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Society Women of Omaha m Well u
Children Assist Big Mote-
Htm PaarlitK Tartr In ottmhfj to
Rata Fnn4a'fnr Thla Mnat De-aer-vl
Inatltatlon for
" Chlldrra.
(Continued from Pajre Two.)
at the Bmltli-Dftle wedding of lat week,
returned to Hartftfrd. Conn., Thuradar.
Mra. M. Horn of .Chicago la the irueet
of her eldter, Mta. N. Chernlsa, of Coun
cil Bluffs.
Mrs. Oagood Gaatman la rlaltlng friends
In Evanaton, 111.
Mr. and Mis. Thomaa D. Crane are at
the Colonial for the winter.
Mra. Etta Sehrwlder of Fremont waa
the aucst of Oi-iaha friends lnt week.
Mrs. L. B. Marshall of Lincoln la visit
ing her parents, Mr. and Mra. J. R.
Lr. and Mrs. W. O. Henry are ex-
ported to arrive from Loi Angeles
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wyman are ex
pected "home Sunday from a two weeks'
trip In he east.
Mrs. Harmon V, Smith, Jr., returns
home Sunday morning after a three
months' trip In the east.
Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Davis are enter
taining Pishop and Mrs. Mlllspaugh of
Topr-kn. Kan., over Kundny.
Mr. Charles T. Stewart of Council
Bluffs left Friday for his ranch In the
western part of the state.
Mr. and Mrs. Sereno Holllster of White
hall. N. Y., lire vising their son, Dr.
Holllster. and Mrs. Holllster.
Mis. W. D. Kanckcr of Indianapolis will
nrrive Tuesday morning, to be the guest
of Mr. a .id Mrs. D. A. Baum
Mrs. Andrew Murphy leaves this even
ing for Chicago, to, be the guest of her
dat ghter, Mrs. William Gunlock, and Mr.
Mrs. I. N. Raymond, Jr., of Lincoln.
Neb., arrived Friday to be the guest of
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Connell,
for ten dayi;.
Mrs. A. B. Smith left the first of the
week for Fort Myer, Va., to spend the
winter with her daughter, Mrs. Clarence
Rlchmnn Day, and Captain Day.
Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Whltmore and Miss
Fugente Whltmore, wtfo have been spend
ing a few weeks In Boston and New York
City, are expected home this week.
Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Hicks and daughter,
who spent the summer at Lake Okobojl,
will return to Omaha Wednesday. Mr.
Hicks returns very much Improved In
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Magee left last
evening for New York. They will stop In
Omaha on their return before going to
Billings, Mont., where they will be this
Mra U D. Nelson and Mis Sadler, who
Is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Dieti.
ire sojourning at Estes Fark and Colorado
Springs. They expect to be gone about
Irn days.
Mis. John T. Stewart and daughter.
Mrs. Wlldman of Council Bluffs, will
leave the first of December for Pacific
Grove, Cal., where they will spend the
winter. .
Mr'. C. T. Darling of -Davenport, la.,
la In Omaha, visiting her sisters, Mrs.
Charles B. Smith and Mrs. H. A. Doud.
From here she will go to Florida to spend
the winter with ber husband and daugh
ter. - - v - - - f
Mrs. . Thomas Moonlight Murphy and
small son, Thomas, Jr., who have been
visiting Mrs. Murphy's parents, Mr. and
MrsT Q. C. Thompson, will return to their
home in Kansas City the latter part of
the week.
Mrs. Charles Met and daughter. Miss
Gertrude, are stopping at the Majestic
In New York. Miss Met will study vocal
music there this winter, and Mrs. Mets
will remain with her . daughter until
Christmas, when they will both return
home for the holidays.
Personal Mention
Mr. and Mra. Isaac Coles will he with
Mr. and Mrs. A. I Reed at Benson this
Dr. W. A! Wilcox waa called to Denver
by the death of his mother, Mra. A. I
Wilcox. Mrs. Wilcox waa well-known In
Omaha, having visited here many times.
Mr. Max H. Levy of South Omaha has
returned from Europe, where he spent
the summer. Mr. Levy reports many In
teresting and exciting experience on the
voyage home.
L : .i
- - A V J- S
Walnut Telephone
Exchange Operates
in West Territory
The new Walnut telephone exchange
went Into operation last night with a
force of ten operators on the board. To
day all numbers in the extreme western
part of the city carry the prefix Wal
nut. The territory served by the new
exchange extends north to Pratt street
and the Fontenelle ' park " district;
east to Thirty-fourth, taking in the Bemls
park district down to Cuming street, and
west of Forty-second street to the city
l'mlta. It covers all of Dundee and some
200 phones to the south of Benson and
between Dundee and Omaha,
.The new telephone directory, contain
ing all Walnut numbers is now official.
