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Some Men Are Never Satisfied
Virginia Pearson Talks of Its Spiritual Side
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The .Miss Virginia rcarson that one
meets ln everyday life Is very different
from the Miss Virginia Pearson In the
Play, "Newly Married." Miss Pearson
believes that to bo beautiful 0110 must go
to nature, one must set In harmony with
the elements. And It Is her very own
Philosophy of life that she gave mo In
her dressing room at the theater between
'To bo beautiful one must develop tho
spiritual side of one's nature. Tcopla
talk of beauty of mind, and develop the
Intellect by hard Rtudy, hut when tho
spirit Is spoken of. people smllo and
speak of religious attitudes. Spirituality
doesn't mean religion. It may' bo defined
as highly developed mentality, mado so
simple that It radiates and Is an Instru
ment of good to other people. It Is tho
freedom given by tho elements, dressed
In the civilized form of education. It Is
tho fluttering soul of an individual, high
abovo the mind, that smiles from the
eyes, and radiates In every thought, word
and gesture."
'This spirituality can be applied to the
most trivial things of life. Simplicity Is
its keynote, and therefore the beautiful
girl Is the natural girl. Tho natural girl
docs not rely upon the cold cream of to
day for her beautiful complexion. She
never maintains that water ruins the
akin and Insists upon enlarging her pores
with every unnecessary application of
cold cream. Tho truth of It Is that the
girl who does not wash her face Is never
absolutely clean. We never think of
cleaning a baby with cold cream; we
bathe it freely In warm waer and caatllo
soap, with a little borax added for soften
ing purposes. And this is exactly what
should bo done for the face. Cold cream
is all right in Its place, but should never
be depended upon for absolute cleanli
ness. 'f'Tho dangerously beautiful woman la
feminine. By that I don't mean effeminate,
tho kind of a woman who scream and
faints at the slightest provocation, but
the woman who prefers the soft drift of
a frill to the balloon ascension effects
that ore so much In evidence today. Tho
woman" who emanates the dainty frag
rance of orris root In preference to tho
stronger and heavier perfumes and
"the woman who Is willingly a trifle
extravagant in' order to gain possession
of something that will add definitely to
her personality. Tho woman whoso dress
4fjyiVnTCDsBBBBBBBBBBYi Mr. TsbbbbbbbbbbbbhbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbI
Miss Virginia Pcnroii.
seems a part of her, who affects Mftly
hanging draperies und eschews all tight
clothing, who Is able to so stamp a room
with her personality, that one can feel
her presence without a real tangible
proof of tho fact. The woman who is
womanly, who awakens wonder In the
henrt of man because sho Is so truly
feminine, so absolutely desirable."
Isn't Miss Pearson right? Aren't there
Innumerable girls who are affecting mas
culinity Just because it comes In accord
ance with soma of the perverted Ideas of
tho flay?
"And one thing more," says Miss Tear
son, confidently, "spirituality Is not given
to man to possess, and man longs for
that which he cannot understand. There
fore, man' not only needs, but wants the
spiritual woman and none but the
spiritual woman is ever truly femlnlne.'u
Little Bobbie's Fa
Tfiaro was a Old Home Week )n Pa's
hoan) town last week, & Pa went to
It.' ..Ma & mo dldent go beckaus we nev
veqllved In tHo llttel town waro Pa lived,
ln'tje old .days, & this Old Home Week
was 'for those who had lived tharc.
Pa; calm back last nlte, : he brought
one. of the Old Homers with him. The
ma'nJ nalm was Jason Jenkins, & lie
had jived In the llttel town that Pa lived
ln for all his life.
Wife, sed Pa, this Is Jason Jenkins of
my old home, as true a man as ewer
sold a sheet of stick fly pnper. Mister
Jenkins has shut up Uis grocery stoar
for a week and calm to the city to see
the sites. I toald him that you tz I &
llttel Bobble wud matk him feel at hoam,
& hero he Is.
Stork and Cupid
Cunning Plotters
Masy a New Home will Have a Littlo
Sunbeam to Brighten It.
There Is usually a certain degree of dread
In every woman's mind as to the probable
pain, distress and danger of child-birth.
-But, thinks to a moat remarkable remedy
known as Mather's Friend, all fear Is ban
ished and the period Is one of unbounded,
Joyful anticipation.
