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victon. no3EVATKh, editoh
Entered at Omaha pcitofflee as second,
class matter.
Sunday Uee, one year.... J-JJj
Saturday Bee, one year ;
Pally Bee. without Sunday, one year4.
Dally Bee, and Sunday, one year.... 8-W
DEUVEnKD bt cAnnusnt
Evening and Sunday, per month...
Evening, without auoday. per mor.th.Ko
Dally Bee. Including Sunday, per mo.&o
Dally Bee. without Sunday, per tno.JSe
Address nil complaints of Irregularities
In deliveries to City Circulation Dept.
Remit by draft, express or postal order
payable tn The Bee rubtlshlng company.
Only 2-cent stamps received In payment
uf small accounts. Personal checks, ex
ccpt on Omaha and eastern exchange, not
Omaha Tho Uee building.
South Omaha iMK N Street. , ,
Council Jlluffs-1 North Main Street
Lincoln-! Utile building.
Chlcago-vOl .Hearst building.
New York-ltoora 110G.S8 Fifth Ave.
tit. Uuli-B Nuw Bank of Commerce.
VaahlngtorH-78i- Fourteenth St.. S.
Communications relating to news and
editorial matter should bs addressed
Omaha Be. Editorial department.
50,29.5. .
Elate of Nebraska, County of Douglas, as.
pwlcht Williams, circulation raaiiar
of The Bee Publishing company, being
dulv uworn. sars that the average dally
duly sworn, says that the average daily
circulation for the month of August, lu,
was ty&i. DWIUHT WILd.lAMB.
Vircui&uun Mtuwav.
Subscribed In my presence and sworn
tbtfor n tMa ghaj ?f JJepUmber.
Near Public.
Safcscrlkera lenvintf the- city'
temporarily afcl hnre The Rra
mallei t theai. ACtfrea will fee
efca'asreA mm odea ma reete.
Huerta's; supply of hot tamalea
geeraB to be running low.
"Thirty. , days , hath September,"
And two-thirds of. thorn gono.
"Cewe ck and gel' yours," -says
President Huorta to younr FeUx
Diaz. M -
' Mr. Sryan, should bo reminded of
tb,o French proverb, "Qui a'excuso,
But surely, the president trill lot
ttieia adjourn so they can draw mile
age for the regular session.
Well, if appendicitis Is Just a fad,
what of it? Don't other folks besides
BMHlies make mMy by preraellag
Nafcraa-ka is vara tiki cvm whea ;it
eme to wether, shifting from
"WttawMr 'ot" "bally eeM" alssest
. Xtcmiimt to rt,' the ecerchlag
wit . fir te a house in Catlforala.
Xt'eaaaa aOaty W to tM King
Cein'fi jwaee.
Wait till Cogran. HobaejTgets
k(s Official Journal to go lag, then
the much-mallneg hero-Viia will
have an able defender.
Over-Playing the Game.
During tho discussion on the tariff
bill, Senator LaFollotto gavo utter
nnco to a complaint against the busi
ness men of the country for indiffer
ence to tho work of tariff-making.
He predicated this complaint on tho
fact that-only sixty-six replies were
received to 2,500 lottcrs which ho
had sqnt out to widely scattered busi
ness men asking for information anil
advice with reference to thn tariff.
Tho disclosure of this poor return to
an Investment in circular letters
draws from the Boston Commercial
the remark that tho trouble Is not
with tho business men, but with (ho
senator; that tho business men ot tho
country are tired of supplying poli
ticians with information to which no
attention is paid, and that in view
of tho conditions known to exist by
which the bill was being poundod out
in caucus along political lines exclus
ively, the business' men rightfully as
sumed that it-would bo waste' of llmo
to answer. Tho Commercial .fortifies
Its attitudo with this further example.
Before his Inauguration, President Wil
son nskod a woolen manufacturer oi
large experience In Now Jersey, whom
he knew personally, to submit to him
some figures showing tho least pbsslble
arnount of protection which that Industry
needed In order: to compete successfully
with foreign manufacturers.
