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The. Be .Publishing Company, Proprietor.
KnUrid At Omaha postofflce aa second-class matter.
! lEnas or sunscmrrioN.
By carrier fly mall
per month. per year.
Dally and Sunday..,...,...., c $.
Dally without Hunday c ;
Kvenlnit and .i'niay. . yjl
Kvenlng without Sunday .. J.w
Sunday Bee only Sc'"',:r,";,.
Hrnfl not'ce of rhanire of addnss or comp'alnts or
IrrfRUlarlty In d Ml very to Omaha. Bee, Circulation
Remit r draft. express or postal order.
counts Pcrecna) f reV. except on Omaha and eastern I
Only, two
ts cha:
. OFFICES. ' '
Omaha-The De Thtlldlnsc
Fouth Omaha-fllS N street,
Council Uluffs-H North Main etreti-Mncoln-W
kittle Bulldlnrr.
New Tork-ttoom llba. as Fifth avenue.
St Irfi'ls-lfl? New Fank rf Commerce.
Washlnston-73 Fourteenth Bt, N. 'W.
The Embargo On Arms.
Everyone will acclaim tho wisdom of the
president's order re-establishing; tho ombargo
i on the shipment of arms from this country lntj
' Mexico. Whether wo aro technically at wur
with Mexico or not, it would be tHo height" ot
folly under present conditions to permit .h5
Mexicans to continue to come oyer hero to aa
cure guns and ammunition, regardless' of 'wli&l
uso they might be Intended.
By tho same reasoning (ho lifting by Presi
dent Wilson of the ombargo established uy
President Taft appears now In the light" of later
i events to havo been a mistake. President Wil
son .and his .advisers doubtlers thought that .In
giving -the rebels the privilege of buying' of u
arms that would enable thorn to mako headway
against tho Hucrta forces they were thereby
helping to solvo the Mexican problem.,, or at
least, to weaken the grip of ttio dictator who had
refusod to resign on tho president's demand.
H will be remembered, howovor, that tho quejB-
Editorial Artillery
lUUIlt..! t.Hl.l..ll...
Etatc of Nebraska. County of Douglas, es.
Dnlifht VH lama circulation manager of The ne,
Publishing 'comi any beltig duly sworn. sa; that
avernKf daM- cl.culatlgn lor the month of Maraii.
39M was M CI, , , , r
DWlQHT WIM-1AMB. Circulation MahuRtr.
Furecrlbed In my tucsence and sworn to"bfrre oif
thli 1st day of Aprl', 19H. .,..
RODERT HUNTER. Notary Public."
Subscribe Icming tho cl tenipor.irlir
should liavo TJio Uco mailed to them. Ul
dress wlfbi cheated as oft-in as rpquelct'.
Adrtress rcmmun'jratlons relating to news and edi- : . tlon was raised at that time whother tho gutty
ti-rlal matter to Omaha Bee. Editorial Department, j
wnirn we soni to oiexico 10 ue niiuuj ai iuu iuu
crals might not eventually be turnod tho other
way and send' bullets Into the bodies ot Anior-.
' lean soldiers and Bailors. Tho threatened re-
9r8al of tho rebels attitude seems, now nultn
possible and probabjo, and, whllo the, daniago
cannot, bo ufidone so far as it grown out of shli-
monts made whllo tho embargo was lifted, we
can, and must, prevent further arming from
this source
The solzuro of Vera Cruz was hurried In or
o'er to head off the delivery of a cargo of mu
nitions of war Just arriving in a German ship.
After that, wo certainly cannot allow .elthe.
federals or robots to ship In arms from our own
country where the right to Interdict is clear
and unquestioned,
Bays HutMp O'Shaughnessy,' '"Here's your
This seems to fee one time a nation went to
war without the band' playing."
Htja nonetholosss reassuring to have all
theso cxUerts tell us that it la, not wa$.
