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Eantig When
Others Arc Through
la Not t;lnttony, lint Stnart's !)
pcpsla Tablet will Knable You
to Have uch An Appetite.
In thrso rtav of hikh pr.mnre most
rwn mid otnn rftt vrry little and a
f.iod nl.1 fashioniM rater sits at table
after all liave left it.
The host wav to lift mirh an appetite
Is the Stuart way Uie natural way.
Landlady I 'Eve atnea Jones took
tturt'i Dyspepsia Tablata I've lost
Snoaej oa him."
If your stoma'-ri cannot dla-M your
fiKXl. what will? tthrr'i the relief? The
answer la in Stuart'a lyspepla Tablets,
heraune aa all stomach trouble arise
from Inditrestlnn ami Ixrium tine In
aredlent of Stunrt Dysrw-rsla Tablets
la able to cllsetit i. sraln of food,
doesn't it stand to reason that thrso
tahlrta are truing to diRst all the fimd
and whatever food you put into your
Muart a Pynpepsla Tablet are carefully
made to aupplv eve ry element lacking;
In a system afflicted with dyspepsia. In
tlltrrstlun, KBStrltls. dmiiach trouble, etr.,
ami to id healthy system to digest
dlfflrult food at unseoirly hoiira.
Just carry one of these little tablet
In your .urM or poket. After every rneal,
no matter when eaten, you have, always
at hand the ara'atanre that nature. will
relish and thrive upon.
In thla manner one nay eat all manner
fif food, attend late dinners, etc., and
leel . no avrloua results afterword.
Thousands of travelers always hava a
box of Htuart'a Iypersia Tablets in
the r (trips and ara thus enabled to eat
unaccustomed meals at any and nil times.
Surely there Is nothtnu so well adapted
to offerers from fond follies aa Muart'a
vapepsla Tablets, anj the greatest proof
of this fart lies in tho assurance tlxit one
ran purchase a box at nny drug store
anywhere in this country.
A small aample pa'kxge of Stuart'a
I'yepepaia Tablets will Ite mailed free to
anyone who will address K. A.. Ptuait
Co.. 150 Ktuart nidg.. Marshall, Mich.
Tuesday, November 24, 1914.
OMAHA is opening Its home this Thanksgiving and entertaining "en
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Baldrige will entertain at dinner In honor
of Mrs. Baldrige'a father, Mr. Benjamin F. Smith of New York.
Around their table will be members of their own family, including Mr.
Benjamin F. Smith, Mr. W. Farnam Smith, Mr. Dudley Wolfe, Miss Marlon
Macrae and Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Baldrige.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Keellne will entertain for Mr. and Mrs. George
Keellne of Council Bluffs, Mr. Roger Keeline, also of Council Bluffs; Mr.
Don Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Beaton, Master Orcutt Beaton and little
Miss Anna Jane Beaton.
Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Congdon will entertain at a family dinner In honor
of Miss Clara Bull of Pasadena, Cal. Later this party will see Raymond
Hitchcock at the Brandels theater.
With Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kountze wlil be: Mr. and Mrs. Luther
Kountte, Mr. and Mrs. O. T. Eastman, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Burns, Jr., and
Mr. Robert Burns.
Mr. Frank Burkley always entertains the members of the Burkley
family, and will have his usual Thanksgiving day dinner at his home on
North Thirty-eighth avenue. Miss Mary Burkley will arrive from Chicago,
Thursday morning, for this reunion.
BgSSSgfg Omaha's Great TOYLAND Opens Saturday
Magee-Thomat Wedding.
Conspicuous among the affairs of Tues
day was the wedding of Miss Marlon
Kdith Thomas, dauuhler of Mr. and Mra.
Joseph W. Thomas, and Mr. Wayland
Wells Ma gee, son of Mr. and Mra. Henry
w M... of Chleaao. which was cele
brated Tuesday evening at :30 o'clock: at alr.
the home of tho bride's parents on West
Harney street. Rev. Thomas J. Mackay. With the Bridge Player!
