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A Timely Christmas Sale oi
Women's Silk Hosiery
Wednesday morning
at 9 k. m. more than
'Eight Himdred Pairs of Silk
Hosiery go on sale at
price: .; -
$3, $2.50, $2, $1.75 and
$1.50 qual- M 1Q A
ities .... v . V eF par
Mahy'woraen who appreciate
these .values are going to buy
them for gifts; you can, too
but come early. .
Silk Petticoats
Alt the jiew klos
fit styles , . $5.00
New Jersey -top
Petticoats,: $5.00
Choice, AJessaline
Petticoats, . $2.95
Navajo Rugs
A large assort
ment of genuine
Indian-made rugs,
Irish Embroidered
Pillow Cases
Jtaetoriei amd" ftikools Oleied le
cs ef Break is Main,
Kmall napjatr Ih Kn Pari Xeser
yolm WoU Not Last an Hour
Mmalrl n Larre ' Mime
Itrcak Out.
CINCINNATI, O., Deo. 9.-Slxty thou
and workmen were thrown out of em
ployment hero today en account of the
Jack oi Water, Cauwed bv the breaking of
hu main Ir. jAo East Xn& on last
aturfcy, Thh Mtimate was made after
Teporta had been received today ."from
yarlotp facorte that have ben forced
to close down.
Xeawwria Rws came to the authori
ties that th main ea be repair pea-
by tomorrow imorMfHr.
Ifhajaa l. Open, Thm-silMy,
It wm strMVrre'fcfcoo!' would" n&etfeVt
tintll Thursday and that In cut tha
, waur la ih ',joor cornet ion for drinking
Tu treses at thatT time school may be
!upnded far th remainder or the week.
The flre Hektfm today wm 'Aefacrtbea
by KW. ,fchkf Bunker as menactHC. The
,oly avalUMe supply le In tha E4e park
reservoirs "ana thU would not )at an
)HHr Wt cam v M e. broke out da
'Jaraa'ChWrWUHk'eV. A Triylri squadron
jof ten automobile chemical engine ha
,ban hjoWHsed' and will be Wshed to
iLny fir. All firemen have been put on
owrssmcyi duty.
Ada Produce Result.
Gaillard's Death Due
to Tumor of Brain
, WASHINGTON, Dec U-Mystery as to
the cause of the fatal lllneie of tho late
Lieutenant Colonel dnillard has been
dissipated by the official autopsy, the re
aulta of which were mado public today by
Colonel Taylor, one of tho assistant
chiefs of engineers.
The examination showed that Colonel
dalllard had been afflicted wlUi an in
filtrating tumor of tho brain, which from
Us nature, could not be successfully
treated by a surgical operation.
Secretary Garrison today said no engi
neer officer would bo assigned to replace
Colonel Dalllard in the canal work, as
tha task of removing the slide in tha
Culebra cut. at which ho was engaged
up to tha time of hi last Illness has been
assumed by the general engineering staff
of the son.
German Parliament Told it Cannot
Amend Constitution.
Attempt Made to Hold Up Budget
Fall Ileratise Center ' Party
Comes to Rescue of (lor
eminent Forces.
(Continued from Page One.)
fcWr KAUIi, Minns, ec. UAfUr lea.
Ing her homes-tead i Flttsflrtd, Mass.,
to 'three pf her daughters, Mrs. Mary
A. Redfletd Willed her Bible, "Tho gift'
of my huabahd and the stand' on which
It rests," to her son, William a Red
fl4 secretary of commerce. The will
was probated here today owing to lha
fact Mrs. Redfl1d possessed Bt. Paul
real estate, The estate Is valued at
and Mary W. Itedfleld was made
administratrix without bond.
Ta Car a Cat In One Our
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.
Druggists refund money It it falls to
cure. E. W. drove's signature on each
box. He.
BERLIN. Dec. 9.-Tho imperial chancel
lor. Dr. Von Dethmann-Hollweg, today
defied Parliament to pass amendments
to the constitution proposed by the social
ists, making the Imperial chancellor re
sponsible to the House for the act of
tho emperor and providing for his dis
missal on the demand of the House.
