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Omaha Daily Bee
BY AnVKHTISlNa ftm cm bold
fast to th trade yon htm and
win yostr aMre of the trade yon
still lack, .
vol, xr.iv no. m:
Oa Trilii Hi at
otel Stews Stands. Se
1 1
Attorney! for Missouri Pacifio Con
tend that People Hire Dele
gated Rate Making Power,
to Railroad Commission.
Attorney 'General Contend! No
Power Existi to Go Behind the
Specific Act of Lawmakers.,
judges sitting en ' banc
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Neb., Feb. 1 .(Spe
cial.) Arguments In the 2-cerit fare
case were beard before the supreme
court this morning, the high tribunal
sitting en bane, with" Chief Justice
Morrissey, recently appointed, pre
siding for the first time.
The ease was brought by the Mis
souri Pacific Railway company to
compel by mandamus the State Rail
way commission to take Jurisdiction
of and-aet upon Its application for
an Increase In Its Nebraska passen
ger rates above, the 2-cmt minimum
fixed by statute.
The hub of tho question i: Does the
constitutionally delegated power of the
commission have precedence over specific
legislative enactment? The railroads so
argue, contending that if It sees fit the
commission may increase the rate over
that provided .for- by the legislature
f X907. . " ' " ' '
Rate Pewer Delesrate. .
The railroads maintain , that as dele
gated to the commission by the people
the rate-making power cannot be taken
trver by the legislature. The contentions
are based on this constitutional provision:
"The power and duties-of . such com
mission shall Include the regulation of
rates, service and other general control
ct common carriers as the legislature may
- provide by law. ,
"But in the absence of speciflo legisla
tion tbe , commission shall "exert the
powers and perform the duties enumer
ated In this provision." . - -
The state, through former Attorney Gen
eral W. T. Thompson and Attorney Gen
eral Heed, Insisted that specific' legisla
tion by the' state's law-making bedy Is
.. -, , iLMnt ram lew and that the
State Ball way, commission cannot go be
bind that ' .
.' Dtacretioa botmi j
Further, state attorneys held that If the
. . .. " ..xlialm Had power
Bieio jrtwiwj . -
virtually to -repeal the-cent . fsre '.law
It could do likewise with the anti-ease
-1 '.mjlfr y other legislation affeSUnrwea or
service of railroad
' The railroad side Of the ease Is sum
marised in the following!
1 That the commission has unqualified
i?ri.di"lon to legislate withfno t
rate, end servlca of eomtn
commirtonPby the people In an amend-
me.nt to the stare comuiuu" .
1 That the legislature, by lt make-up U
incapaaie oi . uowi , ......... ,
admitted this at the 1913 session When it
reiusea vo pu mo .ww.-, 7: :
sgreed to leave this power In the hands
Of the Btate Hallway commission.
S. That the supremacy of the legislature
over powers delegated to the eommlsslon
by the people wSuid defeat the, purpose
of the amendment i.
4. That In ooiegauoo to
of all legislative pow
es ano.noi mow mo
t'X legislature are respect
f UgUlstare1
spotted, .
H aa Spo
1 The state maintains
1 that tn tbe eonsU-
tutional provisions .cited above, the Unas
to." mean that the commission can have
no powers where the legtsiaiurs na
1... that the commission's power is
limited even in rates' and servioe matters
to acts not touched upon 1 speclfl leg-
Islativs enactment.
Thus the legislature would have no
(lower to dUturb the S-oent passenger fare
... hna ta1 reduce It. If the
l rr - '
state attorneys' view is. acoepted by the
M-h bench. . . I
Rif there ara no maximum telephone
rates fixed by the leglslatnTe, the com
mission has power to reguiai inoso ae n
- - tit wm . rale law to be
passed by the legislature according to
.u. nt ths state attorneys that
would supersede all rate control the com
mission might exert over telephone com
panies. -
' The Weather
Forecast till I p. m. Tuesday:
For Omaha. Council Bluffs and Vicinity
t-Snow; colder.
Tesaperatero at Omaha Yesterday.
Hours. lg.
m -
m -i
ro !A
m a
m a
in s 25
eee '4
ro ..U
m a
ro 22
m 21
m n
m 21
m. 21
m 30
Comparative Lwil
1915. 1914. 191S. 1911
Highest yesterday. ..j... Hi 11 3D
IO west yeaterduy....... 2 S
Mean temperature S3 S4 4 1
Precipitation 63 .00 .04 T
Temperature and precipitation de
partures from the novmal;
(Normal temperature 21
Kxcean for the day t
Total excess since March 1 SSO
Normal precipitation .01 lneh-v
Kxcoas for the day Clinch
Total rainfall since March 1....B.W inches
TWiciency aince March 1 1H inch
ffeitciency for cor. period, 191J.. 17 Inches
Leficiency for our. period. Uli.t 4.W inches
Reports front Stations at T r. M.