"No political colonels!" But, of- course,' tjio
door rs sltll opeVVoV atie10 two politic cptn
fcodorcs. ' " kt.'t ' . ..
y 1 1 1 h
The casualties at Vera Cruk aronountlrlg up
tn numbtys closo to tboo in tho Colorado
mining regions. ''
"Tragedy In Oartor Scandal," says "a head
lino. It Is always the tendency to stretch 'such
things, though. ,
Japan promises "a'trlcl noutrallty.'t; Why,
of course What olso. could our grsat ,and hon
prable friend do? ' - j. ,
.i ' 1 :
Bo Euro there Is one member of the Watur
board whp vlll npt resign becauso of. pressuro
pr private business.
' I A lot of poople would gladly Accopt sBouldcrV
cirap commissipna wno nave no zeai wnatover
tp enlist Iti jfrayiu)
colonel JOsnnyMaaer has volunteered. (or.jil;
tqu with his belligerent, typewriter.-' i- ,. ,
"No phllticQjl, "colonela!"' shouts tho 6ona
tpr'a orenn, knowing that his rocommendatlo;M
for appointive favor have no far all boon turnod
down of' plgoonhojod at the WfrUo House. '
Whllo our marines were shelling -Vra Cru
tho dry forces of Inda wero bombarding, the
etronghojds bf General Barleycorn, sacking
ninoty-two' radio ot ' his places of rendezvous
Uncle Sam's Dragnet.
Tho largo1 number o( Indictments returned
by tho federal grand jury for misuse of tho
mallB simply shows the government's Increasing
determination to stop the abuse of . facllltleK
which, It has provided tor legitimate business,
forty-nino offenders aro brought in by -one
dragnet and several by another. Most of theeo
Indictments have to do with speculative Jani
and livo stock transactions, in which, as any
well Informed person knows, veritable harvest!
of fortunes have been reapod in the west within
recent yours. This, togother with cortain namct
-mentioned in the published lists, tends to raise
ome very pertinent questions as to tho accu
racy of the. government's agents in running
down the real culprits, which are not to be an
swered entlroly by advorso criticism.
Thlo cleaning out of this .c)ass ot crooked
operators has proyed to bo a task of augeaen
proportions but not too much so-for tho federal
powers to perform. They have made good
Progress,, and as a result the sch'omos which tnp
crooks have worked are pretty well exposed.
.Honest, land and .Jive stock dealors owe it to
themselves, to . say nothing of the government,
L ip : aid whorovor ipossjblojn ferreting put the
scamps and bringing them to justice." " 1
Sprtncfjeld Republican: The favorite
son of Charffe O'BhauRhnessy must ho
"Home, Sweet Home."
Urooklyn Eagle: The American navy
takes water or nobody, nnd mewal
from nobody. It Is protected equally
from microbes and Mfxlcanftl.
Buffalo' Bxprss: Ornexat Wood Is an
old Indian fighter. About ll.CO0.iX0 of
the lo.COO.OOC) people in Mexico are of In.
dtan oriRln. The new work wilt be rleht
In his line. t
St. Ia)uIs Olobe. Democrat:. The bat
tltshlpa drive, away the recollection of
fecrttary Brya-Va prom!s that thero
ahoutd bo no war during the present ad
ministration. , . .
Boston Transcript; The. president
promised that wo should never, ndd an
other foot of territory to our domain,
but one should remember that Macda
ldna bay doesn't exactly come upder thaj
Pittsburgh Dispatch; Colonel Oconto
Harvey had picked Senator Borah to t4
tho next republican candidate for the
presidency. But when Sojiator Borah
dec ared that "once our fla; goes up In
Mexico, It wilt never come down." ho
picked himself tostay out of the office..
wo aa not wqm sucn a collection or
revolutions and assassinations n wur re
Chicago neuord.Hero.ld: .Mexico has
ll.OCO.CGO people on an .atra about .oner
fourth as largo .as that of the United
States, and those people 1)0 not want
.American rule. The best wish for the
country Is that (t may find guidance
among Its own educated, Intelligent and
I fttrlotlc citizens, and that they may
have the power to rise above brutal mili
tary adventurers and banditti and estab
lish a government,
Chicago Tribune: An army should be
raised; ns large as we can find compe
tacit officers to command. The larger
the InvnUlngr army the less boys wll be,
killed in the Mexican sunlight. Mexico
must bo crossed from end to end, from
side to side. .The, .bandit leaders must,
hit be reduced and .the Mexican pewpl'
freed to seek civilization and progress
In the extended borders of the United
mates, ,
Whv Peace Efforts I ailed
Experience of William H, Ellii, New
York, a 'Personal Jriehd of Hnerta,
Trying to Arrange Peace Conference.
