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TJlK-JIKiv.' OMAHA. Ti;E.Si)AV. t't:iiliV Mt'. i..JJU.j.
Shllenbfrg;fr Declares- Primary
System Will Be Used ia rifth
1 Congressional District 1
Infinite decialon to nn . the primary
systrra In chooalns postmasters to fill
facanrlrs In ths Firth consreeeonal dis
trict ai annmmros In Omaha toy Anhton
ShaUenrre;r of Alma. cimsTeaaman
rlct. He apont Sunday nlfht In Omaha
t the Pan ton hotel on hit war to Shel
don. Ia., to (III A lecture engasement. .
Arapahoe will be the first town where
ths new postmaltcr win t decided upon
T7 vote ol the poitofflca. patron. Ptiel
tnber.er said. Others where republican
postmasters terma have expired and the
jdaces era to be filled from democrat
to ba chosen by auch voting are Hardy,
Eusttce, Axtell. Harvard and probably
Cried Island, he said.
"I biva decided te settle tha appoint
ment la that way," he declared, "and
will recommend the man tn ea"h town
who fets the highest' vote. I want to
nominate the man who the pontof floe pat
rons want, and I think tha primary vot
ing system la boat When petition are
circulated for aspiring candidate. many
patrons sl(u petition for more than en
maa for a place, hut when the voting
ayctern ta used each patron caa expreae
enly on choice."
At Arapahoe, he said, the candidates
for the postmaster's office are 8. A.
retarion. George Evans, J. I Blcbarde
od Robert Chamber. .
Ie expresaed confidence that the' gov
ernment ship purchase bill now In con
cress would be passed, but only after a
miff fight. He Is strong for the meas
ure, be declared. ,
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former State fluperlntondent Delscll, a
ood many members of I he legtalature
are lining on for the bill to abolish the
present Klate Normal board and create
a now board with a. different member
whip, The ex-superintendent was a member of
th normal board during hia term of of
lion, and worked with the majority fac
tion, which la alleged to be under the
domination of T. J. Majors and the
iirhoolmnstora club. Those who find
fault with Drlzell's conduct of the super
inttixlent's office Inn la t that a thorough
cleanup cannot be had without a raorga
ntr.Rilor of the normal school manage
ment. , . ,
Thomas Rnabbed.
Since A. O. Thomas became state super
intendent and ex officio member ef the
hoard he has been snubbed by the ma
jority faction. For forty years the cus
tom baa been that the state superin
tendent was made chairman of the teach
ers' committee, but Thomas has not even
been given a minor place on that commit
tee. A. I Cavlncss, secretary, of the
t board, who Is credited .with, having done
more than anybody else to oust Thomas
from the presidency of the Kearney Nor-
ntul, hus succeeded Del sell as chairman
ft the teachers' committee. ,'
The house committee which has In
charge the bill to abolish the present
.Normal' board has practically decided to
I'llmlnato Major by Inserting a provision
that no number of the new board shall
be named frons a coimty where any nor
mal school' Is, located. It ha also been
1 proposod that Cavlneis be deposed as
ttccuUtry by providing In the. bill thct
tb state treasurer, who is a member of
tins board. shall be secretary ex officio.
Tor this. Utter proposal the advantags
l claimed that it would seep ths re-Oord
f the. beard at the capltol, where ihy
could be Inspected by anyone. Instead of
havlag them away off some whera In the
hands of an Individual member. The
h.wriJ meets In a basement room under
neath the state treasurer s ernce. so that
if the records were kept by htm they
would always be handy.
