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virwin nnrnttvATilii KiiiTnii
Entered at Omaha postofflce as second
class matter.
St nday Bee, one yrnr I W
Saturday Bee. one vear IM
Dally Bee, without Sunday, one year. . 4.00
ituiy uee. and Sunday, one year e.w
Evening and Sunday, per month 40c
Kvenlnir, without Sunday, per month.. 36c
Dally Bee, Including Sunday, per mo.. 05c
Dally Bee, without Sunday, per month. 4Ac
Addroe all complaint of Insularities
In deliveries to City Circulation Dept.
Remit by draft, express or postal order,
payable to The Bee Publishing company.
Only I-cent atampa received in payment
of amail accounts Personal checks, ex
cept on Omaha and eastern exchange, not
tec p ted. .
Omaha -The Bee building.
South Omaha 18 N Street.
Council Blurfs-ll North Main Street.
Lincoln-24 Little building.
hltago 901 Hearst building.
New York-Room 1106, Fifth Ave.
St Louis 60S New Bank of Commerce.
Washing ton-725 Fourteenth S,t-. N. W.
Communications relating to news And
editorial matter should be addressed
Omaha Bee, Editorial department.
State of Nebraska, County or Douglas, sr.
Dwlght Williams, circulation manager
of The Beo Publishing company, being
duly sworn, says that the avornge dally
circulation for the month of September,
1513, was 60,085. DWIGHT WILLIAMS.
Circulation Manager.
Subscribed In my presenco and aworn
lo before ma thla 1st day of October,
Notary Public.
Subscriber leaving; the city
temporarily stionld have The Bee
malted to them. Address tI11 bo
chanced aa often as requested.
Evoryono who can point to Gorman
ancestry has a right to feci proud.
That high plumo in milady's hat
still docs not reach' up to tho prlco
At catch-as-catch-can thoso mill
tant suffragettes can down tho best
of them.
Do you seo anything that resem
bles tho blues In theso Ak-Sar-Bon
It seems that King Caucus has to
stand guard over that tariff bill from
start to finish.
Ulster is hating a hard tlrao work
ing up public interest In its fight to
a front-pago degree.
"United wo stand; divided wo
fall," and with Sulzor lot us hopp
Tammany goes down, too.
Don't ridicule or criticise Mr.
Bryan, for if you do, you will bo
placarded as a tool of Wall street,
Bryan told them to shut up and they've
hut Baltimore Sun..
Wo, the 'Mexicans, or the Japs7
Now. have you all your dopo fig
ured out, the "how's" and tho
"why's" and all that on tho World's
series wiener?
Just to relievo posstblo anxiety, it
should ba knows that nil that booso
was not drunk by one rnportor, nor
on the same night.
If his name were anything but Por
flrlo one might bo Inclined to doubt
that former Dictator Dlat, at his ago,
could "como back."
Dylnr Hours Are Peaceful In Legisla
ture of Tennessee, Headline.
Sometimes death is thq only thing
that will bring peace. '
Johnny Bull ought to seo to it that
that doctor who convinced Mrr.
Paakhurst that she needed to go
way for a reBt gets a fat fee.
Chicago papers run the-account of
the marriage of tho son of Charles A.
ConUkey, base ball magnate, .on the
port pace. Sort of homo-run hit.
Tho national treasury deficit for
the year is over $10,000,000, more
than twice what It was at this time
last year. That's democratic economy.
County Attorney Mngney, tho
sheriff and tho police, and tho rest
of them, of course, are meroly wait
ipg for someone else to do what thoy
arc hired to do.
Eggnog communicated through a
tube revived a man accidentally en
tombed in tho earth. With all Its
virtues In diplomacy, grapejulco
never could do that.
Did you ever spend your last dollar
and then somo on a month's vacation,
only to have some friend meet you on
your return with the surprised ex
clamatlon, "Why, hove you been
"Man failures' caused the last
Hew Harcn wreck In which twenty
one Uvea were lost, according to the
Interstate Commerce commission.