This Is tho narrative glvtn to the Brooklyn Eagle
by William It. Ellis, who, with Dr. Bernabe Bar
rios, undertook a secret mission to General Huerta
In the hope of securing co-operation with the ad
ministration of President Wlfson, only to return last
month unsuccessful:
"Our first Interview wfth President Huerta took
placo at his private residence. It lasted practically
all night, and the results of the first conference were
cabled to New York Actual negotiations were ,thn
begun which might have ultimately adjusted the Mexi
can situation, so far as Hucrta and President Wil
son were concerned, had not an unforeseen event
happened which shattered completely the work we
had done. At" .this particular moment General
Huerta looked" with favor upon any proposition that
would bring about a closer and more friendly re
lationship betwten his sovehiment and that ot the
United States.
"President Huerta expressed admiration for Presi
dent Wilson. He said that he thought that Wilson
waa doing what he considered -to .bo the right thing
But Huerta also said that no one could complain of
tho treatment of Americans other foreigners by
him. Ho hoped, he said, that ths American pplo
would find some way to recognize the ' Mexican gov
ernment, as recognition meant An immediate end to
the war, and the salvage; of hundreds of millions of
dollars Worth of property and thousands wf lives..
1 Kitty Jack said last night he would
' klsa m or die In the attempt.
May Good gracious; aiid did he kiss
1 you?
' Kltt? (reluctantly) Well you have not
hoard of his death, have youT Philadel
phia Ledger,
"Are you looking for work?"
"I am," replied Plodding Pete. "I'm
conducting a scientific Investigation. It'd
surprise you to know how many different
kinds of work dere Is. I'm goln' to git
up a list an' classify "em." Washington
"Charles seems to be very exacting,"
said a fond mamma to the dear girl, who
was dressing for the wedding.
"Never mind, mamma," said she
sweetly, "they are his last wishes." Llp
plncott's Magazine.
"Ever hear from that college chum of
yours who went to Colorado?"
"Oh, he's dnad, poor chap. He may be
said to have tnlked himself to death."
"What do you mean?"
"He called some Alkali Ike out there a
liar." Boston Transcript.
The Employer By the way, the chil
dren usually eat with us.
The New Governess, (firmly) I must
object to that.
"They're sure to pick up such faulty
notions of grammar." Cleveland Plain
Clerk Mr. Brown, 1 shoutd like to ask
for a raise In my wages. I've Just been
Employer Very sorry, my dear man.
but I can't help you. For accidents which
happen to our employes outside of the
factory we are not responsible. National
Women's Activities
Having left Cincinnati in the rear, Cleveland
has now started out to pass St. Louis In tho race
for population, nd unless the old Missouri
metropolis, hits a lively clip the Ohio city will,
tqake it, for It sure Is. comlnrj down the pike. .
The. Woman's club of Bvanston; JJ1.( that
comely corner of gentle urbanity, has wlrsdllii
president to use eyery effort to avert. war Since
the matter Is thus called to "h'fs mind,, dqubtletu
that Is exactly what the president will do. .
J?eople Imbued with the right spirit of, patri
otism WOuWhhVo less trenldatlnn If thn 'trnuhlo
could be confined tttlfoxlcan soil. Out that Is
impossiDie, Kuur own country is sure to. be in
vaded, f.jiqti"&y. the armlcsaC feast by"'tip
movies '.' ...-a ' '
i . ..i.j 1 -vv
With the While horizon flacked with, the
elouds of war, somebody riser to sufttest that the
Doy Scouts bo mustered out in a campaign tor
cleaner cities. I., them make war on bveiy
rampart of 'rubbish and ruins and thus, uphold
the honor ot the flag at home.
it Is not evon remotely -possible that old
Huerta ever saw any of,hoae , sweetrspundlng
state papers issuea in nis name, -Indicating mi
attitude of serene friendship toward Americans
Nobody Js foiled Ty"that, Unless It is the foolish
advisers of the Mexican dictator.