German Spies Are '
Executed at Tangier
V.raLIN. Jsn. Jl. By Wireless to Bay
villu. U I.) The 'following -official atate
me'nt was made public todsy:
"Although ths French realdunt general
in Monaco had officially assured ths
American charge d'affaires at Tangier
that owing to American, representation
the. death penalty against the Germans,
Karl Kicks and Iterr Grundler, who were
accused of high treason, would not be
crrkl out. but that a written sppeat
wti14 be forwarded ta the president of
the French republj-, their execution, ac
cording to newspaper reports, was car
ried out nevertheless on January U "
PHILADELPHIA, Feb. l.-The state
ment of revenues and expenses of the
i'enriiyrvsnla railroad system fur Uie
r ending Decenilier 31, shows that the
U'tni oriHling revenue Tor the hues east
of I'ttuburg In V.'it was Ml.M.Tuu. a d
crease of f J0.040.tou compared with l!li.
It, total ox-r'.im expenses Including
i .! tax ' cri'.l. were f.'rtS, JUMin, a
ile-.-iiiaM rr.mpered with 1H of $!.Si.SjJ.
The railway oreisiiiig inroiue emouutsd
tit . r4 :.!. a lfceee of U.W.OBS.
lnUjiiS of U-e line west of IMtts
n rsh comj u U With l'.ill ahowed these
T-jtMl oiiating revenue IUl.7J3.SWo. tfo
riruK ?!V,".bJ 'A'J, total operating ekpruM
ii.ciuUr.c railway tax acrruala !'1.T7.!U,
tlt:rea $j.4ij.iJfc; rsilaay xperuUnj. la
I'jmri :.4.i'3, dn-rrase SJ.3s3,uoS.
.LONDON, l"ej. 1-iJ-nr Admiral, the
Hf.i.oiabU Vlitcr A. Montague, died yes
Urdsy. Ilvar Admiiat Montasus was 73
vtan oil. lit served with the fleet In
iho war ltli Itu?!a ln Isju, In ' China
of 1 -V and wit!) ths navnl brlx&do
in the Imlmn mutiny of lfciU. TTf wa re
tired in 1 A
Pi jr:.
: ti. 1. of tidal dUpauhss
( fe T ..ri.ih Let en January W suo-jl message rred at the til sta
" '!"!iy i.e,i tne I'.uBwan mUttaiyjtiun her. Thammunltioa ship U-T
r-ie va lu nl cot of tits black I left at one tt SIS the trant.l crstt.
encamped In the street with the few belongings they saved from their wrecked homes.
Legislative Reference Bureau Jest
About Busiest Place at
State Capitol.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Feb. l.-Speclai.)-tirctor
K. Sheldon of the legislative reference
bureau, with about a dozen assistant em
ployed In that department, worked Fat
arday evening, Sunday and Sunday sit
ing on the preparation of hills for the
final grand rush whluh will come this
week. Tuesday and Wednesday are the
last two days on which bills other than
the general appropriation and claims
measures, may be Introduced.
Thirty new bills, ranging In sice from
one to twenty-five typewritten pages,
wsre drafted In the legislature reference
bureau between the usual closing time on
Saturday ai(d opening time Monday fore
noon. Besides these seventy other which
had been handed la for the scrutiny of
tha department wore gone over for the
purpose of noting whetbsr they were
properly drawn.
"We are working under a good deal
ef pressure." said Director Sheldon, "and
tha department wilt do everything it caa
to get out the bill dexlred by members
tn . time for their introduction on Tues
day or Wednesday, We havs handled 100
bills sine Saturday afternoon and still
have a good many on hand to gat Into
shape. If no more should com la we
would be able te get through alt right."
Plans to Develop :
State Water Power
Placed in Bills
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Feb. l.(Speclttl. -Three
general plans for developing water power
In Nebraska have been evolved by Pi
rector Sheldon of the legislative reference
hureau, in conjunction with President C.
It, Oustafson of the Nebraska Farmers'
union. Prof. a. K. Condra of the Con
servation commission and Prof. C. V. P.
fctout of the I'alverslty of Nebraska.
One la for granting HtrhU to private
corporations for a specified period of
years, the state retaining- ownership of
the sites and exacting a royalty based on
the earnings. The second provides for
the organisation of water power districts
and development f publtcly-owned pro
jects and the third contemplates a crn
stltutlonal amendment permitting the
state Itself to go Into such enterprises.
