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32x-GoTernor Bailey of Kansas Will
Bo One of. Speakers.
Putna J. Watte of 'Mercantile Trnat
Company of St. Louis to lie
, Speaker nt State tlnnU-
erV Meet.
laEFT' - .
(Prom & Staff Correspondent)
I4NCOLN, Sept. n.-(Speclal.)-No-braska
bankers will hold the center of the
(stage In Lincoln Thursday and Friday ot
this week, and It lptxpocte4 that the. at
tendance will bo thebeot In the history
tof the association.
Bx -Governor J. W. Uallay of Kansas
will be one of the speaker Governor
Dalley Is president of the Kansas bank
em' association. Other speakers will be
'Featua J. Wado, president of tho Mer
icantlle Trust company of St Louis and
I J. A3. McDowell of the United States Do
Ipartment of Agriculture. Governor Bailey
.will talk Friday afternoon, Jils .subject be
ling "Manufactured Unrest" Mr. Wade
will talk on "Banking and Currency
legislation" Friday morning, while Mr.
McDowell will talk Thursday afternoon
jon "Farmers' Co-Operatlvo Demonstration
'Work." Following Is the .program, for the
Thursday, September 23. '
Three-minute reports of tho six group
(residents. Report of the protective com
hnltteo, J. C. French, chairman. Address
fey Qovernor John 11. Jlorehead, Adj
areas, "iwiponeu turrait)'
by 3. O. Berryhlll, director Iowa National
bank. Des Moines, Address. "'.UanKing ni
(president Mercantile Trust company, Bt
.urrency jjeinsiauon, ux rraw j.
(Louis. Afternoon session, z o cioCKi ao
felreOs. "The New Thought Movement In
Slinking." by C. V. Nelson, cashier First
National bank of Btrumsbunt. Address,
Manufactured Unrest." by ex-G-oyernor
W. Bailey of Kansas, president Kansas
ankers association. Hepoits of com
lttbes on resolutions and, nominations.
iKlcctlon and installation ot-ottleers, Im
mediately after adjournment tho bankers
wlll take special cars and autos to Ante
hopo park unci be the guests nt tho local
bankers at the4iaA gamd. At 7 p. m. will
(occur the "annual banquet at tho Undell
Friday rrogrramA
Invocation by llev. T. W. Jeffrey. Ad
dress of welcome. Mayor Frank Zchdung,
atesponse, Charles N. Hinds of O'Neill,
Uddrcss of president, Ceorse F. Ha wye r of
Western. Iteport of secretary, William B.
Hughes of Omaha. Iteport of treasurer.
,W. 13, llhodes of Omaha, Iteport of
executive council, Henry W "ates of.
Omaha, chnlmian. Address, "Deducting'
Mortgage-Secured Notes from Capital
fetock lor Taxation," by J. 4 Ml Evans,
.cashier .. Farmers fHate bank, Bhubert.
(Afternoon session, 2 o'clock: Iteport of
agricultural development 'committee, Car
fion Hlldnoth, chairman. Address, "Mu
rtual Helaton ot Banker and Farmer,"
by Vrot. W. B. Hunt ot Omaha. Address,
'Farmers' Co-Opei atlv'a Demonstration
tWork," by J. C. McDowell, United State
pepartment of Agrlcuit'tre, Visit to tho
jfitato farm. Friday evening, cabaret
jluncheon and smoker at JUndcll hotel.
Wells MaySolve
the Farm Problem,
Says Harelock Man
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
' LINCOLN, gee, p.. (Sfieclal.)-The
shortage of cwh, especially corn In cer
jUUn portions f the Hate, caused by the
jbot wathf of IHs last ssaaon, eouV4
vve.,ba gunilsA o a great extent
ec4rdlnK tMWIIl.&tlsra!. 4tor ot the
Havwtoock toikmm 'wis'- a? ft at
(take advantage of the underflow and
put down wslta from which tho water
fcottld bepmpd W a gasetin ngln and
editor Israel was torwwly a resident
got Buklm, the county seat ot Dundy
county, and published the Benkelman
JKews-Chronical. He la pretty well ac
Attainted with' the, conditions out in that
Notion of the country and belloveg that
he question ot Irrigation can be solved
iy tho well proposition! In most ot the
Ewntlea where tho natural rain fall can
ot be depended upon.
