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1HI-; HKK: OMAHA. N i;iNi;siA Y, WTOHKlt "JS, 1!U4.
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1 o IE Xb.
How Our
Own Earth
"Was Formed
Q.-Doci science know or can give an
account of what did our earth look like
when It became a member of all of the
bodies that exist In the universe? Mal
cum J. Larson.
A. The earth did not look like any
thing until It began to emit light. My
theory la:
Mind created one electron, then an
other, and o on. A row of electrons on
Inch long. If they are In contact, would
contain 12,700,0O0,OHO,O0O.
When created they did one of two
thlnga they were forced by mind to re
volve around each other with Immense
speed, or they began to revolve them
selves. There is no escape from this
My only reason printed during each
twenty-four hours for ten years Is th:it
the electrons are carefully counted bo
fore they begin to revolve. Wthtn the
anUre range of all human experience
mind only Is able to count. The Instant
electrons begin to revolve atoms named
matter appear In cosmic space. At pres
ent eighty-nine kinds are known to chem
ists. Each atom of each kind contains the
same set, fixed and changeless number
of electrons. A human would surely
make mistakes In counting,- especially
when the number of electrons In each
atom runs up to more than a hundred.
But original mind has not made a mis
take. If there Is any other entity, agent,
force or power possessing the very re
markable attribute of being able to count
or determine eighty-nine different sets of
numbers, and without error, I would In
deed be glad to know what It is.
One atom' waa directed or caused by
mind to revolve around another, or be
gan all of Itselft. Mind directed or
caused; as the atoms were first counted
or numbered with absolute accuracy.
Then outside mind counted, or electrons
can count. My theory is that outsde
mind did, and now counts and numbers
all electrons that are at present revolv
ing. But I hope I will never believe
this; I want It to be a theory until I ab
solutely know It, I fear all-beliefs as 1
do alcohol or any other poison.
"Where two electrons first made one
revolution around a common center be
tween them the first molecule of mattar
appeared lit ppace. One of these mole
cules-became the center of th body
named earth.' For. the molecules attract
others and build all of the eighty-nine
kinds of matter called elements. On
molecule attracted another to It, and the
other attracted that.
The earth, moon, sun began that way.
We know that there are at the very
least 100,000,000 suns there may be bil
lions, or trillions. We know certainly of
eigh .worlds and twenty-six moons here
close- to our mtiatf sun, forming' the solar
system. But if there trillions of suns,
thn there may be quadrillions of worlds
and moons. But our local eight worlds
and twenty-six moons are all that we
can see in huge telescopes.
Molecules form Into small meteors, and
millions still keep falling on the earth
dally, thus making the earth larger. No
molecule can now be seen In any micro
scope, but it does seem that the new
ultra. - -ultra - violet-rays - energy-micrc-photo
microscope U now approaching the
molecule. .
Then our earth began with the falling
together of raoJeeules, then excessively
small masses, . until they became large
as small plnheads, and then they are
called meteors; and thence up and up in
stse until the twenty-two-ton meteor hit
otir earth. I saw It at the fair In Port
land, and hope that they will get It for
the fair In Ban Francisco.
"The Pericon," the Latest Dancing Novelty
It's Very Simple as Maurice and Florence Walton Explain It. Hotli Have Heen Touching It to EuroKon lioyalty
;: :zt If fcgtorjsfs. V J -.:.:
Madame Ise'bell
Given Simpls Direction
tor Removing TrouoU
some Coma
, v . a . 1 . . 1 1 . 1 i.i 1 .in.. i - 1 . - I - ..1 . . . . t ..
Here are- the dancers in the fiwt poalUon, rwidy danccd by Uuric 4.,1 I lorence Walton tieforc K..n.r of Hip crowneU
to start the four steps In "The Perioon." beads of Kurope.
Aiutlier position showing the graceful steK anl
attitude In "The Ferlcou" danee.
Just when everybody thought he or
she had mastered th one-step, the hes
itation, maxlxe and tango, along come
several new dances, which will keep us
In dancing . sohool for another while and
silence the cynic who predicted the death
of the dancing erase.
Maurice and Florence Walton, who are
originally responsible for the dance
mania in America, and also have the dis
tinction of winning Queert Mary"s en
thusiastic approval of the tango, are
showing New Yorkers a new dance
one of Maurice's inventionscalled the
"Perlcon,," also a waltz classlque, and
the one-step eccentrlque the three novel
ties of the season.