Taking him at his word, this woolen
manufacturer compiled with the personal
request and devoted considerable time to
gathering statistics on which to trame a
basis for a reasonable tariff revision on
wool. This he gave to the president, but
Imagine bin surprise when, hevfpund 'that
not a slnRle part of It was made use of
In framing the present. till.
Considering tho activo part which
President Wilson admits that he took in
framing the woolen schedule, If Informs
iloh gathered for him by a personal
acquaintance at his own request wua so
completely discarded, how much atten
tion would be paid to anything orrerea
by ' a "senator of another party , which
might reflect credit on that senator when
the party In power for political reasons
desires to get all the credit out of tho
tariff' changes?
It goesvwithout saying that if the
democratic lawmakers wanted to
glvo us a tariff made on scientific
lines instead of with a view to polit
ical medicine mixing; they would
hand tho work over to a tariff conv
mission of experts, who would have
no difficulty In getting all the Infor
mation desired. It 1 not surprising,
therefore, that, to quote again, busi
ness men decline "to supply ammunl
tlon for party' squabbles or to dig
out informatio to burden' the waste
baskets at Washington."
I COM711XB 1
acq C"""
ROM act; rivts
SEPT. S3. f oo" 1
Thirty Years Atto -
The meeting of the repuoiican counu
committee was In the nature of a re
publican rally. Those who answered tne
roll call were, E. M. TBtenberg, Michael
Lahey, W.'F. Schmidt, t. 8, Hascall, W.
F. Heche). Joseph Itedman, O. i:
Straight, II. T. Leavltt, P. J. Quenley, J-
H. Taylor, Frank Walters, II. A. None,
F. W. Corliss. M. C. Meany, D, I Mc-
Ouckln, Herman TImme. r. McArdle and
P. O. Hawes. Primaries were ordered for
selecting delegates to judicial and county
William Bnyder, tho carriage builder,
shipped to Hon. O. W. E. Dorsey of Fre
mont, an elegant two-man road wagon
weighing 150 pounds and costing saw.
M-r. W. a. Itoblnson and J. W.
Oamble, delegates to the coldred men'a
convention, which meets in muibviiio,
Ky., left on their mission.
Charles 8. Hlggins nas opened a ui
all-night restaurant on tne comer oi
I-'arnam and Douglns streets.
John Baumer, as secretary of tne Doug
las County Agricultural association, l
busy paying tho premiums which amount
to about , all told.
Great preparations nre being maoe ior
ih nollcemen's ball to be. nem .uciooer
11, for which nearly" 1.000 tickets have
already been sold.
Tho city clerk's office hu een nowr
calclmtned and painted.
Tho postal delivery system in umana
la Just ten years old. it siariea wim
six mall carriers, whllo today there aro
thirteen mall carriers, and their substi
Twice Told Tales
Recent elections or primaries have
bten hold in Illinois, Maine and
Pennsylvania, each disclosing repub
lics gains aad victories.
That article (Dressing -Will on. a
gfxatl Iabepie" skbulcl.be widely readj
for that'll the way most of us have
to inm wM, K-w 4. at all?
If Mayer "Jim" is a dead one, ho
Jrttll ba4j b,aKHdiBs; akK'ef U
xarala of psapU'.ylwi kavijrylate4.
kin la tb ptileal esatry.
It tht o4Mi k4 aly kMWH H
before be . )m4. ut Jita.itoMrary, ke
mtkt have arraaaea to step im
Mex)eo'.aa4. s4r!kte out thia
lurmiMf leeks..
The CeHtwry-cldb t Sf Francisco
huraed a cepy o a book easidered
of immoral iHtluesce which brings to
.mind the historic story of tho burnt
ing of a cow of the ''first open Bible"
some,ceeturles age by a oted prelate
hostile to the circulation of that par"
tlcular version, Instead ot destroy
ing tho "open Bible," the burning
became, so to speak, as the blood ot
the martyrs to tho sood ot tho church.
This same Bible la today the moat
extensively circulated book publlshod,
penetrating tho fastnesses of tho
most remote pagan lands.