Station and Ftate
of Weather.
Temp. High- Rain-
T p. m. cat. fall.
Iavrnport, rain ti
North Platte, clear 18
24 .04
Omaha, cloudy il 2 .
Kapid City, rlaar IS 2H j
ioux City, cloudy IS ti
"f indicates trace of precipitattuu.
Indicates Wow sero.
L. A. VLHIL Local Forecaster.
5 a.
of Rome in Avezzona, shewing how completely the earthquake destroyed this beautiful
city. Soldiers hunting for money in the debris.
rv rT' 'vr : r-sa
( s?'h -
fr'.JP- . ... . ym;
Pierre, S. D., Han Elected President
- and W. G. Ashton Hade Sec
The National - Farm Labor Ex
change went Into permanent organ
ization in Omaha yesterday with some
fifteen delegates present. This., or
ganization seeks by a method; of co
operation between the labor commis
sioners, of th .various states in; the
graia belt, to solve tbe problem of
help for' the harvests tfben that help
is most needed in these states.
, Charles McCaffree of Pierre, fl. D.,
was made president and W. O. Ashton of
Oklahoma City,, secretary-treasurer. E.
S. Neal. state immigration ' agent of
North Dakota. - was made vice president
' Plans did not take quite as definite a
form, perhaps. 1 as might have been ex
pected, although the constitution and by
laws provide that the ' labor commtsBlorv.
ers of the various grain producing states
shall look after the handling of. farm
labor during the harvest season and that
the executive committee of the exchange
shall co-operate with the labor commis
sioners that the supply of labor can
always be moved ahead fast 'enough to
be at tbe right place at the right time.
States and Railroads . Represented.
Those present at the opening session
were Charles MoCaffree of Pierre, 8. D.,
commissioner . of .immigration of that
state; W. O. Ashton of Oklahoma City,
Okl., commissioner of labor of that state;
(Continued oa Page Two, Column Three.)
Senator Reed Will
Support Veto of
Immigration Bill
WASHINGTON. Jan. t-The fate of
the immigration bill, vetoed by President
Wilson because of the literacy test pros.
vision, took on renewed interest In congress-
today : because of the announeed
Intention of Senator Reed of Missouri to
speak In the senate ' in support of the
president's veto, provided the opportunity
is presented. Senator Reed,- who ' has
opposed many of the administration meas
ures, fought the . Immigration ' bill and
was one of seven voting against it
Chairman Burnett of the house Immi
gration committee wUl call up the veto
message by offering a motion to recon
sider' the vote by which it originally
passed and to pass it despite presidential
disapproval. House leaders, however, are
not sure that the two-thirds majority vote
necessary to repass it can be secured.
Germany Brings Scene of Combat
to the Front Door of Great Britain
', LONDON, Feb. 1. Once again
British Interest in military activities
on ; the continent have been over
shadowed by the fact that Germany
has brought the combat . to ., Great
Britain's front door. What Is re
garded here as the new German pol
icy of a submarine blockade of Brit
ish ports is temporarily effectual. '
The two British merchant steamers
torpedoed by Germans off Havre are
the largest commercial vessels that
have as yet fallen victims to German
submarines; the three ships sunk in
the Irish sea were small coasters.
Belief expressed yesterday that the
raiders could not retrials for- more than
a few hours tn waters so far removed
from his base has beei exploded by news
thst the mall steamer Leinster encoun
tered a Oerman submarine off Lublm
He and Two Others Put to Death
. by General Who Deserted to .
Zapata Wing.
LAREDO. Tex., Feb. 1.- General
Jesus Carranza, his son, Abelardb,
and Ignacio Peraldt. member of Mia
8taf f, were , executed by General
gantibez, former constitutional gen
eral; who deserted and went ' to
Zapata, according to a telegram re
ceived by the widow of General Car
ranza from the first chief at- Vera
Cruz. Jesus Carranza Is a brother
of the first, chief.
Wilson Will Defend
Ship Purchase Bill
in Talk Wednesday
WASHINGTON, Feb. 1. President Wil
son will deliver before the Chamber of
Commerce of the United fcUates conven
tion here Wednesday night what his ad
visers say will be one of the most im
portant speeches of his administration.
