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German Fopul&r Hero Beceivci
5,000 Pints of Beer nd
1,000 Cigar in One Day. -
TERS, POSEN, D. 19 (delayed In
transmission). (Via London, Jan.
.) -"Even the occupation of tha
Warsaw and of the Vistula line wouM
br no means signify the end of the
campaign. The Russians with their
immense territories can rail back In
definitely. Defeated at Warsaw,
they can fall back on Kiev, from
Kiev on Moscow and eventually erea
on Vladivostok, of course, we can
not follow that far."
Thus spoke Germany's popular hero.
Field Marshal von HlnoVnbenr. to The
Associated rresa eom spondent In . the
course of a four-hour conversation today.
He explained how the midwinter Poland
campaign In which the Russian advance
, was checked and rolled back had involved
frtfhtful blood-Jettlnfc
Hmm I..ea IrrlbI. . . .
Jfever tn the days of the battle of Tan
nenher and tho retreat of the Russian
General Rennenkampffs army from the
Masurian lakes did the Russians lose so
heavily as In the sanguinary flghtlnr
around Wloolawek,- Kutno, Jodxan and
IjOwIcs. the field marshal said.
lie added that at least 144.000 Ruaslans
had ben killed or .wounded since Novem
ber 13 and that lio'ooo other Russians had
been made prisoners. , The contest, sc
cordlna to von Illndenberg, had been pro
reedlnf everywhere favorably to the Oer
' mans and Austrian! since the fall of Loo's
and the commencement of the Russian
retreat. Yet Field Marshal von Iflnden-
ber declared that all the fight bad not
' been taken out of the Russians.
Field Marshal and Ills Maalarhe.
- Bo largo, of frame is the field marshal
that he seemed under, Instead of over, the
average height. He has a farge bead and
rugged shoulders and wears a heavy
sweeping mustache less acgreislv In
curve than the emperor's, 'but equally
Tho correspondent dined with General
von Illndenberg nd during the meal the
conversation was Informal, .the cares of
army leader seemingly having been for
gotten. In the work room of the general
was a staff map of Poland, overflowing
from tho table on all sides to the floor.
General von Hlndenberg was Inclined to
switch the conversation from the war to
the United States, Wvhtch. he said, he had
long been anxious to visit. He was not
so much Interested In the skyscrapers of
New Tork, he ssld, as in the country
west of the Misstsslpprostallejr.
The conversation ran a wide range of
topics. The field marshal talked of the
hanged tactics of the cavalry, to whom
he ssld he would give bayonets; of the
bravery oC his Austrian ally; of the
clothes basket full of letter he received
dally, some of them from the United
Rates and wrtb spatial amusement of
the quantities at gifts that were being
forwarded to htm. Today he received
J, 000 pints at beer lor his personal use,
1.009 cigars (he does riot smoke) an Im
mense cake which was brought In during
the dinner and which bore In Icing an
advertisement of a ladies' blouse which
had been named in his honor,
. Asked as to the fighting qualities of
the Russians, Field Msrshal von JUndan
berg ssld It wss hard to make a general
statement la this respect, as the quality
of the men varied with the 'different
races and nationalities. Some of these,
he said, furnished inferior fighting men.
but the real Russtsns were of excellent
material. Answering another question
Von Hlndeuberg ssld: , j
The Taralna Pol at. ,
"The fall of Lods was the turning point
In the present campaign. The Russians
fought desperately for possession of this
city, on which the Center of their line
rested. , .
"The Russian line was bent, broken In
this battle. The Russian leader, like a
wise man, did not wait for that, but when
he saw. how affairs were going, with
drew. " 4 .
"The hatlie wss the most bitter and
ssrgulnary of this war, the Russian
killed and wounded far exceeding f the
figures at Tannenberg. The dead lay In
heapa oa the battlefield. There were 178
bodies en one small hUl.M
350 FEET Explosion of
trotal-gelatine mine, new
invention, off Fort Wads
worth, Sunday. Corporal
Cassenas, explosive ex
pert, who set cap, and
Lieutenant Woodward (at
right), inventor. The ex
plosive is trotal-gelatine,
and will not explode unless
a certain percussion cap Is
used. The minescontain
ing the explosive may be
thrown around carelessly
without danger, so long as
the caps are not in position.
j i' .1
? v.i t,
'-;, V-- ill
it In J A) i
Prico of Wheat
Drops Two Cents .
. on Chicagp Market
CHICAGO. Jan. . -Wheat prices
dropped todsy as If struck with a ham
mer. Opening prices were In some cases
nearly to a bushel lower than last night.
May selling down to $1.38, as compared
with Sl.eo's at yesterday's close.
Fear of the effects of talk of an em
bargo ea the export of breadstuff as
well as on arms and ammunition had
much te do with, the sudden decline.