The four men named, togethar with Mis
Myrtle Keegan of the legislative refer
ence bureau, have formulated one of these
Mils. It allows private Interests to de
velop power rd sell It under state regu
lation but no perpetual right wilt be
allowed. Companies may be permitted
to earn as high as 10 per cent on their
Investment for the first fifteen years, and
k per cent thereafter.
II. S. Pays Out More
Than It Takes In
Washington, teu. t.-nvenue vol.
hcui by the government in January
failed by tS.111,4-1 to meet ths month's
Receipts usuuMy are low at this time of
the year, but la January, lt!4.- the excess
or disbursements was onlv f4.S14.262.
Neither clustomsnor Internal revenue
brought In the expected returns.
Officials are hopeful of an Increase la
the text few months.
The seven months or the fiscal year
show an rxreea of disburnemenls ever
receipts of STO,K5I7S, compared with
corresponding esoess for the same period
last jear of Sl7.tT..
At His close of the month the net bal
ance in the treasury's general fund was
VT."W.t, and cash assets In the treasury
totalled l.l.l33.n.
Five Men Killed "
By a Falling Wall
tiRAND RAP1UM, Mich.. Feb. l.-riv
men were killed and seven other persona
injured thla afternoon by a falling wall
at the ruins of the Hi own sc 8eilr Im
plement Manufacturing runpeny plant.
Two ef the bodies were Idsutltted. Three
of the injured may die.
NF.WPOHT, R. I.. Feb. 1 -The United
Kates naval supply ship Celtic went
egrousd on Half --v.siioal In N..-v
tuvkel sound tod. at coi dfrw'o wtre-
jThs CtiUo tairs a enw ot sbo j
. : - . JJ
wwwim 'J 'uiii.iTiiMTj?.',.!. " ' "'"Ititi.ifc A' r111" iiiw'np
" "" ""L" ' B i I S "" lli(T"
Fi?V Hostile Airships Reported to
Have Been Stopped by Artil
lery of Coast Town.
LONDON, rb. t-rive hostile airships
are reported over Dover this evening-,
traveling east. They were fired at from
the forts
The' police of Lenses received orders to
prepare for a Zeppelin raid. The oocu
panta of houses were instructed to lower
all blinds and the gas and electrie sta
tion were notified to be ready to cut
off Illuminations ait a moment's notice.
The five hostile airships, according to
a telephnae message from Dover, wvr
drive off by the gunfire ef ths forts.
They turned and sailed away, apparently
aot penetrating Inland.
: Continued from Page One.)
Louis Y. l ost, . assistant secretary of
labor of Washington, D. C, E. 8. Meal,
commissioner ot Immigration ot North
Dakota; Messrs. Koynolds and ' Ulrlch
of Minnesota and Iowa, respectively; W.
It, O'Brien, commissioner ot labor of
Kansas; Mr. Moor of Des Moines, rep
resenting the . 8anla Fa railway; R.
A, Smith, Industrial Agent of the Union
Padflo; Oeorge A. McNutt, district pas
senger acsnt of the Missouri, Kansas aV
Topeka road; Mr. Spenk, special Investi
gator ftt the United B la tea Department of
Iudustrial Relations j Secretary Grlnnell
ot the Nebraska Farmers' Congress; IT.
O. Cooley, secretary of the Commercial
club of Aberdeen, 8. P.: A. C. Klttell,
representing the Capper publications.
Weald Has Cigarette Smokers.
Constitution and by-laws were dis
cussed during the rooming, and ' gen
eral discussion of labor problems fol
lowed. Neal Bartelsen, a student of af
fairs and a bora rancher of Butte, Neb.,
got the floor and wanted It seen to that
ue fellpw with ths "yellow fingers" be
dlscardsd in tb effort that was to be
made to get men Jubs. By this he re
ferred to tb cigarette smoker. H de
clared the cigarette smoker was ao good
and could not do a day's work.
