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The Omaha daily bees
victor noaswATEn. editor.
Entered at Omaha poatofdee second
class matter. .
Sunday Bee, one year RJJ
Saturday Bee, one year
Dally Be, without Sunday, one year. i.JO
pally Bee, and Sunday, one year.... -M
Brenlng and Sunday, per month joe
Krenlng, without Suaday. per mor.th.Sjc
Dally Bee, Including Bunday. per mo.sjc
Dally Bee, without 8unday, per mo.45o
Address all complaints of. irregularities
In deliveries to City Circulation Dept.
Remit by draft, express or postal order,
payable to The Bee Publishing company.
Only Kent stamps received in payment
of small accounts. Personal checks, ex
cept on Omaha and eastern exchange, not
Omaha The Bee bulldlnc.
Bouth Omaha ait N Street . . .
Council Bluffs-ll North Main Street.
Lincoln 1$ Little building.
Chlcago-m Hearst building.
New York-Room 1106. 219 Fifth Ave.
St. Loula-K New Bank of Commerce.
Waahlngton-ns Fourteenth St.. N.
Communications relating td news ana
editorial matter should be addressed
Omaha Bee, Editorial department.
BUte or Nebraska. County of Douglas, is.
Dwlcht Williams, circulation manager
of The Bee Publishing company, being
duly sworn, says that the average dally
circulation for the month of August, Mis,
Circulation Manager.
Subscribed In my presence and sworn
to before roe this 4th day of September,
Notary Pubic.
Snbscrlbcra lca-rlnc tho city
tesavornrlly should have The Be
Mailed to them, Address Trill be
chanced m often as reanested.
"Face tho charges squarely," tho
colonel advised Bulzor. Good advico.
It teems that soma of our clergy
men are called, whllo othors aro
If Sheriff Fanning discovers any
gamhllag on his beat, will he beat it
or. aot?
Under Whip and Bpur.
"Let thero bo light," demanded
President Wilson in his "Tho Now
Freedom," publlshcd'Juat before his
Inauguration. "I don't want a
smug lot of experts," ho added, "to
sit down behind closed doors In
Washington and play Providence
with mo."
Then, Is the country to believe
that those who sat down behind
closed doors and ground out tho
tariff and currency bills were acting
contrary to tho president's wishes?
Both aro administration mcasuros.
Doth bear the s6al of cxecutlvo, ap
proval. Both were put into shapo
and railroaded through tho house by
tho same old -secrot- caucus methods
upon which "The New Freedom"
would turn on tho light
"Tho light' must be lot1 in upon all
processos of law-making" continues
"Tho Now Freedom'" Orte is led, In
viow of tho events of tho tariff and
currency bills' making, to ask what
tho' author, so' soon to become presi
dent of tho nation, could have meant'
in writing such apparently clear-cut
sentences. Instead of light, , dark-
his Mtf
rifest n f k mmm ss s l
SEPT. 20.
Thirty Years Affo--
The Concordia society celebrated Its
fifteenth eanlversary by a grand concert
and ball at Mats hall. The program In
cluded an address. by Mr. II. Haarmann,
former president. Introduced by C. B.
fitratman, present president, and musical
selections by Messrs. C. Meyer and
Blankonfeld, Hoffman and Zerokowsky,
Qrobecker and Madam Ahl-Puls.
Tho call for the republican Judicial dis.
trlct convention la,, slgnedby N. J. Bum
ham, chairman, and B. V. Slmeral, sec
retary.' At a meeting o( aerman-American clt
lxens It was -decided f'to celebrate the
fcomlng anniversary of tho first German
colony -In Amorlca and a committee of ar
ranccmentajappolnted consisting of John
Baumor, Phil Andres, Ed Wlttlg, Ed
Kucster, V. Schnacke and Jojin O. Brandt
Mr. "Robert Oarllch. with McCord &
Brady left for New York tq meet .his
mother and sister returning from Europe
after a five years' absence.
Mr. II. C. .Counsmqn, who has been
ness so lmpenetrablo as to provoke been appointed route pgent on the Union
to wrath somo of tno democratic Pacific to run between Omaha and Chey-
faithfuls, themselves, has enshrouded enae . ,
tho making" of these paramount party wm D"te. one of the finest young
-.. men In Omaha, Is In the Pullman service
measures. ,
These thoughts are suggested tby "LT . .... .....
