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The Omaha Daily
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Ob Trains and at
Hotel Hsws stands. So.
BROTHERS IN ARMS An Algerian soldier driving the cart, a French cavalryman in the center and a mounted Brit
isher at the right of the picture, which was made near the line of the Allied armies in France.
I Tans Wonder if Once-Whipped Red;
1 Takes Mound Toda. but !
Braves Care Not.
Upon 0
Bee '
German Aviatori Exhaust Supply of
Misailei. Flying Low Over
French Capital.
One Bomb Falls on Roof of Cathe
dral of Notre Dame, but Fails
to Explode.
French Machines Drive Them East
ward After Their Ammunition
Has Been Used.
Various Districts. Covering Wide!
Area, Terrorized by Them.
One Missile Lands Within One Hon
dred Yards of Pnrls Office f
Antertean Sews Gather
ing Association.
PARIS, Oct. 11. German avia
tors dropped twenty bombs into the
various districts of Paris today, kill
ing three persons and wounding
fourteen others.
The Germans flew over. the city at
a very low altitude for an hour.
After they had apparently exhausted
their supply of missiles French
aeroplanes ascended and pursued
them, chasing the Germans toward
the east.
Two hostile- aeroplanes appeared at
the same time. One dropped a bomb on
the root of the cathedral of Notre Wme,
Imt the missile did net explode. Another
foil near the Northern railway terminal, a
third 4n Rue St. Lain re. One bomb
landed within MX) yard of the Paris of
fice of an American cwi gathering as
sociation. 5
Baggage Smasher
Gets His; Shot by
Gun from Trunk
l",IGEMONT. S. D., Oct. 1L-(Special.)
Tliero wa a report resembling the explo
Flon of a German howitzer on the depot
platform at Mystic yesterday, and J. A.
AVernbrrKer. the local Burlington agent,
iank to the ground hclplees.
Hfi "smashing" baggage, and when
lie pitched a heavy trunk from a truck
the report followed.
An examination showed the trunk con
taineil a small arsenal, and the Jar had
st off a big revolver.
WcrnlKTKer was severely wounded in
the If ft leg and haa been taken to Dead
wood to ix; curod for at the hospital.
The person owning the trunk is In Jail
at Kapid City, awaiting trial on a charge
of shipping loaded firearms.
Belgian Refugees
in Holland 600,000
LONDON. Oct. 11. The Belgian refugees
now in Holland number 600.000, according
to the correspondent at The Hague of
the Exchange Telegraph company. The
Dutch authorities, he says, are greatly
embarrassed by the incessant stream of
Tefugees and It Is probable that the gov
ernment will take steps Jointly with Ger
many for the speedy return of these
VIENNA. Oct. 11, (viu Purls.) Large
numbers of wounded soldiers are being;
brought dally to Vienna, but the news
papers of the Austrian capitat are no
lonirer nermltted to report their arrivals.
The nineteenth official Austrian list of
killed, wounded and missing so far as
published has occupied twenty-four
columns In the Vienna netpsp-rs and
the publication has not been completed.
The Weather
Temperature at Omaha Yesterday.
iiour. ueg.
6 a. rn 4
i) a. m V
7 a. ' in 4
H a. in 04
a. m :.7
to a. m M
11 a. m 64
U' ni
1 p. in ti7
2 p. in 6'.)
3 p. m
4 p. ni 62
5 p. m 69
p. m us
T n m r.u
Cosana rati to JLoral Record." '
1914. 1S1J. mi. 1911.
.. 9 tf MS 7J
.. 40 42 M
.. &H U i kl
Highest yesterday
lAweat yesterday
Mean temperature
. . ............ .v . VI ,f v '
.It! .00 .40 .1
lenipersiure and pr:C)itaUon depar
tures from the normal:
Normal teiiiratur 67
r.xcens for the day '
Tctals eces lnc March 1
Normal precipitation ( Inch
rxc.-iui for the duy ih (,,
Total rainfall since Mar h 1.. H as Inches
I ef Iclency since March 1 1.73 inched
JiefirU-iicy fr oor. period, inn.. .". Inches
ieflclen y fur or l eiiod. ltU.. l.SJlnrhrs
U A. WKbWil, U,cl i'ortcwiw.
; ; ' .l.:.-.,
Report from Petrograd Asserts Teu
tons Lost Sixty Thousand Men
at Augustowo.
Austrian Statement Declares Losses
of Muscovites in Attack I pen
Fortress of Praemyal
Were Terrible.
