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THE BKK: OMAHA, Till KSlA, DKCliMHKH 11, 11)1 J.
Protect Your
Home With a
A Bell Telephone af
fords protection and se
curity by permitting calls
to or from your homo at
all times.
And, too, a telephone
means home-comfort and
convenience in reaching
local stores and shops, and
i --it: i 11
as permitting long dis
tance talks nearly everv-
Why not secure your
home protection, comfort
, and convemenco by NOW
I ordering a telephone in
cm.,, ill's. mi, isu. v- Tomer .Omita Teachtr H. HUH-
j. iauvj morar aa wo. uoug. m.
Bar Boot Print It Now Beacon Pre a.
X.lf In ? Tes. Penn Mutual. Qoolo.
XUghtlng futures. Burriss-Oranasn OA.
Kurnaaa Offloar's Telephone, S. ITS.
Tlned for Disturbing the Pas.ce Clar
ence Stevens, residing in lodging house.
was given a fine, ot 110 and costs In
police court for disturbing the peace on
lower Douglas street.
Burglar Break Olass Steve Columbo,
1002 Douglas street, reports to the pollco
that during Tuesday night burglars on-
culty with Immigration Men.
la 1'orceil (n Carrr t-nrare Sntnn of
Oolil Around for SeVeritl Day
rtecnnnr of Delay In TnU
Iiiir Cash llonil.
On her way to Washington, 1. O , in
an effort to remove obstacles to the
entrance of Chinese students to the
tered his home by breaking the glass In a United Mates. Mln Ida Jv. Greenlee, a
transom and secured a revolver and $3 1 lortner teacher in the Omuha public
In cash. I schools, stopped off here for a visit with
Cameras BtoUn from Btors Luclen old friends.
Stephens, 1W1 Farnam street, reports to ,She has conductncl a school at Hong
the police that a shoplifter stolo two Kong, China, for a number of years and
small cameras from his store. The ml- annually brings advanced Chinese pupils
chines wrre worth 117 and .were taken to America for college and university
wnuo an or mo cierns were occuiuea worx. ab sue has sometime had dlffl
with customers. culty in obtaining permission foe her
Crelghton Concert Thursday Hlf lit I proteges to land at the ports ot crjtry on
Crclghton Olco club will give Its first the Pacific coast, evert When she put
symphony orchestra concert at the up large cash bonds for them, she his
Crelghton university auditorium this determined to take the matter up with
evening. A mistaken nnnouncemcnt was Commissioner of Immigration Cnmlnottl
made that the coscert was to be held last at Washington.
evening. "x hRd bvep 5,(K In gold to offor as
Children's Banks Stolen W. J. Addy, Dona ror the bona fide student charac.
3K Sherman avenue, reports to the 01 m pupus tne last tlmo I brought
pollco that burglars entered his home "r group ror college study In this
with the aid of a skeleton key and car- j country, saw MJss arecnlee. "nut 1
rled away two small savings banks con- had carry tho money around with me
talnlng about W In nickels, In Vennles for several days, as tho Immigration ot
and several bid coins. flclals wcro loath to admit the Chinese
ne4 for Stesllng Toilet Set For "tjjucnts. .... .
stealing a toilet set from the Brandcls , in suing 10- vasningion
Stores. Adolph Madrid. Itinerate laborer, ?.. y McU. more consideration
n-c flnrt ta anrt rn.ta In nnllr murt. lur raumous imneeo siuaems. wno
Madrid was picked up by house detec- fcek entrance to tho United States only
tlves of the store Just as he was in the " V""""" n.oir miucauon. incy an go
net of stealing. Ho plead guilty.
Seven Eestaurant
Keepers Fined for
SfilllTlff POOr Milk ""mmer sessions- of the publlo schools
W DXllilg X UU1 1T111JX n iht oM nigh Bfhoo, bulMnKt She ,eft
1 here about 1891. enlnir to Rlnur -llv. tl
Seven restaurant keepers and grocery- i,er went tn h" inrifin M,t in.n
men were fined In, police court for scIllnR Mlirled her Chinese school at along Kong,
aauueraica mux. in soma cases ino Wh0 ,n 0jnaha 8hc nailt,t nor ,,cad.
