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same car hid no difflc'iltv In r'xatiiig
the victory In the ten-mile r.ne. which
was won In the f.ist time f i ,;o. An sc.
ciilent. In which sc eral of the ears were
permanently dissbled. prevented the cotu
llc t i in of the tweiity-inile event.
An oveiland roadster which bad b-eti In
'enttniious service for two years, won all
three events for cars of bs than 1.1"
mlies ilHt'la'-eiiirnt. complet iiik the flc
tnlle event In 4:; the ten-mile event In
U ?i' and the twenty-mile event In " f.
Omaha Cadillac Company Entertains Its Agents at Banquet
Phonm Douglat 4319
Rom 452-454 Brandeii Thtattr Bai'.dtng
flfidtnct 2420 Manderion Strtet
mini H'S ' 'I t.'Hi" ii wu i i ii
limine or I nt
is rendered antiseptic by Bucklen's Ar
nica Selvi. A Mir remedy fur soles
bruises, pile", eczemn All drug-
gifts. Advert Isc men!
fc.f .. in i ii i . ij .in, , ,. I, ii i mill i I li I III fci m
Brazilian Minister Borrows Car
for Use by United States.
Acta United Statra Kmbar and
I'aea Car for Four Month,
rrr af f exlng Slight,
rat Bllnhap.
When Nclaon O'Ehausnmsy was handed
his passports by the late administration
in Mexico, the Aruerlcvi.j embassy u
turned over to the Brazilian minister,
who protected the intprt'uts of American
citizens In every way possible.
Playing an Important part In those serv
ice wu a Chalmera "8lx," loaned to
the Braiillaji minister, for four montlia
by Mohler tk. DeQreas, the Chalmera' deal
ers In the city of Mexico. Senor Car
doao states that the car was In actual
service during that time and that It never
failed once, a consideration of particular
importance, owing to the fact that the
Chalmers garage was closed during that
time and repairs and replacements were,
an Impossibility had any trouble been
In appreciation of the. loan of the car.
Mohler & DeOres received the follwlng
letter from Senor J. M. Cardoso de
OUvelra, Brazilian minister In charge of
American Interests in Mexico:
"On account of the excessive work 1
have been unable to thank you in behalf
of the United States government for your
kindness In loaning to this legation one
Chalmers car.
Chalmera Does Work.
"This ear has been very successful, In
deed, to the legation, anil has done great
vork In Innumerable ways, therefore it
fives me great pleasure to sincerely
thank you for the kind courtesy extended
o the legation, and to say that the Chal
mers car has been of . great , assistance
to the Americana during the disturbed
times we are going through In Mexico."
The folkiwing Is extracted from secre
tary of state in Washington, which' Is
, "In reply I beg to jay that the de
partment approves and commends the ex-
Wrllont manner In which you have handled
' the affairs of the embassy, thanks you
for your able management, and requests
fbat you will be so good as to convey
the thanks of the department to your
faithful assistants for their effective co
oi eration, and also to Messrs. Mohler &
DeGress. for the assistance rendered In
the use of their automobile. Accept, Sir,
Have TJcrvcs
Liko a Soldier
Kellogg:'! Saniton Wafers, for Both
Men and Women, Makes Weak
Nerves Fairly Tingle With
Energy and Life.
Be strong; and full of spirit at
middle age, or past. Be ambitious
to meet the Joys or demands of life
-with steady, steel-like nerves. Don't
wither away like a shriveled up old
rabbit. Oet flesh on your bones
vitality In your body, and cheerful
the renewed assurance of my hlghet con
sideration. (Signed) V. J. BRYAN.
"Kindly accept my personal thanks, and
also that of the staff of the legation for
your courtesies."
The story of thin car during a time
when tho bandits and marauders were
particularly active and Ine city of Mexico
mas almost wholly without police pro
tection, would make a thrilling chapter
of adventure.
Tho car loaned Penor Cardoso was one
of several Chalmers "Pixies." employed
during the hostilities as dispatch carriers
In Ked Cross service and military
Neb. Buick Co. Has
Made a Record of
Sales of New Cars
U. K. Sidles of the NebraskatBuick
Auto company of Lincoln spent the last
week with Manager Huff, helping take
cure of the Ak-Sar-Den' rush. Mr. Huff
reports the delivery of 1,230 ot the new
1913 Buick cars Into their territory to
date, which Is a record breaker In the
automobile business for tho short time
the 1915 line has been ready for delivery.
Ijee Huff of the Ncbraska-Pulrk Auto
company. Omaha, reports the following
sales of the new 1915 Hulck car In Omaha:
M. C.-36 roadsters to Dr. A. Pachs. T. W.
Zeah and W. C. Hopper. M. C.-S4 road
ster to Dr. G. O. Miller, Council Bluffs.
