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You Can Ask the Man Next Door if This Ain't True
. A-U5T
1 HI
Drawn for The Bee by "Bud" Fisher
TWO fOR.ti
fo. owe
1 - - J 'V
J I,
plOTIS , "ilUMlUMMI II II' If" l
CrV. H0J
lAP0i6(6Ue IT
He took.
H6 J PrtOT04RArrvOL '
Eat High Fail, to Make Good and
Loses, 24 to 13.
WrW mt Hark Meld Dao, aplea
wltk Eigverl Maalpalatloa) of For
Paaa, Makes Omaha's
Vlelarr Pmlblr,
Successfully maneuvering a aeries of
baffling -forward pastes, nhlrh com
pletely myatlflefl Coac!i Van Mew'i ag
gregation of huiky asa.isfn from Kant
Dee Moines, Omaha tcx.k the low ana to
trtmmlnf at Rourke park yesterday
afternoon, $4 t U Tho im waa tedi
ously tons and ths final period waa
played In semi-dark nes which hindered
the athletes on botn teams.
East Dea Moines tot the Jump on
Omaha in the flrat quarter and adored
ten points on a fleU anal and a touch
down. Hyera scored the drop kick a few
minutes after play waa Inaugurated, and
shortly following Amsherry squirmed
and twisted hi way through a maaa of
Omaha playera for thirty yards and a,
touchdown. Rhufelt kicked the goal.
At the opening of the second quarter
tfhufelt scored a, drop kirk . from the
thlrty-flva-yard line for Pea Moines, but
at this point Omaha pulled together and
the lowana never scored agnln.
Paseeji Score for Omaha.
On the klrkoff. following Hnifelt's
Itlck, Omaha receive! the . ball on Its
thlity-yard Ine. A forward pass, l.utes
to Deny, netted t'venty-flve yards;
Another pass,. lutcj to .lohnMin, netted
twenty, and a third In sucoewlon. Utites
to Morearty. netted cUht yards. Wilson
so rem bled twelve more and Ljtos fix.
Th'a placed the ball on Dos .foln.' two
rd Una.'. Here the Iowan ' held and
jWolaef punted. His line wavered, and
In getting the punt off .inkkly lie barely
kicked fifteen ya:-dn. I.u.en plunged ten
yards and followed ?.-lth Ihie more.
Herry wao "pushed jvrr for tin. first
tciK'hdown for Oman, l.utes filled to
kick the goal.
Shufeft kicked off ti O inhs. and on
Iho next 'lay Lutes rin'pnlct. twenty
five yards around le.'t int' Then a long
and appafently Impo.clhle forward pa
whs executed. Lutes threw Uio hull (nrty
yards to Wl.aon and the little end score-l
the secoid touchdown. Lutes failed to
kick goa.1. . v . ' s
The third j'Jsricr was devt Id of senf
Inc. Omaha hod tl.-lf Ur of Vho q'. si
ter, aa the ball wis In Its (i.5oio!i
most of the time.
Klaal PerttMi r la real la Dark,
The last quarter waa p'ayed tnuler !lf
f.cjlt circumstances, a It vas almost
Impossible to see the Kail when In move
ment behind the Una. The ball ili-ragxed
alout the middle of the field several
times, with each' team carrying the ball
unsuccessfully. On a hirt formation,
Johnson waa given the ball and the husky
back carried It thu-iy-flve yard to Iea
Moines' two-yard Una alter Des Moines
lost the ' ball xn donns.' Jobuson waa
easily pushed over for a touchdown.
Lute failed to kick nut. Score, Omaha
IX, East lea alotoaa 1'i.
Dec Moines took the l.i.ll on the kick
off and by a aeries et wel-euetatned
rushe carried the plgBkln to Omaha's
Ihlrty-ysrd line. Here a forwa'd r"
was sttempted. Ilut I.utea threw him
self In the way, lnler'"eptd the pass and
ran seven! yards down the field for a
touchdown. I.utes for the third tlmr
missed ftoal. The trnme ended, a few
seconds later. Klnal score. Omnha 24.
Enm lies Moines 13.
Caaae Is Raagb.
The game was marked by Its excep
tionally rouglmesa. Iloth sides were de
liberate In slugging. Tiie players were
not so much to blame, as they were com
pelled to resort to rough tactics for their
own salvation. The official permitted
It at the start, and the slugging soon
reached such proportions that they were
unable to stop It. Mona Berry, captain
of the Omaha eleven, was ordered from
the game for swinging at a Ies Moines
man art or a play had been called back.
Injuries were frequent and time out waa
called repeatedly. That Is accountable
for the extreme length of the game. The
long list of aubatltutes used by both
teams shows dlssstrous results of the
rough play.
