS of California went
through tho fence at the first turn of
the'' Latonla race Irack during the 'iCO
mlle race there yesterday.
Nlcklcs sustained a fractured skull
and Internal injuries while his mech
anician, Shuttler, suffered a scalp
wound and probable Internal injuries.
Rlokenbacker won tho race with
Lutroll second and Chandler third. The
time for 100 miles was 1:42.
'BIRMINGHAM, Ala., Sept 14. Two
men were killed and six Bcrlounly Injured
when a seventy-five-foot trestle col
lapsed under a Southern railway locomo
tlve near Parrish, Ala., this afternoon.
Tho dead aro Samuel Bowers and Thomas
Wo6die, bridge workers. The most seri
ously Injured are Engineer Ford and
Hampton Fletcher. The other Injured
are negroes.-
hxh in white iwrnxs
exposed to Xtotrr.
1 10
ssCsf ssEJ sE&i
MM Hi Mil
Phones: Dong. 1597; Ind. A 3623
Schlitz Bottled Deer Depot
723 S. 9th Street, Omaha, Nebr.
IJiione 4124
Hy. Gerber, 101 S. Mala St
Council Bluffs
Lnfnyette Cl'.ne.
BRADSHAW, Neb.. Hept ll.-(Speclal.)
Word was received at this, place yester
day by the relatives ot Lafayette Cllne,
that he had died In Saskatchewan, Can
ada from acute pneumonia, Friday morn
ing. Mr. Cllno was one "of the very early
settlers of this vicinity. His body will
arrive sometime the first of the week. In
terment will be made in lhe York ceme
tery, beside that of his wife. The funeral
Is expected to take placo sometime
Former Yorlt Mini nlen In Cnnndn.
YOPJC. Neb., Sept ll.-(Spcctal.)-Word
has been received here announcing the
death of Lafayette Cllne at Calgary,
Canada. He was 63 years 'old and left
this city last spring to make his homo In
Canada. The 'caUse of hla'deatvls pneu
monia. He came to York county In 1S75
and had resided here until last spring.
The body will bo shipped to York and
Interred In Orcenwood cemetery.
. PlonVer I Dtnil.
HUMBOLDT, Neb., Sept. 14. (Special.)
Mrs. Marie Kotouo died early this
morning of pneumonia. She was an old
settler of Humboldt and well known.
She Is survived by her husband and four
sons, Frank, Lute, Milton and Otto. The
funeral wilt be held Sunday.
Jiiilire Shortlpj- Is Demi.
ST. PAUL. Minn., Sept. 14.-Judgo John
, ., . . t, ,. T .
f""'e" '.,'
local hospital today. He had come to
Minnesota to recuperate. He was taken
critically ill Sunday. His son, Rus, was
with him when he died.
Key to the Situation Beo Advertising.
Culls from the Wire
Superior Judge Humphries "yesterday
made permanent his temporary injunc
tion forbidding the Salvation Army and
Volunteers of America of Seattle from
holding street services In front of a
downtown hotel, where the Salvationists
had held forth for twenty-five years.
A favorable report on lrroducing a
course In sex hyglena In the Kansas City
public schools was presented to I. I. Cam
mAck, superintendent of schools, yester
day by the eighteen delegates from Kan'
sas City that attended the recent con
vention In Buffalo. No definite decision
was reached by the superintendent
Gross operating revenues aggregating
J24,452(9C4.86, a new high record, for the
Denver & Rio Grande Railroad company,
are shown by the annual report for the
fiscal year ending June 30, 1913, made
public yesterday. This is an Increase nf
$1,172,561.97, or 6.04 pec cent, over tho total
revenues ror me nscal year 1912, amount
lng to )23,2SO,402.S9.
Bell Drug Co.
Kidney Troubles, IJIutldcr Disorders,
Hhouinatlsni, and Serious Dis
eases Follow
jThero are other - symptoms, such as
pains In the region of the kidneys, nerv
ausness, dlxslness, tired and wornout
fueling, weak bladder, or urinary, trou.
bles, which are Just as dangerous, for
the- slightest ' kidney ' derangement it
neglected may develop into the deadly
Brlght's disease, dropsy or diabetes.
It Is not only dangerous, but needleis,
for you. to' suffer and endure thV torture
of these 'troubles, ' for froxon promptly
ends all such misery.
There la no more, effective remedy for
kidney, bladder .trouble and. rheumatism
th,Sn Croxone, because It reaches the
cause: It soaks right Into the "kidneys,
through the walls - -and linings, - cleans
out Uie clogged, up .pores, .neutralizes
and dissolves the poisonous uric acid and
waste matter, . that Tbdge Jn the CJotnts
and musces and . cause those Iterrlble
rheumatic pains, and makes the kidneys
filter the poison from the blood and
drives it out of the system. 1
Three doses of Croxlne a day for a
few days Is often' all that Is ever'needed
to relieve the worst backache or overcome
disagreeable urinary disorders.
You will find Croxone different from
other remedies. It la so prepared that it
is pract.cally Impossible to take it with
out results. An original package ot
Croxone costs but a trifle and all drug,
gists are authorized to return the pur
chase price if It should fall In a single'
cose. Advertisement
From Omaha to
Chattanooga, Tenn.
a A,R Encampment
Louisville & Nashville R. R
Nath7ille,ChaUanooga & St. Lotris-Ry.
Tloksts on sale September 10-10 nolo.
slva, good returning nntU Beptembo
8, with privilege of extension of return
limit nntll Ootobex 17. Stop-overs per
mitted ' at any point enroat going or
returning. Ask for CK A. B. folders,
BattlstUias Booklet anA other liter a- -tars.
R. C. WALLIS, D. P. A., St. Lexis
P.W.M0RR0W.N. W.P.A., Chic)
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Tyler 1000
One of Aycr's Pills -zt bedtime Just
one. Acts on the liver. Genilylaxatlve.
Sugar-coated. All vegetable.
bold Tor GO years.
Ask Your Doctor.
J. G. An fVt .
!wll, ilia;
piayinar "iif ssjlbck op a otxnrxB" i
Beats TTow Prices 35c ana 50o -
Rxono -ouf.
4S4 -
Uat. Ev.ry Dy 2!l3f Svery Hlrt 81I& "
Thla HTc.li. ClKtUe Kun, Cdlt Cmcellcu.
W.Hcr IX L9tt & "Knulu" DitIci, Ljn Si
V.ico, Th Thre Coll.gliuis, Dupre. A DoprM.
Ftd A Altxrt. Motion Plctur. ot Hurr K. Tnaw,
Prte Mat (icpt Bat and Ban. Oallerr. ltci
Kfit eata. lie Nlaata. 10o.SS. Wc aol TC

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