In talking with a Bee representative,
JMr. Israel sold that the underflow sys
tent had been successfully demonsttated
Around Benkelman where he resided bo
(fore coming to Hav&lock and he be
lteved that it could bo made a success
jin other portions jot tho state Where
.the water can be s-ecured without going
jtoo dep there Is no ioubt of it being a
lIhilwm fiwvtswi nil uiiw .m n tit
tworth the trying.
"To Utt this water," said he. "it Is
lalmfly a maltr of power, with a gaso
iUn sdM an4 a centrifugal pump; :
UnuHr of ona well out near Benkelman,
kvra&t farnlhed sufficient water to lrrt
iixtiy crea wna uf uo use ,oi
'ma sigtit-horse power gtaollne engine,"
(From a Staff Correspondent)
LINCOLN, Sept. iU-Spclal.)-Tho
dwllcatlon of the nW Qerman Lutheran
.aemlnory In thts city took place this aft
ernoott. the address being" delivered by
Hrv. Mr. Ooede of Glennvllle, vice presl.
dent of the Qerman Lutheran synod,
which has been In session here during
the last week.
Tho address was delivered In the Qer
man language before the members of the
synod prsent and a large number of mem
ers ot ths church and others residing In
tho city.
Anio Accident Near Albion,
ALBION, Neb., Bept, 21.-(Speclal.)-a
night as It. II. Shaln ot this city
was returning from Fetereburg with four
other men In hta auto, hfi in some manner
nut tho machine Into an embankment,
badly wreckinfftt and throwing three men
out George Myers' struck' on his head,
waa picked tip unconaclous and has re
stained In that condition ever since.
This Coupon and 15c
entitles bearer to
choice of one
or Other Pennant
whan presented at
103 See Building,
, pennant!
North Bend Bridge '
Stands High and Dry;
Contractors Worry
(From a Staff Correspondent)
I LINCOLN, C',pt 21.-Bp6olaJ.)The Na
tional Hoofing company of Omaha would
llko to be freed from, carrying out .the
Jflrat contract ever received by It The
contract covers work to be done on the
rievr utato aid bridge which is being built
across the Platte river at North Bend,
and Is all caused because that river sud
denly made up Its mind to change Its
channel, which It frequently docs, from
the south side of the river to the north
side. .
The contract for the. brldgo was
warded to Btupp Bros, of" Bt Louis by
the state and they In-turn ( sublet the
work to the Omaha Roof log f company,
vho sent T. J. Nolan of SSJnaha to Lin
coln yesterday to confer7'with;thq State
Board of Engineers to" 'see. whfct, could
je done toward letting the. company, out
n tho contract of at least in having the
ttate help out in some way,
The St. Louis firm agreed to build the
entire bridge, Including tho. fill on the
horth side, for JW.OOO. Since tho contract
vas let the river,- after fifteen years
pnnlng In a channel oh the south side
of the river, changed across to the north
side, This leaves the bridge built across
the old channel nnd tho contract calls
for n flit on the side where the water Is
now running,
Before thts fill can be put In tho chan
nel of the river will hare to b diverted
back to ltd former place, and this will be
an expehslvo operation and. must fall
on the Omaha company, because the flit
cannot be made as long as the water
funs down on tho 'eldo where the fill 1
supposed to be. i
Tho contractor 'contends that the state
should build a protecting wing to divert
the wator over where It- will run undor
tho bridge, but the state engineer con
tends that a mat around the end would
divert the water under tho brldgo and
the matter has been left to a committee,
which has not yet reported.
