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The Deo is The Paper
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have Th Baall t yew.
Omaha Daily
JLvJlV , Cloudy
On Trains aaa a SINGLE
totals lm Staaae, Se, OlVJUIZi
Frank G. Hohl, Notorious Motor Cat
Outlaw, Killed in Battle
with Police:
the First Battalion, Scotch Caraerons, in snow-clad Bel
gium. -
Oyer $13,000 Missing, and it is Be
lieved Accomplice Secured
This Money.
Holdup Man Loots One Money In
' stitution After Another.
Tklnf Feattive
Well Known
from Jnstlee
te Antboritles
Tkrfn Coffer ta Gaard'a
- Face.
; CINCINNATI. O.. Dff, 17.-The life o'
; Frank O. Holit, notorious automobile
bandit, ended here today following a
three houra" career of crime which In
cluded the robbing of two Cincinnati
banks, the theft of an automobile and a
.pUtol duel with policemen that, resulted
In probable fatal wounda to otie officer
and tha death of the bandit.
Thirteen thousand and one hundred dol
lars are missing a the result of the bank
robberies and the nlollce are confident
that Hohl. In hla wild automobile drlvea,
managed to pass thla money along to
some confederate.
The beginning of Hohl end started
shortly after 10 a. nv, when he entered
the West End branch of the Provident
Savings Bank and Trust company, fired
two ahots at Cashier Edward .Hughes,
scooped up $8,000 In currency, packed
through the door. Jumped Into a waiting
automobile which had been stolen and
disappeared. While the police were
searching for the bandit he entered the
liberty Banking and Savings company,
ten blocks away, fired two ahots al
Cashier George Winters, grabbed what
proved to be $5,100 In currency, ran to his
automobile and again disappeared. - The
" .hot. ware so close to wint. that n-lj Eiecti0n is Held" and Omaha
was powaer-vumea, uui uinvr man
ferlng from the shock be was uninjured.
Almost two houra later Harry Lurk
ahorn. whose mother conducts an apart
ment house on West' Ninth street. In
formed the police of the similarity of a
man who rented a room there yesterday
with a description given of the bandit.
Three policemen called at the room, and
upon knocking the door " was suddenly
jthrown open, though the bandit opened
'fire, at the aame time brushing past the
officer, one, of whom, Policeman Edward
Knoul, was probably fatally wounded.
.... - i aa ill Bk .
f " ' ' ' ' '
- , f f
: : ; ; ; ' i ; : . 9 t
h . .. - - ifij
' . - t',M . V
-f ;:' A
I '"' , - " I - ,f
' mini latimwtTmiMii'iaiii mnrai 4J jMrina.ai;M
Armies of Russia Reported in Flight
All Along Front in Galicia
and Poland.
Musoorite Offensive Aimed at Posen
and Silesia Has Completely
i Broken Down.
Forces1 of Teuton Allies Make it Hot
' for Bear in Both North and
South. '
Russians and Turks Win the Same
Battle, According to Official Reports
PETROOnAD, Dec, 17. (Via Indon.) ater's Telegraph company, gives tha fol-
A communication. Issued by the Rus
sian army ataff In the Caucasus, says:
"Tha Turka, considerably reinforced
from Bagdad and by a new formation,
asaumed the offensive In tha Euphrates
valley and the Van region, which resulted
In a number of engagements of seo
ondary Importance. In thesa battlea the
Russians were Invariably victorious, with
tha result that the Turkish forces are de
moralised and In soma cases have lost
their effeJlvenVsa."
IiONIXN. Pec. 17. A dispatch from
Conetantlnope,' via Amsterdam, to Reu
lowing Turkish statement
"Heverat days' battle near tha vtllayet
of Van has ended In our favor and our,
troops have entered flarat
"A British cruiser unsuccessfully bom
barded a Turkish watch tower between
Jappa and Gasa, In Palestine, on the
"Tha Russian cruiser, Askold, sank two
small ships off Beirut, Pyrla.
"Tha loss of the old battleship, Mes
stidleh, after a final examination, must
be attributed to a floating mlna or tor
Selected as Place for Holding
Next Convention.
