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rUUT BterM-a C Boajr. IN
Rt Prlat It Now Beacon Pro
rrMiSma Co. Lighting fix '
Wanted Choir real oatato loan. W.
II. Thomaa, 12S Stat bank building.
"Total's Comploto Marl. Vroraaa
laaairicd ooctlon today, and appear la
Tho Boo EXCLUSIVELY, rind out wa
tfc. Vatioua moving picture theaters otter.
Kite Bridges JUturao Mils 11a'
Bridge, who haa been absent from the
ofHc of the clerk of the dlatrlct court
for several week, on account of Illness,
has returned to her work.
TorfatU $3S May Davis. ar
rested on the charge of conducting a
disorderly houae at H0 Howard street,
failed to appear In police court tor trial
nd her $25 bond was declsred forfeited.
Talnable Steoords Snlae A laak tn
the root of the city hall daftiaged eight
valuable original records in the vault of
the city engineering department. It 4s
estimated that It will cost about 1300 to
faavs these records drswn again.
Quickly Iooat4 and easily accessible
are two prim requisites of a desirable
off lea location. Tenants of Th Beo
Building, "tho building that Is always
new," find the two conditions of great
servlc In building up their business;
Change Meeting Flao The board ef
directors of th Old People's homo will
meet at the home, 2214 Wirt street, Tues
dsy morning, lnstesd of the Toung
Women's Christian association, which is
the usual place for the monthly meetings.
Tot felt Boads Appearance bonds of
$11' each were forfeited in police court by
Helen Hale, State hotel, and Anna Rus
sell, Lincoln, who were arrested Saturday
by Detective 1 T. Finn of th Brandeia
stores on charges of shoplifting valuable
silk goods. The sllk was recovered.
remit for Sunday Taberaael Tie
city commissioners, in committee of the
whole, voted to grant a special permit
for the erection of tho Billy Sunday
tabernaclo on Iavenworth street, be
tween Nineteenth and Twentieth streets.
Work will be started about March 15.
Wot Drunk, Just Dlssy "I wasn't
drunk, your honor; I was Just dlisiy from
falllnft down a thirty-foot flight of
stairs," Billy Buck explained In police
court when charge! with being drunk.
Ho said the accident occurred at 1207
Douglas street, where he roomed. Judge
Foster discharged th man.
Hell for Feaslon rraud Fred Dever,
alias Edo Merselis O'Neill, was arrested
In South Omaha by Deputy United States
Marshal Haie, charged ' With pension
fraud, and wilt be returned to Illinois,
where the offense is slleged to have been
committed. The charge is thst he male
a false affidavit February 25, 1913, regard
ing the claim of Anna Dever, his alleged
deserted wife, for half of his pension of
117 a month. He is a veteran of the
bpanish-Ameican war.
Takes Postal Funis,
Gets Light Sentence
Fred McDonald, - a young man of 23
years, was sentenced by Judge Page
Morris in the federal court to pay a fine
of 69 and serve three months in the
county Jail at Hastings, Neb., for mis
appropriation of postal funds. .
McDonald had a drug store at Henley,
Neb., and also conducted the poatoffice.
He was found short In his postoflce
funds to the extent of $o96 and was ar
rested. An attorney in presenting his
plea . of guilty and asking for mercy
stated that he had taken th poatoffice
funds and applied them to paying some
i wholesale drug bills because he intended
I to sell out. H expected to replace the
government money from the proceeds ot
the sale, but the sal wasn't made.
McDonald's father mad good the
shortage In his accounts
The United States attorney recom
mended mercy and the short sentence
followed. The law allows as much as
ten years for this offense.
The, glassy streets and sidewalks Sun
day afternoon and evening made at
tendance at religious services decidedly
small. An audience of eight persons
greeted the Hon. J. H. Codding at the
iFlrst Christian church In the afternoon,
although he Is a very . Interesting
speaker, with a national reputation.
Pome of the pastors tried the telephone
to attract an audience in the evening.