Mr. Nolan waa told that there would
be nothing doing until that committee
reported on the matter. Meanwhile tho
bridge, nearly completed, statids high and
dry on one side of the river, while the
water runs down the other side several
hundred feet from the bridge and acrpss
the placo where the . Omaha company
would like to go to work.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Bent JL-(Speclal.)-"Tread
softly when yo enter the capital ot Ne
braska, lest ye awaken the dead ones
"which slumber therein."
Such may sooner or later be the edice
of the Inhabitants thereof, an ordinance
It to be put In force depriving the trains
which enter the city after tho curfew
rings from announcing their approach by
tho engineer of tho engine blowing the
The same ordinance w.lll require that
the same trains slow down to tour miles
an hour and that gates bs placed to tho
entrance to the cKy so that those who
may be abroad at night and unable, to
guide themselves acre the tracks will
not be In danger of being run over by
the four-mile an hour ttMhtng trains.
noer, - the -IMVer ' tm of the jnjJ
ancV k wssassdlby auiomawma. rho
dfo'tbat-.tWey do not want' to IwiVtfjfe
wait at a crossing while a 100-car freight
train is. crawling across at the fat ,of
four mHm an hour and this norllori of
the ordlnanco may be eliminated, but the
tooting of enfna will be stopped and tho
establishment ot gates may be made.
In conneotlon with the whistling ot
trains it has been suggested that auto
mobllo horns also be silenced and that
drivers ot automobiles carry & small bell
which can bo gently tapped t the auto
approaches a street crossing In portions
of the city whero tho slumber pt the
dead ones must not bo disturbed or tho
policemen awakened on their beats,
ALLEN, Neb., Bept 21, (Special.) A
fire broke out In John Ltndhat's general
store yesterday morning about 4 o'clock
and for about an hour threatened the
whole town. Three buildings were
burned. Mr, Undhat Is the heavy loser.
HI entire stock was destroyed. Next to
his place was a barber shop, where the
proprietor alto lived. As "they wero, not
awakened by tho flro alarm, they saved'
only the clothing they had on. Tho poo)
hall was the next in line. In the upper
story the Belt Telephone exchange was
located, the. operator's family living
there. It was practically a complete
loss. The entire loss is variously esti
mated to tU.OOO. There was some Insur
ance carried by the property owners.
Owing to the dry weather the tire flsht-
lns had to be done with the little water
available from cisterns and by pulling
down of buildings. The jewelry -store In
the line ot the fire was of brick and by
close watching- the volunteers prevented
It getting past so saving a number ot
buildings and, in tact, tho greater part
of the town.
Ak-Sar-Ben Pennants
Find Many Buyers
Ak-Sar-Rtn pennants which are sold by
The Bee for IS cents whpn accompanied
yb a coupon, are going like hot cakes. A
continuous line ot buyere Is to be seen
dally at the counter of the new business
office of The Bee located in the offices
formerly occupied by the water works
company. Numerous merchatUa'are sav
ing the coupons In order to secure a large
number ot these for decorations for their
stores tor Ak-Bar-Ben week, realising
they aro tho best pennants which cun bo
secured for the money.
is to be Re-enacted soon
The battle ot Wounded Knee Is to be
retought and the scenes enacted Decem
ber 31, 1890, are to be re-enacted, this time
for the moving picture shows.
The contract for the reproduction ot tho
battle ot Wounded Knee has been closed
the date tor the engagement has not been
set The Northwestern Is to haul several
carloads of equipment to Bushvllle. There
will be fjfty or more camera men with
apparatus for making the pictures.
William F. Cody and -Colonel McCune
havo been employed to round .up the neo
essary Indians and the consent -ot the
government has been secured that the
Indians may go Into the play battle,.
Soldiers will be on hand and s many as
possible of the chiefs who took part will
be on th acta
r - -
Methodists Are Stirred by Frospent
for Coming Year.
