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The Omaiia daily BiE
Kntercd at Omaha postotflce as seoond-;
Class jnatter. ,
find ay Be, one year fw
lurtlay Bee. one year I.J
Dally Bee, without Sunday, one year.. 4.W
Pally Bee, and Sunday, one year S.w
Jlrenlng and Sunday, per month..... -.jOe
Kvontns, wlthdut Kunday. per month. .c
Bally Bee, including Sunday, per mo..
Pany Bee, without ftunday, per montmUc
Address ail complaints or Irregularities
In deliveries to City Circulation Dept.
Remit by dratt express or postal ordor,
payable to The Bee Publishing company.
Only 2-cent stamps received In, payment
email accounts. Personal cheeks, ex
cept on Omaha and eastern exohange, not
Omaha -The Bee building.
fcouth Oinaha-Ml N Street.
Council Blnfrs-H Nortn Main Street.
Lincoln 2 Little building.
Chfcago OltUeart,bullding. .
New York-IV)om life, VWA Ave.
t LoiiU-vOJ 'New Bank of Commerce.
Washltigton-JX yburuenlh, at.' N. W.
C ommunltatlons relating to news and
editorial matter Should be - addressed
Omaha Bee. Editorial department.
(state of Nebrasha, County of Douglas, ss.
, Dwlght Williams, circulation manager
Of The Dee Publishing company, being
duly sworn, says that the average daily
Circulation for the month of September,
1813, was 60,085. DWIOHT WIL.MAMH.
Circulation Manager.
Subscribed In my presence and sworn
lo before me this 1st day of October,
Notary Public.
SnbacrlbriV leaving ' the city
temporartlr should have The nee
' mailed lo them. Address trill be
changed as often as requested.
Got your shovel ready for tbo good
roads day. stunt, , .
Uryan, Folk,-McBrlon this Is a
great day for tho chautallfora.
South America will Boon take Its
place upon tho map alongside of the
wilds of Africa.
Remember, that tho winning of
one world serleB frames does not land
the championship.
What a liumdrum '6xlste'nco It
would be, with the world's, sorles over
and congress adjourned. '
v "tfusottlcdj" jsayo tho weather man.
Ho will make a big hit at tho New
Xork andPhlladolphla ball, grounds.
Now we. shall boo how. many bach
elors prefer baying an Income tax on
excess earnings over $3,000 to get
ting married.
pre.lgb.ton Tinlvcralty, BtudouU ara
to Rebate" the gas franchUo,. Just as
it that debate had not been closed at
tho pollu o very a month ago. , i -
QfjfLt any fatei thl oaHorial support
given to Senator Hitchcock by his
own personally conducted, nowspaper
organ la.. singly magnificent.
, , , i
prom later evldonco, It would oeem
thkt If Governor Sulser overlooked
' anVono who might havo stood for a
touch.! K was not Intentional.
(According tp, the host advices, ' it
would bo horse and -horse for either
'Setaator Hitchcock or Chairman .'Glass
to try lb qualify as a financial export.
Jfa. funny, isn't lt,,ho thcio.wlt
,nces, commit perjury, and-then con
fess It, without tho innocent lawyers
framing up tb case knowing any
tbjnsr .about It?
AJJflllfQrnla youtH, whe,ri apkedby
his; teacher "why the Pilgrim fathers;
tame to Amorlca, replied: " "To seo
tho -world's series." And they did,
too, the grand old sports.
"No self-respecting mas is. going
to be dominated by women," nays
.ord Northcliffe, a bumptious Brlt
laher. No oolf-reapoctttag man Is go
fhg to be dominated by anybody.
A candidate for- goVornor says at
the outset of his campaign that ho Is
t'ln uitato of physical,, financial and
raanUl wreck," Which Just shows
jhow little a man needs to run for
governor of .Texas. -
Somebody has discovered that our
Water boarders aro constantly trans
acting publlo business in secret cou
claVe notwithstanding the law to tho
Contrary. What's the law to tho
Water boarders, anyway?
It transpires that the same statis
tics aro embodied In tho reports of
three different stato offices, with the
consequence ot pulling Qh the treas
ury tbreo times for their Publication.
Where "ia. thjs 'slate - printing board,.
and why?, ..
