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The Bee Publishing Company. Proprietor.
Entered st Omaha postofflc aecond-clae matter.
By malt
per year.
W 0
4 oo
4 "0
TEitMfl or srnflORtrrioN.
Ilf carrier
per month.
Dellv nd Sunday 6fco...
Dallv without Sunday....' 4hc...
Pvenlng and Sunday
Evening without Sunday c...
?.ir.iy ne v;-" iV"::-". .
Fend notice or. man t'l ii ; ,
1rrrular1tr In delivery to trniaha Bee, Circulation
I apartment.
Remit bv draft, expreaa or postal order. Only two
rent postage stamp received In payment of small -count
Personal check, except on Omaha end eastern
eichsnge. not accepted.
OF fi "K.
Omeha-The Bee Building.
Pouth Omilu-ZnH N street,
t'ouncll Bluffs 14 North Main treet.
Lincoln- Little Building.
i'hlrgo 901 Hearst Building.
New York Room 1KW, M Klfth avnu.
St. IohI fO New Bunk of Commerce.
Washington ? Fourteenth Ht., N. W.
Address communication relating to imwi and edi
torial matter to Omaha. Be. Editorial Department.
State of Nebraska. County of Douglas.
Dwlght Williams, circulation manager of The lire
Fubllfthin company, being duly sworn, aaya that the
average hunday circulation for thn month of January,
lVH. l 44,541
DWIilIlT WILLI AMR. Circulation Manager.
Buhcrthed In my presence arid aworn to be for
me, thla 2d Any of i-Vbruary. Iir.
Notary Public.
Subscribers leering the city temporarily
ahould have The Iloe mailod to them. Ad
dress will be changed us often as requested.
rabmary at
Thought for the Day
5fcrat hy Irmnm Colt
71 habit of looking at tht bright title nf thingt
it worth mora than a tfioutand a ytar. Samuel
Political robin are now due.
Home rule In practice sounds the depth of
absurdity when the elate legislature eanays the
regulation of the hour of labor of Omaha fireman.
An Intimation of probable economy In atate
appropriations Is Interesting a far aa it goes,
but performance la what counts on the scoreboard.
About the most delusive notion capering In a
brain apartment la that a fat man can sit on a
fence without disarranging the creases of bis
If there Is nothing to cover up In the busi
ness of the Metropolitan Water board, why the
, fierce opposition to an official examination of
Peace advocates might give their theories
practical exercise by Intervening in the merry
vocal war of the railroad commission and the
attorney general.
Democratic lawmakers candidly admit that
they have forgotten their pre-election pledges,
and have appointed a committee to search, for
them. The next thing In order ! to hold the
forgeterieg to the performance.
Colorado mine owner admit a strike loss of
$1,250,000. The state of Colorado expended a
like sum In militia maintenance, and the strik
ing miners an unknown amount of contributed
cash and two years' labor. There Is no visible
offset to the losses. All Is pure waste, springing
from tyranny that knows neither reason nor Jus-tlce.
The decision of the federal supreme court
la the California oil land case puta thousands
of oil land grabbers out of business and restorea
60,000 acres of mineral land to the public do
main. The ruling Is a sweeping condemnation
of speculators, who took a long chance at over
throwing the executive acta of President Taft
The thundering guns of the allied fleets fir
ing oa the forts of the Dardanelles awake the
echoes of romance and tragedy with which
ancient Hellespont Is Invested. The Importance
of the operation rivals any undertaking in the
wsr, and Its final success in opening the gate
way to the Black Sea will write 'finis" to the
bloody history of Turkish power In Europe.
The Church and the Home.
