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leverenz Holds League Leaders to
Four Scattered Hits.
Gruff Mnkti Fine Impression nt
Third Base for VUitora, Fielrtlnic
roltlon Well ami S'itIuk
Up Strong nt lint.
PHILADELPHIA, Sept. 18.-Levereni
hefd Philadelphia to four scattered hits
here today and St. Louis won, 6 to ft
Battery and' fielding errors by Shawkey
and Sharig save tho vleltors their first
two runs, while" they. bunched four hits
with a pass In" tho ninth and scored three
more runners. Graff; formerly of Ring
hamton, N. Y., ..made .a .fine Impression
at third base for St Louis. Ho fielded
his position well. and. ma'de two singles
and drew a pass In four trips tb the
plate. Score:
Bhotten, cf:. K 0 J 0 OE.M'rphr, rt S 0 1 0 0
UsUentl. If.. I 110 OStrunk cf... 3 0 10 0
ITatt, Jt....4 0 4 4 lCMllna. b., 13 4 0
minima, ,n 3 z z o OWMr, Ib...4 11 J 0
DUItnd. it.. 4 111 ODavli,- lh.... 4 0 10 0 0
Corlnttn. 'It) i Oil 0Welb, If 3 0 1 O 0
Graft, lb,;...) 3 0 4 OB'anr. .... S o 1 l o
McAIUttr, cJ 1 0 1 OSchana;. a... z i t J 1
Lerartni. p. 4 0 J 1 OSbawker. p.. 3 O O 4 1
Totala SI 7 21 14 1 Totala. . . 4 Jl 14 S
St. Louis 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 3-5
Philadelphia .......0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-0
Two-base' hits: Schang, Williams, ' Sac
. rlflce hit: Strunk. Double plays: Graff,
Pratt and Covington;- Covington, Bis;
land and Pratt; Barry, Collins and
Davis; Baker and, Davis. Loft on bases!
St. Louis, -i; Philadelphia, 5. Bases on
balls: Off Leverenz, i: off Shawkey, 5.
' First on errors: Philadelphia. 1. Hit by
Pitched ball: By Leverenz (Schang. 13.
Murphy). Struck out: By Leverenz, 6; by
Shawkey, 6. Passed balls: Schansre. (2).
(Time. 2:00. Umpires: Hildebrand and
YnnUa Stay In Seventh.
NEW YORK, ,Eept 18. New York re
tained Its oho point hold on seventh place
today by- dsfeating Chicago Jn the third
pame -cf 'the series by a score -of -6 to' 3.
Tho came was won In the fourth' Inning,
when,' the. locals scored four' runs- and
drove Russell off the lab: TrTree passes,'
singles' by Malscl and Holdcn and errors
by JJcBrger and Russell accounted for
EdVWalsh pitched the last four Innings,
for Chicago. It was the first time ho
had 'appeared In the box. In two month.
Ho gave a good account of himself. New"
York counting only once off him. In the
seventh Williams singled, took third on
an infield out and scored on Qllhooley'a
JMpHato pitched a steady game for New
Vprkand kept Chicago's hits scattered.
Weaver scored In the first, when he dou-'
bled.took third on an Infield out and
BtoUrhome. Collins counted In the fourth
on a pass, Chase's sacrifice and Chap
pelle s double. Collins also scored In the"
sixth. After forcing Lord he went to
second on Chase's out and scored on
Bpdle'a alngle. Malset In five times up
hit a 'double and three singles and drew
a pass. Ho also stole two bases. Score:
X AB.H.O.A.E. AB.Il.O.A.B.
Wearer. 4 2 I 3 OMalael, Jb.. 4 4 J 1 o
Jrd.'Jb 4 1 1 J OHolden, cf. . 4 3 3 0 0
Oolllntf ... 1 0 4 0 lCrea. If. t 0 1 0 i
CTiJ lb... J 17 1 OWIllUma lb J 1 1J 0 0
Wblt, lb... 0 0 2 0 OZelder, :b... 4 0 14 0
Doaie,.cf.... 4 14 0 OOtlhooler, it H 0 0
ChapIl, If. I 1 1 0 OPecklnpt, a 2 1 1 4 o
Btrlx. e 4 0 '2 1 OOouctt. c... 4 0 S 1 0
nirttr.L 2b.. 3 0 12 lMclIale, p., X 0 0 3 0
IluMlU p.. 30011
Walah, p.... 1 1 0 0 0 Total!. ....23 10 27 13 0
ToUia....".! "tiTu"3
Chicago 1 00101000-3
"NewYork ,1 0 ' 0 4 0 0 1 0 -6
First base on errors: Npw York, JT Two
base,' hits: Weaver, Mqlsel, Pecklnpaugh
and 'Chappoll. Sacrlfce hits: Chase. Oil
hodey. Stolen bases: Weaver, Malsel (2),
iQllto61ey. Pecklnpaugh. Left on' bases:
NewJfYork, 9; Chlcagp, 6. Double plays;
Berger to Weavet .to.'ChasoUMcHald to
PecWnpaugh to Williams; Lord to White.
