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for Big Special
Sale at
The Novelty Co.
Cloak & Suit Dept.
We will place on sale for
one day, 8aturdny only, over
1,200 ladles' and Misses
Coats, Sulls nnd Dresses
lots of samples nnd this sen
son's Accumulations, ar
inents thnt would sell regu
larly from ?10 to $25 will
ho divided In two lots nt
85.00 nd SS.50
You will save money If
j 011 will wait for Saturday
anil buy your garment here.
Ths Novalty Company,
214-16-18 North 16th St.
President of Co-Operative Farmers
Has Ideas of Conservation.
Visitor Look Ovrr the (Irnln Mm nt
Work In the Hxclmnur I.lvclj
DlnrnRslnii In tli
To nsslr-t our subscribers In celebrating the
great world-wide holiday, CHRISTMAS, wo havo
Imported rilreoUjvfrom BOLINdBN, 'SKniiiA.NY, a
largo quantity of the, famous. ""'
1 W'( iM
This beautiful Ornament Ib a groat docoratlon
for tho Christmas tree and with its charm fills
young nnd old with the glee and cheer of Christ
mas. It In 10 Inches high and made of tho best
nickel-plated metal. Six angels uphold throe dlf-fcrent-Uined
bolls;, above these is a small turblno
wheel with the Star of Dcthlehcm. This wheel re
volves through tho hent of three candles, placed
between the angels, nnd thus tho chimes ring.
These Chimes arc also used as a table ornament, without a tree,
or at any other festivities, such as birthdays, weddings, etc,
They will also work on a radiator or stove.
Tho coupon below will appear in this news
paper several times. Ono of 'them together with
30 cent, will procure for, our subscribers one of
tho chimes. Mall orders will, cost o cents extra
for postago; send money order or stamps. NEW"
SUBSCRIBERS will also be supplied upon rpcolpt
of subscription for ono month andvao cents.
Show this to your Neighbors
If they are not subscribers.
1 1
Suggestions of. harnessing tho rivers of j
the state to furnlih electric power for
Ilia farms anil towns wero mado by J. 8.
Canada)' of Mlndcn, president ot tho
Farmers' Co-Opcrntlvo drain and Live
Stock association) In his opening address
nt tho opening of the annual convention
of the association at tho Hotel Homo yos
lerday. "I would havo the state put
In the plant, and would have the people
pay for tho current according to what
the.; lis. 1 Am not an niHtiMP. hut
have talked with men Who are, and they I
believe the scheme Is a feasible one. A I
Uurllnston civil engineer told me that If
nn adequate market could bo furnished
In. the state for tho current, the plant
could bo built and operated so that the
current need not coat more than 1 or :
ccna. pr kllowat.
"I have been told by competent engl
noers.," continued Mr. Canada?, "that the
l.oup river, and the. Niobrara eppeclally
have, abundant facilities, or the develop
ment of water power, f am not in favor
of giving or selling these water rights
to private corporations, but I believe the
state Itself should develop them."
President Canaday went on to suggest I
that the power could be carried all over
the sUto by wires and cables, and that It '
could be used not only In lighting, but,
could bo used as power for pumping i
water, especially for Irrigation purposes !
In the west. Ho said he believed that If I
this power was available, It would .bo !
possible to water some of the western
lands by a system ,of wells where the
pumping could be going on all tho time.
Tho speaker also went Into the subject
of the conservation of the waters of the
Watte river and the other large rivers of
western Nebraska, with a view to sug
gestlng some means ot using the water
to saturate the subsoil. "It has been
demonstrated with us," he continued,
"that If we get our subsoil sufficiently
soaked up In the winter or spring, that
we can raise a crop even when the sum
mer Is very dry. Now why should, we not
direct our attention to tne subject With a
view to learning If some way cannot be
levjsed to lead tho enormous volume ot
water that the Platte carries oft every
winter and spring, not to the gulf,, but
out on the divides where It can soak Into
the ground and get the subsoil Into such
shape that wo can raise a crop whelher
th summer or dry or not."
Mr, Canaday said he saw no reason
why under a system ot harnessed rivers
In the state, the faraiem should not have
electric lights In their homes as well as
the people of the cities and towns.