1X5NDON. Oct 11 A dispatch to the
Renter Telegram company from Telro
grad gives the following official stato
ment: 'The last of the German soldiers has
evacuated Suwulkl (a government of
Russian Poland) carrying off the valu
ables they had taken as loot. They did
not have time to force the payment of a
war levy of $50,00 which bad been Im
posed, i ,
"lt is estimated that the Hermans lost
0,000 men in the battle of Augustowo."
Germans Retiring.
FETROORAD. Oct. 11. -The following
communication, under date of October
haa been made public by the Russian
general staff:
'The combat on the East Prussian fron
tier continues with the same obstinacy.
The German troops are retiring- from
Lyck and are blowing up the bridges be
hind them. j
"In several passes between Ivangorod I
snd Bondomlr, artillery battles are oc- j
curring with the enemy, which is ap- j
proochlng the Vistula." j
Secrery irfmrj, I
An official Russian communication is
sued recently states that in view of the
importance of the coming battle and the
charged disposition of the Russian forces,
secrecy is necessary lu regard to military
operations. Therefore the only posslblo
remark is that the drawing lit of the
Russian forces from the north and south
is to meet tlia attempted Austro-German
advance into Poland.
The victorious army of General Rennen
kampff, having driven buck the Germans
from the region of Augustowo as far as
Lyck and I'rostken. which is now In the
possession of the Russians, has accom
plished Its purpose and is now free to
send part of the troops southward. At
the same time, the Cossacks pouring into
Hungary have now changed their objec
tive. The Russian troops are now acting ex
clusively on the offensive in Poland. The
attempted advance of the Germans in
this country demands a massing of the
Muscovite forces along the Hoe from
Uubin to Warsaw and Lembcrg. where
the indications are that the Russian of
fensive is already In progress. Mean
while, no further action is expected to the
north of Klalystok, -where the Russian
army is contented with having repulsed
the Germans as far as necessary.
Russian information Is that following
the taking of Antwerp by the Germans
the army thus tet free will proceed Im
mediately to the Russian frontier, while
in the western theater of war the Ger
mans will confine themselves to defensive
Muaslan l.tmses Terrible.
V1KNNA. Oct. 11. (Via Amsterdam
and Ixmdon.) An official report from
hf adiiuarters suy:
"Our advance has forced the Russian
to slacken their efforts against Prxeinysl,
which had reached Its .-Umax on the night
of October 8, when the Kuirslan losses
were terrible.
"yesterday afternoon the artillery fir
against the fortress be' une weaker. The
Russians commenced to withdraw their
"Our advancing troops, pear Lanout la
town In Gallcla, twelve miles lust of
Rzeszow), engaged superior hostile foireu
The battle continues.
"The Russian already have evacuated
Rzeszow. The situation in the Carpath
ians Is Eood. The Russians retreating
from Maramaros-Szlget are now in full
Cholera Spreading
All Over Austria
liOSDON, Oct. 11 The Rome corre
spondent of the Exchange Telegraph
company says that according to a Vienna
message cholera is now spreading over
the intire dual monarchy, new rases
aveiagluK forty daily.
ench Statement
ttave i5een verywnere maintained
rATtlS. Oct. 11. The official communi
cation given out in Tarts this afternoon
"On our left wing the OrniHn cavalry
which had seized certain points of van
tage over the lys. to the enst of Aire,
was driven out of tlicni during the day
of October H and retreated In the even
ing into the region of Armontiores. Be
rween Arras and the Olse,' the enemy de
livered a very spirited attack upon the
Three Hundred Thousand Citizens in
Mad Flight Before the Com-
ing of the Germans. .
Correspondent Powell Glres Vlld
Description nt Slants and frnr
In and Aronnd the Devas
tated DelKlnn Port.
(Copyright, 1914, Press Publishing Co.)
UUI-ST. Oct. 11.- Hy Courier to luitch
Frontler.)-(Speclal Cablegram to New
York World and Omaha ltee.) Antwerp
has passed a second nlgut of terror. The
bombardment recommenced at 10 o'clock
and lasted until daybreak. A purt of the
city Is immune from shells which de
stroyed buildings In Place de Melr, the
Boulevarde Leopold, near the national
bank, near the cathedral and near the
custom house, ami caused enormous dam
age In t lio suburbs In Hnrelmm and Vieuv
Uleu. Three shells struck the Church of
t-'t. George.
Casually 1, 1st Is l.litht.