Maud Gray, a recent gradunte from the
Hoston Conservatory and a newcomer
to Omaha, Rave tho program, aaslsted
by Mies Gertrude Alkln an the vocal
Mrs. C. M. Wllhelm. chairman of the
general committee, has charge of the
rector of All Paints' Kjaecopal church
Th wedding waa very quiet, with only
relatives and intimate friends present.
There were no 'attendant
The bride waa attractive in a gown of
Health Insurance for Meat Eaters
A well known authority states that the
Mood of every meat eater in America la
(Hied with urlo acid, the greatest foe to
the kidney.
The kldneya fight urlo acid, something
they were never meant to do. The result
1 they become weak from overwork,
they ant sluggish, the ellminatlve t la
rues clog and the waxte la retained In
the blood to poison the entire system.
Lrfit kidney trouble develop and It will
Iead to sue h fatal diseases as Dropsy and
irlKhl'a IHaease.
Nearly all rheumatism, headaches, liver
trouble. nervousness, const liation, dlssl
tiess, sleeplessness and bladder disorders
come from weak, sluggish kldneya. You
can help the weakened kidneys and put
them in Rood working order attain by
Retting from your druggist about five
ounces of Hhnumasalts; take two tea
spoon fula in a glass of water before
breakfast each morning and In a few
days your kldneya will perform their
duties In a perfect manner.
Rhaumasalte flushes the clogged kid
neys and stimulates tham to aotlon. It
eleana out the stotnaoh and Inteatihea of
til poisonous matter and biases the intes
tinal csnst clean and sweet.
Kheumasalte la very Inexpensive. It acts
suickly without grilling or nausea. Delic
ious to take dellKht'ully effervescent.
Rheumasalta Is prepared by th famous
Rheumatat Company, Minneapolis. Minn.
Mrs. Lee iluff was hostess this after
noon at a large bridge pnrty. Yellow
and white chrysanthemums were used
through th rooms. The luncheon ta
llies were decorated with baskets filled
Vftrltti iwim.iuin ehrvaunthomiimB ml
white aalln made with eo,uare train and ,. . , . . Th.r. t..i.
full tunic of nlgian hand-run lace, which . uJe- of
was mnilo In a convent near Hrussela.
The lace formed the bodice, which was TJ-bntante Bridce
finished with a De Medici collar and cape eUWrntlc f!' , .
of th tare. The broad girdle waa of The Debutante nrldge club has post
white satin. The sleeves were long and !" Its Tuesday meeting and will be
mad ot very fine tulle. Over the wholo I entcrtalncj Wednesday at the home of
was an ovordreaa of sheerest silk Illusion. Mls Harriet Mots.
The bride was without glove and her
bouquet was a shower of iiiirs ot the Menorali Society Meets.
valley. The long tulle veil was made with The Menurah society will meet at the
a coronet cap ot tulle, caught with orange
Mrs. Thomas, mother of the bride, wore
an Imported gown of hand-embroidered
tulle trimmed w.th Iridescent bead and Carter Lake Club.
Th Carter Lak Swimming and Bowl-
home ot Vila Molly Wolf, 41 North
Twenty-first street, this evening. An
Interesting program has bcon arranged.
fringe nuute over white aatln with court
train. Hh wore a corsage bouquet of
pink rosebuds.
Tho ceremony was performed in the
living room, which was profusely deco
rated with ferns. Knatcr lilies, white
Ing club was entertained at the Metro
politan club Monduy afternoon. The high
scores were mado by Mrs. J. A. Free-
land's hand. The club will entertain at
chrysanthemums, narclssua and llllea of luncheon at the Commercial elub Mon
day. Those present
I Meads mes-
1 W. J. Cattln,
J. A. iMmtnlck,
Henry Keating,
1 V. Itralley,
fcol 6. (loldstrom,
l J. A. Kreeland,
M. I., t Tnrierwnod.
Of entrancing beauty and dignity were jt, j, pi,.rmn,
th musical accompaniments of th cere- i Alex Jetes,
mony. Before th entrance of the brkl j M. Johnson.
