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When a Man's in Love
Signs and Symptoms
New Modes in Furs
Republished by Special Arrangement with Harper's Batar)
By DOROTHV' DIX. , The third Indication of love is to be
iwn in the man's attitude toward your I
A great many alrls have asked me the family. If he look bored when papa
question, at once the most Important and discourses to him about the part he took
the most difficult to answer that ever In the battle of OttyMiurg, and mother
confronts a woman, and that Is, How ; bemoan the trlfllmncss of servant aMrla
can a girl tell I nowadays, and if he looks a tt he
whether a man I
In love with her or
Tou can't alwnyn
tel(, daughter, be
cause men were de
ceiver ever, as the
old sons: aays. Also
women are ao eager
to be loved and so
anxious to believe
that they fascinate
very man they
meet, that they
a a 1 1 y fool them
selves In the mat
ter. Still, there are
certain signs and
symptoms that the
man In love mani
fest which are pretty reliable guides.
The first thing that I would impress
upon you, daughter, 's to ray no atten-
'could murder" little brother and sister
when they hang around, there' nothing
doing. He's merely amusing himself.
But when he hang? on' mother' and
father's words, and bestows' monsy on
little brother and sister, it Is) a clear In
dication that he Is trying to make friends
at court.
' A fourth Indication that a man Is
really in love Is to bo found In his
memory. If he recall.! every carelessly
spoken wish of yours ur.J tries to grat- 1
tfv It; If he remembers that you wear
vloletP Instead of rose?, and that you '
prefer salted almond to chocolate
creams, then you may begin planning
your wading dress. Only men In love
remember a woman's desires. . Hus
I bnnda and all other men suffer from
I aphasia on this point,
j The fifth indication of love in a man
! is when he begins to try to take rare of
! a girl. Av long as he lim't in love with
t.oa to what a "m says, but to keep a ! h"B" th,t J", T" "T'J' ""2?
searchlight turned upon tho way he acts. 1 l" "" , i, . .
Likewise bear In mind that poetic and i t"?!' to mB rubf,r '
fluent lovemaklng is no Indication of i
the state of a man's affei tlons. The abil
ity to make love like a matineu hero
show that the man Is full of words and
her. and If she wants to kid herself hy
nneumonla or dvsnenala it's none of his
j affairs. Observe, therefore, when you go
out with a man whether he Inquires if
you have on heavy shoes and enough)
around your throat, and heed well when
hrt orders the meal at a restaurant!
whether he presses a good, thick steak j
and potatoes on you or lets you eat lob-j
eter salad and Ice cream. U he lnslst
on rational food, It's a sure sljrn that he's!
thinking about your future doctor bills.
The sixth indication of love that a r.ian
gives la when he begins to tell you howj
he hates boarding, and to call your at-l
tentlon to how happy the Lovey-Doveys
are In a little Harlem flat, and to ascer
tain your views about whether two can't
live as cheaply as one. Until a man really
begins to think about getting married
himself he looks upon domesticity about
as kindly as he does upon the smallpox,
and with the same ardent hope that he'll
that he had much experience.
When a man is doing the kind of love
making that winds uu in a proposal to
assume a girl's board bill for life he
doesn't quote poetry. He gurgles, and
putters, and threatens "-to choke, for
if the most momentous moment In his
life, and he knows It.
The first reliable symptom that a man
give that he Is har.1 hit for keeps Is
wtien he becomes Johnnlo-on-the-Spot.
nd wherever the girl goes he Is sure aa
fate to bob up. Men who are not In
love SLnd" who have to work for a llvlns;
re rushed for timo. They have en
gagement they can't break, and they are
too tired to go to pluces, but while
a man') in love he Juggles with time and
finds leisure to chase the adored one.
After he Is marrlei he will again get J never catch It, but when ho falls In love
busy and not be able to slip away to
meet his wife for afternoon teas or a
lingering lunch, but while he's courting
her he' Mary's little lamb.
The second symptom of acute heart
trouble that a man exhibits la when he
shown an eagerness to adopt all of your
opinions "instead of trying to form 'his
down ( your throat Also he listens
with rapt attention while you expound
your views, and becomes Instantly con
verted to suffrage, or the higher
thoughts, or whatever else you believe.
