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The items given be
low as "SATURDAY
you decidedly sharp
reductions in price.
Saturday Specials
W onion's Suits at $14.75.,
Suits with the new long com.
Cheviots and poplins In all
Colors. i
Women's Suits at $21.50.
I,oii(f 'or short coat suits, fea
turing latent style Ideas; all
materials and colors.
Women's Coats at $!).75.
Latest style coats, specially
reduced for Saturday. Solid
colors and mixtures.
.'Fancy Waists, $2.98. SilkTetticoat?, $1.39.
Crepe 1e chine or sha
dow laces." New styles;
worth fl.uOi
All silk messnliiie. In a
dozen styles and colors;
regularly $2.00.
Silk Drosses, $8.50.;: -Lingerie Waists, 69c.
A rack of odd- dresses
ranging in value'' to
Women's Coats,' $15.
The very latest fall
models. ; Belted' styles
. with flare effect. .
Painty lawns and mulls, -hl(rh
or low. neck, worth
-FrirJota, $13.75:
', Black' Chinese wolf,
1 large scarf and mut f,
trimmed: with head and
.'tall. , ' . '
Local Store Establishes Booth tor
Donations for War Sufferer.
With (older Weather ('mine Otrr
Devastated Coaatrlea Warm
. lothlnc I. Needed hy the
Homeless Natives.
Defeated Candidate for Police' Judge
to Ask Recount of Ballots.
Aspirant for 'the. County., Cprone.r
shlp VtH Walt for Official
Coant, However, Before
Taking Action ,
.'Contrary to report, R. Madden, dem
ocratic candidate : for police .Judge, has
hot Conceded the re-election, of Judge
Charles B. Foster. Madden declares he
will not concede Foster's elcotlon unless
he latter gains considerably on the offi
cial can vans or th election, l Acordlng to!
fh unofficial returns, Foster Is ahead of
Maddea''by"'-nly-abut eight y, voiles.
.'Madden held, a conference' with the
election commissioner, 'before- announcing
that he did not concede the election, and
would carry the matter to a reoount, if
necessary, v" .
ThB ofrtcisi convaas of the election will
be started Saturday morning in the elec
tion commissioner's office. Plana are al
most completed for it,' and the' work' will
be pushed through as fast as .consistent
with, accuracy! In order to .settle uncer
tainties in the, election, due to the very
close vote on police Judge,, coroner and
f epresentativea.j , . ',
Dr. WJlari II. Qulgley, whose defeat
by Coroner ."Willis Crosby is 'indicated
nn the face ef official return, is also
said to be hoping for 'a .'changed result
on the official count He '1s.'..about 133
votes .behind Crosby,, according . to unof
ttciat. .figures.
Nebraska's Gifts
for Christmas Ship
Reach New York
F. H.' bawson, " major, quartermaster
corps,- U. 8. A., in charge of the receiv
ing depot. of Christmas ship .Jason, has
sent word to The Bee that the numerous
packages collected by this newspaper
have arrived and are being loaded prepa
ratory to sailing November 10.
Fole.r Catmartlt, Tablets.
You will Jllte their positive action. They
.have a tonlo effect on . the bowels, and
give a wholesome, thorough cleansing to
the entire bowel tract. Stir the liver to
healthy activity and keep stomach sweet.
Constipation, headache, dull, tired feeling
never afflict those who use-Foley Cath
artic .Tablets. OhrJ- Zoo. Specially cora
.'Zortlng to stout, persons, who, cnjby the
light '.and1 freo feeling they -give. All
dealer everywhere, Ad vertisemnt,-
Co-operating with the American Na
tional Rod Cross association In an effort
to relieve the destitution an4 suffering
In the war sone of Europe, the J. I..
lira tide Is Fon'a company has secured the
loeatton of a Ked . Cross booth In the
Rrandela stores. It Is In charge of Mrs.
lahl and she will remain there so long
as contributions continue to come In the
shape of cash and new merchandise of
all klads. Collections will be forwarded
free of charge to the national headquar
ters In Washington.
The Red Cross booth In the Brandcls
stores Is In a convenient location, U
occupies a prominent position on the third
floor, Douglas street side of the big build
ing, and directly In front of the elevator.
To reach it by telephone Is only neces
sary to call the Brandela stores and ask
to be connected with the Ited Cross de
partment. In the Brandels stores the Red Cross
booth was established only Monday morn
ing. Its success has been remarkable,
and many contributions have been taken
in by Mrs. Dahl, but there Is a necessity
for much more, as the amount of suffer
ing that the national association must
relieve is enormous beyond contempla
tion. Then, too, there Is a great demand
for clothing, particularly articles for wo-j
men and children. t
Asaorlatlou Wends Out Appeal. j
The national association has sent out
an appeal stating that unless the United
States responds liberally and quickly, as
soon as the cold weather sets in, thou
sands of women and children In the war
son of Europe will die dally of cold and
The lUrandeis Store people assert that 1
even small contributions of cash or mer
chandise at this time may result In sav
ing the lives of numerous people who.
have been left destitute, homeless and
friendless by reason of the war that has
swept over such a large portion of
Kurope, leaving only a waste of country
and helpless women and children behind.
