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Tldtlltr Btoraf ft Van Co. Doujf. 151,
KT Boot Print It Now Bftacon Prtsa.
lift Ini.T Yes. PnnMntnL Oould.
tlfhUnr Xlxturo Burtress-Granden Ca
( WIm yon know sw lighting you pre-
fer it. Omaha Gaa company, 1509 How
ard ttret; txiuslaa GOb.
O. B. Brown Returns Home C. B.
Jlrown has Just returned from a vacation
nt Battle Creek, Mich., where he took a
fours of treatment at one of the health
Buj-ffs OonTaleaelnc AVllber Bur
gas, who has been In a hospital for sev
eral weeks, Is convalescing rapidly.
doulalnf Seriously HI Itowartl Gould
Ing, who underwent an operation for ap
lxndlcltls, Is reported to be In a serious
How.U to Address Club II. B. Howell
Lwlll speak on municipal ownership before
be Monmouth Improvement club at the
Monmouth school, Thirty-third and Ames
avenue, Friday evening.
Hayd.n Buyers Return J. K. Moore,
manager of the carpet department at
Ilayden Bros, and A. C. Barker, man
ager of the genu' clothing department,
have returned from a buying trip to New
Tttker Hearing Continue William
Tuker of th Theatrical Mechanical as
sociation. 201 Barker block, Which waa
raided Wednesday evening by tho police,
secured continuance of hearing until
iiarch 31.
Dr. a. W. Todd Returns Dr. G. W.
Todd returned Wednesday from Chicago,
where he attended, the golden "Jubilee
meeting of dental manufacturers. Ho. re
ceived much encouragement in his project
for the manufacture of his five newly
patented systems of dental crown and
bridge work.
Auto Man a Bankrupt Orvllln C, Mc
Casltn, doing business at the Auto Inn
sarage, has filed a voluntary petition In
bankruptcy In the United States district
court, Hating his debts at J2.CS2.61. and
his assets at JMS0.33. on which ho claims
J4S6.39 exemption undor the Nebraska
Ualoney's Bond Approved Bond of
Chief of Detectives Maloney, who has
been holding office for several months
without a bond, was approved by tho
city commission at the suggestion of As
sistant City Attorney I J. To Poel. The
bond Is in the sum of 11,000, which Te
Poel says is sufficient.
r ICoCune as Of floe Manager Major
WlUlam F. McCunc, for many years with
the Buffalo Bill Wild West show, will
have charge of tho state headquarters
of Fred II. Garlow, who has tho state
right for the Buffalo Bill Indian war pic
tures. The offices are in room 43 Bee
building. The pictures will be At the
American theater for the remainder of
the week, when they will be shown at
South Omaha for half a week.
An Old Backache
and Lumbago Oil
Rub Backocho away with a
small trial bottle of
"St. Jacobs Oil."
Ah! Pain Is gone!
Qulckly?-Tes. Almost instant relief
from soreness, stiffness, lameness nnd
pain follows n gentle rubbing with '"St.
Jacobs Oil."
Apply this soothing, penetrating oil dl
rectly upon the ache, and like magic, re
lief comes. "St. Jacobs Oil" Is a harmless
backache, lumbago and sciatica cure
which nevar disappoints, cannot Injure
and doesn't burn the skin.
Straighten up! Quit complaining! Stop
those torturous "stitches." In a moment
you will forget that you ever had a back,
because It won't hurt or be stiff or lame.
Don't suffer! Get a small trial bottle of
"St. Jacobs OH" from your druggist now
and get this lasting relief. Advertisement
Saloonist in Magio City Docs Not
Know What Board Will Do.
Mniiy Oemocruls Inclined to MaUc
tlld for 1'lace Vnlle Jodiio
SooUlnvr Sent to Jtttt
to Sober Vp,
11. B. Uatton and John Anderson aro in
tho city Jail nwaltlng tho outcome of an
assault which they are nllegod to have
made upon Frank May In an alley at
Sixteenth and Nicholas streets. May, who
Is in a local hospital with a fractured , II n DDCDADCC DCirWI CT
skull, saya that ono was armed with alU V rHtKAHtb bUUM-tl
hammer ami the other a hatchet QN SAFETY FIRST PLAN
Kidney nnd Liver Tronblrn
quickly helped by Rleotrle Bitters. Sure
and prompt relief Stimulate thu kldnev
and liver to healthy action. Wc and J!