Clifford Thorss Talks on Railroad
Bltaatlon aad TelU of Flgat .
Against Proposed Rate
' . Ratal a sr.
J. 8. Canada of' Mfnden waa yesterday
Th4 bandit agalrf iran 'to hla autoniolHr Farmers' Co-operaUvs Oralii' arid "XA va
Official Press Bureau Announces
Britain' Made Over Lord of
African State. ' - ' '"(
r.forse Approves . Appolatmeat of
I.lratr.aant Colonel Sir Artfcar
' McMahosi as Raler of New' ' '
" Depeadcacy.
which was staadlng nearby, but In round
ing a corner tha machina crashed into a
telegraph pole and was wrecked. Thj
bandit jumped out and opened fire on the
two officers who had pursued him. In
tha battle, that followed Hohl fell with
four bullet wounds In his body and died
shortly afterwards at the hospital.
Stock Shipping association., J. W. Short
hill Was . re-elected sei-retay-treajiilrer,
Ouf F. Brlgss, Colrldge, vice president,
and John.cr Miller,' St. Mary's, and E. -E.
Price,' Btlckley, 'ihew members of the board
of directors. Omaha Waa chosen as the
next meeting place. The convention has
another aesslon today. ' '
C. Vincent, grain dealer of Omaha, read
Hohljs-as well Known 10 ine p'hiuu aim -
Th I'OliPM ! l'r VII HIO yuunv; raivuvun ' "
Is opposed to the warehouse law and has
gathered a great deal of data to prove
claim that ho was wsnled In connection !
with a diamond robbery In Kansas City,
Mo., a year ago, where he had assumed
the name of Howe.
The police say that Hohl usually Had a
woman confederate, for whom a search la
being made.
was a fugitive from justice.
claim that he shot up an Altoona. Pa., I
O .,.MalAi1 at rtl m'Vtflftji
oann OB ,i his convictions. ' He had letters from
being .conveyed to the j.l! n.wly.lected ,cmber. of the tegls-
threw a cup of coffee In hut guard s face omlon. on
...in aarnft. He u. in n caoJ ....... i . i
r..a IT." .. " -I .- .h- iaiatioii tor a warenouse. Artnur
lurea, out .uuKMUC..r., . ...... - , fvored ., ,nd ,om opposed It.' A
-Hollidaysburg, Pa., jail. The police also , pmi.lahU nroDortlon- of them -dmitted
I that they Knew nothing aooui u; inai
they had had no opportunity to study the
Reviews Farmers' Congress.
Mr. Vincent reviewed tha two actions of
tha Nebraska Farmers congress of a
week' ago. In which It once voted down
the proposition and then reconsidered and
endorsed the warehouse.
"This," Mr. Vincent said, "was reoon-
side red and pushed through by a vote of
about a! doien persons there being leas
than forty, remaining In tha convention
hall. This action has heen widely pub-
as a' reveraal by tha .congress -of j
'.LONDON. Dec? 17.-The ; official pre
tlpirVnu t,oplfct: JtsUed'Thf ' fonowlhg' stato-
ment concerning the. making , of .Egypt
a' British protectorate: .
"Hi Brittanlc majesty's principal seo.
rKarjr of state for foreign affairs gives
notice that tn view of a stats of : war
arising out of the action of Turkey, Egypt
is placed under the protection of his
majesty and will henceforth constitute a
British protectorate.
"The sezeratnlty of Turkey over Egypt
la thus terminated and his majesty's gov
ernment will adopt all measures necessary
for the defense if Egypt and tha prvieo
tloa of Ms Inhabitants and Interests. .' ,
, "The king has been pleased to approva
the appointment of Lieutenant Colonel Blr
Henry ? MacMahon . to be hla
majesty's high commissioner for Egypt."
Assert Enemy Upon. Run from One
End of. Line to Other.
DENVER, Dec. 17. William Fsrth,
ninn.r ' anil csDltalist. ' died early
tbts morning of pneumonia He suffered j j,hed
Keokuk Dam Builder.