It Is Impossible to obtain the number
of casualties among civilians, but it is
not as large as it might bo expected.
Consul General lllederich and Vice Consul
Sherman left Wednesday night. James
Hare, Arthur Ruhl and Edwin Wuile
escaped by boat this morning.
The Germans have pierced the second
line of forts at several points and already
are in tho suburbs. Tho Tlelglnns blew
up tho pontoon bridge across the Scheldt
ttits mnrnlnir-
'Vn 1. 1. 'Ilnauuiit anrh S
sceno as the Scheldt for thirty miles be
low Antwerp presents today.
Jnm tin Water raft.
j i'.iTr.v imt: oi ci hjjc ny unij m-ms,
off, 3"000i people have fled by river either
by boats or along the towing path. Kvery
craft that can float is loaded to the gun-i
I wales with refugees. Cnrgn pteaincrs.
ferry boats with lighters, dredges, yachts,
launches, fishing smacks and row boats,
with their decks .lammed with refugees,
are making down stream nt full speed.
Fully iVMVm people spent lat night In
open air without food and shelter., Suf
fering, particularly among women and
children and wounded soldiers, is terrible.
t nless relief measures are taarn iiihiaiuiy
these nonennihatunts are faced with I
(Continued on Page Two. Column One !
England Never Will
Halt Until German
Militarism Crushed
IONIiON. Oct. 11. "The terms of peace
will bo that" the dominant tplilt of mili
tarism, which has perverted every talent
of the German nation will be crushed and
broken so that those who come after us
shall be free from such terrors."
This was the concluding remark of a
apcexh delivered today by Viscount Hal
dane, lord high chancelor, at a meeting
to Influence recruiting. Viscount Ilaldane
claimed that Great Britain was fighting
because it was a sacred duty. He paid
a tribute to the great (luuiitlos of the
German nation, but said it had been pros
tituted to military uees and this war was
to end that spirit of militarism II con
tinued: "If Germany should annex l)elg;nm and
crush France and annex Holland and
check Husala. then this c mntry wc.nld be
doomed, ilather than see that accom
plished, 1 would see the British empiiu
jerUli honorably,"
v rZ$ t - w
Says Positions
right bank of the Ancre without succeed
ing in tmiklng any progress."
The statement adds that there lias been
slight progress by t lie French ii'oix at
the center whei night attacks by the
Germans have been revolved . on 1 that
during October !t and 10, the village of
Aprcmont. to the east of St. Mlliiel, was
tken by the. Herman, and retaken by the
The statement sums up by saying that
Kvery where, w have maiutulncd our
'Steam Roller' Steadily Presses Back
German Army on the East
' Prussian Fronlier.
Mont hern Half of Line ttf Defense
Xow Held hy roups and These
Are Ilelnir Srstematlcnil y
(Copyright, 1914, by lYes Pnlilmli'ng Co
PiJTItOGRAl), Oct. 11-(Special Cabc
giam to the New York World and Omaha
Bee.) The Russians continue to push
their suceees on the East lrusslun fron
tier. Lyck ha been ociupled once more,
and the southern half of the G rniHti
original line, which l surrounded on
three Miles, is puttlii forth utmost ef
forts to extricate itself without an over
whelming disaster. The northern half of
the Hue Is being steadily forced back
ward .
The German advunce was on a I rout
of more than eighty miles. This ties
been broken into two groups. That which
I the Russians are (leii'tng with appears
i to be much the M l onger, and wn yes
jterday sttll making a good fight east
:of Hiikalarzhev, bet wen Nachkl and
l'hlllipov. The Russians, however, havo
Ini'ln.Mt iwtlh flunks ..f llim fi,r, bm.1 1
jam making a frontal attack, whlih M
i successful, Inasmuch as the Germuns have
posted a formidable reur guard and tire
sevking to withdraw their main body un
der Its protection.
Russians are steady driving the Her
mans In this region out of one Intrenched
position after another. The northern
group held the dtstilct between Wirlallen
and VladWilukov. The Russians have
forced them out of the latter position
by an enveloping movement from th"
north and arc now pressing the Germans
back from the neighborhood of Wirballe.
The advance nlons the whole front by
jthe Russian Is prog reusing stoadily. and
'by Sunday there will nut be a slnglo Ger
man left In Russian territory In this arl
of the theater of war.