Some weeks ago Omaha was thoroughly
scolded because of the fact that It had no "home
life," because the parents of the community
were neglecting their children, and were remiss
la every way, and it was necessary that the state
step la at once to protect and perpetuate the
Christian home. This scolding was done by
the president of a cult whose purpose it Is to
forward the "weirare movement." How little
it was deserved Is shown by the remarks of the
local president of the Sunday School association
which concluded Its sessions In Omaha during
tbe week. He said:
The Sunday acboot uaad to be reg ardad aa a child
laaUtutloa. Parent ud to say, "Oo." Now they
are saying more and more. "Come." The. alert, wide
awake Sunday school U not necessarily tb tu.lsy
cnoot. put it u tn entnualaatlo school.
Very recently The Bee published the moat
reliable figures available on the church growth
la the United States, which showed a most en
couraglng atate of affairs so far aa the progress
of religion Is concerned. The Sunday school
figures show that In nine years attendance has
increased four million three hundred and thlr
teen thousand, bringing the total up to mora
man twenty-two millions.
These figures, which are furnished by tb
church people themselves, together with th
statement that adult attendance on Bund
school Is greater at thla time than It ever was
should very effectually answer the allegation
I hat tbe Christian home in America la dvi
-'. and Omaha, despite all assertions to the
" "'ry, is a city of Christian homes.
Retrievinj" an Historical Crime. !
If the Rim nf the allies succeed In pounding i
open the Dardanelles, It will be the culmination
of an "ffort that has been postponed for almost
POO yearn. Since the middle of the fifteenth cen
tury the Turk bus held closed this gateway to
the east nfcnlnst Christianity and all Its forces,
.ichn Flsk, In his "Discovery of America, " pays
the greatest crime ever committed against clvlll
ratlon was when the Christian nation of Europo
permitted the Turk to fake and hold Constanti
nople and thuH command tbe avenue through I
vhlch the traffic of the East and West then
passed. The course of civilization turned on this
from East to West. It whs beneficial In that It
hastened the discovery of tho American conti
nents; yet they would have hen searched out be
ause of the restless spirit that as then awak
ening in the early days of that new birth of cul
ture and enterprise through all Europe. (Jreen,
In bis "History of the English People," ascribes
to the fall of Constantinople, and the consequent
spread of Greek learning among the western
people of f-.irope, much of the wonderful
changes In all the social activities of the later
fifteenth and sixteenth centuries which brought
about the great reforms In society, politics and
icliglon. In thla way was the calamity turned
to something In the nature of a benefaction.
Xeltber Oreat Britain nor Germany may take
any credit for the maintenance of the Turk In
his cotnandlng position at Constantinople. One
or the other of these great powers haa Inter
fered many times In recent history to keep that
capital from falling Into Christian control. The
ways of the European politician are not always
Inscrutable, but sometimes they do pass under
standing, and the selfishness that withheld as
sistance from the Byzantine emperor 600 years
ago finds manifestation today In the terrible
war now In progress. It finds an exigency of thla
war the necessity of opening a passage for Rus
sian grain, rather than any purpose to advance
civilization has led to the bombardment
or the Turkish forts on the Dardanelles, yet It
will be of incalculable benefit even at this late
date should the matter finally result In the per
manent opening of the passage.
Modern Prison Methods.
Much has been written in the last decade
about reforms in methods of handling prisoners
at the several penitentiaries, "(rolden rule"
wardens have been told about from time to time,
their humane treatment of men In their charge
has been extolled, and results achieved have
been set forth in considerable detail. When
prisoners were sent out without guard to build
roads and do other work In the open, it was
thought the last step had been taken, but now
conies an Innovation. The warden of the peni
tentiary at Leavenworth last week permitted
fifty-five Inmates of that Institution to go un
guarded on street cars to a hall uptown where
they gave a minstrel performance, and every
one of the fifty-five returned to the penitentiary
when the show was over. On the same night.
the prison band from the Jollet penitentiary,
unattended by sny guard, furnished the music
at a large religious mass meeting.
These are pretty large straws, and certainly
indicate the direction of the wind. Modern
- rlHon methods are applied for the purpose of
bringing out whatever of good may be found In
a man, and criminologists pretty generally sgree
that some good may be found In any man.
A Study in Police Methods.