All druggists. Advertisement.
The safety first fleimrtment of the
I'nlon Pacific Is prepnrlnR the dnta for
a booklet that will be printed In largo
numbent and distributed In the schools
of tho state. It will bo profusely lltus
! sratcd, the Illustrations showing the right
land wrong ways of handling railroad
equipment and getting on and off trains
Th text of the I'nlon Pacific's Safety
First booklet will tell how and why the
most of the railroad accidents occur and
how most of them can be prevented.
rerslstcnt Advertising is tho Itoad to
Big Itcturns.
The Burlington has taken up the pure
weed campaign and Is preparing to send
out circulars to all stations In the corn
belt of Nebraska, Iowa and Knnsas for
distribution among tho farmers.
The circulars will not bo along the
line of offering advice to the farmers as
to what they should do and how they
should do It, but Instead, will show what
has bfcen .done by the most successful
farmers and at the experimental schools
In the matter of selecting and planting
good seed. The figures will be presented
to prove that the corn yield may be
material!' Increased it care isi used, in
the selection of the seed and the proper
test as to fertility made.
For the purpoM of talking over matters
of local and national interest In their
business the members of the Douglas
County Retail Druggists' association will
hold a meeting at( Hotel Rome this
noon. Although admitting that the ques
tion of liquor sales by drug stores "may"
come up, the druggists assert that the
meeting has been specially called to con
sider a bill now pending in congress al
lowing tho makers of patent medicines
to fix the retail. selling price.
It will be "Go-to-Church" Sabbath at
Temple Israel this evening. Rabbi Fred
erick Conn will deliver the fifth lecture
in hi" series on "The Seven Lamps of
Itelfgion." It will bo on tho religion of
science, a theme particularly appropriate
to Go-to-Church day. The service will
be preceded by a half hour's music, begin
ning at 7:30, V. C. Bcnnet, the organist
will give tho program.
Farewell Message
Saves Woman -s Life;
Kaiel Reed, a guest at tho Flomar ho
tel, Seventeenth and Capitol avenue, tried
to take her own life yesterday by ad
ministering chloroform. She poured the
stuff on a tbwel and wrapped it about
her face. Before lying down to sleep
Irtto. eternity ahe called up a friend who
lives a few blocks distant and told her
goodbye. The police Came whllo the
woman was still conscious.
"1 am surprised at the price at which
The Peo Building company proposes to
furnish heat for tho city hall," said
Frank B. Johnson, president of tho
Omaha Printing company. "I consider
$5,4oO a year for such service very low
for tho city. As n matter of fact. It Is
a little less than wc havo contracted to
pay tho Woodmen of the World people
for heating our new building at Thir
teenth and Farnnm, and our building is
nowhero near as large as the city hall.
We have 41 by 132 foet and six stories.
The city hall Is 132 by 132 and six stories.
Vet Tho Bee Building company proposes
to heut that for a little less than we will
pay for our heat, and I thought and yet
think thai wo havo a very fair contract.
Then, too, the city hall will require more
constant service than our building, day
and night."
President Mohler of the Union Paciflo
is back from Chicago, where he went to
attend the meotlng of representatives of
loads Interested In the new depot pro
posed for Donvor. At tho meeting It was
decided that the depot will be built and
that work of construction will begin this
season. I
Mr. Mohler Is unable to estimate tho
cost of Denver's new passenger station,
but asserts that enough money will bo
appropriated to mako the structure large
enough for many years to como and that
It will be modern In every respect, Whllo
the depot is referred to as a now one,
it really will be an addition .to the old.
one. The addition will be, extended to the
west .and tho old building will be over
hauled and the style of" architecture made
to conform to that of the new part of
the structure.
