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Party Dresses
Even in? Gowns
Street Dresses
These are beautifully trimmed Raiments of the lat- hB
est styles and colors. They are regular 918.00 to M, M
925.00 values. Special Bnle lrco Thursday
of tlie latest design. They aro made up of the new- r jLj JJ
est materials and In the newest styles. Mnny have
the drape effect, llcgular $17.30 to $30.00 values, B.M
specially prlcel for Wednesday at kW
of silk, crepe, and In fact nil tho new materials with
double and single tunic effevt. Regular $13.00 to U.m
$25.00 values, Wednesday, at
Governor Morehead Opposes Paying
Peace Officers for Arrests.
nly In 'Extraordinary L'nnr Will He
t'nnntrnnnn thr Offer of pr-
rlnl Inducement ' to
"The Store With a Conscience."
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Dec. 10. (Special.)-The
tallway commission has granted permls
Mon to the Burlington railway to change,
ho time of Its morning local passenger
.rain out ot Omaha to Lincoln.
The train now leaves Omaha at C.40
and arrives at Lincoln at S:13. Under tlie
new schedule, which will go Into effect
January 4. the train will leave Omaha at
Mfrlonpr Ilomlnm-
to dyspepsia, liver complaints and kidney
troubles Is needless. Electric Bitters Is
the guaranteed remedy Only 60c. For
sale by your druBglt-AdvertlBcment.
(From'a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Deo. 10.-(Spec1al.)-Thc man
who caught John Jones alias William
Stcmser, charged with hilling Samuel
Leono ot Omaha will not get llio $300 re
ward offered by Governor Morehead for
the arrest of the man. A St. Louis po
liceman made the arrest and tho man is
held In custody In that city.
Governor Morehead Is going on record
In declaring that In tho future no re
wards will ho offered by the state only
under circumstances whcio It Is espe
cially required. He Is of the opinion that
when a peace officer catches a man who
Is trying to flee from Justice that he Is
simply doing his duty and what the people
expect hhn Jto do.
Sheriff Qus llycrs ot Lancaster county
went on. record a few weeks aRo by de
claring that he would accept no reward
whatever from tho stato or dny other
source for arresting a man .wanted for
breaking tho laws of the state. "That Is
what the people pay me for." said the
sheriff, "and there would be Just as
much sense In paying the governor some
thing extra for doing a part of his duty
us a state executive as to Pay me for
Colng what, the people elected me to do
for tlie salary paid "
It has been customary In recent years
to call on the state to offer a reward
for the apprehension of a fugitive from
justice on tho slightest provocation, but
hereafter good reasons will have to be
given before the reward Is posted.
Normal Ilrport:
Two reports came In this morning to
fine governor's office from Normal
schools, mo last two 10 rcpou. ino
Chadron Normal, under I'rosldent Sparks
reports $2,Mt.l7 paid out for repairs, tho
last year, leaving J2.482.83 In the repair
fund, In , tlie .cash' fund the sum of 1112.33
has been paid out leaving J120.52. Tho
maintenance fund has spent $1,710.10, tho
salaries 17.4tt, traveling expense of the
president has been $202. 73 and employes
vi ages t30,4SS.99, There Is nothing to show
tlonal Kducatlonal Association at the ox-1
pense of the state, as did the ureslde nti '
ot the Peru and AVayne Normals. J
The KeVrney Normal did not make n
very elaborate report and tho Items did ,
rot show In most eases what the ex 1
pendlture was really for. However, diir- j
htg tho year the maintenance fund
amounted to an expenditure ot $.11,031 M j
and tho cash fund J I,.t9. (
Stntntm llrnily.
Tho first edition of tho new rod" !
statutes will be ready for distribution I
about January IS, accorlng to advices re
ceived by Secretary ot State Walt today.
- - -
Cornish Refuses
Sharp Injunction
(From a ftaft Correspondent)
LINCOLN, Dec. 10.-(Spcclal Telegram.)
