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Regiments Are Already Up to the
War Strength.
Hall Una' Ilia Pinna Well Laid tn
.U'ntilllar Tponpa nnd Will lip
Itcml)- for Flrlil In Two
(Krom a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, April 23.-(Spccll.)-Two
necks from tho time companies of the
Nebraska Guard begin to arrive at th
state fair grounds, the place selected for
mobilizing the troops, they will be ready
for order to movo on Mexico, according
to Adjutant General Philip U Hall.
National Guard headquarters Is a busy
place these days, guard officers from all
parts of the state, anxious to get Into
actual service, coming In person to urge
the calling of their commands at tho
earliest possible moment. ,
Among those conferring with General
Kail today was former Adjutant General
John Hartlgan, who offered his services
If needed. Captain Holdeman of Tork,
who saw service In the Philippines, ar
rived at headquarters this morning early,
bearing the resignation of Captain Olm
stead of the York company, and was at
once placod In command of the Yorkj
ItrrrnltlnB Oorn On Slrnclllr.
Major Holllngsworth of Ueatrlce ar
rived last night and returned to his home
this forenoon. Two recruiting stations
havo been opened at Beatrice and that
company Is already recruited up to Us
full war strength.
Major Waldron of the medical corps Is
recruiting his command to Its required
war strength and desires all medical
students who wish to enlist to confer
-with him' at once. The hospital strength
will-comprise 232 men and thirty-two offi
cers. Tho recruiting stations at the uni
versity, university farm and the Lincoln
armory are busy places and yesterday
over forty applicants, waiting their turn
to enlist, were turned away, only to show
up again early this morning In another
attempt to be reached before nlsht.
All companies of the guard In the
Fourth and Fifth regiments have been
already recruited up to their war strength
except two, Fairfield and York, and it Is
expected that by night these will have
reached the ncded number. Some of the
companies have called headquarters by
telephone asking what to do with applica
tions over nnd above the required num
ber. These have been told to recruit
ns long ns thero were applicants, and
these would be assigned to companies In
the new Sixth regiment.
One man called up General Hall today
, nnd wanted to know If the general
thought It best for him to try and recruit
a '.company now or wait until It was really
needed. "If you have the nerve, get busy;
If you haven't, you better not try It," re
plied tho general.
Want to Form t'onipnnlm.
New application for authority to. recruit
'companies came In from the following I
j Mel, Gordon, at Arcadia; T. C. Campbell,
njtVttyannla; if N. Watson, 'At. Albion:
'it. MVltelley, at DIalfj jG. E- Wagner, at
fcBlalr; J. WA Gordon, at Randolph -, A. E.
Cady, Jr., at Grahd Island; C. E. Brown,
at Exeter'; C .E. Hall, at O'Neill; A. E.
Boon, at Colutribua;- C. L. Mathews, at
Benson; C. H. Pllger, at Norfolk; David
Slmms, at Friend, and Oscar Sherman, at
' A.'b. Connors, who Is a graduate of
'.Annapolis, has asked authority to muster
a "company at Central City.
Major Waldron of the medical corps Is
very anxious to secure the services of
about fifteen experienced surgeons for
the medical department and would be
pleased to hear from any who desire to
bee service.
L'nlreralt - Soldiers,
Between 2 o'clock and 6 o'clock, yester
day afternoon the recruiting station at
the university farm had enlisted thirty
one men. Enlistments from the univer
sity are expected to bring the number
from both branches of the university up
to thre full companies and possibly four.
It Is especially desired that at least the
university furnish an entire battalion,
that It may be officered by university
men. The officers of 'the three com
panies already designated are;
Company A, W. O. Foreman, captain;
T. M. Shepherd, first lieutenant.
Company B. C. A. Bennett, captain; W,
K. Fowler, Jr., and G. A. Walker, lieu
tenants Company F, C. J. Frankforter, captain;
A. E. Allen, lieutenant.
The regiment of which the students will
form one battalion will be commanded
by Lieutenant Bowman, military In
structor at the university, Governor
Morehead having requested the War de
partment to relieve Lieutenant Bowman
Itchy, Covered With Pimples and
Most Unsightly, Instantly Itclleved.