. Tho splendid condemnation of the
Qan Francisco club may be worthy ay
an; object lesson, but, untortunatoly,
la not apt to put tho burned book out
of 'business, t kmoro apt to whet
tho popular demand for it. Pro
crlbed books and September morn
pictures generally torove to be among
"the sellers." .Felke want to
kaow first-hand what It la that Is so
bad it must be publicly consigned' to
aehea, '
rinn.i nniv" linncy returned from
" I " . . -
fit. Louis, where he had whllcd away two
General Superintendent ueuci oi mo
aulf division of the Union' pacific with
headquarters at Denver was closeted
with President B. II. II. Clark all day.
rionftrnl Passenger Agent J. B. Bucnanan
of tho Elkhorn, who was the only general
passenger agent present at. the National
Association of General Passenger ana
Tlckot Agents West of the Missouri In
Milwaukee, got back to his office.
Ilev. A. F. Sherrlll of Atlantic, Da.,
was visiting friends In thVcltyf which
he left five years before to accept p
call In the southern city.
Judge W. W. Keysor iust could not pin
his mind down to the dry routine of
couit business, for thinking or a Douncins.
boy that had bounced into his household
at 77ft Caldwell street.
John T. Boyles, the llttla' 2-year-old son
of Mr. and Mrs, Thomas Boylos, 1113 .
South Seventh street, fell off the home
porch and killed himself. It was a terri
ble blow to the father and mother.
The third cane of sudden death within
five dnys was thai of MrS. Louisa Thomp-
son, janiirvoB ui iiiu tnan ovt.vu.,
who died ot the school building while
at work of apoplexy, She was 61 year
ot ag.
Ten Years Ako
The Democratlo Hub whirled aroua
vigorously at the Jacksonlan club roomn
with the Intent ot ' strengHieli the
organization tor the comln campaign, It
was accelerated, by the wind tof speeches
from I. J. Dunn, J. A, Cunningham and
K. F. Williams. A resolution was aflopted,
urging every democrat to make known
his politics when he registered.
Howard A. Schwerln. son of Otto C.
Bohwerln, residing on Sherman ave
near Clark street, died at BU Joseph's
hospital from Injuries sustained In a fall
from a stepJadder while at work at tho
Boston store. He was IS years ot age.
Ills foot slipped while ho was on the
ladder and he fell but ten feet,
Mrs. John Williams and son, "Will Wil
liams and Mrs. George Cassls Smith and
son, Larrett, went with their, -boys to
n&clne, Wis., to place them In Itaclna
The grocers and butchers finally found
a day on which It did not rnln. to they
hastened to Missouri Valley and held
their annual picnic They were attended
bv a number ot oftlce-seckeTS. who
thought so much of the dear butchers and
grocers they lust could not oear to have
them out ot town for a whole day,
Among the politicians were I N, Gpnden,
Fred Hoye, W, W. Bingham, JCd Kvana,
W, G. Shrlver and Bob Smith.
Shrdnlr Got Trrlsted.
TroU fate often ordains differently
was demonstrated by a story told by
Governor Ellas M. Ammons of Colorado
while on a recent trip through the east.
Some tlmo since, so narrated the gov
ernor, Smith returned to his home town
In the west after a short absence, and
while walking down the street ran
across his friend Jones. Glad greeting
and then some conversation.
"What In the world Is the matter
with Brown?" asked Smith, stirring up
the Ice In the aforesaid greeting. "I saw
him on the opposite sldo of the highway
a few minutes ago, and he looked ns
gloomy ns a candldato who had run on
the wrong ticket."
"He failed In business." answered
Jonrs. "I thought you knew all about
"I knew that he had failed." responded
Smith, "but I heard that he had every-
ining made over In his wife's name be
fore the cyclone hit him."
"So he did," rejoined Jones, "and then
his wife eloped with the 'principal credi
tor. "-Philadelphia Telegraph.
Hnrd to Plensc.
A typical "mover" othe ultra-ehlftless
typo was passing a few days at a cow
camp In Arizona, preparatory to going
Int6 the desert on a prospecting trip. Hitt
wife, a tired out, faded out crenturo,
complained' to some of the cowhands of
tho hardness of her lot! and tho foro
man took' It upon himself to remonstrate
with the husband for his shiftlcssness
and his Indifference to hle-wlfe's welfare.