Raymond B. Fosdick's work on "European
Police Systems," just off the Century Press, and
published by the Bureau of Social Hygiene, has
In It a great deal that will be of Interest to the
casual reader, but more tlat will engage the at
tention of tbe conscientious student of social
science. It la of especial value because of its
authoritative character, and is worthy of perusal
If for no other purpose than to become more
familiar with the contrast In methods prevalent
in Europe and In the United States.
Mr. Kosdick says his studies disclosed the
uniform Integrity of tbe European police. No
where In Europe did he discover any sign of
what in America la euphemistically referred to
aa ''the system." For this he gives several
reasons. First, the fact that police administra
tion thera is a profession. Tbe head of the police,
no matter what his title, is a nian well qualified
and clothed with ample power, in London, for
example, the head of the police force has abso
lute control and authority, and from his de
cisions in the matter of discipline no appeal lies.
A second reason assigned for the Integrity of the
European police Is the careful selection of the
men who go to make up the rank and file of the
service. Third, and of more particular Interest
In the United States, "the integrity of the Euro
pean police Is aacribable to the fact that they
are looked upon aa protectors of law and order
rather than as guardians of public morals." On
this point Mr. Fosdtck says:
There Is Uttla attempt to make a particular coile
of behavior the subject of general criminal UglsU
Uon. Tho hUh moral standards ot a few people are
not the Jeal requlremetita of the sute. Tho
police are not oalled upon to compel conformity to
moral standard which do not meet with general pub
He approval. They are not asked to enforoe law
which from th standpoint of accepted public haMt
or taete are fundamentally unenforceable.
How different is this from our present prac
tice. And how much of police corruption now
complained of la the United States Is due to the
fact that our policemen are called upon to rigidly
enforce laws that are "fundamentally unenforceable."
Technicality and Progress.
"Technicalities sre brakes on the wheels of
progress," said a speaker at the opening dinner
at the Hotel Fontenelle, and went on, "unfor
tunately our courts sre most diligent In apply
ing tbe brakes." This remark did not fall with
as much force as though It had been uttered
under different circumstances, but It is, never
theless, fraught with truth and Importance.
Technicalities have been magnified by tbe
courts into obstacles tbat not only retard, but
absolutely prevent progress. It Is not desir
able tbat precedent be set abide, or that due or
der be Ignored, to penult the forwarding of any
plan, because real progress ruut be made la
orderly fashion. Yet It would be wall for courts
and laymen alike If much of the purely technical
could be eliminated, and a little more of real
progress Injected Into the procenaes whereby
our laws are tried and determined
ay TiOTom aoiiwitxa.
THK d"nlh of Martin iMinlmm freshen memories ot
early days when he was active In the community,
and to mo rea!ln especially his part in my first
Initiation Into puhli; life If fwrvlre aa a pntcc In tha
fmHhn city council in th" ently 'NOh can te meily
tertm d puMIc life. The l'inhamii lived a block went
of us on r"nrnmn street-Junt about wlv-ro !ce Huff's
auto place In now lo "atcd -only It stood t.n a tetra -,
even then hitch above the street. 1 remember my
father broa hlnir tl" s'iblert. when I waa about It
years old, that a boy miaht aa well learn aomethlnu
practical (lining nm of his play time.
"It wouldn't hurt you at all to attend the council
meeting once a week and see how they transact bust
nee there" la about the way he put It. "You could
be ilralcnntcd as a pae and make yourself useful at
the samo time."
The pronpect of novelty brought my ready ac
nuleaccnce and I preaented myself duly In the council
ehamlwr aa directed. Ko It. happened that a resolution
wa offered by our councilman from the Fourth ward.
Mr. Dunham, appointing mo pajta for that auarus!. body,
to si rve without pay, and aa far aa I know for an In
definite term. And the "renolutlon by Ininham" could
doubtleas tie f'ivjr,d spread tion thn record! If anyone
cared enough to hunt It up.