Ferdinand Crowned
Rumania King Today
1.0NIX1N, Ot. 11. -A diHi.nt.il to
neuter's TeieKram company from
Bucharest, Ituiimniilu, under dulc of es
t' lday relative to the death of King
Charles, says:
"The council of ministers met in extra
ordinary session today, the leaders of all
parties being present. It was decided to
convoke Parliament tomorrow to pro
claim Crown Prince Ferdinand king and
to administer the statutory oath to the
new monarch."
The message adds the following con
cerning the events immediately preceding
the death of the king-
"King Charles was seized with an Ill
ness last night. His physician wa sum
moned and pronounced his condition
grave. The queen watched all night by
hla majesty's tedside."
Boulder Hits Train,
Three Persons Dead
GKA.VP JINCTION, Colo., Oct. 11
Thne persons were killed and fourteen
were injured, several seriously, when a
twenty-ton boulder, falling from a
precipice crished Into the day coach and
smoker of a Denver & Kin (ir.ni.i., ,..
I senger tram No. 3. eighteen miles east of
mis tit uiaay. -
I i
' C v,
i Three English Naval Brigades Sent
to Defense of Antwerp Escape
with Most of Defenders.
j jjjjpjjjj HOLLAND
I p I ntll Mailt of Last Monday
IMes Held Line of Ne.the
Hive- Against Assaults
of the ICneaii.
LONDON, Oct. 11. The first of
ficial admlsBiou that the Hritiwh par
ticipated in the defpnso of Antwerp
in contained In an admiralty an
nouncement that three naval brl
padeH, with heavy guns, bad been
sent there during the last week ot
the German attack.
The announcement adds that in
the retreat from Antwerp, two of
the British brigades reached Ostend
cafcly. The other, however, was cut
off to the north of l.okercn (a town
in KaHt Flanders, twelve tnllea north
east of Ghent) and 1!.000 of the men
were interned In Holland.
Iletreat nrrrafal.
The retreat of the llclgian army
was act onpllnlicd successfully.
The lonnes of the HrltUh naval
brigades probably will be less than
300 men out of a total of X.000 "
The secretary of the admiralty makes
ll'e followlrg announcement;
"In response to nn spis-al by lim Hel
Rlan government a marine brlKade and
Iwo naval brigades together with some
heavy naval guns manned by a detach
ment of the1 royal navy, the whole undr
command of General Paris, R. M. A.,
were sent by his majesty's government to
participate In the defense of Antweip dur
ing the last week, of the attack.
Forced to Retire.
"I'p until the nlt;lit of Monday last.
Octolicr r., tho llellan nimy and marine
brigade suerrssf ully defended the line of
the Nellie river, hut early on Tuesday
H orning the Belgian forces on the right
of Millucs Pere were forced by a heavy
German attack covered by very carefully
ai ranged artillery to retire, nud In con.
sequence the whole of the defense was
withdrawn to the Inner line of forts, the
intervals between which had lieen strongly
fortified. The ground which had leen lost
enabled the enemy to plant his butteries to
bombard the city.
"The inner line of defences was main
tained during Wednesday and Thursday
v,hiln the city endured a Mithless bom
baidment. Ileba-lur Praiseworthy.
"Tin1 behavior of the royal marines
and naval brigades in the trenches and
(Continued on Page Two, Column Three.)
Germans Fail to
Halt Japan Advance
T'iKIU, UK. 11.-The following official
stittr-iiient relitlve to the Japanese opera
tion around Tsltig-Tau, seat of govern
ment of the German concession of Kino
Chow, wan given out todav:
"The German forts, warships ami aero
planes are trying vainly to uirest t lie
Japanese advance. We are sustaining no
"Japanese narships silenced I litis fort
and drove a warship out of range of the!:
nuns. Our aviators answered nn unsuc
cessful attack by German airmen on Jap
anese mine dragers hy flying over Tslng
Tuti and droppiiiK bombs."
Omaha Next Meeting
Place of Churchmen
I ST. 1'AI I.. Minn , Oct. ll.Bisho. II. I.,
j Hiewer of Moiituna was elected president
j of the Northwest Province of the Kpls-
copal rhurrh. which was organised here
tonight by the house of bishops and rleigjr
i and laity of Minnesota, .Montana, Wyom
ing, western Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa
Iand the I'ukotaa. Omaha was selected as
the next meeting place, the data to be set
1'rriiirniloiit ril K,priHil
tr J hlrl milral nt Ifur'l
rr rrti- W lim I'nr. j
I ImsTuV. M.iiik . Hit II. The Phlhtdel
.i.i. t.t.t-.i.... I l!...i..n I'rilVe T in- '
' mil .inir-ie iieo .
tuidliii; tcnm-i in the world's champlon-
' Nlilp base Kill .crl. s. rested here toilav j
! ami ii.iiin.bt while the scene of the con-j
t.st wis lilf'ed The ihiimplona of the'
t Aui.-rli an m.l NiitloiiHl leagues, les'.ec-
jtlvelv. wl'l meet to:iiofi i ii nd Turdy
I at l-Ynwi pntl. in t ic thirl mid fourth
I giimes of the sei'ri. which bensn In Phlla- I
delphla l-Yldny.
