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Settle the heating question
"Watch Her Eatt
She used to leave half of '
her food till I let her chew
f 1
It gives her -an appetite.
She likes it better than
things not good for her
and it costs me less. 'The
Beneficial Confection' is
a delicious pastime that
improves teeth, appetite,
nerves and digestion."
Chew it after every meal
. 'of twenty packages it. costs less of
any dealer and stays fresh until used
Look for the spear
Avoid imitations
Test of Insurance Code Law Early
Upon Docket.
Nebraska Clir Mayoralty Cae In
rolvlnR necall of Chief Officer of
Town Aliio Occnplee Time
of Trlbnnal.
(From a Staff Correspondent)
LINCOLN, Sept. 16.--(Spclal.)-The fall
session of the state supreme court opened
thin morning-, one of tho first cases being
a hearing on the application of Stato
Auditor Howard for the return to his de
partment of the Insurance department of
the state, taken from the auditor's office
by ja. peremptory writ of mandamus Is
sued by the supreme court.
.The case Is really a, test of the consti
tutionality of the new Insurance law,
though there are other cases which will
lome up later which will settle that
In his argument hefore the court,
Halleck, Hose, appearing as one of the
attorneys for the auditor, said that the
supreme court had no right to mandamus
n state auditor because the officer as
o part of the executive department of
tho state government, in a case of this
kind, but his main contention was that
the auditor had a right to be heard tn
the matter andthat the court could not
:sBiie a peremptory order without first
giving tho party on whom tho order was
to issue a chance to bo heard In the
ease. He -contended that no man could
be deprived of his rights as a citizen
and one of them was a right to be heard
lit an' action brought against him or
fn which he was In any way Interested.
Nebraska City C'nse.
Another case which occupied some of
the time .of the court this afternoon was
the Nebraska City recall case in which
!t b nought to recall Mayor Houston. The
tlouble ts caused, by jralxup among the
democrats of that city. Mayor Houston'
and Mr. Topping, who "desires to succeed
htm both being of that political faith.
The bone of contention is over the
legality of the petition asking for the
ousting of Mayor Houston and the seat
ing of Mr. Topping. The petition was
pifbented by the city clerk to the city
lummlsflon, but they failed to call the
election. The petitioners then wen to tin
((Billet court tor a writ of mandamus to
compel the commissioners to rail 'the
fctacllon and were sueceful in getting
tr.e writ, but Mayor Houston lias appealed
to the higher eourt.
.! Tor Harris Ileturn.
CiawiT.or Moiehead wll: ask ih gov
c .r tt Kansas U r tin r l -rn u th
s.u .t Hcr.r C Ha.-, a. n f Jrmtr y
owned an Interest in the Amboy Milling
and Elevator company In "Webster county.
It Is set out by the receiver of the com
pany, O. D. Hedges, that Harris appro
priated J2.721.80 of the company money
to his own use and ho desires him brought
ba'ck to Nebraska to answer to the charge
of unlawfully appropriating money of
the firm to his own use.
Harris Is reported to be In Wichita,
Kan., paving, been seen there recently by
those who know him, and If still there
will be arrested and returned to the state
if the Kansas executive grants the re
quest of Governor Morehead.
Mr. Ilnesett Recovering
A letter was received by the auditor's
department this morning from S. C. Bos
sett, who was badly hurt by falling from
an apple tree, that he Is getting along
very well an dls able to walk about the
house with some assistance. He thinks
that by the first of the year he will bo
able to get down to Lincoln.
Illinois Central Appeals,
The Illinois Central Railway company
has appealed to the supreme court of this
state from a Judgment secured in the
Douglas county court by Barney Qlllnsky,
who secured p. verdict allowing him $623,
which with interest amounted to $904.50,
for damages to a car of bananas shipped
to him, and which were damaged on the
road. Qlllnsky claimed in the trial that
the bananas Were shipped in an old car,
which was in such shape that it had to
be held for repairs with the result that
the bananas spoiled.
the fields and paying all the way from
15 to $9 per acre.
Along the Republican' river there
tome corn which will run around five
or six bushels an acre.
Fat Man Drops Dead
Playing Base Ball
TECUMSEH, Neb., Sept. (Special.)