Despite 'the fact that buying on the
1 art of the exporters and domestic
millers afterward rallied prices, the mar
ket seemed to go to pieces In the final
quarter hour of the session. Quotations
fUl a full cent a bushel below the low.
eet point at the stsrt. May selling as low
us $1.38, Conditions at the close were
much, disordered at a decline of r1 te S
tents. v
Sualler Leaves at Bread.
WASHINGTON, Jan. .-8maUer loaves
of bread or an Increase In the price is
ons effect likely to result of the rise la
heat. In the opinion of Charles J. Brand.
tiler of the federal bureau of markets.
Moreover, Mr. Brand believes ths Araer
Itao farmer will not be a first-hand
beneficiary of ths soaring price. With
sood prices and good markets, which
have prevaliod fur the last few months,
Jir. li rand believe a major portion of
the 1314 wheat crop do longer Is owned
by the farmers, but has passed to the
hands of the elevator men and the grain
Oaatc Off Each L,Mf.
rLXVTIf Jan. .-lulutn bakers to
day reJiioed the else of the I and l-cent
'.ova of bread a ounce. The reduction
kit weight Is made Instead of an Increase
tn prue, owing to the present high price
W. Morgan Shutter Telli House
Committee He Hai Changed
.His Toiat of View.
WAfrinKOTON'. aJn l.-w! Marnn'
Bhuster. for elsht years an American
official ln the Philippines, before becom
ing an International figure In the finances
Of Persia, told the senate PhillDnlnes
committee today he believed Japan would
be glad to enter Into a treaty with the
Cnlted States to neutralise the Islands.
Bhuster could not conceive of any for-
etgn power -attempting the conquest of
the Philippines after the withdrawal of
the United States. There was an un.
written Uonroe. dootrlna In the far aaat
maintained by Japan, he said, whlchl
would make that nation oppose the entry
ef any other power Into the Philippine
"It Is my opinion Japan does not want
tha Phiilpplnss." ha said, "and would be
glad te enter Into a neutralisation treaty
lor their protection on our withdrawal."
Japan,' he said, had vast territory of
Its own undeveloped, and Japanese col
onisation of the Philippines was highly
Improbable now or In ths future because
of rlirpatlo and economlo conditions. He
believed a neutralisation treaty with
Japan would be sufficient, but that all
nations might be'asked to Join In it with
advantage. -
"The events of the last six months In
Europe," he said, "made him believe a
a treaty would be respectsd, A strong
power has violated' the law ef nations
there." he said, "and Is suffering, and will
continue to suffer for It There has been
a quickening of the moral sense among
rations. I believe that is shown by tha
shock with which the world received tha
violation of , Belgian neutrality." . lie
added he believed treaties In the future
would be more binding than In the past
and not looked upon as "scraps of paper."
Senator Uppltt contrasted statements
by Shuster published several years ago
opposing the Independence of tha lslanda
with articles recently published by him
taking the opposite view. Bhuster re
plied It was true be. had changed his
opinion. Eight years as a government
official In the Islands, he' said, had tinged
him with the thought of those with whom
be worked. Since, that time ha had seen
dther people, and was now convinced that
tha Filipinos could maintain a govern
fent satisfactory to themselves and give
reasonable sssuranoe to tha rest of the
world of order and protection of for
eigners. Bhuster favored tha adminis
tration bill for a greater measure of self
government and urged that It Include
some definite promise of complete Inde
pendence. ;
"I predict that If the United States re.
tains the islands and gives no' definite
promise of Independence for twenty-five
years more, they will never be given
their freedom," he said.
Newton W. Gilbert, formerly vice gov
ernor general of the Islanda, favored the
bill so far as It granted additional powers
to the FtUpraos, but disapproved the
declaration as to independence.
" i-i-sairiiTrtrijirijvjTjxnjxn-ixjtjt.
J! L
I tt Hour.
lte Movrla Strgrwlar.
Nothing better lhaa Lr. King's Naw
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and sour stomach. Get a bottle. Only c.
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able You cannot afford to allow such, a
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tion, restores-the appetite, and is really conducive to better health.
Try a bottle do it now. . .
Now for the Greatest ana Most Sensational Cut Price Sale
Ever Attempted by Any Furniture House in Omaha
The people of Omaha have learned in the past that when the Bubel Store promises
you a Bensation you get it. Now, we promise you the greatest and most amazing sacrifice
sale of dependable home furnishings that has ever been held in the city of Omaha and
that's what it will be. . ,
We are determined to dispose of every sample piece of furniture and all odds and
ends in this store, no matter how great.the loss to us. These small lots are "doomed" and
will be thrown out at the most ridiculously low prices prices that will insure the imme
diate removal of these goods. f . , , , . j
Naif IPriee amd tess Kldw
Many articles are offered at actually less than half former prices. A great number
are priced at a discount of just 50. Think of it, prices cut just in half. Other prices
cut from 20 to 50. By far the deepest cut in price we have ever made.
