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Willie Ritchie to Give Gotham Sports
First Sample of His Work.
l.lfthtTTrlRht Chnmplnn Will Take on
I.anch Cross In What Prnmltfi to
lie n Hotly-Stnar.l Affnlr for
Third-Class Honor.
nr w. w. naughton.
SAN FRANCISCO. Oct. .-Thli com
Ing Tuesday night New York will have
Its first gltmpye of Ltchtwdght Champion
Willie Itllchle In action and just what
kind of an Impression nitohio wilt make
upon the fastem fight followers remains
to be een. Willie and trench Cross are
to clash In n ten-round bout mtchl
according to what has been flashed
acrow the wires, ha unlimited reliance
In hl ability to handle young Mr. Cross
In a master!)' manner. As Wllllo oocuples
the proud position of king of the light
Heights, he could hardly be expected to
talk in any other strain.
in dererence to his exalted station n
champion has to radiate confidence as an
cilery wheel emits sparks. If he failed
to do so the public would slacken up Its
worship and it may be the man he Is
training for will not come with that feel
Ins of awe which from time Immcmorable
the under dog la supposed to labor under
when he finds himself In tho presence of
urMMIp royalty.
Itltchlr Is n Thinker.
Apart from nil that, however. Willie
Itltrhln Is a thinking Individual and ho
tuobably rerognlzta that the coming test
ll prove u serious one.
To begin with 1each Cross has spe
cialized over the tcn-roUnd distance and
Is thoroughly at homo In n bout of thilt
length. He has started on so many ten
round Journeys that he knows or should
1 now how fast he can rate himself with-c-it
over-taxing his condition.
This la something that works both
ays. Jt rnabloji a man to tell If the
other fellow Is crowding on more sail
Mhnn he will bo nble to carry. Fortified
with powers of discernment of this kind,
a man who knows the shoit bout game
from A to Z can,conlrvo to keep some
thing In reserve and make, It decidedly
uncomfortable for an opponent who Inn
fought himself Into a state of weariness.
Then, ngaln, lach Is a tricky fellow.
In the matter of sending In a stinging
punch Mhen least expected ho Is a verita
ble surprise package. There Is na par
ticular continuity to his work, as lie
shows to poor advantage occasionally
sgajrvt mediocre boxers and performs
billllaiitly In high-class company. He Is
not to bo gauged by "what ho did In his
last buttle or the one before, nnd he
sandwiches good showings In amongst
bad In such a way that tho highest trlbuto
duo can pay him Is to pronounce him a
Sangorpus man.
A San Francisco I'rodnCt.
Whllo Willie nitchlo Is. to all intents
and purposes a product of (fan Francisco' a
four-round phaso of boxing, It cannot be
said that ho shows to advantage, over
Uiort distances. There Is a story extant
for that matter that lie recognises as
hiUch and that .ho recently decided to
lake a leaf out of Dob Fltzslmmona'
Bob In his later fights around New
York found that ho could not Umber up
to satisfy himself and he Inaugurated a
practice of warming up In his dressing
room with one of his sparring partners
before entering the ring, Itttchlc, It Is
said, believes that a course of that kind
would enable ffTrrvto get down to his bear
ings moro quickly after the starting Rons;
rang, nnd he told some of his friends
that he Intended to go In for loosening
up exercise In the manner of Ftttstmmons.
Maybe tho coming bout with Cross will
mark tho beginning of this now order of
thing, so far ns Ritchie Is concerned.
Far be It from tho .writer to dlsctoso any
man'a scheme of battle, but as Willie
has tnada public property of his s)'atem7
no confidences are betrayed In this espo
clal Instance.
Just watch out, Leach. It Willie comes
Into tho ring with his face flushed and
his forehead moist with perspiration, de
pend upon It he hag had a spirited set-to
with one of his aides back In the dressing
It was the fight with Illvcrs that con
vinced Willie he would have been the
better for a little warm-up prior to taking
the ring. It ulso convinced the spectators
that Ritchie Is slow to get going. It
did more. It made fellows who had bet
heavily on Ritchie fool for a while that
they had barked ud the wrong tree.