"BaaSn on balls: Off McIIale, 3; off
Russell, 3; off Walsh, 1 Struck out: By
RuMsJl. 1: by WalBfT, 1. Wild pitch:
Walsh. Hits., Off Russcjl, ! -In four In
nings', off Walsh, 4 In four Innings. Time:
2:003 ..Umpires: Connolly and O'Louehlln.
Red Sox Trim Naps.
BOSTON, Sept. IS. Errors by Cleveland
largely were responsible for Boston's 5
to 4 "victory today. The locals bunched
. lilts. In the sixth .Inning and with the as
sistance of a wild throw by Lelbold four
runs.crossed the plate. Cleveland made
two -runs in tho seventh on four singles,
tying tho score. In Boston's half of the
seventh, with two out, Engle hit to John
ston.but James failed to touch first base
-when he took the toss. Engle started 'to
steal ' and continued to third on a wild
I throw" by Carlsch. "Lelbold threw past
third.' base In an effort to get the runner
and? the winning tally counted. Scorer
AB.H.O.A.K. AD. II. O. AX.
LtlKoia. cf.. 5 13 0 tltehg. If.... 4 1 1 0 0
Chapman, as 4 4 1 7 lEnile, lb... 31 11 1 0
Jackaon, rt.. E 2 0 0 OEpeaktr, cf.. 4 13 0 0
LajoleSb... 4 2 6 3 OLewlt. if.. . 4 2 2 0 0
Johnatfln. lb 4 0 12 3 DQatdntr, Sb. 4 1 1 2 0
Batta. Sb.... 4 2 0 4 OYerksr, 3b.. 2 0 3 6 0
Oraner. If... 4 0 10 OJanrrln, as., 2 1 2 3 0
irfich, eS 12 0 ICadjr, c ...2 0 6 2 0
i 1
jf at"
Standing of Teams
W.UPCtj W.UPct
Phlladel ..0 49 .6tMln'apoll8 .92 63.69)
Cleveland .82 60 .577 Milwaukee 90 63 .MS
Wash. s....S0 1 ,BG7iColumbus ..87 67 .86J
Boston 72 .B25i Louisville ,.S5 68 .63
Chicago ...73 71 .607, St. Paul 72 82 , 4J
Detroit ... .62 79 . 440 Kan. Clty..64 90 . 414
New York. 81 87 .J70Toledo 64 91 .413
St .. Louis.. 63 91 .36SInd'poils ..!6l9i.40tt
W I.Pct.l W.L.Pct
Denver ....M .SJS'Ncw York. ..91 44 .674
Dos MoltiesM 66 .WI'Mla. SO P0 .61 C
Lincoln ,...R0 73 .6211 Chicago ....7961.W4
St. Josph..76 74 ,507 Pittsburgh .7165 .S2J
Omaha ...74 78 .47' Brooklyn ...19 76 .437
Topekn ....71 SO .4?) Boston ......59 76 .437
Sioux City .X M .43 Cincinnati ..61 83 .414
Wichita ....59 M..3SSISL Iouls....4S 94 .333
Yeaterdny'a) Iteanlta.
Denver, 9; Sioux City, 7.
Lincoln, 1-0: SL Joseph, 8-1
Wichita, 0; Des Molnos. 6.
Topeka, 2; Omaha, 3. Thirteen Innings.
Boston, 0-3; Chicago, 3-U.
Brpoklyn, 2; Cincinnati, 3j -x
New York-SL Louis, postponed; wet
Philadelphia-Pittsburgh, postponed; wet
Chicago. 3; New York, 6.
St; Louts. 6; Philadelphia, 0.
Detroit, 1; Washington, 0.
Cleveland, 4: Boston, 6.