Gffnrts IlctnR Made' to Conclude!
Conference Session nt Lincoln on
Bcheitnle Time, In Spite ot
Hash of Work,
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Sept 2L (Sreclal.)-At 9
o'clock this morning, Grace Methodist
Church was well filled -to attend the
Lovo Feast conducted . by the llov. O.
It.- Beebo; At 10:W the church was
packed for tho regular, morning service
with Bishop Frank M. lirlstol as preacher
of tho day. Tho Bevs. J. M Bothwelt,
H. N. OrriH, Edward Hlslop, P. P. Ham
monds, B. Tj George, B. F, Galther, VS.
E, Hosman and J. Vf, Morris, all district
superintendents, assisted in the services,
i At 2:39 in the afternoon tho' Memorial
services' were conducted tho Itov.. Rich
ard I'ca'rson, ' presiding, an" 'dthe Rev.
William Esplln preaching tho memorial
sermon.- Following the sermon a short
biographical sketch was read about the
following, who died duringthojast con
ference year: The Itovs. B. L.' Robinson,
James II. Thomas, Jeptha Marsh, D. C.
Bronnon, J, 1L Beery, C. A, Mastln, Mor
ris Bamford and W. C. Swartt.
At 3: tho bishop ordained the follow
ing as deacons: 1
Rovs. Frank Williams, A. B. Hunter,
C. a. Cole, B. A. Alexander, George II.
Phillies. Albert C. J. -Hollow. William,
aiarrel, WPilam Kllbourn, Nathan A.
Kletn, u torso w. nyiton. uscar w. Rey
nolds, Tearl D. Cox. William O. Romlck, !
William Cornell. John II. Craven and
Andrew F. NIeman.
Following this tho bishop assisted by
the dlstricV superintendents, ordained
Harry G, Parker, Samuel E. Taft, Wil
fred -F. Wollls, Thomas TO. Priestley,
Henry W. Wagner, a W,. Hilton, Earl
E, Bowen, Vincent It Beebe, J. Jool
Burke, Charles F. Innls, Grover C. Allln,
Ralph M. Fagan Charles, and F, Tuscher
as elder,
The Epworth league held their meeting
In tho large Sunday school room at 6:30
and' it was in charge of the Rev. C. U
Meyers of Gonova.' At the regular even
ing session, tho Rov, C. M. Bhepherd
presided and Dr. J. B. Hlngelby" of Chi
cago, and S. Earl Taylor of Now Tork
City; were tho speakers. '
Bishop Bristol shows that he has nan-
a strenuous week. lie iooks urea ana
worn out. The closing day will bo his
hardest 'day. He will' havo no time for
physical rest as he must be at Tipton,
la., On Tuesday to preside at 'the ses
sion of tho upper Iowa conference.
' Expect Many Change,
It Is stated that there will bo a largo
number of changes. A number, of the
men, feel that they ore, getting no pro
motion in the change. Others are chang
ing because the churches havo asked tor
h change. It is understood that several-
men who .havo sorved their cnurcnes ,
only ono year, must move to make room
for the men who come from churches
where changes Were requested. t t
'Rov. 3. tU Gettys ot arard Island, and
Rev. A, A. Brooks, are reported' as men
who might be sent to Fli-Bt church, Uni
versity Place. But It Is understood- from
good authority that this will -not be; un
less Dr.'M. B.! Williams leavesthe state,
wlW-th a7)pofhtmbttt'"ae.jwdj(
fynlsr&wllptt announceo(v,ti4vnrs)jy I
yiftCe..rv . ..... I ' ' I
Tho appo!ntttibVjta'may''bVreaa late 'to
morrow night or1 on efarly Tuesday,
CRAWFORD,' Neb., Sept.. '(Special-
Telncram.) The Nebraska dairy train
which has been on the' Northwestern rood'
.for tiio last week reached Crawford Satur
day, where tho train will be held Until
Monday mdrnlng, when tho second week's'
trip Will commence over the Burlington
that road handling, the train for the com
ing week. Dawes county, that waa
crossed yesterday Is one of tho advanced
counties In dairy development. It is be
coming . pronounced " alfalfa country,
cream 'shipments are large In this terri
tory. Dairy farmers are numerous and con-
seauently meetings have been attended by
those' already well Jn touch with many of f
the topics discussed on the train. At
Whitney tho first morning stop, thcro J,
.was remarxaoie eninusiosm, anu wicu ,
Prof. Gregg finished .his lecture, all on j
the lecture cars, personally manKoa mm,"
at this. Dlaca a homesteader Of twenty-'
nine years ot Dawes county told of hkf,
big alfalfa, the, way he. was developing
dairying and stated that althpugh he ;
state university agricultural- school for
good that It would do him in tho future.
