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wills prepared, retrc Trust Co. J
Zdfe In? Yes, Pena Mutual. Oouio
lighting rixtures, Sttrgess-arandea Co.
Waetlty Btcrage fe Van Co. Doug. 1616.
ave Boot Print It Now Deacon Presa.
Trust fundi ana estates administered.
Permanency Mid stability It backed by
a capital and surplus of 100.000. Peters
Trust Co.
Operation for Kiss ielfty Miss Edna
Leldy, daughter of Itov. J. M. Leldy. was
operated upon at the Methodist hospital
for appendicitis. Sho Is doing1 well.
, Itifly Speaks Sunday Evening Rev.
J. M. Leldy, superintendent of tho county
storehouse, will speak at tho (Jrovo Meth
odist Episcopal church Sunday evening,
where there will also bo spoelal music.
The Orovo church Is located at Twenty
second and Seward streets.
Howell to Talk on EJaotlons It.
Beecher Howell wilt address tho Deer
Park Improvement club at Armbrust's
hall, Twenty-fourth and Vinton streets,
September 24 on tho seotlon of the pro
posed city charter pertaining to elections.
Tho Improvement, club Is one of tho lat
est, to be organized.
Some One Put One
Over on the Mayor,
Says Mr. Dahlman
Mayor James C. Dahlman has uncov
ered the fact that a city councilman "put
somthlngoveron him," and at a mooting
of the city commission yesterday morning1
the mayor "came back." Ho Introduced
an' amendment tho Ice ordinance which
makes It a misdemeanor for an iceman
to, dlscrlmnate botwen patrons, on which
score there baa been many complaints
this summer.
"In-1907 I had the present Ice ordinance
passed," said the mayor, "and in that
ordinance I was careful to provide
against discrimination, but It sems an
amendment was later passed cutting' out
this discriminatory clause. Who did Itf
"That's a mystery. X got tho crodlt for
doing It,' but I Hnew absolutely nothing
ibout It."
Recently attorneys for ten dealers who
were charged with discriminating against
patrons and even refusing to sell to some
customers product! the ordinance In po
lice court to prove It was not against tho
law to discriminate. Tho mayor Imraedl
llely Investigated and found his ordi
nance as originally passed had' been
"butchered" by an amendment Tho or
llnanco he now introduces If passed will
bring tho origlnul ordinance into force
again, as he simply amends .the amended
ordinance by Inserting tho original clause
against discrimination.
Detectives Arrest
Men Believed to Be
Postoffice Bobbqrs
John Clark and Aldrlch Smeor, charged
with" tho Dundeo and other ppstotlce rob
beries that have recently been committed
in this locality, woro arrested yesterday
by. Detectives Sullivan and Leaner.
Clark gives his address as tho Keystone
hotel, Fourteenth and Douglas streets,
and Prneer says-hlrresldence-ls-at Bhelby
',' vllle. Ind. -Thej.cluo leading; up. to their
arrek was furnished the authorities, by a
pawnbroker to whom some of -the awae
had been taken for a loan. Twenty-five
of the S-cent stamps taken from an
Omaha branch postoffice, "No. 18, wero
found on tlo men besides a number ot
oher articles that have been missing
from' the other office's visited.
Clark's descriptions, according to the
police, tally with those ot.an old offender
nnd, while no record has yet been found
of' Smeer. It is thought that he is also
in old timer.
Get Rtd of the Torment of Hhenran,
ttsta. That you can do by ridding yourself of
the cause. "Weak, sluggish, Inactive- kid
neys allow the urlo acid crystals to cir
culate In the blood, and these lodging In
tho Joints and muscles, cause rheuma
tism, lumbago, and stiff, swollen, aching
Joints. Foley Kidney Pills ease your
petn and torment from tho tlmo you be
gin' taking them. They positively and
permanently build up the kidneys, restore
their normal action, and strain out tho
urlo acid crystals that causo rheumatism
nd lumbago. Try them. All dealers
' (very where. Advertisement.
Nebraskaas at the" Hotel."
' Rome A. J. McKlnnon, Lincoln; "ti. H.
Merchants Hotel Guy Warner and wife,
Ullen;' J. C. Baldwin. Lincoln; Burr
Latta. Tekamah. ' , .