, Offers Amendment
To Water Power Bill
a fall last Saturday night and was taken
down with pneumonia, Mr. Barth cams
to Colorado In 1862 and amassed a for
tune In mining and railroad Investments.
He was 8S years old. "
The Weather
For Omaha. Council Bluffs and Vicinity
Cloudy, possibly light snow; rising tem
perature. I
J. 1 . .I... ii.. f
TosBperatara at omafca irjiemaj. . sons wno cnooss iv;
Its former action when It was in reality
nothing of the sort; It wss nothing but
the execution of an unfair trick to secure
the appearance of endorsement of ware
house legislation by the Nebraska. Farm
era' congress." ( s . ,
Mr. Vincent produced figures 'to provs
his points agtilnat the warehouse proposi
tion and In concluding said: "We believe
tha we should b permitted to attend to
our legitimate- business of buying' and
selling gralnand wa will, not attempt to
dictate ths terms of Storage lor per-
Hour. Deg,
& a. m 0
a. m 1
a. m t
x a. m 6
a. m 7
10 a. mi
. 11 a. m. 10
11 m 11
1 p. m U
S p. m 14
'3 p. tn..... 14
4 p. m....
i p. ni 10
p. m 17
7 p.m IS
p. in Is
Local Krcorrt.
ui4. ws- mi. 1W1.
IS 43 M 2)
2 24 25
W 3 r,
T .t .W .08
precipitation depar-
Hlgheat yesterday
Lowest yeaterday .
Mean temperature .
FreciplUtUoa ........
Temperature and
turea from the normal:
Normal temperature Z7
Jieflulency for the day ., U
Total axxesa since March 1 fe9
Knrmil nriini ta I inn 03 Inrh
Deficiency for the day .03 inch i
Total rainfall since March 13 Inches
Deficiency since March 1 I ll inrhas
Deficiency for oor. period, 191.1.. i ?,1 Inches
Deficiency for cor. period, 1914. . 3.W Inchea
Reports fran stations at T P. M.
Clifford Thorne, clialrmsn of tha Iowl
Board of Railway Commissioners, spoko
at tha evening sesalt on the railroad
situation, explaining aomething ,of tjie
proposed general advance of freight rates
by the western roads and ths proposed
fight that ' the railway eommlsaioria of
fifteen middle western atatee are to make
before the Interstate Commerce commis
sion against the raise. . , ' 1
Big Stores Will '
Be.Open Evenings
Until Christmas
WASHINGTON,- Deo. ' 17. Amendments
to the water power site leasing bill - de
signed in his view to make lt-a "work
able meaaara" war presented to the sen-'
ate public lands committee ' today by
Hugh I Cooper, ' builder of the Keokuk,
la., dam. "If congress will enact., a, law
ofj a ' character under which members of
congress would place trust funds la their
custody in water power development -
terp rises, there will be ao mora trouble,"
ho. said. ., r . i- ' : -v -
The 'Shields water power bill as a-substitute
for the house general . dam bill
was recommended today by ths senats
commerce committee. ' rlehators reserved
rights to offer amendments on-,the floor.
It is distinguished . from the A dam son
bill In that It gives the light of eminent
domain to developers Of power, provides
for no annual charges for the govern
ment, makes the fifty-year leasea revoc
able after the - expiration of that period
by act of congress. Instead bf expiring
automatically at the, end of fifty years,
and provides for "recapture"-, after fifty
years by ths ' government an the "fair
value," Instead of at "actual cost." .
' ' ,
Station and State
of Weather.
Cheyxnne, clear
iMsnver, clear
Dea Moines, rlpudy ..,
lender, clar ..........
North riHlte. clt-ar
Omaha, cloudy
Pueblo, clear
Rapid City, clear
Salt Lake City, snow
Puita re. cloudy ...
Hherldan. clear
fctoux liy. cloudy ....
aieotina, clear
Temp. High-
7 p. in. est.
, IS
indicates trace of pre.clpltctlon.
La A. Wa.tH. Lwval ForecasUr.