Mother's Friend Is uied externally. It
1 a most penetrating application, makes
the muscles of the stomach sad abdomen
pliant so they expand easily and naturally
without pain, without distress and with
none of that peculiar nausea, nervousness
and other symptoms that tend to weaken
the prospective mother. Thus Cupid and
the atork are held np to. veneration; they
are rated as cunning plotters to herald the
coming of a little sunbeam to gladden the
bearts and brighten the homes of a host of
happy families.
There are thousands of women who bars
used Mother's Friend, and thus know from
experience that It Is one of our greatest
contributions to healthy, bappy mother
hood. It la sold by all druggists at J 1.00
per bottle, and Is especially recommended
as a preventive of caking breasts and all
cither such distresses.
Write to Brsdfleld Regulator Co., 131
Lamar Bldg., Atlanta, (ia., for their very
valuable book to exper'ant mothers. Get
a bottle of Mother's Friend to-day.
Mister Jenkins was a middle aged
man with a round fat face & a bald hed.
Him & Pa ackted as If thay had had
sum .of the Old Homo elder for a week
steddy, but Pa newer gits stupid, he Is
all the time thinking of sumthlng new to
do. Mister Jason Jenkins was as stupid
acting us he cud be. He sat down In a
chair & he looked at Ma & me & then
he beegan to grin & he sed I doant care
what beecums of tho old stoar. Let It
stay shut!
Why dident you bring Mrs. Jenkins?
sed Ma.
Thare Is no Mrs. Jonklns- sed Pa's
frend. I am a bachelor, thank goodness.
All I have In the world Is my stoar bnok
hoam, As I doant care wether that stays
open or not. I doant care If I evvor open
It aggenn. Then he kep kicking at the
rug & looking at Ma & mo kind of fool
ish. It was hard for us to keep from
Wife, sed Ps.. I nm going to read part
of a littlo speech that I deljvered at the
Old Home bank wet. This Is what I sed:
"Deer old-tlme frends, as the- homing
pigeon gracefully seeks Its hoam, so have
I came back from tho roaring city to this
peereful llttel hamlet, the hoam of my
boyhood, tho cradle of my happy days.
Famo and welth I have won, but that
Is not happiness. The acclaim of thou
sands has been mine, but that Is not
all. Never ln my wildest moments of
triumph ln the city have I forgotten the
old scenes Ac tho deer old faces that are
gathered here tnnlght, & my memory was
a priceless bank on which I drew ln hour
of bitterness. What to me was fame com
pared with tho loving thoughts of frends
like you?"
It seems to me, sed Ma, that you were
shooting tho bunk pretty violent to tho
Old Homo Folks. How about all this
famo & welth that you gained here In the
city. I newer nottsed any of It & I
am sure our llttel son newer did eether.
That Is what the folks back home was
saying, sed Jason Jenkins. Thay dldent
beleeve what yuro husband was speeklng
to them, so tharo was no harm done. I
doant care If I ewer see my stoar aggenn.
Leave it shut, say I. Then he looked
foolish aggenn.
Pa got kind of mad at Ma & his frend,
the way thay ackted about his speech,
so he toar It up & threw it into the waste
paper basket!
Newer mind, old pet, sed Ma, I am so
glad to see you back that I doant care
what kind of a speech you made or how
swift yuro week was. Ware did you dig
up this sleeping specimen, this maudlin
merchant? sed Ma.
I used to go to school with him, sed Pa.
As soon as he realizes what he has did,
he will hurry back & oapen up his stoar,
& Bure cnuff, the next morning Mister
Jason Jenkins dldent wait for brekfast
He took a erly train back to his stoar
in Pa's old home. .
Upon the Sand
All love that has not friendship for Its base
Is like a mansion built upon the sand.
Though brave Its walla as any ln the land,
And its tall turrets lift their heads In grace;
Though skillful and accomplished artists trace
Most beautiful designs on every hand,
And. gleaming statues in dim niches stand,
And fountains play in some flow'r-hldden place.
Ye, when from the frowning east a sudden gust
Of adverse fate is blown, or sad rains fall
Day in, day out, against Its yielding wall,
Lo! the fair structure crumbles to dust.
Love, to endure life's sorrow and earth's woe,
Needs friendship's solid masonwork below.
V I i
'Why didn't I mnrry ono of those tall, fashionable women?" "Why didn't I marry one of those good, plain littlo women?"
Christ's Teachings on Reincarnation
In trie Course of Time the Pure Spirit Wili Again Be Sent to Inhabit tho Sinless Body
Copyright, 1913, by Star Company.