The new exchange Is located at Forty
sixth and Isard street. Eight telephone
exchanges are now In operation In Omaha
nd a ninth will ge opened this spring.
It will be the Colfax exchange located at
Thirtieth street and Fowler avenue.
A musicals and beauty lecture will be
given Wednesday and Thursday after
noons 'at 2 o'clock sharp at the Brandets
theater for ladles only, under the per
sonal direction of A. E. Miller, lime,
De La. Vie will lecture. Free reserved
seats may be secured at the toilet goods
department of the Brandels stores. The
vocalists will be Miss Beatrice Van Loon
and Miss Grace Oroh, and the Brandels
theater orchester, under Ernest Nordln,
will assist. Following Is the program:
Overture "Ohpheus" Offenbach
"O Dau Fatale" (Don Carlos) Verdi
MUs Beatrice Van Loon.
6ong "Song of the MtUorose"
Klickman and Miller
MIks Grace Oroh.
Operatio Selections
Count Perrone.
"In Beauty Land'' H. Wakefield Smith
Duet from "Lucia" Donnlxetti
Mlas Beatrice Van Loon and Count
"Meloroae March and Two-Step"
Markrn W. Rose
Miss Grace Oroh Orchestra.
Lecture "Fitly Minutes In Beautyland"
Ume. D La, Vie. T
State Club Women in Convention De
clare for Vote for Women.
Deplore the .ret War "in K.nrnpe
4 Vote to Hold Their Mext
Meetlnsr lit the City nf
Norfolk will entertain the next con
vention of the Nebraska Federation of
Women's clubs. Although the Omaha
"Woman's club and the Lincoln club ex
tended Invitation. It was riccMert to hold
the convention. In the Third district, since
no other state meeting Iwul heen held
A the meeting of the Omaha Woman's
club Monday, reports of the convention
which waa held las: week at Pawnee
City will be nm.le by the f resident. Mrs.
N. If. Nelnon. Mrs. F. II. Cule, Mrs. K.
R. J. Kdholm and Mrs. Johnton will
report the civil service, reform ile'mrt
ment proceedings. A directory motlntr
at 1:30 p. m. and an executive con mil tee
meeting at 1 tS will precede the regular
meeting' of the club at 2:3.) o'clock.
Following are the resolutions ndopted
by the state convention:.
Whereas. The question of the political
equality or men nml women Is toilav a
vital prol'lmi under dlscimHlnn through
out the rlviltxert world; thcrerora be It
liosplved, Tht the NchiHska Hlate
Federation of omen's chins gives the
cause of equality for men ntxl women Its
moral support by recording lt earnest
belief In the principles of political equal
ity, regai-dle of sex;
Resolved, That the maintenance of a
living wage for Nebraska women whks
earners Is both reasonaMe and necessary
for the preservation of morality of the
human race; tbut the present NehrnNka
minimum wage law requires for Its en
forcement a renewable appropriation for
Its work. iLnd that Ui" legislative com
mittee of the Nebraska Federated
Women's clubs and all other Nebraska
club women urge upon their senators and
representatives In the coming session tfl
the Nebraska legislature the Immediate
need of providing funds to make the
minimum v. in yi .VKurHHHa eilCClfcl
ive: - t-
Kesolved, That the Nebraska Federa
tion of Women s clubs hereby especially
commends the pnsKage or such civil ser
vice reform laws iis slmll demand the
merit system of appointment to and re
tention In all our put. lie Institutions for
the dependent, delinquent ami defectlvu
classes; and we deprecate the relegation
of such appointment to political spoils
svstem, as not being in conformity with
the best results to those unloi tunnies in
trusted to the care of these Institutions
and to the community at large;
Hesolved, That We deplore exIs'.ltiK
European conditions resulting in sul.ei'
Ing of women and children, and recom
mend that all aid extended go through
the authorised channels of the Interna
tional Red Cross society; therefore he It
Resolved, That we recommend to t'ir
clubs of Nebraska a more serious study
of the peace principles In order to lucui-
bray Clarke, president and vice president
of the American Association of Bculptors
and Painter, which represents the new
tendencies In this country.
James Henry Breasted. Ph. D profes
sor of Fryptology and oriental history in
the Vnlverslty of Chicago, will deliver
the second lecture of the series Saturday
morning, October M. In the Toung Wo
men's Christian Assoclstlon auditorium.
His subject will be 'The Tombs and Tem
ples of the Nile." rrof. Breasted will re
turn to Omaha Paturday, October St, to
lecture at the same time and place on
'Talnters and Bculptors of F.gypt."