product was almost half water and n U.arters at Hotel Loyal and will leave
oiners 11 oven leaieu poorer man nau ,op tho east thJa cven,ng at 9 0.ciock,
miu 4 la 11 ai iuus jyititiB ci 0 mauc uj
IkniA nrratirriArl hit f nrilt lu'n Wfrfk rnn
sldcred, by Judge Foster to warrant the "R no 1 "jRgtate Mfill
discharge of the accused. These two I XUVJU,A iJOUWUU 1U.OX1
were the proprietors of the Baltimore TJton -it -rYtrvri-i 4-n r Tfiv'
48 Hours Frost to riowers
Xoses bloom outdoors In this ro
mantic land ot ddUbt. wbll blltirdt, nta
In northorn lonrt. Oirdrni tra low with
tlowen. bnn trto are laden. Tha air U
aoft and tba tun thlnts brilliantly uaoa
whit roofs and roada. You ll?a outdoora In
tbo llfhtfat ot clothlnt, wbeellnc. Tachtlnt,
rldlnr. drlTlnt, bathlnc, (lalitng and playlns
tennli. icolt or bats 'ball, with ohlr one re
arrl that aomatlmff bUalnaia affalra will com.
11 your learinc tbla land ot anchanlmtnt.
b'alllDt Every Vk Tlckata Intercbanceabte.
S. S. Bermudian
Quebec S. S. Co., Ltd.
A. S.
Outerbrldgs d CoH ABts! ;
29 Droadway, ,N. .V.
S. S. Caribbean
and Arcadian
(Arcadlnn Dctlnnn( Jib. ID. Uooklnc Nov.)
The Royal Mail Steam Packet Co.
Sanderson tc Son, Oan. Atrts.
22 State St. N. V
ror Booklets apply to above S.S. Oo.'s
or any Ticket Agant.
(17,000 tou)
From New York, Jan. 31, 1915
Visitinc famous cities and countries on a
palatial steamship which serves as your
botel, tvery luxury and comfort assured.
1 35 days-T-SSOO and up
loci tiding Shore Tktsa and all nt ceuiry aiycaaa.
Alto Cnilaaa ta the Oriant, India. .'
4 Wt laullaa. Panama Canal, and
MeUitarranaan trip.
StnAJtr hkkU dating cmba
150 yrest Sandolph St., Chicago, Z1L
Or local1 agents.
back to their own country after study
ing here, and are helping to mnko their
nation advanced and civilized."
Miss areonlco was an eighth grade
teacher at the Leavenworth and the
Mason schools In Omfiha, and niso taught
rrahy of Omaha's present citizens at
lunch rooms and P. P. Miller of tho
Wellington 1 cafe.
C. It. Courtney of Courtney & Co. was
discharged on two counts and fined 110
and costs' on two others. The others who
were each fined 110 and costs arc: O
Fred ElsasseV, 1923 Farnam street; Chris
Iarson, 1107 Farnam street! Victor Fran-
cen, 4IS South Fifteenth street: I J,
Johnson. Drexel- cafe. Hlxteenth and
"Webster streets, and James O Brien,
An Unseasonable Fall, An Overstocked Cloak Market, Makers Eager to Sell
This Sentence Explains the Sale That Brings Omaha Women Face to Face With the Most
Advantageous Buying Event in Many Years!
for Women
and Misses
940 Winter Coats
Tho warm fall h8 meant
dlaastor to eastern makers,
but It menus Economy to
Omaha Women.
AVo enn sell thoso coats it fnr less
than retail prices, because we
bought them at far less than manu
facturers' regular figures.
Thousands of dollars will be
saved by Omaha women by reason
of this sale. Buy a new coat NOW.
At Its noonday meeting the Omaha
Heal Kstato oxchango listened to short
talks by C. 8. Schappell of Pawnee City
and C. W. Sears of Omahn, both mem
bers of the Nebraska tax. commission
that Is hotdlng sessions In the city for
1 hh4 nttrnnaai af rlnn tUm. Mat- a. it Mnl
Thirteenth and Farnam streets. Lowolrt "7, "J r
Bcatty of tTneeda Quick limeh, 115 North """" ""-'.
Sixteenth street. "was fined J12.S0 and fdf'her n ",llU
J . what the now method ot taxation should
u.i thb 4i.. be. If the constitutional amendment
had purchased samples of. milk from the lk "S change 1. carried at tho
concerns Implicated, and tj,at these sam- elict,n d,'ri" h f "I
plrs were turned over to City Dairy In- pw?" aIeye,r of exchange sug-
iVAaitawl 4)iit HIMtrtlniMnHl r a NntHHi Una
spector Bossle. who found them short .... ...i,.... .
rnninmnt of the ordinance on to appear before tho commission ut suoh
sent tho vIowh of tho organization rila
tlvo ip taxation. Tho comuiltteo Was
mn.U tin Vv.r Ua Aiwttlan T).Aat4At
HERE IS ENLARGED Meyers. C. S. Harrison and County
Treasurer Uro.
