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State Board Will Require This of
Contracting Firm.
Benedict Man is
. Killed in Runaway
BENEDICT, Neb., Sept. l2.-(8peclal.)-
I n I . . I - . . II
I dinner, wno lives n row nines
HOIiD CONFERENCE AT LINCOLN 'from town, was killed Instantly this
i morning, lie wns hauling oata to tho
elevator, when his team started to run
away, throwing him . under the wagon
wheels, which passed over his head.
Either Contractors or State Will
Hare tm Divert Water to Olrt
Channel at North IlenA nnd
Under Nerr Structure. '
(From a Staff Correspondent.) J
LINCOLN, Sept. 23.-(Speclal Telegram.) '
The Btupp Bros, of St. Louis, who hold t OSCEOLA, Neb., Sept. 22. (Special.)
the contract for building tho bridge ! The Polk county fair will open at Osceola
across the Platte river at North Bend, on Tuesday, September 23, continuing
wlli bo required to complete the contract ' over four days and closing Friday oven
by the State Board of Irrigation. Today jng. Thero Is every Indication of much
a conference lasting most of the day was , interest and a good fair this year. Crops
held In the offlco of Governor Morelicad
by members of tho board, tho county
boards of Saunders and jDodgo counties,
Engineer I. B Qlfford of Stupp Bros,
and a representative of tho Omaha com
pony which was given a subcontract by
the St. Louis firm. -
The state board will require that the
company holding tho contract go ahead
and finish the job, notwithstanding tho
channel of the river has changed several
feet from where the new bridge stands.
It Is understood that the company will
object on the ground that tho changing
of the channel of the river Is "an act
of God" and, therefore It cannot bo
Other the contractors or the state will
have to divert tho waters into the former
channel under the bridge before tho worlc
Dn.the south sldo, which calls for a fill,
can be completed.
Karle Case, Is Heard.
The hearing for a writ of peremptory
mandamus to compel the State Banking
I board to make a special examination of
the First State bank of Ulysses on ap
plication of Homer Earle and John C.
Lemmon, was heard before Judgo Cor
nish of the Lancaster district court today.
In his answer to the petition Becretary
Koyoo .of the banking board sets out
that a few" hours before tho petition was
filed he had received the examining re
port of Examiner Emmett. which showed
.that the bonk was In good condition and,
therefore, dismissed the petition' of Earle
asking the. board for an examination. The
rourt took tho case under advisement
nnd will probably hand down an' opinion
during the week.
s Enforcing Dine Skjr Lair.
Superintendent IteeU of the railway
Commission, who has charge of the blue
eky law matters has notified all county
clerks to forward to him a list of all
companies subject to the new law which
-have filed in their counties since tho lav
went Into -effect July 17-
So far thirty-five companies have com
piled with the law. As fast as reports
coma in companies which havo not com'
plied with the laww will bo notified to
co mo across with tho neecssary fee oj
they will be looked after by Mr, Heed.
In Polk county have been good and thero
has been much preparation made for an
interesting program. A new school ex
hibit building will be dedicated during
this year's fair, a building which has
been paid for out of. the funds of dona
tions from districts In almost all parts of
the county. The program is a good ono
and only Inclement weather can Interfere
with tho coming attractions being well
Osceola's Commercial club boosters
made a trip to all of tho surrounding
towns last Saturday, visiting Shelby, Ris
ing City, Surprise, 6resham, Stromsburg,
Benedict and Polk. They took along the
band, furnished musto and announced the
attractions of tho fall festival at Osceola.
Mrs. Frances B. Ilcald headed a dele
gation of Osceola Women's Christian
Temperance union women, who left on
Monday morning for Fremont to attend
the state convention in that city. Mrs.
Heald is president of tho state organi
Kevemie Cutter 1
Bear Has Close
Call in the Ice
New Law Contain Stiff Penalty for omter npar, moorcd ta a menacing ico-
ItS Violation. i borg and completely wedged In by heavy
v 1 floes of Ice drifting In a swirling current
HOTICE OF SALE OF FOODS t0WRrd "o North pole, narrowly escaped
uuaii uuuuu uii us nnnuHi cruise iruiu
i Nome to Point Bnrrow, Alaska.