'That's my experience," he said, lie
declared that on ot them one burned
out his entire ranch by dropping a cig
arette butt ia ths grass. '
.Vnele Sana Will Co-Operate.
Special Investigator Ppeek of the United
Stales Department of 1 ad u trial Relations
assured the delegates of ths eo-operatloa
of the department, and said that men
could be sent out from the east to help
In the harvest rush. II O. Cooley. com
missioner of the Commercial club of
Aberdeen, said we war not anxious to
havs them ship men out her unless they,
too, would do something about distribu
tion. He insisted that distribution Is the
great problem.
Liverpool Fears .
Attack by German
Submarine Craft
LIVtRPOOU Feb. 1. Vi London)
A special appreheasica is felt her that
German submarines will succeed In enter
ing the Mersey. No word has com from
any of the reoeutiy departing liners con
cemlng submarines. The American liner
SC Louis, which arrived yesterday, re-
porta that it saw nothing of Usrrnao sub
marines or of say wreckage. Thus far
no steps have been taken to suspend the
sailings of sny of the regular lines, the
vessels of which are entering and leaving
the port freely.
K1KLVILLK. Ky.. Feb. l.-Trtal of U
votera charged with bribery alleged to
have beea oommltted at the November
lection was begun here today. More
than 1 000 Indictments were returned in
eastern Kentucky against persona alleged
t have purchased aud aoctptod fees tor
vutes. The trUl was a continuation of
ceea already deposed of.
A Personal BUkteaaaat.
There ar so-vaUud "honey and tar
preparations that coat the dealer half as
much but sell at the sante price as the
original and genuine Foley's Honey and
TW Compound.. W never ofTer those
Imitations aud subvtitwtes. Wi know you
will buy Foley's whenever you need
rough syrup if you oove use It. People
corns lon distsnees for the true Foley's
over thirty years the leading reoMdy for
e.ousha. cold, croup, whooping cough.
branchial and Usripp euughs. Sold by
all Vtsalara a raryw h ej , Ad v trCswiujciLl.
aMUSS lWisasssassaBSSSSssa6(Bw
Cause Eemoval of Two Haines from
Document on Ground that
They Are Forgeries.
fFroro a Btaff Correspondent.)
DES MOINTTS. Feh. L Special Tele
gram.) Temperance force of Pes Moines
through their attorney. If. M. Bevner, to
day called Into court three witnesses and
caused the removal of two names from
the petition on a forgery and Illegal
charge. - It was the first attempt oa the
part of the tempera noe forces to remove
names other than through the routine
canvass work. Many similar instances
will be Introduced Into court before the
hearing Is completed. Is the declaration
of the drys.
Mall Cemmlstew Active.
The ranroad oommisslon today took a
hand In the controversy of the alleged
discrimination of freights' oa complaint
of Missouri cities against the Nebraska
City rates. Assistant Commercial Agent
D wight. Lewi will represent ths Iowa
commission and shippers la tha fight.
Turks Building
Military Railroad
Into .Caucasus
LONDON', Feb. 1-(1 :1S a. m-V-Tb
Dally Telegraph's ' Petrograd correspon
dent sends a roport that the Turks, un
der tb supervision of German en gin ears,
are hurriedly construoting a branch rail
way from Angora to Sivas, Asia Minor,
which is Intended to replace ths Trefal
sond ' water routs as a feeder for the
Ottoman troops on the Caucasian front.
Ths German consul at Tabrut, Persia,
has placed himself under the protection
of the American consul, stcoordlns to tha
correspondent, i '
WASHINGTON, Feb. l.-Mc'r than
103,009 persons have been, added ta th
list of postal savings bank depositors
sine ths European war began, Increasing
th total deposits of ths system at tb
rat nf nearlv fArtO OOO month. Dfflrttala
think this means that thousands of for-
igners working in wis country ar noia-
lng on to their arnlngs Instead of send-
lng money orders to their aatlve lands,
ia times past. . ..
The National Capital
Madsy, Febrwary 1, IOiK.