Phlllpp Schctdemann, one of the social
ist leaders, at the opening of the budget
debate today moved tha adoption of the
amendments put forward by his party
nnd appealed to the House to refuse to
vote supplies Until Chancellor Von Beth-mann-Hollwcg
had either resigned or
been dismissed by the emperor.
The chancellor thereupon rose and de
clared the amendments were a clear In
vasion of the Imperial prerogative, and
announced that he had neither presented
hts resignation nor did he intend to do so
as a consequence of tho vote of non
confldcnco pasted by the House on De
cember i,
"This vote," he said, "wo not similar
to votes of censura in countries governed
purely by Parliaments. To the chancellor
that vote merely signified that he and
the Imperial Parliament had different
opinions. In Germany th emperor alone
has the right of npproachlng the Im
perial chancellor. It is unconstitutional
to attempt to bring pressure on his
majesty either by votes of non-confidence
or by th refusal of supplies and the
propocal of amendments to tho constitu
tion to meet his unbending resistance.'
Tho chancellor declared that he knew
tho majority of the German nation was
unwilling that the emperor's power
should bo subjected to socialist restric
tions. llrrr flchneldmnnn Responds.
In his speech proposing the constitu
tional amendment Herr Bohneldmaan re
ferred to the recent Incidents at Zabern
and lamented that the clever statesman
ship and th policy of peace shown
abroad by Germany has not been mani
fested In the interior of, tho country.
"I warn the house," ho said, "against
failure to follow its vote of censuro on
the government with necessary steps to
establish tho responsibility of Parliament
and to dip the wings of tho military In
the country. Tho aroused popular opin
ion of the nation Is now behind the Par
liament and will support it In limiting
tho monarchlal power by legislative act
Parliament should refuse to discuss tho
budget until Its terms have been ac
cepted." Herr Schneldmann sarcastically de
clared "Dr. VonBethmann-Hollweg Is n. great
s(atcsman who has succeeded In uniting
th popular opinion of the nation, not
for hi policy, but against It Dr. Von
Bethmann-Hollweg is not a sticker In
office, but haa been stuck there to go
down to history a tho Imperial chan
cellor who menat well, but failed to un
derstand hU times.",
Contrr Party te Kcsonc,
The fate of tha socialist amendments
and tho proposed rjfusal' of supplies to
tho government tuariettlfl regardless of
the chancellor's attitude .Vvlien Dr. Peter
tfpalio, oi tne center parry, unnounviw
that ht party would oppose the amend
ments and would vote tho budget, not
for tho chancellor, but for tha German
nation. Ho again, gave uterahc to a
censure of the chancellor for his fall
uro to Inform the , Imperial Parliament
that tho necessary 'steps bod been taken
to keep tho military authorities at Za
bern in their place. Ho soorea me gov
ernment also for punlshhlng the town of
Kaborn and not th guilty officers, by
removing the garrison from tho placo and
shutting off a source of revenue from
the citizens.
purpose of the collusion. It is charged,
was to secure tho appointment of re
ceivers friendly to the interests of James
Campbell, Thomas II. West, B. F. Yoa
kum and W. K. Blxby. He further
claims that the debt of the Frisco to
tho North American company, which
brought tho receivership suit, was se
cured amply, and that there was no
reason for tho North American company
to file the complaint, except to carry
out a collusive agreement.
Ho also charged that the receivers for
the Frisco, in order to protect Campbell,
Yoakum, West. Blxby and associates
from the lawful claims of stockholders
and bondholders, employed as attorney
for tho receivers tho attorney for tho
raltrbad. This attorney, It Is charged,
also was attorney for Yoakum. West,
CampbeU and Blxby.
Decision Cornea Wednesday,
Circuit Judge Banborn, who appointed
tho receivers ajnd to whom tho Nlles pe
tition was referred at tho suggestion ot
District Judge Dyer, took the matter un
der advisement and said he would give
an answer Wednesday.
William C. Nixon, president ot the
Frisco, and William B. Blddte, vlcn
president today resigned as officers of
tho road. They still remain receivers.