He is expected to discuss the adminis
tration shipping bill now pending in con
gress, the forthcoming meeting of finan
cial experts of tbe South and Central
America In the United States to oonslder
trade relations In the western 1 hemis
phere, snd other steps proposed to assist
American foreign commerce.
Secretaries McAdoo and Red field are
also to discuss the shipping bill, at the,
convention from the standpoint of the
administration. Senator Burton , of . Ohio
will give ths viewpoint of the apposition.
Omaha. Shows Gain
in Building While ,
' Other Cities Lose
Th Construction Newa announdea a
tabulation' of building operations of -103
principal 1 cities of the country, -showing
comparisons' between' 1914 and 1D13. , Sixty
cities .show a decrease, while forty-three
bad increases over 1913..
Tht .faliowlna figures show Omaha's
Increase with the decreases of eight cities
within a radius of about 6W miles:
114. . , 1914.
Ktuui City
Milwaukee ........
Imluth t
fit. Joseph
Ht. .Louts
Kioux City
.$4,010,456 $4,110,733
,. 10.2W.97O 10.579.1!
. 1,X0,2X7 ' l,78,ai0
,. 10,S.'i3.1:to 13.510,i8t
,. 2,XiiD,2i- 4.U2B.011
a.r74 SM.173
. 12.92S.0Wt 16.17.153
.. 1,072.903 2,07O,(M
&,73 VX.&M
on Saturday, twenty-four hours after ths
sinking of tha three coasters. .
Reports of. Russian operations over a
vast area continue to come from the
continent. . The Russian occupation of
Tabris',, in Persia, has been confirmed,
and the Russian army which ptuhed the
Turks out. of this, provincial capital of
Persia," after their brief stay .there. Is
sweeping to tha south and to the west
In the Carpathians sharp fighting took
place Sunday In ths foreats where the
Russian ars striving to retain command
of the passes which keep tha way open
behind them. Berlin says the situation
in all parts of the Carpathian theater of
the war is favorable.
Vienna reports tha resumption of hos
tilities in eastern 6rvta after a period
of quiet enforced by floods. '
la France and Flatidrs the situation
shows no striking chant;?, although hard
fighting has cuntiuuel fur twcri'y-four
hours neas LaDanac tad in the Aigonne.
Governor Morehead Has Asked
Superintendent Thomas to
Report on Conditions.
(Prom a Btarr Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Neb., Feb, . 1. (Spe
cial.) A legislative ihvestlgatioa
Into the conduct of the. state super
intendent's office, under the former
administration of J. E. Dolxell is Be
ing talked or- at .' the capltol. It
leaked out today that Governor
Morehead . has ; already requested j
biaie buperimenaent -i nomas to go
fever the records of the educational
department and submit a detailed
financial statement showing all ex
penditures' made under the Delzell
regime. . , ' , " .
While the governor himself has author
ised no statement as to whst ha Intends
to do with these . figures, some of the
members of the legislature expect that
they will eventually be laid before the
house and senate for whatever action
they may see fit , to take. '
- What May Be Broaaht Oat.
Official extravagance, favoritism, nepo
tism,' add the diversion of funds appro
priated for one purpose so that they
were used for another, are among the
things which may corns to light when the
affairs ' of the state educational depart
ment are placed under scrutiny, it Is
said. ' '
Governor Morehead in'his message to
the legislature called attention te the
biennial. report-of -the stste superinten
dent, which cost over $l,on to- print and
which ,1s filled up largely with such ma
terial' as the-addreuses made by former
Superintendent Delsell to teachers' meet
ings, half-tone pictures of numerous
school. buildings, railroad time tables and
"safety first" advertisements, long re
ports of rural. -school Inspections, pro
ceedings of the Nebraska Schoolmasters'
club, snd a list of Its membership.
- Extends to, Normal Board'
In connection .with the strictures which
are being made on -the administration of
(Continued oh Pag Two, Column One.)
General Manager of
j Colorado Southern
F. . B. Koller. asslmant general manager
of the Burlington lines west of the Mis
souri river, with headquarters In Omaha,
has been appointed general manager of
tbe . Colorado A Southern' railroad, with
headquarters In Denver. Mr. Koller will
asKume bis new duties March 1.
Mr. Koller will take the plsca of Jsmes
Welah, who has acted In tit capacity of
general superintendent of the Colorado
& Southern. . However, .he will fill an
office of larger scopu. as Indicated by the
title of. generat manager. '
According to ' Ueneral Manaaer IIol.
drege, ' Mr. Koller - will remain in his
present position of sssistant general
manager of the Burlington until March
1. Who will be his successor - has not
been determined.