( , J.' ranK jiuumus, uccompaoieu ay mm sis-
the forcing. -under whip and spur Of ter.'Mlss Annie, lef for Denver and Salt
tho democratic currency bill through Lakoqty.
the house, In its transit through Mr., John Russell, a prominent citizen
tho senato, however, prospects aro " Puoblo, lsi.vleltlngi his brother, Robert
that It will undergo more changes r.u"e,,'on8.ot the weU known youns
Ri'Other Lancis
and strike more rocks. even than did
the tariff bill.
men of Omaha.
Twenty Years Ag
Miss Dee Hock left ,Ior Visitation' con-
vent in St Paul, Minn., to resume her
The TJmlfm'ed Letter.
Tho question whether a newspaper after spending three months va.
.Wlrf nrln 1tr. f .i,hllwJMtltm W,t- hi mother.
" , 7, , , ; " " I The Unity church dedicated Its new
with tho. writers name is perennial, organ by a recital led by Mr. Thomas
In our letterbox-' Will bo found a I J. Kelly, assisted by Miss Julia Tallla'
strong argument by ono of our road- ftr"- Mr, Kelly's playing was received
ers against tho practice. Tho un- 1r!!Ut2yr.
signed lotter, however, is not really jrlrBt Methodlst church has a bright
unsigned, as tneso columns lor pun- future before him,
llO discussion aro conducted by The Thomas J. Gentleman, son of Mr. and
Beo, for though their names aro wr8, N,cnola uentieman, died in his
....... MufAntV.rtif n V,n M.. ..
... . . V T . .. . "20 Grace street.
uisciosa woir juenwiy s a matter oi Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Rosewater and
good faith, and tho editor reserves I son are visiting in Chicago,
tho riftht to reject altogether letters DV "d J. M, Alkln wer pleas
that aro frivolous, vindictive or nav- fnUjr I"1'6 in ,lhf eve",ne At tne,r
nrn nf nnwnnAl tnn.t with """T rM or company
I . .. ... .. . . I ' ' WWW
TS8 Houston Post invites "the uuu"n8 g" nuwm HiimrB. ror ox- The evening was spent In games and
WkOl world to come tn Texas ax. ample, u recent aiatnoe upon tno amusements ana concluded with a dell
ui ..n.-,t j ... .iHleh sehnhl lnnnhnrinn nrlntod In nn. clous lunch.
kwpx nuiaau ana LfHtusr. now aooui I a nrpttv murH. ,.rmnr. ....
. oU newspaper which haflellcltedLpAm TuT Z JZ
sirong protest, came bibo to mo ubo, nr, nnd H. M. Mrnnn.h.- ,1m,
IVIHl WOfli'a Un. g-olyt ga Mt Wt Straigat t ID8 Waste MSKet Lowe avenuo, the contracting paftles
Pinnvtoc and tan Dtofo ISlg', onewlth&t ave further lfiquiry, be-1 inz wio Holloway, a sister of
MlKht tesW'ttwt California Aid not cus its source was not disc osed . isdgene
w -T- - "" ww iirannn. WsatarM -mh-am. it.
.Jrf If .hlbl.l IU i moll. . ' " r lur ino O.
" i tlonal Lead comoanv. nv. t .t r,i..
I nlali. .ukuiu J I i . . . -
paipvfra. i i'aiiomiea mo ceremony, m b
;inUrwt t letay usually b(tu ILet it be remembered, however, mlth of New York and Mr. Charles
w tlm Bfrlnib when MIm Profewwr, that the of a neai-iie-plume by alU0U1Q UP with the couple.
You might as well offer a Ken-
tucltlaa tasteless licko'r as a Texan
ait odorless onion.