A Nletht ot Terror,
Few night aro more terrible than that
of a monther looking on her child choking
and gasping for breath during an attack1
ot croup, and nothing In the house to
relieve It Many mothers have passed
nights of terror In this situation. A little.
forethought will enable you to avoid !
all this, Chamberlain s Cough Remedy
Is a certain cdra for crbtip and has never
been known to fall, Keep it at hand.
For sale by all druggists. Advertise
ment If Hair Is Turning
Gray, Use Sage Tea
r 1 i " 1
Don't look oMl Try Grandmother's
recipe to darken nnd beautify
faded, lifeless -hair.
That beautiful, even shade ot dark.
glOssy hair can only be had -by brewing
a ndxturo of Sago Tea ' and '"Sulphur. ,
Your hair is ypr tharm. It makes orj
mars the face.' When it fades, turns
gray, streaked and'Jooks'dry, wispy and
Bcraggly Just .ntTnppUcatipn or two of ,
gage and Bulphur .enhanced its. appear
ance a hundredfold."
Don't bother 'to prepare the tonlo;" yo.u
can get from any drug store a W cent
bottle ot "Wyeth's Sage, and Sulphur
Hair Remedy." ready to use. Thts-can
always bo depended -upon to bring back
ft the natural color, thickness and lustre
of ,Ur haJr and . remove, dandruff, stop
. eco'P ucning ana jouing nur.
Everybody uses "Wyeth's" Sage and
Sulphur because- It .darkens so. naturally ;
I, and., evenly that nobody can tell It has
ben applied, you simply dampen a
sponga or soft brush wjth Itand draw
this .through the hair, taking one small
strand at a Jttne-, by morplng the gray
hair has disappeared, and alitor another
application It becomes beautifully dark
and appears glossy, lustrous and abundant
Wife of Sage County
Sheriff Wants Pay
For Guarding Jail
BEATRICE, Nob., Sept. 2t-(8pocIal.j-Tho
question of paying guards to .keep
tho prisoners In the county Jail In ad
dition to paying the sheriff, while he', Is
taking a vacation and paying his wife
for guarding the jail' is the question
which tho county board ha to deal with
nt present When Sheriff Schick was In
Illinois rccontty on his annual vacation
an attempt to break out of the county
Jail was mode by the prisoners, which
was frustrated by Mrs, Schlek. Frank J,
Kline was hired to guard the prisoners
and has. filed a bill of (20 with the cdunty
clerk. At tho last meeting ot tho board
tho bill, was rejected, and now Mr. Kline
ihns given notice of- appeal to the dis
trict court Tho members of tho counjty
board are of the Opinion that tho money
Is duo Mr. Kline, but-, do not think the
county should pay the sheriff his salary
whllo. enjoying his vacation. and ray his
wife the sum of LG0 per day for being
Joseph Hansal, jr., aged Cfi years, and
Annie Bush, aged. GO years, both ot Cort
land, were married Friday evening.
