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Tire Company is Educating Custom
ers. Through the Dealers.
'Premature Deterioration of Tire In
One tn TVeRlect," ffayn Manager
Henderson, "nnd We Hope
to Fnrnlah Itemedlea."
"The care of tire is essential, If the
expense of running an automobile In to be
kept at a minimum," gays P. A. Hender
son, manager of the adjusting depart
ment of the Goodyear Tire and Rubber
company, Akron, O.
' Premature deterioration Ib due to neg
lect, therefore educating the consumer Is
a remedy for short sen-Ice, and In addi
tion Increases his faith In the tires he
"We have recently Introduced a plan
whereby the dealer Is enabled to see the
advisability and advantage gained by In
structing his customers on the care of
their tires when the first adjustment Is
made. It Is an educational campaign
that Is being carried on by the adjusting
department through the- dealer, and he Is
the logical Intermediary between the
manufacturer and the consumer.
"From a recent Investigation we found
that, a large portion of the tires returned
for an adjustment had gone, out of service
through external causes that could have
been avoided.
"We knew that there was only one
remedy that could overcome this condi
tion, and that was to Instruct the user
of automobile tires on their care. When
a customer experiences difficulty with his
tires, he Is naturally at the time of the
trouble In a receptive mood, and will no
doubt take advantage of any Information
he might receive that would tend to over
come his trouble In the future. This is
the object of Instructing customers when
making their first adjustment."
Present n
Cheering Contribution tn
Uplift of Pnbllc
Tew persons, on first thought, would
sec any possible connection between good
roads and good health. Yot the Stato
Hoard of Health of Kansas says that
good roads can and will prevent disease.
How? By the removal of weeds and
trash. Weeds and trash prevent the
prompt evaporation of moisture and pro
mote retention" of ground water. This
mftkes breeding spots for mofxjultoes,
flies and other insects, which are known
ns disease carriers, not to mention chinch
bugs, hoppers and other Insects which
arc crop damagers. Furthermore, an Un
dergrowth of weeds Invites the dumping
of garbage and manure by offering con
cealment, of which fact careless and
thoughtless people are prone to take ad
vantage, thus Increasing the facility of
Insect breeding and providing these in
rect carriers with proper material for
disease transmission. Good roads also
prevent disease by providing good drain
age. Many farms have no means of
drainage except by ditches along road
ways. Open ditches, clear of brush and
debris, with hardened surface and proper
fall, afford these farms the opportunity
of ridding themselves of many a stag
nant pool. The removal of weeds, proper
road grading, surface hardening and oil
ing, Insures prompt drainage of all pool,
ditch and surface water, removing the
possibility of insect breeders, for none
can multiply without moisture. Road oil
ing in Itself, Is destructive of 'Insect lar
vae, especially mosquitoes a well known
fact. Dry roads' offer pedestrians, and
notably children who arc compelled to
walk to and from school, dry shoes and
feet. While colds aro due to specific
germs, yet Ids a well-known fact that
cold, wet feet and chilled limbs lower
the resistance, of. lndlvlduas and make
them more favorable subjects for lnfec
t'ons of the respiratory passages, In
cluding pneumonia and. tuberculosis.
Good roadx prevent disease by setting
an example to adjoining farm premises.
Good roads promote travel and set an
example to the farmer whose premises
are bordered by them. The comparison
of a well graded, clean highway with an
unkempt and trashy barnyard adjoining
is sufficient to stimulate every land
owner to a clean-up. lYlde compels him
to offer to passers by a neat appearing
and attractive house and barnyard. Re
sults are only too obvious Good roads
are active disease prevention agencies,
aside from their financial and commer
cial value. American Medical Associa
tion Journal..
Fads for Motorists
New canvas rail pockets may be had
to match the covers'over the upholstery,
and arb quite convenient with their nu
merpus small pockets and the two deep
One of the most swagger robes of the
season Is of rubberized silk. It Is plaid
lined and trimmed with bands of stitched
corduroy to match. It comes In tan and
gray, but may be ordered In other colors
Men aro adopting the (stockinet Nor
folk golf Jacket as an extra machine
wrap. They come In the new half belt
models with the patch pockets and can
be found in the green and gray nur
tures and other popular colors.
The Halmacan silk dusters are popular.
Men find the loose sleeve comfortable
for driving, while the full skirt gives
plenty of protection from dust. The
caps are made to match the dusters In
any model preferred.
When the Summer
is Over
lly 1IKXHV M. HOl'KWKM,.
When tho frost is on the mediler
And tho leaves begin to rnttlo,
And tho corn is in tho crib
To feed tho sheep and cattle;
When you feel tho cooling breeze
That's broke tho summor's drouth,
And watch tho flight of birds
As they Journoy to tho south,
And when the moaning winds
Around your homo plnco sigh,
And your fuel bin is full
To keep you warm and dry,
It's then a fellor 'prec'ates
Tho bloomin' summer's work;
When tho frost is on tho modder
And tho leaves begin to rattle,
And the corn is in tho crib
To food the sheep and cattle.