Th rdvice' offered .local club
women by tho president of vW Son
eral federation when she declared,
"We undertake too muchand do too
little," jjhould not be confined to the
women, when so many men are in the
same boat. " .
President' Wilson used two pens in
attesting his approval of the tariff
bliVjpfith; may recall that President
Clevfefaad .decljn'od to use even one
p'enjn tjpe democratic tariff measuro
that passed under bis dlsapprovln;
.eye some twenty years ago.
. :..
1 Our)ld friend. Jasper L. McDrlcn,
ij 1 a. fair way to land a $2,600 civil
arvlce federal Job. We are glad of
It We bate) no doubt but that tho
creditors of hfs late lecture bureau.
Who still cherish hopes of getting
their money back, are also glad-
Our Philippine Policy.
After declaring in party platforms
for imtnodlato lndepondonco for tho
or lmmquiato lndepondonco for the
Philippines. nd reooatcdly demand-1
In ir Dial n Atfttt ,4 v U -
Inrc-Amorlcan. participation in Philip
government, the democratic
policy as. outlined by tho new gov
ernor general, Francis Burton Harri
son, In his Inaugural speech at Ma
nila, Is a tremendous fall-down. 1 in
dependence Is still the promised land,
the only immediate change an
nounced being to increase tho native
representation on the local legislative
ind administrative bodlos to glvu
thent a majority. Even this Is testi
mony to the efficiency of tho work
already done by former ropubllcau
administrations In developing the
civic abilities of tho Filipino. It Is
an adoption of theropubllcan position
that the natives are not yet capable
of complete solf-government, and that
it is idle to set a definite date for any
future chatiKo In tho relations to thu
homo government, and that tho only
safe Way Is to take one step at a, tlmo,
and lot each determine the next.
Tbo Filipinos, however, havo been
led to bollovo that democratic control
In tho United States meant a much
wider latitude for them, and are
qulto apt to manifest disappointment
if their expectations are not quickly
realized. That tho present adminis
tration does not contomplato any rad
ical divergencies from established
lines Is Indicated In tho govornor
gonoral's declaration, which Is to bp
takon as that of the president, "Until
your Independence la complote wo
shall demnnd unremitting recognition
of our sovereignty." Tho test of
efficiency for tho democrats no longer
lies in carping criticism, but in guid
ing tho destiny of a race.
Foreign Languages in Publlo Schools
Among me numerous taws written
on tho statuto books by the lato Ne
braska legislature is ono which pro
vides as follows:
In every high school, city school or
.metropolitan school In this state, the
proper authorities of such school districts
ahn.ll iinon th written rpnUPRt
triad o at least three months beforo
opcnlng of tho fall term of such school
i inuuins uvioiu mui
bV tho parnnta or guardians of fifty pu
nli Rbnva thn fourth srariA then nttnnd
Ing sohool, employ competent teachers
and provide for tho teaching therein
ana proviao ror mo teaching tnerein
above the fourth grade, as nn elective
courso ot study, of such modern Euro-
peah language as may be designated In
such request.
Pptltlona already filed asking for
lh. WM.. IH h n,nl,n- nnhlln.
wau fMwaF kvaw aaa.a bjmsjsawi
v. .u 1 ,.
nitiuuio ui iuicu uuiorcui. luiuigu iuu-
BUBgcs snows iu3 a starter wnai mo
new law may lead to if Wo have
nn .u. .
uuiupauuon uoiwucii mo stsvcrui nn
tlonalltles to. tako advantage of It.
The Durnoso behind the promoters
of this legislation may bo laudablo in
"Booking to keep alivo among . the
youngor generation a knowledge of
tho natlvo language and lltorature
familiar to tholr parents, but making
It compulsory on tho publio Bohoola
to provide at publlo expenso instruc
tion In nil tho modern languages
opens the war to overdoing it.
President Yuan Shi Kni.
Long before tho ropu'bllo of China
was established, Yuan Bhl Kal, as
premier In tho old Manchu dynasty,
was hailed at homo and abroad as
''the strong man of China." 80 tho
nation would seem to havo chosen
wisely and woll in elocting hlrn as
Ub first constitutional president.
Having served as first provisional
president and so directed the affairs
of tho now govorrtmont'as to over
ride, tho rebellion ' fomented by, Dj4..
