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1H1-; OMAHA, TUESDAY. b'EBUUAllY 2. 1'J15.
I Aarlme.4 lata.
Fidelity Storage Co
Ptorage, moving, parkins and ehlppirg.
l'lh A Jarkacn Cm. phone Douglas tM.
FOR RLNT-4-r. brirh f!ut. 27U Jackson
St., la firm condition; modem in every
respect. Rent reasonable.
Phono Poop. I!. 1112 ( (IT Nat. Rk P-ldy
6-UOOM A PL, "ia Eolith SMth Ave. ; has
sun parlor, or plepinir porch. nicely
rtpcoratcd; walking distance; heat. wifr
and janitor service. Bend for our weekly
printed lift.
llASTiVOS 1TKTDKN. W4 llamejr flt.
Hoard ana Kooms. I
MODKRN furnished rooms and good
family style honrd. " per week. Call
nnd see about It. rll Capitol Ave.
FURNISHED ROOJi. heated. 4814 North
Hat Ave.
' suites or TWO ROOMS
With board- In best neighborhood, West
Famam district, newly furnished, steam
heat, homelike surroundings. Address
A. U V care Bes.
BEMIS PARK All mod. room to re
spectable lady; housekeeping privileges,
II, FM. '
Xioely furnished rooms, steam heated.
10-j Harney, . .
JNlCtLY furnished rooms iri private
home; price reagoname, n. m:.
LA KGB modern room, Hsnscom Park
district. aioo Pacino st. h. Mia.
CAPITOL, 2-U. clean room, quiet place,
wen nesifa
MADISON 21st and Chicago; steam heat;
Sis mo. and up; cafe in connection. D.twa,
HOUt-N HOT&U Council Bluffs, stea-n
heated rooms, 8J per week. Phone Hi.
FURj room In private family close to
town and both, depots. V. 6423. k
MODERN room for two respectable girts,
employed. Reasonable. 1616 Chicago St.,
tri floor P. . .
ROOM a 26 oenta and up. U0 Farnam.
J, a Vtm, 1.M3 Cap., front rms. 8tam. hL
Faroiaacd Houses.
6-ROOM, all modern, walking- distance.
very reasonable terms, uoug. -.
BEAUTIFULLY furnished 6-room house,
mni.ra In avarv. reinject, exceptionally
reasonable, to desirable tenant. Harney
Sm. 136 N. 87th 8t.
I'af aralshed Rovaas.
IU B. 16TH. for men, steam heat.
Be Want Ads Produce Kaaulta,
Famished Hextsekeeplsug Haaasa,
FURNISHED housekeeping- rooms; walk
ing distance; steam heated. P. 7108,
ti-t 8. 18TH St. Phone D. 7107. 2 or hk.
rooms; east front; no. objection to
North 24th, 47aB Steam-heated fur rooms.
II ate U sat Aartaaea.
CALIFORNIA Hotel. 16th and California,
Weekly rates U and up. Douglas 7(13,
DO DOE HOTKU- Modern Reasonable.
- Iloasea aad Cuttatres
ALL sites. SS per month up. 607 Parte
STRICTLY modern S-room cottage, hot
water heat; cIobo In, walking distance,
403 Lincoln Blvd.. 126. Apply W. It
Jlorranee. Dovg. 628. or Harney 8151.
jjo.OO-g rooms. 8412 N. 241 h. Web. 1877.
7-R. mod, house, t204 Burdctte. H. 1149.
FOR RENT New five-room bungalow,
8722 No. 19th, strictly modern, furnace,
laundry In basement. Permanent tenant,
rent 825. Phone Webster 8182.
206 8. 36th Ave.
u .. INQUIRE X. 4. O'BRIEN. .
H.1C94. -v - - P-
WALKING distance to the city, s-room
modern house. 2716 Dewey Ave.: price,
$39 r. J. Fitzgerald, 27 Board of Trade,
I). 4318.
-r.. modern. 71 8. 87th St. 7-r.,
1614 Leav. St.. good location. Web.
"Globe Van&Storage
tores, moves, packs, ships; S-bors van
and S men. U-24 per hr.; storage O per
mo. Satisfaction guar. P. 4338 A Ty. iJft
We have a complete list of all houses,
apartments and flats that era for rent.
This list can bo een free of charfe at
Omaha Van Storage Co.. 808 So. lfcth bt
GordonVanCo. Si
tit N. UthUt Phone U tM or Web. 13tA
J-ROOM, detached anodern house, l'K! t3.
KUI OL nar. i,
I 5-room and laundry, all mod. except
. . . m - i . II I, O ."Ji
rurnace, Ttui nicaKJ. w-n
HOUSeS creigh gona . Co.. Bee Bldg.
Van and B tor
age Co., Liarge
vaa, I men. U.M
vr br.
a ray. 1 men, $L2a per br. liil
Doug. HM.
Jf T J Bxp. do., moving,
L. JVerfl Pcklng i storage.
V AVVU iu7 Farnam. D. fil4V
ALL MOP. 6-r. house, -X). Web. 8S1.
St area aad Offices.
Downtown stores. L. H. Hill. 220 Bran. Th.
OETT Kaplan's prices for d hand furn.,
shoes, clothes, before selling. Web. 7iq.
OFFlCIC furniture bought aad sold. J.
C Reed, m7 Farnam. Ioug. CIO.
WB BUY id-hand ololhss. lzl N. frith.
HIGHEST prices for furniture. Web. 6M.
ial buys everything 2d nand. Tyler 14li
A PORTABLE or garage gasollus tank.
Address Y l.aBee.
' 1 -' -i. -t
acres in settled country; rich farm land,
not sand; only Ju0, filinc fees and ali.
J. A. Tracy. Fort Morgan, Cole.
Florida. '
; Potatoes
"I planted 10 acres of Irish po
tatoes today. No more Ice, snow
and rheumatism for me." This Is
the last sentence of letter Just re
, , teived from cue of our RJverview
Farms, Florida, customers. While
the northern farmer is planting coal
in the stove and corn and hay In
his stock, our Florida farmers are
planting potatoes that the northern .
people will be buying In -April at
from 8 to 10 cents a pound. These .
potatoes will be gathered in time '
for a corn crop and this corn crop
will be followed by a third crop. '
By proper rotation the land is im
proved. If this sounds good to you, Join
our next excursion. Call or writs
for fun information.
M3 Paxton Block.
Omaha, Neb.
FOR GALE r.t Ur(t body high-grade
n.edluuj-moed land jo Nfbraaka; vry
llUie money reijuiied. C. tsradier. 'Wei.
cacA. m
L Rooms'-1-1
Have In mind a tkxigla county farm
that can be bought crar, but am" nnahle
to handle all. This farm would divide
nloely and want to meet aornn ona who
would buy one-half of thle farm and 1
win take' the other half. Address P 621,
rare n.