The only time a man ever has any re.
nrect for a woman' opinion Is when- he's
in love, ns thl I an add test to ap
ply ttj hie affection . ,w 7- - ,
he becomes a rooter for the flrVslde vir
tues, t
Therefore put no dependence in a man's
love talk until it begins veering around
toward open plumbing and gas ranges and
quiet evenings at home.
Of course, there ere times when all
signs fall, but, generally speaking, a close
observation of the symptoms hereinbe
fore enumerated will enable a young
woman to diagnose a man's case and tell
whether his attack of the tender passion
I chronic and likely to lead to serious
results or only sporadic and flirtatious.
But never, never, never Judge whether
a man's In love or not by his talk alone.
The Unseen Universe
A very notable contribution to the
science of radiant-energy, radlo-actlvlty,
ultra-Ultra-vlolet-llght radiation : and
short photographic rays streaming In
from suns and all light-emitting objects
in cosmic space, ha Just been given to
the great world of science by Prof. E. E.
Barnard of the Yerke Observatory, Lake
Geneva, Wis.
The discovery by photography of two
distinct tail or streamers to Delavan's !
comet 1 the cause of the publication of
the Yerkes Observatory circular to air
observatories. But only one I visible
even In the largest and most powerful
telescope. The two streamer are In
clined to each other at an angle of 30 de
gree. But In the negative on the highly sensi
tive photographic plat the tall that i
Invisible to the eye Is visible to the silver
bromide molecules on the glass plate. The
waves that affeoted the minute mole
cules and arranged them Into an Image
of the streamer on the plate are far too
short to energize the nerve molecules In
the delicate fibers of the retina of the
The fact that this streamer Is visible
on the plate and not to the eye Is a bril
liant confirmation of all of Prof, Samuel
Plerrepont Langley's elaborate twenty
two years' research In ultra-Violet and
infra-red region of spectra -of our sun
and U other sun able 'to send light
enough Into the silt of the most modern
tele -spectroscope for analysis.
And Barnard' photograph prove every
minute detail of complex discoveries In
thl most fascinating realm of nature
since Langley blazed the modern way
and marked out field of research that
are now taxing the ablest living tele
spectroacoptst and spectro-analysls In all
laboratories. For the unseen universe 1
doubtless more complicated than the
Delevah' comet 1 now In the northern
constellation. Canum Venatlcatum. And
Encks's comet has made its regular re
turn and was faintly seen by Astronomer
Barnard on photographic plate. It wa
then, on Bepetember 17, In right ascension
1 hour i3 minutes, and In declination
north 37 degrees i minutes. The fig
ure locate It In the constellation Perseus.
It periodic time of revolution around
the sun 1 very nearly three and ene
thlra year, but a curiosity about Encks's
comet I that this time ha varied.
I have seen thl comet a number of
time. And then I have well observed
Campbell' new comet coming up from
the distant south. It wa first seen from
the Cordoba Observatory, Argentina,
South America, on September !9 In right
ascension U hours 10 minutes, and in
south declination 33 degrees 35 minutes,
which point fali to the constellation
Pisces Australia, the Southern Fish.
On October 11, lilt, it was in the con
s'ellation Aquarius, the Water Man
Comet Campbell never caused a war.
And an unaided-eye comet has Just been
announced aa discovered in right ascen
sion 00 hours 05 minutes, and In south
declination 4i degrees; date of discovery,
September 25, from La Crtices, N. M.
I have not been able to see it, owing
to fog and mists hanging over the sea In
my southern horizon. And this Is Hag
gerty' comet. He Is a professor In the
New Mexico School of Agriculture and
wa the first human to see It In the clear
sky above La Cruces, N. M.
mm J? - )k I', v
ji t'!'i j'" I JU M V '
mihii'J fir
Mazzini, Prophet of Italian Liberty
Joseph Maiiinl. whose sorrowful and
yet glorlotis career win ended by death
forty-two yenrs ago today, did the Wirk.
bfore tld Mortality ovrrlook him, foi
which his country
men and all lovers
of Justice and lib
erty the wor.d over
will never cease lu
be grateful.
in the history of
the struggle fur
Italian unity three
nnmes stand out
fi om all the others
Masttnl, Cnvour.