Radiate a low lntcrurban motor
lines out pf Omaha and watch the
quickening Impulse,
sare mwtk far fairs.
aooosaiMMirtog Ur cImm t the wds,
wflter ays, ad often is. fully ; iM Vmm A9fpT
' Jtlfirgcillrwhere the BigWRMrsJprT Brandt,
carrjyl.nfr, out a proj
Mta siaiit f hr first Mfc." v1
-r- Ultra would add no weigh or raighUTlJ": he.husbar, Wiiifeiivtred t
TH esfteew XftaeM CRy Biar re-llg-d to nrsvoke narMnai'contrbversy. orf,ml8 or h congregation 11,086 to
T.W'"r:e,9Ve8. sup- new TemPla Israel. oreciion .or
iws m.-w.8Sl a aro ot pressed betiaueo unsigned. In a I nev. J. w. Conlcy pnrachlrur at First
JIHl UW Were Wr Ume. I whrrl. thn nunnvmoiis eommnnlcatlnn Baptist church, vramr th rhrUHim
I " -r w - , . . " . '
is. neither novel nor necessarily. UOX- 01 106 amaxing .lethargy that had laid
Intifl hut thn wholn nnnstlnn of nrft. . eounoea an alarm
loua, but tho wiioie question or pro- awlat npiulaiotui.erw,thi failure
prloty must, rest In . the .exorcise ot Uo.ouilirat commurdowiutTaod.
sound discretion . on .tho. part of thai DUhop Scannell and Father Vranek of
Purplj soda pop constituted the
UuM refreahmeBt for the Elks clam'
bake. Proclaim that near and far to I
tie detractors of Omaha'a reputation La
Sulr'er'e Predicament.
. Theso eight nrtlclos of' Impeach'
raent vQted.by. th? Hm Yorlcnssem;
bly conaUtuto tho alleged caso
agaiBst Qevernor Bulzer, to which he
is now called on to answer:
ft' k fa'bfi feond"tliai Prlnra Al.P That he filed with the secretary ot
Trcm Waaalagtoa comes word
taat CeBgressman Magulre "is well
ulasd l(h thn nnrrAruMr
Well, then, how is it possible for any
oh to h atspleaeed?
the Catholic church ento. Ravenna-to
perform confirmation. -
Captain C. W Castle. Thirtieth United
mutes infantry, sutione In Manila, p. j
was stoppins briefly m the city.
William Arowne, SOye&rs old, -died at
ims rcmaence, 725 South Thirty-seventh
Tho Boe't Btaff corrcapondent at Wash
tngton sent In a-very significant siorv nf
tne grart and fraud perpetrated at the
Russian Infamies,
"An Open Letter to the Ctar of Itussla"
Is" featured In tho New York Independent
of September. 11. The Identity of the
writer Is not revealed other than that he
Is "one who admires the Itussla that has
produced a great literature, that has
given birth to great men and women,
that Is struggling for emancipation, that
possesses marvelous possibilities in Its
industrial and natural resources." The
letter tells of tho great expectations ot a
liberal, progressive government aroused
among the people when tno present czar
was enthroned. Tristood ot realising their
hopes even In part the writer says the
government Is worse thin Its predecessor;
and cites a succession, of massacres? per
sccutlons, deportations -and a tyrannous.
reign of bigotry, superstition and Ignor
ance. The' letter; Is "a weighty indictment
of husslan rulers and ' was evidently
called out by the' Infamous features of a
"ritual murder" case, which Is thus but
lined: "A.Christian boy was murdered
In Kiev. .A.Jew. Mendel Bellls, .was found
In the neighborhood and arrested and has
been Imprisoned, now tr more than two
years awaiting ttlaU He-' ls -charged With
having killed tho boy to secure his blood
for ritual purpose Fo more tfhan two
years tne manufacture, oi me inoinnu
aurri .evidence, aralnst Him has been iU
progress.' The head of the Kiev detbctlvo
btfreau'M. Mlnschuk,; wno reported tnai;
he could find no incriminating qviaenco
and that he was. convinced It was JoV'A
caso of ritual murder, has been cast Into
prison-! ior 'weakening-the case of tho
government against tho Jew. All sorts of
difficulties are being placed In the way
ot the dofenso. Bellls is denied the priv
Ilege of calling witnesses. It seems as If
Russia is determined to strike at all
Jews through this Infamous proceeding.
It has closed It dars to the verdict of
science. The Impressive protest of the
Onternatltmai M.odIcaI congress, which
has just concluded lis session In London,
passes unobserved."