"No apparent dnmngo was done to the
All Fnrchnaera of floods that Have
Been Kept In StoraRe Must
Know "What They Are
Platte Valley Transcontinental
Highway Association to Meet,
Feel Headachy, Bilious, Constipated,
Shaky, Dizzy and Sick A Dime a Box
Commercial Clubs In Every Town
Along the Itonte Aakctl to An
slat In Untitling tho Pro
poned New HlRhvrar.
vessel lil tho pack," reported Captain
To provide ways nnd means of raising
about $2,000 per mile for the distance
swirls of tho current and narrowly es
caped destruction against the ground Ice
(From a Staff correspondent.) four or five miles north of Point Barrow.
LINCOLN, Sept 2t (Special.) In or-' It was entirely unmanageable and its
dcr that the public may bo fully advised situation Boemed very critical. It finally
as to the law relating to cold storage drifted brOadstdo between two heavily
goods Food Commissioner llarman has grounded bergs, with but a fow feet to
prepared tho following, which cold stor- sparoat cither end, nnd was worked
age firms will be expected to study and around Into cfear water and anchored to
which may be Interesting to tho general , tho eastward of the point."
publics The parcel post has found Its way to
Section 9 of the cold storage law reads Alaska, Captain Balllnger reporting that
as follows: "It shall be unlawful to sell the new mall servlco Is being utilised by
?orod wficn PbeBeenf?,relda,ln 'SSP&Z , th. nnVe8 ""fl" 'X ff ?
age without notifying persons purchasing Taking them all around,'' Captain Bal-
or intending to purchase tho same that ' linger reported, "tho native villages
nayo wen so Kept ana it snau lie .within the Arctld clrclo could bo hold ur.
Balllnger, "but It encountered tremendous wross Nebraska from Omwo to Jules-
ourg is 10 do mo principal business or
Tou're bilious! Tou have a throbbing
sensation In your head, a bad taste in
your mouth, your eyes hurt, your skin
Is yellow with dark rings under your
eyes, your lips aio parched. No wonder
you feci ugly, mean and llltemper,eL
Your system Is full ot bile and const!-
iatcd waste not properly passed off, ana
what you need Is a cleaning up "Inside."
Don't continue being a bilious, constipated
nuisance to yourself and thoto who love
you, nnd don't resort to harsh physios
(From a Staff Correspondent)
LINCOLN, Neb., Sept. 22.-(Speclal.)-
Flre Commissioner W, S. Ridgell has
prepared a circular letter which he is
sending out to the different towns ot the
stato in an effort to educate the people
along the lines of fire prevention at this
Umo ot the year when fires are being
started up. He says:
'The exceptionally hot, dry weather of
July and August caused an unusual num
ber of fires these months. From January
1 to September 1 Nebraska lost 1,05S,789.8S
through fire. Most of this enormous loss
could be averted by due caro arid vigi
lance on the part of owners and tenants
of property. An average of $132,003.75 of
the wealth of Nebraska wasted in smoke
and ashes every month since .January 1
Is certainly a most unenviable record for
our state and a rebuko to tho careless
ness of our people.
"Let us by caution and caro hold down
the fire losses In the future and thereby
conserve the resources which Nebraska
now needs."
uniawiui to renresant or advrrtlHn na
fresh goods articles or food which have
been held In cold storage"
Penaltr for Violation,
Any person, firm or corporation violat
ing any ot tho provisions of this net shall
upon, conviction be punished for the first
offense by a fine not exceeding fc00 and
for the second offense by a flno not ex
ceeding $1,000 or by Imprisonment for
not more than six months, or by both fine
and Imprisonment
Detlnltlou of Food.
Under tho cold storage law food Is de
fined as follows: "Tho term 'articles of
food' as used In this act shall be con
strued to mean and include all articles
used for food, drug, confection or condi
ment by man or any unlmal, whether
simple, mixed or compound."