Little Wonder, for of all the bedraggled
world's champions that were ever seen,
llltchie was the worst in the early
rounds of that match. His knees hit the
ground; his hair came down over his
eyes, and hts head snapped this way and
that under Hlvcra' pestering fire, nut
Jtlvers gavo out and It came alt right
.fter awhile.
Not a. fair HUottIhb:.
The four-round bout with Ad Wolgast
was about the only match In which
Ritchie got to work tiulckly, lie stag'
gered Wolgast with welt placed rights,
but even this was condoned on the score
that It was Wol trust's first essay after
his operation, the argument being that
he at tho time was more a subject for
sanitarium than a. prlxe ring.
In his match with Joe Mondat at New
Orleans, Ritchie was very late In putting
in his best licks, and, striking an eve-rag o
of hta performances he Is moro at home
n long bouts than shorter ones.
Ritchie, albeit his ring work Is not
of th scintillating kind, Is a hard man
ttt down. He la game beyond question,
although you might 'not think so on
account of the extreme caution he dis
plays In making of matches.
lie has far greater assimilative powers
ban might bo supposed after making a
itudy of hts physique and his facial
characteristics, and he has shown that
se can stand all kinds of wear and tear
and still retain a stiffening right hand
KBW YORK. Oct S.-Seven hundred
requests for individual records of well
known tennis players have been sent out
by the ranking committee of the United
States Lawn Tennis association. This Is
the second notice to the players wishing
to be ranked that they must send In their
Vrformanrei for mi. In the first list 1.00Q
men were appealed to and only a trifle
more than 100 answered. Inasmuch as
the committee expects to get down to
hard work within a few days these rec
ords are absolutely essentia!. The com
mlttee, constating of Charles ' T. Adee.
Miles Charlock ana Charles M. Bull. Jr..
If anxious to surpass all previous records
In the matter of expedient ranking, but
Insists that without the help of the play
9 tbW cannot be done.
Tigers Believe They Will Win the
Bit; College Championship.
Sqnail Is Able Meet Any Kind nf
nn Onslaught nml Has flame
Special Plays that I,ook
Mla-htr Hood.
nr ritANcis dakbii.
NKW YORK, Oct. .-What Is Prince
ton going to do on the gridiron this fall
Head Coach Andrews says that the Tiger
eleven has a better chance of defeating
belli Harvard and Yale than It has hnl
In several years. Of course, optimism
Is one of the chief astcts of the Tigers
They always were an optimistic bunch
but lsst year their optlmJsm carried them
through tho Ya'.e game, 'when they hunr
up a nice llttlo victory over the boys
from New Hnven.
Perhaps It Isn't Just to give optimism
full credit for the Princeton victory
Rluethenthal. "Holey" linker and D-
Wltt had something to do with It, yet
the critics had predicted n Yole victory
before the game.
The same old optimism still obtain"!
at the New Jersey Institutions, Around
tho campus they talk of beating Yale and
Harvard, and this year the critics aru
willing to admit that the Tigers havu
a chance.
Ilrprlns jtensnn Well.
At the outset of the season It was
noticed that Princeton had a line of
championship caliber and this line Im
proved steadily as the season wore on.
for years past the Princeton line hni
been as good ns any In the east. This
year the lino Is better than last, so by
the simple process of reasoning we can
arrive at the conclusion that the Prince
ton line Is "some" line, and that the
Harvard and Yale backflelds will have
a big Job on their hands when they at
tempt to break, through.
With tho line tnken care of. the coaches
tuuied their attention to the backfleld
and the sod newa went out from Prince
ton that nn kicker could be found. As
the season wore on tho uneasiness which
this news precipitated In tho Tiger canp
Increased almost to conslernntlon "Find
n man who can boot tho ball" was the
motto of the Princeton conches.
Find flood "Hooters."
The great "Hobey" Haker was tried out
as a punter. Now Hobey has a knack
or shooting tho ball neotly over tho cross
ing from the thirty or thlrty-flvc-yard
lino, but when It came to booting tho
ball out of 'dangerous territory, Hobey
couldn't send the pigskin for more than
thirty or thirty-five yards, lib simply
wasn't there
Than someone discovered a youngster
named Giles, who had an Idea thnt he
had a toe capable of sending tho leather
on a nice long Journey. Mr. Giles tried
It out. In practice he made fifty-five and
sixty yards with the wind and forty-five
end fifty ngolnst It. Things began to
look promising, but the trouble wa that
lilies could not lift tho leather high
enough to give the ends a chance to get
down the field under the punts so the
coaches pinned their faith to Hobey
Raker again. In the Bucknell man boat
ing tho ball forty-flve and fifty yards
while Raker did not average mora than
thirty-five yards.