A MessitK from CMua
"Tho first rebellion encountered by tho
republic of China, has Been crushed 'com
pletcly. and the foolish. Instigators of It
are either dead, in prison or gone to
Japan." President Yuan Bhl Kal snapped.
his teeth on the last six words which
formed a small part of a long message
of cheer to the United Btates and the
rest of the world delivered" to tho Peking
correspondent of theMfew York Sun early
In August Tho Inspiring cause of tho
rebellion and Its principal support Preil
dent Yuan declares to havo been tho op
position of Chinese poppy growers to the
laws suppressing cultivation, an opposl
tton stimulated by tho opium merchants
of southern China, Japan, Manila a&d
India. These mercenary traders not only
preached sedition among the disaffected
poppy growers and political malcontent.
but furnished tho sinews of rebellion. The
oWect was to set up a republic In soutn
crn' China, and tho project was backed
by the oplunt clique of Canton to the ex
tent of 1,060,OW t&als a- month while the
traders or Borocay, Calcutta ana xtaga
sakl guaranteed a fund of S,080,WO taes
to the southern republic wbea established.
But the rebellion did not succeed and the
opium traders were not Called upon to
make good. President Yuan , emphasises
the purpose, of tlie government to deal
gently With those, leader drawn, lnta the
rebellion through' good motives. The mer
cenaries who are jnot dead. In -BrteoB or
gonet'tS frapkn, wilt Weir share In"
due time. President Yuan closes his mes
sage with those triumphant wprda. "Tho
rebellion is a thing of tho past. We may
now devote our best thought and energy
to other things." Most urgent of these
is the demand ot Japan for punishment
of an tl-Japan(V abators, apdtho dls
imsaai 'Ot uenerju ununs noun, com1
mander of Chinese. troops :at "Nanking."
. ' "- - fltsf
bert ef Xonaeo. here for a htmHn 8tf ft mta statement cf his recolpU oxpense of Lo. the poor Indian, suppos-
i!l wt2. I M .and other m6netary transactions during by jsomo of the men employed by
NpeaifM, -setter I ttp With the h(s gubernatorlai ,caropalgnn . , the .governmenfat different rfwryatliins
'fass tM Hr Amerkan eoverelgna That he committed perjury In this to look- out for the Indian's Interests and
amtr&jui wka tekla thn a nvw In statement. the government's plans of Investigation
v v v a i . . I m ... I, , . . 4 ----i
Isss aounary. n . - . 1 That ho bribed witnesses to Withhold '"'"V tne leant, tnose were to te of such
Wkat a aaMr
tkt biaai4 Wec'tls ameedment to
On ecatKU Juw produced. Had
H iaised t earry w would how have
be Saiwers up to our ears in the
n-4l4e of jKsHtlcs.
"Ia auccSsa a erlmo?" asks the Ban
Fyanclsco Chronicle. No, and one
teetlmonv from the lesrislatlve committee sweeping oharacter as to afford .am Die
T . which lnvttigated his campaign ao- ground for prosecution of tmWcaught up
the adonWo of! coUn't. " In the net of guilt ' ,
That he supprrssed evidence by means!
of threats to keep witnesses from testUI
fylng before the investigating commute. I
That hedlsuaded a particular witness,
Frederick I Colwejl, from attending un
der subpoena tbe sessions of-tho lnveetl-1
gating committee.
That he committed larceny In specu-
People Talked About
Prince Albert of Monaco, who Is chas
Ing 'game In Wyoming, needs some df
latlng In stocks with money and checks erslon from tho monotony of drawing
!M te guard gainst In the pursuit! ITZV ..JTJXVX WS dMn
ot popular fads is the tendency to put Wg offiCe and Influence to affect the vots Peter Acktnan, Jr.. of Brooklyn, Is JO
tHe premium ,ou inefficiency instead of certain public officers. . I. years old, has never 'taken a musto lesson
of OB efficiency, where it belongs. That while governor he corruptly used J and plays entirely from ear. and yet has
!rus autnonvy to aiieci prices ot secun-1 won a suver loving cup in a musical con
ties on the New York Stock exchange,! test In which there were twenty contest.
"put It back." But how about Ryder.?