Paterson, N J., Dec. 9, 1913; "About
a year ago my face began to crack and
get scaly In blotches. It soon got, worse
and my face was all spotted and rough,
and it Itched me very1 much at night, and
caused me no end of discomfort. After a
month or so, pimples and blackheads, be
gan to show, first In small numbers and
then gradually covering my entire face,
it was awful. The pimples were sore and
the rash was Itchy and my face had a
must unsightly appearance. I tried differ
ent kinds of soap, creams and massages
anJ also a strict diet, but I could get nu
relief. Itestnol Soap and Iteslnol Oint
ment caused me instant relief. By the
time another Jar of Reslnol Ointment and
cake of Reslnol Soap were gone, I can
truthfully say that It was a complete
cure. My face had assumed Its former
color and looks, due to Reslnol Soap and
Reslnol Ointment. They are, I think, the
best for any skin trouble.'' (Signed)
Robert Trorano, 369 E. 21st St.
Reslnol Soap and Ointment heal eczema
and other skin eruptions, stop Itching
Instantly, and are most valuable for pim
ples, dandruff, sores, burns, bolls, piles,
ete. For trial site, free, write to Reslnol,
Dept.' S-n, Baltimore, Md. A few un
scrupulous dealers try to sell substitutes
for Reslnol. Look out for them.
of his duties at the university that he
may take command of the new Slxlh
No Order to (inlhrr.
Arrangements have been completed for
the mobilization of the guard hs soon ns
orders come from the War department to
call them out. The Fourth regiment will
encamp Inside tho race track at the fair
grounds. The Fifth regiment will use
the newly acquired plat of ground Just
west of the old grounds, used last year
at tho fair for the guards and hlnh
school students. The new Sixth regi
ment, as It has no equipment, will be
housed In the buildings of the fair until
the equipment arrives.
Just how soon tho troops will be called
upon tn gather at Lincoln General Hall
Is unable to say, as It will all depend
upon the action of tho War department.
He Is getting everything In readiness and
hopes when tho call docs come that he
can mobilize the troops In a very short
tlmo and have them In camp within two
days at least after the order arrives.
JfOTT Urlprndlrr (irnrrnl.
The election of a new brigadier general
to fill that position, In case another regi
ment Is organized, will bo held on Thurs
day of next week, unless the needs of war
require action sooner. Captain Gano of
Blair has been selected by Colonel Eberly
of tho Fourth Infantry to represent that
regiment on the canvassing board, the
other representatives net yet having been
General Halt began this afternoon send
ing out messages In code to company
commanders. This Is done to prepare
them for that kind of work should It be
necessary to resort to secret messages.
ft. S. Harris of Norfolk, who will grad
uate from tho West Point Military acad
emy In June, has requested the War de
partment to assign him to Nebraska
troops in case of war, nccordlng to ad
vices received by General Hall.
Mnnr Join Mllltln,
Fifteen more volunteers signed up for
servlco In the new Sixth regiment, Ne
braska National Guard, at the recruiting
headquarters In Dr. J. B. McPherson'a
office, 611-14 City National Bank building.
Thirty-five signed up Wednesday and to
prepare for emergencies In case of rapid
enlistments a branch station was opened
In the Woodmen of the World bulldln;:
this noon.
Lieutenant Samuel E. Anderson Is re
cruiting the militiamen at the City Na
tional station and Dr. McPherson Is con
ducting the examinations necessary. As
soon as the prospect signs tho papers Dr
McPherson applies tho test nnd the Job
Is finished In but a few minutes and
without any disagreeable red tape.
Scnmllnnvlnna OrsrnnUc.
N. A. Lundgren, a Spanish war veteran
and a graduate of tho Royal Artillery of
Sweden, Is organizing a company of
Scandinavians for volunteer servlco In
Mexico. Mr. Lundgreri has .enlisted in
the Nebraska National Guard and re
ceived permission to organize a company
of Scandinavians for service in collabora
tion with tho National Guards, In case
they should be called to the front. Mr.
Lundgren Is receiving applications for
membership In his company at the Swed
ish Auditorium, 1609-11 Chicago street.
At tho armory Wednesday night fifteen
new militiamen entered Into the old com
panies, which are endeavoring to Increase
their sy-ength to tho regulation service,
numuer, iya. xne oiq companies will re
cruit at the armory again tonight,
A company of National Guards will be
recruited at Benson Friday night for Mex
ican service.
Dunbur JVotea.
DUNBAR, Neb., April 23,-(Speclal.)