Nearly MO farmers arrived from various
parts of the state' for the first sessions,
wklch wero held In the afternoon. Uy
;3S In the morning over 100 had enrolled.
At 10 o'clock In the morning a committee
of,, the Omaha Grain exchange escorted
the crowd to the grain exchange In the
Urandels building, where they had an
opportunity of watchlnc the operation
of tlio big grain market ,of the west.
Addresses ot welcome were made In
the afternoon at ye regular session,
followed by the present's address. The
report of the secretary-treasurer and tho
field report of .the. secretary was made,
oUow by jtpr; reportsand discussions.
"StfferMcCannis i
to Stay inOmatiai
-Miss nsther McCann. l years W. ;
Maughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles It
McCsnn, who have been, divorced, . will . .
r Jt&y In Omaha and collect 1W a ' month f
from her lather rather than go to Chicago'
to resume her atudtoi In Hn.m.nJ'... 1
' .v. , I .
,kcdooi, as sue desJrcs, .Tuesday Judo? Trains from points north and west make aood connection in Knmu ntv with thU
These Ansel-Chimes are Worth 75c
Come early, as the demand will be
grcatcrthan the quantity on hand,
Tin I Coupon and SOc
Good for .One Bee
Christmas Chimes
h. . ilM..:;,f-
f. :;0VjercGatless weather and
summer joys mzvm Florida.
' You can be there day after tomorrow
if you go via . the Frisco Lines; the
short, direct route.
Start from Kansas Cityat 5 : 55 p. m. ; step
off at Jacksonville, 8f40 a. m., second
day. The whole train goes through.
-rtnclbli decided her fathe'r need'notsup
ncr n sne lert the court's Jurlsdlr.
'rton, and she hss already made her de-'
cjston to stay.
Tho court's order will provide that the
Bri will forfeit, the : Income from her
father Jf she leaves without permission
Vt tho Judge, gho testified on the witness
Stand that her reeling toward her father
was somewhat unfriendly n account of
icuaauona madq by him against
splendid through train. For fares, reservations, a new book about Honda, address
J. O. Lovrisn. Bivlsloa Passenger Agent. Prtco Unas, Sanaa City, Mo.
Wm. riaaaeUy, Traveling- Passenger Ageat, Southern Xy.. Kansas Oltr. Xo.
SFsistMt schedule:
air. Memphis 1:05 a. m.
Birminghira 3t50 p. m.
AtlantalOilS p.m. Jtek
lonville Si40a.m.tcceaa
day. Electric light
ed drawing room sleep
enj pbicrotioa diner,
Fred Harvey mcali.
line fo
At a. meeting of the' committee on the)
Charity ball at noon no action was taken .
upon the suggestions offered by the I
3IIiltcril union In behalf of the tanau i
as a dance should not b
at the ball TIckcU for the affair arV to DR. BRADBURY DENTIST
7?rZu rrLrt! "a ,ne loc- ir Fn ret. .ar, . Offte.
Trrla1v all u a. .
i')ii.gi - FBsVsiHsliHK i iiMuui ft mica ur ci-rtK
W and the committee coniidered
vt..UIUu .... ..
MMw-wuf oi uuuamg- Koras more.
Thtf atitl remained onen .t nMn tktl J BrMgework ..,.9S.o up
tp soVen.for aud thir final ial Crewn Up
1 txittM any Urac, fifttf t . fCt Up
Phose Hous;. 17M
work. NerfM reaaovsxi
rrltlMBt vmln. Work cuar. j
ate4 years.
Office for Rent
The large room on ground
floor of Bee Building, oc
cupied by the Havens-'
White Coal tJp.
Nice Farnam sti;et front
age. About 1,500 square
feet of floor space with
large vault. Kxtra en-,
trance from court of the
Fine office fixtures are of.
fered for sale. Apply to
N, P. Feu, Bm office.
Your Every Christmas Wish Can Be
Supplied at This Creat Christmas Store
Only C
Days Till
You'd Better Get Busy
Others Are,
my, 1
Just 6
Days in
to -Make
Your Selections of
Suitable Gifts.