Loulavlllo. 1-4; Milwaukee. 0-4. Eecond
game called end eighth, darkness.
Games Todaj-.
Western League DenVcr at Sioux City,
Lincoln at St. Joseph, Wichita at Des
Moines, Topeka at Omaha.
National League Boston at Chicago,
Brooklyn at Cincinnati, New York at St.
Louis, Philadelphia at Pittsburgh.
American League Chicago at - New
York, St, Louts at Philadelphia, Detroit
at Washington, Cleveland at Boston.
American Association St. Paul at To
ledo, Minneapolis at Indianapolis, Kansas
City at Louisville, Milwaukee at Colum
Coach Williams Has Good Bunch to
Draw From.
O'Neill. c.O 0 0 0 OMoaeler. p.. 3 1 1 0 1
Cullop. P....S 2 0 1 Ofcedlrnt. p... 1 0 0 1 0
Jamci, p....O v 0 0 0
Or UK, P....0 0 0 0 0 Total! 30..I2714 1
''Bradr 00000 . . .
Lclfrelt r..1! 1 '0 J) "0
Olten 1 0 0 0 0.
Total U 13 24 IS 4
Ran for Cullop In tho seventh.
" Batted for Carlsch In the eighth.
Batted for James In tho eighth.
Cleveland 0 0 0 1 0 1 J 0 0-4
Uoston 0 0000410-S
Two-baso hits: Lajole, Lewis, Speaker:
Hits: Off Cullop. 7 In six innings; off
James, 1 in one Inning; off Gregg, none
In one Inning: off Moselcy. 12 In six and
one-third Innings; off Bedlent. 1 In two
and two-thirds Innings. Sacrifice hit:
Johnstone. Stolen base: Engle. Doubly
playo: Bates to Lajole to Johnston: Jan
vrln to-'Yerkes to Engle. Left on bases:
Cleveland, 10; Boston, 4. Bases on balls.
Off Cullop, 3; off Bedlent, 2. First base
on errors: Cleveland, 1; Boston, 1. Struck
out: By Cullop. 1; by James, 1; by Mosd
ley, 3; by Bedlent. 1. Time: 2:00. Um
pires: Evans and Ferguson.
Senators Defeat Detroit.
WASHINGTON, Sept 18. Washington
emerged from a batting slump today and
beat Detroit, 0 to 1. Manager Jennings
used two of his recruit pitchers, but
neither seemed to bother Washington.
Renfer lasted six Innings, In which time,
he was hit "safely five times. Ho was
wild and before ho gave way to Harding'
flvo runs had crossed the plate. The lat
ter held Washington to three hits, a
triple and a double, resulting in one run
in the ilghth.
Detroit could do little with Groom when
runners wore on the bases. Score:
AB.H.O.A.E. AB.H.O..A.I:.
Bush, 4 10 4 OMoalltr, rf.. 3 1 0 .0 -0
Bauman 2b. 4 0 2 3 OMIlan, cf..., 3 3(00
Crawford, rf 4 3 0 0 OKoatar, 3b.., 4 1 0 1, O
Cobb. cf.,... 4 0 3 0 lOandll. lb... t Oil 1 II
,Vaa?h, lfj.i 4 1 4 0 0Mwn, 3b. 3 1 1 J, 0
qibaon. .. 4 1 3 4 lHenrr. c... 3 12 3 0
Onalnw. lli.. s 1 II a OSMncer. If.. 4 2 0 0 0
Louden, 3b, . 3 113 OMcBrld. . S 0 1 6. O
jinir, p... s a o a uuroom, u i a v
Hardlnx. p., 0 0 0 1 0 "
Piatt 1 0 0.0 0 Total 10 t 27 IS, 0
T3tala 33 7 34 14 i.
Butted for Renfer In seventh".
(Detroit .0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0-1
Washington 3 3000001 ?-?
Two-base hits: Louden, Milan. Three
base hits: BubIi, Henry, Hits: Off Ren'
fer, 5 In six innings; off Harding, 3 in
two Innings. Sacrifice hit. Milan.
Stolen Bases: Crawford, Morgan. Double
rlay: Renfer to Bauman to Onslow.
Left on bases: Detroit. 6; Washington, 6.
Base on ball: Off Renfer. 3: off Harding..