M. C.-- touring cars to Onion Ledwlch,
C. B. Slater. A. It. Ilolcroft. W. B. Check,
W illiam Hlnz. Benson; Dr. John Koutsky.
J. M. Jensen and Holmes & Adkins, South
Omaha, and M. C.-37 touring cars to R.
V. Orlffis. Byron A. Smith. Dr. U V.
Morserann. W 1,. Doty, W. A. Piel and
L.. D. I'pham. Dundee; Joseph McGuire,
Benson; P. A. Creasy and M. It. Bryson.
Fouth Omaha; V. T. Cox, Omaha, and
a six-cylinder M. C.-65 to A. Dlrreks,
South Omaha; M. C.-66 to Charles Klejia
and a M. C.-37 touring car to Dr. E. H.
Motor Car Corporation Purchases
600 Bales of Product.
Salea Oranalmation la . l.onls
Unllas and Atlanta, Assisted br
Dealers nnd Aaenta, In
(barge of Details.
Many Ford Delivery
' Cars Sold This Year
A noteworthy feature c.f Ford business
of the last year is the large increase In
the number' of cars sold for delivery pur
poses. Out of fi08 cars delivery to Omaha
buyers during the fiscal year ending Oc
tober 1, KS were touring cars, 1-J road
sters and fifty-five cars for delivery' pur
poses, or more than double the number
of delivery cars sold the preceding year.
Among Omaha firms which purchased
new Ford delivery cars the last year are:
Brandets Wore 8V
BurgesB-Nasli Co. 2.
Omaha Electric Light & Power Co. (4).
Sanitary Wet Wash Laundry Co. (3).
David Cole Creamery Co. (31.
Thomas Kilpetrick Co.
Parker-Gordon Co.
Puritan Laundry.
Cole & Krye.
MeCord-Brady Co.
Pax ton & Gallagher.
New England Bakery.
Kimball Laundry.
Mono & Tiiwnsr ml.
Sliyrock Water Co.
Phillips Medical Co.
Midland Paint & UWes Co.
Best ft Russell.
Public Market.
lJreidier Bros.
Hess ft. wobodn.
W. L. Mastcrman & Co.
Chicago Uuuor Co.
iimuha Trunk Co.
Boston Wet Wash Laundry.
The Pnntorium.
L. K. Van Valkenburg.
V. Stroud.
West Side Hand Laundry.
D. Tuckson.
F. J. Swoboda.
Kdward Buhner.
I Somnier.
H. Hill.
Joens Candy Co.
Bosenblum Bros.
4'opley it tUribling.
I. Mucci.
Crystal laundry.
lied Koi Draft Twin luflelders.
an. & J.,Mnir rf .Tnunh and lifjiilrir
'Shannon, twins, from tlie Asbury Fur It
J club of the Atlantic league was an
nounced by President Lunnlii or tne Bos
ton Americans the other day. Both are
In a novel and typically American way,
the Btudeliaker corporation of South Bend
and Detroit has entered the cotton mar
ket on a large scale, buying orders having
been forwarded to the managers of its
branches in Atlanta. Dallas and St. louts,
through which centers Is handled the dis
tribution throughout the south of the
firms automobiles and horse-drawn ve
hicles. The first order Is for the purchase of
M bales. This cotton will be bought at
10 cents n pound.
President V. S. Fish outlined the Ptudc
bakT plan in a brief Interview.
"We are buying this cotton," he said,
"because of our belief that. In the condi
tions which now prevail, we owe a defl.
nite duty to the southern planters who
are tulferlng so distressingly as the re
sult of the Kuropean war. We are mak
ing this expenditure In a way which will
enable us to place every cent of It with
tlia southern fanners the producers. Js'ot
one bale will be bought through specu
lators or middle men.
Confidence In Sonth.
"We have abundant confidence in the
south and in the future of its great staple.
Far more influential In determining our
present course was, however, our own
feeling of obligation to the southern
planters, virtually all of whom are our
customers, and many of whom have
bought Ptudebaker goods for two genera
tions. "Our Investment lh cotton will be vir
tually a loan In which we assume the en
tire risk. If we are able to eventually
dispose of our cotton ut an advanced
price, we will turn over the ultimate
profit to the growers from whom we
bought It.
"Our Investment is contingent on no
purchase of our own goods and had no
strings whatever attached to It. We also
aim to make the distribution of our In
vestment as broad as possible. In thin
undertaking wc shall work In close touch
with our vehicle and automobile dealers,
thus availing ourselves of an advisory
representation In virtually every cotton
growing county In the southern states."