Henry Tegttrieler and 'MlsslCatle'Mah-
lock were united In marriage at tho
Lutheran, church west of the city Thurs
day, Rov. Mr. Smith officiating.
Announcement was received hero Fri
day of the marriage of B.. II. Buckmari
and MIbs Mae E. Morrison, both of this
city, which occurred at the Christian,
church nt Topoka, Kan., Thursday, Rev.
Charles Finch, officiating. The groom Js
a member of tho firm of the Mlburn i&
Scott, and the the brldo has been in the
employ or the company for tho last five
years as stenographer and bookkeeper.
After a wedding trip of a lew weeks, Mr.
ana Mrs. Buckman will return arid make
their Homo in Beatrifee.
HOLBROOK, Neb.. Sept 2t (Special.)
Early this, morning the Patterson res
taurant was discovered on fire and noth
ing, could be done to save the building.
Two other buildings ,were dc4tr6yed, a
barber shop and an empty building owned
by Mr, Patterson. His loss was about
14,000, with $2,600 Insurance The wind
was in tho northwest and for a time
the Observer office was threatened with
fire, but with the faithful work. of the
bucket brigade the building was saved.
'. A Serloii nreakdoirn
results from chronic constipation. Dr.
King's New Lite PUIs relieve headache,
stomach,- liver-and bowel trouble, '25c
For snlo by Beaton Drug Co. Advertise
ment Key to the tflttmuow-Bee Aavertlslng.
i- IV
'It appears that chemical .changes are produced-,
' .in the '.beer which attains an exceedingly,,.
unpleasant taste and a disagreeable 'odor."
Extract from Zttttrt tn Brewing (Vol. 5) published by Hantke's -
' Brewers School and Laboratories, Dr. G; Thevenot
1 - , ' .t
. ' ' . . t- ,,-- ,
Schlitz, when poured into your
; glass, is wholesome , arid pure;
as:- a crystal spring. n
' ''It
See that crown
That Made Milwaukee Famous
All Nebraska Roads Prepare to
Handle Big Crowds.
Itnllroml Men Antlclpnte Big llush
nnd'Snjf jrhep- Will Be Prepared
to Meet the IIiirU When
It Comes.
The Ak-SariBen train schedules of the
Burlington and Missouri Pacific are out
During tho carnival season. In Omaha tfie
Burlington wjll run all of the regular
trains with additional ' equipment suffici
ent to handle -tho . crowds -coming to tho
city and returning home. In addition, tho
day of the electric parade, It 'will run
two special trains Into Omatid from Ne
braska, and 'one from as far cast as Cres
ton In Iowa. The Iowa special will ar
rive at 2 p. in.-, and returning, leave
Omaha at 10:15, -Immediately after' the
parade h$a passed.
Tito Burlington's Nebraska specials' will
start from Lincoln, but they will Icavo
there' late enough to accommodate pas
sengers coming. :n on mo snort trains
from out In tho state. The first special
"wilt leave Lincoln at . G O'clock , In the
evening and mako stops' at all intermedi
ate points, reaching' Omaha at 7 p. m.
Tho second special will leave Lincoln at
6:45 and 'reach Omaha at 7;15 p, q, stop
ping tonly1 at Ashland. -Returning there
wit be three specials, leaving Omaha at
10:20, 10:30 and 1j:l5,. resrectfy.oly. Tho
regular train reaching Omaha at 12.15 p.
m., will be run in. two. sections tho day
ot tho olectrio parade, each section-carrying
from twelve tp fifteen coaches.
Besides tho regular' trains, alt of which
jvlll carry extra co&c'hesr tho day of
the electrlo parade, the Missouri Pacific
will run three special trains. Tho first
train will leave Falls City at 7 a. nt.,
reaching Omaha at 11:20 o'clock, -coming
by way of Plattsmouth. The second spe
cial will leave Nebraska City at 1:30, tho
day of the electric parado and run by
way of Weeping Water and Union, reach
ing Omaha at 1:30 and coming Into tho
Webster street station. Tho third spe
cial wll) be run ar a. second section of
No. 10G and 100 from union and will come
by way of Pla'ttsmpUth,' getting here early
in the evening, 'and going back' at1 11:15
P- m. - ; '. v .