Th lassta,
Fisht on administration shin bill re
sumed by republicans.
Senator Clarke ol Arkansas movoa to
reoorruult the ship-purchas bill for re
vision. Motions to adjourn . and to table the
motion to recommit defeated, democrats
opposing the bill voung with th re
(.uulious. Senator Reed Of Missouri bitterly as-
sailnd democrats lor deserting to the ma
jority. lemocratlo leaders Oerlded to adjourn
with motion t recommit sanding and
bold conference Tueeday morning.
Adjourned at . to noon Tuesday.
Th He woe. v
Miscellaneous bills considered. Passed
bill to ealahliaa mine permanent stations
In pohlio land states snd Alaska, and to
provide for mine safety stations.
Idstimatns submitted asking for Moaoos
for Bmasions aad other allowances under
new ooaat guard law.
Representative Hamlin Introduced hill
te provide "elective compensation' for
employes In interstate oomraere.
Adjourned at p. m. to U a. m. to
Headachy, Bilious,
Regulate Your
Teu'r bullous! Tou have a throbbing
sensation la your head, a bad taste la
your mouth, your eyes hurt, your skid is
yellow with dark rises under your eyes,
your lips ar parched. No wonder yea
feel ugly, mean and Ill-tempered. Tour
system Is full of bile and constipated
waste not properly passed off and what
you need ia a cleaning up 'Inside'. Don't
continue being a bilious, constipated nui
sance to yourself and those who love you.
13 CKKTT noxtS
-. IMiiaMCtrol
i i
. "'.I. V . .
Four Counties of Jayhawk State
Placed Under Quarantine ly
Federal Officials.
WASHINGTON. Feb. 1. Flour counties
in Kansas Cowley, Sedgwick, Bumner
and Butler were- Quarantined today by
the Department of Agriculture against
the foot and movth disease because of
infections brought In t7 shipments of
cattle from Wiaconsln. T)1) department
first quarantined th whole slat and an
nounced its action, but later Issued an
amended order.
Fewad Near M Infield.
WINFIBIjD. Kan., Feb. 1. The foot
and mouth disease has been found in a
herd of cattle twelve miles southeast of
A'lnfleld. Another suspected case Is be
ing Investigated near Mulvane. As a re-
sult of this discovery commissioner or
Live Stock BJddle quarantined certain
part of Cowley and Sedgwick countles-
The commissioner said h would de
stroy the Cowley eemnty herd tomorrow.
The disease came in a shipment of fine
cattl from Oxford, Wis. They are worth
about S4C0 each.
'Not Affected Materially.
KANSAS CITT. Mo.. Feb. l.-Llv
stock markets In Kansas City. Wichita,
Kan., and St, Joseph. Mo., will not be
effected materially by the United States
Department of Agriculture's quarantine
of four Kansas counties for the toot and
mouth diseas today, according to O. R.
Collett, manager of th local yards, and
live stock commission men.
Whll no official rnformatlon concern
ing th restrictions placed in the quaran
tine had been received here It was pointed
out they probably would consist simply
of ths prohibition of shipments into and
out of ths four counties.
Bine these counties are largely en
gaged la dairying and used for summer
grazing purposes. It was believed there
will be no difficulties In th result
Taylor Bid die, Kansas state live stock
commissioner, announced tonight he
would destroy the .Cowley county herd
In which he discovered th disease, to
morrow. Th animals he believed were
brought into th state In a shipment from
Oxford. Wis., and are fine dairy ani
mals. The herd of twenty, one-half of
which is at WlnfWd, Kdn.. and on-half
at Mulvane, is valued at about S0 each.
Mr. Blddle said he believed the disease
extends only to the tww herds.
"There la little doubt that it is trader
control," he said. .
Body of Aged Man
Found Dead in Black
Hills is Identified
BEAD WOOD, 3. D., Feb. L-Speclal.)