Last week tho name of Rusx Law burst
forth on the Princeton grtairon Mke a
mushroom ufter a summer shower. Tho
roaches said "Rusx" was the man to
punt for theTlgers when they entered
Into the Harvard and Yale clashes. They
said Buix could go out on the field and
Mnd that little old foot ball fifty yard
or moro without exerting himself. At
that time tho far-heralded "Duix" was
In the hospital with a bad. foot. Ho
couldn't got Into the Syracuse game and
we have yet to ace him In action.
Cnn Hnndle Punters,
If Law will only live up to his reputa
tion which has emanated chiefly from the
coaching staff, Princeton will bo aide ro
take care of Itself in a punting duel.
"Hobey" Haker and "Brad" Strelt are
the two twinkling lights In the Tiger
backfleld. Last year Baker's specialty
was dashing through a broken field or
skirting the ends on wide runs. This
year "Hobey" appeared In th camp
carrying ten or twelve pounds moro
weight than last year and started in on
line plunging. He has shown a remark.
ablo ability for hitting the line hard and
sliding through outside tho opposing
tackle. Strelt Is the husky fullback.
weighs about 1S5 pounds and Is built on
tho regular llnea of a steam roller, and
the men who have tried, to tackle htm
say he Is Just about as difficult to stop
as tho aforementioned steam roller.
Qllck has also shown up well In the
backfleld, while Merrit at halfback plays
a good game. He shines particularly In
running Interference for Raker when the
latter Is earning the ball.
Emmons and Stewart Baker have both
been tried out at quarter. "Stew" Baker,
who Is a brother to "Hobey," has shown
some disposition to fumble at times, but
the coaches hope to be able to eradicate
this trouble before the big games. Lam-
berton is also a good man and, although
he plays In the line, he can punt almost
as .well as Hobey Baker, lacking, how
ever, the tatter's accuracy In drop and
Place kicking.
One of the strongest men In the line
Is K. Trenkcman at center, He has lm
proved steadily, especially In the are of
passing th ball and this, coupled with
his weight, makes him the logical candi
date for the pivot position In the 'big
games. However, there Is a possibility
that he may bo shifted to guard.
Play Openly,
This year the Princeton team has gone
In for a more open style or play than
waa formerly used by the Tiger elevens.
The coaches adopted the famous Utnno-
sota shift, the Invention of Dr. Williams,
and have been drilling the squad In it
for some time. Much Is expected from
this play It It Is used against Harvard
and Yale.
The list of coaches now Includes the
names of some of Princeton's past stars.
uiuothentha has been with the team
sine the beginning of the season and
Herbert Held has also been called In to
assist The latest additions are Gurry
Cochrane of the class of '98; Cyril Ballin,
'lo, and McFayden. who was the hero of
the 19C3 and 1900 teams.
Cootuba Collects Win.
Jack Coombs got a full share of the
world's series money, although he was
the season's championship. The kind act
iuiu a suiicnns inic snows mere U
some heart In ball pleura after all.
Hralnard Now on Map.
Leslie Rush Is the hero of this year's
world's series and Rralnerd, Minn.. Is the
la only 20 years old and Bralnerd has
a long future before it as a home of a
real celebrity.
Hknfrr Insaltlugr Again.
I'mplre Tom Connollr claims lis was
Intuited by Tlllla Shafr during the re
cent contests at the Polo grounds.
NEW YORIC Oct. 25. It was unfortu-
nate for Harvard that Bradleo, tho
young quarterback, who ho shown such
sensational work this fall, was no seri
ously Injured In a practice game that he
had to remain out of the lineup for over
two weeks. For this heady young player
to be crippled at this stage of tho game
will Impair the Crimson sqund very ma
terially. Bradlee has proven himself to
be a natural foot ball player. He Is
speed, accurate and quick-thinking and
Old Play Has Been Authorized and
is Again Being Used.