Hotel Loyal O. T. Gritzka and wife,
lalmage; W. S. Holtz, Fremont; F. St.
Banders and wife, Lincoln; J. H.
Jourgenson. Lincoln.
Kept Scratching Until Cheeks Fiery
Red. Skin Cracked and Scaly.
' Itched and Burned, Used Cutl
cura Soap arid Ointment, No
. Return of Trouble,
Smlthville. Ind. "Blx months ago our
baby girl, one year old, had a few red pim
ples come on her face which gradually spread
causing her face to become very irritated
' and a fiery red color. The pimples on the
child's face were at first small watery
blisters just a sniall blotch on tbo tkln. She
kept scratching at this until In a few days
her whole cheeks wero fiery red coior and
instead of the llttlo blisters the skin was
cracked and scaly looking and seemed to
Itch and burn very much.
"We tued a number of remedies which
leemed to give relief for a short time then
leave her face worse than ever. Finally we
got a cake of Cuticura Soap and a box of
. Cuticura Ointment. I gashed the child's
. face with very warm water and Cuticura
Soap, then applied the Cuticura Ointment
very lightly. After doing this about thieo
times a day tho Itching and burning seemed
entirely gone in two days' time. Inside of
two weeks' time her face seemed well. That
was eight months ago and there has been no
return of tho trouble." (Signed) Mrs. A. K.
Wooden. Nov. 4t 1013.
Cuticura Soap and Ointment do so much
for poor complexions, red, rough hands, and
dry, thin and falling hair, and cost so little,
that it is almost criminal not to use them.
Sold by dealers throughout tho world. Lib
eral cample of each mailed free, with 33-p.
book on the skin and scalp. Address post
icrd "Cuticura. Dept, T. Boston."
jrsrMen who shave and shampoo with Cu
tlcura Soap will find It best for skin and scalp
Dr. L. A. Merrlam Addresses Mis- i
souri Valley Medical Society.
Flftjr in Attendance at the" OpenlnR
Session and Many atnre Ins
pected During Dnr Prom
inent Men Coming.
"Tho practice of medicine and surgery
has been greatly commercialized, and!
both havo been practiced for tho benefit!
ot the bank account," said Dr. L. A.)
Merrlam ot Omaha In an address to tho,
Medical society of the Missouri valley
in Its oponlng meeting at tho Hotel
Rome. "Physicians and surgeons don't
know their physiology becnuso tho sub
ject Is not properly taught In their
schools. They know nothing ot psycho,
ogy tecauso that subject Is not taught
at all In tho medical schools. Not ono
In a thousand knows how to advise rlcht
thinking and right living. They Sive too
much attention to tho subject ot germs
and not enough attention to tho condi
tion ot tho blood, the soil In which tho
germs thrive.
"Christian Science, a corporation for
business under tho name ot religion,
may havo Its value, but It Is also full of
errors and Ignorance." '
Must Obey LiiYTa of Nature.
These remarks followed hta' develop
ment ot tho evolution of tho medical
science. In which ho said that Just as
tho baneful idea ot forgiveness ot sin
had gained Us hold on peoplo for
thousands ot years, so tho Idea had
grown VP that a man could violate tha
laws ot nature In regard to his physical
being and then restore himself by taking
a llttlo extract of roots and other prep
arations. "Eighty per cent of the surgical opera
tions are needlessly performed," he said,
"for the extortion Of money. Four-fifths
of the medicines given are' worse than
useless, because they aro even Injurious
to the system. Tho floating kidney, ap
pendicitis and other fads havo betn ex
ploited by surgeons to get money. But
these fads will have their day and thn
good that has been discovered will be
absorbed in tho new science
"To bo wejl ono must know what to
do and cannot Violate the laws ot health
without suffering." Ho urged right thrlnk
ing and -right living ' as the means of
preventing disease. ' -
Big Battle of Awoi
Bay. at Carter Lake
Saturday Evening
The crowning event ot tho Reason, a
spectacular military production of ex
traordinary attraction, will bo staged
Saturday evening at Carter Lako Country
Club. The manuevers will be under the
command of experienced officers of the
United States' army who are bound to
give out a good lst of thrills. Every
thing will bo peaceful and sereno at the
club until tho sound of tho trumpet; fromj
nowever, me smcu or Durneo
powder and tuo stirring din of battlo wilt
till the air. Out on the lake a fleet ot
attacking ships will be marked by the
spitting flro of their" guns and On the
shore the- defenders ot Bulcfeatra'c will
meet' theonslaught -with their .TnsrensS.