Miss Mary Munchhoft sang "Where Thou '
Ooest, There Uo I," from the biblical lUeSQay .Bridge tXUD.
the valley, carrying out a beautiful deco
rative schema of green and white. Th
dining yoom, where coffee waa served,
waa attractively decorated with Klllamey
rosea, the roses being used also as the
table decoration, combined with plnk
shaded candles. .
P. W. Stroop,
William Gould, Jr.,
.1. T llogera,
W. M. Dorrance,
N. M. Massett,
M. U. Whltehouse,
Krank Carpenter,
A. J. I'leraon,
Chnrlea Myers,
A. L. Dermody.
story of Ruth and Naomi. Mr. Martin
Bush presided at the organ and ' played
th Lohengrin wedding march. During
th ceremony Mr. Frank Mach, violinist,
played Hhubert'a "Serenade.".
On of th prettiest features of th wed
ding was th gift of orange blossoms sent
especially to th bride. They were from
th gardens of "Zuallta,
of Mr. and Mrs. Ourdon W. Wattle at
no vwooo. tti. Mr. ana rare, waiue
have honored three other brides In this Et-A-Virp Club Entertain!.
beautiful manner. Mra. r rang wnneim, . The Eta Vlrp club wilt give a danHna-
l' To itsitf caafomsrs only, j
. A 1 am r
I Sill I V
100 rtAYNEO
I IJojuuisiyf.
ExftnM Charg Paid
IP yoo bars asrsr triad TTsynar Wtibkey,
trT It now. Mail aa thlaatl with HOcanU
la stamps ar eoia wad w will aand yuia
a full quart bottle of Hayntr ft t vat
Stock ButUt-ln-bond Whiskey la sealed
cast spr charges paid. llaelottM-tn-flomH
whiskey of tha finest kind
aaak i with the U. S. Govemmaat'sCrwa
buuKP vr tha eork fully aged, full
luos proof, full masaura iar to plsaae
you in every way. ou take no thanes
wear on of th Uraeat DiatUlora la
America been In buainsa 4H years-
capital IMU.0u0.uu, Vrdrr rif U now
crdar se thaa an quart it yon like
goods wiU go forward by Ami HP'HIi
OW"W WW W, " Ofklsj.j 'j sWottt.a
sb4 all stus Wh thmf aiust sail t 4
LM lot num qaart lisl pnui, S-a1
Aiiru r tuarttl UUct
tl.rtoa. 0. Wukiartaa, D. C. U. UaiaJ M.
IWa.0. tU.a.aUM. KaaHsCitf.M.
aru'itl4, Oki. LUi.np.lu. Ua.
ai. real, Shaa. JaakwatiUs, U.
htm Winn, as.
Mrs. Walter B. McCormlck was hostess
today at the meeting ot th Tuesday
Rrldge club. Mrs. Arthur Rogers, Mrs,
Joseph Byrne and Mies Clara Bull were
guests ot the club. Th. members are:
Meadames Mesdamea
Dcnlse ltarkalow, I-ouls Clarke,
Arthur Keellne, John Rertlck.
W. U. McCrmlck, Walter Roberts,
John Madden. Frank Keogh,
George ltedlclc, Roas B. Towle.
formerly Miss Jean Cuduhy; Mrs. John party this
Rous or Baltimore, nee miss Brownie I academy.
Bess Baum, and Mrs. J. MacMlllan Hard
ing, who was Mies Agnes Burkley, hav- i t Prairia Park
evening at Chambers'
Ing also received orange blossoms from
the Wattles' California gardens for their
wedding day.
Assisting through th rooms were:
Meadames Fred Thomas and Ourdon
W. Wattles.
Mlsaea M laves
Claire II. Woodard, of Chicago.
Alice Coad. lionise Magie
Helen Maaee of Chlcaao.