Announcement of tho resignations was
mad at Frisco headquarters this after
noon. In the letter ot resignation, which
was signed jointly by Mr. Nixon and
Mr. Blddte. the retiring officers say they
deslro to bo free as receivers to treatd
all Interests fairly and Impartially. The
two also resigned as directors of tho
The Final Mark pf Gentility
ie to know a Dismonil, and how to wear it. Hie lustro,
Strange, aluriag, enduring, Imparts something to tho
wearer. The value indefinite, final. Stocks depre
ciate, are' lout, but a diamond hag always redeemahlo
' value, particularly a "lft-eazor" Diamond, as you
may have your money hack at any time' within one
year, less ton per cent Full price allowed in ox
cliango at any time, Lot us show them to you.
$750,00 to $5,00
Dublin Transport
and Dook Workers'
Strike is Ended
nnnLlN. Dec. . All tho transport
and dock workers In DuMIn hav agreed
to resume work, according to a state
Imu4 by tho companies today.
Th port, which ha been practically
closed atfioa the end of Auu1. wm do
reopened tomorrow, when the regular
trip across the Irlsn channel win o
The situation as far as th factories
In Dublin are concerned is unchanged
and tha amDloyer are considering the
advisability of keeping them closed until
normal conditions prevail In the port.
The trades union council in London
his endorsed tha action of the local
leaders, who Intervened to bring about
a settlement of the strike. Their action
was opposed fey the followers of James
Larkln, who Instigated th strike and
was Imprisoned in November for sedi
tion, but later released.
Th London council's endorsement ot
thM rttlement dlsDoses of th Possibility
of a general strlk In the British Islea
out of sympathy with th Dublin
T hJUmU y s, rsssiir mitr ftm smH yeinel Sb Cin Ism sU .
teed to be the greateet collection and biggest bargain in
pattern ever offered. The 16Q patterns have a retail
value of 10 cents each, or more than $10.00 in all. Bring
SIX Coupons and 6$ cents to this office and you will be
preeeated with One Complete Outfit, including Book of
iMtructiens and one All Metal Hood. The 68 cents is to
eover duty, axpreetf, handing and the numerous over
head expenses of. getting th ?ckaj frem factory to you.
M S.Omt mf TtH0H taJmn wW mii 7 em fx extrm fer
a .
iK Ifcptn Uaib, Xtfc,
New Haven Drops
to New Low Record
NEW YOniC Dec 9.-Th lowest price
at which th stock of tho New Haven
railroad ever sold waa reached today on
tho New York stock exchange. H opened
at 75 and dropped on a single sale to It,
a not loss from yesterday's close of SU
It then rallied, but stock was pressod for
sale and subsequently It returned closo
to th low level.
The pronounced weakness of this stock
was caused by uneasiness: over th action
to b taken on th dividend tomorrow by
the directors. Chairman Klllot haa tntl
mated that a reduction may be necessary
and Wall street haa generally believed
that a t per cent rate waa in sight. The
October statement issued yesterday, how
ver, was unexpectedly poor, and this
rave rise to th report that the dividend
might b passed, By noon the stock h-l
declined to n, but offerings were small
CambrldK Defeats Oxford.
LONDON, Dec. .-CambrJdge unlveralty
today won Its annual rugby foot ball
matcn against uxioru ny n points to j.
Th match was piayea at viueen ctuo,
Piles Oarea tn t 14 Day.
Druggiata refund money It Faxo Ola
ment falls to cure Itching, blind, bleed
Ing or protruding piles. First applies
Uon gives relief. Hcv-AdverUsetnent.
Department of Agriculture Sayi it
Has No Statistics.
Attack en Ekk Storasre Klnara is Fot
lorred by Publication of Official
Reports Intended to Dis
credit It.
WASHINGTON, Dec ,nepresentatlv
JtcKellar of Tennessee, author of a bill
charging tho cold storage "egg kings"
with responsibility for high prices, as
sailed the Department of Agriculture to
day for Its statement relating to prices.