SECTION Kimball Co. Umrs. 2 01 Paul.
ISO ACRES, between Minneapolis and Ti
luth, oa the ftno line, 4 miles from rail
road town; 70 acres under cultivation,
balance wooded pasture and some good
meadow; no waste land; fair est build
Inns; near school; land borders oa beauti
ful lakat complete set machinery; 14
chl'-kena. plenty of feed, wagon, buggy
and everything en the place ima at M
prr acre; nne-nair cast, schwas troa,
1i:'l Plymouth Hldr . Minneapolis. Minn.
"Jew Yerku
MAN of misfortune, here la chance for a
happy change: 79-aore farm, s-room
house, bams, t henneries; price, with W
corns. I2,); fsoi) cash, tiuo yearly.
Don t give up in dismay because ham
mers are mrown instead ol bouqueta
40-aure rlvrrview farm in R. R. Vlliage.
now basement barn, new I-room house,
10 cows; price, H,V; tsoo cash, 1300 yearly,
R. R. fare to purchaser. Write for photos.
24M B. Fallna L. Pyraouse, N. T.
W UroB,1,
Upper Wisconsin
Best uairy and general crop stats la the
union; settlers wanted. Lands for sale at
low prices on essy terms. Ask for book
let No, 34 on Wisconsin Ontral Land
Orant. Kxcellent lands for stock ralsin.
If Interested in fruit lends ask for book
let on Appio orchards. Address Land and
Industrial Department, Boo Line Hallway,
Minneapolis, Minn.
RJb&U Abetraes Co., oieest abstraot ef
flee In Nebraska. M B "ndels Theater.
avElUt Title Uuaraaiee aad Aosiraot Co
a modern asU sci offkw. SA la ilta 8,
r bo lie Douglaa 64S7.
CITY and farm loans, 6. ty per cent.
J. II. Duniont A Co.,l0S Farnam, Omaha
WANTliU City loans and warrants. W.
Farnam Smith tt Co., 1320 Farnam.
fiuo to W,oui made promptly. F. D. Weed,
Weed Bldg., 10th and Farnam Sta.
OMAHA homes. East Nebraska farms.
1016 Omaha Natl. Douglas 27ll
6V AND 6 farm loans. Wm. McCor
mlck, 677 Faxton Block, .
Jli to 1U,'M) made promptly. F. D. Wead,
weaa aiag., inn ana r irnim his.
QABVlNBIiOS '-"n". W and up",
uatmnii AJAvyj 0,nah Nt- Bn
SEE. ua first If you want a farm loan.
United States Trust Co., Omaha. Neb.
WANTED City loans. Peters Trust Ce.
tcfn CITY LOANS, C. O. Cariberg.
v tlO-m Brandeis Theater Bldg.
CITY property. Lurgs loans a apec.la.lty.
W. H. Thomas, 3 State Bank bldg.
MONEY on hand for city and farm loans.
II. W. Blnder,Clty Natl. Bank Bldg.
Highly Improved tana of 266 acres,
Land all lays fine and Is excel lea I soli,
Will exchange for good Omaha residence.
C. R. COMS8.
IS Brandeis Theater, Omaha, Neb.
Douglas 1C -
bus, O., property, two lots Thorn burg
addition, one lot Burlington addition.
Omaha; all free of Incumbrance. Address
owner. J. A. Hartley,. M N. High 8u,
Columbus, O.
FARMS, ranches and city property, John
A, oison, u uaira nine., Lnnana. ' .
10 acres of land oa the Moreau river; 85
wrco ,uwruuuia in iisiaation; im acres
farm land; 10 acres timber: housa. ic-rou.
three frame outbuildings; all fenced'
Owner must sell and will sacrifice same
at i,wu. wm iase seconn-nand auto
mobile In part payment F. W. Toder.
8. D.
FOR SALKBy-cwner, 6-room bungalow;
tnodern In every respect; in first-class
condition; will sell cheap for cash. , 181$
manaenson dl in, weDSxer wis.
Owner Must Sell
On account of sickness I must sell mv
I0-rOorri brick flat: within easy walking
distance. I am behind In my Darmenta
and am compelled to do something imme
diately. tLU uaroey &vx
Gallagher & Nelson
W VTftndelg Bldg. -
Ileal Estate and Insurance.
Notice Is hereby given that the regular
annual meeting of tne stockholders of the
south Platte Lend company will be hald
at the office of saM company at Lincoln,
ivenrnsKa ai eleven o ciock a. m. on the
third day of March, A. D. lslfi. I
C M. MORRILL, President
A. B. MINOR, Secretary.
Lincoln, Nebraska, February l, 1916.
- ' F-2-d-3t
Declartnsj that he wan determined
put a stop to the practice of allowing
women to be Insulted on the streets,
Police Judgs Foster sentenced Mike Sul
livan, Twenty-third street and Ames
avenue, to pay a fjne of S3 and costs:
Mrs. Charles Cliff, 804 North Sixteenth
street, was the comnlalnant. Buliivan
went to jail in default of paying the fine.
The following marriage llcenars
Name and Residence. A
Claude Lacy. Jr.. Harlan, la S3
ivaie nneeis, ttarian, la ZS
Vlnceuso Salerno, Omaha 1
i.i our la tsouiii, Omaha ... l(
r'ldren Neit.cn, Omaha f
lnes Marshall, Oinalta , jg
Mark J. Upitiin, Uaasett.. .Over tl
bile Solson, Bassett Over H
iTouk IL Hlbartter, Chbsgo ...Ovr 21
Blanche G. Donahue, Omaha. ...Over U
Births Roy and Ruth Warner, Sixteenth
and Cass street, girl; :ugeoe snd Anna
I.lsoie. 3871 Leavenworth str.-t .i...
Tony and Annie Perrons, 1334 South Tw cu
tlets street, boy.
Deaths Hay Kerr, 4 months, hospital;
Anton tiot-bel. 81 years, auio Locust ,ir'
:hries Donahue, ( years, hosluial; Mrs.
nea iimiie, years, nospiiai; Andrew
Buchanan. 47 years, 11 Cumuig street;
Eil PoAcrs. 74 years, hospital; Mary Jvl.
Gundy. S3 years, hospitul; Eurly May Pol
lard, 26 years U'il Duveupoit.
Charles W. Murtia. frame dwellings at
follows: Crown Poltit avenue, !,2um;
-4 1 7 Laurel avsnoe, UiO: Crows
Pi.lnt avenue, Ai.ouO; Kansas avenue,
I3.W0; 2:9 Crown Point avenue, Is.bvii;
1 H Kanas avenue. 4,K)0: t-il Crown
Coint avenue. U.b&i; Uli Kansas avenue,
V4.7oO; t'-Ki Laurel ton avenue, t-',4j0; 47
Kansas avenue. !),; tii Crown Point
avenue, t'S.'J); 25tS Kansas avenue, IJ.JjO.