Returning, tho Bpeclal that runs by way'
of Loul8vlH'et Talmago andr Auburn to
Falls City, will leave the Webster sta
tion at 9:30 at .night, connecting at Weep
ing Water . with , trains for out In the
state. Other, trains.' will not depart un
til after the parade Is over.
Notes from Donne College.
Doane college opened Tuesday with a
total enrollment of 113," but several that
are oxpocted the first of tho week will
bring tho enrollment up to the place It
reached last year.
' There aro low changes In tho faculty.
J . v.
Read what two eminent scien
,..tists.hve to 'say:a'b6ut light
and its effect on beer m ht
.glass bottles. . . :
'In recent years the observation has been made
that' the rays of sunlight effect a chemical'
change in beer. For this reason the use of
beer bottles blown from colorless glass is
.dimiitfahihg, bottles blown from colored glass 4
being chosen ; fhe amber colored bottles, which
'wheii held towards the HghV, show the color of '
light fceer, are particularly to be recommenrJcd."
'Extract from D!t Praxis dtr Bitrbrsuiuxdu Publuhed by G. E.
Habicb, 1883 pago 78$.
or corM is branded " Schlitz.' :''
Miss Dorothea Krueger, Instructor In
Qerman and French, takes the place of
Prof. Koch, who returned to the east
Miss Gertrude Hantord takes the place
ot Mln .Mriton An dorr.af women, MUn
Meston having a leave ot absence of one
year to prepare herself for the future
work as'dean. Ernest Frank, who comes
from the Nebraska university, takes the
work of Earl Johnson, who left Doane to
take up tho work as physical director ot
men at the Peru state normal,
Tho entertainment given by Miss Grace
Cohran, assisted by Miss lne Tully, nt
the Crete Congregational church was a
great success.
The Young Men's Christian association
and tho Young Women's Christian asso
ciation Held their annual reception on
Thursday afternoon and evening. The
young women gave theirs In the Gaylord
hall parlors in the afternoon nnd the
yourtg men held theirs In the clubroom
In Merrel .hall In the evehlng.
The annual Joint reception was held In
the -Gaylprd hall parlors Friday evening
with a goodly number present Among
the old students present were Harry Davl
son. Merle Swcany and Miss Inez Tully.
Rev. W. Jasper Howell of the First
-Baptist church, Twenty-ninth avenue and
Harney- street spoke Sundays morning
on the Importance of the rearing ot the
child,-choosing as his theme, "The Re
ligious Education of the Child Jesus."
Rov. Mr. Howell quoted extensively from
scripture and popular literature, em
phasizing the necessity of cultivating the
child, declaring that "the hope, of the
kingdom of -.heaven Is through the child."
"Thatnatjon 4s the healthiest and the
most enduring which has given the most
attention to the child,' said Rev. Mr.
Hotvell, "and the best homes are those
In which the rights ot the child are most
appreciated." '
Politicians, according to Dr. Howell, are
realizing the Importance of tho child and
aro accordingly passing pension laws for
widowed mothers yho mupf raise ' chil
dren. - , ' ;
Dr. Howelt stated that he was very
much opposed to the raising of children
In 'the streets ot the cities whore they
are. continually endangered by numerous
automobiles and praised t those cities In
which there Is an extensive system ' ot
The paramount factor, according to
Dr.' Howelt, In tho life of every child .Is
the mother.
Mo-rementa ot'Oceix'n Steamers.
Port. Airlrea. Balled.
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NAPLES Cttrwthla.