Sale Begins Tomorrow Horning
With the opening of this store tomorrow the sale begins. Prices have been cut and
slashed from top floor to basement A terrific sacrifice will be made and you will be the
gainer. Don't let anything interfere with your coming.
Buy now; to wait until spring is to pay from 20 to 50 more
for your goods. Buy now and save the difference. We
..-Ml J
Vt etui o your gouas
If you wish and
deliver them at
any time you
may request.
jh. 7T1
.J. UMT"
Your Cash
Does Double
Duty During
This Sale.
$39.50 BUFFET, Now $19.75
I Lot 573 Extra large massive buffets,
quarter-sawed oak, fum
, ed finish, plank top, sub
stantially built; former
price $39.50; sale price. .
9 . ' iy
nassivff Dulleta,
L$tl(?l75rpr -
117.50 Buffets at .'....,....$ B.93
119.60 Buffet at .SO
124.00 Puffets at.. tla.OO
t.10.00 Muffota at 81.6
137.60 Buffets at.......... 19.6o
47.50 Buffets at .. .828.60
60.00 Muffets at ..88.60
76.00 Burfets at 948.00
80.00 Buffets at 848. OO
185.75 Buffets at..., tfil.uo
nO Sockers.' now.. f 4.73
uu Mockra, now... 9 7.60
uu Kooicers. now....
60 Korkers. now
.60 Rockers, now..,.
.60 Kockftra. now.
00 Rockers, now....
U0 Bookers, now
00 Bocksrs, now
...I .75
2.75 Rockers, now 9 l.go
4.75 Bockei-s, now f 8.85
8.00 Rockers, now., $ 8,98
7.60 Rockers, now.. $ a.73
9.00 Bonkers, now a 4. AO
114.00 Hmkers. now........j .75
1 20.00 Rockers, now B a.fin
124.00 Rockers, now 8ia.7d
$28 DRESSER, for Slat
A sjlendid solid oak dresser, well
made and well fin
ished; large French
oevel mirror: . a tre
mendous value at
sale price of
$10 ROCKER, now $4.95
An excellent rocker, made of solid
Oak, full spring seat; C I flC
a comfortable, dur- vi) vw
able rocker, now at " :s
half price.-.
I 90.00
Dressers ......
Uressers ......
Dreseers ......
Dressers ......
Dressers ......
Dressers ......
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Dressers ......
t 8.75 Chiffoniers
ill.50 Chiffoniers
115.00 Chiffoniers
126 00 Chiffoniers ........
$35.00 Chiffoniers
$40.00 Chiffoniers
$52.50 Chiffoniers
$5.00 Chiffoniers
$70.00 Chiffoniers ,
Biirnrct cxazsi
8.00 Dining; Chairs tl.BO
$ 4. 26 Dining ChaJrs 83.10
6.00 Dlnlna- Chairs. ...... .83.00
t $.68 Dlnlna- Chairs. ....... .854)0
.00 Dlnlna- Cha-lrs 86.00
11$. 00 Dlnlna Chairs 87.85
Also china closets and serving
tables. Prices reduced to tha very
. 7.84
. 8.50
.88 1.00
.f J80
.8 e.oo
.8 8.00
$2Q DRAGS DED, for$14.95
Made with massive tubing through
out; a strong, 'dur
able bed satin fin
ish, full size, worth
28; sale price
$19.75 TABLE, for $9.75
A surprising value, heavy pillar ex
tension table, round
top; one of many 're
duced; special price mH
this sale, only.
Rample Iron Beda..
$ 7.6U Iron Beda...
$ 9.60 Iron Beda...
$11.00 lruli Beds...
$16.00 lruu BeUa...
$11.64 Brass Beds.
Bma.88 BHDS
zxTzjrnojr tajblzv
$18.00 Extan.ion Tsbles
$1$.00 Kxtsnsion Tables
$22.80 Kxtenslon Tables
$:'7.50 Kxtenaion Tables
$L'9.75 Kxtenaion Tables
$30.00 Kxtenalon Tables
$ 8.78
.... .T8
- .811.53
$17 50 Brass
Beds 8.T5
$25.00 Brass
Be1 811.60
:.0( Brass
r HkU $13.50
1 4 09 Brass
Beds tHM
tIS.uO Brass
Herts $38,00
$76 00 Brass
. Bads $41.00
$37 69 Extension
Tables 82000
$41.00 Extension
Taiilea 834.73
$56.00 ExUuslon
Tables $38.00
$0 00 xtension
Tables 8340
$S 00 Extension
. Tatiles $4AM
$5 75 Extension
- Tablea ....$67.49
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