The details of the Btudebaker plan are
In charge of Assistant Sales Manager
Thlelen of the vehicle division here.
Sales Manager of
Maxwell Returns
Home from Europe
c. F. Redden, who has been abroad for
several months and has had some thrill
ing experiences during the present war,
j has advised the Maxwell Motor company,
J of which he is sales manager, that he will
I sail for America on the steamship Mlnne-
haha, arriving In New York about Octo-
ber 19.
While abroad Mr. Redden has been In
. conference with several foreign repre
sentatives of the Maxwell compnny. The
Americans who are representing the Max
well compnny In foreign fields have
achieved remarkable success, considering
the great handicap they are working un
der. Most of the foreigners who were, in
the employ of the Maxwell company In
their respective countries have taken up
arms and Americans have been sent over
to take their places in the business field.
Mr. ltedden's return will throw much
light on business conditions In foreign
fl'lds, as ho has been In closest touch
prediction as to the future of Kuropean
business from an American standpoint
will be awaited with Interest.
Packard Trucks to
Be Used in Foreign
Transport Service
More than one thousand men stormed
the employment gate of the Packard fac
tory, in Detroit. Tuesday morning, and
police were called to stent tho rush. One
officer was removed from the scene in a
police ambulance.
This was one of the stirring Incidents
following the receipt of an order for W
trucks to be boxed for foreign shipment
and to be delivered at tidewater on or
before Tuesday. October 13. This order
came through the Packard selling luanch
In New York. Its approximate valuation
Is 500,0oj. While the final destination of
these trucks has been cloaked In secrecy,
It Is understood that they are Intended for
the battlefields of Europe.
Employes of the truck shops were at
once notified to report for duty on Sun
day. Factory service cars were com
mandeered by the truck department on
Sunday morning and scouts sent In every
direction for recruiting men. Sunday's
purchase of boxing stock exhausted tho
supplies of two Detroit lumber yards.
Thirty-nine trucks were boxed and ship
ped on Sunday alone. A later wire from
New York ordered future consignments to
he unboxed. This change was adopted lo
gain time.
The trucks will be shipped as bare
chassis. It is reported that the Imdies will
he built by an American concern that
makes a specialty of truck equipment.
They will he of the prairie schooner type
and eUipied with how top and tarpaulin.
Thousands Ask for
Dodge Car Agencies
"Along about the first of August. Gen
eral Pales Manager Phllp made the pre
diction that 10.i)00 dealers would have
made application for Dodge Bros, sales
rights by October 1." said George. C.
Hubbs of Dodge Bros. "Just how close
ho came to hitting the mark Is shown
by the total count for the first day of
October. On that date 10,201 separate
dealers from the Unltod States and Can
nda had written in to the factory about
the new car. Bequests are still coming
in at an average of 100 per day. with no
sign of let-up."
Mr. Hubbs relates an Incident concern
ing T. T. Doyle, Detroit dealer for Dodge
Bros., which exhibits something of the
interest shown by prospects in the nw
car. .Through some unknown sourre the
impression prevailed In Detroit that Doyle
was to receive his demonstrating ear on
October 1. When Doyle reported at his
offloe that morning he found his sales
room crowded with prospects, all wanting
to look at the new car. The Detroit man
was compelled to explain that as yet he
had received no ear, but was In hopes of
getting tho first one bv another thirty
days. As over 300 people vlaited his sales
rooms during the course of the day, Doyle
reports putting In the bnsiejit ten hours'
work In some years.
Overlands Sweep
Florida Race Meet
Overland oars won a sweeping victory
by capturing five firsts In six starts in
the big September racing meet on the fa
mous course at Onnond-Daytona beach,
Florida. Large fields contested for hon
ors In each of the events before a crowd
of 15,000 spectator". Of the eight cups of
fered by the racing committee, six were
won by Overlands.
In the five-mile race for cars measuring
more than IM cubic Inches piston displace
ment, an Overland liU siieedster ran
away from Its competitors, completing the
course In 4.00 flat. As the cars were sent
away from a standing slart, the average
of more than seventy miles per hour Is
extraordinarily fast for a stock car. The
Overland chassis was equipped with a
special racing body and wire wheels. The
Where the New Hudson Car for 1915 is Made
v.vv,.mi,iiii'' .?.vaiiiiimiiiiiuii;iiiiiiii
1 Feel Like a Prince Thank, to Kslloif's
Suitoae Wafers,
winning thoughts In your brain. Kel
logg's Sanitons Wafers put men and wo
men at their best dispel gloom, brnin
fug and peevishness and revitalise weak,
overwrought nerves. With your old
nerve-vigor revived, you get a new lease
on life. You feel so much better that you
Join In the social "hlgh-jlnks," and no
body realizes you're growing old.