Noitfforw have beer? spared by the
directors of. the club to make the event
of memorable Character and everything
has been done to provide the club mem
bers and their friends with every possible
Proceeding the battlo ot Awol bay ah
arrrty dinner will be served In the cafo
from 6;30 to 7:30 o'clock at S5 cents per
plate. Following tho defeat of the Inva
sion the triumphing defenders wllt'cele
brato with an open nlr vaudeville per
formance' and with dancing.
The expense gone to by the club has
been heavy and to partly defray this a
nominal admittance of 25 cents for adults
and 15 cents for children will be charged.
Harry Claypole is
Killed by Train in
South Omaha Yards
A young man" 20 years ot age, sup
posed to be Harry Claypool of Beatrice,
was killed in .the .South .Omaha, yards ot
the Rock Island road yesterday.
Claypool was talking with Conductor
Beddell and Engineer Knuckolls, whose
tran was .lying on a siding ' waiting for
tho' westbound" passfVcfer ratn .to pass
Ho started to wa)k aiross the tracks
and was caught by No. H. the passenger,
and instantly killed. The passenger
train was In charge of Engineer Wler
and Conductor Hueaton. 'Weir saw the
man, but not until the engine was upon
' The body of the dead man was taken
in charge by Deputy Coroner Larliln,
who will hold an lnnuet. There was
nothing In the pockets but a receipt for
HO. paid to a correspondence school In
Grand Island and signed by C. B. Sargent,
Court House is Now
About Completed
Completion of the last work on the new
Douglas county court house under the
contract with Caldwell & Drake, the
builders, was officially announced by the
county commissioners yesterday when tho
steps at the north entrance were ap
proved. Tho board held up 14,000 when It
made Its final settlement with Caldwell
& Drake to cover the cost ot building the
steps, but the work was done for 1400
less. '
.The steps were constructed by Calvin
Zlegler under a second contract with
Caldwell & Drake. -The money will be
raid to Caldwell & Drake by the board.
The work of completing the beautlflca
tlon of the grounds 6n the north nnd of
building the approaches Is to be done by
other contractors. The board has been
arranging to have this work done.
Night school, in Ketlom and Comenlus
buildings will open tho middle ct October.
A staff of. teachers Is being selected by
Superintendent Gruff. The schools wjlj be
tree to the public. They will cater espe
cially to the foreigners who dp- not speak
English. It in planned to open a night
rlgh school at the Central High school
n little later In the year.
Dr. Holovtchlner, president of the Board
of Education, said the night sohols at
Kellom and Comenlus last year were so
successful that It was practically im
perative to continue them.
"Wizard" Trianglo
And a quart of "Wis
ard rolish all for
fl.6tTlio regular re
tail price of this mop
Is 1 HO. ami tho pol
ish $1.00. This com
bined value sit -t CA
of JJ.&o Sl.isO
special at. ..
6 p. m.
9 p.m.
for an
Misses' k , and Chil
dren's Fleecy Lined
Cotton Vesta with
long sleeves ahd
ankle length pant
to match, all sices to
14 years, 2 So 4 r
duality, at, I 3fi
garment w
' In Our Great "Bargain Basement"
You Will kpu That Tim Sale Pricis art the Lowest Ever Asked for Such Desirable Fall leeds
Yard wldo fancy printed Crotoniio
for making comforters regular
12 He Rrmlc Friday
special, nt. per
00 Inch fancy printed nnd plain
colored sllkoUncs, on bargain
square, Friday
pedal, at, per
yard ......... . . . .