"I regret exceedingly," ald Mr. Mc
Kellar, "that the Department of Agri
culture, the day after I mado an argu
ment In the houso in an attempt to aid
tho American people In maintaining their
food supply at a lower price, published
a report which apparently is an effort of
the department to whitewash tho cold
storage men and belittle my efforts.
Word from tbe Department.
"I personally asked tho department for
Information as to how the production of
eggs for 1912 compared with the produc
tion of the preceding years and was in
formed It did not have such information.
It Is certainly an Interesting query as
to how the department got tho Inside sta
tistics on the action ot the pullets ot the
country for the last two weeks. Evi
dently tho pullets have talked more lately
than the packers havo done."
Set Forth Objections.
CHICAGO, Dec &. Attorneys for tho
Chicago Butter nnd Egg board appeared
before Special Kxamlner Morrison today
to set forth their objections to Morrison's
report that the board has fixed prices in
violation ot th anti-trust law.
Paving Broker Shares
Commission with
Tammany Leaders
NEW YORK, Dec. .-Ten witnesses,
most of them up-state contractors, were
on hand when District Attorney Whit
man resumed his John Doe Inquiry Into
state highway graft this afternoon. Al
though not revealed In advance, testi
mony which would require grand Jury
action against persons heretofore not
mentioned In the Investigation was promised.
John M. Murphy of New York was tho
first to tako the stand. He said he was
employed by Warren Brothers of Bos
ton, manufacturers ot bltulltblc pave
ment, and hod several conferences with
C. Gordon Reel, then commissioner of
Keel asked him, said the witness, "It
he could dq anything tor the democratic
"Did ho say anything about U.tOO or
"That amount came up. but I don't
know which one suggested It. I said I
would do something."
The witness said he gave tho demo
cratic stato committee 2,000 out ot his
Own commissions. The total commission
on his contract was (13,000. whtoh he
had agreed to sharo equally, he said,
with James E. Qaffncy and Joseph Car
roll of New York City. .
I gave W.C00 to Chairman Palrrier ot
the stato committee and the rest, IU.00O,
I divided with Qaffnoy and Carrdlt,' ho
In regard .to sharing tho commission
with Carroll and Oaffney, both reputed
to be Influential In Tammany Hall, the
witness said he had sought Carroll be
cause he thought Carroll could help him,
"He knew everybody in New York,"
eald Murphy, "and was a man ot stand
ing In the community.'' '
The witness gave tho same reason for
seeking daffney.
You gavethem than money becauso
they had political Influence T" asked Dls.
trlct Attorney Whitman.
"Yes," conceded tho witness.
Man Who Lost
Employer's Money
at Gambling Freed
WINNER, a D., Dec 0. (Special.)-
Informatlon from Pierre Is to tho effect
that Governor Byrne, on recommenda
tion of the state board of pardons, had
granted a pardon to G. H. Walter, a
former business man of Winner, who
about nine months ago was sentenced
to a term In tho Sioux Falls penitentiary
for embezzlement. Ho was charged with
having embezzled funds ot the Mont
gomery Lumber company to tho amount
of about 14,000 while manager of th
company's' yard in Winner. After his
arrest he confessed that, ho had lost the
money over the gambling table and
named the two men who won the money
from htm. The lumber company then in
stituted an action for the recovery of
the money thus won by the Individuals
named. The suits wero tried at a term
of state circuit court for Gregory county,
which terminated a few days ago; and
the trials, which were unique In tho his
tory ot the courts of South Dakota, re
sulted in the lumber company securing
Judgments against several of the de
Pennsylvania Uses
Convicts in Making
Eoads and Streets
I'HIUADELriHA, Dec. S. Tho employ
ment of prison labor in tho construction
of roads and streets occupied much of the
American Itoad Builders' association and
American Good Roads congress. Gov
ernor Toner mado an address on what
Pennsylvania has done and expects to
do in building roads.
Samuel Hill ot Seattle, president of tha
Road Builders,' association, presided.
Among tho4 on the program for ad
dresses wero r. W. Buffun, Missouri: T.
A. MoDonald, Iowa; Sidney Suggs, Okla
homa, and Nelson P. tawls, New York,
all connected with the highway depart'
ments of their respective states.