JJlLi dZ&tytn (9nJjuc
umhicp rttOM ox rtlcj '
A dual ce f ration, t he ftstal day of St. Ueoris
rrid of Shakespeare, was held at FaUoner's hall under
lh, auspices of the St. Ctorge' socltt.y. Dr. M.tlej
Bjjke upon his iccent travels In Enjlsnd. aqd- Judg'
JJartlett dellve'ed an address up-in fihakeipeara.
Musical nuniters. nxd toclal VsJI filled out th en
terUlrmtr.t. . ... ,
Mrs. J. T. Clark, formerly of Omaha, but npw on
her wy to Laramie, whr She expects tp make her
hone,' Is the feuest of Mrs. F. M. Andtrson.
tlov. Kiistofe'r Jansoii delive-td a Itcture at the
UelUnlan church on SvenUith street.
Mies May' C. Gorman Is back irom a visit to her
:iter. Mr' O. M. Walker at Norfolk, JCeh.
6. F. Davis k Co., rl -estate., have removed tJ
lta Karnm strt.eC tpjttalrs, one Ctor. east ot their
former joVatlon.
Bida arc Icing Invited for th erect'on of a third
Consresatloual thurch bull'djng la North Omaha to
be. submitted-"to the archlUet. Mx Boehnke, :ri
Kedlck's tfloclc. 'The )u IdJng osmmlttee cons'sts of
Georce -Peltenr A. M. Tra l ahd M. F. Stars.
Mrs. Troxtlt. iWl Farnam ttreet. wants a small
girl (a tske cars of a chl'.d.
4.2jRr9SX-st Uml Arm. of tclnness A Busssy
wwr-ctdlejl to AthTarid by the ickne$ of a nephew.
" Both Sides Playing the'Oanae.
In the senate the other day Senator Kern
of Indiana exposod what he thought was a. start
ling dlccovery, of .insidious agencies at wortt
manufacturing public Bontlmont against froo'
tolls-, repeal, and for the particular purpose of
onibarrnsfilnrff not Intimidating, tho opponents
of lolls exomptloh, Ho presontod and had read
to his colloagucs ,tho following telegram ai
conclusive proof bf tils assertions: ,
CINCINNATI. O.. Anril in mil
Some'- nellkb'B- Newspaper Man,
Kipnart, na.
Please file early Friday evening 300 words show-
Ipjr unfavorable mUnint yo.ur section 4oward. Presi
dent Wllsorvs stand, on Panama canal tolls. J(hte'r-
view og Business men and get thrm to say some
thing hot. ENQUIItEn.
Senatqr Kern declared at tho samo tlmu
that It is but right that the public should know
how these intervlows,i supposed to reprosent
popular feeling, aro obtained and printed. Out
If- Senator Kern wanted to bo porfoctly fair he
would have, added that both sides are playing
the samo game in their efforts to stimulate aa
appearance of .public sentiment behind them,
To be perfectly fair he should also havo had in
sorted In the Congressional Record a message
- which Secretary ot State Bryan has sent to each
and every one bf the readers of his Commoner
asking them to shower their representatives In
Washington with cqunter-tolegrams and letten.
This Is tho Bryan message as it appeara In blacu
faced type In the April Issue of his personally
conducted mouthpiece:
'All who are opposed to a ihlp subsidy and all
who beltev that the United State should keep fftlth
with othe. nafons are urged to Immediately write
or wlrs their senators to assist the president In bring.
Ing atout the repeal of the canal tolls bill now pend
ing before tho Unlttd Stairs senate.
Tho Bryan appeal would be just as good an
object lesson for Senator Kern to use as tho
othor, except for the fact that It exposes the ac
tivities of the Wilson administration to drlvu
recalcitrant senators Into lino by thq very meth
ods which are denounced when used to obstruct,
the White House edicts. .
The supreme court of North Carolina calls
a halt In tho segregation plans Inaugurated by
several cities of the state. Tho Winston-Salem
ordinance establishing tones for whites ana
blacks, and preventing either class Invading the
district ot tV other, was held to be unconstitu
tional. The fact that a southern court felt im
pelled to check tho growth of harassing laws
against the blacks Is a welcome sign ot broad
ening humanity.