Yes, and how about Wrjtcr Boss
Howell, wno would havo to dig up
In some of which securities h was at ants.;
tne time interested. Scientists who entered the mouth of
even moro uauntiess spirits tnan Vesuvius noted Indications of an early
auizer a migiu view Bucn an array or eruption. is a mwo eany lor tne win
... ' . 1 I ... t ... . .I ... u . V. L . 1. - . . . '
moro than, any of them it he put all 6rava apprehension, "rjourut nut he entering
. a t i.e. I.Tilanrivlnir f horn nil l. n f lnnnf. 1 1 . '
ol jus dsc j ! . vi advance.
man's Job. At first public sentiment V.hi.- . . ,.r
The democratic. New York World, was inclined to sympathise with Sum to relight the aroiarpps, accidentally put
o behalf -of tho American neonlo. tier as-against Tammany In this flgllt. I out, on the block around her home ia
Offers to pay Secretary of State and while it does not now sympathize J,hat );tr huand "could find his way
rya fB.ff'a ear. In lieu of his with Tammany, it ' seems to have WlT A
vara oi tne gate receipts irom cnau- veerea into a- moro neutrai state, wifely devotion
tauiag. on, uils la, adding Insult to Buiser, nimseu, noipoa to alienate The Trade Prees assoclaUon convention
lajuryl , S tais sympathy ivhen ho cljoso a tech now In progress at Atlantlo aty. hatng
,.. 1 " nical defsnsa instead of .meeting tho l,ociaea 10 ut speeches to the space
If it is graft for a public officbr la charges sauarely. and again when ho bl? ?5g'lt!p K x A
nav lunknt .m.n... wllh t,m... " u wmcn. on touomng a outton, aroppeo in
w . -,---- - m lurow ma wiiod uuiun miu mo "-""o front of the speaker and Hashed the sign;
jkuuoj, tuj iv uui jubi ap mucuj and sought reiugo nemna it as a "Time's up."
srait for him to draw his salary for shield, Fortunately for him, im- The biggest fish always gets away,
time used in pleasure excursions orlpeachmentls In the nature of v crim- roo,r P"' hUe George M. Mey.
wrrotea to pnvato nusinessi A trip mal prosecution that entitles the ad- '7,-: "
.Birm. urawiaB caBOd to me oeneilt or tne dount. fi,h sixteen feet long and vitst.lnK i,ww
) money cannot watrant arnw-i ,,,, i .,L ,.y pounds, grabbed his -line. Thu monster
1K pay unless Ukea durlnc regular Another problem Is presented. by Kmed Myers nndhis skiff out about
vsjeatioa time or sick leave. I the refugees wjio have coraer' back Wd m" fore Msyers gav. up the at-
from Mexico ntirauant to tho nnU?r."Ja nftV?
Our friends out in the state are, Unfs recommendation as to wht ,3 T rZ 1 K
W hope, Rearing In mind the prom-lther will do. now they ara hero. In City sport managed to act the nu
ie mat AK-sar-uen-s midway will be itexjeo they were at loast self-sup- na wht of tha ?" te piacator-
cmr ana ciean oi isKes anri pstn. i .... k. i .!.
- j - . . - yuruusi viu aiv nun cuutruuvcu uera
WW games inn year. Tne Bee with th hlth cost af llvlns-.. .nrf
.4. M 4V. a n wn nnl . - ....
""v w "v-su wonias nothing to foot tho bills
msM, wiiva iiutuai uruuEut empnauc
amm, on tae part of the Board of Do you catch tbe force of this:
GOfsOKwa in line with the demand Not a candidate on that omnibus re-
fr elean show. So, come on, I call petition is willing to admit that
sverybedy, aid Joja the crowd. he put hie name down voluntarily.
ucoiiiKo oas.
Hlotrlntf Off Steam,
Chicago Record-ftearld.
Th sheriff ot New York serves notice'
that he will not permit Mrs. Fankhurst
to make any Incendiary speeches in that
City. Has the sheriff of New York, heard
of the efforts of the British government
to close Mrs. Paskhunt's tnoutt?