Americans in Japan
; ,to Answer Iltimors
TOKIO. Dec. IT. The American Peace
society of Japan -at. Its annua meeting
held here today voted to appoint a com-
mlttee of -fifteen- Americans ; living. In
Late opening of the downtown stores merit on - th various questions bearing
now prevails, Beginning last iugm
continuing untU Christmas, to give aliop
para who hav a hard time to do their
buying in the day time an opportunity to
prepare for Christmas. The stores whlcK
sill not be open evenings this week (ex
cept Saturday night) are Burgesa-Nash,
Thompaon-Belden se i?o., Klng-1'eck and
Kllpatrtck. Co.
Fleree ; Kaaaaemeat la rronrmi
Thirty Miles from Pollsk City
nasi Kalser'e Me.a Gala
- realties.
VIENNA (Via London), Dec 17.
An official announcement ays the
Rosatans are retreating, along the en
tire front in Galicia and Poland.
' VIENNA (Via Amsterdam to London)
Dee. 17. Tha following official communi
cation waa Issued today:
"Tha latest newa permits of no further
doubt that tha resistance of tha Russian
main force has been shattered. After ths
defeat of the southern wing" In tha battle
of Llmanovo, which lasted several day a,
our allies also gained a victory near
Lodi. .
Ths Russians are now completely
routed on, ths River Besura.
"Thrcatened by our advance across tha
Camathlans from the south, ths enemy
began a general retreat which they are
trying o cover by stubborn ngnung in
the regions before tha Carpathians.
"Our troops ara sttaeklng on ths Una of
Grodno-Zakllciyu.' '
"Along ths other parts of tha front tha
pursuit has begun.".
Hi Battle la PrwsTf-aaa,
. WARSAW.. Deo.. 17.-Vla London.) A
sreat battls ,1s In prfigrew at Bochaoaew,
thirtv mUaa-waatot U'arsaw, The Oerman
f wiMltre, -whloh in prooeaOtng -In a aouin-
easterly Jlrectloft from How Has manage a,
aft.e hw flahtlng. In which serious
losses are reported . to have been In
flicted, to establish Itself a quarter of a
mile meet of Sochaosew. The Polish. cam
paign now centers at that point.
.The German' column was met at. Sooh
acsew by fierce resistance on the part
of the Russians. The fighting was ex
tremeiy severe, at points leading to hand
to hand ancountsre. Artillery Are on both
sides waa heavy and eontlnuoua. Oerman
aeroplanes are constantly olrcllng over
the town.
.Reinforcements are. being poured In
rapidly on both aides. The Russians are
bringing In troops by highway and by the
railroad from Warsaw. The Germans are
moving forces from the region about
Loda. . .
Have Fle AFtny Carps.
Notwithstanding-vthe conflicting nature
of reports concerning the character of ths
German operations. It Is evident that their
maneuver, which according to some re
ports. Include as many as flva army
. . . . . ... . 1 . Mm
corps, are Being conau---.ru -
to the north of Lowics.
A new flrat-eld corps, consisting ef
nerve specialists ior me v
soldiers who have become Insame during
battle has been organised. Tne necessity
for this form ef treatment Is growing as
a' result o the Intensity ot ins nervous
strain under which the soldiers are ngnt
in a-. An instance in point Is the ease of a
second lleuteoent who escaped vnwoundad
from, a fight 1 whloti there were oniy
thirteen survivors out of S40 men. He Is
a mental wreck." it Is said that there are
many almllar cases.
Geraias CI I a Victory.
BERLIN, Dee. 17. (By Wire! ess. V
Army headquarters today Issued the fol
lowing statement:
"There is no change on the east and
west Prussian frontiers. The Russian
offensive against Bllasia and Posen has
eomDletQly broken down. In the whole
of Poland tha enemy was -forced to re
treat after fierce and stubborn frontal
battles, and Is being pursued everywhere.
"Yesterday the French continued their
attacks at Nleuport without success. At
tacks were attempted at Zillebecke and
(Continued on Page Twe, Column 6i.)
Times Correspondent Describes as
Awful Scene of Huge Army of
Invaders Leaving Servia.
Hepnrls Reaching Heme, fttlr Inter-
eat ef tltlsena There for the
iireat Snfferlaa the Troops
Are t'aderaolna.