In her apartments at the B lit more
Florence Walton talked to a Bee repre
sentative of the hew dances and dancing
generally. "When Maurice introduced
the ene-step and tango' to New Yorkers
four years ago he prophesied then that
the dancing erase would last five years,
and here w'e are in our fourth year with
interest still unabated and people gen
erally showing more enthusiasm for
the art.
"American people are most fickle,"
continued Miss Walton, "and as soon as
they learn a dance they must have some
thing new, something different, to con
quer. Realising this, Maurice has con
tinually created new steps and postures,
until we include sixteen beautiful dances
In our repertoire.
"Our latest, the perlcon. Is one of the
easiest dances, combining, as It' does,
tango and schottlsche with a few Russian
steps. The veriest amateur can master
it in one lesson, and for ballroom dancing
it far excels the tango."
"How is the perlcon danced? Why, we
start off with eight little running steps,
then four taps of the heel, then four glide
steps, and break Into a tango movement,
all to schottlsche music,
"The woman stands In front of her
partner when starting the perlcon, and It
Is very similar to other of my dances,"
said Maurice. "When I was commanded
to dance before their majesties the king
and queen of England, and knowing their
avowed disapproval of the tango as then
danced, 1 developed this perlcon, which
so pleased Queen Mary that she demanded
an encore and gave her approval of all
of our dances."
. "The tango has so many devotees,
won't It be difficult to dethrone It for a
newer, easier dance," was asked.
. "I think It will be a welcome innova
tion," answered Miss Valton, "for in the
tango very few men rcllBli thu posturing
that la necessary. Mind oii, 1 do not
mean that men can't danco It as well u
the women, but few men arc really na
graceful as their women. folk. Now are
"The perlcon Is not a stage danco It
Is primarily for the home. 'Maurice and
I saw it danced first In a little town In
Italy by six or right people. It wss not
unlike our quadrille, as they danced It,
but we both saw the pomII'MUch of a
very pretty and graceful dance In It and
Maurice got the music, which comes from
Houth America, and worked out the dauec
we now call the perlcon. If an aumtoiir
dancer wunts to do Something out of the
ordinary the perlcon would certainly be
beautiful mudlum.
"There Is really nothing new about any
of the danccK. for, you know, the one
step was developed from the turkey trot
and the fox trot Is an Improvement on
the onctep, and since variety it what
tho people want in their dances, we try
to give it to fliem. As long as you ciin
show New Yorkers something new, some
thing graceful, thoy will dance. Take the
turkey trot, the one-step. People who
nevpr thought thoy could dance, easily
learned thnt rolllcky dance; the niuxlo
had a svtng 'twas Jolly and it amused
them. They soon graduuted into the
more difficult cIsrsck, and today the man
or woman who doesn't dance some of the
The are nl the Krrl lrt III.
Coinn are a hardening of the epidermis;
thHt Is the k'.n throws up extra layers to
protect the flesh cither Trom undue pres
suie or tril lion. Corns on the toes are
generally the
result of a
foo tight
shoe: on the
side of
Uie foot they
may c o m e
from the
ruhhing of s
too loose . or
I m p r o perly
fitting shoe.
If a corn Is
allowed t o
continue. It
turns Into a
liotn-ilks substance, a part of which Is
burled in the rleKh and the center he
cotiiea pointed.
There, are a good many corn removers
In the market. They generally consist
of some ai ld thrxt eats out the center of
the hard flesh and no cure of this sort
Is permnnent unless the causes of the
corn lire removed. This Is bIso. true of
tho old -fashioned way of removing a
coin with a knife; If the pressure Is not)
removed the corn will return.- Still this
Is the method most commonly practiced
and, therefore. I will give directions for
doing it pro)erly.
T'rovlde yourself With a regular com
knlfe. such as ptofesxlonal chiropodists
use, and see that it Is perfectly clean. To
be sine of this wah it In boiling water
to which a few drops of carbolic acid
have been added. Also. If you wish the
operstlon to be a success, provide your
self with a pair of tweesers with which
to pull out bits of loose flesh.
iw-gln operations by soaking the feet In
fairly hot, soupy water for from five to
ten inlnutis. Pry them well and then rul
sway as much of the corn as possible
with an emery board or bit of pumice
stone. A good deal will come off In this
way. rnnugh probably to leave the kernel
of th corn exposed. Now take tho knife
new aanccs is an exception, not tho rule. "" l "'"
k'entlly lowaril tho center, pmung om inn
Inow pieces of flesh with the tweesers.