Sim Yat 8on, bis olotlon for a term
of five yours may bo construed as
a promotion and thfroforo an em
phatic expression 'of national confi
dence. '
it was to be oxpoctod that a people
who could bo easily and apparently,
so speedily transform themsolves
from tho oldest monarchy into a. re
public, a peoplo of tho Chinese stolid
ity ot tomperament and. the genius'
for government, would mako no mis-'
take In tho selection of a chief execu
tive at this tlmo.
Yuan's' transfer from tho premier
ship to tho provisional presidency'
was the occasion abroad for specula
tion as to his temperamental facility:
for adjusting the-po'wera nurtured to
greatnoss in tho atmosphere ot ultra
conservative imperialism to the'
progressive principles Of" republican
ism. But he seems to have allayed
nil doubt, both as to the mattor of
expediency and good faith
United States with other great na
tlons will felicitate China upon the
suspicious cholco it litis made, aud
.. , '
.as us ueat rrlend,' predict oven
greater development In the ensuing
five years Juan has ye been accom
plished. . '"
A Vital Factor in Heat Prices.
It is as simple as the A, D, C'a
that If) the cousumers of meat would
waive tho demands for tho choice
young cutB and give time for finish
ing more cattle, tho supply would
Increase, and this In turn would have
its effect In a better ran&e of prices.
Dut tho consumers, while rebelling
at the high prices and contriving all
sorts of unreal reasons for their ex
istence, are unwilling to forego hav
ing what they want. In other words,
they insist on maintaining expensive
and fastidious tastes and kick on the
cost. Ot course no one pretends to
say that this wholesale slaughter ot
the young beef Is the sole factor in
the meat problem, but It is a very
vital factor
"z. v"
. I his I I1V in 1 Imnhn
r -.77..
...... - - o
Charles .Francis Adams, Jr., and
Ames of Boston, directors of the Union
Paclfla, who wero In, the city over 'Sun-
day left for the west. .
K, , ar. r.ac:.a ei":
-avu iivuiivDtiuii Mini 1 1 3 linu Ul til
elected a memb'crof the National 'Society
of Engineers, which Is the first tlmo thtu
honor has been conferred on a Nn
brnskan. The new college at Bellevuc Is now In
full blast with quite a good attendance
for the first year. Prof. Walther of this
city In head of. tho music department.
James Gilbert as master, extends an In
vitation to the Free Masons of Omaha
to participate in the cornerstone laying
of the Maaonlo temple at Council Bluffs.
The city treasurer turned over to City
Clerk Butler the tax. list for the year,
which showed a total' assessed valuation
of W.77R.B70. on which the 'city tax ratn
will bet 34 mills, producing a revenue ot
Mrs. T. V. Booth yesterday presented
llir Villa), or.,1 -.1,1. .
The Willow springs distillery has 1.000
head of cattle for feeding, and will add
804 morn In Itu nnvt
The staircase running- from the dlnln
room door In the Paxton Is being ileco-
Kd Wlttlg has been voted special
tinkl tnf Vila I I
thanks for his services In rv.. n
man festival, for which he sold lit tickets
himself. ,
The remains of P. A. Dally, brother of
Jumes Dally of this city, will bo brought
here from Lincoln for Interment.
Twenty Venra Aim-
many umaha and Council Bluffs wheel
men went to Blair to attend a rnnlnn
cf the clubs of the Mis sourl vallov.
Thoy did not wheel tip, but took the
train at Webster station. In the com
pany were: George Williams,.. Guy T.
Dahl, Don Bono, nay Blxby, II. c. Hat
terihauer. II. II. Nichols, B. C. Parsons,
D. n. Ilughey, W. D Corrothers
J M Gillian, president of the West
find Republican club, sixth ward, Is
sued a call for an Important meeting- of
that club at Grant street and Military
Mrs. J. B. Lee, Jr., of Minneapolis,, who
had been the KUest nf Mr t.
