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Council Bluffs
JWhaley and Lanen Knooked Sown
and Slightly Injured.
Lincoln Hlghvrny Bonfire MUlikea
for it Bad Ulnae and Depart
I writ called Out to
Fight IMre.
An accident occurred early yesterday
morning when (ha ' fire department re
sponded to the general alarm that was
turned In. when the whole town was
arbuied shortly after midnight by the
tooting ot whistles and the ringing of
feett to signalize the lighting ot the first
botiflre ot the thousands thai wore to
WiUte alt the way across th continent,
marking the route of the Lincoln Memo
rial highway.
Two members ot the band enraged to
play at the ceremonial were slightly In
jured wlion jV fire, tem dashed
Into. the crowd t&qre the driver could
tef' v
ft'. JL Whaley, leadTror'the band, and
Theodore Larsen. In charge of the baas
Anna, were knocked down. Mr. "Whaley
'was able to resume his duties at his drug
tore before the middle of the day yes
terday, but Mr. Larsen waa obliged to re
main Indoors all day.
No blame 'attaches to the driver ot the
team, Tom Rboney of No.-1-hose com
pany. He thought the fire was real un
til he waa approaching the point where
the bit; bontlro had been started, the
junction ot Peart and South Main streets,
Ho then realised that the purpose was to
add to the general Interest ot the event
by giving the nearly 300 visitors from ad
joining towns who had attended the
booster meetlnff and banquet at the Grand
hotel and the entertainment by the
Xntghts of the Full Moon the chanoe ot
witnessing an exhibition run ot the tire
department, lie approached the crowd
with clanging gong, and all ot those on
the aide between him and the big bonftro
tell back, giving, apparently, a clear
passageway through the crowd. The light
Xrom the fire blinded him so he did not
re the members of the band standing di
rectly ahead of htm on the opposite aide
ot the fire until he waa close to them.
Ml efforts to atop proved fruitless. The
nolM, ot the cheering crowd and the blare
of the band Instruments drowned the
ound of the fire gong and the warning
shouts of those who saw the dancer. Tho
flr team plunged directly through the
compact little circle ot musicians. All
sjot out of the way but Whaley and Lar
en. Whaley was hurt about the arms
and sbeuldera and sustained a sprained
ankle. Larsen waa Injured In almost the
eme way, They were cared for by Drs.
Msxr&a, Tubbs and other physicians who
were present and then taken to their
There were a number ot narrow es
apes. Driver Ilooney waa completely ex
onerated from alt blame by the investiga
tion made yesterday by Fire Chief Nlchol
on and others.
Minor Mention
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Wank book wgrk. Morehouse & Co.
GARDNER PRESS, printing. Phone 63.
Lewla Culler, funeral director. Phone 07.
Bradley Ulectrlo Co., wiring ana tlx
lures. Phone 293.
The highest grade optical work In the
city la done at Leffert's.
cation, JtO Middle Broadway,
Bee llorwlck for wall paper and paint
ing, 2u9.und 211 8. Main street.
Sclentlflo watch. repair work, the kind
tha ia appreciated, at Leffert'a.
Spectacles and eye glasses. and up.
Wormly Drug Btore, KB West llroadwny.
Mutual Bldg. ind Loan xss'n.,-13 Pearl.
BUDWEISER on draught. The Grand.
Budwelser In bottlea at all first-class bare.
Have y6u'r overcoat cleaned; new velvet
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Cook's Cleaning Works, 138 Wit Broad
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Wo have the Plan that has Just .the
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W West Broawayrf Council Bluffs, la.
Biipinntenacni lutnert .01 jne iuwa
School ror the Deaf asked' thepollce de
partment last night to help find two boys
who left the institution early In the even
ing. They are Dan Cronk, 15 years old,
and Walter Htanchan. aged 17. It is not
known whether they had wandettKl awny
or ran away. They had not bees found
at a late hour last night.
The Growers' Canning company yester
day began a suit against II. K. Jennings,
a tenant on 10) acres ot land controlled
by the company. Tho action was to as
euro payment of a balance ot 1213 ot
unpaid land rent, all due on the leased
land for tho present year. The canning
company asks that tho claim be made a
lien on the crop and asks also for a writ
ot attachment.
Dr. Donald Macrae left taat evening for
Des Molnea to attend the meeting ot the
Iowa Clinical Surgical aoclety, which
meets there today. Dr. Macao was Joined
nera ny ur, van uuron Knott, ur. i-nnco
Bawyer and Dr. J. P. Garvcr. all of Bloux
City, nil leading surgeons and prominent
In the medical world. The Woux City
surgeons Were entertained at dinner last
night by Dr. Macrae and left Immediately
aner ror ues uoints. rney win sji uo
entertained while In Des Moines.