Because a recent order requiring that The-history of tho movement that re
231" additional posloffices Bend their suitod in tho law providing for a tax
"dead" mull t6 Omaha for disposal has commission was detailed by Member
created a congested condition, extenslvo Sears, who told of tho moetlngs that
Improvements and addition In tho nw wen nem rrom time to time and
nlxle" department arc to be made. The the Ideas that have been advocated by
contract for tho w3rk has becri awarded tho different individuals who have given
to John Laf for J1.K9. I,ax mniiers mucn aiuuy ana wno nave
een present rc ine sessions.
TO MEET FRIDAY NIGHT Into the matter of taxation to bo able
to express any opinion as to what would
The Omaha Automobile club will hold be the outcome. He did not feel at lib-
Its annual meeting Friday evening at erty to recommend any mothod for reach
tho Commercial club for the purpose of Ing value or determining whether the
electing four directors to serve three future system should b tho single, or
vrars and to decide activities for the IcomblnaUon tax plan. Ho detailed some
coming" years.
of the methods pursued In tho eastern
states under a .recently doveloped sys
tem that has Worked well. Then he
told what has been accomplished In
Wisconsin, where the' state has put. Into
effect an Income system of taxation.
Thero tho revenue had been raised from
STOO.OOO to over 11,000,000 Just out of the
personal property assessment.
bold, Cough and Catarrh
Remedy. Superior and Guar
anteed Superior, to. Im
itations and Ready
Made Syrups.
ItW Klt-na mVi bmI mtUmU tOt.
I ralor clut a tI.w ut Mlurw. rslA m af aW
wrld'a MTn VNdm, mad a drQabt txip dawm th
-w.. imh w wiCbMl iUvi f on, uMlm
I ulMavw via tte Uur a Stvw Claa.
Nov. Larst. Modtm, Twin-Sana Stttunm
Cuneronls. Calilorota, Caledonia, Colnnbla
TU3CANIA, 14,000 tons, (Building)
lltUd tU WInbM TabaTmk mA WW IU.
Ckmwi t Ilwn, Uwm. Buili Ua IUom, Unhwuu,
Lujrtawlr Atvdatod Salusa u4 bal.
Vntorptiui Ttirt Clit FaOf FumUM lair Kites
Mediterranean Serrice from NewYork
First Cailn Paut.e Is Maples SCO and up.
Third Clm at Very Low Rites.
Anchor LUa drarta farabla fra ut Chart a
Tor Book at TnM. iUtM. ., atl U
W. Rindt,lph m m. K. for. Oaarttarn. ChtMe
Or Lsaal Asanta Cvarywhar
Mothers Warned to
Look Out f br Pseudo
Doctor by the Police
For the second time in two years a
peculiar criminal, posing as a practicing
Physician and a representative of tho
city health department, has. entered
Omah homes and conducted rcpulslva
examinations of little Klrls. hlcf of
ji I jlj rFor Women's Winter Coats"-1
WmwKWrAWA MP Actually Worjh Up To $19.50 W
SJK'CuSsaW ai fiaPl ' )' Vv(vf i A Til There are mere than a score of dlf- ti
uSrtMtZ&!T&illil Kn( amr A Yvv A 1 III fsrent, olavsr, new models In this group. far
lS$3WGMWJOXr 1 'mAW V, Ki WW Thrse-qtwirtar and full length ooata with Vlf
sVnxVm!. I VlawV A AvfiuKm I fSKxt A 7 ll I smart touohta of Individual styla, Ohln
SWaNrWlTr Miif' " jk J V(i'A A U l I ohlllas, Caraonls, Bouolcs, Novelty
i; i 0th j
yafS'$U Sfijf fror Women's Winter Ooats"
UrWMli I Actually Worth Up To.. $27.50 I
L I it avf W J 1 II I S.HIH f ! 1 I s- rn
r m mur ap - BB1 i 1 srs k i ajjjjjw. ni pr l aaS I I '
' . go OK $7.00. Chlldron'B bUos, a to Mk
. iTTJunlor-B bIios. 3JJ M
Evt'iy coat is IV nbV Stylo, mntlo to 1 )Chlnchlllaa,nraUo8r't3ara slk
soli at a much higher price. cuia and Fur ciotht..,
I l 'l ' I " mmm
A month ago tho present
price" on thoso Coats; would
not havo bought the material.