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and specific action. They get rleht t
weak nerves and get at them quickly.
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a box at druggists.
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with six cents In stumps to help pay
postage and packing for a free 50c trial
box of Kellogg s Sanltone Wafers, to F.
J. Kellogir Co.. 2T-4 Hoffmuster Block
Battle Creek. Michigan.
The regular tl.tW slae of Kellog s Sanl
tone Wafers are for sale In Omaha at
Sherman ft H'Connell Drug Co.. 102 S.
liith St.; Owl Drug Co.. Sit S. 16th 81.;
Beaton Drug Co., 1501 Farnam; I-oyal
Pharmaev, VI-TT No. 15th St.; Hell Drug
Co., 1318 Farnam St : Harvard Pharmacy,
24th and Farnam Bts..
No free boxes from druggists.
Auto Lights Dimmed
Special scientific process. No
paint. Quick, durable, permanent.
Lights left In a-m. ready same day.
Price, 2 headllKhts, $1.50.
American Sign Co.
1318 Farnam Street. I'p Stairs.
UougUe 8188.
I mMf i, 14 44 mm
t-iff-'i ' V-;. ' rfrV'--' " ' L " - '
a ii lit ' r . f r 4 - - - ' . . Vmw I
a. ft. ske.
fciWS Qk ry-X:
The Car
for the Critic
Men who have owned other automobiles are the most enthus
iastic of all the visitors calling at our salesroom to inspect the
new Oldsmob.lo Light Four, for they alone can fully appreciate
its marked superiority over all other cars at its price class.
All the experience gained by fifteen years of building auto
mobiles has been focused in this Light Four. Retaining the beau
tiful lines of the Oldsmobilo Big Six, all the honest quality, which
has characterized it as tho "greatest six-cylinder car in America,"
has been reproduced in proper proportions in this 112-inch wheel
base machine.
Inspect this new car. Note the Dclco electric starting and"
lighting system; the overhead valve motor; the beautifully finished
body; the Circassian walnut woodwork; the sturdy hickory spoked
wheels and remember that you are looking at a car that is surely
worthy of tho name, Oldsmobile.
I 2568-72 Farnam SL, Omaha, Neb. CJj
Ahead of You
drN.--v Soauuhcre-Ncar or Far- tfS'Vl "
.J.qGoodyear Tire ymm&s
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Every blow-out shou'd suggest that our
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Every loose tread will urge reduction
ol this risk. In Goodyears by a patent
method we reduce it by 60 per cent.
Every puncture suggests our double
thick All-Weather tread. So docs skidding.
So doc? wear.
Those are four exclusive Goodyear fea
tures. To get them you must get No-Rim-Cut
tires. And that time is surely coming.
It has come to hundreds
of thousands already.
More men use Good
years than use any other
tire. And they are men
who seek just what you
No-Rim-Cut Tires
With All-WcatW Treads or Smooth
We're Earned It
We have earned this place (or Goodyean
-the topmost place in Tiredom. We have
attained here a quality supreme and unvary
ing. We have long spent $100,000 yearly
on laboratory efforta to better them.
On one exclusive process our MOnAir"
cure we 6pend $450,000 per year.
The result is maximum nturdiness, the
limit of safety, the minimum of trouble. You
want the benefit. Soon or late that want
will bring you to these matchless Goodyear
tires. From that day on, you will never
give them up. Start nowwhen our
All -Weather tread of
fers winter security
such as no other tread
can offer.
Any deaUr can tupply you
Good year lira. If tha wanted
iz la not in alack be will
laUpbeae our locai branch.
GOODYEAR Service Stations
( Wlilliw Ciiiiaii) of OirutliM, UO." I ." iarsin hi.
'arttrar Co. of ., ill 1 A Pariiaiu hi.
Kord huly Co., Knrtifttn St.
Milntjrc Auto llo., irjOtt Fmiiuiii St.
OiujUi Tir Kt-uiir, UOI l arnuin ht.
1'Aiton Uaragf, Utlltt--! Kitruuin St.
Skita Motor r'onpan, I'ounrll liluff, Iowa,
Y'a. Sorniitu, ISouisoii. Krbraaka,
SiMtu-rr Auto Suppl)' f'oiupaii), Council IUuffa, Ia
St)l Tli OMAHA, KKIt.
Miliut ft AtkUm (k S. 2Mh St,
When in doubt as to matters pretaining to Automobiles
consult the advertising and news columns of The Bee

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