Frederick Augustus KUker, aged 80
years, pioneer resident of Douglas
county, died Wednesday night at his
homo in Benson. Death came as a rosult
of nn attack of pneumonia, and he was
ill only one week,
Mr. KUker came from his birthplace,
I.Ippi Jtympldt, Prussia, to America at
the age of 19 years. After living there
six years he camo west and settled In
Omaha In 1&9, practicing his trade of a
tailor here until 1890, when he retired.
Ho made his home In Benson for he lust
sixteen years.
Four children survive the deceased,
Mrs. Allco Ilutton, Mrs. Mabel Wiseman,
Frederick KUker, Jr., nnd Arthur KUker.
all of whom reside in Benson. ,
Funora services will be held Friday
afternoon and the body will bo cremated
at Forest Lawn.
An invitation has been extended to
-Jacob Ullllkopf of Kansas City by tho
B'nal B'rlth organizations of the city to
address them tho latter part of April
when he will bo here for the Nebraska
Conference of Charities and Corrections.
At a meeting of the Ladles' auxiliary,
held Wednesday evening, f 100 subscrip
tions were voted to the local Associated
Jewish Charities and the Denver Con
sumptive hospital.
Things tire shaping up wwh a vengeance
for the poor saloonnmn of South Omaha,
who Is beset with many worries these
days. Already the fifty applicants tor
saloon licenses, said to be the number to
which tho saloons aro to be limited, have
mado applications for new licenses. Bonds
were refused by tho bonding companies
of Omaha, and now saloonkeepers aro
making frantic efforts to get any kind
of a bond at any cost. It is probable tho
board will bo called upon to turn don
many licenses because of the unavailable
character of some of tho proposed bond.
It Is proposed by the Board of Fire and ,
Police Commissioners to limit the num-
ber of saloons to less than .fifty and
t.j raise tho license from M.OOO to J2,00.
Manv of tho saloonmcn are fcald to favor
the change If It means -no nmimiun
the bootleggers now altesd to ic tun
nlng free and easy In SoJth Oniana.
Mnn Wonld lie .Itiilwr.
Polities is warming up In South Qmaha.
Insofar as the police Judge Is concerned.
Already thcro are halt a dojii.i openly
avowed candidates for the place now held
by Judgo James Callanan. Most of the
rnnilldatea announced are of tho demo
cratic persuasion and thercfo.-e thero Is I
. iL. .IlKllnH '
considerable glee over uie bi,uiu
among the republicans, who as yet havo
not announced their choice.
Another whisper that has caused some
minor excitement is the rumor that sev
eral changes are to bo made In tho per
sonnel of the police force. It has ben
stated for some time that a majority of
the Board of Flro and Polico Commis
sioners were not satisfied with some ot
tho appointments made, In tho earlier
part of the year. It Is aald the propored
changes may reach up a considerable
ways. The board Is understood to have
expressed a wish to Impress some of tho
rules of polico discipline on the depart
ment. Including all of the officers and
Socklow to Jiill.
John Socklow, who Is alleged to have
a penchant for turning tho tables and
bltlug the police, was sentenced to sixty
days in Jail yesterday by Polico Judge
Jnmes Callanan. Socklow some weeks
ago took a piece out ot tho left leg of
Detective Jack Gaughan. A few nights
ago ho was found In a condition border
ing on madness and removed to the
county Jail. Judgo Callanan Is Inclined
to think that tho trouble is due to too
much liquor of the red, raw brands.
Mnirlc City Oosnlp.
Mrs. II. C. Murphy is suffering from a
slight Illness, it is reported.
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Rock of Hyannls
are visiting with relatives this week.
Office space for rent In.Viftn
N street. Terms reasonable. AN ell known
location. Tel. South S7.
Mr. and Mrs. Abe Katsky, Twenty-first
and Madison, are rejoicing over the birth
ot a son. ,
Mr. and Mrs. Luther Hickman.