Charles -N. Hlckey, a farmer living near
Johnson, died suddenly at Johnson, Satur
day. Mr. Hlckey, a very fleshy- man,
was playing' base ball with a team of
"fats." He hit the ball and ran to first
base, and expired almost instantly when
the base waH "reached. Heart failure was
the cause. Mr. Hlckey was aged 64 years
and Is survived by a widow and several
children. The funeral will be held at
the Baptist church in Johnson county
Tuesday afternoon.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Sept. 15.-(Speclal.)-Vllllam
Oelkers of the state treasure's office
force returned last night from a vacation
trip spent with his parents In Cloud
county, Kansas. Mr. Oclkers ays that
the conditions down In that section of
the stato due to the hot weather of the
last summer are very bld especially
1 among those farmers who have no feed
1 left over from last year.
The corn, which hefore the hot weather
J I'eg&n stood up six feet high has withered
i and i'es over on the ground and Is hardly
Ivorth anything for fere!, though u big
j slcckma". In that vMnlty is buying up
Grand Island Fall
Festival Opens
GRAND ISLAND, Neb.. Sept. 16. (Spe
cJal.)-Grand Island's fall festival week
opened yesterday with busy scenes on
the grounds, three blocks south of th
business center and In the streets. Stands
for entertainment and amusement pur
poses ore being' constructed everywhere
the carnival company engaged being here
in force. Both of the aviators-Captain
J. Hector Worden, who did aero-naviga
tlon service for the federal army of
Mexico last year, and Ralph McMHlen,
are already on tho ground with their
machines, though tho first of the three
days' flying will not be until Wednes
day afternoon. The harvest exhibit at
the New Llederkranz Is being put In
place and no previous fall festival com
mittee has been in a better stato of
preparedness than the committee finds
itself in today. Wednesday will be Ger
man day and Thursday Ord branch day.
Friday will be automobile day. There will
be parades typical of each day.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Sept. 16. (Bpeclal.)-Scnator
Walter Hoagland of North Platte came
to Lincoln today to represent one of the
parties In the controversy between Mc
F.herson county and Arthur county over
a dvlslon recently made setting off the
west half of McPheraon county into a
separate county under the name of
In 1S91 by a vote of -the people now
composing Arthur county the latter was
mado a part of McPheraon county for
judicial and administrative purposes.
When the code commission revised the
laws of the state It recommended the set
ting off of Arthur county as a county
by Itself, The bill passed the legislature
and was signed by the governor. Now a
controversy comes up as to the legality
of rettllng off the county, it being,
claimed thatt he county is still under
the control of McPherson county for Ju
dicial purposes.
The case will be tried before th esu
preme court, when will decide the legal
ity of the change and settle the point tn
controversy whether Arthur county has
Judicial rights of its own or la still at
tached to McPherson county for Judicial
Death on thr Gallon,
ts sharp, short agony. The lame back of
kidney trouble Is dally misery. Take
Electric Bitters for quick relief. Mc. For
sale by Beaton Drug Co Advertisement.
The heating
question must
soon be faced
in every home.
It is usually
easy to tell on bitter cold days
by the faces and bearings of
your neighbors which of them
live in" well heated and ventilated houses.
Frosted, window panes of the houses they
leave disclose another sure tell-tale story
the story of inefficient heating the serious
ness competition where so muchl depends upon starting the day Hx'
physical comfort well warmed; andventilated bedroornjDathroom,
good-byte .;v
Radiators guarantee this genial J
healthful atmosphere in any horad
on any morning, or through the
coldest blizzardy day. And in-thc
evening a home warmed by one
these outfits is a haven to relaxing
or in which to study, write or discuss comfortably as preparation to improve one's
breakfast room, and a warm hall inlwhich&to say good-foyte
American x Ideal
il Radiators IB oilers
position or earnings.
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amekicah Kadiatora, coiuns tne owner
I Wo, were UKd to neat tnis cottage. At
Dricu the eooda can be bought or any
remltable. comnetent Fitter. Thle did not
Include coat of labor, pipe, valves, freight,
etc., which are extra and vary according to
climatic and other condition!.
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safe and will outlast the building in which they are set. They
require far less care-taking in heating 5 to 25 rooms than to run ana
keep clean a stove for one room. They spout no ash-dust, soot or
coal-gases into the living-rooms. .This cleanliness saves the wear and
brightness of household furnishings and reduces house-work one-half.
In the countries of Europe, where domestic economy meant so much, the sale of
these outfits is growing more rapidly even than in America, because of their great
fuel economy and absolute heat control. Most important do not overlook the
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for book ( free ) " Ideal Heating Investments " Inquiring puts you under no obligation to buy.