1 li nt s all whi ynr wftl. I rflvU
N,r York films Ex'Jii, yyrtunitl from
the smaiI ls.orii 4,iul(Kluf U.M tM,l,
41 US s v,-r. -nl for hu;iil. c. p
Tat ODB 1-OT tlTUW
U l-r.Al.ivT. Nr.' 1iiK (tit.
May Wheat Open, on the Exchange
t $1.54, Higher Than the Top
Mark of Saturday. ,
May wluat continues on tn upward
climb. Today's opening was $1.54, which
was Zc above the high mark reached by
that option Usturdav, and It reached the
1 7 level before rtir close. The trade in
May wheat Is very light, and In view of
this fsct the trsders in the wheat market
have been advised to confine their busi
ness to the July futures.
We fail to see how well Informed trade
can get away from the bullish situation
which has been forced upon the market.
Chicago has no wheat for export. mot
s' being made for March shipment.
There was a aood demand for export
corn, hut no sales have been reported so
far. There were some foreign buyers In
the market and So.oon bushels cash corn
were reported sold for export So far.
There was a fairly active trade In oatg
and a few as lea were reported.
wheat was 4o to o higher.
orn waa 1c to 9c higher.
Oats were Ho to lc higher. a
Rye was 3 higher. '
Clearances were: Wheat and flour eo,tial
to l,!M.Ono hsshels; com, 14,000 bushels;
oats, 16.0 bushels. .
Liverpool closed: Wheat hot quoted;
corn &ld higher.
Primary receipts snd shipments on
Wheat, corn and oala were not reported.
, Wheat. Com. Osts.
hlcsijo 14 . l! m
Omaha .39 m 65
Sales reportc4 today: Wheat No. 2
hard winler:y cars, Ii.fi04. No. S hard
winter: 1 caf, Turkey, 11.51; 4 cars, l.u0.
cars, I1.49H. No, 4 hard winter: 1 car,
11.47, No. spring 1 cars, white, l.y
No. 4 spring:' . 1 car, 114.1. No. durum:
1 car, 11.53. Rejected: I car, SI. 4ft. OaU
Standard: 1 car. Site. No. S white: IS
cars, 66V4C; 1 car. 65c. No. 4 white: 7
cars, 6c; 1 car, MV4c. No, 3 mixed: 1
car. 6614c. Sample: l car. Hc. Rye
No. I: l car, $1.22. No. S: 1 car. Si. to.
Sample; 1 oar, barley mixed. Si. Corn
No. S white: I cars, T7o. No. S white: 1
car, 7'c; cars. 76c No. 4 white: S
cars, 7c. No. I white: 1 car. 75tyc. No.
i yellow; 1 car. "iTko; S cars, 73c. No. 8
yellow: cars, 72c; 69 cars, 73Hc: IS
cars. 724c No. 4 yellow: 17 cars, i24c;
13 cars, Tic No. 6 yellow: 1 car, 7liVc;
S cars, 72c No. t yellow; 1 car. 72c.
No. mixed: 2 cars, near white, 76c; 1
car, 7Sc; 1 car, 72. c. No. S mixed: I cars,
near white, 754c; 6 cars, near white, 76c:
1 car, near white; 744e: 1 cars, 74c; I
cars, near white, 74o; Is cars, 72'4c; Si
care, 72c. No. 4 mixed: 2 cars, near
white. 74c: S cars. 71c: 0 cars. 71ic. No.
S mixed: 1 car, near white, 76c; 1 car,
near white, 7Hc; 1 car. 7JVc: 1 car.-TZ'se;
1 car. 71'c: 2 cars. 71Wo No. mixed:
X car, 7110. '
Omaha Cash Prices Wheat: No. 1 hard,
tl.MnitlAK; No. s hard. 1.4!,.M; Wo. 4
hard. Sl.Snaii4A; No. spring, $1.431. 4R;
No. X durum, Jl. 521.53; No. S durum, SL61
471.62. Corn: No. 1 white, 77g774c; No. 2
whit. TS-H'ftfir: no. a white, 7tv'a'7'c; no.
4 white. TSWiSWc; No. 5 white, 7iS76Hc;
No. white. 7475ttc:. No. 1 yellow. 7ii
gr73Hc; No. i yellow, 7&H73Uc; No. S yel
low, 72&72e: No. 4 yellow, 71l&T2Vio; No.
5 yellow, .71'47214c; No. yellow, 7J,i72c;
No. 1 mixed, 72 iUTH4c : No. t mixed, 794.
73c; No. ruUed, 71ii72c; No. 4
mixed, 71S(7?c; No. 6 mixed, 7172Hc
No. mixed, 71471'4'. Oats: No. 2 white,
56frc; standard. 66H6fc: No. S white,
55&5ottc; No. -4 white, SHjtc. Barley:
MAltlng. lc; No. I feed, 6Sff74c. Rye:
No. 2, ll.MWl.i2: No. 8, Sl.19Vftfl.20,
Feet ares at the Trading? anal Closlas;
Prices Board e Trade.
CHICAGO. Feb. L Immense Durchaslns:
carried the wheat market up today tV.d a
ousnei. enortage in Europe had become
so acute that Italy and Hweden announced
the complete removal .of Import duty on
grain. '
Although the extreme advance in prices
ot wheat here was not. fully maintained
and there waa a nervous feeling at the
close, tho finlst was ZHfH'tfc above Satur
day night. Corn gained Ho net and oats
Wac Provisions closed 2So off to 7Vio
up, compared with Potiirdsy night
Wheat prices reached their topmost
point for the day at about the same time
It had become a moral certainty that the
weekly total of the United mates visible
supply would show a huge falling off.
The actual figures making the decrease
nearly quadruple that of a year ago were
taken advantage ' of by tradera who
wished to realise- profits on holdings.
Sales on this account, however, had only
a temporary effect, the market at the
last gong being attain on the upgrade at
a fractional discount from the highest
point . of the . session. Corn rose with
wheat, but at a much slower rate. Never
theless the market touched the highest
level in twenty years. Business waa on a
huge scule. The osts market, like that
for corn, assumed broad proportions.
Lihersl selling by. packers wiped out
most of an advance in provisions.
new York general market
deetatlo.s of the Day oa Varleas
. NKTW YORK. Feb. l.FLOTTR Strong;
spring patents, $7.U.'4'7.to; winter patents,
$7.0O7.25; winter etralghts. $6.70!i7.);
Kansas straights, $.9Oi(7.20. , Buckwheat
flour, dull; $3.73. nominal, per 100 lbs.