A good crowd attended the game de
spite the fact that the expected crowd
of teachers failed to appear. Quite a
number of t)ea Moines enthusiasts rame
over from the Iowa capital. Half a dozen
automobile loads came In addition to
those who came by train.
Vletary r "arprlse.
The victory was largely a surprise. It
was ' conceded that Omaha stood little
chance to win and only hoped to hold
the . score down. But the phenomenal
work of Lutes and Johnson, who played
tlio whole game practically unaided, was
too much for Drs Mulnrs.
Lineup: .
Big National Body Expected to Sit
in Executive Session.
f. Kdwards of (iienwood, won the trophy
In the hlue-rock nhoot and Tlminona of
Glrnwood the motorcycle race.
Somers Thinks Peace
in Base Ball World
is Far in the Future
CHICAGO, Nov. . reaco between
Mganlzed base ball and the Federal
Icaguu wan expected to be the chief Isauo
considered by club owners of the Amer-
j lean league at their sessions, which were
I reserving a suite of four rooms at the I "'"" today.
I I'.xton hotel Include . n.rlnr cen h I Kumorg that an emissary of the Amer-
taken aa explanatory It would seem as If
Action In ilIteeerTlag Kalte i
Parlor Ulvea Rise to Prediction
that f'omsnlaaton Will Make
Asnonsresiesti Here.
Phillips ..
Hradley .
Beard ...
Mi-hols .
Johnson .
I utei .,,
Herry (c).
.... Heml
. Whltmer
. . Coombs
.... Mrwln
. .. Welw-r
...,-..H.G. LU
....... .1..T I It.T
L. B.I R. K
W H. O H
....... It. H . L. H .... A msherry i
I. II , ft II 8hufe t
!'..! F.U Tt-drow
Touchdowns: Lutes. Johnson. Wilson,
rlirry, Amsberry. K.eld goals: Kyers,
Hhuteit. lioal alter louc.id.iwn: rnu
fe!t. tlubst tutea: Omaha, Kngstrnm for
hradley, Uradley for Phllllts, Phillips
inr uciry, ! jiinway ror Phillip. Pnillips
for Kullaer-iy, Mob holr for Heard. tHr
penter for Heene, K'mlmll for Morcar.yj
Knst Iea Moines, Mone for Ameocrryv
Htirraoit for Hyers. '1 norpe for Welser,
W riser for Tedlow, Mitchell for tlemls,
Hhafer for Hhufelt, Hyers for Thorpe.
Peferee: Kvana, lrake. Tmplre: .Cald
well. Maruuette. l'eail llrirnman: llui e-
lay, Nebraska. Tl i o( quar:er.i: 16
II. 1;. Dies.
the national coa) mission, tliot all power
ful body In organised baso ball, will hold
a meeting In Omaha durlnr; the minor
I leagxie convention here.
Of course, Herrmann may nttend the
meeting here merely to nsnlst the minors
In preparing remedies for their business
conditions, but It la thought that the
commseion Is also to meet, as Herrmann
ha taken measurea to reserve additional
rooms and a parlor, where meetings may
be held. Johnson has announced that he
will be here and Tener will probably
come, so It Is almost asmirred the com
mission will meet.
Itlar LeaaTer Here.
If the commission meets here Omaha,
will be the place where some of the
most Important legislation In base ball
will be enacted- The commission has
many things to decide, and If they meet
here 'etf'ery big league club otvner and
manager will be here to watch hla own
(.Interests In the legislation. Alro the Feda
will be here to get a line on any move
organised ball may make.
A few days go Herrmann declared
that any announcements' he might makfl
would probably be made here. It Is
thought by many that his announce
ments will have to do .with base ball!
pence. Herrmann, Johnron, Ollr.iore and
Wheeghmann recently held a secret ses- j
r!on In ' Chlrngo and they may hive
renched a personul nsrefment. If thst
is Hie rasa all that needs to bo done Is 1
th ratification of the agreement by the !
I commission. I
O'.VelH niHtsta Coaventlon. I
Norrls O Nlell, president of the Western
league, has Just written a letter to all
the newspapers of the western circuit
asking them to Bend a representative to
the Omaha mectlne. ONlell declnxea
Michigan-Pennsylvania Clash Feat
ure of Toot Ball Program.
Korthneatrrn' Xald to llnvr Oevrl
prd Drfeime that la ( alcn
lated in Hold Dona the.
' Iowa Men.
lean league was In communication with
club owners of the Federal leavue waa
denied by Charles Somers, president of
the Cleveland Americans, who was re
ported to bo one of the "peace" dc'.e
pate. He seemel to be or.e of -Iho most
fcl.eptical of the American leaguers re
garding the chances of peace.