In conjunction with tho convention my
ral states are showing exhibits of the
work accomplished for good roads by
means of moving pictures.
MASON CITY. la., Dec. 8.-Special
Telejrrum.) Trains are delayed, hotels.
laundries and other large consumers ot
water crippled because of a break of
numn at the water works. Passenger
trains wero the only trains supplied and
theso after dolays. Switching and freight
movement aro nearly stopped.
i To mm tha voice
I after speaking, dic
tating, tlnglng-UM
in 1 T
ch7 Vof a Lrrop
from coushs. colds sad threat
Itnln In fact, Lttln't hoe
handrtd uh.
i For motorists, ath--
llctei, outdoor
wotkors, school
Sold ErrTwbers
I satayBowpsksg.
ync K. LUMN I
Suites, rm.
The Store
of the
Useful tilings of
rare elogauce in our
Christmas showing,
and not at all high
priced. Things sura,
of appreciation by
man, woman, boy
or girl.
In all tho world there Is no line of leather goods
bill books, brief cases, hand bags, purses, desk
sets, etc., so elegant as that ot Mark Cross
Hundreds of articles comprise the showing, mado
exclusively in Omaha by this store. Then, too,,
those famous Mark Cross gloves for men and for
1310-18-20 FAItNAM ST.
Announce They Have Eleven Thou
sand Names on Petition.
ASUNCION, Paraguay. Dec 9. The
president ot Paraguay today gave a,
banauet in honor of Colonel Theodore
Roosevelt. Among the guests were all
the cabinet ministers and three former
presidents of Paraguay, Cecilia Baez,
Juan D. Gaona and Dr. Emlllano Gon
zales Navero. Colonel Roosevelt after
ward left on board a gunboat for
Corumba, a Braslllan fortified town on
the river Paraguay.
Drr Forces Will Start at Early Date
to Induce Signers to Withdraw
Their Names from
(Prom a Staff Correspondent)
DES MOnES, Doc 9.-8poclaI Tele
gram.) It. W. Wolverton, president of
tho Retail Liquor Dealers' association, to
day announced tho organisation has
11,000 signatures to the petition for kebp
Ing open tho Des Moines saloons and that
the petition will bo filed tomorrow. They
intend to ask tho Board of Supervisors to
begin at once to canvass the petition in
tha hope It may bo completed before tho
supremo court reaches tho rehearing In
the saloon cases.
Tho drys will begin at once a campaign
to Induce men to take their names oft
the petition.
Winter Cruise to
West Indies is Real
Thing for Travelers
Tho winter crulso to the West Indies
Is becoming mor popular than over be
fore, and there are scores of Omaha peo
ple who aro laying their plans to mako
th trip. About as popular a Way as there
Is to go Is on one ot the North German
Lloyd boats, represented hero by W. B.
Book; city passenger agent for tho Mil
waukee road.
Th West Indies, to and through which
during1 tha winter and spring months of
1914 Is scheduled three voyages by th
splendid cruising steamer Grosser Kur
fuerst, is not as much visited by Ameri
can travelers as It denn-v in h Th.
great engineering work upon tho Panama
canal, tho United States' vast enterprise
in this part of tho world, haa brought
thither many thousnnds of tourists dur
ing tno last few years. Yet most of these
havo sailed straight from the states to
Manama, ana returned in tho same man
ner. Few of tho thousands of hpaiiilfnl
tropic isles In tho Carribbcan era. and
tho Spanish main havo been seen ,by
them, and fewer still have been ylsltod.
Heavy Clothing
Saves His Life
CHICAGO, Dec 9. if it had not been
so cold last night Orvllle Michael, yard
detective for a railroad, would have lost
his life. A bullet fired at short rongo
by a thief whom ho had interrupted hit
him over the heart. To ascertain If he
had been wounded, Michael removed an
overcoat, a coat, another coat, a sweater,
two vests and a wollen shirt He was not
compelled to divest himself of two under
shirts, as at this point tho bullet rolled
If s Time To Buy
Christmas Slippers
Our Showing of These Useful Gifts is
the most complete to he found in Omahm
Then there's just a little added satisfaction
for both yourself and the recipient if the gift
comes from "Fry's." Everybody knows the
character of both tha store and the goods
we sell strictly high class. And our prices
are no higher than elsewhere.