Another serlea of lectures on Greek art
will he given by Edward Howard Griggs
of New York City and I. P. Ptoughton
Holbora. M. A of I,ondon, England-
War Horses from M. I.oels
PPTtlVOFIELD, 111.. Oct. lT.-Flftoen
hundred horses for use in the British
army have been bought In the vicinity
and shipped from here within the last two
days. The animals were bought 'In the
Osark dlstrlrts by representatives of the
lirltlsh government and are being shipped
to Canada.
Ci N Ca11 on u for1
I ol
W are now show
In tr a complete and
exernstve line of OmrlTTAL FOODS,
Snoense, Japaneve Oardens, Chineae
Antlqnee, Jewel Vosss, Indian Enata
els, Samssona Btsss. Delft Ware
Mexican rtl'.gree, Chinese, Japanese
and rrench Vasse. X new shipment
of antlqne Kryptian Scaas and Van
Brlg-gle rettery Jnst reeeivsd.
1318-1314 W. Q. W. Bldg.
Blanche Sorcnson
ruMic Schawl Finnic TntiRht.
90-ai Arlington Block,
lftlli Dodge at.
3338 Harney gtree-
TsSsphon Harney 8687.
caie In the minds of the young a belief in
arbitration as the means of settling all
questions of International dispute.
Resolved, That the Nebraska Federa
tion of Women's clubs endorses the pol
icy of the general federation health de
portment as far as Is practicable to
Society of Fine,
Arts Begins Its
Year Thursday
The Omaha Society of Fine Arts begins
Its year Thursday with an afternoon lec
ture at 4 o'clock in the Young Women's
CArlsttan Association auditorium. Mrs.
F.dgar Morsman. Jr., and Mrs, Leonard
i:verett present to the society Miss
Mary Bannister tVlllard of New Tork,
whose subject is "The Modern Movement
In Art," an exposition and explanation of
post-lmpresstonlsm and cubism.
Miss Wlllard has lived twenty years
'khrond. has studied In the University of
Borlln and the Sorbonne. and for several
years has lectured on art In New Tork.
She comes to the west with the personal
Indorsement of Arthur Davlea and Mow-
A Marvelous Sale of ,
Suits andDresses
New arrivals coining in daily for
our first Suit ami J)ros3 Sale of
the season.
25 Sampl o
Suits, consist
ing of tho newest styles and materials,
speeiallv priced for Monday, values
to $37.50 at
Come, and look them oyer. You will be
pleased with the styles and prices,
Extraordinary Values in S
ilk. '
VelTct and Serge Dresses .VC'iiT
In all the authentic styles and colors of. the jr.Vi'ir '
season, on gale Monday at SI 2.05 . fi'i, W
31l.tlO . "F til
11.U SK.UV. "" "K ill
TneHe are well worth looking over. 111
Lucille Style Shop
1504 Harney St., 2nd Floor
Vp Whero the Prices are Down.
Sale of Oriental Rugs
On the geoontt Floor.
Turkoman Rugs, Including nearly 100
pieces In Bokaras, Belouchlatans, Khivas and
wm else Afranlstan, special 198
Ibarra Khiva Jtnf, special f.67.60
Beleacaiataas, apeolai at $11, 914 and 918
Orchardl & Willielinni Co.
414-416-418 South Sixteenth Street V
Talks on Oriental Rugs
On the Beoond Floor.
On Wednesday, Oct. 21st, at 3 o'clock in
the afternoon, Mr. Nahtglan, a native expert
In charge of this department, will deliver the
first of a series of talks on Oriental Rugs.
Ritftia Tea rvaf From m Sam war
You will find a Visit to This Store During our Educational
Exposition and Gift Carnival, Interesting, Instructive and Profitable
IP IS our hope that every one in Omaha and its vicin
ity will accept our invitation to become a guest of this store at
-least once during the remaining days of October. We want you
to think of this store first when you think of furniture. To know
that whatever may be the price you wish to pay,, we can meet
your requirements with merchandise that is the best of its grade
and that bears the stamp of rellablliy.
rp O MAKE your visit instructive as well as interesting, wo
have arranged a series of industrial exhibits. The cost and effort
required to prepare these exhibits has been great but we feel amply re
paid when we ran show our patrons different articles for the home in
actual process of construction and to show them the difference between
well made goods and goods that cannot be relied upon. Nearly every floor
bas something interesting to offer and several hours can be spent here
to good advantage.
"UIt (lift Carnival lends added interest to this
period. Under the plan which we have Inaugurated we will
glvo away before October 31st, one hundred and forty presents
some of them valued as high as $50.00 each and aggregating over
$800 in all. Full details of this Olft Carnival plan which Is of
real Interest to every one are being .distributed from day to day
to every home in Omaha, South Omaha and Council Bluffs.
Have You Ever Seen An Up
holsterer at Work?