Special Gifts at Manufacturers' Cost Price
Again We Secure the Entire Sample Line of the Florence Manufacturing Co., Florence,
Maas. Over 2,000 different articles, all clean, perfect goods, no two alike, on sale at abso
lutely manufacturers' cost prices. A saving to onr customers of fully one-third on these
Will place them on sale be
ginning Monday, at abso
lutely manufacturers' costi
prices, a saving to you on
now, perfect goods of fully
33 1-3 per cent.
Toilet Oases, Comb and
Brush Sets, Military Brush
Sets, Shaving Sets, Oomb,
Brush and Mirror Sets, Man
icure Sets Traveling Oases,
Auto Mirrors, Manicure and
Toilet Combinations, Oloth
Hat and Hair Brushes,
Triple and Hand Mirrors,
Travelers' Cases, Etc.
Traveling Oases at $1.00,
$1.50, $1.75, $2.00, $2.50, $3
up. Toilet Sets, $1.00, $1.50,
$1.75, $2 up to $7.00. Com
bination Sets, $2.00, $3.00
and $5.00.
Military Brush
Sets, 98c, $1.50, $2.00 to $5.
50c Combs, 35c. $1,00 Hair
Brushes, 65c. 50c Hair
Brushes, 35c. 40c Hair
Brushes, 25c. .
Remember, all goods new,
guaranteed p e r f e c'ti . All
brushes are the famous keep
.lean brush; ; Make 'your se
lections while line -is com
plete. ' 1
In which to prepare to fill the Christmas;, stock-
ing. Buy at the Christmas store, where broad
aisles and superior assortments makcgifit buying
not only pleasurable, but profitable.
See these Specials Thursday in Toyland, on 4th Floor:
24 inch Kid Body Dolls, $2.50
' values, choice S1.49
Character Dolls, made to sell at
$6.50, special $3.98
SOc Kid and Jointed Dolls, on
sale, at( each .25
$5.00 Oo-Carts at S3.98
$4.00 Oo-Carts at 82.98
$3.50 Go-Carts at 2.40
$1.49 Op-Carts at 98 6
Koy Wind Trains, With Track,
fac Kind at ..." 49
$1.49 Kind at 98 ti
$2.50 Kind at S2.50
- 75p Electric Motors at . ,49d
$1.25 Electric Motors at . .9S
25c Games at 10
$15.00vEIoctrlc Train, on tratk,
special at SO. 98
$9.00 Electric Trains, on track,
anap at - 86.98
$4.50 Electric Trains on Track,
bargain at S3 .75
$4.00 Electric Trains on Track,
on sale at $2.98
35c Reed Chairs 25d
7o Reed Chairs 49d
Coats and Furs at 25 to 40 less Than Retail
Worth-Broai AssortMiit of Htftisi Styles for Youf SiImI'ion ThMrsdiy
Dependable Furs
at Sweeping Price
Red Fox Fur Sets,
to $20 values, at
Jap Mink Fur Sets
to $40 values
at $25.00
125 Fur Coats at
25 off the regu
lar low prices.
BlUe Wolf Fur
Sets, misses' $5.00
values at. .$2.95 ,
Plush &;Persiana
Muffs, regiular
$6.50 values, now
at $3.95
V ..
Sample,-Klosf it Underskirts, fine quality silk,
on sale at .$3.95
Special' offering on women's waists, bath and'
lounging robes, etc.
Several nuVdred
Handsome Coats
made to sell at $25
to $35, your choice
Bp u c los, velvets,
.astrakhtiijSf clVni
chillas and other
most desirable fab
rics, plain & fancy
colors; big assort
Silk Underskirts
$2.50 nnd $3 values
on sale, yourchoico
at $1.50
Silk Kimonos .
made to sell up to
$10, on sale $4.95
Plumes and Paradise
Make Most Pleasant and Acceptable
Christmas Gifts. In Christmas- Boxes
Two Remarkable
Special Offerings
In Our Millinery DcpartnTt Thursday
It'a only by a very fortunate purchase
that we can offer such bargains; they
are sprayed in the very latest effects,
black only $2.33
$7.50 Plumes $4.98
22-inch long, 10-inchcs wide, heavy,
guaranteed male stock in black,
white and colors. A wonderful bar
gaiu at sale price $4,98
Read the Big Xmas Grocery
Huts. Oraarss, stafelas, Traits, Buttsr, Obsess, Teas Ooffssr Bri.d Traits
and Oraoksr Sals Xor Thursday. It's Quality Ooods at a Baring of OS to 60.