I continued on the page Job for a year or so. My
onerous duties consisted chiefly of gathering In the
paper and documents and carrying them from the
councllmen'a deaks to that of the clerk and running
abort errands In and out of the building, principally to
procure chewing tobacco. The meetings were hdd In
the "lty Hall, a ramshackle two-story frame prevl
oualy known aa Redlck'a Cliera House, located at the
corner of 8lxtenth end Kartmm. exactly where tho
beautiful new United States bank building ha been
erected. The other Fourth ward councilman. Homer
Hull, waa the presiding officer of the council, for
which J. J. U c. Jewett ("Hhlrt Collar" Jewett became
of tho expansive collar ho constantly wore) wa clerk.
At that time Champion H. Chaae waa mayor of Omaha,
the police force waa under Marshal It. C. Outhrle and
the fire department headed by Chief John H. Butler.
Mr. Dunham waa probably the moat Influential mem
ber of the then council, whoae roll call Included, among
others. Charlea Kaufman. I. P. Hawaii. C. C. Thrane,
I. 1,. MeOuckln and Tom Da Hey.
It waa at the funeral of Harry P. Deuel, who ws
another of the neighbors of the days t am recalling,
that I last saw Mr. Dunham, and his face beamed
with satisfaction, as quite a number came up to greet
him and to tell him we were glad he waa able to be out.
While In New York I dropped In for half an hour
on the Inveatlgatlon of the public Service commission,
which waa being conducted by Will Hayward aa coun
sel for the leglMlutlvo committee having the work In
charge. It looked oa If "Colonel" Hayward, aa every
body call him now, was practically the whole thing.
The sittings of thn committee were held In the council
chamber In tho city ball, a spacious and ornate room,
with seal a for probably zf) to m, and every seat filled
with Interested apectatora. The proceedings are much
more formal than with our various Investigations. A
member of the lubllr Service commlsaion was tindr
fire on the witness stand, trying to parry the queatlors
poured In on blm by Hayward. who loomed big lo th
foreground, nurrounded by asslHtanta who fed In the
ammunition as called for. Occasionally one of the
leglalatlve committee would Interpose a query, but for
the mont part they observed an attitude of keen curi
osity. Hayward had put the Public Scrlce commission
er In an awkward hole by showing that their Inquiry
Into the sensational subway accident last month had
.mlaaed the real cause of the trouble. It waa the gen
eral opinion that the Incompetent y or Inefficiency of
the commissioner had been ao conclusively proved
that they were all due to be ousted by the governor
and supplanted with new appointee, and also that
Hayward would have ono of the place for himself.
The Job carries a comfortable lltUo alary of 15,uQ0
and lasts for six year. If not aoonor disturbed. It
should be explained that theto are two of thee com
mission In New Tork atate, one with Jurladlctlon over
the public utility corporatlona In New York City and
the other over the public service corporation up-state.
The latter ha not been under legislative crlticUm and
acrutlny. By coincidence another Nebraskan. our one
time dlatrlct judge and later supreme court commis
sioner, frank Irvine, la a member of the up-state com-mlsslon-so
there 1 possibility that Nebraska may be
a dominating factor of both of these Important admin
istrative board of the great Empire tate.
A suffrage novelty Is propoaed for Pennsylvania,
where a votes-for-women campaign I about to tart.
The surfraglat have a aoheme to emphasise tholr
color emblem by planting yellow flower everywhere
aad thua to make th whole atate look like one big,
yellow bloom, apreadlng the feminine fragrance that
la expected to unbend the men to a liar the ballot box.
I noticed one of the big- stores In Baltimore con
ducting what it denominated "an exposition of manu
facture" by Installing In the varlou department a
live exhibit of the actual work of making tha artlclo
or garment on aale. It M presumably arranged by
co-operation of th different manufacturer, front
whom tha regular supply comti, the machinery and
operator being loaned for the occasion and special
pain taken to explain It all by placard and personal
direction. While auch an exposition could, of course,
be much more eaally assembled and conducted In a
center of largely variegated product, yet It struck me
a quite feasible on a smaller scale for Omaha a a
change from th made-ln-Omaha how. with which we
hav from time to time been entertained and instructed.
