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X.IX ins? Tti. Ttnn KutnaL Qooia.
LlrMlnr ratur.s. aurm-Qruilu Oo.
rtdtlltT Storare k Tun Co. Doug-. 1S1.
Kava Hoot Print It Nov Beacon Press.
BoUtr Skating- at Chambers' Fsr
tmtn street entrance. Fhone Douglas 1X71.
Cfcambirs School of Dancing Bow Oj
Social, Aesthetic and stag dancing
taught Telephone Douglas 1871.
Haw Baoy airl A. bouncing baby girl
was born to Mr. and Mrs. Claud W,
Shay, US South Sixty-first street. Tues
day. Both mother and baba are reported,
ss doing splendidly.
Ballroad Xan Bits Burlington head
quarter has received notice at the death
o E. B. Prlndlvllls, traveling passenger
fgent. with headquarters at Pittsburgh.
Pa. Mr. Prlndlvllle was well known by
Omaha railroad men, having been hero
many times.
Short Weight Cass Dismissed Charges
wtro brought In police court against O.
F. Hupner, a grocer, of MM Sherman
avenue, that he gave short weight on
oysters. It was charged that he was
short fifteen ounces on two quarts. The
as wns dismissed.
Bays a Soma Daniel Desdunes, porter
In chargo of the billiard room at the
Commercial club and head of the Dcs
Junes orchestra that furnishes music for
Commercial club luncheons, has pur
'hased a home on Burdette -street, be
tween Twenty-flflh and Twenty-sixth
ttroets. it was bought from Sam Marko
vitx for 2,6. ' .
ratting- Btovts In Cars The street
tallway company has commenced putting
stoves into Its cars and will start the fires
as' soon as the weather becomes cold
enough so that they are needed. The
city ordinances require tfiat fires In
stoves in the street car shall be started
November 1, but the company will not
wait until tills date Iti tho event the
weather should turn cold.
Seal Estate Exchange Figures it is
a Good Purchase.
Six Offenders Get
Sentences in the
United States Court
Six persons who were Indicted by the
recent federal grand Jury were arraigned
before Judge Morris In United States dis
trict court and pleaded guilty to criminal
charges. All offenders were given sen
tences. William Murphy pleaded guilty to In
tiodudng liquor on the Winnebago reser
vation and was fined 1100 and costs and
sentenced to serve sixty days In the
Dodge countv -Jail.
' Howard Back pleaded guilty to violat
ing the, Mann act in transporting "Evelyn
McClIhtock from Slour City. Is., to
OmahhJ'for Immoral purposes, lie was
sentenced to serve four months in the
Hall county Jail.
Ueo Armstrong stole a coat from the
federal building-last spring and admitted
the theft. He was sentenced to serve six
months In ihe Dodge county Jail.
Orra Grover admitted stealing1 from a
box car on the. Union Paclflo tricks and
was sentenced to five months In Dodge
county Jail.
Albert Scott was fined $100 and costs
and sentenced .to thirty days In the Dodge
county Jail on a charge of Impersonating
a. United States officer, ' J,"
Al Clay pleaded guilty to selling liquor
without a. government license and,' waa
fined JtOOj&Mjas.And glven.aUty days
In tho Dtiglft county Jail. ' '
Policemen "Ask" for
Pive Days' Lay-Off
All policemen have 'asked for a five
day " lay-off." They made tho request
upon the ' order of the police commU
slorier who Is cutting down expenses to
prevent a JiOOO deficit.
Acting; Chief- of Police Dempsey said
the coppers had accepted the order with
out protest. Chief of Police Dunn Is on
a hunting trip.' Before, he left Tuesday
he mailed blanks to tho policemen which,
filled out,, are requests for leaves of ab
le nee. .
Ralph F. Brown, secretary to the mayor
of St. Paul, Minn., accompanied' by Mrs.
Brown. Is In Omaha visiting old friends.
Mr. Brown formerly was a reporter for
The -Bee.