One minister In the flanacom park dis
trict was told by. his parishioners that
it was nothing less .han dangerous to
venture out. And he had proof that
there parishionera were right when he
met the colored sexton of the church In
the evening and was Informed that he
the sexton had "slid right down the hill
fin the church right -nto yo steps, doc-tah."
Marked by Another Trial in Which
Heirs of late August Soil
Are Invoked.
The February term of district court
opened Monday, the occasion being
marked by beginning of another trial of
the controversy In which heirs of the late
August Doll are involved. After having
been in the local And Supreme courts for
years, trial of the issues Involved has
oeen begun sncw in Judge Leslie's dis
trict rourt.
The murder case tn hlch Johnny Jones,
a negro. Is defendant Is the most impor
tant criminal trial scheduled for the term,
sccording to County Attorney Mnunry.
Jones was once eonvleK-d and sentenced
to death, but the supreme court reversed
the conviction.
.tn Qetlo I .
Th- attack on the legality of the last
grand Jury, made la behafl of Wesley
Qard, charged with perjury, may be
heard during the term. Several criminal
cases are held up pending decision of the
question whether the presence of a man
under 25 years ot age on the grand Jury
will Invalidate Its act.' Othr points are
involved in the attack, hut the age ques
tion is regarded by County officials as
the only one requiring serious, consideration-District
Judge Redick appointed by
Governor Morehead, began the term by
presiding over the naturalisation court.
Twenty-eight person were granted sec
ond papers during the morning, about
an equal number of cases remaining to
be heard.
One men whose application was con
tinued for further study was of the
c pinion that the county commissioners
mads the laws of the country.
Clay Given Watch by.
. Former Associates
Kdward Q. Clay, who ' went with the
Union Pacific June 1. 1K8, rose to the
position of freight solicitor and a month
ago was promoted to district freight
agent, with headquarters at Des Moines,
csme over to Omaha to spend Sunday
with his family. Before returning to his
field of duty he called at the general
freight offices of the company and was
given something of a - shock when he
was accused of deserting his post.
Clay attempted to explain, but before
he hsd completed the txplanat'on, a
beautifully engraved gold - watch was
brought out from a compartment in bis
old desk and presented to him by his
former associates. Clsy was so taken
by surprise that he ws' unable tn re
spond, more than to thank, the boys.
Iocal railroad officials are worried over
a bill, providing for track scales, ttlat
has been Introduced in the Nebraska leg
islature. They will ask for an opportun
ity to present arguments and present
proofs to show that the measure should
be killed.
Th railroad track scales bill provides
that at every station in the state handling
forty or more cara of freight per year,
scales muni be put in. Should the bill
become a law It would means the Installa
tion of some 600 sets of these scsles. They
cost $2,500 to $3,000 per set.
All Federal Jurors
Ask to Be Excused
When Judge Psge Morris, In opening
the February term of the federal court,
asked any Jurors of the new panel who
wished to be excused to stsnd up nesrly
the entire panel arose. He announced
then very emphatically that the business
of th court wss going to proceed with
an adequate Jury jjrid that,, nothing but
actual illness ot a Juror himself or very
serious illness (in hi immediate family
would be accepted as a excuse. Where
upon all but two resumed, their seats.
A nation-wide search into the family
history of John A.- Moores and Inquiry
into th history of his ancestors for sev
eral generations was given by attorneys
In federal court as a reason- for the post
ponement of the hearing of his auit
gainst the Union Pacific Railway com
pany for 175,000 damages for injuries and
subsequent physlcsl ailment which he
alleges were caused by the accident.
Among these ailments are epilepsy. The
defense eeks to prove that the epilepsy
Is Inherited and In its effort to do so has
employed one special attorney and a num
ber of special Investigators who are tak
ing evidence in many parta ot the coun
try. In Virginia, Oklahoma. California
and other places where Moor has lived.
The absence of Edson Rich, who is in
Mississippi on account of Illness snd who
has had charge of the medical investiga
tions in the case was also given as a
reason for th postponement.