LONIX)N, tec. 17. A correspondent of
the Times, who Journeyed over the path,
of the great Austrian retreat from Bervla,
telcgrapha from Valjevo as follows:
'There are a myriad of evidences of the
completeness of the great debacle which
far surpasses almllar Incidents In ths
Balkan war.
'Thla retreat Is a terrible tragedy. The
roada along which the Auatrlana fled are
littered with corpses and impedimenta ot
every description. What Impresses one
moat Is the spelling filth which the.Aus
triana lert behind them. The hospttala
containing their wounded are In a pes
tilential state.
It U impossible to enter many of the
rooms owing to the stench. The Servians
are busily engaged In trying to restore
order." ,
I.aad the Serrlaas.
ROME, Dec. 17.-It Is difficult to say
whether the news reaching here from
Servia Is arousing a greater degree of
admiration for ths herolo qualities of the
Servian people than It does pity for their
While the assistance and sympathy of
the entire world has gone out to carry
relief to the Belgians, to the French peo
ple, to tha Poles and to ths people -of
Gallcla, nobody seems to realise that In
Servia disease and tha cold weather are
today finding mora victims than do the
bullets of the Austrian soldiers. The con
ditions In Bervla are such that the
wounded die unattended on ths battle
fields and are abandoned In Isolated villages.
Thers Br a laok of ambulances, of doc
tors and of nurses, of medicines and of
Surgical instruments, even of bandage
and disinfectant.. .In several Servian vil
lages there are tod ay evsr 1.000 wounded
In each sommunif. In some cases on
slngls doctor has fewer than LOW men
In his
r '.
Enough Submarines
Gould Have Stopped
Raid, Says Fiske
WASHINGTON, Dec. 17.-An "ade
quate" number of British submarines
rolgilt have repelled the German cruisers
which raided the English coast yester
day, Rear Admiral Fiske, aide for opera
tions, told the houae naval committee at
today's hearing on the needs of the sea
'If the British had a sufflotent num
ber of submarines they could havs stood
off the cruiser," he said. "If th Ger
man vessels were going fast, however, It
would be very hard for submarine to
stand them off. If ths British had hsx a
dosen or fifteen submarines at Hartlepool
they would have been pretty hard ' to
Admiral flake thought that, judged by
ths situation abroad, th United State
waa "a well prepared today for control
of the sea as ever before." Leaving aald
tha fact that Europe waa at war, how.
ever, he thought the I'nited State navy
wa not as well l r" -nrcd, because other
nation have bren . ahead In naval
affair much raoi . i,IJly.
Admiral Flake thought the real signifi
cance of ths German shelling of th Brit
ish port probably wa to draw out the
British fleet and string It along ths North
Sea in such a way that H could be at
tacked by a German fleet.
The Day's
War News
Seventy-four person were killed
and 147 wounded, aceordtnc to the
best figure now available. In the
raid on the east coast ot England
Wednesday by German warship.
The success of the German in
making their way put the line of
.British warships and through mine
field, and In escaping after the
bombardments, lead England to
expect another attack, prepara
tions for which are under way.
Berlin Is elated and the news
paper there hint thAt Wednes
day's exploit . may be the prelude
to greater event on the) sea, 1
Germany'! new plan for the oper
ations against the Russian annlea
is unfolding gradually. Petrograd
, dispatches say that the Auatro
German flanking operations in the.
Carpathian mountains, and on the .
Vistula are being conducted on a
large scale and that they threaten
Russian lines ot commnnlcatioa.
Russla'a Caucaeua army 1 having
frequent encounters with the
Turks, but official statement are
at such sharp variance that it is
difficult to form an opinion as to
what is happening. --
One ot the greatest victories of -the
war is claimed by. Germany,
The Berlin official statement con
tains these, words: "The Russian
v offensive against both Silesia and
Posen has been completely broken
down. ' In the whole of Poland the
enemy was forced to retreat after
fierce and stubborn frontal battles
and is being pursued everywhere."
