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! '
Only Menke Says SUllings Has Many "Expert Rinjraide ii of the Opinion
of Them and They Bring Con- ! that the White Man May Win
itant Worry. the Title.
l IR4K J. JHF.1KR,
Ni:V TORK. Feb. J7.-The score was
I to ! affslnftt the Rv. Thin maa In
a game plnyed In llmton In the wmmw
of 191.1 It was th ninth Inning. Two
, mn mere out and the Uraves hud a man
tin fir:t anrl another on Iwonil.
"Hap" Meyer, the. husky Boston first
t.irkrr, walked to the slate. A long hit
W'diM cither tli the core or win the
g.ime. "Map" let the first one pa and
hmile: the nTnnri. He thrown out
by nt Iras ton feet mid tlx cum'. wa i
ever. The Hr.ive had lout. I
"!!nK" i:i terror over a possible ft-:
mkf from Marnier tJ-nrge Htalllngs,
fi'pked Into the clubhouse. Htalliniia
was tl err. rnehrouded In deepest gloom.
I nf bull never knew a harder loser
than Stalllnps. Hut Fta!llnga never said
a wtJ to Meyer then, and Meyer
t'. -ikorl out of the clubhouse and went
lirinc thinking Ktalllng had overlooked
thiit hunt-out.
11.. t Mai. In? hadn't.
'I ho next morning found Stalling at
Meyers' home. Me) era had Just got
ten up.
"Hup," said Stalling. '1 want to know
why you bunted with two out and two
tn baacs"
VI you see. boss." explained
' Hap." 1 thought I'd double-cross the
,ther fellows."
"Double-Tos 'em?" ssked Stalling,
"Yea. Tou aee they were looking for
me to hit It out and I thought I'd catch
m asleep with a bunt.
nil, thnt'a It. h?' said "tailings.
'Thought you'd doublc-croaa Vm, hey?
Well, roil didn't double-cross them, but
ou did double-cross me. I've apent the
whole night trying to figure out why you
bunted. That'a the reason, eh wanted
to double-cross the other fellowa?"
"Ye; that'a It."
Well, lemme tell yon this, 'Hap Mey
ers," and mailings poked a menacing
finger at hla big flrat baaeman, "If you
ever again try any of that doubla-cross-Ing
atuff there'll be a funeral In thla
particular neighborhood. Oood day
double-crosser." And Stalling walked
Illdea from View.
One of Mailings' superstitions Is that
IL Jinxes Ma team If there la anyone In
tne box that looka directly Into the
Pravee' dugout To prevent thla. Mail
ings always requests the home club not
to sell that particular box.
The clubs tieually grant Stalling re
r.uret. hut It sometimes happens that
' folka In the grandetand wander
. . n into that bog. Such an event took
, ... c In Philadelphia.
tiling saw that the Intruders were
looking curiously Into the Braves' "dug.
out." The . game was ilese. Btelllngs
w anted to win ll-and here he was being
llnxed by the Interlopers. Stalllngs Jumped
to hla feet and yelled some orders to a
number or utility players.
Two minutes later six of the ball players
ruahed Into sight dragging; the huge UN
paulln that Is used to cover tbe diamond
tn rainy days. They pulled the canvas
over te a point between the box and the
Uravee dug-out.
"Lift her up now" commanded Btnl
nn And the players did. completely
shutting off the view of the person who
had wandered Into thJ ' reserve" bo and
vera "piping off the Braves.
Woala Tkratf Water Fans.
Home time later a similar Intrusion oc
curred ia another city. Stalllngs g-ave
order to liolat the tarpaulin, but the
tarpaulin was locked up somewhere and
.couldn't be located.
"Woll. get "em away-and get 'em away
tiuu k," commanded tStalUngs, pointing to
the Interlopers In the box.
"What'll wo do?" asked Osoer Dugey.
utility man for the Bravea. and on of
the. official "ahooers" of Uie undesirable.
"Hurt their noaea douae 'em with water
-do anything you want but gt 'era
nwy before they hoodoo us," yelled,
Mailing, growing more excited every
moment aa the pwtlee In the box ron
,tinutd to stare at the Urevee in their
n, ,,.,- ruahed away, got a bucket,
filled It with water and huatled back. But
1 1. '.ir.n.inn" services were not neeaea
1 he intruders evidently had taken the
hint and left the eered Uox while Pugery
waa hunting for the bucket. ,
Rr HI.M)K.