Morcerltert Alack Sateen rcmnnnU
-laHo would lie a low price It
Hold In regular way, on
special bargain BqBro"
ati per yard
Fino Quality, Nainsook, Ling
oritj, Long Cloth nnd Muslins,
all are ono yard wide and worth
muoh moro than this
extremely low price, yd
Yon will find piled high on bar
gain square, best quality fluffy,
warm, fleecy outing flan
net In choicest styles
and colon, nt, yard
Svrnnsflovrn Flannels, prcttlcV pat
tern are not to bo had, colorings
Aro tMU For kimonos,
walita, dresotm, etc., lOo
grade, at, yard ,
and colored Table Oil Cloth, nubject to mill
Beginning promptly
at 8 n. m.- White
regular prlco It per
fect would bo 20c, at, per yard
FRIDAY AFTERNQQM toe8tnninR ntltao
B HI WW I nrifcHnVtWn -ano quality mcr.
ccrlitcd poplin, llBc grado blue ratine, S8o
quality part fetik plald ginghams, perfect
goods In dress lengths and full bolts, yard . .
Remnants of now GinghaniB for
fall havo just been received and
will bo placed on solo Friday
on bargain squaro at, fX'
por yard .....'..J 2u
Women's g Children Neckwear
A variety of styles in popular neckwear lf
an unheafd of bargain in tho basement IvIC
i i i i
New Fall Ribbons at 12c a Yard
In pretty colorings of fancy warp prints, dark and
light shades, hundreds of yards on bargain table in
basement Friday.
Crochet Bed Spreads, Basement at $1.10
In Marseilles patterns, soft finish with absolutely no dressing
hemmod edges sizes 72x88 Inches.
Remnants of Table Damask 29c Yard
64 to 72 Inch wide and worth to 60c off tho bolt cornea IP 2
to 6 yard lengths In beautiful patterns, launders like linen.
Laces Embroideries
Tinest Grade, ys to Y2 Yard in Length
Among these are bands and edges in Ven
180 lace and gold and silver effects; also
embroidered veila and linen panels, sam'
pies of high class allovers in Bulgarian
silk embroidered and- Venise on sale Fri
day in basement in two big lott, at each
2c ctnd OQ
Women's Fall Tailored Suits
In all sizes, up-to-date styles
and favorite colors sl ft
very good assortment atp JL U
Women's Fall and Winter Coats
New styles, cloths and colors
special lot In our basement
Cloak Department, nn
Friday pOs70
Women's Serge Dresses Good,
serviceable styles, excellent
rango of colors 2 special lota
$3.98 and $5.00
Women's SUk Dresses The
accepted styles for dress or
street Wear big a no
variety, basement P0.O
Women's Tailored Skirts New
styles; three lots In basement,
tt S1.98 $2.50 and $2.98
hi ii i i
Children's Cloaks - Service
able styles for dress and street
wear . . . .$2.08 and 83.08
Remarkable Sale Women's and Children's Shoes
300 Pairs of Women's Dress Shoes, $1,50
An immense lot inoluding many samples,
odds and ends from. factories. Mado of dull
leathers, vici kidskin and patent leather
with Goodyear wolt soles good stylos and
exceptional values worth to
$3.60 entire lot on basement
bargain squaro at, pair. . .
Children's School Shoes at
8c pair Tqtas and blacks,
In patent, vlcl kidskin and
calfskin leathers of splen
did wearing quality;
worth (1.60, at pr.
Men's Shoes at $1.08 Heavy work
shoes ot elkskin, aa wel) as dress
styles In gun metal; odds and ends,
but splendid values, almost all sizes,
at , $1.05
Llttlo Boys' School Shoes at .69d
Boys' Elkskin Bhoes at . . . .8145
Corsets for medium and heavy figures,
boned with double wire throughout
heavy graduated front steel, 4 A
heavy web garters attaohed, for.V!C
. . , brassieres at 19o Each
Good , quality muslin, trimmed with
embroidery edging and inser- - q
tion, very special, each
Young Ladies' Oorsets for 75c
Very low top with draw-tape, long
over hips with six garters at- rf
tach'ed; $1.00 corsets for iOC
Girls' School Shoes at 50o a Pair
These practical Bhoes for school wear come In but
ton styles with extension edge soles f ev
gun metal calfskin all sizes up to 2 Hi if
worth ,up to 1.60, at . . . . ,
Misses' and Children's School Shoes
Dull calfskin and kidskin leathers
with solid leather extension odgo
soles, broad toes, button and bltluhor
atyles olUlzes 11 to 2, at . .$1.50
Sizes 8& to 11 at ......,$1.35
Sites less than 8j, at $1.25
10c !