Maurlcu and Kloremn Walton have won
an enviable reputation both hers and
abroad. Triumphs In Monte Carlo, Carls
und London have left them a reputation
that has staved. Maurlrf has taught pri
vately at the homes of Grand l)uke
Michael of Russia, the duke's slter, Grand
Ihichess Anaatasla of Mn-nliurg-rVhwurln,
Grand 1ikc Taul of Russia,
duke of Manchester and Mrs. John Astnr.
If the rnthuslssm that attends their
supper dances at "C'lies." Maurice con
tinues, the prophecy made -by Msnrtce
four years will hsve to be extended.
j The Value of Love ,
Try not to draw blood, but. If such should
happen, apply peroxide of hydrogen. .
You won't probably get tho .corn off
with ono operation, and It Is not desirable
to work until the skin becomes sensitive
snd sore. After what skin Is loose Is
tsl.en away bind tho corn up over night
I with vaseline. Repeat tho treatmont
overy nlnht until the pdlnt of the torn
j Is reached and extracted bit by bit.;
I Kind out whnt has caused the corn,
i friction or undue pressure, snd In future
wear shoes that cause neither ono nor
the other.
tTo l! Continued.)
Here's the Food for
Backbone and Muscle
haven't you often wondered at the
wonderful strength and vitality of tho
Italian race. Their chief food at home
is spaghetti a food that is rich in
gluten the element that goes to make
muscle and flesh. We can follow this
example with benefit A 10c package of
contains more nutriment than one
pound of the finest tenderloin steak.
Easier digested, too also easier pre
pared. And what good eating Faust
Spaghetti makes! rich, sa
vory, relishable meals, lry
it cooked with tomatoes
and served with powdered
cheese it's great, as per our
free recipe book copy free.
5c and 10c pkgs. Buy today.
SC Louis. Mo.
What Is the cash value of love?
So far the only attempts that have ever
been maede to give love a market rating
have been In breach of promises suits
where forsaken
damsels have
placed the damage
to their affections
at sums that
ranged all the wsy
from 1100 to 1100,000.
That these esti
mates of the in-
' trlnslc worth of af
fection have been
considered exces
sive, and have been
liberally scaled
down by the juries.
Is not to be con
sidered as consti
tuting a standard
of value. Most of
us are inclined to
be cynical regard
ing the break In a
heart that can be plastered up and made
as good as whole by the application of a
few greenbacks.
Yet, for all that love la not listed
among the I negotiable securities on the
stock exchange, and there is no oupld
consolidated, or mutual affection, pre
ferred, or guaranteed union devotion at
whose quotation we may glance in the
morning over our coffee, love still has
an actual cash value, and Is quite as
valuable an asset as anything In our.
strong boxes.
Nor does this refer wholly to any senti
mental consideration. It la a cold, hard,
business proposition I that the ability to
win love is Just as much a factor in
any one's success in the world as Is the
ability to earn money.
Who are the people that we help, that
we lend money to, and whose credit we
boost Into success? The worthy? The
needy? The Industrious and thrifty? Not
at all. It la the people we like.
Who are the ones we shoulder Into
success? The especially gifted? The un
usually fit? Not a bit of It. It Is the
people we like. Genius allied to an un
pleasing personality still starves In gar
rets, while agreeable mediocrity has
golden opportunities thrown In Its way.
All of us do things for people because
we are fond of them that we would not
do for them because It was their due to
save their Uvea.
The most forcible Illustration, however,
that the world affords of the real cash
value of Wv la to be found In the do
mestic relationship. Nobody ever ap
praises a man's love for his wife as a
tangible asset, yet in reality the worth
of a genuine case of affection for Ms wife
runs the capital on which any man Is
doing business up to IC0.000 a year.
If he Is violently In love with her this
figure may be safely doubled, while If
he thinks she Is the only woman in the
world, and that nothing Is good enough
for her, he has practically unlimited
financial resources. This Is not an es
aggerated statement. "Love hath mad
this thing a man," said Kipling of a
tittle whimpering half beeed, who turned
herolo In a moment Of trial for the aaks
of a woman. Love has also turned many
a poor man lato a millionaire. It is a
power so great that It is genius in It
self. Just because lie wants to cloths some
wot nan he loves in sl'.ks and Jewels makes
hustler. Tho knowledge ' that a woman
believes In him, and expects him to u'-
coed, nerves a man up to the very best
that Is In him. Just as the knowledge
that his wlfo is Indifferent to him, and
will nag him and twit him with his fail
ures, saps his energies and paralyses his
A quiet, peaceful, happy home Is such
an element In a man's success, a tender.
affectionate, loving wife is such an in
spiration to him, that it Is a wonder
that even aelfltdt women, who euro for
only what they can get out of their hus
bands, have not sense enough to sec thai
tn falling to give a man any appreciation
they are llt-raHy starving to death the
goose that lays the golden egg.