With two ldoiles (ssliied toward the
four in i esc. ii to obtain the world's title,
the I lost on . nut laced lth confidence
the two Kiimes to be played hoi,. They
had gone to PhiUdelphui with the odds
ngiitiist them In the appraisal of base ball
followers generally; thrv l.tuine.l today
to a tremendous lecei.tinn. favorites for
the world honors.
Macks Mill Confident.
The Athletics, fighting with their backs
to the wall to delend the world's cham
pionship from a continuation of remark
able rush which brought the Braves o
victory In the N'ntionnl league, were out
wardly still confident. All expressed hope
that they would yet win. "We nre far
from beaten yet." said "Stuffy" Mrlnnls.
"All we need Is a llitle hit once In a
while. And we'll get those tomorrow."
Manager StHlllnss of the Hraves In dis
cussing bis pitching possibilities for to
morrow thought otherwise. "It may be
Tyler, or It limy be Rudolph," he snld,
"but whichever It Is, I am sure the boys
will nuthll their opponents. And with
the fielding we have shown, the result la
certain." In answer to a question from
an enthusiastic fan ns to whether the
Braves were likely to take four strnlaht,
the "Miracle man" smiled and said,
"we'vo got a good team."
Who Will Hurl Aaalnst nravesf
The Identity of Manager Mark's rholca
for pitcher tomorrow was the element of
greatest uncertainty tonight. Would ho
send tho Indian, Render, batted from the'
bo lu the first game at Philadelphia,
back to retrieve his defeat, or choose a
youngster to bear the burden of direct
ing' almost a last stand. These were the
qunstlons among the crowds authered
ubout the hotel lobbies.
In event of a cloudy day tomorow it was
thought Msnager Msck would dee'de upon
render. As possibilities among the
younger pitchers Hi easier was considered
most likely. The Rrares have shown
that they ran lilt the speedy delivery ofl
Mender and Plank. They have yet to be
tried on a fast breaking curve lu this se
ries. llressler, a left bander, was thought to
be a favorite on a'Teount of his ability to
combine n port side delivery which re
duces somewhat Boston's offensive pow
ers, and his u.e of a baffling curve.
All Alike to tionnollr.
1 1 erheiiring a con vernation among
newspaper men on this subject, Billy
Martin, one of the Brave's substltues. In
terjected the statement:
"If Joe Connolly gets hold of nne of
these curves, he'll hammer It. They all
lok alike to him."
Hush, hero of the world's series last
ear. and Wyckoff, who pitched with
some success after Render was retired
Friday, were also mentioned as iHiaslblli
tles. The uncertainty as to the pitchers
Influenced the betting tonight. Two to
one on the Braves to win the series was
n.ost iiin!ed. but there wore few takers.
The hUacst crowd that ever w a
world's series same In this city Is looked
for tomorow. The celebration of Colum
bus day will allow thousands of "fans"
from stores snd shops to attend the con
test and it is expected the limit of the
sealing accommodations at Fenway park,
T,,, v. Ill he reached.
steals tin r'ast.
Sixteen thousand reserved seats have
already been disposed of. The specu
lators iri.l s few nl Hie tickets, but It WSS
i esttinute.i toniirht that Ihere were not
more than M In their hands, all told.
It will lie impossible to reduce this num
ber vei v much, according to Robert Mc
Itoy of Chicago, representing the National
commission. Mr. Mcltoy said that, he be
lieved the experiences In Philadelphia,
where thousands of seats sold at public
sale, were obtained by speculators, would
rult in abolition of this form of dls
tiibutlin of the tickets In future years.