H"' Btandlsh, left for Itockford, III
-v.,w aim vuiiivunv ar-
1IIUIMBI W. Ml M Tl ata -
trom Kansas "aty and rested a
, . i ij wj ineir inree nignts
onaiuiemeni at tne Uoyd.
u""' Bn(1 J,rB- s M. Campbell, ittn
Bouth Thirty-second street, left for Chi-
- e'
fl1"0 pP'i
Wor,J fair-
a week or so at tho
. A Kasoln "tove went" wrong at the
n.me of J- r- "'PPty. 21 Pacific
I.,."1' ca.us,n5 . "re. which did about
VT. W"" 01 but WOUld have
nnnak HmU -. - . . . .
" "'uu" moro 01,1 r the heroic
wurK ot Mrs. Rlppcy. (She fought the
as, last as they spread until
"nAly he. conquered them, not, however.
until her husband hod rennhiwi v.nm-
until her husband had reached home ami
i.oipeu ncr. tie was burned about the
hands and the wonder Was that hla
heroic wlfo did not suffer, for she was
In constant peril.
Ten Yowh Ago ,
The suvenlh day on ahe Klng'a High
way brought out a crowd of 27,852.
Walter Brandos, tin rir.. .r. ...
pupant. and Henry Flannery, driver of. a
v.u was strucK by a Dodge street
car at Tenth and Jackson streets at U
o'clock at nlcht.
Ytnrsv That
were both taken to police headquarters
u. uumitui treatment. ,
Th tirw.r ii.7 ... .u ' , '
waiting fans that the Boeinn
won the sixth game of tht world's series
wan nitsnurgh, thus (lelng the race
making It three wins apiece Dlneen and I . -ant HU"r""' may over
Crlger and Leover and Philps 'were the ihe. advertisement of
John H. Sheridan, for thlrty-threa years
a messenger In the service of the Union
Pacific, d.lod at his home. H0 North
Twentieth street, at the aie- of u.
Twentieth street, at the ago pf H, as the
dlrec. result ot a ruptured blood vessel.
Nels Updike received .word that tho
largo elevator 6t his firm, the Updike
Grain company, at Missouri Valley, la.,
was- destroy by, flro at 0. loss'of sao..
000, fully covered by Insurance.
People Talked About
., .... .
-Marksmanship Is hopelessly scnndallmii
Jl Ll
. - w 1 o mwvq iso
exchanged In a strikers' battle and no
ooay injured!
"I ndvlie every man to get married,
says Vice President Marshall; "but to be
m iu vhv;r mo n(oi woman. aian do
Ing the pleklng.T It Is to laugh!
The will of Mrs, Alice P. Mayer of
Mlddltown, n. I., leaves tho bulk of the
estate tp the town selectmen and stlnu.
lates that a race track .nhsjl be erected.
Tile only woman ever elected "a mem
ber of the Parmer1 National congress
Is Mrs. Marshall- Holt nf flan Pr.nri.
Cal. She Is a large landholder In that
stottf and has personal charge of all that
is done on hrr ranches.
Mr. and Mrs. George Crittenden of
Shelburne Falls, Mass., recently cele
brated the sixtieth anniversary of thejr
marrlaaa bv vliltlnf tha hon in v.-.i.
Adams where they were married. They
have made this visit every ten years.
J. W. Larranee has returned to Oen.
try, Mo., after a two-year visit to varl-
wU UMd( 1
other states. Larranee Is K years
old and Is a teetotaler, having never
tasted Intoxicating liquors and never Used
tobacco In any form. Furthermore, he
never was at a show.
The bearded Haroness Sldonla De Daroy,
47 years old, was married to beardless
Valentine F. Fischer In Pittsburgh. This
Is the second matrimonial venture of the
bearded baroness, whose full flowing
whiskers is the chief asset of the com
bination. The bridegroom is a showman.
When II. B. Murphy of Redding. Cat.,
was summoned to court for Jury duty
he fatted to appear, but -In his place came
his wife as one of the venire of forty.
She told the court that because women
can vote, til California jihe thought an
swering a Jury summons was a case ot
ftmlly 'Jtscretlon and that she could take
her husband's place
Out or naeh,
Indianapolis News.
It is eatlrnated that out ot something
tike 2.S00.000 ot Chicago Inhabitants, about
Jf.000 will 'be required to pay the tnconu
tax. Thlv ratio would Indicate that tht.
vast malor'tv of the nlaln neonle nf Hi
- - - - . .... ,
coutilrv can take a wholly dilntcri,tm :
wt w 01 tne proceeaings.