Sackrsted Formation of International Com
"Our definite suggestion was that a committee of
twenty leading men, from both Mexico arid the
United Btates, should meet and rirawi up a plan for
bringing about an agreement between the two coun
tries. This plan, when drawn up. was to be laid
before President Wilson and President Huerta for
their approval. '
'President Huerta seriously' considered the propo
sition. He told ua.he appreciated out motives and
that thft idea was a good. one. And then' occurred
an event which completely ruined the entire scheme.
"The embargo on arms wo lifted fof the rebels by
President Wilton. Negottatlona -were ImmeClately
broken off by Prpsidenf Huerta.
"'It Js now a fight to the. .finish .and death,' said
President Huerta.
"Although President HUerta .had not definitely
committed himself at the time." continued Mr. Ellis,
"It seemed ps If the plan would go through. After
the embargo on arms waa lifted, however. General
Huerta plainly was opposed to any peace scheme.
Snya Emhartro LlftlnR Win n MUtnltr..
' "It seems as If the government of the United
States wants to allow us to exterminate ourselves,'
,sald President Huerta. "There Is nothing I can do as
representative of tho Mexican government except to
fight, tt Is no time to talk peace!'
"Thus our mission failed. President Huerta thanked
us and gave me a large photograph with his slgna
ture. There was nothing for It but to pack up and
return to New York. We landed In Brooklyn from the
steamship Esperanza a little more than a fortnight
"The lifting of the arms embargo waa a great mis
take on tho part of the Washington government. In
my dplnion. So Is tho policy of nonrccognltlon. Of
course President Wilson has a perfect right not to
recognize Huerta, If he. In hla own Judgment, thinks
It inadvisable. That Is a right accorded to the prcsl
dent of the republic, and no one will doubt that the
president Is honest in his opinion. But had recogni
tion been accorded It. seems almost certain that the
present revolution would not have gained such head
Wttyl That would have depended, of course, on the
strength of Huerta'a army.
"There Is one solution to the situation which has
been suggested to those In. Intimate contact with
Mexican affairs, but of which the general public, I
believe, ,knpws but little. It President. Huerta sHpuld
resign, and,, going north, take charge pf tho army
and fjght .the rebols, something might be accom
plished. It has been suggested that he leave tho
presidency to Jos Lopez y Portlllo y Rojas, his min
ister of foreign affairs, a man of great talent and
ability. He has the respect 'of his enemies as well
as his friends, .nd xvou'd, no doubt, make an Ideal
"In case the American government, with pressuro
or otherwise, eliminated Prea'dent Huerta, who would
be president in his stead? That Is a hard question
to answer, Predictions are dangerous and are apt to
be upset by unforseen circumstances. Let's look
over the field for a moment and see who the possible
candidates might be In such a case.
Who Would Take llaerta'a PIncef
"Genoral Carranza Is an Intelligent and clever of
ficer and gentleman, but In my opinion I do not
think that General Carranza has sufficient strength
to control his forces. Should President Huerta re
sign, be removed, or defeated by the lnsurrectos, he
would still have such a great following that General
Carranza would have difficulty In bringing peace to
the country.
"As for General Felix Diaz, he Is a brave, honest
courageous young man, who Is known all over thi
republic us a man of honor, loyal and royal to his
friend. He would make an excellent president. He
Is a man that has never taken advantage of a chance.
Mis. Bernard. Shaw, who was .Miss
Payne Townsend, has just Inherited
1W,0wX) under tho will of a cousin, Canon
Stowcrt, pf County Antrim. Mrs. Hhaw
already had an. Income of $15,000 and n
beautiful home near Bantry. .Hhaw, him
self,. It Is understood, pays an Income tax
on $7CC0 a year.
Amon;j the women who will be npeak
err at .the Mothers International Welfare
congress In Washington, April 2 to 17.
uie Mies Julia Lathrop, Mrs.. Zerita D.
FrunaJleff ot Bulgaria, and M1"" IHngso.