1 via Madslra,
m Qlbraltar, Algiers
B. Lsrgest Stesmsrs
in the Trads
I "Adriatic'?
r "Celtic'
1VEST Lorcs
Newest Steamer
. to tha Tropics
Get the Pure Essence Mentno- roiice h. w. Dunn notified that the man
Laxene Of Your Drmrcrist- appeared after an absence of a year
- . ... and a half, has Instructed detectives to
Jtasy TOJnil VVin.UlUtetpea e a pAjn.taklmr search fpr him.
Surrar Svrun Into a Pint. Health Commissioner It. W. Connell,
' who wo.p Informed that the man had cn-
faually a family spends two to flvejtpred the home of the parents of a little
.lMi.r. ov.rv Wint.r for eouarh. eoM. school grl and had demanded that he
and catarrh remedies, buyinjr 25o worth be allowed to examine the Rlrl, says the
at a time. description of tho fellow Is about the
lor Instance, a two-ounce bottle, af '"me as that of the man who Invaded
-Sc. will contain about four-fifths "syrup- halt dozen homes on a similar mission
nnrt rm. fifth "hnedlpLnA." That's k niiv. I last year.
Ing too much for ordinary syrup: yotl Dr. Corniell said no home should allqw
can make a- half arallon of syruD for 25c. a man to examlno children unless he
The syrup, extra bottles, labels, corkal was known or could show that he was a
"cartons, etc make this method of bujintM letlglmate practitioner. One home en
I very expensive-by, the". end of thej-ear. flred this week by the fako physician
A little thought and wisdom will save i.Harbored a IQ-year-old clrl. The man told
any. family several dollars and -give 1 the motlier he was from the city -health.
them purer and bfetter' medicine, too, department and would have to examine
Make a Blmple syrup with, a pint of the girl, which he proceeded to do in tho
granulated sugar and a half pint of treeence ot the mother. He told tho
bolllns water; then buy the pure' 'con- J mother that It would cost he.r S If the
cent rated essence Mentho-Laxeive at girl was sent to his office for ejfamlna
your drugstore W - oi bottle) and 1 tlon, but that the examinations In the
empty In Into a pint pgttle or Jar and homes were free.
than fill It up with the syrup. chief Dunn Is taking extraordinary pre
Now you have a season's .supply ot Cautions to trace the man and while the
the purest best ahd m&tt promptly frightened mother of the little girl fur
affecUve cold atod. catarrh "remedy and rjghed but a meager description the
ough medicine that It Is possible tp ob- llce believe they may run him to earth
lain, ii Keeps ineuumeur, ana reueve Mhls time
yuuns u-iiu uiu ui oaian, caiurni cougnii,
FEB. 11
r. O. BHOWK, S. & Cor. Kadlsoa and
la Balle Bta.. Chicago, or local agants.
1tw.nliltl lir.B&an&b knr4MAjB . " f
This .remedy overcomes 'lough re
moves catarrhal matter fromt the. sys
tem, by Its tonic-laxative actforjIt Im
proves the appetite, reduces fever and
strengthens the system, thus avoiding
' chroma ailments and consumption.
MAR. 14 I Directions With each tattle of Essence
! Mtyitho-Laxeno tells how to make and
P1 4 'imu' tft take. The milniifnrt l.rAra
guarantee to -refund money to any one
.not i',eas'ed by Its thorough effective
nert. -Adrertlsement
Railroad Attorneys
Bring Serious Charge
in Big Damage Suit
Attorneys for the Burlington railroad.
against which Howard Thompson, the
young man who sustained the toss of a
portlor of his brain as the result of the
explosion of an engine cylinder, secure
a verdict ef KO.VjO the night before
Tha most eltgaat ooats In this tfraat
purchase are offered here, Ooats 'that
no maker could produoe for the prloe. we
are sslllng tuam.
Rloh. Silky. Beautiful Soft Chinchillas,
rine Caraculs, Bouolas, Arabian, Par
slanas, Xnr Texture, Cloths, Sto.
Children's and Junior's Ooats
You will not find coats to comiiaro with
t Uobo nnywhoro for Iobb than ? 7 . 60 to $10.
Thoy arc niado of rich mn- t MftfL
nr.1D ntwl linnutlftlllv tnll- m MM 3 W
bfcTTnirirBl"Btyloa all
Misses and Children's Ooats
Practical School and Droas Coatfl that
wore positively mado to sell at Jp.OOto
Evtuy coat is a nbw stylo, mntlo to
sell at a much higher price.