Salts Fine for
' Aching Kidneys
We eat too much meat which
' rclog3 Kidneys, then the
Back hurts.
Most folks forget that ths kidney,
like the bowels, gt sluggish and clogged
and-ineed a flushing occasionally, else
ws have backache and dull ml wry In the
kidney region, severe headaches, rhsu
matic twinges, torpid liver, acid stom
ach, sleeplessness and all sorts of Blad
der disorders.
Tou simply must keep your kidneys
active and clean, and the moment you
feel an ache or pain In the kidney re
don, get about four ounces of Ja4
Salts from any rood dru store here.
take a, tablespoontul In a. glass of water
oefore Dreaarast for a few days ana
yeur kidntya will then act fine. This
famous salts la made from the acid of
grapes and lemon, Juiee, combined with
tlthla, and Is harmless to flush clogged
kidneys and stimulate them to normal
activity. It also neutrlatse the acids
In the urine so It ho longer Irritates,
thus ending bladder disorders.
Jad Salts Is. hartal; lnsxslva:
makes a dallchtful effervescent llthla-
water drink which everybody aheulil
take now and then to keep their kin7
clean, thus avoiding serious computa
tions A well-known local druggist saya he
sells Jots 6f Jad Baits to folks wh be
lieve In overcoming kidney trouble while
It Is only trouble. Advertisement
Some Members Would IIhtf the IU1I
Laid By, While Others Sairaeat It
Be Given Speedy Action
One YTsr or Another.
Members of the neal Estate exchange
yesterday continued Its committee for in
VestlgaUnr the practicability of the pur
chase Of the Auditorium ty the city,
alter hearing the report of the special
committee, with H. F. Wyman, chair
man. The committee refused to make a
recommendation, but asked that further
Investigation be made. However, the re
port contained a lot of Information. It
was eetlmated by the committee that the
J 3,000 asked for the Auditorium would
be about 60 cents on the dollar of the
cost of the Auditorium as It stands. It
reported a seating capacity of 6,000, which
with some slight alterations could be
made 6,000. The building proper, acoord
Ing to the report, cost $200,000; the fur
niture and fixtures ,3j the land origin-
lly t,S03: which makes a total of I74,-
432. The assessed valuations reported at
$M6.000. To finish the Interior, according
to the original plans, it was reported
would ccet 110,000; to finish the exterior,
according to original plans, 115.000.
W. II. Green sprung a suggestion on
the exchange for a new bridge across the
Missouri river at Florence. If the street
car company would not built It, om.e
tnterurban would, he said, and he had
no doubt that a tittle agitation along
that line would soon bring the bridge.
"The retail business 6f Omaha," he said.
'needs the new business this project
would bring. It would open up a field
of trade for Omaha out Into Iowa for a
distance of 100 miles." He said he had
,taken the matter with Missouri Valley
parties and had secured the promise that
If the bridge were built there, Missouri
Valley would finish a hard road between
the bridge and Missouri Valley. He said
he had made an Investigation and had
learned that bed rock in the river at
Florence Is only thirty-five feet down. A
resolution was adopted by the exchange
providing for the appointment of a com
mittee to make an exhaustive Investiga
tion of tho practicability of such a pro
ject The committee Is to be, composed
of three men from each of the following
organizations,, the. Real Estate exchange,
the Commercial club, tho Retailers' asso
ciation, the Improvement clubs.