People and Events
No Relief in Sight
A family on the north aide of Boston have several
children, but only one the eldest 1 a boy. The little
lad grew used to lister, and longd for a brother.
Th boy waa 13 recently, and the house waa rather
upaet In anticipation of something or other. Th
father waa buy and th son had to lft the aahca
and tak care of th furaac. At thl Juncture a
nurse appeared on th scene, and two day later he
cam to the llttl boy.
j'What do you think you've got." h asked him.
A baby brother," fairly gasped th youngster.
"No. dearie It a baby later." replied the nure.
"Ooh!" groaned th youngster, "must 1 always
1ft these aahea?" National Monthly.
IWgjt f, , ,,,,11,., .J
An account la given of a brilliant and fantastic
katlng muerde ball held at th C!no. presided
over by J. C. Klltott as king of th carnival. Boiu
of those there and costumea were Ma-nie Power,
tamborlne girl; Charlea Patrick, down; Nellie Moyer.
little fraud with doughnut; Will Coon. Imp; Harry
Sharp, netrro; Stella Mount. Kat Ureenaway; Orac
Wlthnell, French peasant; Charles H. Oatton. ht
Jacob; Urac Hlmeboush. belle of the rink; I. V.
McDonald, midshipman; Mo Coon. America: Giasi
Tremaln, shepherd (Irl; J. B. Iounaberry. dude.
On the program ot the thildn Fleece society at
the Bt. Mary Avenue Congresational church were
literary number by Miss Agnea McDonald and Dr.
Ha"htt; mualo by Mlsa Boulter and Mr. James
Hollow ay. Kevel Krance and Herbert Roger. Thoe
who took part In the charade were little Kennedy,
Mabel Shreve, Mlsa 1-onibrtso, May Burn. Jav
Northmp. W. II. Scott. W. It. Jarvie. While th
tableaux was put or, by Mr. Dr. Conner, J. F.
Holloway. V. H. Hall and Morrl HalL
A wl attended citlsen' meeting dtacuaaed charter
amendments with A. B. J one presiding and 8. T
Woodbrldg serving aa ascretary.
Mr. Iw Plxley, head salesman la Branch A
Cei's oommiaaton houx, la rejoicing over th advent
of a bouncing ' aby boy at hi house.
W. A. Kelly, foreman ot th Republican of flea,
was hld up at th corner of Tenth and faro am
Friday night. Ha boldly drew his rvolvr and
frightened tb hold-ups awy.
Nevada dig considerable precious metal
out of the ground. Tho ret of the cir
culating medium 1 dug up by th six
months' rule.
I'rIIhs. Tex., award "the menest
crook medal" to the housebreaker who
stole the burial clothe of the oldest In
habitant of the city.
Much depends on how you feel about
It. A New Jersey hermit who lives on
la cents a dav Is a contented with his
lot as the fellow who ducks a limousine
Man's Inhumanity to woman occasion
ally does the boomerang act. (.Jeorge
Costa of Aurora, 111., was soaked In
court for J5 becaua he objected forcibly
to his wife warming her cold feet on the
mall of hi hack. Wouldn't that Jar
ou? 0
A shining exhibit of economic efficiency
la revealed In a divorce bill filed In court
t Flndlay, O. The complaining wife
avers that ber husband In thirty-five
years of wedded life gave her a total of
5 cent In cash. There Is no danger of his
dying of heart enlrgement.
Court are supposed to solve difficulties,
not to make them. Yet a Missouri court
revoked a divorce granted to a woman
because she married again within the
vacation limit fixed by the Judge. A
the divorced huahand also remarried, the
court, unable to mend matter, passed
up th offense ss "Judicial bigamy."