Untibaldi M117
rlnl the prophet,
favour the diplo
ma I, tiiirihaliii mo
siiMler. Mimiunl stood for the soul, the
Inspiration; Caour for the statesman
ship, and tltnibaldl for the imirtlitl fl.e
and :ictuttl ritbting.
teach of tlie imniortnl lrh was nece
sary lo the r.Cf oiupi.hment of the grand
work that lav tieforo thnn, ami It would
he difficult to any to wh'ch of the thrve
belongs the grenter mead of praise or
lior.oi, hut it I.' irrtnin that without the
prophet-soul of the mnn from k (lenoa,
Italv would never Imve t i'oiiie a na
tion, All action, whether In cabinet or
on bnttli f lelilH, i horn of thought; and
heforo any Kolld fuct co.nes there must
come the gi-ent Illuminating. InsplrlniJ
I ides.
; And It was Mnr.rlnl win gave birth to
ilhe Idea and kindled the gmat burning
' ir.'iplrntlun. It wns Masxlnl who breathed
: Into the minds of Italy's sons the thought
of Independence and unity, and filled the
hearts of Italy's sons with the deathless
passion for freedom from the scoundrel
who h:id so loim oppressed and degraded
them, lie wss the fountain whence csmo
the never falling stream of hope and
courage unci the unconquerable resolve
lo mln. Oiest was favour, great wns
Mariba'tfi, but greater was Marslnl, who
from h i over-trusting, ever-suffering oul
poured out the Inspiration that nerved
the itateHninn 1 in ihe cabinet and the
Whter in the field.
Anil In till 1 dny of democratic Ideals It
i veil to remember that Maszint was
fir.t, ln.l ami all the time a democrat,
loving Ihe people, believing In the people,
aril reach to trust the people to take care
of themselves. The "liintty that doth
lieilg- the King' wns to Maxctnl arrant
nonsense, lie wns a lepubllcan, having
no respect for kintrlv rule, and wanting
only one form of government, that form
of government which Is "of the people,
for the people, and by the people," Il
was glad to see Italy united under any
condition, but rotild lie have had hi
way he would have had a republic rather
than a monarchy.
Boy Who Is Pampered
"My folks ren't a bit fair to me," suttl
Donald, a god 17 years. "they seem to
forget that a fellow Is only young once.
They think that I o'lght to be In by 11
o'clock at the latest when I do go out at
night, and tney want me to sit und study
five nights a week. They do nothing but
tglk books anil work to me. Pon't you
think that they ought to let me have a
grand good time so thai I'll bnve a
hapny youth to remember when 1 am
Now, Donald Is lucky boy who hss
beautiful home lind living parents. Hut
he Is an unlucky boy In that life Is be'nn
made too enay for him. Ills greatest
trouble Is n "cuiflderatlon of the good
times of which he feels that hn U living
In Homo slight measure deprived.
llo Is tintj compelled to go out Into the
world and rtrugglo lo make his way to
tho top i f the ladder of success. Instead
he Is to be sent to Harvard and thrn wil
come a few yen is of "polishing oft" In
a world tour, and lifter that Donald will
itep Into a business that Is ready for
Mm and that affords him every oppor
tunity for success If hn has the senso
and energy to avail himself of It,
Tho very best "good times" youth can
have are simple, wholenome pleasures
A tail In front and a long one, and a shorter
one In the back, makes up a unique neckpiece of
fitch. A bow of brown taffeta draws the high
collar close to the throat and email perky bows
of tho taffeta finish the long ends. The muff is
a large one, drawn in at the ends by a' frill of
the taffeta. A strip of ermine binds the edges
of the black velvet trlcorne trimmed with a
cockade of white gros grain ribbon and ermine.
To wear in the afternoon while calling is
this clever little Jacket of baby caracul. Though
falling only slightly below the waist line in the
front, thero is a panel in the back reaching al
most to tho hip line and, like the front edges, it
is bordered In skunlc. A deep collar of the skunk
extends across the bark of tho garment and well
down over the shoulders. The draped muff of the
caracul is edged at the top and bottom by skunk.