"Base -ball will not prosper until ex
iting conditions are remedied," Mr.
fomers said, "but I do not see how It Is
possible to bring about a settlement at
present. I am willing to be shown, how
ever. The player angle looks to be the,
Brenteet obstacle. Personally, I think
that peace or war would not make much p
ulfference to the Cleveland club next sea- I
ton or the year after. We have our own
stars signed up to long contracts. Most
Milnrlcs must be paid whether there Is a
Fcilcrsl league or not.
"I had my fill of etars this season.
.Why, aome days It was hard to get in the
bull ground on ' account of the players'
automobiles that were- parked around It.
There wUl be a day of reckoning, but
Just now I don't see that peace will make
much difference."
CHICAGO, Nov. . Michigan's annual
clash with IVnnslyvania l.x the feature,
contest on the foot bail program for to
morrow. The liarnt! promUe, to be n
slashing bsttle, for while the Quakers
were off thie eeason to a rather poor
start, they have Improved speedily since
and apparently nre nt their best. On the
other hand. It Is likely that tho Harvard
game, though It was a roiiKlt, weurlnu
contest, helpeu the morale of the arcrn
Michigan eqUHd, Riving them confidence
and teaching them the importance of
clone adherence to the tactics taught by
Yost. It is ptobablo no ill-chosen plays,
such us wracked the Wolverine chances
at CambiidKu last Saturday will appear
tomorrow. "
Maskers' Offense Utrons.
The Quakers have routed the Navy
team and only last Saturday romped
J through the Swarthmore line for an over
whelming score, and since they have two
good field goal kickers In Seelback and
Mathews, an effective forward pass and
three hard line plunders the Michigan de
fense Is In for a severe test.
headers In the race for big nine honors
have an off day, b it there is a great deal
of Interest In the Indiana-Ohio game at
Indianapolis while Northeastern is said
to have developed a defense calculated
to hold down the Iowans. ,
Tor.-.urrow'a card and las year's score:
At Ann Arbor, Pennsylvania 0 against
Michigan in.
At Indianapolis, Ohio State 6 against
Indiana 7.
At Kvanston, Iowa
wesu rn 0.
78 against North-
Aloimg, Missouri l'J against
St. Louis 0 against Wash-
I'nlon 7 against
At l.8
Drake 0.
At St. Louis,
At LansinR. Mount
Michigan Asul-os 1.1.
At Lafayette. Kentuey o against Pur
due 0.
Whether or not Tom Clayton said "I
gotcha" before Add Blanston rolled out a
"seven," constituted the bone of conten
tion between tho two neeroes at Twelfth
and Capitol av?nuc. ltlanston declared
Clayton welshed on a "two-bit" bet In
an nlley crap game, and Clayton averred
that Blanston prevaricated.
Policemen arrived Just as a brick was
shattered on Clayton's head.
They were discharged in police court.
Hebron Academy Wins.
HEBRON. Neb.. Nov. . (Special.)
TIebron Academy Basket Ball team de.
feated the Chester High school team hen
yesterday afternoon DO to 12.
Harvard and Tigers.
Battle for Honors
. On Foot Ball Field
Coach tow of the I'nlverrlty of Omaha
has put his men through light slguul
pracrr aa tho final finishing touches
for the game with Wayne Normal lieio
today. A number of changes In the
lineup will somewhat weaken v. rnuha
school's I'hutK'ea of defeating tho peda
gogue.. rUlmson. at right end. and
Ueeie. at left halfback, will be out of
the contrat baoauaa of Injuries.
Tate Matters and Oble Meyers will of
ficiate. A slasUng preliminary between
tha Omaha, High school second team and
tha Notraska Schocl for the Deaf will
start at 1::. The collere contest la
scheduled to begin at X Iloth games will
1 be play d nt Chris Lj'ck park. .
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NEWi YORK. Nov. 6. Unusual uncer
tainty surrounds the outcome of the lead
ing foot ball games to be played In the
east tomorrow. Almost without exception
the principal university elevens face op
ponents whose records this season war
rant the prediction of exceedingly hard
fought, close contests.
the coming event will J-o one of the most ! The f'ur gmea of the day include
Important ever held and 'that the news- the """ Harvard-Princeton contest at
rnpers should send men here to obtain Cambridge and the Intersectlonal struggle
accurate details and facts. I hetween the Army and Notre Dame at
Without question, na a convention which 1 WBt ,olnt
will give Omaha national publicity, the' Tbc mtl"K of Harvard and Princeton
has ball meeting la In a class by Use'f h,i"" toucher only two of the so-called
Kor the post month all big new.popers ! r' Flvp team" wnlch h"ve not " yet
throughout the country have carried i tret lefp,t "Pon th foot b fiel1 thl
lengthy Items dealing with prospective ! f,Ul ,,,ough each ha bn held t0 tle
aunifi Quriiis in mai luur wnu. ;
The principal gamea, together with the
WIS scores, where the same colleges met
on tha arldlron follow: " I
Princeton at Harvard, 0 to S.