Was Originally Invented by na Old
I'enn Con eh and Since Then Its
Popularity Has (lone Vp
n)nd Dotvn,
NEW YORK. Oot. e.-Foot ball fans
looking for the spectacular will have
their fill this season. The on-stde kick,
again made legal, is being quietly tried
at several of the big centers, and' coaches
plan to make this daring play one of
tho greatest ground gainers in the
championship games.
The llttlnellows, always waiting to
develop Ideas from tho more prominent
elevens, haven't revealed this play yet,
for the , simple reason that the leading
teams refused to dlvulgo their strength
at this means ot gaining ground. Ac
cording to report, Penn State has be
come very adept nt the on-slde kick,
and the Princeton coaches, always
kindly disposed to 'this play, have assid
uously drilled their charges In the best
way to recover the short kick.
The present open field style of game
gives the' on-eld o kick a big chance of
gaining. While the play Is Hazardous
It not properly timed, It Is nevertheless
a powerful moans ot advancing the ball
If the 'defending team Is strung out In
a wide form'utlon.
line "WIiiiiIiir- Knvor.
Gridiron authorities figure that the on-
slde kick luta three chunces to one ot
going through successfully. ThU Is based
on the advantage the kicking side has of
recovering the ball. The play, while de
pending a lot on luck, Is simple.
The attacking team elects to try an
on-elde kick. The hooter receives a di
rect pass from the center. 'The entire
backfleld three playera take their places
to the side of the kicker. Kach maa on
the lino, of course, takes care ot his op
ponent. The scheme Is to shoot the ball
over the line to one aide, out of reach
of the secondary line. With the kick the
opposing end Is sucked Into the play and
the tlirto men on tho kicker's side break
through to recover the ball.
If correctly- executed the ball Is placed
out ot reach of the defending backfleld.
the only man having a chance -to get
to It being the halfback on the extreme
end. The odds ara three' to one In favor
of the klckerfs team recovering the. ball,
based solely on tho ability of either one
of the three men to oiitrace the defend
ing half getting to -the bounding ball.
The tlsment ot success Is large tor the
attacking eleven If 'the ball bounces either
ahead or in back. If It Junipe too far It
ts likely to travel out qt bounds. In which
case the defending side would reoelve It
It the ball bounds In toward the scene
of play It Is probable that the defensive
halfback Would be the first to catch It.
This year the rules allow the ball to be
kicked for all distances-there are no lim
itations. Has Had Stormy Career.
The tricky onslde kick has had a stormy
career. It was originally Invented by Dr.
Carl Williams, the old Penn coach. George
Slrooks, the present I'enn roach, became
so proficient In the play that the Red and
Blue stood Its opponents on their heads
With this play. Coaches, claiming the on-
slde kick too dangerous, refused to take
It up, and It was not until 1W7, when
Kddle Harlan of Princeton accomplished
miracles with It Harlan could boot with
the accuracy of a pitcher throwing a base
ball, and the Tigers reeled off nianyladian mile champion, will go that die
yards' gain on this tanra aa well aa the half mile and two
Eventually the spectacular short kick
Eastern Star Quarterbacks
StKKL. - VJ1sibbbbbbbbsbHssbbbbHsbbbbbbsbbbV
doesn't know what foar Is.
Tho two great rivals of Harvard, Yale
and Princeton, are also fortunate In the
possession of quarterbacks who can be
depended upon to put up a brilliant play
at any stage ot the game. "Stew"
Baker of Princeton, brother of Captain
"Hobey," began to edge 'Into the lime
light last season, but was pretty much
overshadowed by the resourceful "Ho
bey." But thin fall the youngest mem
ber of the house of Raker has demon
strated that he Is entitled to an equal
gave way to the forward pat Two years
ago the ,rules wero amended to allow the
on-slde kick to bo used, but when It was
necessary for the ball to strike tho
ground beforo any player of the kicking
team could, recover It.
Aa a further means of opening the
gamo to the spectators, as well as elim
inating the dangerous features, tho on
slde klok was Placed on the rule books
with but few restrictions. It may be
kicked for any distance and the chances
of the attacking team recovering It have
been made easier.