IDEAL Betters and AlvtKRI.
CAN Radiators keep new
houte new and eaute.sa eld
houta to have Ita Ufa and
value prolonged.
ARCO WAND Vacuum Cleaners built into the house
You should know about our ARCO WAND VACUUM CLEANER, for dustlcss, complete cleaning of rooms,
furnishings, etc. Sets in basement and cleans through iron, suction pipe running to each floor. Easily put in
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No exclusive agents
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Write Department N-80
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Los Angeles, Toronto, Drantford (Ont.), London, Paris, Brussels, Derlln, Cologne, Milan, Vienna.
Crowds in North Nebraska Turn
Oat Well for Dairy Train.
Day's linn Wind. Up at O'Neill,
Where Uemanntratlona Arc Fol
lovrcil .by (irent 1'nlillo
Key to the SI tuition,-Be Advertising.
against tho city of Button and a Lincoln
construction company. Tho order wob
orlglnaly granted to restrain tho company
from encroaching upon tho property of
the plaintiff In tho construction of a
bridge In tho city of Button. The court
found that there was no occasion for the
restraining order.
O'NEILL, Neb., Sept. 16.-(Speclal Tele
gram.) O'Neill hud a climax of welcome
for tho dairy train when" It reached this
town tonight at 6 o'clock. There were
rounds of cheers as the train pulled In.
Immediately the exhibit car was opened
and tho cow demonstration from tho
specimen car curried on the train was
given at that time.
The speaking was postponed for even
ing, when, under tho auspices of the
O'Neill Commercial club, a big meeting
was held at the npcra house, addressed
by Prof. FihndFcn, -Prof. I'ugsley and
other members of the lecturo force.
The second day duplicated In Interest
tho first day, At Nellgh, nt the noon
hour, there was the largest crowd yet
met. The Nellgh Commercial club hail
sent out cards to farmers, who came In
large numbers to meet tho train. Ilusl
ness houses cloned and public school chil
dren attended thu lectures and .saw the
demonstration. Public schools along tho
line are taking advantage of the train
to srcute special lesson.
Dean Uurnett U'ft thu tvn'n nt Norfolk,
returning to Lincoln, and Hcgcnt Coup
land Joined it there, running to Nejlgh.
Early morning stops brought largo num
bers of farmers to the train. At Tllden
notoworth"y interest was shown by the
large number uf questions asked lecturers
and demonstrates .
The largest gathering at farmers yet
mrt was at Ewlnk, many coming a dis
tance of twenty Inlles to meet the train.
Over W farmers heard )he lectures and
saw demonstrations at this place, whuro
Interest, wus tho keenest of tho trip. Some
extra time was taken at Ewlng to give
the people an opportunity for these ques
tions. At Nellgh the attendance wns so large
that a big overflow moetlng was held and
addressed by Prof. I'ugsley.
The meeting at O'Neill tonight was an
other gteat demonstration, equaling Nor
folk's meeting Monday night. All on the
train are more than satisfied at the splon
did reeelptlou received.
BRATMCK, Neb., Sept. 16.-(BKcc!al
Telegram.) The search for A. W. Wc
Currjr, the farmer who disappeared Sun
day ovonlng from his home six miles east
of tho city, ended today when a posse of
farmers with a pair of bloodhounds found
his body hanging from a limb of n tree
half a mllo north of his home ort Cedar
creek. He had hanged himself with a
strap which he took from tho barn Sun
day night.
A coroner's Jury tonight rendered a ver
dict that he raino to his death by hln
own hand. Worry over his business af'
fairs Is unsigned as the coiino for the
McCurry was 51 years of age nnd leaves
a widow and three daughters. Ho was an
old resident of Oago county.
(From n Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Sept. l.-(Speclal.)-The
elate committee of the woman suffrage
movement, Mrs, Frank Harrison acting
us chairman has colled a Mate con
vention to meet In Lincoln, November 5,
C and 7.
.vt otra of Cly Center.
CLAY CENTER. Neb.. Sept. lt-ffipe.
clal.) Work was begun here this morn
ing on a reservoir at the city water
works. It will have a capacity of 1W.W)
gallons. The standplpe proved Inade
quate to supply the growing demands of
the city water users.
Judge Ilurd at Chambrra today dis
solved the restraining order Issued last
weak in the case of Oeorge Bwearlngen
A Hnrprlae.
She had engaged a maid from the
country, and was now employed In
showing her newly acquired treasure
over the house and enlightening her In
irgard to various duties, etc.