Judge Cornish of the 1-nncnstcr county
district -court refused this afternoon to
allow the Injunction asked by Trcsldcnt
Shnrn of the Lincoln Traction company
to restrain the board of directors from
meeting and electing officers of the com
pany. In tho election held about two weeks
ttgVn -bitter fight was Indulged In by tho
Sharp Interests "and the. Scilddcr people,
resulting In five sharp men nnd five Scud
der directors being selected, while San
ford Ladd, representing the Moore syn
dicate, was the other member. Liidd went
over to the Scudder crowd, and It was
nimored that while they would retain
Sharp as president they would cut his
salary from W0 a .year to about $1,03),
In hla application for an Injunction
Sharp set out that when the Scudder peo
ple gained the controlling Interest ot the
company from the Slmrp peopl, It was
agreed that Sharp and his backers should
remain In control ot the directorate.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Dec. lO.-(SpccIal) Deputy
Secretary of State Oeorge Washington
Marsh, who has charge, ot tho Job of
Checking up the lists of voters which
como into tho office of the secretury of
state occasionally runs across some prop
ositions, but today in checking up tho
list from Hooker county he struck tho
following notation:
"Thomas Qulnn, Eclipse, Neb, First
white man horn In Hoohor county Born
Gorgeous Showing of
Holiday Neckwear
Rich showings of Xcckwonr have boon made by this stove
in the pnst, but this season's out-distances all others in
points of beauty and magnitude of stock. Here are thou
sands of the choicest Ties, all styles, and the holiday sea
sou at this store does not mean increased prices. "
50c, 75c, $1.00, $1.50, $2.00, $2.50
Shirts Never Fail to Please a Practical Man
$1 to $5
Especially when they come from this store. Here you can
get them as plain or as fancy as you wish. You could choose
with yoitr eyes closed and never get a single undesirable
pattern, sizes from the smallest, to the largest
Glance Over This Gift List
SinoltinR Jackets ..$5.00 to $12,50
Until Hobos ,...$5.00 to $15.00
Combination Sots 50c to $2.50
Houbo Slippers $1.50 to $2.50
Dross Glove f 1.1G to $2.50
I'mbrellns $1.00 to $10.00
t VI
that President Sparks attended the Na-, on the running gear of a wagon In tho
month ot March, thirty-eight miles from
Mr. Marsh says that while there are
some peculiar conditions In connection
with the now low It Is not necessary for
a man to give his pedigree.
.LINCOLN. Ncb Dee. 10,-(Speclol
Telegram.) All of tho afternoon was
taken up today In a hearing before tho
tftato Board of Health In tho caso
brought two years ago by tho parents
of.l.uclllo Boswolli charging Dr. Lillian
tinow ot this city with a criminal opera-
I Hon causing the death of Miss ltoswell.
mm, iio8weu ond a married sistor, Mrs. i
Itoberts. both testified that they were ,
present wlien tlie operation was per
formed nt tho BosWoll home and that
they paid Dr. Snow 25 for tho services
On the other hand. Dr. Snow Just as
! stoutly maintained that she performed
I no criminal operation and never saw thn
riii nerore alio was called tn tho llos
woll home,' tho mother claiming that the
girl with a young man had called at
tho office ot the doctor to consult her.
LlJr. Snow also tostlfled that sho did not
know tho girl wus In trouble, made no
examination and simply took tho moth
er's word that tho girl had been out
riding and taken cold, resulting In her
The board took the matter under advisement.
.Summon-Mat hlimoti,
. HOLDIlHarc, Nob.. Dec. 10.-(8peclal.)-Mr.
Arthur W. Hwunson and ,Mliw Min
nie S. MnthliiRou were Joined In mar
riage by the Hev. 8. D. Bartlo, D. 1) ,
paBtor of tho First Methodist Episcopal
church, Tuerday afternoon at 4;30 nt
the homo ot tho bride at CIO Grant street.