German Submarines
Terrorize Shipping
Off Coast of Ireland
' LONDON, Feb. 1. A dispatch frora
Soutnport eighteen miles north of Liver
pool, says that a Oerman submarine, sup
posedly 'U-31, wss seen off there early
Uls morning.
DUBLIN, Jan. Jl.-The steamer Lein
ster, from Holyhead to Kingstown, re
ports thst It wss chased by a Oerman
submarine for fifteen minutes off the
Klsh light vessel, but succeeded In escap
ing. The Klfh light vessel is opposite
tbe mouth to Dublin bay.
Snow 'and Wind Ceaiei in Colorado
and Wyoming and Along
Burlington -in Southern
Burlington Has Main Line Wires
Up' and Union Pacific is
Fixed to Fremont,
Although a continuation of the
snow and wind in many sections
show thst tbe storm which swept
over Nebraska, Iowa, Colorado and
Wyoming Sunday y snd Monday !s
still in evidence, reports to Omaha I
Tallroad headquarters Indicate that
a break Is soon to occur.
To the west, Colorado, and Wyo
ming report that the snow has
ceased to fall, while through south
ern Nebraska along the line of tin
Burlington the snow has quit after
a fall of about one foot. The Bur
lington has repaired all Its wires
slong that line and Is running trains
close to schedule. The O'Neill line is
still bound up with the wires down
and trains are not yet running .iu
good order. From . this and the
Northwestern reports, the weather 1
still harsh toward - the north, but
there are signs of a break which
should bring about a turn to tbe nor
mal again. . '
The Union Paotflo has Its wires in from
Fremont to Omaha and has a squad of
repair men out., but are handicapped be
causa proper supplies are not available.
Upon arrival of supplies today wires are
expected to be throngs, along the main
line. A wire is now working from Denver
by the way of Ellist Kan., and Kansas
City and reports are that the storm Is
clearing in the west
Trains Back ta Normal.
Trains are running fairly regular on the
Union Paclflo with the aid of the block
systems. Trains arriving from the west
late last night report that the snow and
wind continues between Kearney and
Fremont, but west of there hss abated.
Telegraph lines to the east were whipped
Into condition last night and hsve been
working mora or less regularly..'
While not severe, the weather turned
a bit colder last night, but the wind was
decreasing gradually The street car serv
ice was in fairly , good shape and cam
ran . regularly . aver , all - lines. Elsven
sweepers had ths tracks clearee and since
the abatement of the snow no difficulties
were encountered.
Jitneys aa the Job,
Trsfflc, however,' was largely confined
to the streets where the car tracks had
been cleared, as vehicles of all descrip
tions found It troublesome to break
through the snow drifts In the streets.
Jitney busses ran in Increased numbers
up until 7 o'clock last night, the schedule
hour to stop. A new Jitney, carrying
twelve passengers, was put In operation
on Farnam street yesterday afternoon.
The weather today, acoordlng to pre
dictions, will be colder, but will not be at
all extreme. Reports of temperatures at
cities surrounding Omaha were unavail
able due to Intermittent telegraph service.
W.J.Bryan, Jn,Wins
His First Law Suit
TUCSON. Aria, Feb. I. William Jen
nings ' Bryan, jr., son of the secretary
of slate, won his first case when It was
tried recently in the superior court. The
case wss a damage, suit broughfby A,
K. Deyo, ' against . tha Arizona Construc
tion company. Deyo sued for flO.COO dam
ages for ths loss of an eye In ' an ex
plosion of dynamite. He Was tha super
intendent of tho company and crawled
Into a tunnel to see why the charge did
not explode. ' Mr." Bryan represented the
defendant. ' ' , .-
Russian Inspector.
Czar's Armies
PETROORAD. Feb. l.-(Via London.)