At last they reached the best room.
"These." said tho mistress of the
houte, pausing before an extensive row
of masculine portraits "These are very
valuable, and you must be very careful
when dusting. They are 'old masters.' "
Mary's Jaw dropped, and a look of
intense wonder overspread her rubicund
Lor', mum," she gasped, gazing with
bulging eyes on the face of her new
employer "lor', mum, who'd ever 'ave
thought you'd been married all these
times?" Pittsburgh Chronicle.
"Alio, mill Vou do look pale and
thin. Bill! Wot'a wrong, Mil? Hen
111. Bill?"
Thus spoke one Jovial frequenter of the
gutter to a friend he had not seen for
Hill passed a horny hand across his
"No," he answered. "I ain't been 111;
it's work work from 10 In the morning
till 9 at night, and only one hour's rest.
Think of It, mate!" T-
"Lummle!" replied Bill's mate, "And
where are yer workln'? 'Ow long have
yer been there?"
"I ain't been there yet." retorted Bill,
with a groan. "I begin tomorrer!"
Pittsburgh Dispatch.
Key to the Situation Bee Advertising.
Union Pacific Clears Twenty Mil
lions in the Purchase.
Directors Secured It In Three Lots
nt n Low Fltrnre, Then Tnrned
It tn Uood Account nt Dis
solution of II on da.
the sale of Southern Paclfio does not act
ually represent a "melon" pure and sim
ple. That the estimated profit of 1,009,000
may be so classed there la no question.
The Knmlllnr Sequence.
"I understand tho now Brazilian dance,
the machuza, is becoming; quite the
rare." '
"indeed!" -
"Yes, society will take It up formally
at tho big dinner danco tonight."
"Then I suppose tho police will taka
It up officially tomorrow." Cleveland
Plain Dealer.
In round number acuxirdlng to the
Wall titreet Journal, Union Paclfio made
a total profit of 120,000,000 on Its purchase
and final sale of tho $128,CW,CCO Southern
Paclfio stock. The average cost per share
to Union Pacific was ?6. For 133,000,000
par value of Southern Pacific stock, which
cost 125,500,000, Union Pacific received 142,
000,000 of Baltimore & Ohio preferred and
common stocks, worth In the market ap
proximately 140,000,000. Here Is a clear
profit of lll.Mn.WW,
On the 189,000,000 Southern Pacific stock
sold to the Union Paclfio stockholders,
the profit per share, less underwriting
was about $10, making a total profit on
this end of the transaction of 18,800,000,
This together with the amount realized
from the exchange of the Baltimore &
Ohio securities makes a total profit to
tne Union Pacific of lM.000.dOO. In othor
words, Union Pacific at an average price
of $75 per share, paid about $31,987,600 for
tho $120,00,000 par value of Southern Pa
cific stock and received for It in Balti
more & Ohio stock and cash the equiv
alent of approximately $115,287,600.
If the Union Pacific should distribute
only this to the common shareholders
alone, It would mean a special dividend
of a little more than 9 per cent. How
ever, there havo been no official Intima
tions that the Union Paclfio directors In
tended to place the possible extra divi
dend' upon such a basis.
Union Pacific acquired tho Southern Pa
cific stock In threu lots. The first block
amounting to $75,000,000 par was purchased
In 1901 at about (53 a share and to raise
funds for the acquisition, Union Pacific
sold $40,000,000, 4 per cent convertible
bondr. The second lot totaling $15,000,000
was bought the following year at $7 a
share. A month later the Oregon Short
Lino sold $11,000,000 bonds.
lit lf0l, Southern Pacific uttered pre
ferred stock to its stockholders princi
pally to raise funds to pay off a floating
debt, which was being carried by Union
Pacific. Unon Paclfio aa a stockholder
subscribed to its share of Southern Pa
cific and thus finally brought the total
of Its Southern Pacific holders up to $126,
650,000. The preferred stock, which the
Union Pacific subscribed for, was in 1909
converted into common, according to the
provisions of the issue,
Most of the money used by Union Pa
cfio to purchase Southern Pacific stock
was ratted thrbugh the Issue and sale of
bonds.' Consequently, the whole of the
money received by Union Paclfio from
102 Ytars Yung
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Kreogtb and a good appttlte. I am bow 101
years old ld In very scud health for on of my
yars."-Mr. Mary A. fcilrapton, 333 D Draw
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trated medical book
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