WHE3AT Spot, strong; No. I red, $1.5.
and No. t hard winter, SI M. all rail c. I. f.
track expert; No. 1 northern, Duluth,
Sl.6'; No. 1 northern. Manitoba, SI. 63,
c. I, f. Buffalo. Futures, strong! May,
CORN Spot, strong; No. 2 yellow, 87c,
c. 1. f . to arrive. -
OATS Spot, strong; stsndsrd, 4
TVic; No. 2 white, 04aic;' fancy clipped
No. 2 white, SofcSSc.
HAY Mteedy; No. L SI. OS: No. 2. 96C
$l.no; No. S, 0o; ssiipphiff, a(x36c.
HOPS Steady; state, common to choice,
1S14. 1425c; Pacific coast, l&lt, 104jl4c;
11)13, fciz luc.
HIDEri-Steady; Bogota, SlVtfj&Vic; Cen
tral America. 8lV4fl.
LEATHER Firm; hemlock firsts, S2c;
seconds, btjle, ...
. BUTTKR-N. 1, M. cartons, ac; No.
I. 60-lb. tuba, 2o.
CHliESli Imported. Bwtss, S6c: Amer
(a bwiss. Jbc; buck Mwisa, lUc; twtae,
liic; daisies. 17c; triplets. 17u; Young
Amerioas, lSVo: blue label brick. 17c; llm
burger, 1-1 b., XOc; 80c; New York
while, tfu; Imported French lioquetort,
FISH Trout. I4c; targe crapplee, 16c;
salmon. 11c; halibut. Uc; chanaei cat
fish, lie; pike. 14c; pickerel, 19c.
BKEF CCTS-Iiibs. No. L 17i0i No. 2.
14c; No. S, llV,c. Ilns. No. 1, lso;
No. t. 16Vic; No. S, 12Hc. Chucks. No. 1,
c; No. 2, c; No. 8, 'c. Rounds, No.
I. 12'4c; No. 2, ll'.so; No. 2, 11c. Plates,
No. 1. tr: No. t. c; No. S, 7V-.
POULTRY Broilers, lio; apnag chick,
ens, lie; hens, K?uc; cocks, be; ducks,
Imu; geese, to; turkeys, lno pigeons, per
dos., tor; ducks, full feathered, auo; aeoe,
full feathered, So; suuabs. No. L SLW; Me.
i Wc
Market quota Uo as tumlsbed by Oillaskl
Fruit ooiupany:
FRUlTri Oranges: -Extra fancy Clcn
doia home uukUt navels, 1js, 2'ls, $2 oe
per box; extra fancy hunkUL, Hn Juan,
Washington navels, Itius. 1-m, 1 $2 U);
extra fancy Sunkiet, ban Juan, Washing
ton navt-U, Miox lots. $2.4": fancy t'ttll
furnla Washtutfton navels, lTtls, 2uj, $.' ic;
fancy Califui nla Washington navols,
6-box lots, 40. Lemons: aa y Suuktut,
J"iis, 3ws, itou; choice Red liall, .1W.
(isapetruit: k. Ms, Me, &os. $ bo. Apples.
Kxtra fancy White Winter Pearmalnes,
$i; extra fancy White Winter Pear
inalneii, $1":-; extra fancy Washington)
Wineaap, $1.70; extra fancy Spit .-ntiui gs,
II. w, Onxus bpllaenbuigs, tl.'J.i; extia
fancy vn rapped Jonathans, 41. So, Wash
ington fancy and sxtra fancy . Hoovers,
$1 40; fancy Wsshlnnton Jonathans, 176s.
la. tvm. $1 25; Idaho fancy (1 rimes
Golden, Sl.U); Idaho choice Grimes Gulden,
tl.k:; Witshlnslon fancy (iiinxs Gulden,
$1.60; Idaho extra fan-y Jonathans, $1 to;
extra fancy ti!ck Htn Davis. $1 J J
exua fancy In, k Islet, 41 to; extra
fancy Biark 'Iwiifs, 113.; sxtra fancy
(ianos, very highly colored, $1.36; extra
fancy Genoa, vary highly colored, $120;
fancy Ruins Beauties. $1 60, fancy Rome
vuiln, 6-box lots or more. $i 40; txtra
bbis.. $400 pr bill.; fancy black Twias,
full S-bil. lil. In, H.'O; extra tancy Hi
sourl ln I'avis. very liishly txilo'ed,
$) 2o. Grapes: California mperora, HJO
lr tihl ; extra fsacy Malagas, gti.ju,
1-ears: Aotous. tl U per box; Lawrence,
Si t. Jtrscys. Si-; Bosco, 1X36; fcheidou.
f F.HStcr, $:.Ji Bananas: 11.75 to P.W
vrr bunch.
Vl:okTAPI,n-Cullf1oer, fa on crste;
ettoumhert', $.'.2i box; celery. Jumbo. 7bo
do.j lesf lettuce, ' dos.- head lettuce,
$1.00 dos. ; onions, yellow,. ?o h.j onions,
red, Sn lb.; onions. White,' tc lb,', onions,
Hpanlsh, 1150 crate; endive, &o lb.; arti
chokes, $1.60 dos.; RrtKsel sprouts, 2Pc
lb.; cabbage, 2n lb.;, red cabbage, v lb.;
peppers, 60c basket; tomaloee. $. crate;
onions, shallots. 60c dos.; garlic, Itsllan,
2.S0 lb.; bets, 6O0 dot ; radishes, 6so dos.;
turnips, 60c do.; spinsch. 6in dos; pars
lev, ioo dos : beans, $.! hamper.
ItlTATOKS-Colorado Uurale. 75n bu ;
Red Rlx-er Ohlos, Htc bu.; Minnesota,
whites, c bit
SWF.RT POTATOF A Kansas, SJ?5 bbl.
Nt'TH No. 1 California walnuts, !Vs
lb 1 black walnuts, IVjo lb.; filberts, 15o
lb.; pecans, ijt lb: Brat Us. L'Vo lb.;
almonds, 20c lb.: 1J-U os. figs, o box;
6o- os. figs, $Jw) box:, sugar walnut
dates. $1 40 box: llallowl dates. So. lb.
M1KCKLLANKOUS Shelled popcorn, 4"
lb.; limes. $1.76 box; crackerjack. $3.50
f: crackerjack. V4j case. $176; checkers.
H.fiO case: checkers. V case, S1.7V Honev,
$J 7 esse. Cider: New York, SI 60 keg.
i'ocoanuts, $.1.60 sscli. 76c doa. tVsaber
riea: Iate Howes, $7.0$ bbl. Peanuts:
Raw, 7o lb.; roasted, & lb.: sslted. $1.64
can; Jumbo, raw, sack lots. c lb. Mush
rooms, 60o lb.
Shares Rise On or Two Points Orer
Last Saturday's Final Quo
tations. .