Strikes Captain
Heitfeld in Face
With Driving Reins
Police Captain Henry Heitfeld wss
cursed Slid ."truck In the face with th
ends of driving reins by W. F. Mitchell,
a Schwarts Commission rompsny driver,
while on his way t-i the police station,
and had to draw his revolver to arrest
the man. Mitchell wss let off by Police
Jnda-e Foster with a fine of i.5t and
c t In police court. Ills only explana
tion was that'-he didn't know Heitfeld
was an officer."
The police captain and Officer AnJy
Fahey were walking east on lodge street
from Sixteenth to the station when the
incident occurred. Suddenly Fahey
warned the captain to get out of the way,
or he would bt run over. As the team
dashed by Heitfeld called to the man to
stop his reckless driving, In reply to
which Mitchell swore at him and whipped
him across the face with his lines.
Running after the fleeing wagon, Heit
feld drew his gun and finally stopped
Mitchell snd arrested him on the charge
of assault and battery The man went
to jail In default of payment of his light
fine, lie gave his address as 2030 North
Nineteenth street.
Fainting Bertha
Tools Police; Took
No Poison Sunday
After using a Stomach pump and ad
ministering antidotes to save "Fainting
Bertha" Liebecke from the supposed ef
fects of a quantity ot stychnlne she had
pretended to swallow with suicidal Intent,
police officer and surgeons discovered
half a day later that the woman had
not possessed any poison at the time she
wrote a farewell note, but merely had
an empty strychnine box.
Desk Captain W. K. Marshall at the
police station laughed heartily when he
was told ot Bertha's supposed attempt
on her life. He explained that she had
hsd some strychnine when she wss
brought to Jail, but that he had taken It
from her and returned the empty box.
Her pitiful farewell note and pretense
at dying, from poison were "faked" by
her to get sympathy, he thought.
She showed but slight Indications Mon
day of her latest stunt, although she was
limping somewhat from the effects of her
sttempt to set her clothes on fire after
the strychnine episode.
A "For Sale" ad will turn second hand
furniture Into cash.
Jitneys Out for
Business Monday
The Jitneys were doing business Monday
morning, started at Fortieth and Farnam
and moving east. ' Their was a hard lot,
however, as the only path where they
could operate was in the street car
tracks, which wero filled with cars, other
vehicles and pedestrians.
Tho JH buses extended their lines and
Monday morning hauled! peopl from
as far out ss Thirtieth and Fort streets
and from Forty-second street and Grand
avenue. During the early morning there
were fifty to seventy-five of these vehi
cles doing business and generally they
carried full loads.
Judjre Morrii, Say Heaven Help
Judge Youman in Untangling;
the Matters Case.
"I'm going to turn all this mes over
to Judge Tollman's mid all I've got to
say Is heaven help hliu." ex lalnied
Judge Paso Morris in the United ."tales
court Monday nftcr he bad a-ient
the greater part of two hours hearing
arguments of Thomas II. Matters' at
torneys for a contlnnnf-e of the case
and declarations from them that the
United Btatcs attorney had not allowed
them to see certain papers and tin- de-
i-clarations from the United Mates st-
torney that he had. '
Kx-Senator Buikett, W. J. Comi.ll and
T. H. Matters. Jr., .ippearcd as uinsol
for Matters, who was slso riexent n
the court room.
Judge Morris had already spent much
time In previous terms of the federal
court In hearing arguments for and
against continuanc e ot the case in which
Matters la charged with aiding President
Luben of the First National bunk ot
Sutton to issue certificates of deposit
without authority.
Tho defense has filed a motion on
January 12 for a continuance of the case
till tho April term of court and th.s
morning presented a new motion for a
continuance. There waa considerable
confusion between tho two motions, but
Judge Morris finally got, them disen
tangled and then declared, emphasising
his words with thumps , on his hu.il on
the desk: - , .
"The motion for a continuance made
January 12 la .leu led and the I'nited
States attorney Is ordered to allow the
defense to examine till the public docu
ments which he has secured in this case
at the request of the defense and to al
low them to ome In there to malic uch
examination any time, day or nliiht,
from now until the 9th day of February."
The case Is set for hearing before
United States Judge Youmans of Fort
Smith, Ark., who will be here next Monday.