"The old woman ain't got no kick
comln' I" said the husband when he had
heard the foreman's remarks. "She ain't
got no kick at all. Why, strangor, when
wo wuz flxln' to camp of a nlnht manv
a time I've drlv the team half a mile out
or. tne. way bo's wood and water would
bo handy fur the old woman to fetch!"
Saturday Evening Post.
No, Time for Dlsntttr.
When 'Commissioner Allen had charge
of the patent office In Washington ho
was punctilious about the respect due
him In his position, and demanded full
tribute from everybody.
One day he was sitting at his desk
when two men camo In without removing
their hats.
Allen looked up nnd Impaled the In
truders with his glittering eye. "Gentle-'
men' he said severely, "whoire visitors
to this office to see mo are always an-
uuHveu una aiways remove their hats."
- "Huh." replied one of the men, "
ain't visitors, and we don't irtv h
about seeing you, Wo came In to fix tho
sieum pipes." Washington Star,
?Nw, theee vkt spent much of
their tfaert condemning- and black-wwkJe-t
Mayer Oayaor are vytag
with each other in extolllnc him.
Byt 'twas over thus.
The new water district law speci
fically proclaims the purpose to keep
r!T employee out ot municipal politics.
But what's the letter of tho law to
the boss of the Water board r
Champ Clark tomes back to coffee
for liquid refreshment served at his
dinners. Now, we object. ' Coffee is
a foreign importation, and violates
every rule ot preference to homo
One result of the impeachment trial
that begins today )s already plain.
Murphy has overreached hlmielf. New
Yprk Tribune.
Then negatively it may. yet-be -pos
sible for Murphy to do something for
the common-good. , ; - .
Mr, Bryan's Commoner refers to the
lien. Carter Glass as "a rising star."
ert of glass ball, as" it were, the kind
that the man wl(h the basket throws
u in the air while the champion rifle
shqt reduces It to fragments.
New York's (nfamoua priest mur
derer Insists he but carried out tho
will of pod. We have witnessed
seme other folks professing to bo
tivie!y directed to destroy human
We, yet they hd to answer for their
Mfedeeds, just the same.
"What, rfcht have they (the Euro
peans) .to declare that I am making
a traveely a dlpJowacy," exclaims
Jtoeretar? Aryan, bit petulant. The
TUfct fC wene was ebeerres Mr
-ViTfta's ehaueafofas wktte Vusloees
Deiryky i Xitoaak.
The effect ot the dairy train Itiner
ary should be stimulating to the
great dairying tnjtereste 1k, which Ne
braska already ranks high. The unl
tormly large crowds and deep inter
est aroused by these trains with their
experts to demonstrate tho posslbilt
ties of sctentlflo dairying as an asset
tn diversified farming speak for
themselves, and tho results to bo ox
peeled. There Is little doubt that
many farmers who have not hereto
fore given much attention to the
milch cow as a revenue producer will
be found with' a portion ot the place
set apart to milking.
Newspapers in Missouri havo
raised the alarm tp farmers in that
state not to sell their cows, but hold
on to them and dovoto moro ot their
tlmo to dairying. Surely no such ad
vice is needed tn Nebraska, whoso
metropolis Is now tho largest buttor-
producing center in the world and
whose state capital has the largest
qlngle creamery In, the world. Omaha
makes 20,000,000 pounds ot butter
a year did last year and Lincoln's
mammoth creamery produces 8,000,-
000 pounds annually. But this Is
by no means tho extent ot Nebraska's
creamery business. There are fifty-!
seven creameries In this state, with
an. aggregate annual output. of CO,-
000,000 pounds of butter. Nor do
these creameries, togethor with other
state demands' for milk and cream,
consume all ot Nebraska's supply,
Much of It goes to Denver, Bt. Joseph,
Kansas City aa'd other cities.