North Twenty-sixth street, report the
birth of a son,
The birth of a son is reported at the
homo of Mr. nnd Mrs. Elmer Mislett, 427
North Fifteenth street.
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Storms report
the birth of a daughter at their home, 39
South Twenty-seventh street.
The Ladles' Aid society ot St. Luke's
Lutheran church will meet this after
noon at the home of Mrs. G. Faux, HOT
J. street.
The Independent Order of Odd Fellows
lodge, met last night at their hall on
?.'wcnty-fourth and M streets In a regu
ar weekly meeting.
A rousing meeting of the Gavel club of
the high school a-os held In the Board
ot Education room at the high school
building last e.vcnlng. Plans were laid
to have a gigantic mass meeting of the
school at a special meeting' of tho club In
the auditorium at a later date.
Clyde J. Smith, aged 82 years, died at
the South Oipalia hospital last Tuesday
night as a result of a serious blood clot
in his brain. The burial will be mado In
Hopcvllle, la,, from the home of his
mother to the country cemetery tomor
row afternoon. He is survived by a
brother, Samuel, Hying at 370 South
Twenty-fourth street ot this city, and a
sister, living In Rock Island, III.
Not neglecting tho grown-ups in the
least, wo havo everything for them that
the country's markets afford that looks
good to u and worth the money. But
we are going to give our best thought
nnd attention to tho youngsters for Sat
urday, April 8 Boy's suits, shirts, shirt
wulfcts, hats, caps, shoes, underwear, etc.
Qlr)s' dreaies, coats, slips skirts com
bination gowns hats, waists, vests and
stockings for all. Every day and every
hour that we are open there will bo spe
cial low prices on some of the above.
And us a finale to nil wo will present to
tho person who can show us tho most cosh
salo tickets for children's goods bought
during this term, a beautiful vase, see
our nth street south window. John
Fljnn & Ca.
Maggio May, Sixteenth und Ohio streets,
created a disturbance in a picture show
at Sixteenth and Corby streets Wednes
day night and upon being ejected, armed
herself with a club and brickbats and
csme'baok to clean house. Officer Thomas
arrested her and she was -sentenced to
thirty days in the county Jail,
Assisted when necessary by light
touches of Cuticura Ointment
does much to prevent pimples,
blackheads and other unsightly
eruptions, and promote perma
nent skin health.
C otlrurt PoP d Ointment told throuihout th
wort! UbinJ urn pie of cb mUtd Irr. with 33-p.
Wwt. Addreu "CuUcurt," Dipt 811, notion.
Members of the municipal affairs com
mittee of the Commercial club have gone
on record as opposed to the city Kail
putting In a new heating plant and will
Investigate further the proposition of se
curing such a service from rearby buildings.
A police officer fro;n Minneapolis has
j come to take. William .ftevens back to
Persistent Advertising is the Road to
Big Returns.
that olty to face a. chargo of passing a
I worthless draft on the Dyckman hotel.
I He was arrested by Omaha police on
J Wednesday on the charge of being a
fugitive from Justice.
The Sn-nnnlnir Mnrket Antfvr.
I It Is surprising to find such a large
number of people keenly Interested in
swapping with each other. We have al
ready heard of a number of god swaps,
big nnd HtM The Swappers' column ap
peals to the bargain Instinct In everyone
Sage Tea Darkens
Hair to Any Shade
Don't stay gray! Hero's'a aim
pie recipe that anybody can
apply with a hair brush.
The use of Sage and Sulphur for re
storing faded, gray hair to its natural
color dates back to grandmother's time.
She used it to keep her hair beautifully
dark, gloesy and abundant. Whenever
her hair fell out or took on that dull,
faded or streaked appearance, this sim
ple mixture was applied with wonderful
But brewing at horn Is mussy and
out-of-date. Nowadays, by asking at
any drug etore for a SO cents bottle ot
"Wyeth's Sago and Sulphur Hair Rem
edy," you will got this famous old
recipe which can be depended upon to
restore natural color and beauty to the
hair and Is splendid for dandruff, dry,
feverish. Itchy scalp and falling hair.