1. Hit by pitched ball: By Renfer (Mc-
ur;oei. Dirucit out: uy iienicr, i, vy
Groom, 6. Wild pitch; Groom. Time:
1:35. Umpires: Dlheen and Sheridan.
Still a Live One.
Thev havo been printing obituaries of
fillfc O'Louirhlln as an American leatrue'
umpire, but President Ban Johnson smiles,
and says Silk Is perfectly satisfactory
and good for many years yet. O'Lough-,
lla, however, has a farm and lilies tho,
rural lite ana may reuro oi nis own ac
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to fatt for (A
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Shells for Fast Birds
BIRDS have a right, of course,
to flush up wherever they
please and fly off at any un
exnected ancle! what you want is
the nearest thing to point-blank aim the
shortest possible lead.
Shoot the speed shells Remmgton-UMC
Steel Lined Arrow and Nitro Club.
Tley get your load to the bird quicker than
any other shells known to the shooting fraternity.
Their steel lining grips the powder, , giving your
shot charge the full benefit of the explosive force.
It's a Remington-UMC ideathat steel lin
ing sb if you want speed you must see that you
get Remington-UMC Arrow or Nitro Club.
You will find a full assortment in the store of tb
moat alert dealer of this' ucct'on. identify them by
the Red Ball mark on the box. ,
Remington Arms-Union MeUllie Cartridge Co.
299BroadrrV 12 ' New YsrSc
First Gnmt of Senaxm Will lie
Asalnat Grlnnelt, 1th the
Gopher Ileaerved fer
Later Date,
AMES, Ia Sept. is.-8peclat)Lait
fall, before he left Ames to give his
services to the University of Iowa, Jaok
Watson prophested that this fall Ames
would have a world-beating foot bait ma
chine. It Iowa State falls short of Its
former trainer's; prediction It will not be
because of a lack of material. The out
look at the offset ,of tho foot ball season
ia.brishter than it has baen In a cood
many years. Watson last year said the
rtterve, which .are recruiting the 1$13
squad almost wholly, were tho beat
b.uTich of foot ball men he ever had seen
on the Cyclone field.
Head Coach Clyde Williams Is build
ing his first pick of tho varsity around
only three veterans. The line will hinge
on Reeve, the powerful taekle. who was
tho defensive mainstay-of tho front wall
of the llnoup last year, and Captain
Cowan, at end.- Bill Brennan, the third
of the seasoned men. Is apt to fill tho
shoes of the heady-little quarter. Hurst,
who closed his foot ball career last year
along with Burge, Juhl, Hunt, Scott
Crawford, Nagel, Vincent, Weyrauch and
Williams will not give his squad much.
If any, scrimmaging before tho last of
the week or the first of next. Most of
those who thought their chances wer
good enough to warrant them coming
back early before college opened came
back al week or so early. They have
been practicing lightly, booting the ball.
tcazlng the flying dummies, etc., for a
Week or more; but Williams thinks they
are a little too tender to let them loose
on the. scrubs this week.
Practice will- start Monday In earnest
for the opening game of the heavy sched
ule with Grlnnell at Grlnnell a week-from
Friday. While Grlnnell ought not bo
considered as a foot ball weakling by any
means, the coaches do not entertain a
great deal of fear over the first game.
Usually Ames- flrt game has been with
Minnesota, but this year Williams- will
hVvi. a chance In the Grlnnell game to
see whether and where ' changes In the
lineup should be made, and make them
and be In better Bhape to mix with the
Gophers at Minneapolis.
bellevueTrepares for
fast foot ball season
The most enthusiasm In years waa In
evidence at the initial practice of the
Bellevuo foot ball squadron. Wednesday
evening.. Under the leadership of Coach
Throw a light, but fast squad will cer
tainly develop into a winning team If
present Indications amount to anything.
The old men out In suits were Jones,
Captain Halderman, Stookey, Ohman,
Brandt and Quackenbush. Webb, tho
second all state center of year beforo
last, Is. again out In a suit determined to
make good his claim to first honors this
The now material though light Is re
markably fast for green stuff, Zhulke of
Bancroft, Dale of 'Rushvllle and Geally
of Tekatnah are expected to repeat their
excellent high school records Jn college
athletics. Barr. Wilson, Raceley, Mor
gan and Flndley are showing up In
scrappy style in spite of Inexperience.
a Two of tho old men have not arrived
yet, but will be on the Job before the
heavy" signal practice begins. Lltchen
walner of Omaha and Graham of Atlantic
will add their experience and weight to
turn out a winning team.