While Elmer Smith was riding a motor
cycle, two miles north of Dunboro last
evening, the front wheel of tho machine
broko loose, throwing him to the ground,
breaking his arm and bruising him up
Five residents of Dunbar will take the
civil service examination for postmaster
at Dunbar, to be held at Nebraska City
on May 16.
Sargent Votea School Ilonria,
SARGENT, Neb., April 23.-(Speclal.)
Sargent held a school bond election to
day which carried by a vote of 190 to
(6. This secures 118,600 tor a new school
building, which is Intended to be com
pleted In time for school next year. The
school Is In an excellent condition. Fri
day the debaters will go to Broken Pw
for a Joint debate. Each room Is giving
an entertainment this semester. Superin
tendent Don Leach Is secured for another
Yountf Sinn DrrmiiRrd,
GRAND ISLAND, Neb., April 23.
(Speclal Telegram.) W. C. Kerr, a young
man from Aurora believed to be tempo
rarily deranged, created a scene at the
Burlington depot late today by going up
to the engineer of the train upon which
he arrived and commanding him to un
couple and take him back to Aurora.
Four men overpowered him and held him
until officers arrived.
VllInK- of Maakell Incorporated.
PONCA, Neb.. April 23.-(Spcclal.)-At a
session of the county board of supervisors
Tuesday, the village of Maskell was In
corporated with the following members
of the first board of trustees; N. J. Cham
berlain, Chris' Johnson, P. E. Hagen,
Elmer Wright and Charles Mead. The
town was platted February 1, 1907, and Is
named after Sheriff A. H. Maskell of
Dixon county.
Knrra Home Durned A'rsr McCook.
M'COOK, Neb., April 23. The farm
residence of A. L. Macey of Beaver
Creek, south of this city, was burned to
ths ground Tuesday night, together with
Its entire contents, the members of the
family escaping from the burning home
with but their night clothes on. This was
one of the largest homes on the Beaver
and the loss Is heavy, although both
dwelling and contents were partially In
sured, Synod Mrrta in Benedict,
BENEDICT, Neb., April 23.-8peclal.)-The
forty-eighth semi-annual convention
of the South Platte Conference of the
.Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Nebraska
met here Tuesday night at the Lutheran
church. It will be In session three days.
The ministers and visitors are being en
tertained at the pariah house by the
ladles of the church.
Xrhraaka, nay on Florida,
SUPERIOR, Neb., April 23.-(Speclal
Telegram.) Clay Belts), son of David
Beltel of this city, Is a seaman on the
flagship Florida.
Chronic Constipation
makes life miserable. Dr. King's New
Life Pills regulates your bowels and re
lleves the engorged liver. 25c. All drug
gists. Advertisement.
Business House
in Tilden Burned;
Loss, $25,000
TILDKN, Ncb April 3!.-(Speclal Tele
gram.) Fire was discovered early this
morning In back of T. L. Hansen a
butcher shop and by the tlmo the fire
department could get there fire had
spread to other parts of the building oc
cupied by Paul Thlel, with r clothing
store, and Chrlstcnsen A- Mynre general
store. Hard work by the Ilrcmrn con
fined the flro to the buildings In which
tho fire started, they being nearly totally
destroyed and the stock and fixture of
T. U Hansen, butcher; Paul Thlel. cloth
ing, are completely destrbyed, while the
Chrlstensen &. Myhro general stock was
ruined by smoke and water. The loss Is
estimated at follows: Hansen, Jl.Mtt;
Thlel, 2,000; Chrlstensen & Myhre, J1T.O0O;
Mrs. Klerstead, on building, JS.00P. Total
Insurance on buildings and stocks was
Fifteen Thousand
Fire at Cambridge
CAMBRtDGE, Neb. April 23.-(Speclal
Telegram.) Four business houses were
destroyed by fire hero yesterday after
noon. The wind was blowing a gale anl
firemen had difficulty In fighting th
The following buildings are a total loss:
Hagle harness shop, loss, J.'iOO; Opera
house, loss, 14,600; Insurance three thou
sand; Masons, Woodmen, Workmen and
Eastern Star, Ixdge rooms, loss, $1,000;
Insurance, unknown; E. L. Butts, confec
tionary, lodging, pop factory nnd Ice
house, loss, $4,000; Insurance, $1,100. Fall
Investment company loss, $2, BOO; Insur
ance $l,f00; Telephone company supply
houso. loss, $300. The fire Is still burning.
South Omhan Given
Job by Sanitary Board
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. April 23.-(Speclal.)-As a
result of the meeting of the Live Stock
Sanitary board In Lincoln yesterday, Dr.