The cold storage law delegates the
power o me ooa. urug and Dairy com
mission to make such rules and rcgula
as models, so far as law nnd order Is con
ccrned, to places ot equal sis In any
other country In tho world."
Daughter and Son
of King of Spain
Am Deaf and Dumb
MANCHESTER, England, Sept. 21
Relatives of the queen ot Spain havo been
shocked by tho news that the second
daughter of tho queen, llko her second
son, will bo both deaf and dumb, says
tha WAnrthaatAi rliihr.l1n,i . Yf fat
nuiin iu neciiro mo proper enrorcemtnt 1 that tha little Snanlsh nrlneess la tntnllv
of the provisions of the law as to tho use ' V . tne "lu , Hnnn'n Pnncess is totally
of marks, tags or labels and the dlsninv nf i cat ana unless this can be corrected
signs, and the violation of such rules nre
gunlshable on conviction as provided. in
ectlon 13 above stated.
Snle of Cold Storatro Fooda.
Regulation No 1 Every person. firm or
she will probably never be able to speak.
The pessimistic reports ot the physi
cians and specialists have nearly broken
tho heart ot tho queen. Sho goes con-
corporation or agent thereof who shall atnntly with her children to the convents
m(ft8 whV.1,e8.oi fS2.d. f,nm lh? contain-' of tho religious orders in and near
l?AnyAnKgJt$fc ? 'cX SiS? Madrid to ask for prayers of Intercession
age and placo the same in new contain- on their bohalf, and particularly ot late
Str?mmUt"h..IoinLy.i?n2.:!glb,y. .brand .J ion behalf of her young daughter.
- - -v.. v lien VUlllU.4IjrJl a uiu i
words, "Cold Storage Food." Tho rettors I
Itl Halrl Wnr. .hall hm.JI 1.. 1 I
... Hivi v.ua .nan uu iJiiiiicu ur uiuuueu
In plain gothlc type of not less than ono
halt Inch in height '
Regulation No. 2 All invoices covering
tho sale of articles ot food which have
been held in cold storage must have
marked thereon the words, "Cold Stor
age Food."
For Itetall Sale,
Regulation No. 2. Every person, firm
or corporation or agent thereof who shall
sen, orter or expose for sale, or hold in
plane. After mounting to a great lielght
Pcgoud dipped tho left wine and his ma
-v V ?Z IT r a . , - of tno Nebraska National guard and cav
aviator flow for some seconds head down- . m , ,,,
wards. Ho then gained the upright post-
(From a Staff Correspondent)
LINCOLN, Sept 22.-(SpecleI.)-Tho
Houso Journal made its appearance this
afternoon. "It contains a full' page pie
tiire ot Governor Morehead,URitediStates
Senators Hitchcock and Norria and a
full pogo Is glveu ' to each member of
tho house with his picture and a bio
graphy of his life.
However, there Is ono exception. While
a page is given to Representative J
"Wolter Fisher of Boone county, no pic
ture adorns the page. His biography in
terestingly tells the story of his life.
put omits tho Interesting episode of last
winter's session when a photographer un
dertook to take the Boone county state
man's picture in representative hail In op
possltlon to Fisher's wishes, and was set
upon by the representative and his
'camera taken from him. Several at
'tempts were made during the session, to
get Fisher's picture but he frustrated
them all arid the world will never be
. hold the, classical features of tho eloquent
gentleman from Boone by perusing the.
Journal of tho last session of . the legis
lature. J
The Journal contains 1,670 pages. '
rates are under fire
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Sept a.-(SpecIaL)-0al
argument was had before the Btate Rail
way commission, this morning on the
controversy from Stromsburg over the
raising of rates by the telephone com
pany at that place. Victor Wilson ap
peared for tho city in the case and
argue'd that after the city had granted a
franchise to the telephone company cover
ing the rates to be charged the Statu
Railway commission had" not authority
to raise the rates.
Under the franchise voted by the vil
lage of Stromsburg to thetelephone com
pany, the rates on business phones were
placed at $1.60 per month. The telephone
company desires to raise the rate to
$2.80 per month and the patrons object
on the grounds that as the franchise
tinder which the company was granted
the right to operate set the rates to o&
charged, those rates will havq to stand.