Twice Told Tales
Where He Drew the I.lnr.
A farmer In onr of the nnlRhborinc
townships who had itano Into scientific
poultry raisin hit upon the scheme of
marking each egg wtlh certain data In
luctt WB8 IV Iimi WniOU
variety of chicken laid best, and then.
icieiibie Ink. His Idea was to find whloh
when the eggs were hatched, attach a tag
to the chicken's legs. He soon found that
his hired man was ncgincnt about
proH- y
n egg. was marked and the farmer rea1
him the riot act.
The hired man listened In sullen mlonrn
until th, eboss finished. Then ho said:
hc here. You'll have to get another
"Why, Jim, you're not aolne to leavn
me after wprklng for me six years?"
tes, I am," rotumed thn hired mnn
I vedohd all sorts, of, ddd choree for you
without a whlmp'tr, tlut I'm durned If
I'm going to stay here and be secretary
to," any durned henr-iBaftlmore Hun.
JInd WIllVa I'eriiiU.ton.
At a social session In' Washtnctnn
ether ovenlnir the' conversation turned to
Mu'tnucoi ui me average, klu Ir
ecln the humorous sjde of a situation
When iKln nna n'n . ,.ll.... .... .
tno quickncei of the averaKO kid In
when this one was recalled by Assistant
Secretary of the Navy Franklin Roose
on. .
Itecently, so related the assistant sec-
rotary, a stranger debarked from k train
In a small eastern city and after rambling
arouna a wnilo paused at a street Inter-
section with an expression of perplexity
ti , T t . J
LnJOK Here. boy.1' rnmn.L.H
stranger to a small kid who chanced to
Da passing. "I want to trn n iv.
"All right, old TlflJ ' warn 4 Via ..
' v-,j ni
joinder of the youncstfir
on his way. "Hurry back, ploaBe."Phlla-
oei-nia Telegraph.
TttuIu Ilnd to Stand.
Mark Twain. In his lccturlnc Hnu
reached a ismall eastern town rm Aft...
nooti arid went beforo dinner to a bar
ber's to be shaved.
"You are a strancer in tnwn .1.-
--- .., a.. . . I, U
barber asked.
"Yes, I am a atranaer. here." wn iv
"We're havlne a eooil trtnr. v.rn 1..
night. Sir." US 1.1 tho l,n .!,..
, . v, . ( ,v inarn
Twain lecture, Aro yoU going to It?"
-res, i think 1 will," said Clemens.
"Have vau mi vim. flnl.i' .,.. 41
barber' asked.
"No, not yot," said the other.
"Then, air, "yoU will have to stand,"
"Dear me!" Clemens exclaimed. "It
seems as If I always do have to stand
When I hear that man Twain lecture."
Pittsburgh Chronicle-Telegraph.
Editorial Pen Points
Chicago Inter Ocean: The democrats
claim that the new tariff law will reduce
tho cost of living. One provision of It
Is pretty certain to prodtico an astonish
ing shrinkage In Incomes.
Pittsburgh Dispatch: Now the taking
over of the telephone lines by the govern
ment Is being mooted at Washington.
Imagine trying to got any satisfaction
out ot a "central" holding her Job by
political pull.
ClcvildnuVpialn Dealer: Now that" we
havo p. Choctaw .a register of the treas
ury wo ought to bo assured ot tho ad
ministration's co-operatlon . In getting us
an early, protracted and salubrious
Indian summer.
Boston Transcript; Tho prudent man de
clines to pass an opinion- upon Oscar W.
unoerwooa until he learns whether the
laboring men of the country a year hence
muo"n men or the country a year hence
or burning him In effigy.
Philadelphia Leilirnr it 1. i,.
Iblo the militant suffragettes may over-
tu"' -annnurara coming. It docs hot
JS5 mU!! TRkB th,e Artcan public
' - K " Partleu8-r'y weary of
,ra naaons Imported from
lndlanapplg News: The senators who
aro trying to put the Jobs of deputy
marshals and Internal rvinii rnll.,tn..
In the spoils class should romomber that
cotpparatlvely few people want such
Jobs, after all, and that the rest of the
voters prefer having such places filled
by men of merit rather than men of
political pull.