Tho man chiefly responsible for tho
system's failure, however. Is no
longer at the bead.
And will the fearless Judge of any
court pe so cruel as to cut off any
jpart of that Douglas County Agri
cultural society's graft, when It Is
especially organliod and maintained
to get away with tho money, and for
other political purposes?
Those railroad returns on liquor
Shipments In Topeka, which are so
multitudinous and conglomerate that
thoy cannot te Intelligibly compiled,
must be something like the entries
on the registers pf liquor sales kept
by vur Oaaha druggists.
The Town Band.
Tho nvorago American town has
two things It cannot very woll do
without the public square or park
and the local band. The two go to
gether ns naturally as two and two
makes four. Tho town band In tho
public squaro gives a touch and tang
to Ufo in the smaller community
which money cannot buy, genius do
vise or power create. It Is tho charm
of civic prido at homo, tho purveyor
of It abroad. It thrills tho old folks
and enthralls the young In thoso fine
old weekly concerts down on the local
public squaro and fires tbeso hearts
with yet prouder Joy nt the annual
fair off to tho county scat. It Is the
goal of aspiration to many a youth,
the stopping stono to real fame to
But In Nebraska tho red-letter
event of tho y.ear for tho homo band
Is Ak-Sar-Dcn at Omaha. And if any
of our friends and neighbors out In
tho state ever had a Blighty notion of
Omaha's appreciation of tho services
of tho "town bands" wo aro sure thoy
havo had tho wrong notion. They
bring not only a lot of muslcat talent,
but an ezuberanco of tho vim and
spirit of tho festival that goes far to
ward making thoso annual ovents
what they aro. Somo features might
well be left out of our autumnal feast
days, but thoy are not the "town
The State Fair Pass Date.
Tho returns on the Stato fair gate
receipts as mado by the management,
showing that almost ono-third of the
admissions woro on free passes, is at
trading public attention and inviting
pertinent questions as to tho favorod
classes, who and why. In this con
nection tho Lincoln Journal saysr
The officers of the Btnte fair will be
asked for a complete report of the free
tickets Issued arid used In the recent ex
position. The preliminary report ofi
Hocrctory Mellor Indicates that the re
ported record of last year, when one
man out of every four who entered tho
grounds was stld to have had a free
pass, will not bo Improved upon. In
fact, mora than one man In four seems
(o have passed free this year. The ndj.
tors, as Usual, ark held Up as the chief
beneficiaries of tho system, whereas tt
Is doubtful If 200 of them from outside
the city were on the grounds throughout
tho week.
If tho Stato fair woro a private en
terprise, the managers could glvo
away as many passes as thoy pleased,
Thoy could even lot tho whole popu
Iatlon of Lincoln in for nothing if
thoy wnnted to. But It it is a public
enterprise, supported as it Is by ap
propriations ut of tho Btato treas
ury, porsonal favoritism and dtscrlm
(nation is as much out of place as tho
froo pass on a railroad.
Management of Good Roads.
, it 1b easy td agree with Jo'hn'Tv
Doyle, secretary of tho United States
Civil Service commission, In tho wis
dom of kooplng tho good roads
movement froo from politics for vari
ous reasons, most obvious of which
Is that politics will not help It. Mr.
Doyle puti it on tho ground that
"vory few of tho 100,000 or inoro
stato and county road officials unjor
existing legislation navo any knowi
odgo of road construction or main
tonanco," and overybody knows that
theso men are not, as a matter of
fact, selected for that purpose be
cause of any expert kcowlodgo along
such linos.