British, authorities 'have at last su
ceeded in penetrating tha Inner, councils
of the 'revolUtl6nary socltles with which
India -Is ,honeycorobeU.Ona.otna band J
or. captured nauve roDDors turned in
former and irevi;aled" at thevtrlal o
tne principals in Calcutta the methods
ot the band and the purpose of 'Its'
operations. This band .was said to be
one ot many groups of Hindus Who se
cure funds for the revolutionary propa
ganda by raiding the homes of wealthy
landlords. According to the testimony
ot the Informer the raiders terrorise
men at the points of revolvers and dag-
egrs and makes the women Klv all
their gold and silver ornaments to the
revolutionary loot, and force them to
tell whbro the, family fortune Is bqried
The most disturbing feature ot the
revelations Is that membership In tha
socltles Is confined to educated persona
moving. In tbe most respectable stratum
of native Society. The revelations ara
new only as they relate, to tbe captured
band. Revolutionary movements m6r or
less cohesivo ramify the undercurrents
- . . . . . V . . . , .
ot me in inuia, ana in tne last live
years caused the. suppreslon of several
native enwspapers. Englishmen ex.
perienced In Indian affairs, candidly ad
mtt that England's. -greatest blunder. In
India was the. education of Indian youths
In modern schools surrounded by an
atmosphere pf freedom, .Considering- the
trouble "and fear wrought by this thin
line of education In India, what 'will
lappen to alien rule when education
Hits the dark veil, from the . taemlni
millions of India Is not difficult to-fore
ree ' ..
Life In Albania.
Skutart Is a big spot'ort the "map of
the near-east It Is enjoying a greater
variety or life than when the Monte.
negrins were poundlnr the Turks within
its walla .vTfta International-commission
......... wvmmi uinu fitia ait cngiisn
Admiral for lord i mayor.- a French wen
rai ror chief justice, and Austrian. Ger.
man and Italian officers holding down
tainor Jobs In a town ebout half the site
pi outn pmana. none or tne, imported
officials understand the lingo of the na
,trve. Proclamations by the lord maypr
Jn Sngltsh decorate the town walls, but
the natives cannot read them. The
French chief Justice dispenses Justice, as
a native interprets tbe evidence tn ac
cordance with the pressure of the liti
gants on .his. packet Even the concerts
,ot the various army bands whicii make
Jlfe In the town worth Uxbic refuse to
divide time and swat the natty r with
rival national anthems at the same time.
The only equal of the Joyrider of Sautari
are the new commissioners ot Valoha, a
town said to be the key of the Adriatic
and coveted by Austria and Italy. The
commissioners ar great jpcrsonagea, with
a strut rivaling RoandVchantiiiler and
drawing' a day rrora a pipe line cup
posed, to lead to the Austrian treasury,
fompoaers pf comic optfra. are rnfssicg
opportunities for fame and fbrtune if
Jhey pverlook, th sitf-spliulnr mitrfali
at Skutarf and Valona.
The Shame? of It,
AVOCA, la., Sept. l.-To the Editor of
The Bee: When aman pqscs as a re
former, prophet or priest and commits a
crime so vile as Hans Schmidt down there
In New York'dld, It would seem there Is
no hell black enough, or .tires of same
hot enough for tn purification ot such
a soul. Another feature he never thinks
of being insane until caught Even darker
than the crlmo Is to quote God and Abra
ham as' directing It
Will 'the public swallow stuff of this
ltlndT The quicker the world Is rid of
suoh-antmals that do deeds like this, the
better.. O,! that one's memory of such arch
criminals could be blotted out forever.
WoodroTT the Whole Cheese.
SILVER -CREEK, Neb.. Sept W.-To
tha Editor of The Bee: Today you re
produce an artlcle'from the Blue Springs
Sentinel which; speaking ot my asser-
,tlon in a late letter to The Bee to the
... -i .il. . t. .,m crli f In hA
Tmpachefl for his Interference. In lcgis-
lative affairs, and parUcuiany tor ma
active', control . of the senato- democratic
caucus. ..says: , "t. seems to the editor,
though jthat.. once Upon a time ono
Wooster attended" seYeral caucuses at
LlnColh and noye'r entered a protest"
i It Is auite true'that "ono Wooster" did
attend' such caucuses a. good many ot
tbem. But It Is also true that never, In
a single Instance, did the majority In ono
of those caucuses attempt to bind any
member as to what should be his action
or vote as to any measure whatever. Had
any caucus majority at any time at
tempted such a thing, there- W,ouid have
been at least one man to tell them al
mighty q$ck that they could go precisely
to n wo memoer ot a lesisiniuio, mm
no member of congress, should ever, un
der any circumstances, permit himself to
be controlled by any power whatever,
other than that of his own Immediate
By reason of his assumed authority as
party' leader, President Wilson undertakes
to exercise and does exercise, active con'
trol of the senato democratic caucus.