New York World: The federal Ind.
continue to maintain an exact alterna-
linn n I .. i ....... I ... .
.w,. ,,i iiiiciuictun mo scope or me
M.nn ..-,ki.. .1...... ... . .. .
reversed by. the tlhrd. w,!:
Is now reversed by the fourth, In a case
arising in Maryland. Thev nnw
tvo to two for and against applying the
law only to commercialized vice. Next!
Odd Bits of Life
After an engagement ot fifty years It.
S. Hall and Mrs, Carr of Breckinridge,
Mo.,- wcro married recently. The groom
is TO years old and the bride S.
On the farm ot the Battteboro (Vt.)
Retreat. Farmer Austin F. 7tol has an
acre patch of "Irish cobbler" potatoes
from which he expects to get at least JJ0
bushels. Twenty-three of the potatoes
till a half-bushel basket sometimes.
Jacob Spangler of Mountvllle, Pa., on
th Newcomtr farm, has an ear of com
that Is It Inches In olrcumference and U
Inches long. It contains twenty-three
rows ot grains, and thero are forty-five
grains to & row, making 1,0 gains on the
Roy Crlder of Caldwell. Clinton county,
Pennsylvania, has an ox that ho has
trained to trot to a buggy, Is being taiurht
10 well that It will stop at a second's
notice going down a hill, or can travtl
1 equal to a horse. He took It to Wool-
rich, and It traveled the dlstanco and
back In something over two hours. Jftve
miles each- way.
Miss Helen Travers. the president of
the Bachelor Girts' club ot Duluth. said
In a toast, "The Men," at the club's nine
teenth anniversary: "And now we come
to the man as husbund. Man as nuebarl
may be dlvldfd Into twq classes-he whose
meals disagree with htm, and he who dis
agrees with his meats "
A miserable-appearing roan, with an
"I Am Blind"- placard across his chest,
sat on a soap box selling lead pencils at
Third avejue and Sixty-third street, New
York City. A vagrant pasjlng by dex
terously exacted u quarter from the cup.
Then a m'rarle was performed. The
"blind" man threw off his green goggles
and chased the fleeing thief. The vag.
rant drnnned the ouarter. The "hllnrt"
mm, ,vnc n 11 .
restored," he cried
man picked It us. A miracle, my sight Is
lie disappeared when
threatened by Indignant bystanders.
A Mse-rp of (he NeiTTnrlfi: "I
YORK, Neb., Oct. 7.-To the. jSilltor
o'f The Bee: I see by the papers Iha't wo
have got ours at last anil that the
pledges have been redeemed, - aVid that
without any ttaln of trick or any
thing to Indicate that the Interests had
any hand In framing the new Wilson
bill. Well, before you take that as a
fact let us go over the field. High
over the gate to this field of promises
and actions was written,' "Equal Trtvl-
legos to all Special Privileges to Non
No Protection No Free Trade but
Tariff for Revenue Only."
is mat what wo got7 No, not By a
mllo did we get what was promised, for
we have been given a large slice of
frco trade, and have been given some
protection and some ot It was raised
higher than before, and where they were
going to cut the high cost of living on
the sugar tariff they Just forgot about
that promise and are going to let that
favored trust have three years' time to
brace Its weak places, beforo going to a
free trade basis. If that Is keeping the
pledge then why not give the same
treatment to the live stock business and
to the wool Industry? While good old
bourbon gets a raise., and with the same
klpd of statements that they won their
election on. (That Taft promised reduc
tion and gsive a ratao Instead.) Can
othera assail this bill? For the Payne
Aldrlch bill was a reduction In a large
majority ot cases and a raise In a few,
But this new bill Is a cross on which tho
democratic party will bo crucified, and
for which the crown of defeat will be
given It at an early date, for cutting
the prices to consumers without regard
10 producer win bring Its rewards or
punishments' In spite of democratic
promises. FRANKLIN POPE.
The Commercialising: of Vice.
CObUMBUS, Neb., Oct. 6. To the Pd-
itor or The Bee: As one Interested In
tho no-called Albert law my attention
has been attracted to a letter In The
Be 3 signed "M, D.", wherein the writer
says, among other things, "And I main
tain that clandestine prostitution la many
times more dangerous, to the public
health and morals than It Is under control
and rigid civil and medical inspoctlon."