$7.00. Chlldron'B sites, a to
Junior's bIzos, 13 to 17.
K'hlnchlllaB, Plushes, Cara
cuTb and Fur OlotltB. ......
What Christmas gift could bo rabro
useful, moro beautiful or more welcome?
All Omaha Appreciates This Great Modern Toyland!
This December display of the newest Toy inventions of the
Old and the New Worlds is a part of Christmas that is
just as essential as the giving of presents in the home or
the family Christmas dinner. It is a part of Holiday life
that all Omaha shares and the delight thousands of little
folks experience when they visit this Wonderland of Toys evry
day is worth all the months of labor and preparation it required.
Every Toy in this Basement Wonderland is bright and new.
Every Toy frbm the shops of Europe and America is here, Our
European buyer our New York force and our'own buyers at home
unite to make this the greatest toy display in all the West. Every
man, woman and child who visits this display appreciates "how
great is the part it plays in the celebration of Christmas in Omaha.
Surely Christmas could not seem like Christmas without it.
Rubber shooting gallery, 98c Ives' ToyB at. . . .98o to $15 Express Wagons. 49o Toy Pianos 60o
Rugby Foot Balls ',98c Metallaphones 49c Galloping Horses $2.25 Kid Body Dolls. .49o to $10
Children's Chairs, 98o, $1.98 Aeroplanes. . . , .15c to $1.98 Hill Climbers. .49c, 75c, 98o Kewple Dolls, up from, 25o
Women's Neckwear
MKDICI COMiAltS Now novelty In neck,
wear this season, a pretty, In- CAP
cxncnulve litt for- Christmas. ... wwv
shades; ntoro itonulnr than ever spo-
T... 75c, $1.50, $2.50
LACE COIiTVIW Venice effects and
Htvlhs einl)rolderetlr.ln nil the-jietv styles
at ......
are Ideal Christmas Olfts. Buy them at
Exchange Doslc, Main Floor.
a V 'St"" " v w . '! .
25c, 50c, 75c
Men Always Want Useful Gifts
Silk Kour-lu-ilanil Tics, large, new shnpf, worth SI, nt... .. 50d
Men's Hllk Ties, In holly boxes, excellent gift 25d anJ 35d
Men's Tie ami Howe to inatcli, In Ikiv, the set 50d
Four pnlr of Men's Kllk Hose, In u fancy Ihik, "t tSl.OO
Men's Fine lft Suspentlurs, at. . . 7Sti, S1.00 a l to S2.50
Men's Huspcntlers, Arm Hand and finrter Kets 5Q and 75b
Men's and Hoys' flovcs, tnostly samples, vort)t to S1.7B, pr. .QSi
Men's I'ajahms, with Inltlul on pocket, nt. , 82.00
ThankBlvtnc da. In affldavlta suppurt
Ing a motion for a new trial charge,
members of tiro Jury and Thompson'
Jawyera with mlatduot-
That Thompson Infant chllrl kya al
lowed to play tn the oourt- room; that
half a dozen Jurors drank liquor at vari
ous aaloons during tho y-lal . and that
after .the verdict wan returned It. 8.
Daniel and J. A- Moore,, attorneys for
Jim plaintiff entertained flvo members
treet, buying them food, ll'iucr and
.''good cigars," aro the charges,
An affidavit concerning the allgged
mlioondurt Jb ilgned by Frank Williams,
who, It Is set forth, "observed the uo
tlons of the Jury during the trial."
The verdict secured by Thompabn was
said to be (he largeit ever returned In
a, personal Injury suit In Nebraska. In
September, 1909. Thompson, who has a
vlfe und young children, was returning
of the Jury a' u restaurant .on Farxtam home from his work at a pael.tng houeo
by a well worn Path along. too Hurling,
ton tracks. Tho cylinder head of a pans.
Iig engine blew oit and a piece of metal
struck Thompson In the head.
The young man. lay unconscious .sev
eral days In a .hoipttal. Surgeons re
moved part of the skull several square
Incjiea In site and u portion of the
brain. In the court room tlie jurors
wera able to seo the blood uUlng about
the brain, the cavity being covered only
with skin
that they will appeal the case to thi
supreme court If u new trial la denied,
but they are making a strong attempt to
Induco Judge lifctclie. before whom tha
case was tried, to grant a new hearing.
No date for the hearing of the defend
ant's motion has been set.
The Terslitent ana Judicious Use ot
Kewipurer Advertising It the Ifoad to
Tho rullrdad s lawyers have Indicated ' Business 8ucces.'

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