A cheerful, loving wife Is a mascot. A
fretful, unloving wife Is a hoodoo, and
thus It happens that love wins out, and
draws down the prise In money ail well
as In domestice peace and happiness.
LSo far as women are concerned, men
111 find that It Is also money In their
pockets to love their wives, and keep
their wives In love with them. It Is a
cynical Joke that the man who quarrels
with his wife has to square himself by
means of the fine raiment and Imported
millinery. More than this, there Is no
doubt that when women are unhappy
they relieve their feeling by extrava
gance, as miserable men do theirs by
drink. Many an unloved wife, of whose
expenditure her husband complulns, Is
merely trying to make up for the empti
ness of her heart by overloading her
body with purple and fine linen.
As long as a woman bellevos In a hus
band's affection she can be happy In a
log cabin, or a two by four flat, and It Is
because lovo files so often out of the
window that so much money has to come
In by the door. As long as a man tells
his wife that she Is tho most beautiful
woman In the world In his eyes, she will
wear lust yesr's clothing without one
word of repining.
As long as a man takes any intercut
tn holding his wife's hand she will gladly
work It to the l.oiu for him, and. this
being the esse, It Is a wonder that the
sex that prides Itself on Its financial sa
gacity hns never thought It worth while
to bestow mora kisses and compliment.'
and less i-oln on Its wife.. It would make
for economy.
l'erhaps when we come to regard love
as a tangible asset. Instead of a dream,
wo rhall be less careless shout losing or
mislaying It. There would be fewer di
vorce If the average husband end wife
were as careful of each other's affections
as they are of a five-dollor bill.
Dull, Splitting,
Sick Headache
You take a Ir. James' Jleadhch
Towder and In Just a few moments
your head clears and all neuralgia and
pain fades away. It's the quickest
and surest rel'.ef for headache, whether
dull, throbbing, splitting or nerve
racking. Bend someone to the drug
Store and get a dime package now.
Quit suffering it's so needless. Be
sure you get nr. James Headach
i'owders then there will be no disap
pointment. Advertisement.
many a naturally indolent man into
Do You Know That
The hump of the buffalo Is not a mass
of fat, as some people suppose, but Is
formed by neural spines In length fully
double those of domestic cattle, and by
the huge muscles which lie alongside an 1
and fill up the angle between these
neural spines and the ribs.
The practicability has been demon
strated of constructing a bridge on the
rock reef culled Adam's Urldge, which
connects the Island of Ceylon with the
mainland of India. The dlHtance is
twenty-two miles.
Oysters cannot live In the Dal lie sea. I
the reason being that It is not sslt i
enough. They can only live In water i
that contains at h ast thirty-seven parts i
of salt 40. every 1.0U0 parts of water.
The highest waterfall In the world is
Cholork cascade at Yosemlte, Cat., which
Is 1.634 feet high, or six feet short of half
a mile.
u (fu
fa r.
. li IL
24th and L Sis., So. Omaha
Quality High--Prices Low
(wltJfri? ffetef tea
l a m 111 I'fiw. .j'1' 1 "i 1 ti-i ii 11 1 wr.r t m ii i ti . i t
We have a large stock of
!j High Quality Brass Beds in
all styles, moderately priced.
A New Principle in
Complexion Treatment
Most creams are injurious when used
habitually. Ttt-y clog the pores and event
ually form a permanent, soggy, stifling
film which Interferes with elliiiiiiatlve sc.
tlon and ma keg the skin sickly snd pasty.
There is an application mercollsnd wax -which
acts upon entirely different prin
ciple. Willie perfectly harnilesn, it has
the peculiar property of removing by ab
sorption tne dead and half -dead particles
of scarf-skin, as well as unhealthy mat
ter In the pores. Thus It takes away front
Instead of adding to the complexion, dif
fering In this resorot from cosmetics. The
result la a perfectly natural and hoalthy j
7tiiiH vvmiiuiun. w 1 1 1 w . , iro-
curable at any drug store (one ounce Is
sufficient), Is spplled at night like cold
cream and washed off In the morning.
' Ths correct principle in the treatment
of wrinkles Is to tignten the skin, which
naturally irons out the lints A fare bath.
remarkably effective In this direction,
may inaiia vy dissolving i ox. powaerea t
naxoilte in pi. witch iiaaei. Advertixe-
j nient, ,-. )
Homo Prldo Rango J?
fot up in your homo for X'J)
,1! straws! rJt,-rZ..a- Jjlk

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