If tho estimates bo correct that
J150.000.000 : which would soein
below tho mark Is annually ex
pondod for the construction and up
keop of public roads in this country,
there would bo force to tho argu
ment, for In tho face of theso enor
mous outlays the legitimate demand
tor good roads becomes stoadtly
more acute, Indicating a real nosd as
the oasis of tho demand. Most tax
payers do not havo to be convlncod
that they often fall to get their
money's worth In public roads built
and maintained by and through
political agencies. The Job of pro
viding good roads la biggor and moro
important today than ever beforo
and it must be undertaken as tho
main task of someone and not merely
a sldo issue,
Poking Pun at Unole Joe.
"An elderly gentleman named J.
Qurney Cannon has announced him
self as a candidate for congress in tho
Eightoonth Illinois district," obeorvos
tho Brooklyn Eaglo. "The name has
a familiar ring. Whore have wo
hoard it before?"
Another newspaper wants to know
If "Undo Joe can como back?" Well,
If his rocuperatlve powers aro any
thing like his staying qualities, he
may be able to. Ouo guess, w'o Im
agine, may bo ventured, and that is
that the man who figures' on running
against this elderly gentleman for
the nomination, or, the election, will
bo entered la a real race. All else
aside, Joseph Clurney Cannon has
never been neither a quitter or a
mollycoddle; ho Is a stayer and a
good old-fasblonod rough-and-tumble
fighter, and tho common run of hu
manity seems to like that kind of a
man, even though they disagree with
Real estate men aro Just waking
up to what Is Involved by the
Water board's requirement that tho
landlord guarantee all tenants water
bills, meter measured, and without
limit. One member of the Heal Eg
tato exchange even declares that
Water boarders will net bo re-elected
unless they rescind the unfair rule.
Now watch Boss Howell back-track.
Lookup BackWatd
Tliis Df mOitrak
TJilrty Years Ago
On behalf of William Oelser, a cornice
maker, George W. Doane and Simeon
Dloom have applied for an Injunction to
stop tho school board from paying any
salary to Lucia. M. Rogers, Kate M. Ball
or any person or persons engaged In
teaching, not holding a certificate-, tho
purpose being to keep the new fads out
of the schools.
The roof Is being put on the new
Lutheran church on Sixteenth street.
Henry 8. Duncan and Miss Jennls Stone
wern married last night by Rev. Charles
W. Bavldgc.
Ferdinand Bchroeder, who has been 111
from nervous prostration, Is able to be
about again.
O. Swanson A Co., the well known mer
chant tailors have removed from their
old stand on Eleventh street to lilt Far
nam, The Glee club has reorganised for the
winter with these officers President, R.
8. Raff; vice president, H. D. Estabrookj
secretary, C. L. Deuel; treasurer, C. 13,
Burmelster; muslcat director, F. 8.
A photograph of the ' Thurston Hose
team has been taken showing the well
known forms of men and officers, and
the Well known dog, "Keno" Is also
County Clerk Baumer waa busy pt spar
ing tho proclamation for the forthcoming
November election.
Resolutions adopted by the bricklayers'
union In memorfam of John C. Livingston
are signed by Kd Walsh, Frank P. Gould
and J. W. Kay as the committee.
Twenty Years Ago
Torn McVlttlo had completed the stag
tng of a game of ball a week hence be
tween the champion Boston team and
Jimmy Manning's All-America's, with
the following line-ups: BOston Kid Nich
ols, pitch, and Charley Bennett, catch;
Oanzot, first; Lowe, second; Nash, third;
Herman Long, short; Carroll, left; Hugh
Duffy, center: Staley, right. All-America
Stein, pitch, .and Puke Farrell, catch;
Jack Beckley, first; Jimmy Manning,
second; Davis, third; Bill Dahlen, short;
Wllmot, left; Dummy Hoy, center; Mike
Kelly, right. The great Rusle of Now
York and Oumbert of Pittsburgh were
also carried by the All-Americaa for
pitchers. ,
Miss Lltjtle Savage, 19-year-old daugh
ter of Detective Savage, died of typhoid
Exercises were held In the lecture room
of the Crelghton medical college In tho
evening. Prof. James II. Peabody de
livered an Interesting lecture and there
were musical and other numbers on the
Mayor Bomls signed an ordinance
bonding the city for fl,GO0,00O to go to
ward defraying tho cost of constructing
the Platte river power canal, an etectrla
light and water works plant.