NEW YORK. Feb. L An advance In
the price of finished products by one ot
the chief subsidiaries of the United Htstea
Steel corporation, another rise In copper
metal to the highest price since the out
break of the war and success attending
the publlo offering of the Pennsylvania
railroad's $4.4,000,000 46 per cent bends,
which were oversubscribed, were factors
of favorable Import In today's market.
Blocks rose 1 to S points ever lsst Satur
day's final quotations, but dealings were
somewhat contracted.
United States bteel early declined to Us
new minimum of 8S, made partial re
covery and then, after announcement of
the higher prices scheduled by the Carne
gie Steel company, made steadv upward
progress, selling at and carrying the
entire list to Its best prices of the day.
All the metal shares responded to the
new higher copper price, which was as
sisted by an increased foreign Inquiry
United States Bteel preferred, which sold
'ex-dlv" of 1 per cent, was Inclined to
ease off early, but made more than full
recovery later. A feature of the special
group wss Bears-Roebuck, which rose
over IS points, the result of the 64 per
cent stock dividend declared altar Satur
day's close.
Money for all dates again waa In free
supply, open rates being quotably un
changed, - but actually easier In special
instances. ' London and ell continental
exchanges were firmer, with a cessation
of the recent demand for cables and
Earnings of the Pennsylvania system
for December were unfavorable, eastern
lines losing $1,241,000 net and Western lines
$607,000. Bt. Paul deoreaned 7 33,000, Mis
souri Paclflo $3.:,00O and Atlantic Coast
Line $.il9.000.
Bonds were firm, reflecting the Inquiry
for the new Pennsylvania issue. Total
salea, par value, aggregated $1.4s8,0on.
United States bonds were unchanged on
call. . . .
CatI StreaxrHeKa -asettle
, Sheep Unsettled.
CHICAGO. Feb. l.-CATTLB-Rcelpts.
S.000 head; market strong; native steers,
Su.65g9.jSi; western steers, $5.00iiJ.i; cows
and heifers, $3.1ofc8.0O; calves', $7.60(810.60. .
HOOB-Receipts, 2T.0M head; market un
settled, closed a shade hUrher; bulk of
sales, $H.75?i.0; light, $i.6ir.90: mixed.
$8s.9!i; heavy, $6.4u.S0; rough, S6.4S
.0: pigs, $6.ti.5. 1
HHBKP AND LAMBS Receipts, 12,000
head: market unsettled; sheep, $.0h4.86;
yearlings. S7.1O&8.0O; lambs, SLtotrS.W.
i ' .
St. Laala Lira . Steele Market.
ST. LOUIS, Feb. 1. CATTLE Receipts,
9,400 bead; market lOiSl-Oc lower; native
beef steers. $7.GO&9.; cows and heifers,
$o.09.50; atookere and feeders, 8R.267.25;
Texas and Indian steers, $i.26i7.K5; cows
and helferg. $4.008.00; native calves, $6.00
fell.Ol). ,
HOGS-Recelpts, 16,000 head; market 18
J25a lower; pigs and lights, SH.OOJj'7.08;
mixed and butchers, ' $ti.66f90; good
heavy, $ tkV880.
tiHKBP AND LAMBS Receipts, 1,000
head; market steady to 100 hhrher: native
muttons, S4.764i4L60; lambs, S8.&&.; year
lings, S7.OW.76.
I '
Kansas City Live stock Market.
Recta pts, 22,0itt head: market slow; prime
fed steers, W.26(nO.00; dressed beef steers,
S7.(4Ki.3R; southern steers. $6 817.26; cows,
$4.26u7.0U; heifers, t.Stt. 76; Blockers,
$6.0utj 7.8o. . .
HOG RecelpU,. 21.000 heed:, market
lower; bulk ot sales, SA.Ttttie.kO: heavy,
$.70ti.r; lights, S6.7(KrI ; olgs, $6.20ti6 ffl.
BHKBP AND IjAMBS-Recelpts, 11.000
head; market hlxher; lambe, $H 3fii.7S;
yearllnits. $7.00W7.70; wethers. $0.0.i4.76:
ewes,. $o.W4i.40.
(leex City Live Slack Market.
eelpts. 4.O0O head: market lOo lower; na
tive steers, Sii.lfoiuTKO: butchers, Si.OftSe.iO;
cows and hellers, $4.7&&6.is; caaners, $4.00
o.00; stackers and feeders, $6.7ix.60;
calves, Sti.00fc7.60; bulls, stags, etc., $D.o4
fcHEKP AND LAMB-RscelpU, t.m
head; market VVfriRn lowar. -w.. t ).
6.76; lambs, $6.758.3$.
1 . .
Live Stock la Sight.
Receipts of Hvs stock at five princi
pal western markets:
Csttle. Hoss. Sheep.
Ploux City...
Kansas City
ht. Louts ....
t, Joseipb...
. Totals ....
' lu.000
11 ,tW0
.87 SOU
M.800 42,000
Evaporated Apples and Dried Frelts
NKW YORK. Feb. LEVxPimiTim
APPLIES Market firm: fancy, 7!4SScj
choice, VLfulc: prime. MTi,4c.
DRIED KKUITH Prunes, stesdvi Call.
forruss. 4Vyullc; Orrgous 6,4)110. Apri
cots, quiet; choice, U'Osiic; extra choice,
KiulOc;. fancy.. KrVuo, peaches, quiet;
ehuloe, txi'Mc; extra choice, tiVi&c;
fancy, 771. Raisins, dull; loose mus
rstels. Sliioic; cho'cs to fancy seeded,
6V,f (He; seedless, Vj&Hc; London layers,
Oil aad Reals.
NKW YORK. Fb. l.-ROSIN-Qulet.
TINE Firm at 41-ac; sales S bbla; re
ceipts. 72 bl.ls.; shipments, 44 , tibia.;
slocks, 8i0,O7D bbls. : '
ROSIN Tone, K to WW. dull; A to I.
firm; sales, ll bbls; receipts, 1.173 bbl.;
shipments, 167 bbls.; stocks, t'!7,4''l bbls.
Quotations: A. B, C, D, B and F, $-100;
tl $.t,o; H. $3.10; I, $3 1S: K, n.0; M, $4.2);
NT, $i.3; WO, $i.70; WW. $5.80.
Dry Goods Market.
l otto goous and yarns were quiet and
steady today. Raw silk waa quiet witn
a aiigbtly easing tendency. Dress goods
were opened for fall by large corpora
tions. Russia Announces
Capture of Tabriz
PETROG RAD, Feb. 1-Ths Russians
officially announce the occupation of
Tabrti. Persia, In a comrounleatlor, from
the staff of the army In th Caucasus.
The official etatemeat says:
"In ths fighting below Tabrig, the
Turks lost four Held guns, provisions,
munition and many piisoners. Having
been cut off from Tabris and suffered
heavy losses, they took to flight. On
January Se w occupied Tabria.