A gentleman farmer Is defined by the
commissioner of internal revenue a "a
person cultivating or operating a farm
for recreation or pleasure on a basis
other than tho recognised principle of
commercial farming, the result of which
Is a continual loss from year to year."
Tills brand of farmers are also entitled
to tho pleasure of coughing up an Income
An echo of trie interminable Thaw case
bobs up In a libel suit entered by At
torney Oenerat Woodbury against th
New York Tribune. When Thaw wa
turned aver to New York atate by the
federal supreme court the service of
Attorney Jerome were dispensed with
r.d the case taken over by the attorney
general. To , certain coterie of Croth
rmltos thl was considered an unpar
donable offenae, and th Tribune Im
pugned the motive which prompted the
change. Thl Is the basis of the libel
suit, tor which 120,000 damages I asked.
The horsepower represented In the auto
mobile of thla country I mor than
A Scat t tie Inventor life preserver re
semble a diving suit in that It com
pletely envelops a wearer and 1 water
proof. A portable metal roof, made In sections,
ha been patented by a Kansan for pro
tecting hay stack from rain.
Nevada again wa the greatest allver
produclng state last year, followed In or
der by Idaho, Montana, Utah and Colo
rado. Chicago lead cltlea of th United State
In concrete building construction, with
Seattle In second place and Philadelphia
In third.
An Englishman ha invented a machine
for redressing worn wooden paving block
at a rate of 1.000 an hour so that they
may be used again.
Moving plcturea are used in a school
of Mectrlo railway employes In Ixis An
geles to ahow how all sort of accidents
occur and how many ot thera can be pre
vented. In a Costly watch that ha been made
for exhibition purpose there I a wheel
that make a revolution only one in
four years, operating a dial that ahow
the years, months and day.
The Ixng Island railroad hopes to save
$20,000 by equipping Its ferry and tugboat
with oil-burning engine. Th cost of
making th change will be Inconsiderable.
The United State of America I by far
the greatest ateel producing country on
earth. Germany come next, with Oreat
Britain third. Th figure for 1910 (the
latest at hand for th moment) show this
country to b equal In ateel producta to
both Germany and the United Kingdom.
French scientists have found that rub
ber, unlea kept In perfectly dry air, la
ubject to the attacks of microbes.
Alum added to th last rinsing water
of th starch whan cotton garment are
washed, 'will render them fireproof.
An Italian priest who has Invented
many wlrelesa device ha succeeded In
Intercepting message with needles thrust
Into a potato.
Wireless telegraph waves are propa
gated along the aurface of the earth
with a velocity slightly less than 18.000
mile an hour.
Native of a province In India have
succeeded in breeding egrets In captivity
and In obtaining plumage four time a
year without Injury to the birds.
Portable wlrelesa apparatus, which I
carried in an automobile and can be
aet up to work over a radius of M0 miles
is twelve minutes, ha been adopted by
th United State army.
Star photography ia on of the moat
tediou operations known. In some cases
the exposur of th plate must last for
several hour. During; all thl time both
tbe plat and telescope must be moved
o that the Image of th star will be
tatlonary on the plate.
A almple teat tor watered milk la In
general use In Germany. A wall polished
knitting need! I dipped Into a deep ves
sel of milk, and immediately withdrawn
In an upright position. It th sample 1
pur, kim of th fluid will hang to tha
needle, but If water ha bn added to
th milk, even in small proportion, th
fluid will not adher to th needle.
Even th egotist may bav th wool
pulled over hi I's.
Th man who ha no Imagination
never fall In love.
Silver and gold don't rhyme, but they
mak a pleansant Jingle.
Th vial of wrath ar frequently
poured out la family Jar.
Many a man wastes bis time telling
other people not to wast their.
Ulfe i a gam In which on man's push
I pitted again! another man's pull.
It all riant to bellev only half you
hear; but th trouble la to know which
Magnifying glasses are part of th
equipment of reformers ia their search
for vice.