The conference between Union Pacific
employes and General Manager Kd Dick
inson on the matter of the employes
gracefully submitting to the recent reduc
tion In wages terminated with an em
phatic refusal of the employes to do any
thing of the sort. Further steps were to
be 'takeni ,
Tea Years Ago- V
The third day of Ak-Ser-Ben's street
fair, or King's Highway, pulled up an at
tendance of .more than 17,030,' as against
.000 a year before.
Another little trick In the futile plan of
preventing the Oreat Western from se
curing a foothold In Omaha developed
In an Injunction suit filed In the name of
Samuel Relsohenberg before Judge Bax
ter of the district court The court Issued
a restraining order whloh was served on
Mayor Moo res, temporarily estopping him
from signing an ordinance granting
rights-of-way to the Stlekney road on any
streets within the fclty.
Sixteen leaders of the populist party In
convention assembled named this judicial
ticket for this districts John O. Yelser,
populist; j. j. Points, populist; George
W. Doahe, C. T. Dickinson and Guy It
C. Read, democrats,
It. K. Fredrlokson struck Jimmy
Brown, a boy, with his auto and hurled
tho little fellow with much force, bruls.
Ing and cutting his face. It seems the
boy tried to cross the Street ahead of the
machine and miscalculated Its speed,
Mrs. E. L. Lomax, accompanied by
Miss Patmer, relumed to Chicago.
Mis. Samuel Katx Wad at home after
a month's visit with friends In Chicago,
Louisville and Indianapolis,
The Crelghton foot ball team scalped
the Genoa Indians, to 0.
People Talked About
MIsS Harriet Otis Craft. . ro.t
bachelor male who died abroad last sum
mer, left one of a $t,000,oco estate to
publlo charities In her native city.
A friend Of HonUS Wamar tin.
him a bat made front wood of Commodore
. j a iii.iuiiu uiiienip. uonus, it
should be explained, was ton vnnn-
take part In the Lake Erie engagement
Albert Chittenden of
while hunting recently round a purse con?
talnlng bills which he lost two and a half
years ago. The bills war nlmn.t h
cayed and hardly lasted long enough to
be redeemed by the United States trea.
urj oiuce.
A l$.OCO.O00 baby has bsen hum in v.-
York City. The fact that the youngster,
If It lives, will Inherit a fortune of that
stso partly accounts for mention of the
Incident, but the main reaion fnr nut..
Ilclty Is the rarely of such events In
polite circles.
Mrs. Kline, the wife of the new mayor
of New York, is un "old-fashioned
woman." She believes that the charm
of modesty and the dignity of woman
hood are not appreciated as much as
they should be. and she also believes that
the placo for a woman "Is In her home "
Rdward Munroe, an ex-qurtermaster
of the American navy, who lives hi Hoi.
loway road. Islington, England, has just
celebrated his 104th birthday. He was
born In Nova Scotia and went to the
United States when he wu 7 or $. He
joined the American navy when he
waa IT.
Rev. Frederick a Atwood, grand chan
eellor of the Knights of pythlaa of Min
nesota, Is blind, having lout his sight
everal years ago. Despite this handicap,
he has continued In active work for the
order and Is now serving his second term
as grand chanoellor. He travel exten
sively and Is generally alone. To enable
Wm to attend to his voluminous cor
respondence ho uses a special make of
Twice Told Tales
A Polite StlnK.
Secretary Daniels, dlseusstng an argu
ment against his navy policy, laughed
and said at a luncheon at Washington.
"My opponent Is stinging In a polite
way. He Is llko the bishop.
"A bishop, at a certain congress, spoke,
and at the close of hi address the audi
ence began to disperse.