Advice to Lovelorn
li Mr asATBicra rasr JJ
Korgrvt Him.
Dear- Miss Fairfax: I am n girl of IS.
1 have been keeping company with a
voung man of 3u. He neemed very much
devoted. I did not care for him at first,
but finally grew t lexe h'
dueei him to a girl friend, whom he now
goes With, inn liu t.li in. .
in, as he continue to 'phone and snya
he would like to come uuck to me.
?nv mv runsent. but he never come,
'lease tell me what vim think nf him.
cHieAoo aim..
I think he Is a fickle young man, who
Is best forgotten. He seem to ho about
as disloyal to your gill friend ho was
to you. Just eliminate him from your
life and consider yourself well out of a
bad business.
I th.it give healthy mind In strong bodies.
Ttarrplntf In the woods and studying Ief
and tree and bird and beast are country
' Rood times of which city youth knows
' little. Skating and tobogganing and go
ing on lung bobsled ride re winter
pleasures that are not enough cultivated.
j Ary s mple outdoor pleasure that bring
mi home with blood racing and eheeka
tingling and glowing Is a real good time.
Hut the ai'llflcial pleasure that Donald
' crave ilanolng In heatod cabarota, dln-
ln and lunching with Billy little "Broad
ray belles," being seen at the fashion
able places w'th the "mart" people ara
not pleoaures but fsvers.
It is true tht we all have to experi
ence on 1 learn first hnd from life but
i we have to be prepared to undorstand
what we see and to be able to get It real
inetinlng. And books and school and the)
higher education prepare the wealthy
j youth even a the efforts of business and
work and getting ahead school the poor
! man's son to understand life,
j "Good times" aren't the fever that
! lorkes you loo sick of mind and body to
learn your lift's lesson. They are the
whelnsomo health-giving everdse of your
youthful energies end activities that help
you to grow and endure.
j All sorts of athletic are to be recom
j mended a "good times" for tho ple-
tires train your body nd develop the de-
sire to win, coupled with the glortou
iiense of honesty that come In the fair
play spirit of uur spurts,
i Any outdoor rtcasi're Is a worth-while
"good time," because It fill tba lung
with clean sir and the heart with a
Knowledge of nature that brings you
close to the real heart of life.
Heading the classic ought to be a
"good time," because It fits you to
measure lire In terms of what the great
minds have thought of It.
- Studying ought to be a good time, be
cause it help you to exercise your mind
o that you c an enjoy th! great 'pleasu r
of forming a tew original conclusion
about life.
nut a whirl of excitement that I hera
todny and gone tomorrow, with only a
lioadieho and an unlearned lesson of
nrglncted work In Us wake, I not a real
good time for the petted Ponald or the
working John of life,
The Manicure Lady
"Every year I pretty much like the
Jaat year," declared the Manicure Lady.
"I wa hoping that this summer a few
guy would eome In here to have their
nails did without talking my head off
about base ball, but the great national
game Is about tho limit of their conserv
atory power. Tho gunt that juet went
out wa howling himself nearly black In
the face about Walter'Johnson.
"It sem to me, George, that a gent
must have a kind of aoft head to be los
ing sleep over a ball player. He lay
Johnson I the grandad pltchor that
ever lived, and maybe he Is, but what of I
It? Walter Johnson ain't no famous great!
man just because he I a great pitcher. '
He ain't a great man like Mister, Boose-,
velt, which can go away somewhere (
and discover enough new things to keep i
the old editor busy. Walter Johnson !
never found no rWer running up a hill, i
and If he pitched a ball twice a fast as
he can now, he wouldn't be able to dis
cover no new race of people like Teddy
"Nobody ain't seen the new river or
the new race of people yet," said the
Head Barber. "Bryan said In hi paper
the other day that Roosevelt's Idea of a
new race of people wa a race that had
never heard of htm. And maybe a river
can run up a hill, but I want to see It
first with my own eyes. All the rivers I
ever seen had habit of running down
"Well, that ain't got anything to do
with baa ball," said the Manicure Ldy.
"All the talk I have heard lately has
been about some Idol of the diamond. If
the gent that come in here ain't ready
to faint when the Giants loss and Pitts
burgh wins, they are ore about McGraw
letting A me go. It seems to me that a
lot of grown up men could find a better
way to pas away their time.