CRETE, Neb., Sept 21 (Special.) Mrs.
Will Correy and son, Floyd, were badly
Injured Sunday mornlhsr1 in a runaway
as they were driving Into- Crete. When
about' four blocks from Wain street com
ing down' Thirteenth street a motorcycle
sped by the carriage and frightened the
team, which turned short into the ditch,
upsetting tho buggy and throwing tho
occupants out Tho team ran down tho
gutter until the carriage struck a light
post when they came loose from the
carriage and ran wildly down the street,
nearly overtaking the man on the motor
cycle, who seemed to think It his duty
to get away as 'quickly as possible. Mrs.
Correy was dragged by the frightened
team- and her head and hip Injured and
badly bruised. Tho ligaments In the
boy's arm were badly torn and his
shoulder was bruised. The three girls in
the back seat were not injured,
- YORK, Neb., I Sept 22.-(Speclal.) The
rfceetlng called at the court house Satur
day afternoon by the committee ap
pointed to confer with the State Railway
commission and see what 'could be done
to prevent the Lincoln Telegraph and
Telephone company from, raising the
rates In York county was well attended.
The committees gave a lengthy report
and many Important subjects were dis
cussed, A resolution was passed giving
the chair the power to appoint e com
mittee consisting of two from each town
ship and ward to solicit funds to ?ay the
expenses of the hearing before the rail-
'way commission. And in case the copi
mlttee falls to get a reasonable adjust
ment the matter will be taken Into the
caurta to dlasolva the mercrer rtf tha T.tn.
J coin Telegraph and Telephone company
with the Yorkp County Telephone com
Daring Frenchman
Flies Upside Down
VERSAILLES, Sept 22.-Tho French
aviator regoud, who recently mado an
upside down flight, accomplished today
another daring feat In his self-imposed
possession with Intent to ell, In other task ot proving the stability of tho aero
food must mark or placard the containers
In the manner described In regulation No.
2. When cold storage food Is sold and
delivered in other than original contain
ers or properly branded containers as
heretofore described, the person purchas
ing; mo same musi do notuica oy eltner
branding the package with the words
"cold storage food" or on tho sales slip,
which must be given to the purchaser. .
Police and Strikers
Battle in Dublin
DUBLIN,' Sept 22. Dublin streets
again were tha-.sceno (day of a battle
between the police and strikers. -Many
heads weer broken. Thlrty-fivo' civilians
and 'seven policemen are Jn hospitals as
tho. result of" tho. engagements 'and many
others were treated-for minor injuries.
The number of men in Dublin either
on strike or locked out Is about 39,000.
They have many supporters and aro in
- COLUMBUS. Neb., Sept 21-(.Spe:Ial.)-Extenslve
preparation for the Platte
county fall festival and live stock ard
grain fair to be held In thli lty thta week,
have been made. Threo booster trips,
which Included all the surrousidlnrf ter
ritory for twenty-five mfej. were mado
for the purpose of advertising th fair.
.uesioes the agricultural features there
wltl be racing and alsj daily flylnar ex
hibitions by the Savage Brothers. Good
purses, are being offered for the races and
there are liberal inducement for the ag
ricultural exhibits. The first day. Wed
nesday, September 21, there will be an
automobilo parade, and Thursday will be
German day. This Is expected to be tbi
u. uujr, uu me uerman societies are ir
ranging io lajio part in this. It is plan
ned to make this fair the first of what
in do me 1'iaue county annual fair.
Notes from Tecumseh
TECUM8EH. Neb., Sept 22.-(Speclal.)
A. J. Kirkpatrlck has sold the Press
it DuBols, in Pawnee county, to H. A.
Moore. The new publisher Is pow in
charge of the office. ,
At a breakfast given to a party of
friends 'Mlta Bess Dafoe'of this city an
nounced her coming marriage Ear(
Hunter of Weeping Water. The wedding
is slated for Ostober 2, Mr. Huntr a
now&paper man.
FAIRBURY, Neb. ISept 22. (Special.)