YOU can see, an expert
upholsterer building
overstuffed davenports
and chairs on our 4th
floor. To learn how these
luxurious pieces of furni
ture are built, how the
rough, wood frame is
made, .the webbing
stretched, the springs
placed and tied to insure
perfect comfort and long
service; how the various'
layer? of .the covering,
the under-cover, the hair
filling and finally the finished
cover are put In place. These
are Interesting things to see
aad will be long remembered.
Any Upholstered
Can be made to your order
On the Fourth Floor.
Special Prices on Furniture
There are hundreds of similar savings offered on every
Wouldn't It Interest You to See
Willow Furniture "Made?
950 Chiffonier, mahogany . . . ,
fT-O lto-esslng Table, mahogany
$30 Wood lfcd, golden oak ; , . ,
$118 Chiffonier, golden oaJt
$122 Dreaser, golden oak, very large
$ft? ItHffet, golden wax finish
$fttt China Cabinet, golden wax finish
$4S liihrary Table, golden wax finish
$18 lted Davenport, golden oak. Imitation
$t7 IVeU lfctvenport, golden oak, genuine
' Hoosier Kitchen Cabinets
Hold on a New Club Plan
$5.00 Monthly Payments
Pick-out your Hoosier now have it delivered at once and enjoy
its many conveniences.
Rug Specials On the Second Floor
Sample rugs from our Interior Decorating Department, very beautiful
and of the finest quality. 3Cx72 size, raularly $10, special. . , .$4.75
27x54 size, regularly $7.60, special H.7A
80x84 Wilton and Hartford. Haxony ltug, regular $5, special , . . .$3-AO
4-x7-6 TajteKtry llnwsela ltug, regular $7.00, Kperial $ft.7.1
'4-x7-6 Hartford Saxony Hug, regular $31.00, aptHial $10.00
And many other specials not advertised.
A table full of Uatn Hugs and Rfeg Hugs all sizes and all specially
priced for 0 to $0.05
A Display o f Unusual Potteries
From Brittany and Italy
. . . - In varied hue and quaint tliaprs.
This Is being done on our Sixth
ONLY imported French
Willows are used
because they are tougher
and more pliable.. It is a
fascinating experience to
watch a beautiful chair
grow from a pile of wil
low switches. Tho deft
hands of this expert work
man accomplish surpris
ing results in a very short
time. He was brought
here from the Willow
craft shops in Cambridge,
Mass., especially for the ex
hibit. Any desired design for
a chair, rocker, settee, table,
stool, etc., will be executed to
your order.
Chairs and Rockers
Made during this Exhibit will
be sold for
$7.50 Each
They are all worth far more.
--' r ' III
Lice Curtains'
. play of Different
THIS pottery from Brittany, a land
now stripped by war of every able
bodied man, portrays the simple life of
the peasant folk. Every piece is marked
with its makers' initials and the name
of the little town where it was made,
Quimper. Many of these
pieces are small and make
desirable presents, such
Brittany plate,
each 85
T!" Ilrlttany Juga,
each ..$1.85 to $2.75
llrittny bow l,
each 40c to $3
On one of .the front tables we show Majolica flowwr
pots and pottery from Italy. For thrfirst time in many,
years Majolica is again a popular pottery.' Its decora
tions suggest Italy with its quajnt flowers and figures
and shows the Italian's wonderful sense of color.
Pillow Cluny.
Made in Prance and Germany.
Pair $7.50, $9.50, $17.50 up.
Battenberg Lace.
Made in France.
Pair $9.50, $12.50, $25.00 up
An Instructive Dis-
Imported Laces
PAKTICULAHLY Interesting at
this time when the news from
Europe points to a long drawn out
strugxle that will greatly diminish
If It does not eliminate all impor
tations of laces from the warring
countries. . In this display the va
rious weaves are faithfully por
trayed and are supplemented by
our large stock 6f these beautiful
curtains from which selections
should be made while the oppor
tunity still exists. There are:
Cluny Lace.
Made In France.
Pair $1.75, $2.50, $3.50 up.
Point de Luxe.
Made In Switzerland. ,
Pair $12.50, $15, $22.5(7 up.
Duchess Lace.
Made In Switzerland. '
Pair $5.00 $7.50, $12.50 up.
Filet Lace.
Made in Italy. .
Pair $12.50, $17.50, $35 up.
Let Us Show you How We Make
Box Springs-Box Springs Built for Service
HERE is one place
surely where
good construction
counts for much. A
third of our life Is
spent on Springs
and to see how ev
ery Joint Is made
every oil tempered
spiral placed ev
ery knot carefully
tied and the edge
properly bound and
the filling distribut
ed Is to know
whether or not you
are buying a spring
-that will bring
nightly rest to tired
muscles and nerves
for years to come.
On the Third floor.
All Box Springs made during this exposition will Cf C
be sold, with choice of Ticking at, each, ...... . ,...v3

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