Other front are without IP a Uriel
Killing: and Feeder Cattle of All
Kinds Slow to Lower Fat
Lambs and Sheep Higher.'
SOUTH OMAHA, Feb. 1. 1!15.
Receipts were! Csttle. Hogs. Pheen.
Estimate Monda.v x.tfoo h.mio is.ivn
Cra( day last week... 1174 . 8,4 Ml
Ha me day S w'ks ago. S." .)
Kama day S w'ks so. 7.M3 .0T 17.K-J
day 4 w'ks sco. 6.X71 Mm) SJ.h4
Kama day last year... J-ii-S S.IU 7.421
The following tshls shows the receipts
Of rattle, hogs, and shren at the Houth
Omaha Live Ktock market lr the year
to-dats, as compared wtih last year:
lli. ' tilt, In
Cattle W,Ml . .
Hogs 2.iv.i ia,)
Sheep ,.; 2I,a7S , 3W,.'U2 11.241
The following table shows the average
price for hogs at the South Oiiinha live
stork market for the last tew days, witn
IMS. 114.lH.,IP12.lMl.l!l0.l,
Jan. 14..
Jan. 16
Ian. 1
S r4
S 01
s n
S 07
7 01
7 l S Ml
S 87
k a
T 111 1B
S t,
7 If.
Jan. 17.
7 K
1 72
Jan. 18.
Jan. IS.
B V,
S 3.1
8 81
S P7
S 20
7 2
1 sa
Jan. 20.
S 281
Jan. ?!.
Jan. 22.
Jan. 28.
Jam f4.
Jan. 36.
Jan. .
Jan. 27.
Jan. 28.
Jan. 29.
? sj! 1 1
7 23 M
S67 I
$ 21
7 K
1 gi'l
S 27
S 62 V
S 27
7 fl
8 fc
1 (Hi
i 1
S 94
7 '.'
S ll
8 M
8 04
S 09
T 4
i n
8 M
S 77V.
8 07
1 8.1
Jan. so.
S 81
7 81
7 84
Jan. 81
s 2;
02 7 47
S l:
Feb. 1.
7 2j Wt 7 t' $ 80) M
' Receipts and disposition of live stock
at the Union Stock yards. Houth Oman a.
for twenty-four hours ending at 9 p. m,
Cattle. Hogs. Sheep. H' r's.
C, M. 4k rt. P.... 28
Wabash S
Missouri Paclflo
Union Pacific....... 21
C. N. W.( east.... 68
C. 4V N. W., west.... 41
C, Bt. P., M. O.. 2
C, B. A Q., asst.... 8
C, B. at Q., west.... 88
C. R. I. as P., east.. 18
C, R. I. 4t P., west. ..
"Total receipts.... 2
114 ....
.. ' ' 1 3
i a
18 .. . 1
Ml ' 14 11
11 1 1
I " . , '2
22 ' Is . 4
24 - 3 1
jl 1
178 S? iS
Cattle. Hogs. Sheep.
Morris A Co J... 643 , l.$;4 1,746
Swift Jt Company 07 2.22 4 I W
C'udahy Packing Co.... 7H . 8,2:C 2.637
Armour st Co , 964 2,147 4,432
Schwarts aV Co iwo ....
J. W. Murphy 2,23
Morrell 1
Lincoln Packing Co,.... 21
Hill 4k Son ,. 3 .... . ....
F. B. Lewis.. 61 .... ...s
J. B. Root 4t Co 30 .... ....
J. If. Bulla 61 1.
Rosenstock Bros..., 14 .... ...
Mccreary Kellogg.... 13
H. F. Hamilton M ....
Sullivan Bros
Mo. 4V Kan. Chit Co.... 2M9
Christie 1 ir .... ....
HlKKtllS 8 ....
Meyers 1
Kaker, Jones) at Smith.. f
Tanner Bros...... , 83 -
John Harvey... 23 .... ....
Klein , .... ....
Dennis .... '
Other buyers 222 .... . 870
Totals 4.02! 11.831 14,820
CATTLWThe severe storm of snow and
wind hampered the running of trains to
such an extent that it waa late before
anything like ail that were reported hud
arrived. Hardly over half of the ex
pected receipts were in sight when It
was time for the market to open. As a
result sellers were Inclined to hold off
and wait tor later arrivals before filling
orders, and the trade from stsrt to finish
on all kinds ot killing cattle waa ex
tremely slow and dull, Hhipiers, owing
to the uncertainly ot being able to get
any stock out ot the yards on account
of the snow blockade, were not trying to
do very much business. As a result pack
ers were able to take advantage ot the
situation to the extent that the market
was extremely slow snd the tendency
lower on all killing stuff.
The trade In stock cattle was practically
at a standstill, no one being willing to
buy with the prospect of being forced to
bold the cattle until the storm should
abate, which would mesa a heavy shrink
ago. As a rule sellers found It extremely
difficult to even get a bid en jitockers
and feeders,- and most ot the regular
btusers of such cattle announced at the
outset that they would not buy anything
until the storm let up.
Quotations on cattle: Rood te choice
corn-fed beeves, SM.Oi"n.26: fslr to good
oorn-fed beeves, $7.6tws'.W; common t
fair corn-fed beeves. tu.6OiI7.60: good to
choice oows, $6.?G8.60; fair te good, cows,
$j.0iiv6.0; common to fair cows, $4.uy
$.00; good to choice stockors and feeders,
$f .Siif.8&; fair to good stocksrs and feed
ers, st.b0ay7.26! common to fair ateckers
and feeders, $s.76t.M; stock heifers, $j.M
fct.M; stock cows, $4.7138.26: stock calves,
tti.OixftS.Oi); veal calves, t7.bXail.76 bulls,
Stags, etc. $6.0O$.75.
iepreseuiauve sales:
At. TT. No,
Ml 4 78 lit.,,
l.Mt M 7...
! 1 It ' It...
At. Tr.
....HMO 7 '
, 74
.1009 4 U
.1079 4 M
,1M 4 a
.71 4 M
.It 0
.... 140 I JS
' 8 a
....Vue 1 M
,,,, 71 6 M
.... tJ IU
v..i0 I 7t
,...l 1
lit a m
no t li
I. .
II. ,
,.M..1IM 4 ii
...... ii'. 1 X
Ill t i
II ,
lias 4 U
1' 4 Vi
VIA 4 4
l Is 1......
mo s (a
IS I....
HT $ H ' I.,,,
...... mo 4 w , 1....
Mi 86
4.0 1 w
...... 4 1 W
...... ttl tit
1 ,.
..IW 6 8ft 1....