NEW VORK, Kch. I7.-Thl atory la
written with the assumption that mean
time nothing rrrr up to hinder Jnk
Johnson ar.d Jess Wlllard from engaging
In their proposed forty-f Ive-round battle
for the morM's heavyweight champion
idilp at the Jsiirct , Merlrnl ra-e track
next Saturday afternoon If nothing goes
amiss, the Ixmt will go through aa per
schedule, hut should unforseen clrc.iim
stanres prevent the staging of the titular
ror.trst. It wo'ild be transferred , to
Havana, where the Cuhnna are ut present
helng Initiated Into the vagaries of the
ring game. ,
Assuming onco more that Johnson and
Wliiard are permit te 1 to go thro igh with
their maneuvers next Saturday, it le
hoovea ua to place Iiefore the boxing
Jury convincing evidence to show that
Jess Wlllard haa an uvea chance of de
feating Jack Johnson, thereby regaining
for ' the Caucasian race the world's
heavyweight crown, which haa been
t'ltnd from Johnson's alatnater brow
since that memorial day of December Vi,
when Johnson heat little Tommy
Burns Into submission In fourteen rounds
In faraway Australia.
Casual followers of matters pugllatlc
have scoffed, at Big Jess' ability to cope
with the once mighty Ker.rgamblan. We
herewith produce aomu facts that seem
to give the giant Kansas cowpuncher at
least nn een chance vlth the maduro
The niore salient facts are these:
Wlllard la Yvwnavral.
Wlllard is ten year younger ond Is
generally accredited with lelng ali to
deliver a more powerru! blow than John
ton. Also, Jess weigh twenty pounds
more than the Mack,' hut wether t'uis will
Le an advantage of a detriment remains
to be seen.
Then, again, Wlllard tower something
tike five and three-quarter Inches above
Johnson, who Is no, Ill.li utlon, and the
white boy ha the erioimous reach of
eighty-three and one-half Inches, as 'com
pored to Johnson's seventy-six inches..
tetvlng still further into the "dope.''
Wlllard ha never been knocked out, or
even knocked down during a ring en
counter, while Johnson haa sensed .a
knockout. And anyone that haa ever
caved In under a sleep-Inducing wallop
will tell that they never overcome the ap
prehension of suffering anotlier' knock
out. ' ' v - ;
While the close 'of' opposition Wlllard
has confronted during his fe'w years -In
the ring ha been only mediocre. It 1 Is
nevertheless a. noteworthy fact that he
hit knocked but twenty-seven "of his
last thirty-eight opponents. Johnson, on
the other hand, has put nway' only fir
teen adversaries In his fifteen years In
the boxing games. '
It Is also a fact that Wlllard does tist
know his own strength. He hss killed
one man with a punch. "Bull Toting
being the unfortunate victim of Wlllard's
death-dealing right uppercut, the . blow
with which Jess hopes to beat Johnson. .
Wlllard has every natural advantage,
but Is sadly lacking In three essentials
experience, generalship and skill. And
these are the factors that may cost htm
the fight.
Te Follow Dlfereat Plan. , .
The attenuated Wlllard. before leaving
Captains of "Big Three" College Hockey Teams
The Hypodermic Needle
:By r. s. HuirriB:
By 0MR MttK.
He emote Ike sphere quite loatllr,
Was atnoil for blnalea, oe, two,
Rat aaw ke'i ajone back to the
Away from all the rlty'a barm,
And, oh. thf difference to me.
Cnrt Morris and Tom McMahon are to
fight In I'lttaburgh. Kveryhody get reauy
to laugh out loud.
Aa a suitable substitute for Jack John
son ami one who could give Mr. W'fiiarl
a pood match, we suggest Kid Williams
By Aar Athlete.
The time's at hand,
h. piny the hand,
Kor wf'ro nga:n In luck.
The training season,
Is the reason,
Now we grab free chuck.
We have about decided Bunk Congalton
must pa up the distinction of being the
alowe;;t man In base ball. Judge I.andU
haa him heat a mile and a half.
In view of the recent court action re
garding the Kansas City Federal league
franchise we have only to aay that base
hla terrific right uppercut to bring John
son down. Jess has a faculty of stepping
quickly Inside of a left jab and lift his
right to the head or body. It was this
blow, which traveled less than two feet
that scttied Young. Jeia weldom used
the Mow In training bouts, for fear of
hurting Ins sparring partners.
The backers of Wlllard point" to tht
fact that Johnson has never met a man
the s!xo of Jess, and they say that the
ball is again running true to form.
Wlllard has quit training. for the big
fight. Well, why not?
Our Idea of a waite of time ia to Intro
duce a bunch of punk pugs before the
final mill on the program.
Also the referee Kijing "may the best
man win" when the hst man was 'le
cliied upon some week l?fi..re.