Hawkeyes Astounded
By Showing Made by
the Cornhiskers
IOWA CITY. Ia., Oct 25.-Bpeclal.)-lpwa'a
foot ball squad, with four games
already played, will Indulge In a two
weeks' rest before.lt meets Its last three
foes, Indiana, Ames and Nebraska, on the
last three Saturdays of the season. The
Indiana and Ames games will be played
on Iowa field, giving an opportunity for
local rooters to see their team In action
In a big agme for the first time this year.
Indiana Is looked upon. as an equal foe.
The Hoostsrt have much the better of the
weight, and Iowa will have to make up
tho advantage in 'speed and open-work
plays It Sheldon's men are to be downed;
Coaches who have seen the Indiana team
in action describe-lt as a powerful com
bination, with great possibilities. The
Hawkeyes, with their two weeks' of rest,
should be at the top ot their game by
that time, however.
A bod slump oyertook the team .during
the last week, due to reaction after the
Chicago game. . The freihmen repeatedly
outplayed the varsity In scrimmage, and
supporters of the Hawkeyes were not con
fident when the eleven left to play
Northwestern at Evanston. The effects
of this wl be worn' off by the time or
the Indiana game, however.
Nebraska Is picked aa the strongest
foe yet to be encountered. The defeat
administered to Minnesota by the Corn
huskers caused a big stir here, and made
It evident that the locals will have to Im
prove steadily from this time on If they
expect to be In the fight at alt The
Nebraskans havo never encountered
Iowa since Hawley took the coaching Job
hsre, and consequently may find one or
two new toot ball tricks awaiting them,
Local coaches took occasion to ' deny
that Iowa made a touchdown on Chicago
by hiding the ball The Iowa touch
down was made by continued 'use ot the
spread play, one of the widest-open plays
known to foot ball and one which gives
the best kind of an opening for new foot
ball. Later In the game Houghton, the
Iowa center, was knocked down by Des
Jardlen as he was passing the ball, and
Wilson picked up the leather and ran to
the one-yard line.
owj r j.ii.itn.v, uct. a. The ac
ceptance of Reginald Caughey, a Uktah,
Cat., high school boy, at the Invitation
of the Amateur Athlrtto union to Join
the All-America track and field team.
which will leave San Francisco foV th
Antipodes on November 12. completes the
organisation. Caughey Is a shot putter.
James Roeenberger of Ore New York
Irish-Americans will be the sprinter on
the tram; R. R. Templeton of Stanford
university will do the hurdles, high
Jump, broad Jump and pole vault: and
T. II.... . . V. . I .
share of the glory. He Is said to be
ablo to carry aa many signals In his
hood as an encyclopedia.
But Cornish of Yale""has a Blight edge
on both of his rivals In kicking. When
his toc connect with the pigskin sold
pigskin travels far and accurately. All
threq,- of thtee young men are expected
to do sensational work In thd big games
next month, and the only regret ot their
respoctlve coaches Is that their teams
are not as strong In every department
as. they are In the quarter field.
Route Will Be from New York to
the Paoifio Coast.
The Ocean-to-Oceaa IIlKhrrny Asso
ciation Has Plana for a, Route
Through Soatbwest and
NEW YORK, Oct. S.-Although the
10H reliability tour of the American Au
tomobile association hasn't been much
discussed the report has been started
again that in 1915 the American Automo
bile association plans to have Its-run from
New York, to tho Pacific coast In order
to have a' part In the Panama-Pact flo
celebration. Tho plan was spoken ot
first some, months -ago before even the
U run was under way and only re
cently W. J..Moran.of.,New York talked
about It to manufacturers of automobiles
In the middle west.
Tho cjiances are that the route of the
Lincoln highway will be used. This is
very much the same as the road from
New York to Los Angeles that W. O. L.
Weatgard, representing the American
Automobile association has been travers
ing In a pathfinder.
It is reported that there la such en.
thuslasm.over a tour-through the south
ern -section of this road across the con
tinent. that 1. entries could be got with
out much trouble. It ta thought n
that the support of the promoters of the
Panama:Paclrio exhibition would help to
bring such a tour to actual being. "The
attltudo of the southerners shows beyond
the shadow' of a doubt" says "Senator"
Morgan, "that there are bound to be
several well defined tra nacani I n An f 1
htghways equally as good as tho rock
road which Is tp be dedicated aa a last
ing memorial to Abraham Lincoln.