Breaks a Cold
Opens Clogged
Head and Nose
Relief comes Instantly.
A dose taWen every two hours until
three doses are taken will end grippe
misery snd break up a severe cold either
in the head, chest, body or limbs.
It promptly opens clogged-up nostrils
and air passages in the head, stops nssty
discharge or nose running, relieves alok
headache, dullness, feverlshnesa, sore
throat, sneezing, soreness and stiffness.
Don't stay stuffed-up! Quit blowing
snd snutriing! Ease your throbbing
head: Notl'inii els in the world gives
such prompt relief as 'Tape's Cold Com
pound," which costs only 25 cents st any
drug store. It acts without assistance,
tastes nice, causes no Inconvenience. Be
sure you get the genuine Advertisement.
Helps Weak KI4aeys mm I. am has.
Get a lie bottle of Sloan's Liniment,
aptly on back and take six drops, four
time a day. All druggists. Advertisement.
Word eo.nes from Kdton Rich. Union
Pacific attorney, now at Pass Christian,
.Miss., that hts health la Improving and
that he Is gaining strength. He tells ot
delightful weather and bright sunshine,
sddlng thst he has been quite successful
In catching alligators and that he la
eating one to two quarts of oysters dally,
gathering them from alcng the beach.
W later Dales Wark.
In summer th work of eliminating
poisons and acids from the blood Is
helped by perspiration. In cold weather,
with little outdoor work or exerciae to
cause sweating, th kidneys hsv to do
double work. Foley Kidney Pills help
overworked, weak and disessed kidneys
to filter and cast out ot the blood th
waste matter that cauaea pains in sides
or back, rheumatism, lumbago, stiffness
of joints, sore muscles and other Ills re
sulting fctrn Improper elimination. Sold
by all dealers everywhere. Advertis.
Building operations during January
were $163,W5, ns against 180, 440 for the
same month last, year. Forty-flv per
mits were Issued lost month; seventy-nine
during January Ust yesr.
The city building department believes
thst the showing made Isst month wss
quit good considering conditions. The
outlook for the building season Is re
garded as promising. .
Charles W. Martin has Just taken out
leven permits for residences in the north
part of the city. .the coat being 12,600 to
$4,000 per building.
Have Dark Hair
and Look Young
PoB't star grajr! Nobody can tell
when jou darken gray faded hair
with fcage Tea and feulnhur.
Grandmother kept her hair beautifully
darkened, glossy and abundant with a
brew of Sage Tea and Sulphur. When
ever her hair fell out or took on that dull,
faded or streaked appearance, this slmpl-i
mixture wss applied with wonderful ef
fect. By asking at any drug store for
"Wyeth's Sage snd Sulphur Compound,"
you will get a large bottle of this old
tims recipe, ready to us, for about IA
cents. This simple mixture csn be de
pended upon to restore natural color and
beauty to thu hair and is splendid for
dandruff, dry, itchy scalp and falling
A well-knorn downtown druggist says
everybody uses Wyeth's Sage and Sul
phur, because It darkens so naturally
and evenly that nobody can tell it has
been applied it a so easy to use. too.
You simply dampen a comb or soft brush
and draw It through rour hair, taking one
strsnd st a time. By morning the gray
hair disappears; aftsr another applica
tion or two. It is restored to its natural
color snd looks glossy, soft ant! abundant.
L m
1,1 Mi"ii ii fi i '" w 1Jl"WiWsVsflll' 1
Mew Orleans
; 1
iardi Gras
HAVRE, Feb. '..-(Via Pails)-Thc
stesmer t carl a, from Braxll, with a carno
of coffee, sugar and hides, was twenty
miles northwest of Cape I,e Heve today
when a violent explosion occurred on It
starboard aide below the water line. The
stesmer Immediately became unman
abnhle and be urn to sink by the head. In
reply to signals of distress two tugs put
out to sea and towed It Into llavnj.
Coming- A
ale of "Fox
Footer y."
Kad 1h Ails.
II (c
ut ji at- ai a VjIuj. m uamn
Gamin g
New Snits and
D f. k a e a f or
Tabic Linens. Towels.