A well-known downtown druggist says
It darkens the hair so naturally and
ovenly that nobody can tell It has been
applied. You simply dampen a sponge
or soft brush with it and draw this
through your hair, taking one atra-nd at
a time. By morning the gray hair dis
appears, and after another application or
two, It becomes beautifully dark, glossy,
lott and abundant Advertisement.
Keep coughing: that's one way.
Stop coughing: that's another.
To keep the cough : do nothing.
To stop the cough : Ayer"s Cherry
Pectoral. Sold for 70 years.
Ask Your Doctor. ilSJjlfcz
IStoro Hours 8:30 A. M. to 6 P. M. Saturdays Till 9 P. M.:
Women's linen hand
kerchief, full me,
each, 5c
Swiss embroidery
flouncing, 27 inches
wide, 25c value,
yard, 19c
Friday, March U7, 1014.
Qorncr .Sixteenth and Harney.
Directing Your Attention to Changes of Department Lo cations Which Wc Have
Recently Made for Your Benefit and Convenience When Shopping in Our Store,
With our motto over In mind "tho OltKATKST 8 Kit VIC 13 to tho "fillUATEHT Xt'MUHU" wo havo causod several department locations U
bo changed, which wc bellcva will add greatly to your comfort and couvenlenco wheu shopping In our store.
SJOc to -Bc Scarfs, 12tfc
Homstitched and embroidered
and stamped scarfs
and squares, for- Bill
merly priced 25c,
39r, 49c, Friday. .
Durgess-ITaih Co. Kaln Tloor,
10c Linen Crush, Oc
All linen brown crash, our reg
ular 10c quality In the
linen soctton, Friday
special at, the
Surgesa-Kash Co. Main rioor.
40c Tnblo Damask, tl8c
Table dumusk. half bleached,
CO Inches wldo, reg
ular prioo 49c, spe
cial for Friday at,
at, the yard
OurfMs-ITash Co. Haiti Floor.
Traveling Salesman Sample Lengths
of SILKS at a Fraction of Their Value
THERE nre something over 5,000 pieces, tho samplo
lengths tho traveling salesman of one of tho largest
silk millA used taking orders.
They Include plain and fancy silks, cmbrnclng every wcavo and
color, also black,
Very desirable for dress trimmings, millinery, fancy work, neck
wear, rurflings, etc.. In
Lengths from H to 1 XA Yards
and Widths 20 to 42 Inches
If sold from piece the price would bo 7Bc to $1.50 tho yard.
Friday on tho barnaln tnblo
15c, 25c and 49c each piece
Bnrg-ts i-Hath Company Main Tloor.
Infanta 'Mc lloso. 10c
Infants' cashmere hoso, first
quality, pink and
blue, regular 2Dc
quality, Friday, tho
Bnrris-Tash Co. Mailt Floor.
Women's 15c Hoso, 10c
Dlack or white gauza lisle,
seamless, with dou
ble girtcr tops, reg
ular 15o valuo, Fri
day, the pair. ......
Burtrsis-rJaah Co. Main Floor.
Towels, 91.25 Dozen
Tea towels, slzo 22x27, vory
absorbent, will not lint, dozen,
$1.25. also imported
glass crash tea tow
els, 18x3G, rod and
blue squares, dozen
Surg-sa-lsh Co. Main Floor.
Fancy Ribbons.
Fancy silk rlbbonu for hat
trimmings and for bows, In
many widths and de
signs, 5 to inch
es wide, 25c to 39c
values, Friday, the yd.
Barsrts-rTaih Co. Main Floor.
IMlloiv Cases.
Stamped pillow caBes, size ISx
4G, for eyelet, French and
monogram designs,
ulso Btampod night
iROWnn full lanetli.
special, each, with floss ,
Harir-lfaili Stoond Floor.
Union HulOi, 10c
Women's low neck and sleeve
less union suits,
knee longth, cuff
knees, Friday spe
cial at, each
Bnrr-Kash Co. Main Floor.