'Among the other sections ot the
country there are othr mediums of
transcontinental travel that will not h.
overlooked. The Midland Troll associa
tion is iyn composed of the kind of men
that wilt lay down their arms. and give
up the grand fight they have been wag
ing for a highway through their beau
uiui western country.
"The Ocoan-to-Ocean Iflshwav
Oon has plans for a. route through the
.iwuuio west ana southwest that are
bound to mature, as the project is backed
by typical western, energy and brains.
There are Innumerable western
roads associations, that have stretches
of good road that they are not going to
isoiaieu line an oasis In the desert of
Use western wilderness. Things will be
booming In the good roads' line all
over the west, for the next two years
.Mu once started this movement will
never cease.
"It la planned, to enlist turn n
In the American Automobile aisoclatfon
tour representing various clUea along
the different transcontinental highway
routea Entries of two and three cars
aay. representing Indianapolis or De
troit or Cleveland, would attract no nrt
ot attention on such a tour and would
be commented on In alj of the big news
papers and magazines throughout the
"Texas, and In fact all of the state
throughout the great southwest and
southern Atlantlo states, really havt
good roads." ,
ft is (aid that the proposed tour Is
Intended in no way to detract Interest
from the worthy Lincoln highway proj
ect, but Is to generate enthusiasm along
some ot the other routes so that Interest
will not die out with the realization ot
one great occan-to-oocan highway.
Local Amateur Foot Ball-Teams Are
Pleasing Fans.
Various ARirrrcntlona Do Their Hat
ties vrlth Vint and VIxor nnd
Never Sluff nt Any Time
Dnrlnsr the' Plnys.
That oval-shaped article Is gliding along
j rather smoothly and the manipulators oti
, the aforementioned are dishing out an
j extraordinary high grade of reltshable
I foot ball. Apparently the foot ball de
i votees are overly well pleased with tho
(leather egg exponents. They have shown
I thjB not by words so much as by being
on deck at the local attractions. Several
games are on 4he menu for today that
will Ir all probability draw packed
houses. Last Sunday, climatically speak
ing, was on tho blink, but, nevertheless.
I large crowds were on hand. If they will
turn out whon the climatic conditions
would suggest hugging Old Man Fire,
what wilt they do on one of thoso made-to-order
days that occasionally slip
around during this period of the year?
Hat Tnnttle at Ronrkr'a.
Without a doubt a pair of tangles that
will be torrid affairs from the Jump-off
until tho graveyard scene will be Jerked
off at Rourke park this afternoon when
the champion Superior herd greet their
ancient rivals, namely, the Monmouth
Parks. Preceding them will be a bout
between the Fontenelles and the Spauld
Ings. Two of these teams hall from the
south part of Omaha, viz., the Superiors
and the Spauldlngs, and the other two
get their sleep In the north part. The
north aiders look pretty strong and from
present Indications and according to their
own loquacious Junk, tho Union geezers
will have to put up a fight on the horse
radish order if they want to win out In
their strike rot 'the permission to cart
awny the largest Wad of dough. Both
of these games will be for blood and fans
should not fall to be oh the Job If they
want to see two dandy arguments. First
tamo at 1:30 p. m.
Lineup for first game:
Smltherow ........C.IC Smith
.Mannert ...it.u.
Brewster .......L.O.
McClurg R.T.
1. Llgl.tell L.T.
Hatch R.E.
Russell UH
Glasgow Q.B.
F. Lighten... R.H.B.
ItG Schneider
KG Fitzgerald
R.T. Kouth
IjlT Hove
R.E Kohler
L.E.., Schrieber
Q.B..: Moyian
ItH.B Haunlgan
Rush UH.B.
L.H.B Kreljeck
F.B Thlel
Gibson F.U.
Substitutes: Gulnette. Seaton. Knott,
Hardy, Blerman.
Second game:
IComorfsky C.
Tost R.G.
Wnolsey .......L.G.
Johnson R.T.
iC.. ....... Llndemler
R.G.... Wendenhoff
L.G Carlson
R.T Sen rum
L.T Pierce
R.E....... Williams
L.E. ). Keenan
Q.B O'Nell
H.H.B Golden
IaII.B HasBtn
iF.B Holler
Pearson L.T.
Tollman n.R
Wright, Rapp.L.E;
uumiey a.u
Tracey R.H.B.