Towelinn, Etc. Specials
niesrlied T J w e I I n
With fancy borders.
Soft and absorbent.
Worth Fc. Tms-. l
day, yard ,0v
Fall FlesHied TnrkUh
ToweU Hemmed end.
Soft and fluffy: double
twisted yarn. Worth 20c.
Special, Tuesday,
Rea Spreads Hemmed
cndi: pretty crochet pat
terns, slightly soiled
front display. Worth
It. 25. Special Tue-fA
dsy. each '.v3t
Tray tlothn II iu
stitched ends.- PaOuila
line. Worth 16c. i A
Special Tuesday, ..1VI
Samples oi Table Cloths, Oil
Ahont MM) .Samples of Table Cloths Hetn.
stitched, scalloped and plain end,
slightly tolled. At a redaction of.
All linen,
Sale cf Soaps ot Msny Kinds
erblna Bath Tablet
Tuesday. 10c Jp
sire cake I C
Peroxide Soap Special
Tuesday, 10c
cake for Vv
Tear! White Soap Spe
cial Tuesday, 9U
10 bars for
Diamond "C Soap Spe
cial Tuesday, 4Aa
10 bars for aWC
20-Male Team Borax
Soap Special iiH
6 bars for laC
Ola Xaptha Soap Spa
tlal Tuesday,
10 bars for . . .
Lilac Roue
Hoap Special
Tuesday, caks
Par Castile Soap Tues
day, l-lb. id
bar for lit
...... 6c
Wtish Goods Tuesday al
Notably Lowered Prices
ilS.In. Unbleached Sheet
ing Extra fine weight.
Beautiful Woven Barred
Mailt y and Batiste Fin
est hew season's print
ings. - Lengths up to 20
yards. "Regular 12'4c
and 16c ral. Spe- Ot.
clal Tuesday. yard.OC
Finest Quality Dress
Zepnyri "Red Sea I."
"Batea"; 'and other reli
able brands. All new rie-
sicna. Worth 124c.
Special, yard.
SMn. Lnfeleached Shak.
er Flan ael Extra fine
quality, soft finish i ras
lly bleached. Worth 9c.
Special Tuesday,
sort finish; easily
bleached and laundered.
Worth 7c. Spacdal
Tuesday, yard.
R.ln. Bleached Cambric,
Xnilla and l.Omfcloth
Soft finish, . free from
dressing. Values up to
12c. Length! to 15 yds.
l W JUD,
Highly Mercerised Dregs
ropllo Besatlfol , all.
finish. All the aew de.
alrable shades. ReisUr
Uc and lc ral. i i
Tuesday, yard ... .1 -jC
. ' rompelaa Room Main Floor .
Special Assorted Cream Anfrel Food Taffies
Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate and Molasasa.
Special Tuesday, a pound.... 10t
1 AraOOJtc2imeiiTit!' I
Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Feb. 4th, 8th and 6th, W Will Sell About
2,500 Pairs Fine Dress and Fancy Slippers (or Women
Of the Famous "Foi Footery" ; . . ;.
1 t' .
At Less Than Hal! Price
Newest Patterns' and Lasts All Seasonable Shades All Siies.
Watch Wednesday Night's Papers. , ' ...
February 16, 1915
Via , ..
. Personally co n d u c t ed
mid-winter vacation kjm?
cial train party, including
excursion on the Missis
sippi, tour of New Or
loans and National Ceme
tery l'ark at Vicksburg,
Interesting lit er a t u re,
full information, tickets,
etc, at
407 S. 16th St.
Tel. 1). 2H. Omaha, Neb.
District Passenger Agent.
Are Surely Headed Tphis "Way
The Editors of THE LITERARY DIGEST have -exceptional opportunities
for learning actual business conditions throughout the world. Every important
newspaper, periodical, and magazine is received and scrutinized closely. Public
opinion as exprest in the world's press is constantly under review."
From every indication at hand, the United States-is entering upon an
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change, and this impulse is not limited to any one section of the country
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... i-
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"How Long Will the War Last?"
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A unique regular feature of the DIGEST'S war chronicle is the extracts
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