When tho wheat is cut and threshed,
And tho bins aro full of grain,
And tho plowlng-nll is over,
And the seeding dono again,
When tho apples all are picked
And tho 'taters, too, are dug,
And the whoio durn garden truck
Is stowed away all snug;
When tho .boys and girls go nutting
And they gather from tho trees
A supply of goodly picking
For their winter evening bees,
When tho base ball season's over
And tho foot bull takes its place,
Then tho frost is on the medder
And the leaves begin to rattlo,
And tho corn is in tho crib
To feed tho sheep and cattle.
When the Inndscapo all In colored
With hue of brown and yoller.
And the squirrel snugly stores .
Ills rations in his collar,
And tho dry and husky leaves
Have fallen thick in heaps,
' And tho swine all follow quickly
For ft place to He nnd sleep,
And tho hnuling all tn dono,
And tho mow Is full of hay,
And when tho stock, is sheltered
From a cold nnd stormy day,
Oh I it's then you feel secure.
In your cor.y, happy home.
When the frost Is on tho modder
And tho leaves begin to rattlo.
And tho corn is In tho crib
To feed tho sheep nnd cattle.
Tho atmosphoro is bracing
As you sniff tho morning air,
For tho torrid summer's over.
With rejoicing every where;
We miss tho summer dews,
And tho music of tho bees,
And tho singing of tho birds
As they fly among the trees.
But tho air Is cool nnd crisp,
And your step is quick and spry,
And you feel llko being thankful
For tho good things all laid by.
Yes, tho summortlmo is over
And tho winter's coming on.
When tho frost Is on tho medder
And tho leaves being to rattle,
And the corn Is In the crib
To feed the sheep and cattle.
To Be Issued Semi-Monthly in Inter
ests of Marion Dealers.
I "Per Is orglnn' but characteristic of tho
Marlon i-ompHii, Inesmucli as a speed
roadster railed thr lkibent has been .1
member of the family for many year
tast Tho linking of the name with tho
newspaper Is explained editorially In the
first Issue, as folium s:
"The Hohcat In animal state Is a most
aggressive type, 'full of ep.- tn median-
leal form, ns embodied In the famous
j Mm I mi roadster of that name. It Is the
same, 'full of pep' ready to meet any
! requirement. To this llotxmt. In literary
j form. It will be nr aim to Impart thft
" j same characteristics, making It a pub-
Is .the motto of "The llontlnn which, when It makes Its an-
irv house organ how pcarane semi-monthly, will be an organ
the Interest of Its ' sircngtn an.i smimity
first ."Number Issued n Yrxx Weeks
Ann nnd Distributed to the
Drnlrrs In All Pnrls of
the World.
"Full of lp'
MniTon itobeat."
being published tn
dealers by the Marion Motor Car roim
pnny of Indianapolis.
The new paper Is tn appear semi
monthly and will contain genernl news
In regard to Marlon uirs and Marlon
dealers everywhere The naliio of tho
gold Some atv fitted with l on-
lng blur enamel inlakl work
Chinchilla cloth robes, plaid 1 ne.l ara
the first to make their appearance They
are light and warm. Hrown and gravs
seem to be nusit popular.
iJraped rnattt In all of the new materi
al are lelng used for motoring, but
the more eoMnrrvatlve travelers like best
the mannish coats or rnglan modes of
plaids or twel for real eomfort
Suits of forestry cloth are being used
for long trips. They are made In the
same models ns the corduroy. They are
light In weight, do net wrinkle and are
fairly waterproof. They am flnlnshel
with stitching and "have round leather
Among the. first showings of autumn
nccewiries for the woman motorist nra
fascinating little vanity Victoria rases,
Thev are In all the fashionable colored
leathers, fllWsl with gold or ivosy fit
tings and out glass bottlos.
For men' there Is a new toilet case
shaped like the ramera ease It has a
The cover contains
filled slide. The cover contains n razor
Walrus leather suitcases, lined with 1 strop nnd other shaving necessities. Thev
lavender moire silk and having tho mn bo hud n all leathers, There Is
fitted covers, are specially prettv, with . room for pyjamas nnd slippers, an well,
the new fittings of Ivory Inlaid with In the ense
So Says Sales Manager of the Moline
"Tonrtnc Car Is .Inst as Useful na
Commercial Vehicles or Henry .
Trncjn," Annonnces Illinois.
Motor Rxpcrt.
Make Alterations
for the New Year
"That the motor car represents an eco
nomic saving there In no denying." says
Pales Manager C. IT. VanDcrvoort of the
Moline Automobile company. "It has
been proven repeatedly that It Is a time,
labor and money saving vehicle. It has
been demonstrated m public tests an well
a by every day usago that the motor car
Is a utility vehlclo an well as ono ir
"A utility motor car Is not always tnc
so-called commercial vehicle nor tho fa
miliar motor trucK. ny uk. .
whether it is titled with a roadster, tour
lng or limousine body, so long as Its
owner uses lt'for business purposes In any
manner, Is a utility vemc.o aim
sents an economic saving.