Th elf-mad ma might aometime ex
ercise mor car la selecting hi ma
terial. tot of people ar aiwaya giving advice
who apparently hav no us for It them-
Th first woman lawyer In Australia is
Mis Anna Brennan, who recently tried
ber first case, wearing a white dress,
over which wa a black robe of the pro
fessional barrister.
Naxlmova, the actress, ia said to have
mad her maiden speech recently on the
subject of suffrage, the occasion being
the celebration of the birthdays of Dr.
Anna Howard Shaw and the late bus&n
B. Anthony.
There Is likely to be another exciting
presidential election In the Daughter of
the American Revolution ranks when the
national congress meets In April. Twelve
of the twenty-three vice presidents gen
eral. six of the nine acting officer and
twenty-three of the forty-eight state re
gents are said to have endorsed the can
didacy of Mrs. Story.
No new teacher are to be appointed In.
Chicago this year. If the ruling of the
superintendent. Mr, ffila Flagg Young,
holds. Last year there were 20.000 pupils
over the preceding year and If there are
that many this year they will have to be
divided among the teacher, and natu
rally they do not like that at all and have
protested against the order.
Mr. D'Arllne Holcomb jnt Bowling
Green, the county seat of Pike county,
Missouri. 1 said to be a Jill of many
trades. She i a road oiler, a transfer
and 'bus manager. United States mall
carrier. Standard Oil agent, and. besides,
he I a perfectly beautiful and well
groomed woman. When her husband died
and left her with four children an! his
transfer and 'bu business she Immedi
ately took It up and afterward she did
the first road oiling In Pike county.
There I n effort being made in the
et to organize the girl In the country,
and within a year one organisation en
rolled 1.200 farmers' wives and daughters
Into home economics classes. One woman
said that before her girl had been or
ganized In the neighborhood club she used
to get up In the morning, get breakfast
for them and then help them off to
school. Now. doing the work la part of
the club requirement, and they insist
upon getting breakfast and doing th
work before they start to achool.
Dubuque municipal budget for 1!15
amounts to J4U5.171.
Manhattan. Kan.. Jars negligent house
keeper by showing them photographs
of their back-yard rubbish heaps.
Rat catchers have been retired from
the municipal meal tub In Philadelphia
because they eat up their cash allowance
before the end of their year.
Ds Moines' street car company reports
a noticeable decrease ln income, which
Is equally attributed to Jitneys, bad
weather and wet street in a dry town.
Although New Tork I carrying a stag
gering load of debt, the city comptroller
reports that It has a borrowing margin
of I19.0x).ono for 1915 without overstepping
the debt limit.
Word come from Wichita, Kan., that
flocka of crow roosting on neighboring
farms are accused of carrying the foot
and mouth disease to two herds of cat
tle on adjoining farm.
Albuquerque Is putting the finishing
touche on sixty milea of fine road con
necting the city with L Grand Quivers,
and expect a largo run of automobile
tourlet down that way next summer.
The little town of Waukon, near Ia
Crosse, Wl., succeeded In popularizing
a debt-paying reform, calling for tha
settlement of bill once a week. The
Idea Is spreading to other Wisconsin
The Laplander who marries a girl
against the wishes of her parent may be
severely punished.
John Wellman, aged 8fi, testified that he
never rode on a street car In hi life,
although he ha been a resident of St.
Lou la for the laat fifty-three years.
Making half and half mincemeat of a
cow: Advertisement of a Sheffield (O.)
bakery eays, "In order to have a good
supply of fresh meat for the manufac
ture of our plea we kill half a cow every
A workman ln a Detroit factory, aort
Ing some boards, wa aurpriaed to find
on with a well-defined Image of a dog'a
face In the grain of the wood. The face
wa outlined by the peculiar formation
of the core and knota ln the wood.
While digging potatoes in Hope, Me.,
Arthur Hobart found one 12x15 Inches In
circumference. In which was a mouse nest
containing one old one and four little
one. The skin was left on the top like
a trapdoor. 1
St. I.oui Republic: OmRha will be v1
Hed bv Pilly Sunday In September: It H
a serioii.- state of nffnlis when towns
can only he saved by one man.