Qijoduy fin,
You mc in,
An uirjul liu.if.
We coritdJer the above uur inuf ierri-ve.
It Is tiiu ih'oiUsl one e t'.i-r volution, d.
If Havana accepts Jiuk Johnson in Its
muisl much lonscr, we wrll consider tliu
war or IsSm a fuliuic
Sul'iiiuiliu may not be used iu l.asi
ball, but tlio present situation wuulJ make
one believe somebody hud turned a whole
I lock of them loose. ,
We understur.J that Freddie Welsh and
Charley White really put on a flb'ht at
Milwaukee the other night Which, In
iew of the former Vernon Castle sketches
tinged by that pair, must have been hard
en the hearts of the fans present.
Little drops of money,
In the athlete'a mitt,
'Make hint start to Jumping-,
Like m torn rat In a fit.
Mr. Heriog has now signed Red Dooln
and Tommy Leach. It seems that Mr. .
B'ght of such a fellow In front of him I ieriog is trying to take away from Mr.
NKW YORK, Feb. 27. Hockey Is claim
ing more than Its usual share of atten
tion In the athletic and sporting world
this season, probably because of the
many high calibre players on the les this
winter. The photograph shows Captains
Mike Sweney of Yale, Claflin of Harvard
and Peacock of Princeton. Although
earlier In . the season the Crimson had
been selected as , sure Intercollegiate
champions, the Blue now Is rated as the
best bet, because of Its defeat of McGIll
university of Montreal, after the Can
adians had trimmed Harvard. -
for the battle ground, mapped out hla'
plat) of campaign to the writer. - Said
Jess: '.,'.'
"Tou can rest' assured that I am not
going to fight 'Johnson the way the diher
white lads have been accustomed to tackr
ling him. Jim Flynn. Frank Moran and
even the late. Stanley Ketchol. made the
mistake of rushing the colored fellow
early In the fight. Jack Is a master boxer
Measurements of Johnson and Willard".
Jack ' J6bhg0a
s37. years. .........
210 pounds.
6 feet lncnes . . .
76 Inches.
IT Inches..
IB Inches. . ,
13 tt inches
' 8 Inches. .
434 Inch
47 Inches. .
85, Inches
2 2 V inches.
15 inches
9li inches. ......
" ' ' ' : '
....... .Age
.. .. Weight
Height. :.
........ Reach .-.
. .. . ... . .Bleeps.
. .Chest (Normal) . . .
...Chest (Expanded)..
.. ...... Calt.... ...
Jess Wlllard.
.27 years.
. . .230 pounds
. .'. 6 feet 6 inches
8&H inches
. . .-17 hi inches
. . . 16 inches .
. . .. 16 inches
. . . 8 Inches -
. .. . . . . 44 Inches
....... 47 inches
....... 37 inches
26 inches
...... 17 inches
10 Inches
i . . .
i . . .
and permitted his foes to wear themselves
cut. and then they would be. easy pick
ing for him. ;
"I Intend to make Johnson come to me
at the beginning of the battle. I will wear
him down with eoltd left jabs that will
put him Into a position for me to -score
easily with my. right uppercut. I. do not
think he will last more than twenty-five
rounds. .''.'."'
' "I have fought Johnson before, fbut
only In exhibition bouts. He tried hard
to knock me out, but failed utterly.-If
he couldn't put me away, or even knock
me dowp when I was only a mere novice.
It la quite unlikely that he is capable of
turning the trick now, so many years
alter. i .....
"It Is with' regret that I must recall
the Young Incident. I am sorry it hap
pened, but I can aesure you that I did
not deal with him with my hardest blow,
Dut I cannot afford to let my hitting
powers Interfere with my chance of win
ning my title. I will hit Johnson as hard
na I possibly can, regardless of the con
sequences." Willlard says he will depend chiefly on
will intimidate Johnson.. Wlllard's game
ness hns never been thoroughly tested,
but It will surely be triven a severe trial
next Saturday afternoon.
In short Wlllard's chance for victory
He in his stamina and bis man-killing
punch. Johnson will be there with all
his vaunted cleverness, and his smashing
riKht uppercut, ond it will be a battle
worth seeing If all la on the "up and up."
Middleweight to Flattie.
Another be.ttle the coming week, of not
much less import than the Johnson-Wll-lard
collision, with be that between Mike
Gibbons and Kddie M.cGoorty, the mid
dle weight arch rivals. These two lead
ing disputants of the 158-pound supre
macy will mingle for ten rounds' at Hud
son, Wis., on Tuesday. Evening, March 2.