No earnest effort, no use of brain
power, no-application to study, Is over
lost. It is never wasted.
Somewhere, somo time, that effort,
that power, that
knowledge, will
come Into use.
This one fact
atone Is enough to
make the belief In
reincarnation o f
lnestlmabla value,
as a source of
happiness to every
soul here In this
brief and troubled
life span.
Christ taught re
incarnation. It is well known
to students of thin
philosophy that
few souls remem
ber the old lives,
at least not until they have studied for
that purpose.
This explains why John the Baptist
when asked "Art thou Ellas?" replied
"No." But Christ, knowing all things,
"I say unto you he (John) Is Ellas, who
was for to come." (Mat. xl, 14, and
xvll, 12 and 13.)
Solomon says, "I was a witty child,
and had a good spirit; yea being good,
I came Into a body defiled."
Josephus said to the Romans;
"Do ye not remember that all pure
spirits who are In conformity with the
divine dispensation live in tho loveliest
of heavenly places, and In course of tlmo
they are again sent to Inhabit sinless
bodies? Put those who commit self-destruction
aro. sent to a region of dark
ness." Orlgcn says, "Every soul Is Introduced
Into a body according to Its deserts and
former action."
All this Is very encouraging to- right
action, to right thinking, to high aspira
tion, and to tho uso of ovcry faculty and
power wo possess whllo hero on earth,
no matter how limited our outlook.
A man who has been obliged to follow
tt mercantile business or a trade, yet
who has longed to be a scholar, and who
back to life In his next life with a pro
study of law or literature, will come
bnc kto life in his next life with n pre
cocious mind ready to attain the heights
of learning with small effort. A woman
who has all her life longed to bo a musi
cian began after alio passed tho meridian
to a study of th'e rudiments of muslo.
She will not live to aclilevo more than
a beginning in this life; nn.d the unln
structed mind might think sho was wast
ing time. The Knower realizes that she
Is preparing herself to come back trf
earth a great musician.
This preface answers the following let
ter received recently:
"Since a youth the writer hns been a
momber of that despised profession tha
theatrical In various capacities actor,
playwright, manuger, ngent-and for tho
last thrnu years has been associated with
the 'moving picture fraternity as actor
and producer. During this entire period
the good Ood has kept his brnln busy
with mechanical problems dealing with
'Lost Power,' which it has been His dl
vino will to permit him to perfect; but,
do what ho may, ho cannot get a market
for his discoveries. Why was ho given
these thoughts, and why was ho per
mitted to bring them to a successful
Issue, If they wero not lntondcd for the
world's uso?
"I fear that In tho above. I have, not
been over clear ln presenting my ense.
What I meant to say wna tills without
mental effort on my part, I have suc
ceeded In perfecting the following In
theory and practice a motor to utllUe the
hydraulic power In the water surrounding
a vessel In such manner as to furnish
tight, heat and power to tho vessel; a
fifth wheel on nn automobile which would
furnish a cortaln quantity of electric cur
rent to tho storage batteries, reaupplylng
them automatically, and thug saving en
etgy; a hydraulic pump to be attached to
a flro plug and utilizing the forco of wntor
us power, pump tho wntor without tho
necessity of a fire engine, and a number
of other methods of utilizing tho. 'lost
power which Ih all about us. In this
manner I am using talent which bo far
lias proved useless.
"I cannot go ahead and promoto these
Inventions, as my tlmo must bo given to
earning a competence for my wlfo end
self, so that wo can live, I cannot get
assistance from tho outsldo world so that
I can go ahead, and put thoso necessities
on tho markot, ns I have tried and dis
mally failed. Henco tho question, 'Why
docs Ood glvo talents which aro useless?'
"Was It tho Intention that theso Inven
tions wora to bn of avail? If so, why
wero they not given to thoso who have
applied themselves to mechanics, and not
to ono In a. completely different sphern
of life? That they are practical tho
writer has proven and would bo willing
to prove to others; but ho Is not even
given that chance. Soma year since the
writer thought out a method of using
Guarding Young Girls
"Young Working Girls," a volume sent
out by tho National federation ,or "Set
tlements, Is Introduced by Jane Addams
and Issued by Houghton Mifflin company
qf Boston. Many questions are hero
opened up from a practical point of
"Women ln particular have not only
to meet the general moral uncertainty or
the age, but In addition have had to face
tho serious moral problems forced upon
them by the reorganization of their
sphere of life through the Invasion by
modern Industry.