Mr. Rose Outschenltter ot Imogene,
la., died yesterday afternoon at the home
ot her mother. Mrs. Michael Ryan, 2214
Hlxth avenue, this city. She is survived
by her husband, Iwrence Gutschenltter,
and three children, three sisters, Mrs.
D. L. Keller of Ottumwa. Mrs. J. P.
Corey, Mrs. Anna Ryan and Bister Mary
l,eocre'tla, a member of the Bisters ot
Charity, all ot this city. The body will
be taken to Imogene for burial, where
one brother, D. U Ryan, resides. An
otlur brother, J. P. Ryan, resldea here.
Tho funeral of John Bumpter. Great
WeHtern switchman, who was killed In
the local yards on Wednesday, will be
hod this nfternoon at the First Baptist
church at 3: o'clock. The bodyhas been
removed from Woodrlngs undertaking
rooms, where It haa remained alnce the
accident, to the home ot Mrs. Rose
Bpauldlng. a sister, residing at tit South
Seventh street, where friends may take
the last view prior to tho removal to the
church. Burial will be In Falrvlew cem
etery. Tho Jury summoned by Coroner
Cutler, after bearing all of the evidence
presented at tho Inquest, decided that
doath waa purely accidental and that the
railroad company waa in no measure re
sponsible for It.
AH .Saints' day. ot medieval antiquity
and obserted by numerous churches, will
bo properly celebrated in Council Bluffs
today It follows as an ntonement for the
usual Hallowe'en mischief In St. Paul's
KplK'opal olturah services will begin at 9
o'clock this morning with holy com
munion. There will be special services at
st. Francis' Cathollo church, and the reg
ular services at Bt. Peter's nnd the Holy
Family churches. In the absence of
Father F. P. McManus, who Is to undergo
an operation at Mercy hospital eatly next
week. Rev, Father Primer from Crelghton
university will conduct the services at
Bt. Francis". He will be assisted by Rev,
Father J. t'o&tello, threo service beliu;
held, the first at S:t5, the second at 7:30
and the third at 9:39 o'clock In the morn
ing. Because his bushel measure waa ten
pounds too short and also lecause he
waa selling potatoes from hta huckster
wagon without a peddler's license, Oliver
Stevens ot Omaha was fined (100 and
costs yesterday morning in police court.
T. L. Lawless, who waa working with
hint, was fined to and costs, as was also
Frank McCauley. who waa driving the
wagon. It Is said that the wagon and
the potatoes were the property of another
Omaha man named Porter, but he was
not molested when 'he appeared In court
and attempted to show the men bad com
mitted no Intentional offense. The pros
editions were brought under the state
law. The men were detained at the city
Jail until they could arrange tor money
from Omaha to par their fines. When
arrested Chief of Police Froom ' offered
to take cash bonds ot V& from each, but
U)ey refused.
Auditor Solieel
Comes to Town
13. A, Bcheel, auditor of Shelby county,
the man who lias attacked the new Iowa
road law, was In tho city yesterday on
official business with County Auditor
Hannan. Auditor Bcheel challenged the
members of the State Highway commis
sion to meet him In public debate and de
fend the road law, which, It Is claimed,
gives the commission arbitrary power In
dictating the expenditure of the county
road and bridge funds all over the state.
The commissioners have vigorously at
tacked Mr. Sctieel, but they have declined
to meet him In public debate.
ddor, 40 centa per gallon; kraut, 10 cents
per quart; grapefruit, two for 25 cent;
Wright's buckwheat, 5 centa per pound;
ten-pound sack, DO cents. We have fine
cornmea! mush, 10 cents per pack go;
new English walnuts, 25 centa per pound:
hubbard squash 20 and 25 centa each; New
Yorx roasted coffee, 25 cents per pound.
Try our Tea Cup tea, cents per pack
age; dried peaches, two pounds 'for 28
cents; fine Morrell'a mince meat. IS cent
per pound; rutabagas, 3 cents per pound;
imponea nwiss cneese, o cenU Per
pound; potato chips, 10 cents per padtage.
Bartel &. Miller, Both phones 359. Mo. loo
West Broadway. Advertisement
Art Garland Base Nnrnrn.
With the two piece revolving fire pot.
tna wonder of the stove age. Price,
i to . p . c. DeVol Hardware Co.
Pyramid Drug Co..
4SI Pyramid Bids'.. Marshall. Mich.
-end me a free trial packsge ot
Pyramid Pile Remedy In a plain, un
marked, confidential wrapper. I
agree to use same aa directed.
Street ,
Cy ...
Hallowe'en mischief was reduced to a
minimum last night through the agency
of police activity and improved home
training. Very little real mischief waa
aone, ana hub was confined to the work
ot real hoodlums. It consisted of break.