Slippers for Women Slippers for Men
$1.00 to $2.50 $1.50 to $3.00
r .ICY
as a National Bank
Thirst National
iBaiiRof Omaha
The growth of this bank la largely due
to lta policy of Safeguarding the fund ot
lta depositors by careful Investment and
to a desire to aid and support all legiti
mate enterprises.
raaized in 1S57 as
C. T. KOUKTZK. President.
y IL DAVIS, Vies President. L. L. KOUNTZE, Vice President.
T. U DAVIS. Cashier. U ALLISON, Asst. Caah.
Q. T. ZIMMERMAN, Asst. Cash. a T. EASTMAX Asst. Cash.
MTLES 8TANDISH. Asst. Cash. U H. BEXXBN, Auditor.
Simple Hrb Quickly
Relieves This Dread
Dltbtn hat heMtofor ba ronildmd' Incur
able, and tin onljr bops held ot to tb alnicted
bis been to prolong thtlr jeara ty strict dUt.
A plant rectntlr dlaeOTertd . lay&ltxlco, clttl
DUbetol Herb haa hHn found to ha m onrlnn In
tber-ktmtat ot'dlabaUt, quleklr reducing tb
pacific) iratltr and luiar. rtitorlnc Tlr sad
julldlufup tb tjrttem.'
Thla hannlm r-getabU rmd ahould rttltn
he patient of bit worst aymptusia. IS tha tnott
iggtaattd nwi, wlihln a weak, and to prora It,
o mil mall tbe tint too paekaga for lie. with
ree bookltt ot special Talua to tha diabetic, con
lining latest din Hat and aiclualra labia of food
alura, string pfrcentags ot atarck and augar (car-
tthrdratta) In 250 different foodt.
Tell rour afflicted frlenda of this btteo and
tend Ue today tor a full.ilied tOc package. AMR
HKMICAt, CO., Boa HM, Whitney Point. N. T.
r "
Office For Rent
The large room on ground
floor of Bee Building, oc
cupied ty the Havens.
White Coal Co,
Nice Farnam street front
age. About 1,500 square
feet of floor space with
large vault. Extra en
trance from court of tha
Fine office fixtures are of
fered for sale. Apply to
N. P. Feil, Bee office.
ggS. Dec. 11-12-13 -Saggy
Tha Play the Sstlra Country is Talk
tos; about, -TXX I.UBE." Beats selling-,
0n0'nSA7 Dec, U"
Tha Winter Garden Company p,.
seats the Idol of Two Continents
SABY SESZ.TS. ( Hinging- and Boaak.
tor entirely to ng-lleh). ,i
With Jtarry Pilcsr ana th abT
pxxxi "XAJXSxrrsrrsK" ott far tha
Identical bis company that dedicated
the heautlful. new Qayety In Clni-innuui
last Oct. Alice Lazar. Nettie , Nelson.
Virginia Ware, Frank tUud WJllatnon.
Billy Iiiman. Harmony Trip, lleauiy
Chorus ot Honeyniooners.
I.aaia' aims Matins Weak Says.
Hat. every day, atlOj ersry rdrht. 815.
jbU Week. WiUlan Burma, Jack Keaaedy
Co., Ted Lorralaa Uattte Bukv Carl UcCul
louib. Sultoa. aulstyre & Ssttsa. Helen Kugilee,
Can Iloelnl and Special Feature Picture.. -Col.
Iteeta lAir l Alrtca" and "Oltmpaea t Pond
Prion: Met. Cillery. Itet beat eeita (exreat
(at aad Sua.) Be NUstsi 10a. tit. oe aed n.
KPIIA W. Stat, aad Vis-fat, .
"wv Than. Mat. ana Jriglii.
XDWAJU) gmtlW aaa Xla -XXDSZSX
CO. XTsaa&l
tsn irr sjh nnr aaa
JfJOTDKI. UXUS, tha Jewish Martyr.

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