A' Ruseisn general, who Is 'an aide-decamp
to Emperor Nicholas, and Is neces
sarily nameles, gave aa Associated Press
correspondent the Russian viewpoint of
the military situation. The aide-de-camp
had Just' returned from Inspecting tha
Russian forces at all the fronts except la
the Caucasus, lis ssld;
"Todsy, exsctly a bslf year since the
beginning of tha war, our second line of
troops Is grester and our entire armies
sra much stronger. Tha men are more
hardened and physically and morally
more ready:
"Ths enemy's territory hss been oc
cupied In L'ast Prussia and Gallcia to a
greater extent than our' most optimlstlo
expectations, while ths Germans are oc
cupying practically ths same lines as at
the out.-et of tbe war. The distsnce be
tween the Bsura river and tbe Oerman
frontier, though greater In miles thsn be
tween Sochscsew and Warsaw, Is strate
gically much leas important, for the rea
son that there are no forMfled positions
between the Bsura and Germany, while
ths last three months, during which the
Germans bave been occupied In attempts
to advance, have been rsi?ably used
by us to fortify the line from Nowoge
orgiewsk to Warsaw ' and Ivengorod,
which Una Is now ; practically Impreg
nable. SOast Calaela is Aaaesad.
"Tha territory occupied by us in Esst
Gallcia Is now part snd parcel of ths
empire. Lemberg and vicinity are well
fortified and the population Is well satis
fled with tha new state' of things. In the
Carpathians the ' Auatrians have been
weakened by recent defeats and tha Oer
Several Bourbons Side with Repub
licans in Senate Test of
WASHINGTON, Feb. 1. Senator
Clark of Arkansas, democrat, and
president pro tempore of the senate,
startled his colleagues late today by
announcing that the senste should
proceed to the consideration of other
business, and moving that the gov
ernment ship purchase bill ha recom
mlttPd to the commerce committee
for revision.
Senator Fletcher made a point of order
sgslnst the action, snd wss sustained by
Vice President Marshall. Senator Clark
appealed. from the decision and the chair
was overruled. to S7, whereupon Sen
ator Btons moved to adjourn.
Stone moved to adjourn, "to the end
that democrats may have a conference
and republicans and their allies, a cau
cus." The motion to adjourn was voted down.
49 to , whereupon Senator Stone moved
to ley Senator Clatk's motion to recom
mit the bill on the table. .
Senator Stone's motion to table was
defeated, 44 to 42, democrats opposed to
the shipping bill sgsln voting with the
republicans. Senator Reed took the floor
and assailed the democrats who had voted
with tbe republicans. They Included
Pankhesd, Bryan, Cnmden and Clarke of
With Senator Clark's motion to 1
commit tha shipping hill pending, the
sonata adjourned at S0 p. m. tox noon
French Off ice Says.
Attacks of Germans
Have Been Repulsed
PARIS, Feb. 1. The official rommunl
cation leraed by the war office tonight
was as follows:
"The night of January Si-February 1
was vary ctuiet."
"lit ths morning of February 1 the
enemy . mads a violent attack en our
trenches to the north of the road be
tween Bethune and IaBasaee. The attack
was repulsed and the Germans left
number of dead on the field.
"At Beaumont Hamel, to the north of
Albert, the German Infantry attempted a
surprise against one of our trenches, but
they were obliged to take flight, abandon
ing tha explosives with which they! had
been. provided." .' ' : :
' "in tho Argonne there- has been great
activity In the regions of Fontaine Mad
ame and the Forest -of La Qrurte. An at
tack by the Qermans hss- been repelled
pear Bagatelle. One of our trenches de
molished by two mines, was evacuated
without loss. -. " .
"In the Vosges and In Alsace there Is
no action to report. The snowfall has
been' Very abundant." '
Cientifico Wing-
V Starts New Revolt
EI. PASO, Tex., Feb.' I. A movement
directed against ' the Carransa snd Villa
elements in' Mexico has been launched by
the 'Cientifico' party, which 'supported
DJas and tho Huerta regime, according to
authentlo Information received hero to
day, -The new movement Is said to have
received the adherence bf many for
merly wealthy landowners.
LONDON, Feb. l.-Aor.ordliig to the Ex
change Telegraph company's Athens cor
respondent ths construction of the Greek
dreadnaught Hals mis at the Vulcan com
pany's shipyard at Stettin. Germany, has
been stoppceVb ecause the Greek govern
ment for special reasons has not made
tho fixed payment on the contract The
Greek naval mission supervising ths con
struction of the vessel, ths correspondent
adds, has been recalled.
Tha Salamls, according to the specifi
cations, wss to bs a 19.500-ton ship. It
was laid down in Wis. and wss to have
been completed in 191C,
General Says
in Good Condition
man help there will be Insufficient to In
fuse new blood into their army. ' '
"At the outset of the wsr, fears were
bxpressed. In view of the dlfflruiyes of
Importation as to where we were to get
necesssry mechanlcsl Implement Neces
sity has shown the strength snd resources
of the Russlsn nstlon. Many small wares,
formerly manufactured for us In Ger
many and Austria, have been perfectly
replaced In the Moscow manufactories.