The out-of-town guests were:
Mr.. Henry. W. Mage of Chicago, father
ot th groom; Misses Helen and Louise
Ma Bee of Chlcajro, a'sters of the, groom;
Mra Richard Wagner, grandmother of Future Affairi.
the bride, from Denlaon. la.; Mr. and Mra. Alfred Darlow has issued invlta-
f . ... . . ' ... I I'r.s for a tea to be given at her home
lam n wis. iwri i-n iisuiiuun m Saturday afternoon.
The Tralrle Park Needle Craft guild
gave Its "guest day" entertainment this
afternoon at the club house.
Wedding Announcement.
Miss Marie Josephine Uelseler of Omaha
and Mr. Harlan II. Fall of Pittsburgh.
Ta., were quietly married BunJay even
ing at the North Tresbyterlan church.
Mr. and Mrs. Fall will reside In Pitts
Mr. and Mrs. Magee hav left for a
wedding trip, the whereabouts a secret,
and will be at home after May 1 at Bum
mer Hill farm, Bennington.
Th bride's goawsy gown was of or- 0r Mm Bull.
juisa ierenelm of Council Bluffs will
entertain at luncheon Monday at her
beau blim velvet trimmed with rhlnt'hllUt
fur. With thla was worn a Oeoiaotte
sailor of black velvet
Wedding Announcement.
Thomas and Mr. Wayland Wells Magee eaUre Past.
Mr. and Mra Luther Kountse enter
tained informally at dinner Monday
evening in honor of Miss Clara Bull of
Pasadena, guest of Mrs. Arthur Rogers
and Mr. and Mrs. Isaao Congdon.
!.!rs. Winslaw's Soothing Syrup
wlU be celebrated this evening at the
home of the bride's parents. Mr. and
Mrs. Joseph W. Thomas, 3t20 Harney
street Rev. Thomas J. Mackay of All
Balnts' church will officiate.
I'butante luncheon.
Mlas Daphne Peters entertained at
luncheon today at her home In honor of
Mlsi Eleanor Mackay and Misa rUclla
Thummel, two' of the season's debu
tantes. Klllamey roses were used In th
table decorations, and covera were placed
Misses- MUeea
Francea HochatvtUr.l'-URenia Patterson,
Luclle Bacon, Marlon Kulin.
Harriet Met a. Jan.t Hall,
Ann Clifford. Ulancha ltucl.
Aliie Jacuutth,
IHITri.H r ItrS'iT.
Hotel ilrcslin
Broad wmtj ai 29 St
-New JorU
"An Hotel Wnar Caeats ar MaJ
t Feel at Homa"
Not too Urge, yet large
enough to afford the
maximum of value at
minimum expense.
Exceptionally Accessible
500 Rmu Mult rat tcttoinut Cnurf
Siagls k soak l arltbj Rsssias Vstte
' Slsfi gnosis iib Tas or Shower
Iobls Rooms with kuaaint Vaier
gi.bO is t.tiO pcrtiy
Deuba) kooms with Tu or Sbowcr
tl.UO tats.Od per Say
EDWARD C. rOCG. Manmgint Dirmctf
MOV L. fckOWN. kfuUmt Afaa.a.r
let urn from War Zone.
Miss Krsnces Nash and Mt Natalie
Myers Isnded In New Tork City Mon
duy evening. They were met by Mrs.
. E. W. Nash and Mra L. K. Crofoot
I Ml Nash and Miss Myers ere returning
I from a year of musical study abroad.
At the Omaha Club.
There will be a table d'hote dinner at
th Omaha club Thursday vnlng. fol
lowing Raymond Hitchcock's perform
ance, th Thanksgiving attraction at the
J lirandela theater.
Belgian Belief Circle.
j The most recently formed circle for the
t Franco-Uelglan Relief aoclety waa enter
, talnod thla afternoon at the home of Mra.
Benefit Musical Tea.