. In order to have supplies reach Kurope
In time to save the lives of the women
and Innocent children, there must be
great haste In forwarding the articles
that are to be contributed. Each day of
delay aggravates the situation.
The proposition of opening a branch of
the American National Red Cross asso
ciation was taken up by the Brandels
Stores with the national officers. It met
with their harty approval and, as a re
sult, it hns been established and Mrs.
Dahl placed In charge to receive all con
tributions. The Brandels people make nothing out
of the proposition. Instead, to them it Is
considerable expense. They give the val
uable space In the stores, employ Mrs.
Dahl and pay for the packing and ship
ping of all merchandise forwarded and
money sent on to the national headquar
ters in Washington.
Richmond is After
the Speakership Job
After having the ejpcrlei.ee of fooling
himself badly defeated, and again having
the experience of having himself hand
somely elected, Henry C. Richmond,
representative-elect from Dougla county
Is now'out. trying to talk himself Into the
speaker's-chair. Mr. Richmond has long
been associated . with the legislature In
one capacity and another. He was clerk
of. the -house In the last session. Ever
slnco he announced himself as a candi
date for the legislature It has been known
that he courtod the hope of landing the
speakership if he should be elected.
A Tasty
at 10c
A Porter
house at 40c
A lot of folks would decide
to take the steak, jumping
at the conclusion ' that it
makes the more nutritious meal
of the two. That's not so.
A 10c package of Spaghetti enough
to make -a substantial meal for seven
people contains four 'times more nutrition
than 1 pound of meat;
is food very rich in gluten the bone-and muscle-building
element. One of the main reasons why housewives don t serve
Spaghetti is bees use they don't know the great variety of .
rich, savory d is ties mat can do maae or it- uur tree
recipe book will open your eyes to its many use
. write for a conv.
a?. J St - f .. A -"1...-
oc una ivcfJKgs.vuy iwuuy.
St. Louisi Mo.
Railroads Out of
Omaha to Get Pay
Advance on Mail
The readjustment following the weigh
ing of. the malls by the railway mall de
partment last spring, which went into
effect July 1 of this year, shows some
very interesting results In the list of
figures sent to the local department from
Every four years this weighing occurs
and .a very material increase in the mall
pay of the transcontinental railroads Is
apparent when comparing the new period
to the one Just closed. The Union Pa
cific's mall pay has lnoreased to the ex
tent of JiXW.OOO a year on that part of
the road from Omaha to.Ogden, while the
Northwestern is credited with an Increase
of U per cent, and the Santa Fe from
Kansas City to Los Angeles 40 per cent.
Changes In " train schedules of rival
roads are partially responsible for the
increase on the Union Pacific, particu
larly on Pacific coast matter, a great
quantity of which Is being carried by the
Oregon Short Une between Granger and
Pocatello. This deduction is made by the
department from the fact that no more
than usual increase of from 6 to 7 per
cent in the country's mall Is appare.it.
The malls carried west are entirely out
of proportion to the amounts being trans
ported In other parts of the country,
which the department declares to be in
dicative of a rapid settlement of the Pa
cific coast country.
The heaviest Increase In mall pay is
apparent on some of the Colorado lines,
one in particular having advanced 1,200
per cent.
This is owing to the fact that the
parcel post carries shipments of fruit
and general merchandise at a cheaper
figure than the express companies. A
normal, healthy growth Is apparent In
local transportation, and conditions here
were never better from the standpoint of
the department and the railroads.
Bradley Hears Wheat
and Uorn Rate Case
Examiner George G. Bradlev nf the
Interstate Commerce commission heard
the preliminary debate on a wheat and
corn rate rase Friday. In the rtm,.n
the Mobile & Ohio railroad, in conjunction
with other roads, brought a rate case
bfore the examiner to finally determine
the rate question In relation to blaok
strap molasses.
Saturday morning probably the mmt
Important rata case of the year will re
ceive a hearing. The case in question Is
to determine the rata on lumber, and
practically all the railroads of the con
tinent are interested in the result. After
a two days' hearing in Chicago the case
was aajourne-a to be takes up in Omaha.
The fact that oil from the roi.nrtknu
in the Carter Lake district has been
draining Into the take has led to num
eioii complaints, to Cadet Taylor, that
the fluid is having a bad effect on tike
fish, as well as pollutting the waters.
Mr. Taylor took up the matter with the
railroad and was assured that the oil
would immediately be diverted to the
"VM. L. IIOLZMAN, Trcas.