Hit Chin and Mrs; It P. Alexander pf
Toklo, Japan, Tresldont and Mrs, Wilson
w.ll receive the delegates April St,
Miss K. Marie Qugle of Toledo High
school says that wonen are In as great
need of higher mathematics as men.
Women ned to know mathematics to.
manage their households, Just as men
must know tho edence to manage' their
.'buslpera. Girls ark being nrglected in
schools anr collescs, she naysl became,
this Is n'utiade plain to them.
' rriehds of Belva Lockwo'od'of Washing
ton, nil ovtr trie country ire trying to,
ralke the money that will enable her to
pay tlie J2f,OO0 the court ussesoed against
her without having to sacrifice her home.
Club president have been requested to
assist In the effort to furnish' the money
Jn -time. The supreme court rendered the
verdict against her, the money having
beep pledged by mdrUrago on her home
that she might go on the bond of a client
long elnce dead.
The first women's church In England
haa just been opened at Wulla&ey,
Cheshire, "f he Church ot the New Idea."
ni It Is called, originated In a discussion
among a fpw women who felt that the
present churches do nit pjovide for their
requirements In spiritual matters. The
new church la officered entirely by
women, and onljv women preachera will
occupy the pulprt. The afternoon service i
will be limited to women, but theevenlng
ones will be open to nun.
Mrs. C. J. Walker, one of the most
prosperous colored business citizens of
Indianapolis and one- of the most suc
cessful colored women of America, Is
founding nn Industrial school In West
Pondoland, South Africa. The1 school l
modeled after tho Tuskegee Institute and When he captured Vera Cruz there were Jl.OM.0M
has the endorsement of Booker T. Wash
lnjton. She also Is milntalnlng at Tmke
Ke Inu.tute scholarships, thres boys
and two gl;lh, with the hope that they
i f-irn to enwagu In educa
tional work. She waa left an orphan at
v... . miiu uiu won her own way In
the world.
Quaint Bits of Life
Although he is past TO years old. E. W.
Moore of Osborn, Mo., Is cutting a new
set of teeth. Ills third set. Moore has
been toothless several years, and never
expeetsd to have other than false teeth.
On a birthday cake baked for the in.
mates of a home for aged people In
Philadelphia recently there were 114 can
dles, to Indicate the age of Aunt Mahal
Aj;er, ths otdest woman In the city. She
has been In the home for twentt-lx years.
In the treasury belonging to the government. He
refused to tuch one cent of It. 'When he capture.1
tho City of Mexico. In February, a year ago, his con
duct was the most honorable. Consequently the
country would be safe In his hands, but whether or
not he haa enough, forces now at his command to
elect himself president Is a question that the Mexi
can people can bst decide.
Dr. Vnsqnea Gomes 1 the "Dark Horae,"
"Ganeral Fernando Oonzales, son of ex-President
Gonzales. Is an Intelligent general, and would also
make a good president- Likewlss Don Ernesto
Madero. who was formerly secretary of the treasury
under President Madero. He Is at present living In
New York, and Is a man of Ideas, honest and clever,
although not a military man.
"But thero Is a dark horse In the race, and I have
purposely kept him for the last. His name seems
almost forgotten, and I dare say that the average
newspaper reaeder In New York has never heard of
him. He Is a man that haa never encouraged a
revolution. He was forced to leave Mexico during
the early days or Madero's revolution, and was
forced to leave a second time, after General Huerta
became president. He Is honest, able and straight
forward and he would suit all factions. His name Is
. Mr. and Mrs. George 8. Schermerhorn
ot Ntw York City have teen married 1 Dr. Vasques Gomes, and at present he Is living In
By all means Impress the children who go
roller-skating on the streets with the need of
card and caution to avoid collision with speed
ing autos. While about it, Impress tho recklo
auto drivers also with tho need of care and cau
tion to avoid running down the children Inteui
on their play,
Several oasUrn cities have designated a
".clean-up week," while Omaha is content with
two days. It Is not how long, but how fast and
how thorough. Omaha push and energy ought
to do as much cleaning In two days compara
tlvely as Philadelphia in a week
fifty-five years and havs never been
separated a day In that time. As a re
sult In all that time neither one has ever
received a letttr from the other,
Lovers of plcturesqun London will de
plere the. passing of Periwinkle street,
which Is to be reborn as Ratcllffe Crosi
Mrcet, presumably with higher rentals.