The currency bill received marked at
tention at the exchange meeting whep
the subject waa started by J, B. Haynes,
who read a long paper- on the- subjeot
He hoped and believed that the senate
would hold the bill for fuller and more
exhaustive discussion than did the house
before it passed the measure. .He said
there waa no doubt but that It had been
railroaded through the house. He said
the banks of Omaha -alone would lose
17,000,000 or 18,000,000 of their reserves If
the bill went through, as there would be
a general contraction1 of credit
F. H. Myers followed in the discussion,
saying that Haynes had made a lot bf
mere assertions. He held that j Instead
of a general contraotlon of credit through
out the country there would be a gen
eral expansion, of. credit that would do
us all .good, lie oasea nis argument on
the proposition that the national banks
are now. 'carrying '0 per cent In 'reserve's',
while Vve ijijv, only requires tha'm to.carfy
SS per cent "Under the new" bill.1' he
said,' "the regional banks , would stand
at the ;Ibow of the national banks ready
to help, .ttie.ni . at any Urn, and It would
not ,bt .n.cc.ary for them Individually
to. carry sp, large a, reserve. The conse
quence would be that this extra money
now tied up cquld bo loaned to you and
me and the rest who need It to work
with, and there would be a general ex
pansion of credit"
Both Mr. Myers and John F, Flack,
president of the City National bank,
argued that Instead of asking the senate
to hold up the bill they ask that It be
pushed with whatever changes or amend
ments are necessary, so that one way or
the other the matter can be settled, as
the pending of the bill with all the ad
verse talk about It is hurting business
more than the bill Itself can. Definite ac
tion on the matter was deferred to the
next meeting.
With Judge Lovett Union Pacific .
President Inspects Lines. i
Says Farmers of Kniisna Aw In the
Oest of Spirit, Kvcn Thonah
They Hart Small Crops
for Thin Year.
President Mohler and Chief Engineer
Huntley of the Union PaclOo aro back
from the west, having accompanied Judge
Lovett, chairman of tho Harrtman sys
tem of roads from Kansas City to Salt
Lake City on his trip to Los Angeles,
where he will remain several weeks.
Tho Union Pacific officials met Judge
Lovett al Kansas City and proceeded
leisurely over the Kansas. Wyoming and
Utah lines, making an Inspection of the
properties. Speaking of conditions
throughout the country over which they
traveled. President Mohler says the pros
pects for a large crop next year are ex
cellent In Kansas there has been an
unusual rainfall during the last few
weeks and the acreage of winter wheat
sown Is up to It not greater than last
year. Farmers are receiving high prices
for everything they have to sell and In
stead of being discouraged by reason of
the crop failure this season, they are
more enthusiastic than ever before.
Bnslness Satisfactory.
Mr. Mohler found business satisfactory,
the road In the beat of condition and
traffic the heaviest in the history of the
Union Pacific and Short Line. Westbound
business Is a little light, but eastbound
there never has been anything that would
compare with the volume now moving
and In sight for the future.
In Interviews given out at points along
the route of travel Judge Lovett Is quoted
as having sold that in traveling about
the country he had found conditions per
fectly satisfactory In certain localities
and not quite so much so In others. He
hopes that conditions will adjust them
selves under the recent tariff legislation,
but never expressed an opinion as to
what would be tho ultimate outcome,
Judge Lovett is quoted as having said
that he Is pleasod with the condition of
the Harrlman properties, adding that
while they would be kept so, he did not
think there would bo any extensive ex
tensions or improvements contemplated
until a change comes over the money
market In the east. The bond market, the
Judge says, Is a little off and about the
only things that can bq sold for what
they are really worth ake $ gold pieces.
So long as these conditions maintain, the
Judge does not look for any great activ
ity In the way of railroad building.
Many Applicants
Appear for the Job
Vacated by Guild
A stream of applicants for the position
of commissioner of the Omaha Com
mercial club Is already moving toward
the application booth since the resigna
tion of Commissioner J. M. Guild has
been announced. No, they do not all
come in person, so it Is sometimes hard
to tell Just who is applying. Many are
applying by proxy. A. V. Stryker, secre
tary of the South Omaha Live Stock ex
cna'rfge, lias applied and a delegation of
South Omaha Stock yards men have-been
busy around the -Commercial club to see
what they can do lrt his behalf. A string
of other likely follows hung around the
Commercial club lobby this morning
waiting for an opportunity to interview
Commissioner Guild, They all denied
they were looking for the Job, and all
had other business which they wanted
to discuss. William Hughes, secretary
of the Nebraska Bankers' association, ap
peared In the room, but denied that he
was seeking to apply for the Job. South
Omaha bankers appeared In the line and
there was some speculation as to whether
they were present to do what they could
for the candldaoy of Stryker or whether
they were boosting for Hughes,
The matter of choosing a list of candi
dates Is left to a sub-committee of the
executive committee of the Commercial
Wolfe is After the
Smoking Chimneys
Tt U. Wolfe, city smoke Inspector. Is
chasing that elusive article with camera Iwlll
obscura and intends to pros cute room-1
lrg houses and hotels as well as other '
establishments which violate the antl- j
smoke ordinance. OlH
Yiin winiT nero ana me ruroaces
open the smoke nuisance Is being felt
again, although we have succeeded in
squelching It to a great extent," said
Wolfe. "We are going right on after this
nuisance Until It Is In reality abated."