Tbls afternoon a niuab el ami tea was
( given at the home of Mrs. N. II. Loonils
i for tha bent-fit of the building fund of
I tU Hi st fraabfUiiao thurch. Miss
Mlsa Irene Palmqulst entertained tha
K. K. K. club at her homa KiinrH.v
Mis Loretto Dcllone. the popular New
Tork harpist, gave a program MJnday
afternoon at St. Derchman'a academy for
the pupils and slaters ot the academy:
Mlas lelone waa assisted by Mlsa An
derson ot Belgium.
IttMlMiPEliS STilKjS
Ready to Outfit You From Head to Foot
WE WANT to assure Every Man, Every Young Man and Every
Boy who is late in buying his Thanksgiving outfit that vro are roa-dy with the
Biggpst Sf.cks of everything you need. Come to Brandeis Wednesday feeling con
fident of being outfitted with just what Jon want to buy. Look over these bargains:
I Dy -Product I
Mens Sample Sweater
Worth up to $5.00,
Mon'a Sample Sweater Coats
Worth up to $7.60.
Wednesday, at . .
Men's Fine 811k Four-ln-Ilandi
Very latest patterns. Large open
ends. Worth to $1.00.
Special Wednesday, at.
Men's Sample Glovrw and Mittens
Adler's make. Lined and un
llned. Worth to $1.50. nn
Wednesday, pair OIC
rge open
Men's Fine Dress and Street
tilovea I'errin's, D. & P. and
Fowne's makes. All the new
shades, at, pair,
81.50 to ....
Manhattan Shirts All the latust
novelties- Neat effects. Ex
clusive patterns, at J C ftft
81.50 to spO.UU
W are Exclusive Agents In
Omaha of the Famous Muitng
I'nlon Suits for Men. All weights.
All sixes to fit every
man. 81.00 to
Will You Buj a New Hat?
To harmonise nicely with tho
fine clothes you have bought
for Thanksgiving,
"liranaeis spetlal" Soft and
tefat".:.. $2.00
'The Sterling" Soft fQ
hats- Leaders at PJ
John B. Stetsons
Soft and stiff, at.
Austrian Velour Hats Wort a
$4.00 and $5.00. Bought spe
cial and sold
special, at. . .
lata Wort a
Bought spa-
. ' t if j : 111 i'
..' ... . J ,jr A.
Every Man Can Look Prosperous
On Thanksgiving Day
We offer for Wednesday an. Immense Assortment of Men's
and Young Men's fine Suits and Overcoats at prices that will
bo glad news meaning a saving of over $8.00 on the Overcoats
and over $6.00 on the Suits or something like $15.00 on both
garments if you have to buy an entire outfit.
Men's Overcoats
In Blue, Brown and Gray Chin
chillas, shawl
or convertible
collars. Fancy
back Overcoats,
Ul s ter coat3,
English fitted
double breasted and
single breasted knee
length coats. Every
style in all fabrics.
Overcoat that will com
pare favorably with
garments you will gee In
many stores offered at
$$6.00 to $30.00.
Men's Fine Suits
In fancy Worsteds, Tartan
Plaids, Over-
plaids, Glen Ar-
quhart, pen
stripes, pencil '
and hair line
stripesin Eng
lish and se mi-En g
llsh models; also
conservative nod
tit. Two and three-
button coats. Lots
of stouts and extra
Bises. Hundreds of
Blue 3ercs In
cluded. Values
$22.50 to $$0.60.
--f -i - v -'..- ;
i a i 1 1 man ii i in) ii it i i i 1 1
And Don't Forget the Boy, He Likes Good Clothes, Too
Bring him In to our Second Floor in the Men's
Store Wednesday and we will outfit htm with
fine strictly all-wool suits . M
with extra pants real $7.50 QtZ
values for, only asj
Boys' Extra Taut Suits Bought at a big discount.
$4.00 and $5.00 values, offered Q ZtZ
And a Fine Ilalmacaan or Polo Chinchilla Overcoat
All sizes tor boys 2. to 10 years. . Every coat
fully lined wltn riannei. values tnat you
oouldn t duplicate anywhere
else much under $7.50 of
fered here special, at
Boys' Chinchilla Overcoats A special lot that are
really $4.00 values, offered, 2
sua tj j i
Dangerous Ilsea-s IIvomH
Is the Eay, Hafe and
Rapid Remedy.