The "M. D.", for the reason stated, Is
opposed to the law In question, and ex
presses a willingness to discuss the whole
matter "from the standpoint ot a phy
sician." Tho writer of that letter, like alt those
who have criticised this law, seems to
be Ignorant, not only of Its provisions,
but of the statutes In force when It was
etlacted. In other words, he seems to
think that beforo tho Albert law waa en
acted tho city ot Omaha and other cities
ot the state had the legal authority to
permit and regulate houses of prostitu
tion, and to place them "under control
and rigid 'civil and medical Inspection."
I have not the slightest doubt that It
will be news to him to be told that there
never has been a time In this generation
when a house of prostitution could legally
exist in this state, nor when any city
had the lawful power to regulate a place
of that kind, or lawfully appropriate a
dollar to defray the expense of "rigid
Inspection)"' mcdlcat or otherwise. Hliould
that law ba repealed' today It would stm
be! Unlawful to keep 'or maintain a bawdy
.houircy evert In Omaha, or to appoint ."M.
D." or any other physician at a- "salary
as city Inspector, of prostitutes.
Again he betrays an Ignorance of - the
object of that law. Its author neVer
dreamed that- it would wipe the vice front
Nebraska, It Is aimed at the 'commer
cialization of the evil, and the "wblte
slave traffic." Has "M. D," read Knee
land's "Commercialized Prostitution In
New York City?" At page SJ h, says!
"I simply want to emphasize the fact
that the procurer has practically no
chan:a to ply his trade unless there are
houses ot prostitution from which ho can
accept orders and to which he can dis
pose of the 'goods.'"
Prostitution la bad enough, God knQWs,
but when a. community, permits It to. be
commercialized, permits capital to he
Invested In palatial resorts top Indulgence
In such vice, It must do so vjth- full
knowledge of tho fact that Investors ex
pect returns on their Investment and de
sire large returns. That means, that the
trade must be catered tothat a demand
must be ..created or enlarged and that
such demand must be satisfied. That Is
what has filled the streets and public
places ot New York and other great cities
wth a hordo. ot procurers, whose business
Is', not only to solicit trade, but to pro
cure "fresh goods" to meet demands. In
other words. It Is what has given rise to
the "white slave" traffic, the very eyll
at which the Albert law .Is aimed.
Now, If "M. D." will come out over his
own signature and say that he has read
the. law and . familiarized himself with
other leglslatlop on the subject and still
claim that tho jaw should be repealed, or
b disposed to criticise It, I. shall be glad
to engage In the discussion ho proposes.
Here and There
Automobile manufacturers are raising
a fund of 110,000,000 to put the Lincoln
highway In speeding condition.
There are about titty rich Indians In
Oklahoma with Incomes of 10u,OM or
more a year, who are expected to grunt
copiously when the Income tax collector
touches them. One Indian princess takes
In 110,000 a month as royalty from her
oil lands. - .
Almost every known speech and color
of the human race wero represented In
a collection ot t,SiZ aliens unloaded at
Kills Island. N. Y., last Thursday. It
was a record day for the melting pot.
The new Equitable bullding'ln New
York City when finished will be not only'
the largest building In the world, but
will have a rent roll approximating ),
000,000 a year. Thlrty-slx acres of rent
able floor wll be divided Into 2.&90 of
fices. ,
Persons who are In thu habit ot at
tributing all the crimes ot boys to the
pernicious literature they absorb when
they ought to be at work will find, somo
embarrassment In the case ot the Cleve
land boy who stole $1,400. He had been
reading 'Tom Brown at Rugby," and
from that book, usually regarded as ex
tremely wholesome, he became Infected
by a perfect passion tor an Oxford edu
cation. Being Intruuted In his capacity
of messenger with Jl.tOO, he recognized
that the moment for accomplishing his
ambition had arrived, and started Imme
diately for Oxford, but was Intercepted
by the police In New York.
HeMy dear, these pies ar not like
the ones mother used to make.
She (belligerently)-Wllt you please tell
me what la the difference between mine
and hers?
L. He Yours are fit to cat. Baltimore
. "What are you going td select as a
birthday gft for your- Wlfo?"