Work will begin on the new $40,000
Rock Island depot at Fatrbury this
week. The contract has been awarded
to the E. T. Leek & Co. of Chicago
and a representative of this firm has
arrived in Falrbury . and will commence
work at onco on the new structure. It
will be two stories high and the contract
calls for the completion by February 1,
Work has been progressing on the new
freight depot for several week. It will
be located a block west of the passenger
According to advice received from Rock
Island headquarters, approximately $100,
wui be spent In Falrbury on Improve
Lavr Cbanse at Anbnrn.
AUBUR... Ntb., Hept 22.(Speclal.)
jonn H. weearty, lor the last four years
a member of the law firm ot Lambert
& Mccarty of this place, has Just formed
a partnership with ueorge W. Berge of
Lincoln, and will' move to Lincoln us
soon as he can arrange his business
matters. Mr. McCarly was county Judge
of Nemaha county for four years, and
for two terms mayor of Aubur. IL A,
Lambert retains the business of Lambert
tt McCarty having bought Judge Mc
carty's lntetest
Buyers of Holiday Goods,
are invited to Inspect an especially
strong line at the Carpenter Paper Co.,
Sth and Harney, If you buy as much as
possible In Omaha you save considerable
freight and help build up a home mar-1
ket, which will be greatly to your benefit.
tho Platto Valley Transcontinental High
way association, which will meet at Cen
tral City October 8, according to Jamns
Henderson, secretary ot the Central City
Commercial club, who Is In Omaha. Tho
Platto Valley association is a branch of
the Lincoln Highway assoctotlon, having
In hand the building of tho Nebraska
strip of the great transcontinental high
way. It has been estimated that It will
take an average of $2,000 per mllo to
finish this road In Nebraska, according
to Hondcrson, as most ot it Is to bo con
crete. President Joy of tho Lincoln
Memorial Highway association Is to be
presont nt Central City and the Nebraska
congressmen and senqtors are to be
ureged to bo present, as the raising of
the necessary money is a big piece ot
business. An effort will be mado to In
duce tho federal government to approp
riate largely for tho construction ot tho
Tho commercial club ot uvcry town
along tho route In Nebraska has ap
pointed a director to take charge ot tho
work from his town half way to tho
next station. Money has rapidly poured
Into tho fund ot the Lincoln Memorial
Highway association for this great pro
ject but moro Is still needed. Member
ship certificates are Issued in almost any
amount up to $25,000. Llfo memberships
In the association coat $25,000. Many ot
the large industries In the country havn
already subscribed thousands ot dollars
and many have taken tho life member
ships costing $23,000.
Dr. H. E. Gladfelter ot Central City Is
president of the Platte Valley associa
tion, and B. D. Parker of Julesburg,
Colo., !s secretary. A big banquet has
been arranged for the evening of Oc
tober 8 to close tho day's program.
(From a Staff Correspondent)
, LINCOLN, Neb., Sept. 22.-(Speclal.)-
Constderable agitation has been created
among members of the National guard
because bf the publication ot a story
that tho guard was to bo called out to
tho scene of tho Custer massacre for the
purposo of assisting the government to
take some mbtlon pictures of tho battle
which would bo reproduced by the old of
a largo band of Indians and companies
tlon by gracefully looping' tho loop,
Vegoud's hazardous flight was watched
With breathless Interest by a great crowd.
Pegoud ascended 3,300 feet Before loop
ing tho loop ho went through a series of
most fantastlo feats, tumbling forward
and sideways, slipping backward, and
twlco describing tho letter "3."
Whllo making the loop Pcgoud was fly
ing upsldo down nt a height of L500 fee.t.
airy troops ot tho regular army.
Major Hay sol, assistant adjutant gen
eral, was In communication over the
phono with Adjutant General Hall this
morning, who Is recuperating at Excel
sior Springs, and says that the story is
all a "bum steor," "tommy rot" and a
lot ot other things.