Catarrh, which la usually Indicated by
sniffling, frequent colds, droppings In
the throat, and raising ot mucus, la a
serious disease because it surely spreads
to the delicate linlns of the air passages,
weakens the entire system, frequently
destroying the hearing, and makes a
mental and physical wreck of Its vlctuns.
It's aa fool.sh to take drugs to cure
catarrh as to swallow a pill to heal a
broken arm. Tou must have a direct
application aomethlns that will at once
reach the diseased tlaauea, kill the germs,
and drive out the poison.
llyomel, that can be had from any
drugglat, la just such a remedy. Being
a mixture of antlseptla and healing oils
that you brvathe through a small Inhaler
Its health-restoring medication cannot
help going direct to the raw and In
flamed lining ot the nose and throut.
quickly relieving that choked-up feeling.
J stopping the unclean diacharge from the
n.ta.. .n.l Ii 1 1 n , 1. .. .
Clement Chaae. About lwnt -five ' '. t'."' Z-'V ZtZTZZZ
women were present. I M
There la nothing for the treatment ot
catarrh Ills that is easier, more pleasant
or so aatisfylng aa liyomel, and It la
moat Inexpenalve. Sherman A Mct'onnell
I 'rug Co. sells It on the "No-cure-no-lay"
plan. AdvcrtlavmcuU
the by -word of Wise
Shoe Buyers
The hy-ivord of men who have solved the
problem of getting a snappy, stylish-looking
shoe that is also comfortable and durable
at a moderate price. Patent, Vici Kid Gun
Metal or Tan in button or lace.
10 a
i j
A mild systeaa of treatsaeet that cure
Piles, fistula an4 Kestel Pisesses
wliboat Uie use ot a knife. He chier
teres, et!ier or otDer general an
eeeibetia esed. Me aaoeoeaaary de
lav from business. Aa absolute ours
guaranteed In every ease accepted.
The sure am, bea the pay. That's say
roller. It's fair sad square. I also rive a
rlcten guaraqtee that tbe cure will last
a Ufa time, write tor Pre Bswfc. hlob
gla futl pTtloalars.
0.g.K. TKV "-
9S Tears Seli'nt Jewelry la Omaha
Cut your melon
this winter. A
20& dividend is
only a fair sized
melon these days
but it would
set well in your
bank account.
It's good clean earn
ings too burning
Vulcan Coke No
undue depreciation
to be provided for
no burned out grates,
no dead loss in clink
ers and soot a lot of
heat, but no smoke.
Preferred dividends
only 20 sure. No
Common Stock in
the Vulcan combine.
Only the best selected
coils go into the Vulcan
ovens that's why the
product is Vulcan and not
just coke.
Comes in sizes suited
to range, furnace or
neater. Better than
Anthracite Coal and 20
cheaper wherever you
burn it.
Produced bi
Coal Products Mfg. Co., Jo!iet,lll.
Exclusive Domestlo Sales Agents.
Atwill-Mikemton Coal & Coke Co.
McOormlok aidg., Chicago.
Nebraska Fuel Co.
CI triiiUrt
St. Oat is
Cs. Bluili
Tittstatt ' .
Datflti i At 1 4 a
430 ''i''"'"1
iVi iLV k tit ''S tr. k L
a Three
City sal?8
Missouri Pacific
Leav Omaha Ar. Kansas City
8:15 A. M. 3:55 P. M.
2:00 P. M. 8:35 P. M.
11:15 P. M. 7:07 A. M.
Modern Equipment
Observation Sleepers
Superb Dining Car Service
Meals a la Carts
Direct connections in Kansas
. City Union Station (or points
South East VvVjst.
1413 Farnam St.
Union Station.
Thos. F. Godfrey
General Agent, Passenger Dept.
' Mi: i' if.,'!

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