Tho rest of the case will arguo
Itself, With excellent transportation
facilities, the best market and evcr
lscreaslng demands for the raw dairy
products, farmers ef Nebraska may
continue indefinitely to engage In the
dairying Industry without approach
ing thrir ultimate po&Mbllltles for
Editorial Snapshots
People Talked About
Innocent man merely to ratlsfy their
smartness. Isn't It time to break up the
gangs of young fellows th.t hang, for
no good purpose, "around many such cor
Muffled Knocks.
Christian Science' AnsTrcr.
OMAHA, Sept 30.-TO tho Eflltpr of The
Bee: In your evening Issue of Thursday
vmi ronnrt an n(Mrn3 on "Must ' Live
night to Be Well." delivered by Dr. L A. it a man succeeas no is tun oi onginai
Mcrrtam. before tho Missouri Valley Medl-.Uy- K he falls he la full of prunes.
cat society. In your Friday evening: Issue- When a girl calls a man by his first
I noUce that the medical society voted namo he d better look out ror his last
unanimously to reject the paper read by name.
Dr. Merrlam and that the manuscript bej What has become of tho -old-fashioned
returned to hlrn. I man who used to save the strings off
In view of the fact thai you quote Dr. I bundlPbT x ,
Merrlam as having iriade the following' Bome mm y,-M tnnk It wicked to go to
remark. "Chrisfan Science, a corporation . a theater on Sunday will stay home and
for business under the name of religion, raB0 Cain.
may have Its value, but it Is also full 6f An oM flUt of 6lothM doesn.t fM, BQ
? ,no.rnf' and,i !h..,cT shabby When you know you have a new
of his address he also urged right think- ., '
lnc and rlsht Uvlhir as the means of nre-!
ventlrfg disease, will you kindly allow me
to mako the following statement:
That Christian Sclencp conducts Its af
fairs In a systematic and orderly manner,
builds substantial churches, has well
When a man. limits himself to so many
drinks ft day he forgets how to add after
the fifth drink.
There has been Improvement In other
things, but-the liars are not arblt more
managed reading rooms and widely read . original than they were fifty years ago.
publications In nowlso "detracts from IUJ Don't lauch at the ribbons on the backs
Uncle Tim Hill Is Just over 7B. and Is
still gothg some.
'Ulg Tim" Sullivan of Bowery fame
scooped In a bigger pile ofioney than
most people supposed. His Income aver
aged $300,030 a year for a long time, and
tho" total fortune is welt over U0O0,C).
Itesldents of the former dry belt of the
middle west aro not disposed to heap
eo&ta of. fire on the boomers of "Call
fornlA's glorious cUmate." It Is not only
hotout there. It Is steaming. With tem
Pratures ranging from IOC in; San Francisco,-
188 In Los Ansreles, 110 In Ban Diego,
last Wednesday, to ltt In San Bernardino.
on Thursday, tho glorious climate of Call
fornla aot only captures tho. hot weather
championship, but burns the crown sheet
of the boiler. A priso package of synj-
p&my is quo mo Ban Francisco Chronicle,
whoe perspiring editors are obliged to
forego their usual weather homilies.
State witnesses furnishes grub and lode.
Ings by the authorities of Chicago havo
turned in a batch of bills with-pleturestiue
Items. Bar bills averaged J3.G0 a day,
which la below the Chicago thirst stand
ard, while tobacco; laundry, tailoring and
shoe patching Items whllcd the time be-
deep religions teachings. It Is somewhat
surprising at this late date to find anyone
questioning the religion of Christian
Science, when the value of Its religious
teachings Is being generally -recognlied
and acknowledged by pulpit and press
throughout the world.
Not only In our own city, out all over
the .world, are to be found living wit
nesses who gratefully testify to the heal
ing, not only from so-called lncuiable
diseases, but also from sin in every form,
and that this healing has como through
tho better understanding of God and of
man's relationship, to Him which Chris
tian Science has given them. "Science
ohd'Health," the text book of Christian
Science, by Mary Baker Eddy, has been
found by them to be what Its name Im
plies, a "Key to the Scriptures," unfold
ing to them the sprltual import of the
teachings of Christ Jesus the fatherhood
of God and the brotherhood of man, the
true basis of right thinking and right
Jnatice to the Bay Scoots.