"A gentleman who was down on the
program for an address touched the bish
op's sleeve and murmured:
" 'I noed not speak. I hardly think they
expect me.'
'"Oh, to be sure they dol' cried the
bishop. To bo sure they do! Don't you
see, they are all golngr '-Washington
Where They Were.
"Where did you spend tho summer?"
asked the saucy little thing who winters
pn the right end of the front row of tho
"In Newport." answered the ohamplon
who had put both the tang and the go in
tango. "Where were you?"
"I toured through Norway In an auto
mobile. Where did you go Frltzlt"
"I turned down an offer to sing In
Braxll and spent my tlmo studying
Bhakespeare up In Canada," answered
the ope tho gilt skirt was Invented for.
"Were (you away from town, Claire?"
"Oh. yes. but I might as well have
Stayed here," replied the Ingenuo who
invemea me oaby stare, wearily. "Just
had fittings by Red fern All summer long."
"And what did you do, dearle7" they
Inquired of the girl who had said nothing.
"I? Oh, 1 worked In a manicure shop,
too."-ClcveIand Plain Dealer.
At the Kirk.
It was the Scottish minister's second
BUndav In Ills OWn nawlv annnlnl rx...
Ish and he had reason to complain of the
meager collection.
"Mon," replied one of the elders, "thoy
are stingy, Vera stingy, But " and
he came closer and became more confi
dential "tho auld moenlster, he put
three or four eaxpences Into the plate
hlsself, Just to gle them a start. Of
course, he took the saxpencea awa' with
him afterwards."
The new minister tried the same plan,
but the following Sunday waa a repetition
of the others-a dismal failure. The en
tire collection was not only small, but to
his great consternation his own coins
were missing.
"Ye may be a better preacher than tho
auld mcenlsler." exclaimed the older,
"but If yo had half the knowledge of the
world an' o' yer aln flock In particular,
Je'd ha' done what he did an' glued the
eaxpences to the plate."-Plttsburgh
Chronlcle-Telegraph. '
Editorial Snapshots
Boston Transcript; Wilson s blacksnake
whip makes noosevelt'a big stick look
like a candy cane.
Baltlmoro American: Tho Incomo tax
establishes as a reward for marriages a
differential of tlO in tax in favor of tha
married man, as compared with the
bachelor of like income. It's not enoUght
Indianapolis News: That shipment of
corn from Argentina, which has Just been
received in New York, Is almost humili
ating, considering the chestlness we have
always aafturted In
corn production. Those cdrn clubs will
have to get busier than ever next your.
Brooklyn Eagle: The Mann act means
one thing In Kansas and another In Il
linois and California, and Attorney Gen
eral McReynolds Is said to favor Kansan.
General respect for all law would be in
creased by some Sort of concordat of
Judges and prosecutors.
Philadelphia Inquirer: A number of
western hotels will do away with finger
bowls In order to save guests embarrass
ment when they discover they have madu
a mistake By drinking out of them. We
now look to see soup disappear from tho
menu of these eamn hostelrles.
Pittsburgh Dispatch: If the railroads
have enjoyed only r7.000,too of additional
profits In the last fiscal year, us Indl
cated by the report of the Intentnto
Commerce commission
awer to that plea of poverty that they are
making, with tho business men who sell
mem supplies acting aa chorus?
New York World! Th ...
- " -... aiMIIIUUI VI
Immigrants arriving In thla country In
the fiscal year ending June SO last waa
1.1K.68J. That la n,nr .. '.Jl"
- ------- menj
are In Maine and New ilampshlre com.
oinea ana me population equivalent of &
Nebraska. We continue n
world In Imports of humanity.
Here and There
Unskilled male day laborer In H.m.
Spain, receive a dally wage of SO cents.
Texas papers report that ahmit un i,i.