Hhestak I.H.B
Williams F.B,
Another Bitter Contest.
Considerable Interest Is manifested In
the vicinity of Twenty-fourth street from
Cuming to Lake streets aa to which
congregation will snog the sweet meats
during the Jangle between tho Excelsiors
and the Athletics this afternoon at Flor
ence park. Oodles of sour Junk Is no
ticeable between these two leather egg
manipulators nnd they have boon await
ing their long-sought opportunity tor
each other's scalps for some moons and
now that the day has come fans can
plunge their last copper that both squads
will fight like real Trojanrj for the honor
of carrying away the game. The thing
that makes this battle a family affair
is that both teams hang arour.A the some
pool emporium and las they l.im against
each other daily they let their toward
feeling leak out, thereby telling the other
duck; what to expect when they collide.
To make the game more -Interesting from
a spectator's standpoint many of the
neighbors have put up small hunks of
mozuma on the debate. The curtain will
rise for these gladlatora promptly nt
three bella and on account of the un
usual Interest among - thiP neigh bora a
largo cr'ord will undoubtedly greet the
Selden C.
JM. 8chulsky...R.O.
Bealer L.G.
McLaughlan ..R.T.I
A. Bohulsky ..UT.
C. Blackman
n.G Ekman
Ij.q Nordstrom
L.T. Croft
R.H..,...- Isaacson
L.E. O'Ncll
'Q.B..; Greene.
R.H.B...,.. Bprague
UH.B Moran
F.B Fitch
$ub Morrell
Sub Mulvlhlll
Koran , R.E.
F. Gulnane
Bautelle .......Q.B.
Mdore R.H.B.
Srennan ....L.H.B.
K. Uulnane ....F.B,
Sandau Sub,
Gloden Bub.
Aerosai the Sladdr
Across the Muddy today at Athletic
park the newly organized Sherman
Avenue Merchants, composed the ma
jority ot the defunct Belmont squad, will
battle with the strong Joe Smiths. Of
course the Merchants will be oh a for
eign grounds, but a little thing like that
la Immaterial to their husky aggrega
tion. They realize that they are up
against a starchy proposition when they
collide with the strong Council Bluffs
champions, but they are under the Im
pression that they are as good as they
make them and their friends across the
river want to keep their glimmers open.
This "battle will roll on the boards at
three strikes. Down at the village ot
PlattsmoUfh the California Athletics will
sail up against the husky town tribe that
represent that burg. To date the Cali
fornia Athletics have made an enviable
record and they Intend to uphold their
reputation against the plow followers.
Plattsmouth may possibly be able to slip
the Omaha lads a lemon, but they will
receive a few sour spoonfuls of Juice
while the operation Is In progress. At
the present writing the California Ath
letics are stepping some and as they
have plenty of pep and are full of con
fidence they" are a tough bunch to whtp.
South Omaha:
We, Jetter, 2502 N Street.
PVue So. 8S3.
Lost Sunday the Tigers dropped a de
bate to the WIsner. Neb., outfit but as
all the Omaha foot ball fans know that
the WIsner boys are tough nuts to con
quer they are apparently well satisfied
wilt. . , 1. 1 . I t. . 1
Gridiron Gossip.
Lately not much has been heard about
that strong Valley, Neb., herd.
This Is the foot boll time of the year,
and to many tt brings good'. cheer.
The South Omaha Sfiamrocks are not
n aklng Kb much noise as was heretofore
'customary. . '
-Jlorty Wrlgnt of the Superiors will
probably bo able to again don the mote
skins today. '
Tho Titers cot by pretty nicely at
WIsner. Neb., and they report being
treated rorajlr.
Instead ot participating In foot ball
John Gentleman now prefers to lay the
wan lor3 at rest.
For games with the Sherman Avenue
Merchants call Webster 4SC3 and shout
for Ham Da .'Is.
Ali-cady two teams have gone tho
graveyard route, namely the Belmonta
and the Defenders.
Manager Ptxley of the Tigers says he
Is always In hot water when It comes
to scheduling games.
All the monasers are now busy rack
ing their noodles to figure out a good
Turkey dav attraction.
Roy Wold-) Roach says wlthrvehemence
that he Is a down and outer as far as
loot ball Is concerned.