A Masterstroke k
Vake G
Klrrtrlr lira ad Hitters
Help dyspasia, aids diKestlon, Increases
appetite. ke.ps lt.tr and kidneys hesllhy
buy a bottle, today. W.! and $1.00. All
druso IMs. Advertisement.
at i1 a w j i . .
a u.ln uus now mm grontcr store performs its duty as Nebraska's greatest distributor of Men's nnd Yomii
fi Men's Clothing. We're helping gowr'of America's largest makers elose out their surplus stocks. Sav
ings of one-fourth to one-third aro effected, which wo pass on to you. Nowhere will you find such em rmous
, assortments nnd such amazing values and Every man must have warm clothes An opportune event.
Thousands of Suits, Overcoats, Balmacaans
Peerless Styles Values
That Will Surpass All
Save $5.00, $7.50, $10.00
on Your New Fall
Suit or Overcoat.
Share in this wonderful opportunity.
Market conditions enab.e us to offer
clothing values heretofore unknown in the city
The Overcoats Chesterfields, in medium nnd heavy weights; Balmacaans;
Ulsters; UlstercMes; (Ireut eo.it a; (luard coats; Military m -deln; Motor
Coats. Vicunas; Kerseys; ''Cheviots; Chinchillas. Oxfords; IJIue? Grays;
Macks; Fancy Mixtures. Shawl and convertible; self '
or velvet collars. Wonderful overcoat values at. .
$10, $15, $20
Superb Suits Young Men's snappy wide roll lapel sack suits. Two and
three button models. Tartan checks,' plaids, stripes "Klchest weaves
ever produced see thes'j suits. "Also conservativo models Itr older men.
All sizes. Kcgular, stout, she rt stout, tall and
extra sizes. Absolutelv matchless values at ,
$10, $15, $20
Supreme ExcellenceWorld's Finest Clothes
An earnest invitation to men who have the habit, of paying $50.00 to
$75.00 for to-measure clothes see our magnificent showing of journey
men tailored garments at half the price ytm pay' for sumll shop tailor pro
ductions. These facts bear special emphasis - The most expert design
ers, the most proficient journeymen tailors, and most scientific methods of
production are in force in Rochester, N. Y.'s great tailor shops and we offer
you the cream of these finest hand-tailored suits and 'overcoats. Every .
size and proportion here, which insures perfection of fit. Richest weaves
in nil leading shades.
Autumn Suits, $25, $30, $35, $40. Autumn Overcoats, $25, $30, $35, $40, $50
Genuine Cnrr XXX Melton overcoats, silk linings, .
guaranteed for two years' wear, at $50.00
Men's $1.50 and $2.00 Flannel Shirts
Several hundred men's high grade Piquot rssJ
and Shaker flannel shirts. Good selection ClJj ta
of colors. Military or flat collars. Up to jf CJ (L
$2.00 values, Saturday, at r
Men's $1.00 Union Suits
Perfect fitting union suits
at a record low price. Med- flf f
ium heavy cotton ribbed '
these are perfectly proportioned union
suits. All sizes. Special Saturday 69c
Men's $3.50 Heavy Sweaters
Big, warm, shawl coMar, ueavv$50
Shaker knit sweaters. (.Irnyr
only. These sweaters sell every- ,
where at $.1.50 and worth it. Our spe
cial price, Saturday .$2.50
Men's $1.00 High Grade Fall Shirts
"Well known makes of men's fine negligee BBBt
shirts, spio nnd span new patterns. Light
nnd 'medium colors. Special for Satur- if fj'(X
day, at........ ,. W Wy
Unequalled Values Men's Union Suits
Superior, nilesize.and CorwithCa CA
fine quality, medium weight, 1 a.
ribbed union suits and wool
mixture medium heavy ribbed union
suits. Saturday t .$1.50
Greatest showing of Fall and Winter Underwear in the West. Vassar Swiss Ribbed, Duofold, Su
perior and Ritesize Union Suits, and all wanted styles, weights and sizes in ' shirts and drawers. .
Correct Fall Hats for Men and Young Men
Important feature of this new and greater store's modern lint department is the immense variety of ultra fashionable
styles. Expert service and lowest-in-the-city prices rounds out a real hat proposition for you.
Smartest Hat Styles in Town,
$2.00, $2.50, $3.00
John B. Stetson Correct Hats,
$3.50 to $10. 00
$2.00 Balmacaan Hats, $1.45
Dilmiiinn 14of QraAiol ouf opportunity to select one of these very new Metro
DalillaCaan rial dpeClal politan Balmacaan hats. Specially priced for Saturday.
$2.50 Balmacaan Hats, $1.85
The Store for Caps
' Men's Cloth Caps
50c to $2.00
Men's Fur Caps
$1.50 to $10.00
between low-power gasoline and
li V'
D r
WW t i
tbc mlleo-pcr-flallon gasoline
... - -
Motors start hard in winter on ordinary gasoline. Try
Red Crown the gasoline full of heat and pow;r-
atomizing easily quick-starting at any temperature.
It costs no mora '
Buy Red Crown by name at any garage or supply store.
You can reduce wear and tear on your engine use.
POLAIUNEp the standard oil for all motors.
18th and Cass Sts.
29th and Harney Sts
Standard Oil Company

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