Curtains and Curtain Materials
Very fino Curtain Vollo, Etamlne, Marquisette and Scrim,
regular 25o and 40o grade, basement, Friday, A
at, yard , 1UC
1,000 pairs of Laco Curtains, 40 to 60 incheB wldo and 3 yards
. long, worth to 2.50 a pair. Friday In basement,
at. each .".
Traveling men's samples of Lace Curtains and Novelty Net.
"1' f1 ' jurua iuuk a cases or saio r riuay in base r
meat, at, each , JlOC
Sale of Notions in Basement
Chadwlck's Best 0
cord machine O
tlicead, spool. . . uC
Rust-proof S a a p
Fasteners! black or
white! all 2r
sizes, card. .
Safety Pins,
at, cord. . . .
Feathers 1 1 1 o h o d
Braid, worth to lBo
bolt, at tho Cv
Brown Daisy Dust
less Mops; n
91 size bye
Blxby's Shoo Polish,
black, white cr tan;
lOo size bot-
tie for .DC
Allover patterns, dots, ntrlp&s,
Oriental effects, Balkan and
border designs 2 to 8-yard
lengths DOo kind, iq
basement, at yard... JLC
Women's Strap House Slip
pcrs at 28c pr Also boudoir
slippers; odds and ends, In
sizes up to 6 only; es r
worth to ?1, at pair d60C
School Shoe Tlntlnn t,r,A
bluchor BtyleB shoes that cannot bo
equalled in tit, or service sizes up
Ifhivrj. 11.08
man 4. ai ....,. .gj.,50
28a Jar Shoe Cream very best 'polish loo
Xafsnts Bkos Button ana bluchir. all
, .Mo
86 to 6 0-Inch dress goods, la
medium and dark colorings
no remnants but full bolts, also
4 4 -inch atorm serges,
Slightly soiled umbrellas reg
ular $1 trade, In nn
basoment, at . , a9C
All Leather Inside Purses
In all colors and all f
loathers, at, each.. OC
Boys' $5.00 All Wool Suiti, $0 7C
With Two Pairs of Pants, at
These aro positively $5.00 values splendidly tail
ored cashmeres and tweeds-pants aro fully linod
with watoh pocket and belt loops q ms
groy, tans and brown mixtures
Medium weight trousers that havo been soiling
at $1.50 and $1,98 wool mixtures, homespuus and
tweeds splendid wearing fabrics 27 to 31-inch
waist measure.
Excellent wearing cheviot, and tweed fabrics
1. -IX 1 1 --i 11 1 , .
ueit toops una cm iuii ana roomy, at, pair 49c
Special Sales of Dress Goods and Silks on Our Main Floor i
Your Choice of 450 Men's rail Suits
that are worth $7.00 to $10.00; & r
in our basement at. . . .' $D
ThoBe suits aro strictly good suits that
will give you excellent service. They
are medium woight suits, "but only 2 or
3 of a kind that's why wo've cut the
pneo to clean tljem out.
Actual $7 to $10 values,
in our basement at
Men's Odd Pants at $1.39 a Pair
200 pairs of Men's Odd Pants that aro
worm rogularly $2.00 and
$2.50; basement
3 Cases Fine All Wool Imported Matched
Pieces of Dress Goods from the oustom
house elegant materials that havo been
soiling up to $2 yd., qa , ja
inn in floor, at each .... JC 0
1 i ' 'i
Corduroy nnd EnulUh Velvet Corrt,
our , own Importation, savin; you
about one-third 27 and 2 Inches
wide at, yard 91 to 91.60
-newest weaves and' a
Exceptional values in fine all wool fall dress goods-
spienaia una bf colorings mostly 64-ln. 7Qrt no OT1 j gf
materials. Values up to $2 a yd,, at yd 9t tJOC dllU $1.1?