The outcome of this mill Is eagerly
awaited, aa a victory for Olbbons will
rivet hla claim to the title Mike's feat
In vanquishing clever Jimmy Clabby Is
still fresh In. the minds of ring enthus
iasts, and even at that time the experts
were' unanimous In proclaiming Qltfbons
the peer of middle weights. . .
This bout will also . tend to prove
whether Gibbons was really 111 when he
met McGoorty in the Garden a couple of
years ngo, or whether it was Mike's Inane
fear of McGoorty's wallop that made him
show up so poorly that evening.
Tommy Walsh, who is . now . superin
tending McOoorty's affairs Is confident
that a J15.0O0 house will witness the contest.
dowdy In Society.
Catcher Harry dowdy, who. it will be
remembered, figured in the 1914 world's
series quite prominently, has gone to
Palm Beach, Fla., to mix with the 400 for
a couple of weeks before reporting to
the Bravea' training camp at Macon.
It's tough to be a ball player.
Cantllllon the enviable record that latter
gentleman spent years in making.
Bulletin-It haa Just been discovered
why J. Franklin Baker quit base ball. He
wants to duck the Income tax.
COLUMBUS, O., Feb. 24. Editor Needle,
Omaha Bee: 1 am writing you these few
lines to kick because I am not receiving
any publicity. Just because Johnson, Aus
tin, Marquard and these "birds Jump to
the Federals and back again they get
columns of space. I have Jumped to the
Feds six times already and back again
each time. I think I ought to got at least
six columns and a picture in the paper for
From where and back to where did you
Jump, Conny?
That Johnson-Wlllard fuss
Once more brio as oat a case,
They have postponed the fiRht,
Which Is, we think, not riant,
For at that mill we scoff,
And say let's call It off.
Curlev's in Havana, ' '
' Jones In Mexico.
.. Ban Johnson's out In 'Frisco,
Apd Uilmore's on the go.
Tener Is In Yorktown,
Far away from here,
Trfe Yanks are now all settled 1
With ltuppert and his beer. '
The Feds have quit their raiding.
The holdouts have come In;
Wrestlers all are quiet
Howl no more for tin.
And we're sublimely happy.
As happy as can be.
Oh. rats, our dream is broken.
They've slipped some chess stuff onto me.
Missouri Valley
High School Meet
to Be Abandoned
The annual Missouri valley Interscho.
Ustlc track meet may be abandoned this
esr. This event has been held annually
at Kansas City for a number of years,
but now a movement Is on foot tn the
Missouri city to discard the meet and
hold a meet in which only the high school
athletes ot Kansas City . may compete.
The movement has been started by ath
letle authorities ia the Kansas City high
It Is asserted In Kansas City that the
MJusourl valley meet has been nothing
but. a Kay See affair, aa athletes from
tint elty have always copped all of the
t ig events. Borne Kansas City high school
l as alway won the event, and between
li several high schools nearly all cf the
trophies remained In Missouri. The X.
C. mn declare the other Missouri valley
- hool Omaha, Lincoln, Pea Moines. Mt.
Joeh and tli likeere getting tlrtd of
the monotony end no longer take the In
tcnM in the competition as before.
Will to It U true Kansas City baa won
rrost of the honor In recent yeara, other
sthool In the valley occa tonally give
ti cm a run for their money. Whether
the other Missouri valley schools wll)
ak that the annual event be continued
Is a matter of conjecture, but It is prob.
abl no strong effort will be made to
stere further meets It the Ksosa City
jeopla wish to abandon them. , 8o It looks
ry much a It the Interscholastlc Mis
souri valley nirel tr a thing of the past.
Street Car Men Have
Formed Ball Team
Tha Tenth and Pleroa street division of !
the Omaha ft Council Bluffs Street Rail- !
iy company hav reorganised their bei -
tall team for the 114 season and will
(day Independent dubs either In or out of
Ine i-lty. James Gorman was elected
pieatdeitt ef the organisation, L. P.
Turner, nianager. and A. P. Queckrn
ti.i,, capuin Tli players are Baugh
ii m.i, Iole, KUtenmacher, rVhulta, Lp
tto, M-"u, Klaocy, frlboraky and Net-
1 ' i
Buiclc Roadster
' I . ...
1 -
J I "" I -' - 1 '!.. ' j""
i T i . rna a Kl ba U 1 aa I aaV- SI I K m 'I .
jj, ...... .P8"
Buick Touring Car
. Kimball 'Piano ilt!
Electric Vibrator
t , I ; 1
i i
, . ; ; ;
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I sse. . 'snfiTv i
Electric Lamp
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Dining Table
Kitchen Cabinet

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