NEW YORK. Sept. 18. To the Editor
ot Tho Bee: My attontlon has been In
vited to the enclosed clipping from your
The Boy Scout national headquarters
benevolently advices the publlo that
thoqe Buffalo Bill show refugees, walk
ing across the country tor want of- a
better means of transportation are not
Boy Scouts at all. Well, what of It?
What is tho difference between a Boy
Scout and a scouting boy, when it comes
to such straits 7
I am sure that you would not approve
of an injustice being done to the scout
movement by this reflection upon our
i action In sending out a notice such, as
we did.
Of course 'we do not want In any way
to Interfere with the undisputed rights
of boys .to get such help and support as
they deserve, but we do feel perfectly
Justified In correcting the impression
given by these boys and the dally press
throughout the country that as mem
bers of thtd organization they had been
permitted to become involved in such a
way with the Buffalo Bill Wild West
show as to make It necessary tor them
to undertake .the hardships they are un
doubtedly now experiencing.
When our attention was brought to
the fact thAt' thega boys were actually
begging in the name of tho Boy Scout
movement we felt duty bound to take
action, and I believe that you personally
and your editorial staff would have .done
the. same thing It you had understood
thetfacts as we understand them at this
office, i
We are trying to helpboy nnd natur
ally we are hurt by such reference.
Chief Bcout Executive
The Ins and the Oats.
OMAHA. Sept 2L-To the Editor o(
ot the meri3 hats. Remember there was
a time when they wore tlgtlls and Bashes
on the street.
When daughter Is sitting In the front
room with tho young man, she knows
mother won't make any breaks. But
father Is liable to butt In land ask. daugh
ter What sho did with his razor when
she got through shaving her corns.--Cincinnati
"How's 'that young son-in-law ot yours
getting alongT"
"Great. LJirt week he made within
JIM of my daughter's actual expenses.'
Indianapolis Ncws
"Bastus, what a alibi"
"Dat's provln' dat yoh was at a prayer
meeting, -whar yoh wasn't in order to
show dat yoh wasn't at de crap game
whar you wa. Life.
"You never carry thai beatlful umbrella
I gave you," sho said, reproachfully.
"I can't afford to." ho replied, "I feel
as If I'd have to take a taxlcab to keep
from getting It wet." Baltimore Ameri
can. '
"He's noted for his keen sense of humor,
Isn't he?"
"Best of his sort In tho community, I
"How did he win his reputation!"
"Knows when not to be funny." St
Louis Republic. -
Just Thlnlc.of the Loan.
Cleveland Plain Dealer.
"Stick , to work too much time
wasted on holidays," says a well known
captain of others' industry. Think, of
the money he loses every year from the
vacations of his company's employes
alone! '
E. A. Guest In Detroit Free Press.
There ain't the Joy In foreign skies that
those of home posses?,
An friendliness o' foreign folks ain't
home-town friendliness;
An' far-off Inndgctipes with their thrills
don't grip me quite as hard .'
As Jes' that llitle patch o' green that's In
my own back yard.
It's good to feel a stranger's hand -grip
heartily your own,
It's good to see a stranger's smile when
you are alt alone;
But though a stranger's, grip Is warm,
an' thouch his 8mlli Is sweet.
There's something In the. home folks' way
.mat nas tne stranger s Deat.
A railroad train that's outward bound
bears many a man an' dame
Who think a thousand miles Away the
sunsets brighter flame; . .
An' seekln' Joys they think they lack they
pack their grips an' roam,
An' Just as T, they some day find' the
sweetest Joys at home. ,
Away from home the girls are fair an'
men are kind of heart,
An' there you'll always find a few who
sigh when you 'depart;
But though you rode a million miles o er
gleaming railroad track,
You'd never find a Joy to beat tho Joy
of gctttn' back.
Washington Post: This plan of sending
milk by mall opens up a fine chance
tor the poor farmer's wife to have her
churning done by the government.
Pittsburgh Dispatch: Postmaster Gen
eral Burleson ieiiscs to altow employes
traveling on postal business to .give tip
at the government's expense ixcept "to
Pullman car porlers. This looks like
race discrimination.'