Day of South Omaha was appointed by
the board as field worker at a salary of
$2,600 a year and his expenses.
It Is said that President Bulla of ths
board desired the nppolntmcnt of more
than one worker, but Governor Morehead
felt that one would be enough to start
on and besides the expenso of more than
one would be more than tie appropria
tion could stand.
(From a Staff Correspondent,)
LINCOLN, April 23.-(Speclal.) Ne
braska letter carriers and mall clcrki
have closed their state meeting and
elected the following officers:
Carriers-President. J. Homer Clark,
Lincoln; vice president, W. R. Jones.
Falrbury; secretary'. C. It. Schoessler,
South Omaha; treasurer, Arthur Ander
son, Holdrege; M. B. A. collector, Dell
Lough. Omaha; executive board, C. W.
Mulloy, Fremont; J. E. Jacobson, Omaha;
George F. Harris, Omaha.
The next convention will bo held in
Fremont. Action was taken tending tow
ard making the national convent'oti.
which will be held In Omaha In 1916, ono
of the most successful of the national
Clerks President, H. A. Sterns. Lin
coln; first vice president, L. A. honey.
Columbus; second vice president, J. A.
Tucker, North Platte; secretary, E. T
Matson, Omaha; treasurer, W. E. Hall
David City; state organizer, L. H. Wat
eon, Lincoln; chairman of advisory board,
H. H. Woolford, McCook; chairman of
finance committee, Pat McGovern,
Omaha; delegate to the national conven
tion at Omaha, S. E. Munson, Omaha.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)'
LINCOLN, April 23.-(Speclal.)-Tlu.
McPherson Tastuerlzlng company of
Council Bluffs will not be permitted to
sell Its stock In Nebraska, the blue sky
department this morning turnlngdown
Its application. Commissioner Reed gives
his reasons for a refusal to allow tho
company to work In Nebraska that It
has been organized something over a
year nnd formerly sold its stock to Iowa
people for $5 per share, it now desires
to tax Nebraska people $50 a ehire and
there Is no evidence to show that the
stock has Increased In value sufficiently
to warrant the raise In price to Nebraska
People. v
Miss Fern Coleman of Lincoln and
George Gorm of Omaha were married
today at the home of the bride's parents
In thla city.
YORK. Neb., April 2a.-(6peclal.)-A call
has been Issued for a county convention
of the progressive party, to be held at
York May 2, for the, purpose of electing
twelve delegates to tho state convention.
The call la for both men and women. This
Is the first time in the history of York
county politics women havo been In
vited to attend a county convention.
Notes from Sidney.
SIDNEY, Neb., April 23.-(Speclal,)-Court
Is In session here nil. nrlr with
Judge Grimes of North Platte presiding,
I he nrst case called was that of An
tonio Salinas, a Mexican, whn kllit
other Mexican at Lodge Pole, a shorf
time ago in a quarrel over a woman, The
Jury was out about twelve houra when
they returned a verdict of not guilty.
Tho defense pleaded self defense.
The full Jury has been" discharged for
this week, with Instructions to report
for duty again next Monday.
A large shipment of fish for stocking
up the IiOdge Pole cheek arrived this
morning from the state hatcheries. They
were sent to It, A. Blake, the water
commissioner In Cheyenne and Deuel
WhooplitB- CoopW.
"About a year ago my three boys had
whooping cough and I found Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy tho only one that
would. relieve their coughing and whoop
ing spells. I continued this treatment
and was surprised to find that It cured
the disease In a very short time," writes
Mrs, Archie Dalrymple, Crooksville, Ohio.
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Senators Have Tilt Over Right to
Criticises Wilson.
Pnnnda tlrak Tilth l"lt n He Swa
Prraltlent nnd I'allt'lra Are
Auirnahlr to Stricture.
WASHINGTON, April St.-Tlio house
resolution, appropriating $ax,0i to bring
Aincrlonns In- Mexico back Jo' tho United
States, was favorably uctitl on by the
se.nate appropriations committee today,
Senator Hcrah In his sptech declared
that the "policy ue are urMiIng will
Inevltablj lend to our taklnK every foot
of tcrrltor to the I'nr.nnw canal, though
I would regard tliHt ns a crime and h na
tional ralamlty.'t
Senator t.udge, who followed Senator
Borah, criticised tho majority for refus-
Ing to- nccupt an nmenitmcnt to the
Justification resolution broadening its
scope so as to refer to all Indignities
suffered In Mexico In addition to lh In
cldents at Tami'lco and Vera Cruz.