Ing down fences and tearing oft sates
In some sections of the city where those
things exist and prying off the covers
from coal holes In sidewalks In the busi
ness section of the city. The police
brought In four boys who may be prose
cuted for malicious destruction of prop
erty. They were kept nt the city build
ing for some time after their names and
addresses were taken and were then sent
home. '
Some really funny and thoroughly
harmless fun waa made" by healthy
minded girls and boya who dressed up
In ghostly garments and paraded the
streets. Halr-llfttng scares were given
sometimes when these ghostly figures
would suddenly appear In dimly lighted
places. People took kindly to this kind
ot aport and encouraged It.
Many happy Hallowe'en parties oc
curred where similar costumes were
among the entertaining features, and
these youngsters appeared to be having
auch genuinely good tlmea that the hood
lum element waa outclassed and greatly
Girls wanted for wrapping and packing
candy. Also experienced chocolate dip.
pers. Do not apply unless you want
ateady employment for fall and winter.
John G. Woodward & Co., "The Candy
Men.'' Councl Bluffs, la.
Every style and wood ictroia made In
stock. Also complete line of records. We
will gladly place one lit your home on
approval or sell oti easy payments. A.
itospe i,o.( tv; west uroadway.
An Inventory of the estate of nr. v. r
Woodbury waa filed in probate court yes-
xeruay oy trie administratrix, Cora L.
voodbury. Only tho property that had
not been disposed ot Prior tn riaath w..
listed. It comprised 5tU jn the First
National bank and 72!.St In the Council
Bluffs Savings bank. The realty prop
erly listed comprised lots 1, i and 3 In
uiock a, jackson's addition; lot- 8, block
13 In the same addition, and lots In Audi,
tor's subdivision, and one lot In Boyllss'
first addition.
Sacred Concert Sunday.
A sacred concert will take tho place of
the usual preaching sen Ice at the First
Congregational church Sunday evening at
7:80 o'clock. The following program wilt
bo rendered:
Prelude ,
Mr. Loomls.
Prayer "
. Pastor.
Bolo-Baby Ion Watson
.-uiss aioore.
Duet-Come Unto Me Camiwuu.
e , Mlsa Qreen and Mrs PryoT
Solo-If With All Your Hearts?........
" v; " ' - v . ' ;.' Mendelssohn
Anthem-When the Day Is Ended
Violin BoleSelected....
. . Miss Ruth Splndler.'
Duet-Love Divine. All Love BxcelHng
Mrs. iianmiiii. ' ii rs." Pry or."' Mr
Organ feolo .
,. . Mr Loomls.
Ke to thj Sltuatlon-Bee Advertising.
ittifffiiMiliffl iSHgSSBijjjggi alljli
s sp I a i a s lalalSSts s s is 0111 1111 111 i: 111 1 1 II t
j s S SI S S EM-1 II 1 1 ! Pi i 1 1 J
v We Are Requested to Extend
Our Wholesale Special Sale One Week Mire
Ending Saturday Night, Nov. 8th
To the Trade of the West and Southwest:
Our wholesale special sale that began this week
was to have ended Saturday night. The response,
however, has been so great that we have not been
able to give our customers the attention and service
they should have had. We thought we had made
.every possible preparation to take care of the trade
this week by adding extra help and calling in our
road salesmen, but the rush has been too big for us.
In the first three days alone of this wholesale
special sale more than one thousand buyers were in
our house.
Some of the largest department stores in tho
country made big purchases here, including houses
in St. Louis, Kansas Oity, Omaha, Detroit and Fort
Telegrams and letters have come to us from mer
chants in Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah
and the Pacific Coast asking us to give them time
to come here and buy in this wholesale special sale.
Under these circumstances we fool that it will bp.
only juiit and fair to add 6 days to this sale. The'
prices that have ruled this week will be in force in
every department next week and we call your par
tioular attention to the floorcoverings and draperies
and shirt departments. ?
Please bear in mind in taking advantage of this
big wholesale special sale you are not buying from a
broken stock. We will go into next week's sale with
approximately $1,500,000 worth of fresh, seasonable
goods for you to select from. We mention hero
briefly some of the departments in which there will
be specially attractive bargains nextweek:
Mill ends and short lengths.
Prints, gingham and wash goods.
Ladies' ready-to-wear garments.
, . Silks and dress goods.
- Floorcoverings and draperies.
V Flannels, flannelette, blankets and
White goods.
Notions and novelties.
Shirts, flannel, laundered soft shirts
and work shirts. .
Pelt-lined coats and duck, coats and
rough wear clothing. ' '
Hosiery and underwear.
Gloves, suspenders, ties.