Chicago Record Herald; Many who
called Gaynor a Tammany decoy now
nanill in no mm --
...mtin nil hi,, life. A little senso andT
charity 'to living men would not utterly
polt the game ot politics, ,
Louisville Courier-Journal: A Phila
delphia daddy went to a turkey trot
party end spanked his daughter for
participating. He broke up the party,
but no student ot human mature will be
lieve that he persuaded the daughter
that her behavior was as bad ns his,
Baltimore American: A new comet la
reported to b on Its way. It it is
to prcsag war, misfortune and' dlsaiter,
then It Is behind hand in Its schedule,
and will find Its doleful prophecies all
fulfilled before It has had the chance
to 'make them.
Philadelphia Ledger: It Is announced
the bad trusts will be Jalltcd again
soon. It would be all right It the
trusts would only bo merciful and not
couelns," announced Pugusky'a mother. Iticlan to replace him with another poll
not think all democrats are perfect, but
H would be regrettable' It such efficient
members ot the commission as Hummel,
Wlthnell and ' others of the commission
could or would be affected by any recall
to the city' In wearing a purple necktie In view ot their great attention and un
purchased In New York. I wearied efforts In the administration of
Register of Wills Martin of Philadelphia' the duties of their offices. I think that
Is disposed to sneeze cheerily over tho the recall was, passed as a law to. affect
juiia uarreu ronuno or WW0.W0 derived, only dishonest and Incapable officers.
iivni cno anuti Dusiness. Absence of dt
rect heirs brings thu state collateral In
herltance tax Into action, taking 6 per
Toadytnir to the Bnallsk.
figures J15.0CC
Here and There
mah! ft? It. I., t SfAAAIA . . . ' 9
A-siyjoKcn LONDON, W. C, Sept 6,-To tho
J!;7iJ,v?' I M? 8ter of 8 Edltor 01 Th Deei Dr' F u"lted
nl . t h?.B.UXCrdBmcM state ambassador to Great Britain, de
In one year. Mr. Martin's snuff donation ut..,, . .,..h.i .
at the unveiling of the memorial to the
Pilgrim Fathers at Southampton, Eng-
1 land, on August 15.
I With genuinely appreciated servility he
i whined out' to' the contemptuous ears ot
the British pressmen present that tha
"United States was today English led
and English ruled,"
Less hypocritical than he, the Eng-
Urh newspapers showed their undying
love of an American by gently 'giving
hjm a boost back into his kennel (when
the day's toll was o'er) by outdoing
themselves In the funny little editorial
Whlch.yl am sure, will be appreciated
by those whose families were "com men
over mtt der Mayflower."
Trafalgar Building.
P. a I deeply regret to say that I
am a native of California, a state which
has never teen under British rule, ahd I
therefore feemy utter unworthlness.
Experience Is good stuff, bu we all pay
too much for It
A Philadelphia girl who participated in
a trial marriage a year ago says It Is
success. Almost any kind ot a mar
riage Is likely to bo a success for a
A S.wlas milkmaid with some .vocal ac
complishments gets more wages than one
who can not sing. It la said that one-fifth
more milk will be given, by a cow which
Is aung to as she Is milked.
Ta test the honor of the average police
court offenders. Judge Mahoney of Chi
cago released ' thtrty-two prisoners on
trial over.Labor day on their own recog
nisance. All but eight turned up on
tlmf? anil hA tt1 .v..
fake revenge on the Innocent publlo by ,Kentlemen and. discharged twenty-two as
advancing prices. Thus far the only , rowsird ,or keeping their word.
H . ? T . v ..v. T Two tired girl wives, their Illusions
of Justice has been to make' the Peopt b.nlshtd. were nicked un m mmfi.M
Dear Aurora, ill., whero they slept over.
night on their hike "home to mother."
pay more.
Springfield Republican: litany railroads1
are up against bankruptcy it steel cars
must be substituted tor wooden cars
right away. It U estimated that tlCt,
rjOO.OJO would be required to make a
complete Job ot It. The thing cannot
be done immediately. Time la required.