Stamped Dresses
Stamped baby drosses in pink,
bluo and whlto, new French
and eyelet designs
with floss for work
ing, sizes 1 to C yrs.,
very special at, each.
Bnrirssi-XTash Co. Second Floor.
2,000 Pieces of Haviland. French and Austrian China Dinnerware in a Clearway
Friday at Less lhan Cost to ManufactureDon't Miss This
THSr.? F!.v? WW sterns included in tho
X offering for Friday. Divided into four groups and priced like this:
45c China, 10c.
Including ten
plates, breakfast
plates, oat meals,
HUgar bowls, cream
pitchers, 30c to 45p
values, your 1Qn
choice, at. . . . JLvC
30c China, 10c.
Including bread and
butter plates, plo
plates, sauco dishes,
nugar bowls, cream
pitchers, 20c to 30c
values, at, A
oholco -lUC
00c China, 00a
Including dinner
plates, tea cups und
saucers, coffee cups,
and saucers, boui
llon cups nnd sau
cers, VPKfitablo OA
flisheB. 60c to AuC
906. values....,"'
11.00 China, 76c
Including largo size
platters, c o v o r o d
dishes, chop plates,
salnd bowls, etc.,
formerly $1.25 to
$3.00, your 7Q
cholco I 7C
EXTRA 4S75 1IftT,,and China Dinner Sot, 100 Pieces, $21,88.
fTn"i 1 It fl a Btock Pattern wi wish to discontinue, 100 pieces In tho
Sr Hi I A I ,ot' Kenulne Haviland & Co. china, regular prlco $13.75. Friday
tJA V".ajto close out. the price has beon reduced to half, or....21.8S
Bnrys-lfash Co. -Economy Basemerit.
Boys' 60c Blouses
and Shirts for 29c
Mado of madras, in
patterns, the blouses
ages 6 to 15 years,
the shirts for sizes
12 to 14. Regular
60c values, choice. . . .
Bnrgess-araBh Co. Mala Floor.
nre for
Remnants of Wool Dress Goods, 14 to 6
Yards, Worth 50c to 75c Yard, at 29c
rpHH lot Includes Panamas, serges, mohairs, ratines, Uedford cords,
j- snopnora cnocKS, rancy cord orrects, cnallles and
nun's veilings, wldo range of colors nnd patterns
for selection. Positively GOc to 7Gc qunllty, tho
yard , ,
Bnttrsis-rTash Company Main Floor.
Boys Knickerb'ker
Pants, Friday, 49c
They aro broken lidos of our
regular 76c and $1 lines, blue
serges and gray mix
tures, for ages 6 to
17 years, nt, your
choice, Friday. .....
Jsurress-Hasti Co. MJ.n Floor.
We havo secured tho services of
Anne Shaw Foulkner
Marx E. Oberndcrfcr
Lecture Recital
. and Opera Musicale
You aro invited to avail your
self of this Musicale treat. It's
free. Seating capacity about 500
2,000 Cedar Oil
Mops Underpriced
THE result of a special pur
chase, ot which w.e aro go
ing to offer you tho benefit, All
in original tin boxes complotu
with long polished handles.
O-Cedar oil, GOc size 39 0
O.Cedar ol mops, $1.00 T90
O-Cedar oil mop's) "$i.Vo"j' Q
Burffess-nrash Co Basement
Women's Long
Kimonos, $1.95
i UlUilUUU
TV Jf ADB of good quality crepo
AA in omplro styles, trlmmod
with satin plaited
ribbon, also lace,
special for Friday,
8 1. VIS Crepo Gowns, DBo
Women's cotton crepo gowns,
square and round yoke, lace,
embroidery medallions and col
ored trimmings, regular price
$1.26, special for Fri- qq
day at 70C
50c llungalow Aprons, 50c
Women's bungalow a p r o u s,
made of good quality striped
and figured percale, regular
prlco 60c, special for oa
Friday at, each J&C
Bqrffes-ITuh Co. Beoond Floor.