"Chief among such Is the pronounced
deficiency and weakness of family life.
The average working class home In the
city is so physically Inadequate that It
automatically produces III health, norvous
tension, and a desire to escape, all ot
which are predisposing causes of mural
laxness. Even more serious la the 'act
that mothers and fathers often fall In
appreciation of their larger responsibili
ties. "The Intensity of desire with whtah
the adolescent girl craves pleasure, and
the conditions under which it Is gratlfiud,
aro further potent causes for confusion
of standards. The working girl neces
sarily seeks her recreation ln the even
ing, and thus unduly prolongs the hours
during which strain Is placed on muscles
and nerves, contracts bad emotional)
habits and weakens body and spirit allko.
"Tho purveyors of recreation exhaust
all means of awakening the desire for
their wares, and tho young girl naturally
craves a share In Uio profusion of pleas-
tiro which she' sees everywhere on sale,
and, as suoh participation only too often
tails for the more amplo resources of
iomo man, tho way Is opened for moral
lly WILLIAM V. KinK.
There Is no rest save leop and death
For ub whom Destiny Is driving;
Until the last and feeblest breath
Somo part of ovory man 1b striving.
The tireless muBcles of the strong
Tho mental workings of the clever,
Unite, as wo are swept along,
In ono grand purpose of endeavor.
Tho idle day and Idle dream
Are for tho dotard and tho fool;
The salmon flashes up the stream; s
Tho coarso carp fattens In tho pool.
Striving wo live, and, striving, shun
Tho dull content that would enslave us;
And glory, ere the day is done,
Is that unrest the Master gave u.
tuo lost power of tho axle of a railroad
truck, which ns you are no doubt a waro
turns with tho wheels, to light tho car
by the attachment of a dynamo and stor
ago battery. Ho showed It to' several only,
to havo It stolen from htm, and In con
sequence ho hns been over caroful since
with all that he designs.
"The writer has seriously thought of
getting himself Incorporated so as to
permit of his giving his entlro time to
Inventing, as In other cases, but even
this Is laughed at, and thcro you nre.
This brings us back to tho original ques
tion. What Is your opinion."
If thisyoung man Is as determined to
succocd ns was Itobert Fulton, Cyrus
Field, Marconi and a scorn of other great
Inventors and discoverers ho will find tho
way. Nothing can stand In tho way of
a divine soul which Is burning with an
all-compolllng resolve.
It burns away the obstacles whlch'llo
between It and Its goal.
It brings Into tho visible realm the in
visible helpers.
Meuntlme, all that this man la doing
will count for great value when ho comes
again to earth.
Ills cfforis, ills ambitions, his hopes aro
not lost.
We will bo, what wo will to be; If not
here and now, then later, on, when wo
will bring new powers and new strength
from tho spiritual realms through which
wo will pass enrputo to earth again.
Eczema Began With Pimples on
Lower Limbs. Constantly Tor
mented. Cuticura Soap and Cutl
cura Ointment Cured in Ten Days.
203 Walnut 8t., HUlsboro, Iu "My
child had a breaking out on tho lower limbs
which developed into eczema. Tho eczema
began with pimples which
contained yellow corruption
4d from tho chad's cloth
ing they wero greatly irri
tated, Thsy deemed' to
burn, which made the child
scratch them, resulting In a
mui of open places. They
mad her so cross and fret
ful that It was lmrxiulbla
to keep her quiet. They caused her to los
much sleep and she was constantly tor
mented by wvere Itching and burning.
" I Uied .several well-known romedle. but
got no relief until I get pimple of Cuticura
Soap and Ointment, which did so much good
tbat'Igot'a Inja quantity that cured her
In ten days after sbo had been affected
for two months.'' (Signed) Mrs. Edith
Schwartz. Feb. 28. 1013.
Prerent dry, tbln and falling hair, allay
itching and irritation, and promote the
growth and beauty of the balr, 'frequent
shampoos with Cuticura Soap, assisted by
occasional dressings with Cuticura Ointment,
are usually effective when other' methods
fall. Bold by druggists and dealers through
out the world. Liberal sample of each
mailed free, with 32-p. 8Un Book. Address
post-cant " C'utlrura, Dept. T. Dottoo. '
WMcn who shave and shampoo Ith Cu
ticura Soap w 111 find ' t best, fpr skin sad scah.

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