:o lbs first Granulated Sugar.. 91.00
4i.ih .irk n,.it High Grade Diamond
"IP flour, nothing flr.er for your
Xmu puddings, plea or cookies,
per sack ..... .1.10
Ths best Domestic Macaroni. Vermi
celli or Spaghetti, package. 7Ho
dvo Jell for dessert, all flavor.
Hb. cans assorted Syrups, any kind
Fancy lmDorted Pulled Fics. Klb.
box 850
Fancy California KUs. pktc 7Vo
Dried Fruits for Tour Xmas Pad
dings, Piss and Cakes.
Fancy 3-Crown Muscatel Itatslns.
lb OHe
Fancy Cleaned Currunts. lb 10c
Fancy Mulr Peaches, lb 7H
fancy caiirorma iseeaieMi jtaiBins.
ftT- r.v... . ,;..vio. i ib. 7o
I arxe' bottles Worcester' Sauce. Pure J Fancy Italian .Prunes, lb. .saVie. ISo
Tomatu Catsup. Pickles, assorted, or ) Fancy California Cooking Hs,
6 cans Mustanl Sardines: . '. . . . . .,05o . Fine Imported Pultana nalslns. lb.183
ailieJI.UQa rune ncruru j.iMoinn, yvi muk ..d.
..nn !. Ivtmeatlc Oil Ran
Fancy Imported Sardines. can..'.-5
Vancy Uuet-n Dllvea quart. .... .JSo
Tall ccuis Alaska Salmon lOo
2-pound cans fancy sweet sugar coim.
for- 7Ve
:.pound cans Early June Peas. . . .lOo
J.lb. cans Fancy Table Aprlcotx.
Vn.che Pears or Plums, In l'eav
aynip. at.' - 7ilc
28-o. Jar Pure Krult Preserves. 38o
California OranKe Marmalade, Jar.lSo
1-lb. oann Plum Pudding ,. aso
Pur AddIs Cider, irallon ....aso
The beat lmon, Orange or iltron
Peel, lb 20fl-
The best Mixed Nuts, lb ISo
Highland Navel Oranges for Xmas,
are rich. ripe. Juicy and sweet The
orange of quality, at per dozen'
for ....,... 18c, IBe. aoe 05c. 30c
Fanry imported FJ. lb 80o
Fan-y Imporlnl I'ard dales, lb .Bo
Fancv imported Hallowe'en Dates at
pound . o
The Vegetable aad rruit Market of
Omaba for the People.
15 lbs. best Ohio Potatoes to the peck
for as o
Fancy Holland Seed Cabbage. b.,2Vio
Fresh Ileets. Carrots, Turnips. Shali
lots,or Itadlslies. bunch B
FancjJersey Sweet Potatoes. I lbs,'
for loo
S stalks fresh Celery .,..,..60'
S bunches fresh Hothouse Itsdlshes
for ,r..6e
Fancy California Cauliflower, lb. VUe
Fancy Ripe Tomatoes, lb .BUo
Fancy Cooking Apples, peck. . , . . .36o
3 large Soup Hunches loo
l-ancy Ited or Yellow Onlonw. at.JHo
A Rood t-tle Parlor Uroom. usually
sold at 35c to i Sc. spertOT Q(J
. One to a customer No C. O. D. or
telephone order.
rOOB CXOFX'SXS at Xeduoed rrloes
'Mince Sleat Is best when made with
Climax Choppers" Satisfaction
gusraliteed. ' '
Popular family size on sale Qftn
Thurt-day nt . . PU
Commencing Thursday, Store Opn Evenings Until Christmas
?m Try HAYDEN'S First JJJ
fT&- '-

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