I.orfgr nnd IlllrlicurW Tilt,
Senator Hitchcock said that to have
arcrpted the amendment would have
shown discourtesy nnd tl arcsKcl to tho
I refuse to consider that a reason,"
said Senator Lodge, pounding with his
fist on a desk. "A to wo sent here to bn
told thHt wc are discourteous because wo
crltlclso the policy of h lcsnlutlon be
cause It was offered by some ono or
comes from the White House? Wo will
not be held down like that. Wo cannot
be charged with luck of manners. Presi
dents and policies have always been criti
cised hern and ol'wnys will be."
Senator Lodge charged that the admin
istration leaders sought to restrict the
scope of the resolution for the reason thnt
they hoped to keep Carranza and Villa
from any alliance with Huerta. He pre
dicted that, unless tho embargo on arms
was applied to tho constitutionalists, tho
Unllted States, when forced to cross the
border, would find Mexican using guns
and ammunition which this government
permitted them to procure,
"Action by congress putting on that
embargo Is not necessary," said Sen
ator Smith of Michigan. "Tho president
has ample authority. An embargo was
placed on arms before by another presi
dent." nya Villa AVna In .Innrra,
Senator Weeks asserted that tho Joint
army and navy board yesterday had
agreed that the embargo against arms
going ncross the border should bo re
stored. "My advices from the border," said
Senator Full, "Is that Villa was at
Juarez night before last, with 6,000 men,
and arms were constantly being taken
across, and that the United States army
stopped one shipment without authority
from tho State department."
Senator Lewis said that if Carranza
spoke now In warlike tones It must be
laid at tho door of senators who sought
to have congress pass a resolution
which would have been tantamount to
a declaration of war, when the presi
dent of the United States had made It
clear that ho wanted peace.
"Shall wo vote tho president of the
United States a hypocrite? Shall wo vote
to say that when he spoko to us he
had !n his heart a lie?" asked the sen
MITCHELL, S. D April 23.-(Spcclal.)
Jamc Lyons, prominent In the buslno.'H
affairs of Mitchell for the last thirty
years, passed away at 3 o'clock yesterday
morning at tho family residence, 00 East
Third avenue, The deceased had been
critically 111 with heart trouble for the
last four years. Mr. Lyons was prom
inently Identified with the commercial
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Piano Co.,
1311-13 Varaam Btratt
Pnona sonjrUa 1633.
growth of Mitchell. He arrived In tint
city In lsM and a year later entered the
grocery business, from which he retired
six years ago. His widow and two
adopted children survive. Funeral serv
ices will be held nt tho Holy Fntnllj
Catholic church at 9;30 o'clock Friday
(Continued from Page One.)
fate of the Southwestern mine Is un
known The time of tho arrival of state troops
la Indefinite and there Is no Immediate
prospect of relief from the conditions
that have existed In the strike district
since early Monday. Hven the arrival
of the slate troops may not serve to quell
the disorders. I-nrse bodies of armed
men are reported near the railroad ap
proaches In the Agullar district. They
are said to be In nn ugly mood.
"Adjutant General Chase called me by
long distance telephone this morning, '
declared John Iwson, International
board memler of the United Mine Work
era of America, "and told me he was
coming hero In the Interest of peace. J
told him thnt there could be no peace
where there .vas no Justice.'
Twenty-five armed men left Walsen
burg early today In the direction of
Agullar and Ludlow. Armed men from
New Mexico are stilt coming Into the dls
trlct nnr a large force from Fremont
county Is said to be marching across
Huerfano county. Iirgn numbers from
The Beer of
and qu
Dietetic Value of Beer
From a German Medical Opinion
The intoxicating action of beer is very much less than that of
wine and whiskey; and as it gradually tends to suppress the use of
the latter, it accomplishes a high mission in the history ofciviliza-1
tion. The intoxicating action of the small quantity of alcohol (in beer)
is neutralized by the carbonic acid and the malt extract. Hops in
small quantities stimulates the appetite and promotes evacuation,
(or acts as a laxative.) Beer is very nutritious when consumed with
meat, cheese and bread and it is greatly undervalued as
promoting health and robustness, DR. KIRBACH
Phone Douglas 6662 802-810 Douglas Street, Omaha, Neb.