But Eeer lane and P ckln Herring streets
still survive.
Mayor Kiel and family ot St. Louis
breakfasted together recently off an ome
let mads, from one egg. The egg had
ben laid In the local menagerie by an
ostrich. It was sbout the site of a large
coooanut, nnd Is ssld to have produced
a very satisfactory omelet
At a recent dinner In London a toast
ran. 'Woman! without her, man Is a
brute." It was either cynical malice or a
strangely unlurky chance which led a
enmposlter to transpose the comma
"Woman, wltheut her man. Is a brute."
Assisted by a trolley car, Alexander
Morton moved a large house from one
location tn another tu South Norwslk.
Conn., in less than thirty minutes. The
city authorities gave him only that much
time In which to do It. ind, with the aid
of a car and a large gang ot men with
rollers, the tr'-ck was ions.
Washington. D- C.
"Mtxico is not wanting for1 Intelligent men. But
It Is In want of a military leader. The people ars
accustomed to being ruled by an Iron hand."
People and Events
A gentleman who left Indiana, Pa., forty yeara ago
and never returned since surprised E. H. Griffith,
one of the local merchants, by entering his shop and
paying a bill which he had owed all that time.
Jacob nils, uplltter, lecturer and chum of Theodore
Roosevelt. Is dangerously 111 at a sanitarium tn tlch
lean. Enlargement ot the heart Is the trouble dlag.
nosed by physicians, who hope to prolong his life If
he abstains from all activities.
Prof. E. C. Starks of the zoology department of
Stanford university has been delegated to a place
at the Carnegie tables at the zoological station at
Naples. The honor la conferred uion him as a re
ward for his scientific study and research during the
last year, which he spent traveling in Europe.
A Massachusetts manufacture ot fancy shoes for
women reports a tremendous demand for his goods
He la making a specialty of footgear suitable for
dancerr, and his factories are running overtime.
While other lints of business are practicing ths
hesitation," this man Is turkey ttotUng to success.
"Won't you be very, very happy when
your sentence Is over?" cheertully asked
a woman of a convict In prison.
' I dunno, ma'artl. I dunno," gloomily
answered the rpan. . .
"You don't know?" asked the woman,
amTd.. "Why not?" . ,
"I'm in for, life." New Orleans Pica
. wf
E. A. Guest. In Detroit Free Press.
Old fashioned folks! God bless 'em all!
The fathfrs an' the mothers.
The aunts an' uncles, fat an' tall,
The sisters an' ths brothers.
The coed old-fashioned neighbors, too
The passing time Improves 'em,
They still drop In to chat with you, t-
Whene'er the spirit moves 'em, '
The simple, unaffected folks '
With gentle ways an" sunny.
The brave and true
That live life through'
And stay unspoiled by money.
Cld.faahloned folks, ot solid worth...' .
On them a benediction! iv
The Joy an' comfort of the earth,
Its strength, without restriction.
The charm of every neighborhood t
The tollers uncomplaining. -
The men an' women, pure and goii..-r
Of fine an' honest gralnlnc.
The plain and open-hearted folks ':
That make no fad a paeelon, . '
The kind an fair
That do an' dare
An' are not slaves to fashion.-
Old-fashioned folks, that live and lov
And give their service gladly,
An' deem their neighbors worthy of.
Their help when things go badly;
The simple sharers of our Joys, ,. - ..
Sweet ministers In sorrow, .. ,
Ihey help tho world to keep Hp poise
An' strength for each tomorrow ,
The simple, unaffected folks.
That live for all about 'em,
God bless 'em all.
This earthly ball
Would dreary be without 'em.
'i 1 1 I iMS p I MM
You'll be prouder than ever of your
woodwork when you clean it with
It quickly dissolves and removes alldirtg
and grease, and cleans everything.
5c and larger packages. . j
"Lxi ttim DOta DUST TVHM3 dayvur vrork"
There's comfort-
-i '.-it
satisfaction m
every cup , of
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