Through the Identification by his son,
Clyde of Arpan. Butt county, th mys
tery surrounding th dlsappearano last
November of George A, Glddings, an aged
man from Oklahoma, who left his bar
rag In the local Burlington depot and
then dropped out of sight,, has been
cleared. Th body of a man, supposed to
he llelvin Evans of Eureka, Kan., and
Identified last November by friends of
Utat man, is now claimed to be the elder
Two months ago an a red man cat tC
throat on ths road near Lead. He was
then identified as Evans, a fugitive from
Kmuu officers. At the same time Gld
dings dropped ont oi sight- He bad been
visiting his son at Arpan and announced
his intention when leaving there of going
to Oregon, where be bad land. Kw his
eon has found that he quietly returned
ta Bells Fourcbe, made over a deed of his
Oregon property to a daughter in Texas
and mailed It ta her, sent her some money
and then cam to Lead, where he com
mitted suicide.
Th body of th supposed Evans was
publicly viewed and Interred in th pot
ter field, because It was not claimed.
When the younger Glddings failed to
trace his father and learned from his
sister tn Texas that his father- had re-
turned to veils jrourca. ana maao. out
" " "
ay disinterred. Hs positively idenutied
th body aa that of his father by a scar
and also a gold watch with his mother's
Initials, which young Glddlnas said she
had given th father forty-two years ago.
George H. Glddings la believed to have
been mentally unbalanced, and his son
declare that he had shown signs of
despondency. He was at one time a
practicing attorney In Iowa.'
Local officials ar probing tb case
still further to find it it wan .poal
that Glddings met with foul play Instead
ot committing suicide.
Retired Merchant of
Grand Island Hurt
NEW ORLEANS, 1st., Feb.' l.-8p-elal
Telegram.) Ludwig Bchults, a retired
merchant of Grand Island, was badly
hurt to an auto accident her today. ,
A going business can be sold quickly
through Th Bee' "Business Chances."
Uewavrtoaeat Orders.
WASHINGTON. Feb. 1. Special Tele
gram.) Bmma Gergon reappointed pot
msHter at Clifford, Hardin county, Iowa.
Nebraska - pennions granted: Jennie
Powell, Ran. 12; Theresa Mann, gut
ton. Ida bhedell, Oinaha, III.
Stomach Sour? ,
Bowels! 10 Cents
and dont resort to harah physics that
irritate and Injur. Ileinember. that your
sour, disordered stomach, lasy liver snd
clogged bowels can be quickly cleaned
and regulated by morning' with gentle,
thorough Cascarets; a 10-caut box will
keep yeur head clear and make you feel
cheerful and bully for raontha Get Cas
caret now wake up refreshed feel like
doing a good day's work make yourself
pleasant aad naafoL Clean upl Cheer apl
Says Rockefeller Plan, to Settle
Labor Disputes in Colorado
Simply Absurd.
NEW TORK. Feb. l.-Amos Pinchot.
first witness In the federal Industrial
relations commission, was permitted to
finish reading the testimony he had not
concluded Saturday, ln which he accused
the Associated Presa of psrtlallty to the
capitalistic side of the labor controversies
ln handling news.
"I do not believe." aaid Mr. Pinchot.
"that the Associated Press will carry on
Its wires dispatches concernlne- mv ti
mony here about It. There is a bv-Iew
th Associated Press which provides
The Remnant Sale
of Dress Goods ai$ Silks
Will Continue One Day
More Because of the Storm
The v assortment is large, the
goods desirable, the' prices ex
tremely low.
Tussette Nainsook
30c 44-Inch Tussette
Nainsook- $2.00 a
bolt of 10 yards.
40c 44-inch Tussetto
Nainsook --$2.50 a
bolt of 10 yards.