Tho ring ceremony was used. Mr. Swan
son Is ouo ot ltoldrege'a popular business
men. Tho couplo left for Chicago on
tho honeymoon trip,
We Sold and Delivered 107 Pianos and Player
A lt( WaS U . .Vv.'S,
The Co-operative Plan of Selling a Success
Last month of this great piano sale U
The various makes of pianos for this co-optrativc salt
tccre personally selected by Mr, H'. M. Jfobinson and
wm arrival (in being lest'd and inspicled by Prof.
Jean Gilbert Jones.
:f TERILY co-operation is power. We have seen and experienced its
: y power. The success of this sale is the proor.
; ; For here we are announcing the close of this sale this month,
when we had not expected to announce it for considerably later.
Do' vou know what this announcement means?
It means that we have practically sold these three hundred pianos and one hundred player-
pianos in eleven weeks.
For today although this is the 10th we are certain we shall not have enough
instruments left to fill all orders throughout the entire month. That is if customers
pour in upon us the balance of the month as they did last week. And it is certain
that they will.
For when dozens of persons read the heading of this ad and realize that it is
"now or never" they will swamp us with applications.
We know of enough persons, who have told us they would take a piano or a
player-piano before the sale closed, to book orders for a number of instruments now remaining, unsold.
Applications for pianos and player-pianos will be
received up to close of business Dec. 31st, 1913
This has been decided upon: That we would supply the instruments we now have, out of the
original number intended for the sale, as long as they last, then take orders until the close of busi
ness, Dec. 31st.
In this way every one gets a square deal the late comer, howeVer, may have to wait a few days
before having hit piano delivered.
In this way, also no one need miss this unparalleled opportunity. For we will make immediate
deliveries as long as any instruments remain unsold and as soon as the last one goes we will then
take your application and deliver your piano in the numerical order in which it was taken.
This, of course, is done subject to the same conditions that have made this sale the most talked-of
event in piano circles for years namely that your make of piano has been personally selected by our
Mr. W. M. Robinson, general manager of our Piano Dept.; that it will be inspected and passed upon by
Prof. Jean Gilbert Jones upon its arrival, and then delivered to your home for a thirty days' trial,
which, if unsatisfactory entitles you to your money back. But come early, if possible, now.
CowMgUt. by Mc
Copyright, 11J, by Eteoe ft McCarrkk, Inc
Our co-operative plan In a nutshell
Ptrt. Vou Ket a piano which i worth and sella regularly ut three hundred and fifty dollars for two
hundred nnd forty-elRht dollars and aeventy-flvo cents, savlnif you at the outset one hundred and one
dollars and twriity-flvo cents, . ;
Second. When you finish paying: for your piano. f bought In the usual way. you still owe from twenty.
five to thirty-live dollars Interest. Through this co-operative plan, when you have paid your two hundred
and forty-elglit dollurs and seventy-five cents, yon have finished paying;. There are no. further, payments
to he made, either on account of Interest or for any other reason.
Third. Jnateurt of paying twenty to twenty.five dollars as a fhwt pavriient and "ten; twulve qr. fifteen,
dollars a month as you will In a regular wav. during this co-operative sale you pay hut five dollars
to Juln In this associate movement and then hut one dollar and twenty-five cents a week. .
rourth. Vou get the strongest guarantee ever put on a piano; a Joint guarantee signed by the manu
facturers Kohler & Campbell and ourselves. Klvlntf you protection .for five years thut is as safe as a
government bond.
JTlfth. Vou get the privilege of returning your piano at the end of a thirty days' trial and getting
your money back.
Sixth. Within one year from the. day you get your piano, through this co-operative plan, you may
exchnnrfe It for any reason whatsoever, without ho iiiiuli as a penny's loss
Seventh. All payments remaining unpaid aro voluntarily cancelled In event of your death thus
leaving the piano free of encumbrance to your family,
Blrhth. Vou get through this co-operative plan uri opportunity to earn cash dividends for each atvl
every week s time the life of the co-operative agreement of one hundred and ninety-five weeks is short
ened, Through tills privilege it Is possible for you to earn cash dividends, amounting in all to twenty
nine dollars and twenty-five cents.
Klnth. Vou are given opportunity to sei'ure others to co-operate In this plan This still further
reduces the cost of your Instrument

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