'"I don't knoy yet. She' hasn't ' hatl
time to promenade me past the Jewelry
store windows and murmur, her i special
admirations." Washington Star... ,.
"My wife will know I drank too'mufh'
at the banquet."
"Why, you are walking straight
'But look at the bum umbrella I picked
out." Pittsburgh Post.
"Your legal department must be very
"Yes," sighed the eminent trust mag
nate, "it is."
"Still, I suppose you have to main
tain It7"
"Well, I don't know. Sometimes I think
It would be cheaper to obey the law."
Publishers' Weekly.
Aunt Bobby, how can. you be so selfish
with your apple? Don't you know that A
pleasure shared Is a pleasure doubled?
Bobby Yes. but an apple shared Is
halved. Boston Transcript.
Ttrtrr1lor1i T r- T t .1 nM r i-. ti .
baye this afternoon.
auss Keen ho did I,
Borelelgh-She was locking very tired,
AHUM If , n Va m -I.. . I ..... . . . .
called. lioston Transcript.
Mrs. FlB-Ml' .hn.h.nJ I !,
j.p nn.no ill nig
Tt?.,ri-.nV!'cI,w.lsh 1 could et mine to
Ills dally work Is so confining the pool
W ! . a "" OI exercite.
Boston Transcript.
?,r!?Wht'?. a falth ourls'. dad?
medicine a low who yoa't Uke hls
"Well. Mabel finally landed, that young
For the Toiler
The cost of living is a hard
nut to crack for the working
man. He must have nutri
tious food and plenty of it
and the food must be cheap.
Do you know that there is
more nutrition in a 10c pack
than there is in 4 lbs.
of beef? It is rich in
gluten, the food content
that makes muscle,bone
and flesh.
will reduce your cost of
living. Cut your meat
bills two-thirds
buy a few packages of
a week. Tastes deli
cious, has an appetizing,
savory riavor. you can
make a whole meal of
it. Send for free recipe
book shows how
many ways Spaghetti
can be cooked.
At all grocers'-?
Se and 10c packages,
MAULL BROS., St. Lftite, Mo
A new
, Many women, espe
cially ItenoEranhers.
seamstresses and mu
sic, teachers, have a
slight c.urrat.uro.
without realizing how
quickly it may develop
into a sorlous deform
ity. This tendofacy
may be arrested by a
proper support made
to fit the Individual.
Much a corset will ar
rest the development of
curvMur and avoid
erloua fatnra trouble..
in Deformity
"W h&ve
in Abfrminal
Supporters ,
in Elastic
Tell the whole town
of that want of yours by a
classified ad iri "The Bee."
Phone Tyler 1000
man that's been romlng to seo her jo
I long, I wonder how she did It?"
I "We'll never know, dear; there'
tricks to all trades and professions."-
St. Louis Republic.
Chicago Inter-Ocean.
Go. little song,
Your message bringing
To" hearts that long
Have, known no singing;
To hearts that hold
No glad tomorrows;
To hearts grown old
With cares and sorrows.
Sing but a lay
Of wodslde rambles!
Of autumn day
And berry brambles.
Of gain and pelf
Make men forgetful;
Of thought of self
And wsrrles -tretful.
Take back the heart
To babbling fountains
From street and -mart.
To storied mountains.
Of rainbow's end
And golden treasure
A message send,
Perchance of pleasure;
Of country sights
And village steeples;
Of fairy sprites
And elfin peoples;
Of woodland rill
And dancing shadows;
Of daffodil
And sun-shot meadows.
Make young again
The heart that hardens;
Sing of the rain
And old-time gardens.
Go, little song,
For Joy Intended;
Return ere long,.
lour mission ended.
spinal corset
for curvature
1 m - v , i' v ei -,"
This cor&et answers all pur
poses of tho ordinary one and
also arrests the development
iA If i .
curvature or tne spine.
nxnrt tlrayn i- t.j,. .
f Specialists J
I in Arch I
I Supports 1
The W.G. CleyelandCo.il
Surgical ana Invalid BuppUss .
1410-ia Hara Btre.t, Phona a&ttg. JUS. " 1 "
"Jlwj your furyhut Mupplit ' '
ahtrt your phy$iclan 6m yj ht$. " ' ' .'

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