which In turn controls the senate. When,
therefore, tho tariff bill and tho currency
bill shall have become laws they will be
tha work of tho executive and not of the
legislative department. This is revolution
and the plain, glaring, damnable fact la
that today we are living under an elective
mbharchy of absolute power. For all the
good they have been doing In Washing
ton since tho Inauguration ot ireaiaem
Wilson, members ot tho United States
senato and of tho house of representatives
might as well have been at home about
their private business. Our schoolmaster
president, Is the whole cheese;
In the Interest of republican govern
ment In the. western hemisphere, Presi
dent Huerta ot Mexico should demand
of President Wilson of "the-United States
that he give" guarantees that he will not
be a candidate to succeed htmselC
VTJhe UnntRBed Letter.,
SHERIDAN, fyo., Bep lfco the
Edltbr of The Beot I cannot reelst again
end! you, my protest agalnst.the anony
"maui' oontHbuyeS' Bearing In "The
Doe s XMttee uax.- ' i xeei certain mm il
you "would "put It to a vote from the rcad
crs ot The Bee you would find. about all ol
theris would prefer to know .whop opln
Ions they aro reading, t must again state
that a contributor who Is too cowardly
to acknowledge the authorship of his
creeds should not be allowed an appear-.
ance In a reputable publication.
In The Bee's letter Box for Monday,
September IS, thero was an, unfair, un-
jjentlemanly and untruthful, ' tirade.
against, Dt. Cook, the ortio explorer. nyt
one who Insists on signing ldmself "A
"Disgusted Club Member." His chlel
mistake Is In not using & correct slgna
ture. It should have been "A Disgusting,
Club Member," tor his dlatrlbo Is cer
talnly disgusting to the readers of The
liee. Furthermore his opinion of the sr.
Cook lecture before 'tho Commercial club
was formed upon hearsay evidence, for
he begins a paragraph with; "I am told."
No sensible man will believe that this
contributor would have dared to use the
language to Dr. Cook In person.
Having brought one anonymous con
trlbutor, whose effusions 'as a rule art
unintelligible, out, -from under cover.
would again ask Tho Editor ot The
''It seems as If this nas been a very
short summer."
"It hasn't seemed so to me."
"But perhaps you didn't have your coal
put In last spring, with the understand
ing that you were to pay for it early In
the fall." Chicago Record Herald.
"You say you occasionally smoke one
of your wife's Christmas cigarsT"
"Ycs I dug 'em up the other day and
they are a great help In my .present
"What Is that?"
"I am trylnto quit tobacco for good."
Pittsburgh Post
"George, you must go right away and
asn papa ror my nana.
. That's an right, little one. I asked
mm nrst"
"What! You didn't wait, to ask mel"
"Nlxy. Mabel. I'm a busy little man.
girlie, and iAvaste no time on chances."
Cleveland l'lam Dealer.
"I hear thev are Dasslonatelv In lnvn
with each other."
It miKht naaB for Dasslon In Boston.
-xney kiss each otner with their eva.
glasses on." Washington Herald.
Blx I see that they aro usln narcel
post Btampa ior ordinary man now.
DIx Yes. and to lick one almost consti
tutes a meal. Boston Transcript
Exe What ridiculous. Impossible thlnim
these fashion Plates are.
Mrs. Exe i Know they used to be. but
today many of them are engraved from
isxe wen, tnis one can't oe. Here are
two women going In opposite directions,
both with brand new gowns on and
neither looking back at the other. Bos
ton Transcript
George W. Priest In Poetry.
Stilled for a moment be Jester's lay, ano.
Mid your mellow muslo we high essay to
slntr a sonic of man:
Short be Its phrases, as short our speech
who fashion the mill and loom, ...