..U IM
.1440 l;
1. A L V K8,
, lit
, S4
I 44
4 It
t k
...... JW
. 1
in) v t)
o $ It
I "' I o -.13 4
8 mi 1 1 re m
7J ti jt 4 -lt
HOGS A heavy anowatorm delayed
trsftio In all iic.es running Into this point
lousy and as a result it was pretty wil
along in the forenoon before enouyn hog
arrived to open the market. Witn pros
pects of a heavy run and other markets
reporting- lower priors, ths 1.x a I tral-i
01 1 nod with bids a dime below Satur
day's avorate. Helleis remembering the
strong tuuali to list week's trade askad
stoady to higher prices, but killer stu-k
by their early offers and wher: first salts
were made the figures pail were largely
a dime lower. Up to a la'-e hour in Ui
forenoon only a sprinkling of the offer
ing bad been ceahed
It ws nearly noon before snythlrvg like
a clearance of the early arrivals wss
mado and sven then several largs trains
had not yet arrived.-After ths first sains
ere raaae vsiues stioea very utlie
chenge, althouich at the best time the
market was 11 mora thsn 6al(Xi lower.
Th general decline amounted to a. bir
f'BlOc. bhlppers and speculators were bid-
aing ail morning, nut tnelr offers were In
msny caaea not as good ss those of the
kllisrs. and consequently they failed to
get very much.
The big string of th offerings sold st
18.70, with a good shoeing on up to $e.72Vi
snd SC.76. while a sprinkling landed down
around $4.46,
Receipts were bti mated at 173 cars, or
U.810 head, but a th arrival of several
trains was still uncertain at noon, this
is subject to changs. Today's estimate Is
1.00 larger than a week ago, and almost
twice a large a fer the sam day last
year. ,
Representative sales:
N. . A. Sh, Pt. No. At.
n vi n In 1 ua
..,..! 4t 4 ti 41 W
H .- 4 ' 4,
! .4 4 74 U :J4
U lli ... II 1 4 213
on. Pr.
... 4 7
... t;
... 7.
... It
SHEEP A heavy run of sheep and
lambs arrived on ths market this morn
ing riotwithiiUiiidirig the stormy weathsr
and most of the viierlnga were In ttt
barn In good season The estimate was
l,uu0 head, baii.g .t0 more thau a weea
an. lO.nuO more than twe wuU un and
9,000 ntore than th eorrespondiag dsy a
year sro. Q'islity on th whole was good
but the rig bulk of the stuff wss In bad
condition on account of the wet fleorea,
snow and c. Chicago was reported as
having onlv 8,0ol head.
The packer buyers commenced doing
business at n early hour and hv II
o'clock the bulk of the sheep and Ism'ns
has crtssed the-scale On paper m-ist
of the sslea. looked little if anv betfr
than ateady with tha close of last wk,
but connldering the wetness of the offer
Ipks prices were gnersllr regarded as at
least strong to loil.lc higher and even
mote then that In some case. Trade
was feat'ire.l with a little unevennme
with the bulk of the Ismbs going at $8. t
860 and some Scott's inuft srsdes good
enough to sell up to 8.. Two double
decks and a single of South Iakota
lambs sold to go to th country st $4.05.
In the esse of aged sheep ewes pre
dominated and the bulk of them moved
around $.V70iC.16, there being several cars
oi c tiao-.,iKni at the latter Price,
A rang of $..lofi7,R caught the mot of
th yearling sales. The yearlings st $7.3
T..-if io v.oiuran-Aiex,icana and on th
iiKni rn-fr. , ,
Uuotatlon on sheep and Ismha: Ijimhs,
Mrxtcana, 8.i4ift,8&; lambs, fed westerns,
14 lamlie, fair to good, $&.lui.);
lambs, shonrlng, $7 ft.virT8.i6; vearlings,
IlKht, 7.5Ar7.fui yearling, heavy, $4.7i.hi
7 Ml; wethers, good to choloe, $H.SnM.7n;
wethers, $.lMi.60; ewes, graid to choice.
S.7Mi$.l.; ewes, fslr to good, $8.60116.75;
ewes, feeding, S4.7.Vu6.m.
Repreventallve sslea:
Av. Price.
...112 4 0)
4M fe swes
117 fed ewes....-...,
247 fed lambs
IMi fed ewes
jo cull ewes ....
1" fed ewes
27 fed lambs ...
IS feeder Inmhg
318 fed lambs
3 feif lambs ....
54 fed ewes
lie fed yearlings
8 CO
8 70
4 60
6 8.5
5 60
8 40
........ sVti
8 M
7 10
United States Official "Tells
Trials in Guarding Federal
"We have some funny experiences In
taking criminals to the federal prison
from Omaha," said United Stale Mar
shal Warner. ,"I remember once when
I had to take a Chinaman to Sen Fran
clsco for deportation. Thst waa th first
time I had ever had to take a Celestial
0h a long trip. Of course,, it was' neces
sary, to take a sleeper and I took the
duty ot sleeping with the chink. I hsd
Dr. Sherraden with me ss deputy. I let
the .Chinaman sleep under the cover and
I laid down beatd him on top of th
"I remember .when .w got to Kan
Francisco and had got rid of our charge,
w both wrote home and I told my wife
to call up the doctor's wire and tell her
that I hsd to choose between sleeping
with hint scfl the Chinaman, so I chose
th Chinaman.
'.'The , worst case to get on my ntrve
was the great robbery case of several
year ago. when the Overland Limited
of (he Union Paclflo was held' up by
robbers Just outside of Omaha.
''All the forces of the city, cbunty and
federal government got to .'orK oh th
case at once, but there wasn't the slight
est clue. It seemed the train ' robber
would get clean away. k
'Overland Holds.
. "But, After all th sleuths had failed,
some little Bohemian boys one day found
a small strap burled in. the ground and
with just, about an Inch sticking out.
From that little .bit of strap three of
th robbers were caught and afterwarj
th two others were captured.
"Then came the big trial. The govern
ment brought witnesses hare to Omaha
from all over the eountry, from Hart
ford, Conn., to Portland, Or., and from
Minneapolis to New Orleans.
"Tho strain of guarding those prison
era was tremendous, because thay had
lota of desperate pals who would think
nothing ot organising a raid to free
them It they got half a chance. After
they had. been oonvloted we took them
to Leavenworth prison in a special car
on th Burlington railroad. Wo, took
along thirteen deputing because we
wanted to be prepared .for any possible
Attempt to set them free.
"I see them down there new when
ever I go 1 to takjt prisoner down. On
work In the kitchen and , he alwgy
seems glad to see m and anxious to
know whether there ia any chano of
shortening his . life term.
"All through that trial I could hardly
sleep at night for th strain and sus
pens. When I came htck from Leav
enworth I slept all night and till noon
next day. 1 ,
"I think the most unronifortabU night
I vr apaat waa when I took a man
named Tetter to prison. 11 waa six feet
"ten-er," eleven Inch tsll and you know
Pullman car berths are . not . built for
inch fellow. . Ho tie hsd tu double him
self up like a Jack knit." - . ,
Dutch Socialists
Make Move for Peace
AMSTERDAM (Via London). Feb. 1-
Th Dutch socialist newspaper. Tribune,
reports that ths xoutlv commute of
the German social democratic party haa
adopted the following resolution:
"The committee consider It desirable
thst every opportunity be taken to Initiate
common action In favor of peace by the
whole international socialist league and
specially by the socialist parties In the
belligerent kingdoms.