Jackets deserted from the battleship
wicnigan uurmg its ten-day stay at
In Cleveland the curs' aro onemtoii
pay.as-you-enter In the morning and pay-as-you-teave
In the evening. This Is said
to facilitate transportation.
It Will take I.tOO.OOO nnnnrt. nf
to run the Postofflce department for the
remainder of the fiscal year, to uv nnih.
Ing of the reams of reiT tape.
It Was possible for a tao.a.wtr ri.ri.
In a New Jersey ftrm to sport a ,000
motor boat for two years. Then the
vacuum In the till blew him up and In.
Owing to rlBld enforcement nf Ih. Rim.
day closing law In Washington rum cases
holding anywhere from a drink to a Jag
nave Become very popular In the dry
The State Of Maine addi tn Ifa full
achievements the largest harvest of spuds
ever recalled, and lines up Its crop of
capital i-a m this stye: "Protection,
prohibition, potatoes and prosperity."
Researches amonsr ancient faahinn ;nr
In New York reveals tha fact that th
up-to-the-minute slashed skirt Is twelve
centures old and originated in the north.
rn coast of Japan. Mighty lone time
coming over.
Thousands of bushels of fall and winter
apples are reported roitine an th
In southern Minnesota, while the trees
are oreaaing with the weight of fruit.
Ana at tne same time there are millions
of abple lovera who cannot get enough.
The Industrial Welfare iviinmUiInn f
Oregon fixes . as tha minimum weekly
wage for adult women, elcht tinura mA
twenty minutes to be the maximum day's
worn, nuy n.ours as tne maximum for
e week and s p, rn. aa the latest hour at
whloh a woman Is to be employed In
mercantile establishment. Th utt.r
rule puts Saturday night shopping and
Christmas holiday night shopping out of
The Bee's Good Stroke.
OMAHA, Oct. 2-To the Editor of The
Bee: I want to congratulate The Beo on
having brought It about that the street
car company will let Its conductors sell
the children's tickets to customers on the
cars. I could never understand why the
company ever refused to do this, and
certainly Its action would have been
more graceful If It had done what It Is
now doing at tho tlmo your paper pro
posed to sell them at your office If the
company was not more accommodating.
I havo been buying tickets for my chil
dren at The Bee office, and the favor
was greatly appreciated. MRS. J. D.
All for' the Sooth.
OMAHA, Oct. 2.-To the Editor of The
Bee: What a f'.ame of holy rapture
must have thrilled Hon. Oscar Under
wood, as, contemplating his own handi
work, he said of the new free trade
tariff bill that, no matter what Us
critics might say, none could deny that
"the representatives of the people, con
stltutlng the democratic party In con
gress," had redeemed every pledge made.
Yes, Indeed, and Hon. Underwood said
much more along the same lino.
Just then tho democratic tree trade tariff
bill struck a snag. It seems that some
of the senators, who come from cottorl
raising states, aro not exactly pleased
with the provisions Inserted In the bill
dealing with cotton, and the measure was
hung up again until the secret and
mysterious conclave of the democratic
caucus could bring these objectors back
Into line.
It was different when hogs and cat
tle, sheep and wool, corn, wheat and all
other products 0f the northern farmer
or stock raiser were being considered;
theso articles went on the free list al
most without debate. The only protest
raised against the action canv from
tho republicans, who are In a minority
in the present congress. But, when cot
ton, the principal product of the "sunny
south," cam under consideration. It
took session after session of the demo
cratic caucus to determine on what course
to pursue. "The representatives of the
people," who come from tho fourteen
southern slates are fixing the tariff to
suit themselves, regardless of Conditions
In tho other thirty-four states.
I wonder what some of the followers
of Teddy think the fellows who aban
doned tho republican party because Mr.
Taft gave his support to the Canadian
reciprocity plan? They aro the ones who
made It possible for lion. Underwood to
talk about the democrats being tho "rep
resentatives of the people" In congress.
In Belinlf of the Others.