Village handwork Is producing satisfac
tory gutlery, saddlery and munitions and
In making these hlngs ths pessant Is
showing remarkable adaptability.
"Even . machine articles sra success
fully produced. When our troops ware In
East Prussian the first time they secured
eight arb wire machines. Thes were
brought ' to Russia and copied, so thst
such machines are now produced hera
Tills la one example and such occurrences
ars numerous.
Troops la Klae Spirits.
"The relations of the soldiers and ths
commanders are excellent. Many oc
ca lions have witnessed situations where
tbs commander desired to precede the
meo. The latter, however, requested tha
leaders to remain behind, saying 'you ars
one hard to replace, wo can bs spared.'
"A felli Itlous . circumstsncs Is tho ab
solute unity of tha nation and the army
officers and men are extremely alive to
what is transpiring in tha country and
are grstlfled to see the concord between
tha government and the pesple and the
Interest which -the entire people ars taking
In the campeigir,.flMry conditions can
be judged vTL inair.iiflceiit number of
Ulnesara-nd the vigorous health of the
P-a iia.ha ranka."
Cxar's General Stafr Reports Success
in Desperate Battles to North
of Gnmbinen and Fill -
kallen. ' -.1RI
Two Companies of Germans Ansihte
lated in Bayonet Charge Into i
the Trench. ' m
FETItOGRAD, Fab. If A com-.
raunicatlon, issued late last sight by
tbe general stsff of the Russian
array, reports further progress in
East Prussia and desperate fighting
on .the left bank of tbe Vistula, In
the region around Borjlmow, the
Russians claim to have recaptured ,
a trench lost to the Germans, on thej
preceding day and declere that coon- j
ter attacks of the Germans were re
pulsed everya'here except In one of
the Russian saps, which the Ger
mans captured. The statement fol
lows: .
"In the forests to the north of
Gumblnnen and rill kallen, . our
troops, eontinning the conflict, have
made progress at some points.
"On the left bsnk'of the Vistula art
January to a desperate combat was undt
way. - In the region of Borjlmow the
Germans, who bad' captured one of our
trenches on the preceding day, were at- -tacked
by us after night fsll. After an
extremely tenacious ' struggle we , suc
ceeded, with the aid of a bayonet charge,
In dislodging the enemy from the trench.
Ws almost annihilated two entire com
panies of Germans, captured three offi
cers and more, than sixty soldiers, and '
also took a rapid-fire gun.
"In the 'course of the day the enema
made a new attempt to drive VS from
our advanced trenches, but wss every
where repulsed after a bloody struggle,
except In one of our sspa, where soma
elements of tha enemy succeeded In as
tabilahlng themselves, -
"An examination of prisoners disclosed
the fact that the Germans in their at
tack -of 'the 28 th -upon a part' of oar
trenches at Borjlmow had employed four
regiments of Infantry, some of which
were composed of seasoned ' men. - -
Offer to Buy Load . i
. Of Wilhelmina is '
Interesting England .
"" $
tONbON. .Feh. ri-The. offer of tha
American commission for relief In Bel
glum to purchase the cargo of the steam
ship Wilhelmina, has attracted wide and
favorable attention la England. ,
It the American commission Is not able
to purchase the Wtlhelmlna'a, cargo, It
unquestionably will bo bought by tha
British government.
If Is generally understood that tha
British authorities will not permit ship
ments of food to Germany " because of -the
recent action of tha German gov
srament In taking over- food supplies.
A dispatch to the Post - from Berne,
Rwitserland, says that according to news
received from Berlin, It has been decided -that
a number, of cargoes of foodstuff a
are to be sent In A merles n ships us gifts
to tha German civilian population frora
Germaa friends In America. Albert Bel
lln, the German steamship' agent who re
cently took over the management of tha
entire railroad system .of Germany, la
said in the dispatch to have receive
advices to this effect. '
French Torpedo :
Boat is Reported .
Sunk Off Nieuport
BERLIN. Feb. L Reports to the Over
seas News Service from parts say French)
torpedo boat 21 had. been sunkroff Nieu
port. It. Is also reported that Germs
aeroplanes have succeeded in- throwing
ome bombs on the French, town of Bll
leul, near the Belgium frontier.
There is probably thonxsancTj
of dollars' worth of personal
property in the city of Omahai
alone which is of little value tj
its present owners.
Nearly all of this vrovCLi
be of ruse and deddad
value to somebody ebe.
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