Checked Dimities
30c 32-inch Checked Dimi
ties , 25c a Yard
50c 32-inch Checked Dimi
ties 'jf 35c a yard
Reduced rate, round trip winter excursion tickets on sale
dally to many points ln the South and Southeast, via the
New Orleans ... .41.18 Tampa Pla. . . . .$GS.28
Mobile $41.18 Palm Beach ... .i?G9.18
Jacksonville .. ..$50.08 , Augusta, Ga S 13.53
Miami, Fla, $72.78 Havana, Cuba .1 .$87.18
Final return limit June 1, 1916. except tickets to Havana,
Cuba, limited to return in six months from date of sale. Liberal
Btop-over privilege Attractive diverse route tickets also on
sale at rates which will be furnished on application. Delightful ,
tours to the West Indies, South America and via the Panama j'
Cantal to San Francisco. '
Beginning March 1st round trip tickets to the Pacific Coast
will be on sale at very low rates with liberal stopover privileges
and return limit. For Information as to rates, routes, train
service, etc., call on or address,
W. E. BOCK, 0. P. A., C M. & St. P. Ry.
181T Farnam St., Omaha. Neb.
mm i . .
Yourself f,i ':.,.i
CENUIHE ' TLe Fooi Drink f
- f
'Hnit&z Is ft! IKi'uf. Trail
TrnJ thraarra Ta ie rea eaa
Sinai a. yona aoaapeuaor's eawtaaaera,
ywi oe.iiie no
I . - , J. If t
- t T r - aa- - -
1 e TS a. mrm,
" " - - "-3
that any rhember prtntln? news deroga
tory to th Associated Press be disci
plined and is subject to loing his fran
chise." John JSntchell. ex-president of the
"United Mine Workers, told the commis
sion that th Rockefeller plaft te settle
labor troubles ln Colorndo S "simply
"No good can corns out of such plans,"
said h. "Unorganised men can be de
pended ttpon to select to represent them
only men the bonnes want We hsve
gone through, such things before.
"We might Just as well starve idle as
starve working will naturally be raised
again Just as it was daring 1TKX) In the
anthracite field."
Discussing compensation for working
men Mitchell said It was effective ln
more -Ways than one. "Whnn It costs
more .to kill a man than It does to save
him 4he employers will save ' workers,"
aid he.
Plain Nainsook
30c 40-inch Ayesla Nain
sook, $2.50 a bolt of. 10
30o 40-Inoh Japanese
Nainsook, $2.50 a bolt of
10 yards.
35o 44-inch Sea Island
Nainsook, $3.75 a bolt of
12 yards. . -
Persian Lawn
25c 32-inch Persian Lawn
at . . 20c a yard
-35c 32-inch Persian Lawn
at . . 30c a yard
50c 32-inch Persian Lawn
. a . . 35c a yard
M m . ...
;orrMM '
&?JitJ .
ot all Are Oilers are Imitation
UliltUUklU vata. We4. and Bat
The World's
TPrioea 6Qe to f.50 Waa. Mat, iio to 1.
100 people; s cj
TPrioea 6Qe to S1.50) --OatAatA'B
Pally Mat. 15-SS-E0c
a., ia-a&-So-Te
f.L REEVES h.s Big Beauty Show
WUbD, Dobba. ll.ln Wmlmn, Bimat. Wright.'
Al. KM.n HuQMds, L4.vu Klc. Autu tt
tiit-k: Ki4 (UiM, altlUr 6mulv. Al. Kce.'
Hfrt-to.Heart T.Ik tu .very psrlor imiw. iiig
lUU ' Pima Statin gery Week X ay.
Duly Saatiaea S 1& MlB 8:19.
rTU axo Knasa'1
Oikw A:
Tucku, Th. 1 urea
Huim, Uunttuf a
)mmii. Httr b . r t
lirv. Mlldna Or.-
James B. Careoa
tw, mwm a aau.ll. Orphauui Tn. VkMkir.
PB1CKS: MatlaM. trry lac BeA 8.a eac.i4
RaiunUy Huiirl Mailt. ic. M. am.
Devglae SOSS
15th and Harney
Uebler TrYeaeats
BIX.X.B aaS Hatakle Caet ia
rani Armstronf s ramous riaj.
all yasiar
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