Four steamers were sunk ' by
. mines off the east coast-ot Eng-
land . in . toe territory ' covered
Wednesday by the raiding Gaman
warships. These vessels . were,
said In England to have scattered
mines ta cover their, retreat. .
Another Attack is Expected and En-
tire Machinery of Coast De
fense is in Motion.
Maximum Estimate of Number Seri
ously Wounded is About One '
Hundred and Fifty.
Wilson and Bryan Hasten, to Assure
England that They Don't Father
Anti-Arm Export Bill.
Asabaaaador Palse Cables Waafclaar-
Isgtsa Regarding Probable Oat
. eesne af Aitesaptejsl I.eg-Islatloa.
Carranza Troops.'
Evacuate Puebla
WASHINGTON, Dec. IT. Th city of
Puebla, in the Mexican state of that name,
has been evacuated by Carranse forces
and now Is held by Zapatistas. A re
port to the State department today aay
Carranse Uoope burned the railroad eta
en the relations between Japan and th
United States. . i
. The society ha made the .announce
ment -that It deeirea to counteract certain
unjustified . rumors now being repeated
that Japan has hostile Intentions toward
tha United States.
Overdue Steamer
Florida Reports
Nit YORK. Dee. 17.-The French Una
steamer Florlde, more than a week over
due here from Havre, concerning whoa
safety there has been much apprehension,
reported by wireless 100 miles esst of
Sandy I look at 7:lJ o'clock this morning.
The Florida has aboard thirty-nine passengers.
The National Capital
Ifcaredar, Deerjmber lTt l14.
The Senate.
Met at noon.
Kuloglee were anoken for th lata Sen
ator liucoa of Ueorgla.
ilea mips were conilnuea on tne water
power sit land leasing bill and on
charges of coal raue discrimination
against south Allan tic ports.
in rtsi'.t t tne memory of Senator
Bacon, .r ', unenl waa taken at 1:31
o'clock (J 5oon Friday.
1 v ' T House.
4ttt at noon.
Rear Admiral Fiske testified .before
nnvsl committee.
Consideration of ue esecutivo appro
pristlun bill was continued on the floor.
fretary Bryan asked the approprla
tl is t iitnlt tee for additional funds to
nwc-rt extra expenses of tlie dlplunmtU
and consular aervU-e. ,
Healings on the bill to' regulate cold
storaia of food and en the river and
harbor and agriculture' bills were con
tinued In cominllleea.
Kllmlnated appropriation for agricul
tural eenaua from letrlsletlve, executive
and JudlclaJ appropriation bill.
Klvera and harbors committee completed
annual rivera and hartue appropriation
lull, tarrying H.tJ. -.
Adjourned at . p. a, to boos Friday.
Hall County May Ask
Governor to Rescind
. Belgian Aid Request
GRAND ISLAND, Neb,, Dec. 17.-(8pe-.dal
Telegram.) The county board Is
discussing a ' resolution requesting Gov
ernor Morehead to rescind his proclama
tion for a relief movement for Belgians
on the theory that many Nebraska towns
and counties have more poor and needy,
this year than usual. No action has,
however, thus far been taken.
The city council passed an ordinance
and ordered tta strict enforcement againat
all card lotteries In stores and pool
rooms. The ordinance prohibiting pool
halls from opening, on Sunday passed
th third reading. j
WASHINGTON, Dec. 17.-Auranee
hav been given th British government
by the State department that th bill In
troduced by Senator Hitchcock to prohibit
entirely th export of munitions of . war
and arm and war cuppllea to belligerent
countries wa ont fathered by the admin
istration. Ambassador Spring-Hie inquired about
proposed legislation and was told by
Seoretary Bryn that it was not intro
duced at the suggestion of th executive
branch of the government. American
Ambassador Page in London, who cabled
to ask about the probable- outcome of tha
attempt at such legislation, also was ad
vised that Senator Hitchcock did not rep
resent th administration In presenting
th ctllt
Seoretary Bryan declined today to make
any comment upon the merit of tha bill
and no other official of th administra
tion had discussed 1U ' , .
Arrangements Are Being Perfected
to Send All Civilians to In
land Foints.
Successful Venture Through Mine
Laden Fields Great Feat.