Clarence C. Wendell, iSi Lincoln avenue,
a clerk In the employ of the Nebraska
Telephone company, died yesterday at
the Methodist hospital from consumption.
Wendall was about 21 years old and has
lived In Omaha all his life. He had been
suffering from the disease for several
months and he waa taken to Tucson,
Arts., by his brother September 12. but
waa brought back to Omaha about the
first of October because the Artsona doc
tors were of the opinion that he came to
Arlsona too late for relief. He was well
known about Omaha and Is survived by a
father, a mother, two brothers and a sis
tsr, all of whom live In Omaha. No
funeral arrangements have yet been
Serious Lacerations
and wounds are healed, without danger
of blood poisoning, by Cucklen's Arnica
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W)WW ftMtfciaf Sjrm" s4 Uktf se W
Wsdnssday noon s, rnsetlnjr of the boys
at ths University of Omaha was held for
ths purpose of orranlrinj a Toung Men's
Christian association club. The object of
ths club, besides rcllftous purpose, Is to
promote good fellowship among tho stu
dents and to glvs members practice In
parliamentary law, Ths followlnr wsrs
elsctsd as officr. Clinton Halsty, presi
dent; Oldham Paisley, vies president;
Ftndley Jstdcina, secretary; Elmer Rho
den, treasurer- For sergeants-at-arms
Andy Dow and Oeorg High were elected
and ths following were selected as a
committee to draw up constitution:
Victor Jorgensen, Itoy Oreetey and
James Westerfield.
Time Sores
ted Ulcers Healed
Wound Often Bothr
Many Yean After.
Persistent Advertising Is the Road to
People -who have been poulticing and
anointing an old sore for Years ana years
marvel at ths way It heals quickly after
using B. 8, B,
When you come to realise that the skin
and ths flesh beneath are composed of a
network of tiny blood vessels you solve,
ths mystery.
There are wonderful medicinal proper
ties In 8. 8. B. that follow tho course of
the blood stream Just as naturally as ths
most nourishing food elements.
It Is really a remarkable remedy. Tt
contains one Ingredient, tho active pur
pose of which Is to stimulate the tis
sues to the healthy selection of Its own
essential nutriment, And the medicinal
elements of this matchless blood purifier
are Just as essential to well-balanced
health as the nutritious elements of the
meats, grains, fats,, and sugars of our
dally food.
Not only this, but if from the presence
of some distributing poison thre Is a
local or general Interference of nutrition
to cause bolls, carbuncles, abscesses and
kindred troubles, B. 8. B. so directs the
local cells that this poison Is rejected and
eliminated from their presence.
Then, too, 8. 8. 8. has such speclflo
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serve their mutual welfare and a proper
reuiive assistance to eacn otner.
Not one drop of minerals or drugs Is
used In Its preparation. Ask for 8. 8. 8.
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you desire skillful advice and counsel
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The Swift Bpeclfla Co., 210 Swift LAbont
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Do not r.llow some zealous clerk to
larrup th atmosphere in eloquence ovea
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Entire Surplus Stocks of Prominent Philadelphia
Manufacturers, together with a great purchase
Imported Curtains from a St. Gall manufacturer.
On Sale
his will be beyond all question the sale ot lace curtains that will be the talk of the town. Curtains by tho
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