If the work of our hands not better'teach,
men give a man song room.- - -
When tho hammers their thunderous din'
renew, by Uie roaring ot furnnc
We see the forging of dreams come true,
the shaping of long desires,
The wells of progress we carry high,
though stained by crime and blood
For your wondrous beauty and Joy wi
die, O coming brotherhood.
Then drink to labor an honest cup and.
let its worth be known!
The ghosts ot the past come trooping Up
bearing the brick and stone.
Dig they the trenches broad and deep,
and shape foundations strong.
Whose good the future years may keer.
when coming builders throng.
The savage strives for his homer - his
brood, he fends for his race, his, kin:
The workman tolls for the common good
that takes the whole world In. '
Not only- for dollars, which mean ' but
bread and refuge from rain an4-
But that peace may prosper, of war in'
stead; for the master willed It so.
A workman spread the heavens wide, I.
workman placed tho sun:
A master workman was satisfied 'When
the maker said, "Well dpne."
Take we no shame If we be but tools
clumsy and dull and worn.
If over us Infinite Justice rules to mould.
the years unborn.
Bee to publish the names of the writers
who wish their opinions to appear la
The Bee's Letter Box,"
Twice Told Tales
They 'were speaking about the peculiar
cases that lawyers occasionally stack up
against the other- night, when Congress
man Bwagar Shirley of Kentucky waa
reminded- of an Incident that recently
happened In ona of the southern, states.
A lawyer got a note one .afternoon, the
congressman saldV asking -htm to hurry
to the county Jail. Behlpd the bars the
lawyer found a colored party named Ras-
tus, who was charged with appropriating
things without a permit. RastUs, needed
legal aid
"So you want me to defend you, Ras-
tua." remarked the lawyer, after hearing
.the colored mans broken story. "Have
you. got any money r-
"No, sab, Jedgol' No, sahl" was the
reply ot Raatus. "But I got er mule, an'
er few chickens, an'er hog or two,"
"Those will do- very nicely,- Raatus,"
responded the lawyer. "Now, then, tell
me Just exactly what you are accused ot
'Oh, nothing muc,h, Jedge," was the
startling answer of Itastus. "JeaV er
mule, an' er few ublckens, an er hog or
two." Philadelphia Telegraph.
Saw the Slsn.
The Johnsons, according to a recent
story, had an old hen which Insisted upon
neglecting her comfortable nest to lay a
daily egg In the coal cellar.
"I can't think," fretted Mrs. Johnson,
as sbe and her small son, Joe, together
hunted for that particular egg. '"why this
one hen Insists upon using, the coal bin."
"Why, that's easy, mother," exclaimed
Joe, in astonishment. "I a'pose ahe's seen
tbe sign, 'Now Is the time to lay In your
coal." Ladles' Home Journal.
The Greater Attraction.
.Cleveland Plain Dealer.
There doesn't seem to be. any call for
excitement over the coming of Mrs. Fank
hurst She Isn't likely to draw a tenth
as much attention as the French actress
who weart a ring In her nose.
It's a conquering price-for
a greaty car! At the new cost
to. consumers, Ford cars will ,
be still more in evidence
on every highway. Stop!
Look! Listen! Watch the
Fords go by you can
scarcely hear them.
Flvo hundred dollars la tho sew price' of
tho Ford runabout; the touring car is flvo
fifty; tho town car seven fifty all f. o. b.
Detroit, complete with equipment. Get cat
alog and particulars from Ford Motor Co.,
1916 Harnoy St, Omaha.
Tourist Sleeping Cars
via 'Rock Island' Lines
Every Day
via Scenic Colorado
Very low fares will be in effect daily September
25th to October 10th to points in Arizona, California,
Oregon, 'Washington, British Columbia, Idaho and
Utah. t
For further Information inquire of
J. S. McNALLY, D. A,,
14th and Fa-mam,. W. O. W. Bldg.
Theparcel post mates
It easy o reach country
buyers. The city mcr-,
chant can send small or-
dcrs so last that dlatance
no longer hinders traas
with the people, out in tne
state. Lat them know,
what you can send them,
by parcel post and you
will Improve your busi
ness. 8 mall Bee want ad&
will effect the daalred. re
sults. . .'
Bee Waat Ad Depsstaseml
Tyler lOOOv i
The Bee Engraving' De
paxtment will - make a
drawing and put JU this.

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