..i honker uses his car to quickly
carry Mm bis office, then that car . ,
making money ior n.jn. - -
time and time la money. This not only
applies to the banker, but to. the, mer
chant, doctor, farmer, real estate dealer
or to any owner who uses his car In any
way that Is not strictly for pleasure.
"It Is this Phase of the industry that
. . mltAe lt leap with unprecedented
"idHy-that hi. caused all manufactur
g record, to be smashed and created an
industry that It. lWe.li.. never been seen
In the Industrial world-'
Settle Question of
Model Auto to Buy
With Game of Casino
vanv decision, have been made upon
for an 1VC-H purchaser, whether the ear
should be a roadster, or touring mode ,
Weber Brothers. U-C-H dealers at Jack
son. Mich., tell the story, or some time
,hv bad been demonstrating th. merits
of the R-C-H to this particular cuom".
Thoy had succeeded In convincing both
he and hi. wife of the mechanical ex
cellence of the car. the correct design, the
c " .v.- mr1lom weight as
rtvnntaKes oi n
Formal announcement of a number of
Important changes In the Htudebaker line
was made from the local headquarters of
tho corporation today. While the altera
tions are not of a sweeping nature, they
emlrady a number of extremely Interest
ing features.
Tho line (or next year will be composed
of two chassis types a "Four" at 11,000,
nnd a "Six" at ?1,B7B. Iloth cars are
fitted with left-hand steer nnd center
control. Kach modol carries a two-unit
electric starting and lighting device as
standard equipment. Tho same type of
full-frtiatlng axle employed on the "Six"
Is supplied with tho "Four,"
In both cars tho gasoline supply has
been placed In the dash, permitting an
Ideal feed to tho motor without air pres
sure, by means of gravitation. In
creasedefflclcnry has been throughout
tho keynote of the chassis design. To
get the maximum of service out of each
gallon of gasoline has been the obvious
endeavor of the Studcbaker engineers.
For a boat to be launched In a heavy
surf by an automobile Is rather unusual,
hut this Is Just what took pluco a short
time ngo In the shore of I.akc Michigan.
Borne mllesyfrom Muskegon, Mich., on
the enst shore of Lake Michigan, there
Is an outlet from a pretty little lake
nestling Just behind the big sHnd dunes,
This outlet or 'channel as It Is called, I.
used by fishing parties who come to the
lake b boat. Tho wary bass are plen
tiful aid make the spot n favorite one
with anglers front nearby towns,
Ttccently a party of five disciples of
Isaac Walton Journeyed from Muskegon
In a small launch to tho lake. The day
wns spent on the glassy surface of the
little lake with the usual success. Then
came tho start for home.
The home of the WHITE
CAR is a good place to ,
- stop when in Omaha
2205 Farnam Street
proved by the economy of operation and
v . deal was close!
v . v. ,lAi.lBlnn as to .
with the exception oi w . -type
of car wanted, touring car or road-,,
8 nVght there the ever-.m'-hng Webrr. !
saw a family nearly disru..-i ir
tomoblle. Mr. Buyer wanted a touring
car. while Mrs,
in favor of a roaasicr. u
auestlon came the suggestion that the (
choice be decided by a game rot v ....
The game was played'by Mr. and Mrs.
n"t..r ih both the Weber Brothers In-
terested umpires during Its progress. ,
Like all games, somebody had to lose
nd m this instance Mrs. Buyer abided
by tbe decision of the cards with the -e-suit
that now oth they ami their frlcnfla
are enjoying their RC- touring car.
To Supply Water.
tr-..n- u-ord has come to the rebtue
Dearborn, a town Just outsldo of Detroit, ,
and will supply the village with a watr J
system. Mr. Ford will build a pumping ,
station and purifying plant and deliver ,
water to the town at a normal price, lie
also agrees to take the bonds for the sum
necessary to properly Pipe the town. The
new country home wnicn .iir. ruru m
building Is situated hear Dearborn, a part
of hli estate being the farm on which he
spent his boyhood.
IUqvq Vniir Par " lirPYfllllPT" L)
i iE mmwr &vm?r- wm - ' curtains i
Radiator Emblem for Lincoln Highway
The above illustration shoys an actual scene taken in our factory October 30th, 1913.
One year ago it was impossible to find a "jiffy" curtain on Omaha streets today you see
hundreds of them. The comfort they afford, the service they render, and the ease with which
they are applied was instantly recognized by the motorists; in fact, a car
is not complete without the celebrated "Jiffy" curtain.
"Jiffy" curtains can be applied to any top, new or old.
Call, and let us show you the true value of these wonderful "Jiffy" Radiator curtains as
well as our closed top for winter, or, if more convenient, we shall be pleased to send a man
to demonstrate them to you.'
We are prepared to render you prompt and efficient service. The materials used in the
construction of these curtains and tops is the best obtainable.
One look tells it all.
Tel. Doug. 3433 Successor to E. W. REYNOLDS MANIFACTHRING CO. 709-11 South 15th St.
' j .. m i mi iiiiiiui maiiiiiwisiiiiaiiajianiJinniiiiinai w,, ana n i iwmiillH i nipisi
r. P. STICKLES, Fia and on Myr.

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