Kaasi'ssacT Cesasaitteea Are at Work
Everywhere and Steps Are He.
ins Taken ta Or ranis a
National Genre. '
LONDON, Dee. 11. All natural
ised Germans in the seaport of Un-
derland, a short distance north ot
the English coast towns which were
bombarded by the Oermana, yester
day, were arrested over nlsht, accord
ing to a dispatch, published by the
Exchange Telegraph company.
. LONDON, Deo. 17 The crippling ,
of telephone and telegraph wires by
the bombardment yesterday of three
ports 'on the east coast of England
by Oerman ornisers, together with
the precautions thrown about these
towns by the police and the military
authorities, made It impossible even
today, more than twenty-four hours
after the shelling of Scarborough,
the Hartlepool and Whitby, to ob
tain more than an' approximate esti
mate of the civilian dead and
wounded. .
According to an official statement
given out; today, fifty-five persona
met death in the Hartlepool, while
lit were wounded. At Scarborough
seventeen dead and thirty wounded
was the toll. . Both of the last un
official estimates place the Whitby
casualties at -two dead and two
wounded. , .Of the Hartlepool casual
ties seven of the dead, were soldiers,
while of the wounded fourteen men
belonged to the military. The maxi
mum of wounded Is close orf to ISO
peraons. ' ' This does, not Include the
slightly wounded civilians, who ban
daged their own hurts and left town
on the first train. . r ,
All Eaalane- la Astir.
Bristling , with wrath . and resentment
at this attack on unfortified towns, .Eng
land la astir today sa never before since
war was declared. Another raid Is con
fidently expected and the entire machinery
of home defense ha been put Into mo-n
tlon. On the eaat arid the southwest
coast of England emergeVn-y committees
are at work, while In London plan to
organise a national guard of men too old
for military ae.rvloe are under way.
Although to the-British, , mind a raid'
op .Ixmdon ; oom ; remote., .yesterday's ,
episode drovs home the realities of wir
as little else could. Arrangement hav
been made at Peal and Dover t6 ex
pedite th removal of the civilian pop
ulation In case of an attack. . These ineas-i
urer are primarily to forestall anyN panic,
or congestion . on the railroads and
thoroughfare which might Impede mili
tary movement. .
Germans Hear af Raid.
Through wireless teleeraphy - Berlin
promptly heard of the outcome of this
visit of German cruisers to the English
Fifteen Transports
Land British Troops
, Every Day at Havre
(Correspondence of the Associated Press."
HAVRE, Deo. S. Thousands of British
troops ar arriving her dally on trans
port and are being moved to tha north
a rapidly a possible. The British are
making the port of Havre their main
base of supplies. On th average, fifteen
British transports arrive daily her from
Large catnpa hav been leased on the
heights along the Seine for periods vary,
ing from two to three years and Jarracki
are being built. Kxtenslva supply depots
have been eslatUsUd hers.
Stone Says Railroad
Heads Shift Blame
CHICAGO, Dec. 17. -Charges that rail
road operating official shift responsibility
for the mishap of those below them; that
"safety first" I a joke with some rail
road and that minor official disregard
agreements signed betwen, the man and
th railroad heads, were made today by
Warren 8. iHone, grand chief engineer of
the Brotherhod of Looomotive Englner.
at today session of th railroad arbitra
tion. ' -. , . ' ' 1
Stone Insisted that tne demerit system
as applied to englner 1 unjust end. de
manded ' a "square deal." , He contended
that demerit marks are never forgotten
by railroad heads, although the engineer
may In the meantime acquire many merit
(Continued en Fas Two, Column Five.)
PETROGRAD (Via txindon), Dec.' 17.
It wa officially announced today that the
steamer Derentle of th German Levan
tine line waa ound navigating off tha
Turkish coast near Keraaunt and- waa
unk by a Russian warship after all on
board the mechantmaa had been ordered
to leave. Only two Turkish officer and
twelve soldiers obeyed th ordar and th
other went down with the ahip. Kera
aunt la a seaport of Asiatic Turkey, sev
enty miles west ot Theblsold, on the
Black Sea. ,
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