27 and 06-ln. Silk Itatlne for early fall wear, at yard SQjj and 79
6,000 yarda sljk and velvet remnants, the accumulation of our recent spe
cial sales. 2 to 10-yard lengths at about H price, yard 256 to 81.19
11,00 Satin de Luxe Messalino--37 different shades, at yard ....... .QQA
24-inch fine Dre BUks in tripe, $2,50 36-In. satin brocades a
elf tones and two-tone effects In J';,.,,,,,? " D.a ,a
fashionable street shades on sale at. beautirul soft drees silk for party
yard .Bso gowns, etc., at yard 81.6D
3 Cases of Imported Dresa Goods Samples
Ji. to 8 of one kind over one hundred
diffeVont styles in the collection at a" frac
tion of their worth - q j tf
Basement, at, each. . . 1"C and J5C
$1.0,0 36-lnch Silk Poplins, one of
the most approvod silk fabrics,
bargain square, yard ...... .70c
81U and Velvet Pieces, plutes.
corduroys. Imitation bearskins,
etc., at each ,.10c to 7po
."fl& L ?.Uu"llft:.!0J:!llpKe" I ?".,rL ?!",nA,?m,an.t0.rA T I P'P 'election light weight gold papers. I New Hauid Cold nanera-f,, .... ?T I
10 patterns of our regular 6o wall papers,
in all shades, with borders to match, go on
sale, at, per roll , 2'4
regular lOo values, in light and dark col
ors, roll 514
sold everywhere at 18c per roll, special, at,
roU oa
Now liquid gold papers fall, patterns with
crown and cut out borders to mntrh
grade, at roll 12
- ----- .
I 'mi.,' ' I III I t . I. II I II Hli
High School Man is
Seeking to Give the
Work to an Outsider
Considerable opposition has been rained
against lettlny the contract for engrav
ing In this year's High School Register to
the Bureau of Engraving of Minneapolis.
The present rule of thJ publication con
cern) nf, the matter in that the business
manager of tho Register shal have com
plete tower as to the letting of all con
tracts for printing and engraving. In ac-
cordnc6 with this regulation Business
Mansger Arno TrUtlsen, recently placed
the contract for engraving with the Min
neapolis concern. H says this company,
which has made the engravings for the
Register annual for the Isst two years,
Is furnishing prices no higher than those
submitted by local engravers and that the
character of the work Is of a very high
. The executive committee, composed ot
riinclpa) Kate A. Mcllugh, Assistant
Principals J. K. Woolery and C. K. Reed,
Dr. II. A. Senter and Prof. K. E. Mc
Millan, take the position that there Is no
reason why the work should not be done
In Omaha, since It Is the firms In Omaha
that advertise In the paper and that the
Register should reciprocate.
The rules of the publlcaUon canriot bs
changed other than by a majority vote
of the entire faculty. The faculty will
not meet for some time, but the com
mitted has declared that It will hold the
entlro matter up until the ruling can be
changed rather than allow the work to
be done by any other than an Omaha
Truelsen says that the executive com
mittee can do nothing in regard to the
matter since the present rules give htm
entire Jurisdiction over tne situation, and
until the committee succeeds In changing
them he declares that the work will be
done by the Minneapolis concern.
Maloney Expresses
Opinion on Reoall
"AH rot!" This Is Mayor T- X Ma
loney's opinion of the recall petitions be
ing circulated against Omaha's- seven
city commissioners. Mayor Malcney
came over from Council Bluffs to meet
with the city council ot Oma.lin, to plan
a celebration of the twenty-fifth anni
versary of the opening of the Douglas
street bridge.
"Omaha Is being given a black eye by
Just such men as 'are circulating these
recall petitions," said the mayor. "Thank
heaven we have none like them in Coun
cil Bluffs." He says the hullabilloo
against trips byofflclals at city expense
Is another Indication that certain Oma
hsns are trying their ht o.v.
a bad name.
They Make you Feel Qood.""""
The pleasant purgative effect produced
by Chamberlain's Tablets and the healthy
condition of bjdy and mind which they
create mahe one feel Joyful, For ale by
H Jruggsts.-Advertleeaient.
Persistent Advertising Is the Road t
Big Returns

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