None of the early season laziness Is
apparent and under the leadership of an
old, Belleyue alumnus, who himself holds
an enviable record in athletics, an excel
lent season. Is In prospect.
Bewitching Opening Displays
Of Women's Autumn Wearing Apparel
Attracting thousands of people to our store
Opening continuos Friday and Saturday, Sept. 19-20
Charming Elegant Captivating
Suits Coats Costumes
A fascinating exposition of all that is new
and correct in the realm df fashion.
The people of Omaha and vicinity
are invited to attend our opening,
Score of 74 Out of Possible 75 on
1,200-Yard Eange Made
Officer! and Inspectors' Match, nn
Individual Event, Won tr Caaer
of Pennsylvania! with li
Score of 00,
Candidate, Retnrn front Tvro Weeks
In Tralnln'ar Camp.
VERMIHON, S. D., Sept. U.-ISpectal.)
Coach Henderson and the foot ball
squad have returned to the university
after twosweeks of 'preliminary work at
Richland training camp. At this writing
the team does not look to be up to last
year's calibre. Pat Coffee, Aldrlch, Im
)ay. Sheeks and other former varsity men
will be Bileslng from the lineup, Captain
Br6wn at tackle and Cooley Ferguson,
who will be switched from full to ha!f,
being the otily veterans on the squad at
present, although Meeter and Potts are
expected back. Fry backfleld, King cen
ter and R. Willy guard are former letter
hien working out. Constables are keep
ing several last year's stars oft the field.
Brooks, guard, who was kept out last
season by lllnees, and Harvey from Fort
Pierre, who suffered with blood poison
last year, ought to make good. At ends
McCormlek from Wagner and Ed Hengel
from Pierre sem to have the cill. Brown,
the half-mller, and Meade, who runs the
quarter distance, are fast In a foot ball
suit. There Is an unusual amount of
new material. Charles Rowe, former
captain Watertown High, Pauiaon a
state high school full from the local high
achpol and weighing 170 pounds! Tom
Coffei, a brother of Pat's from LeMars,
who Is trying left half; Elwood Davis
from Correctlonvllle, who played quarter,
last year on the Iowa freshman team.
and Cromer and Claude Manary, all-state
high school and former tackle at Sioux
Falls High, aro after that position.
SEAGIRT, N. X, Sept. 18. Two more
world' records were broken on the
ranges of the New Jersey state-rifle as
sociation today. A new score of seventy
four out of a possible seventy-five on
the 1,200-yard range was made In the
Spencer match by Captain W. H. Rich
ard of Ohio, who on Monday shattered
the world's record for consecutive bull's
eyes on the 500-yard range. A team rep
resenting the District of Columbia In the
Dryden trophy match set a new team
mark today for tho 200-yard range, with
seven-Inch bull's eyes, when they to
talled 395 out of a possible 400, an aver
age of forty-nine and three-eighths per
Captain Richard won over Captain J.
E. Snow, marine corps, and Sergeant
Cedrlo B. Long of Massachusetts, who
were tied for second place, with seventy
points each. Major W. S. Price of New
Jersey mado the next highest, score,
The officers' and Inspectors' matoh, an
Individual event, was won by Captain
K, K. H. Casey of Pennsylvania, with a
score of ninety-hlne, lacking but one
point of a . possible. He scored a pos
sible on the 1,000-yard range and forty
nine on the 600 yards. Lieutenant Drum
of the marine corps was second,, with
The Masuachuaetts riflemen won the
Dryden trophy match with an aggregate
score on the three ranges of 1,1 3. Other
scores were: ' New York, 1,140; District
of Columbia, 1,135; New Jersey, 1,132;
marine corps, 1,128; United States cav
alry, 1,US; UnUed States Infantry, 1,121.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Sept. 18. Spec!al.)-Insur-ance
topics' aro to be considered at to
morrow's meeting of the state tax com
mission according to announcement by
Chairman Grosvenor. A number of In
surance men are to appear before the
commission and make suggestions rela
tive to changes which, should be made In
the existing law and to present methods
of insurance company assessment wmcn
will be along the lines adopted by other
states where the subject has been given
considerable review.