"It' Jyt bad up to the house as It
Is down here. Wilfred and the old gent
re Just a loony a two ten-year-old
br.ys, and they are all the time acrapplng
about Uib two big lesguea. Wilfred is
a great rooter for the Giants, and father
want to see the Yankees win every time
out. Neither onu of them know why he
is so strong for bis team, either. Wilfred
aid that McGraw spoke to him once
when he seen him la' hi billiard parlor,
nd the old gent like the Yankees on
account of their name. The old gent I
more patriotic than Wilfred, especially
when he comes home nights, and he says
that any team with a name Ilka Yankees
ought to win. Anyhow, he ran t see np
one else, and between the two of them
the rest of us Is miserable most of the
time. I wish the game had never been
"If a great game, just the same," said
the Head Barber. "I think everybody U
interested In It."
"I ain't," declared the Manicure Lady.
"I wouldn't care If there wasn't a base
ball park In the country."
"1 heard you praising Mathewson the
other day," said the Head Barber,
"Oh, 1 mKht have said that ha wa
good looking when I seen his picture in
a tobacco al," admitted the Manicure
Laity, "but 1 don't go and watch him
"Ain't you a bit Interested In him?"
asked the Head Barber.
"Only In a way," replied the Manlniro
Lady, "the came girl la Interested
In any good looking gent. You don't need
to look In the glass, either. That won't
encourage you none."
Common Sense Girls
Author of "The Etiquette of New York
Thert la frequently a temptation to
girls tj be too Impetuous and excitable
In their way of having amusement, too
great an inclination to go to extreme In
manner, too much of an effort to have
a "good time" at the sacrifice of
womanly dignity.
Girls aeem to object to the word dig
nity. They think It has a stiff, con
strained, old-fashioned significance, anl
they would prefer to avoid ft. They fall
to reallxa that It la never old-fashioned
to possess the true womanly qualities of
molesty and gentleness, and the charm
of a dignified bearing. A sul reasserting,
L'ggresilv manner 1 alwy a sign of
crudeness. A flashy, loud, boisterous
manner I the came. A free-and-easy,
familiar manner with mea I never ad
mired by them.
Girl need to remember that the atand
i.rd of manner and cpeech which they
net will always Influence men manners
and conversation with them. A man
give hi true admiration, even hi al-
j ligiunc e, to a girl who Is able to maln
! tain her own womanly dlnntty. 8he
! gulns In his estimstlon If she kns how
j to control and guile the tc-nn of a young
man's Intimacy and conversation.
Young mn of character, brains, good
Sense and purpose In life prefer the
friendship of a girl of character and
womanliness, rather than that of the
Illy. vln, light-minded girl, who make
herself cheap by foolish flirtations. There
1 an Innermost Instinct in a man to re
spect a girl. It I her own fault It a man
tail In respect toward her. If he find
that she docs not fulfill his ideals be is
A man never like or almlrt a girt
who make herself conspicuous. He get
very tired of a noley companion. The
self -a ssorting girl, with Independent
manner, who fancies she Is upholding
her rightful place In the world by being
loud In dress, manner and talk I sure
to weary him.
If a girl has common sense, bright con
versation, and what may be termed per
sonality, she will win friends worth hav
ing. Khe may be lithe and gay without
evej- being noisy.
Although a girl may not be remark
ably clever, or a brilliant talker, she may
have a charm that makes one feel happy
to be with hr or to have her for a
(rlend. he may be gentle In voice aot
manner, sweet' tempered, considerate,
-kind, and if she has a wholesome sense
of humor, It I the very aalt of life.
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Three quart "Wear-Kver" Aluminum
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I Or perforated ( hair Hrttts, 5
Two-ply Blrcli veneer, It-lnrh Ue,
Varnished; usually sold for lc.
lUtliroom Fixtures
EveryUlIn for the Bathroom
many buy leductioa.
fu' r y. -A
fOnU f(
bfjg U
A taljie lull of useful articles for
(lie kltilifii u J I. cm.-. A few of a
kind At I, UU miCE.
Orchard & Willielm Co. Sfcffisfj?.

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