Notre Dame at Army, SS to 13.
Brown at Yale. 0 to. 17. I
Franklin and Marshall at Cornell, did
not meet.
Foniham at Navy, did not meet.
Rutgers at Syracuse did not meet.
Washington and Jefferson, at Pitta
burah. IS to
Amhrrit st Springfield. to 10.
t'ol' ste at Rochester. 23 to 0.
Wejleyan at Williams, 0 to 0.
Virginia at St. John's, did nut meet
Muhlenberg at Lafayette. 7 to 7-
t'arltrle against Holy Cross at Man
chester, VU, did not meet.
' Cincinnati t ! gtoek.
Plfty thousand dollars' worth of pre-
' ii mn.ini-1.. ii siwiiiii i i si uiw ii wsi ....... ii iii m aw
h tfjffim -
'- it
nctlvltlea here. And after the meeting
It Is certain that tha actions hero will
ba . so drastic aa to create comment
throughout 'th country for months to
tome. It Is on of the biggest advertising
events Omaha will ever . have, and the
people of Omaha should extend the glad
hand to the magnates when they come.
Chicago and Omaha
Thanksgiving Day
Game is Cancelled
Omaha and a Chlcigj High a hool will !
I r.et Tlav font hall hnrj a rru. i i
...,,..,,,10! i.,i 7 ,t interest.
I' nno,,nce1 arlr " yr. 1 ny t,e issued by the Cincinnati club in
" ..... nau iirvr oeen en- the near future. Tne met win oe suo-
rty Mmg at ,
4I 5. Ikib
tered by Omaha and a ChL-ato ehni
but Principal Reed ws In cohi.i.unica
tlon with several, Including Kngiewood.'
Hyde Park and Oak Patk. The matter
!raged along and It was thought that
one of the threo schools would be bi ought
out here. But due to tne fact that Omaha
has ben defeated several tlmea this
j ear and tha fact H at tha Chicago
schools had other tempting offers. It wss
derided to courel the gpire. No arrange-
Irr.ents for a Tbai.ksjlvln-t gaxe here have
been made at yet.
Omaha Uot;laiis will go to IJncolu
next Wednesday evening to Join In a
gathering of eofraternutrs from Kansas
City, Denver. Ulouv city, les kloines
and M. Joiephs An Invitation' to attend
was rxunded locally lst WtHlneaday by
Fred H. Hunter. surerintendent of L'n-i
i coin s. hoole. at.d at tbls tln.e the outkok
! Is that aboct sever. ty-fiv members o'
tlm On alia cai.tlngcnt will attend.
Bioux City ia sending a triinWd of
routers to Lincoln today over the
Northwestern to attend tha root ball
game between the t'nlvereilv of Ne-
biaska and tha Morningslde college elev-j
ens. ire train win b moved by way or
Missouri Valley. Bhir and Fremont.
m.tted to the stockholders at the annual
meeting, November 21. "The luO.OOO stock
lHue." raid President Hermann. "Is simply
to t rov.de some working capital, and Is
neither unusual nor Important.
artla Aaalrs 'Win.
CfHTIS. Neb., Nov. . tSoeclal Tele
gram.) The Curtis Aggies defeated the
Ktrona Cosnd ttftm bv a score of 14 to 12
I In an uphill game. J. Ward scbred for
Curtis and Captuin Krutson for Coxad.
llastealaK W later X.rMmme.
Players of the mator leagues whose
homes are in California have been hast
ening bark to land engagements in the
various "winter leagues'' that keep tha
ir a me going on the loa.t while elsewhere
It Is temporarily forgotten.
llllowBneaa nwd Llrer roaaplalmt
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I.laeola Ilia
LINCOLN.! Nov. S.-tSc!al Telegram.)
t Incoln High defeated Aurora High
school here this afternoon, J to 0. I.in
euln lllh scored Mlnio-t at will against
Us lighter opponents.
T Glenied Teams Wis.
CI.KNWOOO. la.. Nov. (.Pperle.lt
t (..enwo.t jejiteuiay. Olenwo.nl "bey.
reouta'' defeated Council Bluffs "boy.
peouta t to . The game waa auod. Uin-
wood excelled in (iien .work and Council
I ftiuffa api enrina the heavier In Hie burk
ing. At the klalvem Fall meet. GInwo4
totupany "I ' defeated c-ydoey II to . A.
r Send sVsv
"Panoramic VV
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