Mr. M. Hoy had the diHKisal of IT)
seats allotted the National commission
for the games here. Tonight they weiej,u, .h-iving out the defenders, who
all gone and he was rel using lountless re- .j the eutieiKhmeiits until the last-
iueMs. Kven 1'resldent Guffney of the
Koytoii rluh and Manager HltilllnKS. who
sought, him out in the hope of obtaining
a few more seal' tor friends, were un
successful. Keekers fur tin: choice of the client unre
served seats appeured todav. Shortly
after noon two men, who would not give
their names, went to the bleacher gate
und hired two Ixiys to remain there until
tomorrow morntnvl on boxes.
Hy sundown a long line had formed in
which boys were most numerous.
Wi-atbrr 1'rosperta l.ouii.
A i ool breeue, which sprang U after
dark, following a duy of unseasonable
warmth, threatened discomfort to the
ticket line, but prumlsed lietter playing
conditions tor the teams. There wers
some indications that light showers might
fall during the morning hours, but Jthe
prospe: t of a fair playing day was con
sidered good.
The reception to the I'.ravcs on their
turn this morning was eiithuMut-llc. Mayor
Curley headed an ufflclul ciinmltte.a.
backed by H.OuO people, who crowded the
great train shed at the .South station.
Kvery player wat shaken hy the hand
or patted on the buck before he could
Manager Mack and his players came In
quietly and went to their hotels. They
rumaiucd. there during the day
Germans Advancing Swiftly on
Ostend to Capture King:, Queen
and Government Official.
Antwerp and Every One of Position!
in Complete Possession of
Kaiser's Men.
Assailant Enter Through Suburb of
Berchem After Forcing Breach
in Outer Lane.
Greater Part of Army Within Place
Makes Getaway.
tnbborn Resistance Relieved to
Have Cost Forces of the
l.ittle Klaardom Very
l,OMM)., tsrl. II. A dispatch t
tli KxrJiange Telegraph company
from Th Hnjruei tlatexl Saturday says
that according to trustworthy Infor
mation from Itatflrtum, the Crnrmans
are advancing swiftly toward Ontond
with the objw t of making the, king,
queen and Roveruiuent official of
Ilelgium prisoner. II Is aald that
(lie quern haa loft for Fugland.
liONDON, Oct. 11. Antwerp aud
(lie forts surrounding the city are
now In complete ponHemslon of the
Germans, but the greater part of the
llclgian army has escaped.1
It look the Germans Just, eleven
duyn to capturo the strongest fort
rcss in the world.
The fall of Antwerp is evidence
that even the most ' powerful for'ts
are no match for the colossal howit
zers, which the invaders have suc
cessfully employed against every for
tified place that stood In their way.
These huge gun open gape through
which the besiegers find an entrance
for their field artillery and Infantry.
Knter Throaah Berchesa.
The Germans, after shelling the city
Itself for many hour, making It un
tenable, entered the town through the
suburb of Iterchem, to the eaet. They
had made a hrearh in the outer line of
forts, some of which were destroyed
by their big anna and othera blown nn
by the defenders. The Germans followed
slmllAr plans In dealing with the Inner
lelt of forts and at the same tlm threw
shells Into the dry, which sot afire many
The Inner forts, like those further out,
soon succumbed to the enormous shells
und on Friday morning several of these
forts had tallen. opening the way for
the Germans Into tho city. By midday
they were in occupation of the town and
at 2:30 In the afternom the war ban
ner on the Cathedral was replaced by a
white flag Indicating surrender.
Flad Army !.
A few forts continued to hold oat and
it was nut until 11 o'clock this morning
Ihut the Germans, according to their own
official report, were 'n complete posse
sion of the city and fortresa Whan they
arrived yesterday they found that th
Helglan Held army and at least part or
the garrison had anticipated thetn and
like the king and royal family, had
The death roll resui'-lug from the attack
on and defence of Antwerp haa not been
compiled and probably the full details
never will be known, but all accounts de
scrllie It as being terribly heavy. The
German, although their big guns cleared
a path fur them, had to sacrifice many
lives In rroeulng the rivers and canals
Trie stubbornness of the Relgtans aad
of those who went to their assistance
.Continued on Fage Two, Column Two )
South America Calls!
From every center in South
America is coming calls for
our goods. We have practicaj-
I ly no competition in that rich
market today. It is ours if we
go after it it i3 urging ua to
There is enough baslneea
right on our own hemisphere
to keep trade booming. Ships
are being provided. Financial
and evchauge problems are be
ing solved. The harvest is reedy
that spells boom times for
American industries. We have
had our lean years, our period
of retrenchment. It is mow
time to go ahead. ,
The Business Man Who Re
trenches Now is Pulling
Atrainat tho Tid. v ,

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