OMAHA, Oct. J.-To the Editor of The
Bee: It sqems strange that some people
think a police officer should be pro
moted because he has done what ho was
hired and paid' for. Surely every officer
knows what dangers he might be up
against when he applies for the position,
and If he Is such a valuable and brave
man ho Is Just the kind of officer we
should keep on tho force. He could
have a word of praise or a medal for
bravery, but Just because tt befell his
lot to be shot by a criminal Is no sign
ht should be promoted br advanced
ahead of just as capable and efficient
officers that have had the same experi
ence. B.
Women's Activities
auxiliary to tha Board of Missions qt the
episcopal cnurrn win meet this month
In Vrtrk trX h trtftfinlnl Aftnl'Antlnn
Tho meeting will begin October 7 and
continue to the ziac
fra. Dnnalil TT. Ttrtrlnw nf Pnlla Atnn!a
won this year for the third consecutive
time the championship title of the
Women's Eastern Golf association. From
records that have been made this vur
It seems that Philadelphia women are
among the first In tennis, golf and other
athletic games.
Dr. MArv V.. Tnnlnenn mnnM,l wllv.
the Unltri Bfatoa rUrxirtm.nr nf Ar-l.
r.llltllrn hiirai, of i)i.ml.t,u aln,. iftVv:
chief of the fbod research laboratory!
having headquarters in Philadelphia, says
that chickens in cold storage are much
more Interesting than Woman suffrage.
Women with ability, she says, will al
ways achieve success without the right
to vote.
Mrs. K 1 1 ft fltarW YtannaM t-n.H
dumb and blind, lias Invented a m.thrut
of communication. She wears a glove
with the letters of tha alphabet on It in
Indelible Ink. There are four letters on
each finger and thumb, the vowels on
the first Joint with the exception of the
middle finger. Once a perscn knows the
location of the letters It Is easy to con
verse with Mrs. Bennett.
Miss Mary Jobe, who tramped 1,000
miles through British Columbia during the
slimmer, has returned to New York. Only
one white woman, and she a Canadian,
has ever been through the territory
which Miss Jobe traveled. She was called
"Deno Setekl" by the Indians," the words
meaning "man woman," the Indians being
surprised to find that Miss Jobe waa a
woman, although wearing man's clothes,
Hit and Miss
The advantage derived from machinery
In the United States Is about twice as
great as that of Europe.
A federal count shows that 46,900 per
sons tn Illinois are fixed well enough
to hand a bit of thtlr income to Unol
San) annually.
After inspecting a few samples In New
York a visiting Frenchmen remarks that
American gtrls are too cOld and business
like. Evidently the visitor doesn't sport
A ttl-.
A popular Innovation this year at the
New York state fair held In Syracuse
was the opening of the grounds at night.
The result was to attract crowds equal
to those drawn by day.
It costs more money for an American
to die abroad than at home. The death
duties on the estate of tha late A, N.
Brady of New York, who died In London
last summer, put il.050.0W in the British
The Unking by marriage of the Btude
beker and Ballard houses of Indiana and
Kentucky brought to the lucky couple
presents valued at nearly 11,000,000. There
was a $5,000 sliver tea set. a gold set
B0 year old. and several of the very
latest model automobiles.
"Gosh, what makes Plnhead so noisy?"
"I think It must be the band on his
hat." Indianapolis 8tar.
"No matter what trouble -hs gets Into,
our neighbor seems to put a good face on
the matter."
"That's his business. He's a beauty
doctor." Baltimore American.
"May I tell you the old, old Story V he
She looked down, blushed and nodded
her assent.
So he told her for the twenty-seventh
time how he once won the game for
'We've got a great road now," said an
enthusiastic western railroader to his
friend. "We've got It double-tracked clear
through to Chicago."
"lrm." tald the friend. "I don't see
what you want a double track for. You
can't keep your trains on one." Every
body's Magazine.