Meanwhile why chpuldn' the publlo
be ratlsfled with slower trains in order
to Increase the margin ot safety la
Isn't It
Boston Transcript
The crop failure out west la so serious
that some of tho farmers era thlul'Jnc
ot trying to max their WIS model autos
last another season.
One is IS. the other 18. They were mar
rted last month. Bald one: "The mow I
looked at my husband the more I hated
him. So 1 Just left him." Said No, I:
"My husband celebrated our honeymoon
by kissing another woman. I couldn't
stand for that not so soon, anyway, so
J.u,tJin,m'" They wr t "home
to mother.
fomrthlnK at a Gneas.
Philadelphia Ledger.
There are lUSX, persons engaged In
discovering for the government the size
of the crops, tnd there are farmers liv
ing who have actually seen and con
versed with some of them.
tween drinks. Tho state's attorney who!The 'Bee!' It seems to me, an old settler, '
O. K.(d .tho bills intimates that so'uslng whose days have been spent by far the i
Keeps witnesses in good humor and cloio 'arger part in umana, mat in tne inreats
to the fodder.. -of the recall there Is too much stress
Patrolman Mlko Pugusky of New York, ! made of .policy and not .enough fof capa
spruced up and chipper, greeted his father hlllty and honesty In the administration
and mother, Just In from Russia, at the ' ot the commissioners ot Omaha. I do not
dock. Twelve others lined up beh'nd the! think that It was' made a law In our
parents. '"Your aunts; your uncles, your state, for the purpose of ousting one pol-
COUelnS." amimlnri.,! THtcnal..... IHrlnn in v-nliii-a him with nnnth,, Yinlt-
' " , "a " J U lUVUtCt, ..., w a w.hvw ...... ...... .
"They havo com to llvo with you also, tlclan. I myself am a democrat I
navin nearc now rich and powerfu p -Hcemen
are in this country." Pugutky
gaspedvbut 'didn't faint .
Chlcsso threatens to insurire nnln-.t
I Mayor Harrison, accusing hlni of treason
Silver Dollars
In 5 0-Ton Lots
Silver dollars In 60-ton lots were put Into. im
provement, on .the Chicago Great Western for heavy
new rails, double -track, -resradlng and bailastj auto
matic safety signals, steel asbestos-llnod passenger
. cars, 8t'e(?l freight cars, new engines, and countless
otfcer .betterments. 410,000, a mile . to -improve ,bir..
servico to-you on 1-.500 miles of road 500 tonsJof
silver dollars I $15,000,000.
Why not use the Great Western, on youj' Tnoxt
trip to Bt. Paul or Minneapolis', and get the benefit
of. these great Improvements? It's the best routo for
your freight, too.
Trains leave Omaha 7:44 'a. m. nnd 8:10 p. m.
Low Fares Northwest, September 25 to October 10
Ask P. P. BONORDEN, C. P. & T. A.
1522 Farnnni Street Omaha, Neb.
Phone Douglas 200.
Break Vi the Corner Oansi.
OMAHA. Bept SX-To the Editor of The
Bee: Decent people must have read with
burning indignation the account in your
paper of John Oaard'a brutal treatment
at the hands of a gang of young ruffians
at Twenty-fourth and Leavenworth
streets and been reminded of this gang's
ltterfrenee with .a police officer at
tempting to do his duty a fw weeks
ago. John Qaard Is a hard-working, un
offending, peace-loving man. He hap
pened to pass by th hoodlums and
Merely to satisfy their penchant tor a
disturbance was forced into a fight from
which he' emerged with an Injur7 which.
It It results fatally, will deprive widow
and seven young. -.children ot a good hus
band and father.
Jjtl us hope the guilty parties when
mJt will r-, what thav ifuflrVH. It
Is time to set an impressive object lesson I
bctora such gangs, who pounce onto aisj
1915 September 1813
Sun. j Mfon.J Tm. j Wd.j Thu. j Fri. j Sat.
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Lalln- Dept.
vita aMt
ator I
Te W. Q. Cknhzi Co.
fmgicu aaa XavaUd SaypUsa.
1416-la Xarnty Bt. !. Boo. 1153
calls tor a real diplomat.

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