This is tho time the CHICAGO LIMITED departs; the sleepers are ready and the
diner is serving at G o'clock. Vou have breakfast before arriving in Chicago at 8:09
A. M., and are ready for engagements or eastern connections.
This train of steel and steel frame construction carries chair cars, diner, stand
ard and compartment sleepers and a library observation car all brilliantly lighted
by tho dynamo system of electricity. The schedule is not fast; it is planned with tho
intent of a smooth, restful ride, and a punctual arrival. "Wel operated" is the gen
eral comment about this train.
.MICHIGAN CKXTKAIj at 0:05 a. m. and 10:30
a. ni. for Now York and Boston.
I'KNNH V lVA Sl. at 8:45 o. m 10 a. m. and
10:30 a. m. for Washington and New York; 9:30
a. tn., Indianapolis and Cincinnati.
IAKK KHOUK nt 10:15 a. m. Tor New York:
10.30 a. ra. for New York, Boston.
HIG l-'Ol'H at 9:25 a. m. for Cincinnati,
li'MXOIH C'KNTKAli at 9:10 a. m. for New
Trinidad are reported to hfie Joined the
Ludlow strikers who have been en
trenched In the black hills northeast of
Ludlow slnco Monday night.
Troopa l,rnvt Ufnirr,
DKNVRn, April J3.-neports that some
of the Denver militia had mutinied be
reuse of failure to receive back pay were
denied postlvely by Adjutant William A.
Snapgler, who added that this question
m-iitd be considered at the adjutant gen
eral's office today.
Two companies of Infantry reached here
from lloulder to Longmont today and
with a Denver contingent it was expected
that ISO would bo on their way to Trin
idad within a few hours. The departure
of two troops of caalry from Denver,
reported Inst night, was delayed until
Colonel Ueorge l.cc. nsilslnnt adjutant
general, stated that ten to fourteen men
of Troop C declined to board tho train
with the rtmnlndcr of the command, giv
ing ns their reason failure to receive back
I ny and a personal tonnldcratlon which
they refused to disclose. !.ee said nn
drastic action had been taken and he ex
ptctcd tho men to leavo on n later train.
Miners I.rndrr n I'lalit la for
t'nlnn Principle.
KANSAS CITY. April 33.-" We have k
war In Colorado that transcends In bar
barity any content south of the Wo
Urande," said John H. White, president
of the United Mine Workers of America,
here today.
'We hao civil war at home," he con
Through Sleepers on This Train Between
Omaha and Peoria
We are agents for steamship lines, and have latest sailing lists and cabin
plans. Let us help you secure steamer accommodations early in view of tho
large volumo of European travel this co mlng summer.
J. II. REYNOLDS. City Tassencer Asent.
Kaniam fit., Omaha, Neb.
tinued "It InvoUes geratrr and m:
tlearly defined principles than the Mex
lean trouble. The fight being made tn
tho recognition of the union will go on
Those miners are backed by our organ)
ration of nearly 600,000 members
"The United Mlno Workers union is
supplying the strikers with funds, food
and clothing, but the t'rlon never hai
sent nor considered sending them a gun
or cartridge, t do not know where lhe
obtained guns and ammunition.'1
Telia Mlnra Committer Colorado Una
llovrritnirut lr Onnmen.
WASHINGTON, April . Mother"
Mary Jones, strike leader, today appeared
before the house mines committee and de
scribed conditions In the strike district
In the Colorado coal fields. "Mother'
Jones said that "If she were president'
shj would order the governor of Colorado
to have the Imported gunmen," with their
murhlne guns, out of the district Condi
tions In Colorado she said, had led to a
"government by gunmen."
VIENNA, April-aT-The condition of
Kmperor Franrls Joseph was not so satis
factory today. The doctors this mornlns
"His majesty's rest last night was dis
turbed by fits of coughing. The catarrhal
symptoms showed no signs of abatement,
and the patient's strength and appetltft
were satisfactory.
If in doubt
try it
MONOX at S:30 a. ra. for Louisville
(iltAXIl TKL'XK at 11:05 a. m. for New York.
KIM 12 at 11 a. m. for Now York.
HALTIMOKK & OHIO at 11 a. m. for Wash
ington and New York.
NICKKL PLATK at 10:35 a. m. for New York
and Boston.
WAnASH at 12:04 noon for New York and
Tel. D. 1238 or D. 3580.

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