"I saw Jinks Just now and he seemed
much put out"
"He Is; his lahdlord is Just after dis
possessing him"
"Do you believe In corporal punish
ment?" asked the teacher.
"No," replied the parent. "It's liable
to make a boy So anxious to square ac
counts some day that he'll neglect hie
studies In order to spend time In the
gymnasium." Washington Star.
Little Girl Why did your mamma spank
you 7
Boston Child Because she Is too un
tutored and Ignorant to devise a more
modern reformatory method of punish
ment. Life.
In the course of the fable the Town
'The Bread
Taste is the
that's convincing
Armour and Com
pany's "Glendale" is a
delicious spread for the
daily bread and perfect in
the kitchen for cooking.
But you must get the
taste of it in the natural
way in your own home.
There the taste wins on
hot or cold foods. It
meets every requirement
and pleases.
And think of the gam !
A "Glendale"
that will prove
" Glendale' s" quality,
to be appreciated, should
j.be; tfest-ed under all the
conditions of actual home
use in every kind of
home. Ifo test is too
hard for it.
So Armour and Com
pany and the leading
dealers here will have a
special "Glendale" day
next week for you to
prove in your own way,
how "Glendale" leads
. all rivals.
For all housewives in
this community
"Glendale" Day will
start an era of better liv
ing; of bigger meals for
the same money; of hap
pier families and rosier
Be Ready
Cuts that print
There la often all the difference In the world between
, cut that ahowa up well la the engraver's proof and one
tht bow up well when It Is printed. CuU made for a
newspaper have to be made so that thwy will give good
results under the most adverse conditions, For that rea
son, a fcowspaper engraving plant produces cuts that the
ordinary printer can use and get good results.
It you nave some engraving to be done, send us the
Be Engraving Department
Eto Building, Omaha
Mouse and the Country Mouse met, cas
ually, the Church Mouse,
"Er-lnstltutlonal rhtircb. I presume,
remarked the Town Mouse, wishing to
show off his acquaintance with the latest
'No,ndestltutlonal!- replied the Church p
Mouse grimly. Llpplncott'a Magaslnc.
(A Medley of Mixed Metaphors.)
This life Is full of ups and downs,
Just like a teeter-totter;
Seems like one minute we're the fly,
Tho next we are the swatter; '
One minute we're the under dog, I
The next the dog that's got Mm;
One day we ride on top our woes.
The next we're at the bottom. I
II. i
One day we scale the mountain top, '
The next we're in the valley;
Today our house fronts on the street, A
Tomorrow on the alley;
Sometimes we are "some punklns"
To whom the public caters;
And then, first thing we know. We fin'
We're mighty "small pertateral"
This life's aa full of ups and downs
Aa a roller-coaster ride is;
Or a Ferris wheel; now we're high In air;
Now down where the under side Is;
And sometimes in a swing wo swing ti
That up In the clouds we're hidden;
And again we dvrcend to ih sordid earth
And Into tho tiust have sllddcn.
If life could be expressed In sound
As a musical composition,
W.'d find that without Its ups and downi
That 'twas scarcely worth the rendition;
And so let us blend our ups and downs
Into melodies sweet and true.
For If uncontrolled those up and downi
Might make rng-tlme out of you.
and Butter Question" No. 3
food test
Without skimping a
bit, "Glendale" will save
you enough to put more
than 100 extra dishes a
year on your table.
You set a better table
week after week and
month after mo.nth,
through the year, with
out adding to your pres
enttable expense. Think
what that will be for hus
band and 'kiddies 1 ' '
No more skimping,
when you have "Glen
dale" Let the children
spread it thick. big'
lumps on potatoes, bis
cuits, hot cakes. Try it for
cooking and baking.
The delicious flavor
will delight you. It's the
taste that wins. Then
think of the extra dishes
the saving in price will i
give your family through
out the whole yearl
"Glendale" puts an
end to skimping on the
table because it helps
you set a much heri
table without spending
a penny more.
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