Bargains for Friday
THE offering Includes paper
for tho dining-room, sitting
room, bed room nnd kitchen,
put up In room lots sufficient
for wall, colling and bortlor to
match for various slzo rooms.
For lnstauco n room
quantity selling reg
ularly for $1.82; on
sale at
$JJ.75 room lot for. . . .81.75
$0.00 room lot for. . . . 83.25
$3.50 room lot for S5i
Oc to 12)4c Papers, SJac
A large quantity ot wall paper
suitable) for bedroamB and sitting-rooms
with border to
match, originally Gc to 12 Ho
per roll. Friday for t
quick delivery, per nt
roll, at " 5-
xtarreis-JTaah Co. Third Floor.
Friday Bargain Day in ECONOMY BASEMENT
Just a Few "Specials" Listed Here Which Point the Way to True Economy
Women's $15 to $22.50 Sample Suits, $10.75
Tho offering includes this season's most favored styles In the most
popular materials, such as poplin, serges, diagonals,
fancy wool crepes, etc.. In all the best colors. Suits
that were made to retail at $16.00 to $22.60 here
Women's $10.00 to $12.50 Coats at $6.95
All now spring styles, elegantly tailored, made ot such materials as
diagonals, pongoos, novelties, granite cloth, crepes, tAl.r
poplins and serges. An almost endless variety of plain uOHh
tIInrri anil tntirv ntvl tin nn o t1? Kn vniim. tn-i SWi " U
day ;
Economy Basement
Millinery Bargains
IG sale of children's trimmed hats, very
beautiful Tuscan straw and hemp bats
trimmed with ribbons
and flowers, most be
coming and now
shapes. All new col
ors, white, pale blue,
pink, old rose and
many combinations.
Made to sell at $1.08
to $2.50, throe prices:
98c, $1.49 and
Untrimmed HATS
49c and 95c
All new blocks, good becoming shapes,
sailors, etc., in hemp and imported chip.
Imported FLOWERS
19c up to 69c
3c to 13Jc tocos, 1 J4c to Ho
QPi7f A I I Rovoral hundred
Ok EiAr&JLi yards of lacos, in
cluding valenciennes, linen finish
ed cluny, NotUnghams and ori
ental laces, whlto, ecru and cream,
ft to 6 Inches wide, 3 Vic to 12V4c
lie, 3ic and 4ic
10c to 10c Wash Goods, 5c
QpFriAI f A big bargain
Ul JuVlxlLi. aquaro piled
high with 2 to 10 yard lengths
of staple and fancy this sea
son's new wash goods, and al
most overy weavo and style In
cluded 10c to 19c val. 5c
UOc Drcsxcs, 10c
Small lot children's
wash dressos, sizes 6 to
8. Droken lines, 89c to
4 8c values. Long as
they last, your 1Q
7c Towels, 2J6c
Mill seconds In Turkish
bath and buck towels.
Imperfections of values
to 7c kinds,
Union Suits, 10c.
Women's elastic woavo
union sullB, low neck,
umbrella style and laco
00c White Waists, 00c
Hlg lot of fresh, now
white shirtwaists, high
and low neck styles,
laco aud ombroldered
trimmed. Made to re-
tall at GOc,
cholco . . . .
Oc (ilngliamg, 4 He
Standard grade apron
check ginghams. As
sorted size checks and
25c Shooting, 10o
9-4 wide Aurora sheet
ing, white bleached.
25c quality, in
per yard .... JL 1 C
. Dress Skirts, $1.08 .
A lot well-tailored nil
wool dress skirts. Al
most an endloss assort
ment ot good practical
styles. (t i nn
choice . . . p X .yO
8c Muslin, 4 He
Yard wide, soft finish
ed bleached muslin.
Good 8o values, 10 yd.
limit to cus- AX.
tomer, yard,. . TT2 C
lajic I'ercalo, 7Uc
6 to 20-yard lengths ot
standard 12 Vic per
cales, yard wide. In
choice dark colorings
and patterns,
;Burges3-Nash Go. Everybody's Store 16th and Harney-

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