Trieste: k. r. Jowl -
Pbonesi'Doog. 1597: Ind. A a&ra
'' Schlitz Bottled Beer Depot
713 S. 9th Street, Omaha, Nebr.
Phono 434
Hy. Gerher, 161 S.' Main St
Ceuacil BluCs
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rrmir fr nr.niii r
rnuvw iu ocuhli v
BT. LOUIS. Sept. n. When Robert;
Hoper, a private attached to the quartcr
n asters corps of the united States armyj
waa ordered from Jefferson Barracks
near hero, to Fort Wordcn, Wash., hi
was unable to take his wife, Mrs. Jennie
Roper, with him. She had been staying
at Jefferson Barracks, and according tq
information brought to tho police, thof
army sent her to tho St Louis city limits.
otid left her there. She has not beenjjg
found, and the pollco have bcn nsKea
to look for her, Jr.
Mrs. Itoper Is lamo, and when sho
learned that no provision had been madli
for her to accompany her soldler-hus.
bind to Washington she became hyBterl-'.
cat and was sont to the reservation hospi
tal. Mrs. Luclle Dragon, president of the'
Bt Louts branch of the women's auxiliary,
of Spanish .war veterans was asked to ;
look after Mrs. Roper. She was unab!
to go to the barracks promptly and when,'
sho went out there on Friday she was
told that Mrs. Roper had recovered an4,
been taken to the -city -limits. 1
... . : L-i '
1 t ii i mil 111
Oroxond Makes Kidney Troubles,'
- -Bladder Disorders, Rheumatic
Pain Vanish xi
If you suffer with backachlng kidney,
trouble, have disagreeable bladder "and:
urinary dliorSert. or are tortured 'with1'
rheumatism, stiff , joints, and Its heart-
wrenching pains, you will be surprised),
how quickly and surely Croxone wilt re-'
Here all such troubles.
It soaks right lh through the walls,
membranes and linings, neutralizes
dissolves and makes the kidneys sift outf
and fitter away the urto acid and poisons
front the blood, and leaves the kl'dneysV
arid urinary organs clean, strong, hcdlthyH
and well. J.
It matters not bow long you have suf-'
fered, how old you are, or what you
have used. It is practically ImposstbleV
to tako Croxone without results. ItS
starts to work the minute you take lt
and Is guaranteed to relieve you, the first, ,
time you use It or cost you nothing.
If you suffer with pains in your back
and sides, or have any signs of kidney,
bladder trouble, or rheumatism, such nsM,
puffy swellings under the eyes or in the ,
feet and ankles, if you aro nervous, '
tired -and run down, or bothered with
urinary disorders, Croxone really will
relieve your misery and do it quickly,..
An original package costn but a tririe."
and all druggists are authorized to re-,
turn ..the purchase prico if it rails in a
single case. Advertisement i
. i
Stops Faffing Hair
HsJfr Hair Beaewr cerittaiy stops
faffing hair. No doibt aboM it what-ere-r.
Yop will 3cr6ly be satisfied.
Get good
your home
life will
be more
happy -
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is in need of a. servant
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want- ads of The Bee
she is certain she
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she nses'The Bee' to'
advertise for a cook,
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servant. If jrou need
an .employe "phono
your ad to
Tyler 1000
All WWfc Xats. Son, Wsd and Sat.
ms. Mats, boo, Wst, and Sal
Xurt Week Tht Comedy Baeotss
nn sxex Qvzor WAxiisaroKD.''
Fhon V'
Uong. 494
Mat. Xvarr Hay SUB, srrtry Bright SHO.
Till Wk Ouk A Bersiua. t;a McMIt.
Un Th Thr BohtmUai. Two CarlUiu.
Msrma ta Wter, Dotibr Burr & Am; Ubrtiuwr,
ITiea Mat., Otlltrr. ls, BmI Btt (cxp4
Eat and Sua- Sc. NUhti. JSe, 2o, Me. 4,.

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