To impress you with the far-reaching scope of
these Wholesale Speoial Sale prices this week we only
need to tell you that there will be reductions in
patented Zero collar flannel shirts, Hallmark laun
dered shirts, Midland Brand laundered and military
collar and Polo collar soft shirts, Central Brand
laundered and soft shirts, and Our Own Make work
This is all new and clean and desirable merchan
dise, comprising 450 numbers.
These Rules Govern the Wholesale Special Sale Next Week:
Open order will be received with the understanding that House Buyers are to h n-? Mf i,
Kemd i tho ciro are .ubject to prior ,a,7 No SZSi oE tfS,
TERMS FOR THE SALE: 2, 10 days-1, 30 days, or net cash and due 60 days.
All merchandise bought during this week will be billed on these terms only. This rule will h in fw.
inmiy department in our house. All prices made for this sale will be in force "onlTlTi, NovTm!
Writ 4i? W "imwl ex?eCt to be h0re and we wiU mak0 sPecial arrangements to give you promt
attention. All of our road salesmen have been called in to meet their trade in the house. P
Please Remember that this sale closes positively on Satarday, November 8th
and that these prices will no longer govern following that date.
October 31, 1913.
Great Western to Pay Big Judgment
Over Death ot Man.
Administrator ot . Estate necorers
911,10O for Loss of Life of
Kniplojre la the Oelrreln
(Prom a Staff Correspondent)
DBS JIOINB3, Nov. l.-(Spclal Tele,
gram.) After a trial las tin? mora than
a -week, L. W. Basham, administrator of
the estate of John J. Sptllraan. -was
awarded judgment ot JU.IW against the
Qilcago Great Western railroad In dis
trict court. The Judgment la the largest
that haa been returned In a personal In
Jury suit In the district xurt ot Polk
county In more than a year.
Spellman was engineer of one ot the
company's trains and his run was be
tween Des Moines and Oelweln. Ills death
occurred when the train ho was pulling
ran Into an open swttrh In the yards at
Urluar Mauk Tito fur Crime.
The governor todsv issued two regula
tions to bring back persons to Iowa. Ttu
Btate agent for the parole board secured
papers to return from Utah one Jesso
Carper, under sentence from Wayne
county, but paroled and out ot the state
without leave. Papers were Issued to
bring back from Kansas City Joe Don
sker, who absconded with the proceeds
of a sale of a load of potatoes entrusted
to him by a farmer living near Des
Bis Mall tor Auto Owners.
Tho secretary of state today sent out
over 1ft) mall sacks of mall containing
the formal notices to automobile owners
of the time for payment of the automobile
tax and the fact that soon after the
first of the month the number plates
for 191 will be ready to be sent out
Over 70,0X1 car owners will receive their
notices at the same time and the mall
which follows will probably cause con.
gestlon In the automobile department for
a time. The sending out of number
plates for this year has now practically
Car Shortnee Matters.
The car shortage matter In the office
of the secretary of state has been very
light this year, necontly members of
the commission have been called upon to
aid some shippers In seourjne; cars for
th handling of grain chiefly bwause of
the increased demand near the end of
each month when the deliveries are be.
Ing made to the grain markets. But
the sltuaUon u to cars has been rood
most of the time. The rush for coal cars
has not yet commenced, but some of the
coal operators In and around Des Moines
say they have had difficulty securing
cars enough to handle the output ot the
local mlne.8.
Ilnllronda Under Xew I.nrr.
When tho Iowa workmen's compensa
tion law was enacted It was supposed
that It would have no effect on the rela
tions between the tO.000 railway employes
of the state and their employers, as the
new federal workmen's compensation act
had been enacted and It covers all em
ployes on roads operating in more than
cne state. But the railway companies
operating In Iowa have nearly all In
dicated that they are willing to coma
In under the Iowa law also and to
abandon the common law defenses which
are In vogue. They will make a showlne
for the Iowa commission which will
enable them to take advantage of tha
Iowa law. Thus far only one comnanv
has Indicated unwillingness to come under
tne uw.
Inebriate Iliwpltnl.
Ileports front Knoxvllle as to the nnrk-.
Ings of tho State Hospital for Inebriates
inuirato that In recent years It haa been
making good. Forfc long time it was
practically Impossible for the tat tn
accomplish auy good for the unfortunates
wno are placed there for treatment
cguse they could not b restrulna
run away. Now the state ha, a law
under which they may be kept at the
ro,p!tal by force, if necessary, until thev
aro pronounced cured. It Is Just because
of this new law that an attack haa been
made to have the Institution declared
operated Illegally. State officials do not
believe any great danger can come to
the institution from the courts.
The Persistent and Judicious Use of
erusing is tho Uoad to
Business Success.
You've never shared
In greuter
values than we

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