NEW YORK. Sept. 22.-Apparently
much against his will, Hans Schmidt, the
priest who murdered Anna Aumuller,
planned other murders and equipped a
savage spirit Jn the rioting today tho ' um ,V , , T VT CA""""?U ""
!!.. ...v.. ;J... ri T by an allenlst-Dr. Gustavo Schcler, neu-
".v'" w.B, u , ., u m yw , t t tne Wa8hnirtc.n Helchts hos-
noters retaliated wun ootties and other ,ta, M tno ftnd of nn howB ,ntorv,ow, Tenth. Eleventh and Fifteenth regiments
missiles so fiercely that one ot the Un the ri8 oner, Dr.'Scholer Bold h e was' oI cavalry, has been encamped at Win-
mounted fnrc wax knnntfArt rtsftm til i ..... i .. i. , , . .n.i - .......
vntsicr. ra.. biuwu mu iniuuie or Juiy
and will break camp October L
It is planned to have these regiments
march to Washington, where the presi
dent may review them,
WASHINGTON, Sept. 12.-Preldent
Wilson will be given an opportunity dur
ing the first week of October to review
the largest aggregation1 of mounted troops
ot tho regular army that has assembled
In Washington since the grand review
in the late Wi of tho seasoned veterans
led by Generals Grant, Sherman and
This aggregation, composed of tho
mounted force was knocked from his
horse and severely Injured-and several
foot policemen were carried off on
not prepared to coll Schmidt tin insane
Falrlinry Trims llorton.
FAIRBURY, Neb., Sept. 22.-(SpeelaU-
In a series of games at this point with
the Horton, Kan., nine Falrbury defeated '
this team In two consecutive games. The
first game was played here Saturday
afternoon and resulted in a score of 8 to
! in favor of Falrbury. The second, Sun
day afternoon, resulted in a scoro of 9
to 2. Both games were ono-sided In
favor dt Falrbury. In playing over twenty
games since being organized, Falrbury
(las lost only ono game and that was with
the Alexandria nine, the score being 1 to 0.
Get- Hid of the Torment of nheunia
tlsin. That you can do by ridding yourself of
the cause. Weak, sluggish, inactive kid
neys allow the urlo acid crystals to cir
culate In the blood, and these lodging in
the Joints and muscles, cause rheuma
tism, lumbago, and stiff, swollen, aching
joints. Foley Kidney Pills ease your
peln and torment from the tlmo you bo
gin taking them. They positively and
permanently build up the kidneys, restore
their normal action, and strain out the
urlo acid crystals that cause rheumatism
and lumbago. Try them. All dealers
everywhere. Advertisement
CHICAGO, Sept 2S.-Delegates to the
International Refrigeration congress took
a moving picture tour ot the west today,
Scientific discussion of the problems of
refrigeration were put aside and the dele
gates attended a special picture show
portraying California and San Francisco.
Persistent Advertising is the Road to
Big Returns.
Spices of
Everlasting Goodness
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ing them, they are always fresh
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Spices, causing quick sales, further
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ganroa protective
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i sV mm I. i
peak if
y m aflYenisifif
yJ but k riUined
'xy thrMjgh the use ot
' good engravings.
Piotures toll tlio story oJ
the goods advertised nnd
once from the ploture.
Engravings can be a&do either from
photographs or drawings, or direct from tho
ebject Itself. Tha. engraving plant ot Tha
Omaha Bee is thoroughly equipped to handla
errery detail, Including making the original photo
graph or drawing, our engravers have been chosen,
each because he Is tho beet in his own line ol work.
Our equipment is the newest and best.
When you need Illustrations, give us an opportunity
to show pur ability.
A-' nowspapor . on graving plaat nuttce onia
which show good results under inot difficult
printing" conditions. Our prices reftsonable.
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ments sterilized after uslnr.
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No Money till Cured
WrHa far rra Illustrated hook en Rectal
Blsssses ana tstlinonll at huariraris Vf
eurea patience Kaferaaka aiul lewa. "
DKa E R. TARRY . 240 Bee Bids,. Omaha, Nb.
sciio6ls and coi.t.l:gi3S.
Nebraska Military Academy
PLACED IN SCHOOL, or Ylnts to do some SPECIAL
WORK, NOW is IJio time to look ufter it. ,
your troubles and give your boy the instruction he needs.
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