Thanksgiving day the WIsner boys have
arranged to play nh all-star team picked
from our Omaha squads.
- Spill your frames Into Rourke park to
day It you wish to see a row in wnlcn
barrels of bitter dopo exists.
Sidney Foley, the Columbians' coach, Is
overly well pleased with the way his
children are making tho grade.
Although he was only In the ring for a
fow minutes last Sunday nevertheless
Tom Foley registered with force.
On Thanksgiving 'day the lucky dudes
that have gone through the mill without
a scratch won't even be thankful.
The contest today between the Super
iors nnd the Monmouth Parks will prac
tically cinch the city championship.
Rllltn Cur ran, the South Omaha gent
of athletic fame, rang In as an official
during the Superior-Columbian mix.
In the gamo of foot ball they nil try
to win a name. Hard knocks and bumps
of all kinds novcr make them sadder.
Many a fellow has been stuck up
about his foot ball ability, but thoso
kind of dudes generally get stuck In the
What do voU know about the Athletics
being the first team to slip one over
on the much touted Missouri Valley ag
giegatlon? Today Sunday foot ball 15vers will get
a chance to seo the stars of the town
perform during the Superior-Monmouth
Park battle.
Mulvlhlll of tho Excelsiors Is on the
shelf with a bum shoulder. He wilt prob
ably be out of the game for the balanco
of this season
Officer Wade, who ts generally on duty
nt Rourke park every Sunday, sure wades
Into the" crowd when It doesn't stick, back
ot the side lines.
Last wcok tho Belmonts and the Sher
man Avenue Merchants united and here
after they will be, known as the Sherman
Avenuo Merchants.
They say some of our foot ball playera
have got a little sense, but It Is a
loadplpo they can't make dollars out of
It by playing foot ball.
Frank Golden, the lad who performed
marvelous work with tho school on the
hill last year Is doing excellent. Work
for the Monmouth ParkSg-
Missouri Valley as yet lias failed to
nail a contort from an Omaha team.
They played two knotted arguments and
lost ono game by a 7 to 6 score.
Up on the terra flrnta at WIsner, Neb.,
the Columbians from this metropolitan
Joint will buck up against the bursites.
If they sucoaed in snagging this contest
you will all havo to doff your lids In
recognition of the faot that they accom
plished what every other Omaha team
that has met this band failed to do. An
usual the Columbians are in the pink
of condlsh and it ts a 2 to 1 shot their
opponents are riding In the same boat,
so a contest of a thrilling nature should
bo the outcome.
' '
Good Time Now
For Blood Health
Energies Arc More Keen
and Respond Quickly
to Help. .
Let S. S. S. Help Too to Health.
If you are down wlth-rheumatlsm: II
you sneeze, feel chilled, ire choked with
catarrh, have a cough, or your skin 1
pimpled and Irritated with rash, eczema,
or any other blood disorder Just remem
ber that all the Ills pf life come from Im
pure blood. And you can easily glvo your,
bleod a good thorough cleansing, a bath
by using S. 8. S. .There Is no need foe
anyone to be despondent over the Illness
of blood Impurities. No matter how badly
they attack the system, or how unsightly
becomes the skin, Just remember there Is
one Ingredient In S. 8. B. that so stimu
lates the cellular tissues throughout the
body that each part selects Its own es
eential nutriment from the blood.
This means that all decay, all break
ing down of the tissues. Is checked and
repair work, begins. 8. 8. 8. has "such
a speclfto Influence on all local cell? as
to preserve their mutual welfare and af
ford a proper relative assistance to each
other. More attention Is being given to
scientific medicine than ever before
and B. B. 8. is the highest achievement
in tills line. For many years people relied
upon Mercury. Iodide of Potash, Arsenic,
"Physics," Cathartics and "Dope" rem
edies for blood sickness, but now the pur
.vegetable S. S. 8. Is then- safeguard.
You can get 8. S. 8. In any drug- store,
but insist upon having It And you should
take no chance by permitting anyone to
recommend a substitute. And If youi
blood condition Is such that you would
like to consult a Specialist freely, address
Medical Dept. The Swift Speclflo Co.,
SIS Swift Bldg.. Atlanta. Go.
Hugo F. Bils, 1324 Douglaa It,
Phone Doug. 3040,

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