Greece Prepares
' to Help Servia
- FAR1S, Feb. L A dispatch to th
Balkan agency from Athens says:
-."Greece, with all its fore, will com
to th aid of Servia In every fresh In
vasion of Servia by th Austro-Qtrmgri
armies. Ih , greatest activity pi vail
now in military quarters."
Mr. Seattle Haa.
Word haa been received In Omaha of
the death. of Mrs. Sophie Rau, widow of
the late Cr. Rau of Omaha, In San Fran
cisco. Mrs. Rau wa 83 yaara old at the
time of ber death. Shs is a sister of
Mrs. William HothschUd. et Omaha, who
Is $4 years of age, and ti the mother of
Mr. M. UelUnan. formerly of - this
city, but now of Baltimore. Sh also
haa four nleoea living tu Omaha, Mrs.
Samuel KU, Mrs. Mattie Jacobeon. Mrs.
Alex Pollack and Mis Annabel! Roths
child. Tbe funeral will be held In Kan
Francisco. Dr. Rau la burled in Omaha
Andrew Barktaes.
Andrew Buchanan, colored, died Friday
at the sge ot 48 yaara. lie was a resi
dent of Omaha for th last thirty years.
lie wag for many year a Pullman porter
on the Union Pacific and Burlington
railroads. Ha I survived by thres brotli-
er, two sinter and two children. Ji
died at th horn Of Mrs. etl Brown,
3011 Cuming street. ' I
Does Not Care to Co-Operate with
the City Commissioners on Hew
Recreation Board,
An entente cordial dies not exist st
this time between the city council , and
tho Board of Education. Since the ruction
of a few years ago these two governiiiK
bodlcs have enjoyed amlcahlo relation?.
Th new recreation board ordinance has
tr.'.Khed a sensitive spot of the echo i
A. C. Wskcloy, representing the Judl---Isry
ami building and she 'committees of
the Hoard of Education, apeared before
tho city commissioners snd stated that
It la th sentiment of the two school
board committees mentioned thst It Is not
wise to make the school board or tbe
school properties an Integral part of the
recreation scheme proposed under the
new ordinance which mentions the super
intendent of school Is one ot the board
of five memlicr.
."Do we understand that the Board of
Education refute - an ' invitation to co
operate In this recreational plant' asked
Commissioner J. B. Hummel.
The gist ot Mr. Wskcley's reply wss
that the. school board Is operating under
specif lo state laws, and as for recrea
tion In schools the board is now tsklnsr
(are of that feature In the school grounds.
The spirit ot Mr. Wskcley's talk was
thst th school board members prefer
to carry on their own recreation activi
ties In their own way without any out
side co-operation, such as Is proposed y
the new recreation board.
Beard May Join la.
City Attorney J. A. rtlns explained thst
th ordinance leaves th matter open lot
the Board ot Education to co-operate if
the members so elect; that the proposed
recreation board would not interfere with
any school' property without full sanction
of the school boord. ,
Dr. Cyrus Stlmpson of th Ftaygrourxt
and Recreation Association of America
also explained to Mr. Wekeley that the
ordinance In no way ftnnosea any obliga
tion upon the Board of Education, but
rather makes it possible for the school
Officials tr .co-operete in tho recreational
campaign it is believed will be carried
out in Omaha. . .
The commissioners recommended that
tho ordinance be passed fn Its present
form at th regular meeting of tho city
council Tuesday morning. ,
Mr. WaRelry's formal request waa that
the portion of the otdlnance reforring to
the gohool bos i-d and the superintendent
of schools be gtrlcken out before th
orcMnence should be passed.- '
Conceding Merger, .
South Omah'ans to'
Go After City Jobs
"South Omaha anti-annexatlonists,
Icing of ilia opinion that annexation will
carry In th legislature, are alreadv
niaKiiig ready to enter the commissioners'
race thla spring," . remarked John P.
Breeni author of the annexation bill now
before th legislature, at th court house
this morning.
"Whll I am not In a position to name
any nsmes. It haa become evident that a
good tiled crop of candidate from South
Cwmha I In prospect It the annexation
till carries with ths emergency clause."
Thers are some vote-getter In th bunch,
too, and In a primary emorg a" great
number of candidates they are going t
stand a pretty good Chance,"
That tho antls In the legislature, it they
gee th measure is going to pass,' will
add their votes to th "yea" column in
order to pass th emergency clause by
th required two-thirds vote, Is already
pretty generally understood. The legis
lators are privileged to change th record
of their vote during th course of roll
The emergency clause If made effective
will accomplish tbe oonsolldattion in
ample time to all Houth Omsha candi
dates for the city commission, to organ
US their force and til their paper with
the election commissioner.
"He growled so much and ' wouldn't
give me -enough to eat, and gave ma only
15 or SO cents week to spend."
With that explanation, Esther, tbe 18-year-old
wife of Charles F. Bennett,' 1677
North Twentieth street, Justified her
course In leaving him and going to' live
with her mother, Mrs. AUte Williams,
1591 North Twenty-first street
Bennett was charged In police court
with wlf abandonment and, after a hear
ing, was bound over to ths district court
under bond of SM." H was formerly a
driver for the American Express com.
pany, he ssid, - - ,
The girl testified that lest My, when
she wa only 15 years of sge. Rev. W. f.
Hampton, pastor of the Hillside Congre
gational church, man led her to Bennett
without witnesses, and that on five ocuu
sions she went to her mother, and lived
Intermittently with Bennett st 2S Claig
street, until h put an ad In the papers
to th effect that be would not pay any
bill the contracted.
Lelsnd Qulnn of the Union Pacific's
passenger department is back from a
trip to th Paclflo coast. W hll there he
visited the exposition site at San Fran
cisco and asserts that th buildings are
complete and 60 per cent of, the exhibit
installed. The Union Pacific exhibit,
Tellowstone National park, in miniature,
he says Is 85 per cent finished.
' While In Bars Francisco Quinn noted the
jitneys and asserts that there they have
become so numerous that they have
grown to be a nuisance.
The city council decided to erant Mrs.
8usle Henderson, widow of Fire Captain
Joseph II. Henderson, a pension of J-'j
psr month dating bauk from March, 1814.
Mrs. Henderson has five children, it Is
stated that Henderson caught cold at
th Allen Bros, fire Thanksgiving morn
ing of 103 snd that he died trout the ef
fects of that exposure. Ths ci has
been In the courts for several years.
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