At present foreign Insurance companies
are taxed In counties, towns and school
districts upon the gross amount of pre
miums received on business written In the
various subdivisions. SOch gross receipts
are taken as an Item of property of
equivalent value. Agents render the Hat
and are personally liable for the tax. All
foreign life Insurance companies as well
as accident cbmpane pay a 2 per cent
levy Into the state treasury at the time
of making their annual report to the
State insurance department. Fraternals
and mutual companies operating on the
assessment plant are exempted from this
provision. Foreign suretp companies or
ganized In other states are liable for the
eame tax. Domestic companies are not
liable to the state tax, but pay to the
varous suDQiviiions in wnicn they do
business. Jn this they are allowed an
offset for their reinsurance and cancella
Foot Ball Mode Special Study.
MIDDLETOWN, Conn., Sept M.-Foot
ball has been advanced to the dignity
of a "special study" at Wesleyan uni
versity tl)l year, The' faculty announce
ment made at the opening exercises to
day Include this statement and assigned
Daniel Hutchinson of the University of
Pennsylvania as special foot ball instruc
tor, assisted by Dr. Fauver, professor of
Physical education. Under this1 faculty
indorsement a winning foot ball team
is expected. Hutchinson has begun driv
ing the candidates hard In preparatjc.
for tho game with Yale next Wednesday.
A Marvelous Escape.
"My little boy had-a marvelous escape,"
writes P. F. aatlams of Prince Albert,
Cape of Good Hope. "It occurred in the
middle of the night Ha got a vary serve
attacK oc croup, am iucic would have It,
I had a large bottle of Chamberlain'
Couch Remedy In the houiU. Aftnr fnl.
low the direction for an hour tw.nt.
minutes he waa through all danger." For
sale by ail druggists. Advertisement
Natural Hitter.
. tv. u,ui luiier on me
team. Being- a pitcher, Doehllng dots not
navs i iic cuanco in practice bat'
- ,.., bu pi n u
one of the most dangerous hitters on the
CtiARINDA, la., 8ept. ll-(Speclal Tel-egram.)-The
seventeenth biennial jro
union of Crocker's Iowa brigade was held
in Clarinda yesterday and today. Two
hundred members of the brigade are pres
ent, some being accompanied by tholr
wives and coming from fourteen states,
Washington and Florida being the two
extremes. They have owned the town for
two days. Every business hodso Is deco
rated in their honor and the citizens are
keeping open house to entertain thme.
Rev. W. C. Williamson, hmlf an old
soldier, made the welcoming address and
Colonel H. H. Rood of the Thirteenth
Iowa brigade, president, responded. The
biennial address -was given by D. W.
Vorls of Cedar Rapids Wednesday evert
ing. Colonel W. P. Hepburn also ad
dressed the brigade Wednesday evening.
This morning the brigade and visiting
soldiers, 230 strong, with fifty women of
the Woman's Relief corps and Orand
Army of the Republlo circle, headed by
the Fifty-fifth Iowa Infantry band, and
followed by &30 school children, paraded
tha principal atreeta of the city. ,
In the afternoon a procession orrorty
automobiles gave the visitors a ride to
various points of Interest In and near
the city.
In the evening Governor George W.
Clarke, Judge Walter I, Smith and Fred
E. White addressed an audience of 1,000
Omaha "University
Squad Practicing
The University of Omaha foot ball
squad lias started practice In earnest
With only ten days off to put the team
In condition to meet Wesleyan, Coach
Mqrganthalcr Is putting the team through
hard paces and Is confident of making
a good showing agalnat the Methodists.
Thero Is a large amount of material on
hand and the coach has already started
to pick out the promising players. The out
look Is that some of the old men will be
hard pushed to keep their position. Tha
hardest schedule over undertaken by the
school confronts tho team and It la
hoped the squad will make a better
showing than It did laat season.
8b far enough men for two 'squads
have turned out for practice, while las,
season tho team waa considerably hand!
capod duo to a shortage of players. Th
team will have adequate arrangements tt.
tcrimmago against Fort Omaha, hi git
school and Crelghton. Coach. Morgan,
thaler is confident of turning out a goo&
team and If no bad luck overtakes the
team the school will have one' of the,
strongest teams (n Its history.
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transporting from the water to your
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tamination and preservatives, in
three sizes: standards, selects, Jumbo
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do with quality, they are delicious in
all siz es. Eat them raw next time,
that-s the supreme test of the fine
' flavor. Every oyster guaranteed.
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and oldest oyster house in the world.
Booth Fisheries
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Omh-130S Ltavaworth Strtwt
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