Indianapolis News: Treacher have one
advantage over editors. The public gen
erally doesn't come in and advise thetn
how they sball conduct their pulpits.
Brooklyn Easle: A revivalist at Tale
claims son student converts. He is a
Calvlnlst, and tho foreordlnation doctrinn
Is a great help in foot ball, where Tale
needs most to mend thn fences.
Houston Port: A North Carolina min
ister says peoplo should go back to the
old custom and hanir a "God UN ss Our
Home" motto in their living room. We
do not need a motto like that, but If
any dealer has a "God Bless Oilr Board
ing House" motto, we'll buy It.
St. Louis Globe Democrat: The finan
cial condition of the worn out preitcher
can bo improved and It la the duty of the
church to Improve it. If it were neces
sary to do It at the expense of other
church activities It should be dona. All
the dictates of humanity demand It The
men who havo borne the brunt of the
battle ajid given their lives for tho
church, without a thought of self, ahould
not be left to die In abject penury. Men
would not treat their worn out horses ao.
"It is decided that a man's residence
for voting purposes Is where ho eleeps."
"Tbn I can't vote nt all."
"Why not?"
"Had case of Insomnia." Baltimore
"Would you love me as much If father
lost his wealth.'
"He hasn't lost it, has he?"
"Of course I would, you silly girl."
Minneapolis Journal.
"Did you see that hussy who eued our
son for breach of promise?"
"I did."
"What did she look like?"
"She looked to me like a sonkist
lemon." Judge.
Clerk I'd like to yt a week off, sir,
to attend the wrdding of a friend.
Employer A very dear friend, I should
av, to make you want that much time.
clerk W11, sir, aft-T the cervmony
she will be my wife. Boston Transcript.
Rankin It takes a lone time to get
anything through Re.inbrongtTs skull,
doesn't It?
Phyl I should say It does; that man
will be dead and burle 1 before he ever
finds out lie's sick Ycungstown Telc
.ram. "Why do you live In such squalid
"So tliat any visitor may see at a
glance that the prisoner have all tho
lest of It." explained the warden of the
prison. "You can't he oo careful theso
days." ijoulsville Courier-Journal.
"Now, Johnny," nld the smsll boy's
father. "I don't want you to jret into
any quarrels with the bovs at school."
"I never do. I start right In by tell
ing them I'm neutral. '
"And then I suppose they let you
"No. they don't. Thev all pick on me
for not taking sides." Washington Star.
Mr. Manley Well, my dear. I've had
my life Insured for' :..0n0.
Mrs. Manley How very sensible of
you'. Now I sha'nt have to keep telliim
you to be so careful every place you go.
Flatbush When I came out of church
on Sunday I found my horse fast asleep
In t he shed.
Bensonhurst Why, he couldn't hear th
sermon from there, could he? Yonkeia
Cameron Mann In the Century.
Between low brinks of ragged clay
The rapid river takes Its way.
It heavy, tawny water flow
A If their road they did not know;
Swirl off In loop, spread out In lakes.
Whose sandy shoals trail sluggish wakes.
They gnaw away the tumbling banks,
Mow down their leafy willow ranks;
They dwindle, till the dust blows round
Where fishes swam and men wer.
drowned; ,
Then flood the bottoms miles away.
Fence, barn, and house1 their scattered
But yet, far back, the hills remain
Which all their wanderings restrain.
O, mighty river, we mny e
Our new democracy lit thee.
No Rhine art thou, by cliffs beset.
With castles on eachi parapet;
No Thame, of placid, even tide.
With grass lawna edglr.? either side;
But strong, and turbid, and perplexed.
By frequent whirls and eddies vexed
At times an overwhelming fall
Of brut destruction yet, through all
iArge wealth hestowimr-graln and woods
Upaprlnglng where onco swept by flooda.
And so we know, whate'er thv force,
trod' hill will hold thee to His course.
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